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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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police tracked them all the way to portland for the death of a north bay hiker. but it's something new police track them all the way to portland for the death of a north bay hiker, but it's something new found in the possession of three homicide suspects that brings this case back to the bay area. this time, san francisco. he survived a near deadly encounter with a terrorist in europe. why is national hero spencer stone fearing for his life back at home in sacramento? plus, tracking your every footstep or movement through the lens of a camera. palo alto leaders all say it's in the name of bike safety. "today in the bay" starts right now. good friday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's check in with kari.
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she has a look at the forecast. >> heading into today this is what we have been talking about all week. the temperatures ramping up into the weekend. now, 52 defrees in the north bay and 62 degrees in the south bay. look for highs today in the 80s and even hitting the low 90s, the north bay up to 90 degrees. east bay 84 and the tri-valley 96 degrees. i'll give you a closer look at those temperatures and the weekend forecast coming up and, good morning, mike, you're already tracking a problem out there. >> we have a crash, kari, in san jose. fender bender south 880 right around coleman past the 87 overcrossing. not a lot of slowing. but we'll track that light traffic flow there. another fender bender at fremont just south of the dumbarton bridge. not a lot of interruption and quick look at 880 south and a smooth, easy drive and that road
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crew there, again, around davis. >> mike, thank you very much. breaking news to tell you about on the heels of what happened in rosburg, oregon, last week. another deadly shooting on a college campus. this one at northern arizona at flagstaff. one person is dead. three others are injured. it happened early this morning just before 1:30 in a parking lot outside of a dorm. right now police are not saying what led up to that shooting or how badly the victims' injuries are. police say they have taken at least one person into custody and the school was never locked down. northern arizona university is a four-year public school for more than 25,000 undergraduates. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the course of the morning. when we're not on the air, get updates any time of the day on all of our digital platforms. another story this morning, the same suspects tied to monday's shooting death in marin are now linking to the deadly shooting of a young traveler in
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san francisco golden gate park. >> odd kerry's body was found last weekend. it's believed she attended blue grass festival. investigators say the three suspects now face charges in that case that also had carey's personal property at the time of their arrest in portland. those three suspects shaup angoled, lila allgood and morrison lampley. the hunt continues this morning for the man accused or i should say men accused of stabbing spencer stone. if he looks very familiar, he's one of the american heroes who thwarted a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train. new video of a suspect taking off in a car after that stabbing. we also have security video
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showing them allegedly stabbing him outside of a bar in sacramento yesterday morning. two months ago stone and his two childhood friends tackled the suspected terrorist and he was stabbed on that train while taking down the allege terrorist. now he's in the hospital stabbed again at home. >> his injuries were significant, in serious condition, but remains that way at this point. >> sacramento police say the suspects took off in a toyota cam camry. it is 4:34. the man accused of killing hayward police officers expected to plea in court today. mark estrada is charged with murder for shooting and killing sergeant scott lunger. estrada shot lunger during a traffic stop in hayward. dozens of cameras are going to be going up on the streets of palo alto tracking people as they go by, their every step. the city council approved 45 low-resolution cameras this
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week. the cameras are going to count how many people are using certain routes on bikes or on foot. the goal is to improve bike lanes and passenger pass to get more people out of their cars. >> it's a counter. so, it's taking the information off the top of your head as it goes this way on a bike or walking. and it kind of converts that image into a blue dot going that way or a blue dot going that way. >> council members were initially concerned about privacy issues. >> yeah, they were. >> privacy was clearly part of the discussion here. the low-resolution cameras won't be able to identify anyone specifically, that's what palo alto leaders are saying. none of the images collected can be shared or stored. good day to go ride a bike? let's check in with kari. >> the mental image of the weekend right now. >> let's do it right now. >> if you're riding a bike, make sure you have a good bottle of water because it will be heating up today and in the mid-90s in gilroy today. 84 degrees in fost eer city.
