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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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northern arizona university tweeted the camps is no longer on lock down. we don't know of a motive at this time. the injured are being treated at flagstaff medical center. house republicans are in complete disarray right now following kevin mccarthy's surprise decision to drop out. his abrupt exit left gop lawmakers in a mad scramble to find a new leader. eyes quickly turned to paul ryan. nbc caught up with him last evening. >> how surprised were you by
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mccarthy not going for it all? >> i was -- i thought it was going to get the job. watch yourselves you got a thing here. i was surprised enter. i was very shocked. he told me right before. i was very shocked. >> what do you think of where your party is right now. >> oh this is in the time or place to have those conversations. >> nbc east tracie potts is live in washington. certainly bad timing considering congress is up against some critical deadlines. >> exactly. they have some things to deal with and they need leadership to do that. john boehner said he is leaving at the end of the month. that may change now. kevin mccarthy is the most likely candidate to follow boehner said he was going to do so and then just a few hours later said no. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> including his competition. >> absolutely stunned. did not see that coming. >> you think it is a mess. >> it is a mess.
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i don't think it's a mess. it is a mess. >> kevin mccarthy insists there are no skeletons in his closet. he said he just wanted to do what's best for a divided party. if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> online mccarthy later said it became clear that i would not be that person. conservatives rallied against him in support of a lesser known candidate. >> and it would be hard to determine how that's all going to play out. >> mccarthy admits his comments about using the benghazi committee to derail hillary clinton. >> well that wasn't helpful. >> and where does all this leave lawmakers just weeks before the country reaches its debt limit and another deadline for government shut down. >> this is inside people's payche paychecks. >> paul ryan is said to be outgoing speaker john boehner's favorite. >> ryan told reporters he's not running. but given the fact ha he's a lot
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more popular with conservatives who were not happy with mccarthy, both boehner and mccarthy we're hearing are trying to urge him to reconsider. so alex things still very much up in the air here. we don't know if bayner is going to be hanging around. he said he'll certainly hang around until another speaker is in place. >> the city council of charleston south carolina has unanimously approved a settlement with walter scott. the unarmed black man shot in april by a white police officer as he attempted to go through a traffic stop. the family with donate a portion of the money to help south carolina's flooding. >> ensure that he did not die in
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vain. >> immediately after the release of the video the family took steps to keep the community calm and for that the city the tha thankful. new details about one of the american heroes who helped stop the train attack in france. stabbed multiple times outside a sacramento bar. following a street sfiegt in the early morning hours yesterday, video shows the suspect fleeing the scene. >> reporter: it started as an argument outside a bar in sacramento. and quickly became a brawl. surveillance video from a store across the street appears to show american hero spencer stone fighting with more than one person. two groups of people, pushing shoving and throwing punches before eventually scattering as the police cruiser arrives.
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investigators say stone was stabbed multiple times in the upper body. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in mid town sacramento. >> what a different scene just a month ago when sacramento welcomed stone home as the hero, credited with helping thwart what might have been a massacre on board a packed high speed train headed to paris. an american hero who may have stopped a terror plot, recovering from another knife wound, this time in his hometown. a teenage survivor of last wees's oregon college shooting has just woken up. julie woodworth is in critical condition but she is breathing under her own power and able to look around the room. and president obama will department for site of the shooting. he'll meet privately with families this afternoon and
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thousands of gun rights advocates are expected to protest. and another survivor. chris mintz is back at home this morning. she was shot seven times when he reportedly charged the gunman to protect students. and gop front runner donald trump took his campaign to las vegas. he got a warm and surprising welcome from one particular audience member. >> where are you from. >> columbia. >> and is this a set up? did i ever meet you before. >> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump. we vote for mr. trump. yes, mr. trump. we love you. >> thank you. >> we love you. all the way to the white house. >> i swear to you. i think she's totally beautiful and great. i never met her before i swear. >> meanwhile, we're learning how much money some of trump's rivals have raised in this last
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quarter. senator ted cruz pulled in just over $12 million. marco rubio raised 6 million. and a new poll from fehrleigh dickinson university shows carson gaining on trump. carson getting attention this morning from comments he made in a cnn interview last night. he was asked about his claim that gun control contributed to the holocaust. >> if there had been no gun control laws in europe at that time, would six million jus have been slaughtered. >> i think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. >> the new yorkers reporting that joe biden met with staffers this week. his aids were apparently briefed on rules the vp needs to know if he enters the race.
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in georgia a horrific gas station explosion caught on video. a moik motorcyclist at the gas pump when all of a sudden his bike was engulfed in flames. the rider was severely burned. police believe the rider left his motorcycle running and that is what caused the fire. bill karins here with the forecast for the weekend. >> a holiday weekend for many too. columbus day on monday. we're dealing with a south carolina still. that was a horrible tragedy but they are going to see improving weather today and tomorrow think get another chance of rain. hurricane ono is out there in the pacific. extra tropical this thiem and heading north pacific northwest. it bring in moisture this weekend. southerly winds today with light
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showers. saturday heavier winds as the wind shift out of northwest. and possibly seattle two to three inches of rain. some, obviously not a lot makes it past the cascades. spokane, wall wall la. flash flood warning in new england. very warm in los angeles and also in phoenix. and through the weekend, all the warmth is pretty much from kansas to the west coast. 80s as far north as north dakota? that's very rare. sunday should be some cooling conditions here low to mid nineties through the upcoming weekend. very warm out there today. supposed to be a good holiday
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weekend. >> thank you for that. appreciate it. new details on the russian cruise missiles that missed their targets. plus if you use netflix, listen up. prices are on the rise.
