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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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his escape is a mystery at this hour. more on the criminal history of a santa clara suspect who his escape is a mystery at this hour. more on the criminal history of a santa clara suspect who slipped a bails bondsman and is on the loose. evealing the identities of three people connected to the fairfax homicide behind bars. the surveillance video play the decisive role. a woman who stopped on tracks made it to safety what prompted her to go back into harm's way. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. ready to take off the heavy coats. not that you were wearing them in the first place. we are ready to see warmer
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weather here, kari. >> start to heat up, especially inland, with all of that sunshine as we look all across the bay area, it is 55 degrees in the north bay and 63 degrees now in the peninsula. looking at all the highs this afternoon. 80 in the east bay and the peninsula. and 90 in the tri-valley and 82 in the south bay and san francisco topping out at 72 degree. we'll talk more about that and even hotter temperatures tomorrow and saturday. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike for a look at the morning commute. >> i don't have to wear a suit. over here southbound 880 looking for any slowing and i don't see any. down through san leandro. monday and tuesday and we'll keep tracking that and a crash clearing from highway 4 at 680 and that's in concord over the next couple of seconds and pass over there for the chp and crash in the east san jose hills and not a problem for your speed.
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there is a massive manhunt under way in san jose. police spent hours searching for a suspected gang member who escaped as he was about to get booked in the county jail. >> kris sanchez is live where police went house to house for hours. kris? >> i can't say it was a restful night for folks. imagine what it was like going to bed with a scene like that outside your house. let's show you first the person they're looking for. a 30-year-old man who was to be booked for skipping court date and already charged with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon in a prior incident. combed the neighborhood near the main santa clara county jail for hours and after hours of searching outside and inside some of those homes san jose police called off the massive search. one resident said he is unnerved but confident in how police responded.
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>> living across from the jail and the entire system in some ways is a little intimidating. but also i feel very secure. this is the first time anything like this has happened and the response by everyone has been amazing. was so impressive. >> but what a bedtime story those folk husband to tell. some neighbors had police dogs inside their homes. others told us they were sleeping with every window closed and door locked and, i tell you, i live in the south bay t was a warm one last night. when he got away he was still in handcuffs. if you've seen him, police call police in san jose. >> that search continues. thank you very much, kris. the three people arrested in the connection of a man on a popular hiking trail are going to be booked later today. the murder suspect seen in these surveillance video were taken into custody in portland
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yesterday. people in fairfax remember seeing them in town shortly before steve carter was shot to death on a hiking trail monday night. investigators used gps to track down carter's stolen car in oregon. the three were then taken into custody without incident. >> it was clear to us, based on the information that we were provided that these individuals are those responsible. >> carter taught yoga and massage and recently moved to the bay area from costa rica so his wife could get treatment for breast cancer. new information in the death of an ice cream truck driver. oakland police say this is the man that killed him and they're still looking for jovan lopez. shooting happened over the weekend in east oakland. he was killed while driving his ice cream truck. police don't know why. there's a $10,000 reward for anyone who can help police catch lopez. new this morning, a close call for a driver in burling gm
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whose car got stuck on the tracks. went back once the train started approachi approaching. this happened near 11:00 last night. the woman made a wrong turn on to the tracks and flagged doub a man to help her move the car and then had to jump out of the way as the train was approaching. while no one on the ground or the train was injured, it did cause delayed for about 215 passengers onboard. that crash also blocked the train tracks in both directions for a couple of hours. but crews have now cleared the scene. an update now on a large pile of debris in san carlos that was making people sick. after we broke the story, the city started removing it yesterday. the city tells us the whole thing is a misunderstanding. the debris is a combination of cement pipes from a sewer removal project. it was mistakenly dumped on a property near the san carlos station last week. a lab is testing the results for