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the outer sunset 71 degrees and 90 in napa and 94 degrees in san ramon. a closer look at these 90s and if they continue into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in ten minutes and let's see what else is happening now on the roads with mike. >> carey, a bunch of stuff going on. the bay bridge toll plaza a good number of cars coming through and without incident right now. the map coming out of san francisco on that span eastbound towards treasure island you still have that road work going on from overnight road work. eastbound 24 away from the bridge, as well. we had an overnight crash and still a little bit of work going on on the guard rail over on the shoulder. not a lot of slowing there between walnut creek interchange and the rest of your bay moves smoothly. show you the sensors, but the peninsula and the south bay are moving at speed. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up next, snatched when no one was looking. san francisco animal services
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need your help finding a vulnerable little puppy. >> poor little thing. the sky is falling. you'll never believe what hit this san francisco man on the head and why he says he'll never be the same, again. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. a man and a woman - walked into
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a san franciscoma
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it all went down in just mere seconds. a man and a woman walked into a san francisco animal shelter and walked out with a puppy before anyone could stop them. animal shelter officials right now are looking for 2-month-old louis. they think that puppy might be in danger. the shelter released two pictures a man and a woman who stole that puppy yesterday afternoon. >> he's not safe wherever he is because we can all agree a reasonable, responsible perp does not come in to a shelter and steal a puppy. >> trying to hide their appearance, too. louis does not have a microchip, nor has he been neutered. animal control officials say if they bring louis back they can do so with no questions asked. 4:4 right now a freak accident that caused permanent brain damage. a navy veteran says a 16-pound seed pod fell from a tree in san francisco and hit him in the head. here is what it looks like that hit the man.
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weighing as much as the bowling ball. 55-year-old sean may says he was knocked unconscious when he was hit. known as bunya pine or monkey puzzle trees. the vet's lawyer says they're suing the "u-s park service" because the injury was so severe. =sot= the impact was so tremendous... his brain immediately began swelling and hemorrhaging. the pressure got so b, that doctors tually mporarilyemoved a portn of hiskull to st the swelling. oc:0 where the gre of trees accident happened is now fenced off. laura/2shot coming up: vo an unusual partnership happening this weekend in the bay area. could president obama be giving running advice to kanye west? ..
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. friday morning and, you know what, we're slightly planning our weekend already. >> well, okay, you're right. >> that's the calendar man right there, we'll hear all the activity. >> and it's going to be a warm weekend, too. our temperatures start to heat up today and it doesn't look to let up for a couple more days as we take a live look outside right now. we are seeing some thin clouds overhead, but nothing really to ruin the day. we will have all that sunshine heading into the afternoon and
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warm up the temperatures very early as we go through morning and early afternoon. it is cool as you step out the door for most of us. east bay 59 degrees and 52 degrees in the north bay. sponsor
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ck traffic maps happening today - =sam/cu= president obama will fly to the scene of that deadly
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community college shooting in roseburg, oregon. there - he'll meet with the victim's families. after visiting oregon - president obama will fly to the bay area - to help raise money for democrats. =vo= the president will arrive in at s-f-o tonight -- and then he'll attend a roundtalbe "democratic national ccommittee" discussion - at a home in san francisco. then on saturday - "president obama" and "kanye west" will be at the warfield theater -- for an afternoon concert. you can go -- but it'll cost you. tickets are 250 dollars -- but a personal v-i-p experience with president obama will cost you 10-thousand dollars. all the money will go to the d-n-c. will250 bucks a a personal vip experience and all that money will go to the dnc. >> sing along or something. when p along. in mepublicans in congress, meantime, they're yesterday congressman kevin mccarthy
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partked everyone when he ouseunced he was dropping out of the race for house speaker. >> we're going to unite and be strong and going to help to do that. >> paul ryan is said to be g thoing speaker john boehner's favorite but ryan says he's not interested in the job. >> some controversy for what some are claiming to be false truths++no carrierringringconne
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were hesi to raise rates on the global economy. data this morning on inport prices and the dow rising 138 points to 17051. the nasdaq up 20 to 4811. netflix hiking the price on its most popular plan the standard plan will go up by $1 and the change only applies to new customers, though. existing subscribers will stay the same price for another year. you'll soon be able to use apple pay at more places. st starbucks, kfc and chili's will accept the mobile payment service later this year. more than 1 million stores take
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apple pay. consumer demand has been slow and analysts say they will remain a tiny percentage. guys, back over to you. >> you missed it, but laura a partial victory for sea world - and its plan to expand its signature killer whale program. ==vo== yesterday -- the state's coastal commission approvese . >> plans to stand its signature flu whale program. approved sea world's proposed $100 million expansion of its orca tank. at the same time future breeding of the whales. that decision came where people on both sides argue. >> before people understood these intelligent animals, people know and love them and want to protect them. that is in no small part do to
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the work of seaworld. >> the expansion will replace two existing orca facilities with larger tanks. the new rules only apply to sea world facilities within the state of california. well, baseball post-season just getting started with one of its most beloved california broadcasters suddenly on the dl. even many dodgers will tell you they love listening to vin sculley. he will be sidelined through the entire post-season. this after undergoing an undisclosed and minor medical procedure yesterday morning. he missed the last few days of the regular season due to another medical condition that may have led to this procedure. he is still suppose food be back at the mike next spring. >> that's a classic. >> popular thuroroughfare in th
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bay area is banning cars.
