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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right on the edge of the weekend. we have fleet week coming up and kari hall joining us. >> prepare for that with the sunblock, the sunglasses and a big bottle of water. now, as you step out, it's nice and comfortable. 60 degrees in the peninsula and south bay and in san francisco, it's now 58 degrees and headed up to 80 degrees in some parts of the city. in the north bay, 90 degrees and 89 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula up to 85 degrees. east bay 84. yeah, starting to warm up out there. i'll show you the rest of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike and see if you have any problems out there yet. >> not a lot of problems. but we had a couple cars up until a couple seconds ago. stacked up and a reminder, don't do that. that is a pretty severe ticket over there. a smooth drive for these lanes and look at your map. slowing only in this portion of the bay. slowing from 24 actually between highway 13 and there is a crash overnight, as well. on the westbound side guard rail damage and watching tasee if you have to have a crew over there.
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no real issues for the overnight road crews or 880 through san leandro and back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. breaking news this morning. another deadly shooting at a college campus and this one at northern arizona university in flagstaff. authorities say one person is dead, three others hurt and it happened early this morning just before 1:30 in a parking lot outside a dorm. right now police are not saying what led up to the shooting or how bad invictimthe victim's in are. police have taken one person into custody and the school was never locked down. northern arizona university is a public school with 25,000 undergrads. tracking the story and bring you updates when they're available to us and when we're not on the air check and facebook and twitter. now to a developing story. three people arrested all the way in portland for allegedly killing a yoga instructor in fairfax. now accused of also taking the life of a canadian backpacker in
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golden gate park. >> "today in the bay" chuck coppola. chuck, this news broke late last night. >> the link, personal belongings of a canadian tourist who was shot and killed october 3rd in golden gate park and those personal belongs were found with the three suspects arrested in portland. 23-year-old audrey carey of quebec was backpacking and recently attended a bluegrass festival. last saturday a passerby found her body in goldengate park. she died to a gunshot wound to her head. now, investigators believe her killer may be among the three people connect would the murder of steve carter, a yoga teacher shot and killed on the scenic hiking trail near fairfax on monday. investigators believe the three people drove carter's station wagon to portland where they
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were arrested wednesday. they were identified as sean michael angold and lila scott allgood and morrison haze lampley. the three are expected to be extradited to the bay area some time very soon. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola. one of three sacramento friends who stopped a suspected terrorist on a paris-pound train this summer is in serious condition in the hospital. he was stabbed outside a bar after a brawl caught on camera in the street. >> video you'll see in a second. kris sanchez joining us with the ironic attack on a hero. >> he survived a terror attack only to come home and out with friends for a night of fun. sacramento police were quick to say the stabbing was not related to terror nor to what happened on that train in france. but, instead, a nightclub fight that picked up out on the street. this is the car that sacramento
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police are looking for right now. a late, 2000, dark toyota camera. police say in that video they say you can see three men jumping into that car, speeding away. police say they are three asian men. the fight leading up to the stabbing also caught on surveillance as you mentioned, laura. you can see it on the right-hand side of your screen. you can't see the moment of the stabbing itself or the argument that led up to it. it would seem that stone is outnumbered. this happened just two months after stone and two friends charged an armed man on a train in paris stopping a terror plot. that would be terrorists stabbed stone with a box cutter and he nearly lost his thumb. he and two friends were awarded france's highest honor and were met at home with a lot of accolades. a hometown parade and even an invitation to the white house. this sacramento cab driver says that he saw last night's fight  and even offered to take stone to the hospital, not knowing who he was at the time.