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toxic chemicals. talking about pumpkins for days here and the fact that we're in october and the last burst of summer here, kari. >> we'll be hot, again, as we go into the next couple of days. we will have to deal with summer-like heat. as we start out this morning. take a look at the temperatures in the east bay. 66 degrees and 61 in san jose and oakland and san francisco at 60 degrees and highs today even warmer than yesterday. some of us hitting near 90 degrees in the south bay. like gilroy and redwood city up to 70 degrees and 86 degrees in napa. 89 in brentwood and san ramon today up to 88 degrees. pretty warm today. even warmer tomorrow. i'll show you those numbers coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike for a look at what's happening at the toll plaza. >> toll plaza just a couple of cars waiting over here in the cash lanes. that's typical on your left approach as we have one of the cash lanes not yet fully open
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for service. the rest of your commute moving very nicely. no problems from the upper east shore or coming out of the north bay and towards the bay bridge. now, over here, a fender bender and i'm just following up because it may be an earlier one or a new one there. this one highway 4 at 680. another couple minutes until they completely clear that debris at the interchange. we'll send it back to you guys. a fam in disbelief after a deacon is killed in bay area streets and the suspect in the case is a man police say they have arrested before for a similar crime. a bay area school taking drastic measures that some would argue would only add to the danger. this morning -- we're hearing
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from the family of a man shot and killed in berkeley. his family says he was a man this morning we are hearing from a family of a man shot and killed in berkeley. his family said he was a man of god, a church deken and father of two young children. christian shepherd was killed on tuesday night. police say that he and the suspect knew each other. that suspect is now under arrest. but that's not all. police say anthony durant, the suspect s the same man they arrested in connection with a different shooting last year. they don't know why he was back on the street. the victim's mother said she's relying on her faith to help her heal. >> nothing about christian going to a grave is going to soften the pain and the loss and the hurt. but we can't put a cap on the anger and retailiation.
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>> as for the suspect, this morning still no word on a motive. it is 4:40. drastic measures at a bay area private school to keep students and teachers safe. church of highlands is now using armd, undercover security guards. the school is employing the guards for a worse-case scenario, such as a shooter on campus. school leaders acknowledge there was much community debate before they reached out to the security company. coming up, waiting for an oil change could soon go the way of polaroid cameras, if you remember those. and walkman. one company says it knows how you can get an oil change in less than time it takes to update your facebook status.
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4:44. we're finally inching closer to the weekend. >> we're almost there, right? >> going to be a nice little warm one. >> yeah. i'm thinking, you know, maybe going to the pumpkin patch and then go swimming because it is -- >> what a combination. >> welcome to california. >> do everything this weekend, no matter what you have planned. unless you want to go skiing or something. none of that going on over this year. but let's take a look at what's happening over there now as we look from san bruno mountain. we are starting out with mostly clear skies and we'll start to see the clouds lowering as we go through the morning. that will be with us for a little while. just a few hours throughout the morning and then quickly clearing. a touch warmer today than it was yesterday. your lunchtime temperature in
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the peninsula will be 73 degrees in the north bay. 77 degrees in san francisco and 70 while the highs today top out in the lower 70s with some of the fleet week festivities kicking off in the tri-valley. expect a high today of 90 can gr degrees. you can tell these temperatures are starting to warm up. look at the wind forecast. yesterday we did have an onshore flow especially during the afternoon. today, not so much. more of a northerly wind. as we go into the 2:00 hour, more northwesterly and doesn't pick up that much. don't expect much of a breeze today and also the fog staying back from the bay and even as we go into the evening hours. we won't see much of that moving in, unless you're along the immediate coast. you won't see much fog and looks to hang back by the shore. by tomorrow morning, more clouds moving in and still looks like it is going to be a hot day. today in gilroy, expect a high of 89 degrees and 71 degrees in