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a dangerous new development in syria. several cruise miss ills fired by russia have fallen short of their targets. richard engel reports. >> reporter: senior defense officials tell nbc news that 4 of the 26 cruise missiles russia fired at syria from the caspian sea landed short in iran. apparently there were no casualties but what really has u.s. officials worried is that washington wasn't informed before the launch even though the missiles traveled through air space where american aircraft are operating. already at least two u.s. planes had to be diverted to avoid
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confrontations with russian aircraft. washington is also fuming at russia's choice of targets. mostly assad anti rebels. dramatic footage captured by police body camera. the shaky video shows five police officers lifting a 3,000 pound car off an injured woman in a desperate attempt to save her life. >> none of us were thinking about being ha hero. e we were thinking about what had to get done. >> unfortunately the 46-year-old woman did not survive. she was trying to jump start her car when it suddenly accelerated forward pinning her underneath. >> pall prudhomme has died. he made several appearances on the today show and hosted five
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cooks shows on tbs. he's been credited with the popularizing creole cuisine worldwide. and here's landon dowdy with the business. >> netflix is hiking the price on its most popular plan which lets two viewers use its most popular subscription. the standard plan will go up 1.99 a month. existing subscribers will stay at the same price for another year. and over an wall street, the dow closing above 17,000 for the first time in almost two months. investors reacting to minutes from last month's fed meeting. and you will soon be able to use apple pay at more places. starbuck's, kfc and chile's will start using the apple pay later
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this year. >> and he's one of the most well known athletes in the world and now he could face 22 months in prison. and lookout. tarp troubles on the field in kansas city.
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this morning on today, how many times have you boarded a plane only to find that the over head bins are full? alaska airlines and boeing are
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looking to change that. find out how later on today. in sports football, exciting one in houston. matt hasselbach who was battling a illness all week stepped up to beat the texans. and the in kansas city a rough night for the home teem, including this poor groundskeeper. she got swallowed up. we're told he got out with just a bruised ego. and the morales hitting one of two solo homers but the astros went deep to put it away 5-2. in toronto blue jays gave out a pair of rainbow home restrouns
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one player takes a knee to the head. and vincent scully has been ordered to rest after on going an unspecified medical procedure. barcelona sack soccer star lionel messi in trouble with the law. they are fakesing 22 counts of tax fraud and could be face jail time. in college football, outmatched by washington. both teams now have a 3-2. why my producer made me tell the story i have no idea. and randy quaid you remember from the vacation movies this guy? find out why the actor was in a canadian courtroom next.
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let's go now to entertainment. randy quaid is in hot water. facing deportation from canada after his bid for residency was denied. the eccentric actor from the vacation movies was arrested yesterday by concerns he would not leave the country. he faces trouble stateside after a trespassing.
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>> and the selena gomez has lupus. gomez tells billboard it wasn't rehab, rather chemotherapy. doctors say she can live a normal life if she takes care of herself. at the movies this weekend, steve jobs, the bio pick based on the apple co-founder. it's fant by the way. the walk which is about the high wire act. and pan, a prequel to the original peter pan. i'm actually going to see steve jobs again. it is that good. >> like oscar worth. >> there's oscar all over that thing. >> what was so good about it? >> you got to see it. i'm alex witt. this is early today.
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leading the news in the telegraph. a third of vegetarians eat meat when drunk on a night out. >> who's doing this study? who sponsored this study is. >> i no idea. the survey conducted in the u.k. also found 60% of so called vegetarians keep their meat eating a secret from friends and family. oh come on. and gabrielle gifford launches new gun control initiatives. featuring arn advisory committee which includes madeline albright and todd whitman. in massachusetts a school bus driver has been fired after losing control of her bus and crashing into the cars last
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month. the video shows the driver making a left turn without her seat belt. she loses her grip and falls out of her seat completely. luckily no children were on board. in dallas texas, no men tried to escape from police on horseback. police -- they led police on a short chase. one suspect eventually stopped. the other was detained soon after. a all three face m.isdemeanor charges. yesterday was kids day at the mexico balloon festival. it started in 1989. and has grown a bit more elaborate ever since. this is not your typical viet to a zoo. in tacoma washington, visitors have the opportunity to swim cage free with more than a dozen sharks. accompanied by two certified divers.
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there is no other experience like this in the u.s. would you do this? >> in an aquarium setting like that? yes. >> now for a look ahead. bill cosby expected to give a deposition in a civil lawsuit brought by one of dozens of women whoa claim he sexual assaulted hem. judy huff claims she was assaulted at the playboy mansion by cosby when she was just 15 years old. and happy birthday to sean lenn lennon, he turns forty. singer/song writer jackson brown turns 67. and bo, the first family's portuguese water dog is 7. that is 50 in human years. happy birthday for bo. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a great friday and a great weeken police tracked them all the way
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to portland for the death of a north bay hiker. but it's something new police track them all the way to portland for the death of a north bay hiker, but it's something new found in the possession of three homicide suspects that brings this case back to the bay area. this time, san francisco. he survived a near deadly encounter with a terrorist in europe. why is national hero spencer stone fearing for his life back at home in sacramento? plus, tracking your every footstep or movement through the lens of a camera. palo alto leaders all say it's in the name of bike safety. "today in the bay" starts right now. good friday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's check in with kari.


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