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three. he fight to protect himself. you know, he fight. but fight with this guy. >> now stone is in serious condition, but is expected to survive those three stab wounds to his torso. his friends tweeted, "spencer is one tough guy and only he could have done something like that and lived yet again." a lot of folks responding on social media with just shock at the whole coincidental and sending positive thoughts to stone who is in the intensive care unit. >> thank you very much, kris. a freak accident that caused permanent brain damage. a navy veteran said a 16-pound sea pod fell from a tree in san francisco. it hit him on the head. take a look at the size of these
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things. these are the seed pods that the man says hit him. they can be very heavy. some weighing as much as a bowling ball. sean may says he was knocked unconscious when he was hit. happened during last week's fleet week. the seed pod came from trees known as monkey puzzle trees. the veteran's lawyer says they're suing the u.s. park service because the injury was so severe. >> the impact was so tremendous it resulted in immediate swelling of his brain. they had to remove a portion of the skull. >> the grow of tree where the accident happened is now fenced off. fleet week kicks into high gear this morning in san francisco. >> the parade of ships happens in just a few hours and, of course, the iconic blue angels will show off their skills in the sky. bob redell live in san francisco from air in the water and you're going to cozy up on land this morning.
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>> safe place for me. sam and laura we're here at 30/32 along the embarcadero and the "uss" which has been parked here for a number of days and be joined by seven other large vessels during the parade of ships that will be going underneath the golden gate bridge. four u.s. naval ships and one from the canadian royal navy. that parade of ships is at 11:00 this morning. then there will be time for you to tilt your head to the skies. hard to miss. we're talking about the blue angels. six f-18 hornet jets reaching speeds of 500 miles an hour in front of fishermen wharf and they'll get as close as 18 inches apart. the blues go on at 3:00 today, tomorrow and sunday. the air show itself, actually, the culmination, if you will. starts at 12:30 each day with
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matt chapman of philadelphia, who you're looking at right now who will be inside his single engine extra lx. he made it clear he's not a stunt pilot but aerobatic. >> you have torque rolls and propeller backwards and shoulder rolls where the airplane is tumbling, literally tail over nose. looks very out of control, but it's actually not. >> so, you're going to have the air show today, tomorrow, sunday. starting at 12:30. blues go on at 3:00 and be over fishermen's wharf. if you haven't seen it before, it's quite a show. the tour for the ships. they resume tomorrow and they run through monday. 9:00 to 4:00 each day. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the weather cooperates for
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this weekend. you know, cloudy skies and the view of the blue angels. what do you think, kari? >> we won't have any of that. the thin, high clouds that are wispy and still allow that sunshine in. that's what we'll see this weekend also giving us some spectacular sunsets. oakland 55 and san francisco 58 degrees. here's a look at all the microclimates. look at how much warmer it will be today over yesterday. up to 89 degrees in san jose. 86 degrees in palo alto and you'll have a wide range in temperatures in san francisco and in the north bay, 92 degrees in santa rosa, brentwood 93 and san ramon today up to 94 degrees. we're hitting the 90s today and most likely tomorrow. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes and let's check in with mike to see if there is any slow down with the commute. >> no real slowing. i'll warn you about the peninsula in one second. this one might be more significant. south bay two crashes south 85
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at blossom hill and car went off the road into a ditch. no major injuries and as well as south 880 as a tow truck arrives and still have that slow lane blocked. that's it for the south bay. light flow of traffic. peninsula north 101 coming up towards peninsula avenue and cause some slowing. just happened and approaching the bay bridge a smooth drive out of the maze. and the look across the span and one deck and two decks. back over to you. >> thank you, mike. they call it house of cards for a reason. coming up, one republican congressman calling it uncertainty on top of uncertainty. the latest on the political shakeup in washington. some really tough words out of elan musk this morning. surprising stuff. we'll tell you about it in business and tech. president obama is heading to the scene of this month's deadly shooting in rosburg, oregon. many there don't want him to come because they oppose his call for stricter gun control. why the white house says they have nothing to fear.