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pac pacifica. livermore today topping out at 90 degrees. and a look at the weekend forecast heading into the holiday weekend. it is going to be pretty warm. especially in the tri-valley in the upper 80s and near 90 degrees. columbus day we're talking 91 degrees. in the peninsula, trending into the mid-80s and the south bay will also be in the mid-80s and up to 87 degrees on monday. so, the warm weather with us for a little while longer. looks like it continues at least into the start of next week. as you take a look at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. let's check in now with mike for a look at the big picture across the bay. >> big picture, kari. not a big problem and that's great news for your morning commute. little build for the altamont. no surprise there. we have a couple incidents isolated to this portion of your east bay. eastbound 80. indeed, a different crash than the one that was reported
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earlier. it's over on the shoulder by hilltop. a truck went into one of the cranes on the roadside. this might be a spectacle as flashing lights arrive and no lanes blocked and no slowing. that's westbound highway 4. the connector should be cleared in the next xupal of seconds and some debris that we'll track that, as well. north bay a live look and show you how the build is, not happening yet. southbound 101 very smooth, very light. back to you. >> all right. this isn't happening just yet. but waiting for an oil change might soon be a thing of the past. a division of bp is set to announce what is a major breakthrough change the oil in a car in 90 seconds. the new system must be put into cars during the design phase. we won't see it in action for another five years or so. along with saving drivers time, it has environmental benefits such as lower carbon emissions. >> does that change the bill, too? maybe less money for your oil
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change. >> i don't have to get under the car any more. >> no need to get all scrubbed up. we'll talk politics and punishment today. hillary clinton says this is a plan to stop construction on wall street. >> facing congress about the emission cheating scandal. we turn now to landon dowdy who joins us from cnbc headquarters. a lot going on today, landon? >> hey, sam, very busy day. like you said. good morning to you both. stocks could pull back after they rallied into the close on wednesday. futures are lower. the dow rising for a fourth straight day. look for data today on unemployment and the minutes from last month's fed meeting. that could show how close a call in the fed's decision not to raise interest rates and how worried they were about the global economy. the dow up to 16912. volkswagen u.s.'s chief goes before congress to answer questions. he knew about the issue, at
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least 18 months before vw told the epa and also pulled the application to sell its new 2016 diesel models in the u.s. hillary clinton will unveil a plan today to curb what she says are the abuses of wall street. among the proposals raising the amount of signs regulators could hand out and bear some of those costs. clinton also want to strengthen rules and impose a tax on high-speed trading, which some say is linked to the market's flash crash in 2010. back over to you. >> thank you. >> a major theme coming up in the election. president obama on the defensive right now. he is apologizing for a fatal mistake. over the weekend, the usairstrike hit a medical clinic in afghanistan run by the hum humanitarian group doctors without borders. 22 people died in the midst of that strike. many were patients. yesterday the president called the head of doctors without borders to offer his condolences
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and also to apologize. doctors without borders says the apology does not change anything. the organization is calling a war crime and demanding independent international investigation. decision 2016. this morning a flip-flop. hillary clinton is rejecting a trade deal she once supported. as secretary of state, she supported the transpacific partnership. now she says she learned more about the deal and is against it. the turn around puts clinton and bernie sanders against vice president joe biden if he decides to jump in the race. biden supports the partnership. >> workers in the united states three times as productive as they are in china. >> in the meantime, new polls show ben carson is gaining ground on frontrunner donald trump. the house of representatives will take the first step in selecting the next house speaker. house republicans will hold a ballot vote to select their nominee for speaker of the house replacing the outgoing john boehner. been plenty of jockying for that
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position. the leading contender appears to be kevin mccarthy from the central valley who has gotten boehner's endorsement. not considered a lock. and daniel webster of florida. whoever comes out on top today must still face a full house vote and that is scheduled for three weeks from now. >> big leadership change there. 4:51. coming up, they say you do the crime, you do the time. we'll tell you about the unprecedented move one bay area city is making sure that criminals don't live in their neighborhood.
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like a rush of excitement. almost like a jet streaking through the sky. >> what? >> the week is moving we're almost to friday. >> yay. >> everybody moving this week. >> what are you getting to here?