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if you've been dining solo lately, you're not alone. a new study found reservations for one grew nationally 62% over the last two years. it shows the stigma of dining alone might be. among the metro area found to be the strongest in dallas, miami, denver, new york and philadelphia. i don't mind dining alone. >> i know you don't. independent woman. you cringe when you get shots and time to roll up your sleeve. it's flu shot time. i do. i have been known to shed a tear. now is the best time to get one
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done. >> october is the beginning of flu season and takes two weeks for the body to build immunity against the virus. this year's vaccine is better than last year. even some protection is better than none, especially for young children and the elderly. to your health. >> you have young children, so does kari, and you can both relate to me that sometimes even adu adults cry when they get shots. >> i hate seeing the video of the needle going into the skin. >> did you get your shot the other day? >> no. >> kari, if you get the flu young lady. >> i'm going to get the flu shot, though. i didn't get it the other day. let's look at the forecast for the weekend. fleet week. so much going on over the bay area. the parade of ships today, 76 degrees. starting to warm up there and the air show tomorrow. 73 degrees and also about 73 on sunday and columbus day ship tours going on and it will be starting to warm up into the upper 70s.
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let's check in now with mike to see what's happening out there. >> good, kari. blue angels setting up across the screen behind you. over here looking at southbound 880. marina and davis and san leandro. we'll track that and look at your maps and smooth drive for the speed sensors and west 24, just past the tunnel an overnight crash and some guard rail repair work later on. so far traffic flows smoothly slowing a tad bit towards the maze. another slowing anywhere around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. ramping up resources in alameda. more firefighters on the job soon. the city's fire department just received a grant from fema to hire six new firefighters. fema awards those grants to help fire department meet staffing, response and operating standards that are set by osha and the national fire protection agency. happening today, you can hike it, you can bike it, but no cars allowed. a busy stretch of highway 84
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between fremont and sunol will be closed for the miles canyon stroll and roll. here's the area i'm talking about. highway 84 between old canyon road and main street in sunol. between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. it will only be open to walkers or bike riders. a ten-foot wide trail for walkers, riders and possibly even horseback riders through the canyon. the project could cost between $67 million and $69 million. >> on the horizon there. coming up next, wanted for homicide, but not just in the north bay. the damming evidence that has investigators convinced three homicide suspects have struck before in san francisco. and he survived a clash with overseas terrorists. now, a national hero is suddenly fighting for his own life a second time back in his hometown.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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killing a beloved a stunning twist. the three suspects accused in killing a beloved instructor in fairfax now charged with killing a woman in golden gate park. a hometown hero stabbed in a bar brawl. the suspect still on the run. plus, hev avy as a bowling ball and what fell from the sky in san francisco that left one man with permanent brain damage. "today in the bay" starts ligno. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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right on the edge of the weekend. we have fleet week coming up and kari hall joining us. >> prepare for that with the sunblock, the sunglasses and a big bottle of water. now, as you step out, it's nice and comfortable. 60 degrees in the peninsula and south bay and in san francisco, it's now 58 degrees and headed up to 80 degrees in some parts of the city. in the north bay, 90 degrees and 89 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula up to 85 degrees. east bay 84. yeah, starting to warm up out there. i'll show you the rest of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike and see if you have any problems out there yet. >> not a lot of problems. but we had a couple cars up until a couple seconds ago. stacked up and a reminder, don't do that. that is a pretty severe ticket over there. a smooth drive for these lanes and look at your map. slowing only in this portion of the bay. slowing from 24 actually between highway 13 and there is a crash overnight, as well. on the westbound side guard rail damage andch


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