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he already said he hopes this is the last time during his presidency he'll have to do this. president obama traveling to rosbu rosburg, oregon, to meet with families of victims of the latest mass shooting. all the meetings will be private but the administration vowed not to talk about gun control. >> tracie potts live in washington this morning. tracie? >> good morning. the president says, the white house says that the president is not going to polites is this and he wants to meet privately with
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the families as he did in aurora, newtown and charleston. but there is some criticism of the president touching down later today in oregon. he's only going to be on the ground for about three hours meeting with some of the families. the white house is not identified which families agreed to meet with the president. we do know that some publicly have said, at least one have said that they will not. a local newspaper publisher said the president is not welcomed there because he is politicizing this as a gun control issue. the white house is not saying that the president will not address that today. the mayor there says that he welcomes the president. that it brings sympathy and support of the entire nation. ben carson, who says if he was president, he would not go, is also accusing the president of politicizing this although his own comments about gun control and about this particular shooting in oregon had been criticized saying that i wouldn't just stand there. some took that as blaming the
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victim. so, the president takes off here shortly and heads to the west coast where he was already headed, by the way, because play golf out there and come back on monday. >> he's coming to the bay area. thank you very much, tracie. happening today after visiting oregon, president obama is flying to the san francisco bay area to help raise some money for his fellow democrats. the president will arrive at sfo tonight and then he'll attend a roundtable democratic national committee discussion at a private home in san francisco. then on saturday, president obama and kanye west will team up at the warfield theater for an afternoon concert. you can go, but it is going to cost you. 250 bucks but a personal vip experience with president obama, well, that will set you back $10,000. all that money goes to the dnc. in the meantime, republicans in congress are scrambling this morning to figure out who will be in charge when speaker john boehner leaves office. yesterday congressman kevin mccarthy shocked everyone when he announced he was dropping out
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of the race for house speaker. mccarthy said he wanted to do what was best for a divided party. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> budget share paul ryan is said to be john boehner's favorite but ryan is not interested in the job. silicon valley is a buzz this morning over a hot new device. this time hollywood is where the source of the buzz is coming from. the long-awaited biopic "steve jobs." got great advance buzz but also shrouded in controversy for what some are calling false truths about jobs. whatever the case, it's getting high marks on the rotten tomatoes website. generally speaking, high-tech ceos try to keep it nice. >> musk is an intense guy, guys. he gets e-mailed answered while
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kids play and intense and generally speaking polite in public. he was interviewed in a german newspaper about apple's effort to build their own electric car and apple was luring away some of tesla's important engineers to build it. he responded, "important engineers? they have hired people we've fired and we always jokingly call apple the tesla graveyard. you don't make it at tesla, you go and work at apple. i'm not kidding." that's not nice. landon dowkdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, there, scott. good morning to you. stocks look to extend their winning ways today. futures pointing to a flat to slightly higher open. the dow closing above 17,000 for the first time in almost two months. investors reacting to the last minute of the fed meeting officials were hesitant to raise
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rates on the global economy and import prices and wholesale trade. the dow rising to 17051. the nasdaq up 20 to 4811. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. the faa is working on new technology that would allow drones near airports. it's been a big week, really, for drones. a record fine against the drone company. hearings on the hill. a drone ban in san francisco this weekend for fleet week. we're going to talk to a drone expert. how much of an expert. she was president obama's personal adviser on drone policy when drones was invented. he sent her to the justice department to create drone rules like how close can i get to my neighbor's house? >> up to 83 feet above my backyard is my air space. it's the immediate reaches of the land. it's unclear above 83 feet and below 400 feet. so, the case law is not entirely on the subject. something that is currently