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>> comes up every morning. >> yeah, i know. it is fleet week and today air practice kicks off. you'll see some planes flying through the sky from 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon in san francisco. 72 degrees and also tomorrow more of the same type of weather. all of this bright sunshine into the weekend. it is going to stay comfortable with highs in the low 70s and a mix of sun and clouds. and we'll take a look at all the microclimates coming up in a few minutes. let's take you now to oakland with mike. >> we'll go over here. slowing for oakland and not a big surprise 580 around lake shore and overnight road crew on the move causing distraction and slowing through that zone for the time being. looking at a smooth drive and still watching this area eastbound 88 and hilltop drive. a crash car went into a roadside train there and no major injuries and a little bit of gasoline and tracking that to make sure it doesn't develop into a bigger issue. that crash over in concord has cleared from that interchange. highway 4 at 680.
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south bay easy flow. 280 at 17 and no incident and just down to about 60. quick look at that foster city side of that san mateo bridge. flat section and down the high rise no problem in either direction. san jose is moving forward with a controversial plan allowing landlords to evict people if they're arrested for certain crimes. mercury news reports yesterday a city council committee approved the first steps in adopting the plan. evictions would be allowed for people arrested on certain crimes, including gang violence, prostitution and drugs. now, there is a catch. the program requires tenants to sign an agreement acknowledging eviction is possible. public hearings will be held before it ever goes to a full council vote. it is a simple case of supply and demand. rent across the u.s. or certainly across this part of the country is going to go up next year as more people opting to rent rather than buy. that according to a new report from the asking rent in the u.s. rose
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6% from last spring to this year. the difference of $756 a month. all the way up to 800 bucks a month. that's the national average. as we all know the bay area average rents are much higher than that. experts say that rents could go up another 8% next year. the major reasons why, higher demand for millennials and former homeowners and fewer apartments and rental homes on the market. also more renters seem to be renewing their leases rather than moving anywhere else. rent goes up and chances are your heating bill will be lower this winter. not a huge issue in the temperate bay area. but we get a couple low days. it will cost less to stay warm this winter compared to the last two. most homes are heated with natural gas and this year on average natural gas users can expect to pay about $580 to heat their homes. about $65 less than last year. but expect savings no matter how you heat your home. >> because of crude oil, overall energy costs are down.
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gasoline is down, heating oil is down and natural gas is down because of oversupply. if we do get a mild winter, consumers will save right across the board, no matter what you use to heat your home. >> if your house runs on heating oil, expect to save about 460 bucks for the year. propane users will save an average of $325. >> if you're planning on getting married, you could probably use the extra money. weddings, of course, big business. but a significant number of american couples are tying the knot for less than you might expect. nearly 40% of couples who got married last year spent $10,000 or less on their big day. that, according to a new survey by the research group wedding report. according to the survey, the average amount spent on a wedding last year was around $26,000. coming up, burned in redwood city. a local restaurant catches fire and authorities now say it was not a coincidence. and cleared up. that pile of debris finally removed in san carlos, but does that mean residents are in the clear when it comes to concerns over toxic fumes? a suspected gangmember - wanted
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for assault with a deadly weapon - slips out of custody in san jose. laura/vo and - caught in the pacific a massive manhunt slips out of custody in san jose. caught in the pacific northwest. investigators go high-tech to track down three people suspected of killing a man on a fairfax hiking trail. plus, a close call. a man and woman narrowly escape a speeding caltrain. how the car ended on the tracks
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in the first place. "today in the bay star" starts now. good thursday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to that forecast for today. >> it will be warming up. warm eer than yesterday in a fe spots. that trend continues. now it's cool as you step out the door. 59 degrees in san francisco and the south bay. 61 degrees highs today in the 80s across most of the bay while staying in the 70s in san francisco and in the tri-valley hitting 90 today. expect that as we go into next week. let's check in with mike. any problems in the east bay? >> not a real problem. a couple slow spots and we'll see if they develop into bigger issues. kari, the backup at the toll bridge and the volume not a big deal. we'll show you more slowing coming up into there


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