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getting a lot of talk. >> if you want a drone, if you have a drone, you really should be watching because, i mean, the person from the justice department, she's no longer at the justice department has the rules for you. so, you can point to them and say, see, the person who made the rules. >> not only that, but if you have neighbors who have drones. >> exactly. >> in fact, everybody should tune in and watch after "meet the press" on sunday. >> at? >> 9:00 a.m. >> promotion manager. thank you, scott. all right. now, let's tune in to kari hall right here at 5:19. >> radio broadcaster. >> i love it. i like the introduction. and it will be a warm weekend. so, we're getting ready for that and a lot of summer-like heat across the bay area as we go through fleet week and all the outdoor festivals going on and pumpkin patches going on and, yeah, in the 90s out there. as we look at the current temperatures. 60 degrees in concord and san
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jose and sunnyvale and napa now at 51 degrees and heading into the afternoon, we start out with the light wind. the wind starts to pick up and here we are at 1:00. the wind is coming in more from the northwest. we don't have a strong onshore flow and when we get that breeze coming straight over the land, the inland areas really heat up. that's what we're expecting today and it comes in at about 10 or 15 miles an hour for the afternoon. expect a light wind today. a lot of sunshine and some sizzling temperatures in some spots like gilroy. up to 96 degrees. half moon bay, not too bad. 78 degrees. burnal heights reaching up 25080 degrees but a wide range in temperatures just in san francisco. 90 degrees in napa and brentwood 93 degrees. san ramon today topping out at 94 degrees. we've been talking about it quite a bit. it's fleet week and it will be up to 76 degrees at 11:00 this morning and the parade of ships
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going on tomorrow as well as saend sunday. the air show looking at sunshine and even into columbus day, temperatures going back up justilatal bit and heading into next week. we stay dry and our temperatures will be pretty warm. let's check in now with mike and what are you looking at now? >> i am looking at oakland because there is some slowing. just fine for that overnight road crew. it's west 580. now, farther north towards the maze where we see the slowing. and then stretch from lake shore over towards the toll plaza. we're tracking that right now and an earlier crash may leave some guard rail repair work and a tow truck finally i believe took the car from the roadway shoulder over there for westbound 24. peninsula northbound 101. we don't see any slowing but a report of a crash in the middle lanes and chp yet to give us more information. the rest of your bay moves smoothly. an easy, light drive. back to you. >> mike, thank you. coming up next, bill cosby has been shielded so far from a courtroom due to statute of
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limitation on those alleged crimes. that changes today. a new study that supports the theory that sexual orientation is genetic.
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it is 5:24. bill cosby is expected to return to court today for a lawsuit brought by one of dozens of women who claim he sexually assaulted them. the woman says cosbyaus cosby a
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her when she was just 15 years old. a judge in los angeles ruled that both cosby and his accuser must be interviewed underoath. cosby has never been charged with a crime. tonight, 27 of cosby's accusers will tell their stories in a primetime television special. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault. the special will air during nbc's "dateline" tonight at 10:00. could sexual orientation be genetic. there is a link. scientists at ucla led the study which found evidence of molec k ykular markers that could determine whether a person is gay or straight. 47 sets of male twins where one or both of the twins were gay. scientists found that specific genetic patterns in those that were gay, they found existence of them. but more research is needed and the study is too small to establish a clear link. police tracked him all the way to portland for the death of a north bay hiker, but something
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new found in the possession of three homicide suspects that brings that case back to the bay area. this time, to san francisco. and spencer stone survived a near deadly encounter with a terrorist in europe, only to get stabbed in a bar brawl on the streets of sacramento. his road to recovery, next. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cn. good friday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. get out there and maybe get a
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work out in and check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> you'll want to do that early. a run outside in the middle of the afternoon, not a good idea. take a look at what it feels like now. so nice and cool. mostly clear skies and highs today will be in the 80s and 90s. we're talking 90 degrees in the north bay. san francisco up to 80 degrees. east bay 84. tri-valley 96 degrees. in the mid to upper 80s for the south bay and peninsula. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast, which looks just as warm. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike and a few problems out there. >> kari, we're looking at the peninsula. as folks head over on the san mateo bridge. high rise a flat section over here. map shows you the peninsula side. northbound 101 tracking this crash at peninsula avenue and sounds like all lanes and all activity have cleared and probably the last update and i'll have that on the map. everywhere else is moving smoothly. dublin interchange for west 580 and highway 4 and west 580 towards the maze overnight road
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crews heading towards the bay bridge. we do have the right lanes with the backup for those cash payers and everywhere else is moving smoothly, but the build has started at the toll plaza. back to you. breaking news, mike, thank you. violence, again, on campus. police have one person in custody following another deadly shooting. this one happened just before 1:30 this morning in the parking lot outside of a dorm at northern arizona university in flagstaff. one person was killed. three others injured. right now police are not saying what led up to the shooting or if the victims are students. just minutes ago, arizona senator john mccain released a statement saying his thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. stay with us as this story will continue to develop throughout the morning. another update for you in 30 minutes and always get updates on and continue updating our facebook and twitter accounts. another developing story, a new twist involving two bay area homicides. three people accused of the killing of the contra instructor
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on a fairfax hiking trail, they're now linked to another homicide of a young girl in golden gate park. >> what is the crucial piece of evidence, "today in the bay" chuck coppola and how did they make this additional connection? >> they found evidence that they were arresting in portland, oregon. 23-year-old audrey carey of quebec was backpacking through the u.s. and recently attended a bluegrass festival in san francisco. her body was found saturday by a passerby on the far west end of golden gate park. the link is that personal belongings of that canadian tourist was killed had been found among the three suspects arrested in portland. pathology reports determined that carey died from gunshot wounds and may be connected to the murder of carter on monday.
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and investigators say they believe they also found the gun used to kill carter. >> the gun that was recovered in the arrest yesterday was one, one similar to that that that we were looking for. specifically as to caliber. >> the three people drove carter's jetta station wagon to portland where they were arrested wednesday. identified as sean michael angold and 18-year-old lila scott allgood and morrison haze lampley. all three are expected to be ext extradited back to the bay area. i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." the man accused of killing a h h hayward police officer is expected to enter a plea in court today. back in july, investigators say estrada shot lunger during a traffic stop in hayward. police found blood and bullet casings in estrada's trunk after the shooting. his family insists he is
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innocent. dozens of cameras are going up on streets in palo alto tracking people as they go by. the city council approved the n installation of security cameras. how many people are using certain routes. the goal of the city is to improve bike lanes and pedestrian paths to get more people out of their cars. >> it's a counter. and taking information off the top of your head as it goes this way on a bike or walking. and it kind of converts that image into a blue dot going that way or a blue dot going that way. >> the low resolution cameras won't be able to identify anyone specifically in the city's contract with the camera vendors states that none of the images collected can be shared or stor stored. one of the three sacramento friends who stopped the suspected terrorist on a paris-bound train this summer is in serious condition in the hospital. spencer stone was stabbed outside a sacramento bar after a
5:34 am
brawl on the street. >> it looked like a gang of men that were attacking him. this is a guy that stopped a terrorist attack. >> that's why people are calling this attack ironic. he survived a terrorist attack to come home and be involved in something so pedestrian as a bar fight. spencer stone's stabbing was not related to terror nor to his here oism in france, but instead to a nightclub fight that picked up out on the street. this video shows an older toyota camry, 2009 to 2012 or so that the attackers got away in, police say. two to three men, asian men jumping into that car and that is the get away car. now, the fight leading up to the stabbing also caught on surveillance upper right-hand side of your screen. when you can't see the moment of the stabbing, thankfully, nor the argument that led to it, it would seem that stone was outnumbered. this all happened two months after stone and two friends charged a man armed with an
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ak-47 on that train near paris. stopping a terror plot there. they would be terrorist stabbed stone with a box cutter. he nearly lost his thumb in that attack. he and his two friend were awarded france's highest honor and met at home with a parade and even an invitation to the white house. this man is a cab driver was in the area in sacramento at the time. he saw the whole fight and even offered to take stone to the hospital, not knowing who he was at the time. >> three guys, you know, they saw one guy. i could say three, actually three. that guy he tried to protect himself. you know, he tried. but, he fight with this guy. >> now stone is in serious condition this morning. he's in the intensive care unit but expected to survive those three stab wounds to his torso. his friend and fellow train hero "spencer is one tough guy and
5:36 am
only he could have done something like that and lived, yet again." the response on social media was very fast. first people were shocked that it happened and then hopeful for stone's recovery. the family is asking for privacy, but he has spoken out before. so, likely when he is feeling a little bit better we'll hear his side of the story. laura? >> thank you very much. 5:36 right now. families go after a bay area school where their daughter was allegedly molested. this lunchtime aide is accused of attacking the 8-year-old on campus. the family made a claim yesterday against spark charter school saying on the chow should have never been left alone with any child. the family also wants the santa clara county of education pay up saying the district failed to pay all it was supposed to do to oversee the charter school, including running background checks on employees. changes are coming to california senior care regulations thanks in part to what was once a sad story here in the bay area. you may recall the case in 2013, the owner and most of the staff at a castro valley senior
5:37 am
facility adrptly abandoned its patients. just a cook and janitor stayed behind to help. yesterday governor brown signed a bill inspired by that case. standard licensing for any potential operators. full disclosure of prior ownership of facilities anywhere in u.s. and proper vetting by the state of california. all californians now have the right to drive. as in drying their laundry using clothes lines. not everyone had that privilege before, especially in neighborhoods where property managers and homeowner associations call line drying an eye sore and restricted the practice. yesterday governor brown signed a bill lawing such bans and allowing everyone that wants to let it all hang out in their backyard and on their balconies. new this morning the nobel peace prize awarded to a group you've never heard of. >> the democracy group credited with paving a new political path
5:38 am
in the nation of tunisia. also considered a key contributor to the first arab spring movement. recently went through a peaceful resolution that started in 2011, driven by a wave of pluralism. now that sound is unmistakable to many. that deafening roar if you're in san francisco today, you'll probably hear it. yesterday the blue angels gave us a glimpse of what's to come for the big fleet week air shows. starts today. blue angels flying throughout the weekend, but today is another favorite. the parade of ships. >> bob redell with a bit of a preview for us. good morning, bob. >> laura and sam, soon the "uss sommerset" which has been parked here for a number of days will be joined by several other vessels. you'll be able to tour these vessels. 684 feet long. it's the san anton class amphibious dock ship.
5:39 am
transport dock ship capable of carrying helicopters and contingent of marines and their landing craft and, interestingly enough, named after somerset passenger in honor of the passengers of flight 93, which crashed there on september 11th. so, at 11lic today, you'll have the parade of ships and the somerset already here and seven other vessels coming underneath the golden gate bridge and then you mentioned the blue angels. that air show starts at 12:30. the blue angels take to the air at 3:00. of course, they are the climax of the show. you'll see six of some of the fastest fighter jets in the world. hitting speeds of around 500s an hour. we're talking about the f-18 hornet. yesterday we caught up with one of the pilots. they advertise it when they're flying in formation, they advertise they're flying as close as only 18 inches apart. turns out, actually a little bit closer. >> diamond 360 and showcasing that super tight formation. andy and i will have our wings just about six inches apart.
5:40 am
it's very tight. >> you can't burp, you can't hiccup and you can't do anything. >> no sneezing. >> there's a reason why those are some of the best pilots in the world to be able to pull off those maneuvers. again, the blue angels take to the sky today, tomorrow, sunday at 3:00 with the air show itself starting at 12:30. the parade of ships 11:00 this morning and then you'll be able to do ship tours 9:00 to 4:00, saturday, sunday and monday here at pier 32 and other piers throughout the city. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob is so not dressed appropriately for this event. where is your air suit? >> he's flown with the blue angels before. a few times. >> got a nose for the dangerous. let's get a nose for what's coming this weekend. >> great out there for fleet week. we'll have a lot of sunshine and 76 degrees at 11:00 this morning. and we'll have a wide range in temperatures. so, if you travel a short distance, you'll feel it warming up if you're close to the ocean, it will be cooler.
5:41 am
73 degrees tomorrow with the air show going on and also on sunday more of the same weather. a lot of sunshine and also heading into columbus day. so, beautiful weather as we head into fleet weekend. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening out there at the toll plaza. >> yeah, kari, we have lanes off of the 880 overcrossing backing up for the cash payers. let me show you why, the map shows you this big backup westbound coming up towards the 580/80 maze and overnight paving work blocking your two left lanes. should be cleared by 6:00, but late in the pickup and pavement continues to cure over there and that is why there is a big slow down. upper east shore freeway right around san pab low and a crash there involving one motorcycle and now three other vehicles are on the shoulder and one lane is blocked and no major injuries and that's a lot of slowing. the rest of your bay, live camera for the south bay. no real problems, but we do have a warning story road off ramp is closed for 101. a street fair on sunday in the
5:42 am
area but you guys have bager closure coming up. >> coming up momentarily. that's right. coming up now, though, why students who flunk the high school exit exam are getting their diploma anyway. and a california beauty queen accused of an ugly crime. how the former ms. orange county went from wearing a crown to a jail jump suit. a former beauty queen from
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california - is under arrest it is 5:44. a former beauty queen from
5:45 am
california is under arrest this morning, accused of using her own young relative to make child pornography. 25-year-old megan of irvine sent sexually explicit pictures of a 4-year-old girl to a marine stationed in southern california. in return he gave her gifts and cash. investigators say she also may have had sex with strangers for money in front of her own children. she was named mrs. orange county last year and also competed in the 2014 mrs. california pageant. it's 5:45 right now on your friday morning. busted in boston. officers arrested a san jose man for transporting two large suitcases full of pot from sfo to logan airport. on wednesday, logan airport's canine unit sniffed out the 100 pounds of marijuana that were carefullied away. officers were waiting for the 31-year-old man as he got off a delta flight. police say that somebody or some dog tipped them off. your face wash might be bad for the environment.
5:46 am
california wiping out microbeads. brown signed a bill yesterday banning the tiny plastic particles from all products like facial and body scrubs. microbeads can end up polluting waterways. the measure is not the first of its kind, but is the toughest in the nation. it will take effect in five years. it is a partial victory for seaworld and its plan to expand its signature killer whale program. approved seaworld's proposed expansion of its orca tanks. at the same time, commissioners blocked seaworld from future breeding of those whales. the decisions after a packed hearing where people on both sides argued their cases, including celebrity pamela anderson who opposes seaworld's plan. >> before people understood these intelligent animals, people know and love them and want to protect them. that is in no small part due to the work of seaworld. >> the expansion we just mentioned is going to replace two existing orca facilities
5:47 am
with larger tanks. one containing more than 5 million gallons of water. the new rules only apply to seaworld facilities within the state of california. a california appeals court says public colleges and universities are not responsible for protecting students from violence on campus. the "l.a. times" reports the second district court of appeals dismissed the lawsuit by a former ucla student. the student sued the uc regions after she was stabbed by a mentally ill classmate in her chemistry lab. the lawsuit claims ucla ignored warnings in the months before the attack. but the appeals court ruled the school could not be held responsible for the actions of third party students. california is going back on years of education policy by aing high school diplomas to hundreds of people who failed the exam. governor brown signed a bill to students who failed it as far back as 2004.
5:48 am
a graduation requirement back in 2006. but opponents tell "mercury news" the test is outdated now because students are learning the new common core standards. the state stopped administering that exam last spring. drop, cover and tweet and that's what more people are doing these days and why the u.s. geological survey are using twitter to detect earthquakes around the world. create an alrhythm that could filter through tweets and quickly determine if an earthquake has hit the usgs staff was a bit skeptical about using twitter, but after looking into it, they were surprised at how effective twitter data was for detection. >> hope the wirelessworks work in the event of an earthquake and emergency. an inest theteresting changg to iphones. >> if you have the right phone and the right carrier. >> at&t and any 6. you have to enable it, but it's available starting today. so, you'll find that right on
5:49 am
the switch under settings and then phone. so, that's what that switch looks like. the phone will switch between wi-fi and cell depending on what is strongest. great if you have a lousy cell signal. this has been promised for quite some time and finally available. the new steve jobs movie opens this weekend in limited release. i should point out our sister company universal pictures made it, but we'd be talking about this thing no matter what you. you heard criticism is too mean and i will reserve judgment because i haven't seen it. critics do like it. "new york times" says the best thing about "steve jobs" both a tribute and critique, how messy it is. "wall street journal" says "steve jobs" review. big names, they've seen it and they didn't like it. waz saw it and he liked it and andy cunningham. she says it's a great movie.
5:50 am
cunningham was steve's first ad exec. the romwoman on the right playsr in the movie. super weird. if i was sitting next to matt damon -- >> he would -- >> in your case, a ben affleck. how strange that would be to talk to them about it. >> i think that's always a difficult struggle that you don't have that necessarily, that understanding. ben affleck, tell me about this. >> i don't know, what do you think? kind of tall with the dark hair. >> what do you think? >> i just need a little more facial hair and wile we'll be good to go. >> a nice, close shave on sam brock this morning. very close, right? >> okay. yes, we're going to wipe the slate clean on the week. we're heading into the weekend now. >> it's turning hot out there now. as you look in the closet and try to figure out what you're going to wear today. wear something that will keep
5:51 am
you nice and cool this afternoon. but it is cool as we get the day started taking a live look from san bruno mountain. the camera shaking around there. a little bit of a breeze and mostly clear skies and all of that sun this afternoon. heating us up. look at these temperatures now. it is cool in santa rosa. it's 49 degrees but compare that to the 65 degrees we're feeling in livermore. san jose at 60 degrees, as well as 60 in sunnyvale and a wind that will be coming in more from the northwest. we won't have the ocean breeze and we have winds coming in from the north, as it comes over the land, it continues to heat up. and in spots like the tri-valley, that's where those temperatures will be ramping up. but at least the wind will be increasing as we go through the day. so, a nice breeze by this afternoon up until about 10 to 15 miles per hour. mostly sunny. a light wind and high of 96 degrees today in gilroy. so, prepare for that. foster city 84 degrees and a wide range in temperatures in san francisco from 71 degrees in the outer sunset and 92 in santa
5:52 am
rosa and 90 in napa and oakland 84 and 94 degrees today in pleasanton. over the next few days, it stays rain free. mostly sunny skies and high pressure continues to allow those temperatures to ramp up. we're looking towards the end of next week. that may be our next chance of rain as this upper level low continues to move in. we'll keep you up to date with that. meantime, these temperatures are just really hot for this time of year. the temperature trend in los gatos 78 degrees is the average and we don't have anything close to that for the highs into tuesday. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening. metering lights on? >> not yet, kari. we have a benefit at the bay bridge but because of two other problems in the east bay. easy drive approaching the toll plaza and let's look why. the map shows you no problems for 880 and 580 westbound and overnight road crew still going on at that 580 interchange causing a backup for both of them. should be clear in the next few minutes and speed sensors look
5:53 am
like they might be lightening up. first a motorcycle crash and then a few more cars involved on the shoulder and no major injury. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly and south bay is clear and quick look over at dublin and we do have 580 increasing in volume. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. another abrupt exit. kevin mccarthy taking himself out of the running to bewhicomee next speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy is out - but who
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
will be in? this morning -- republicans in congress are scrambling to kevin mccarthy is out, but who will be in? this morning republicans in congress are scrambling to figure out who will be in charge when john boehner leaves office in a few weeks. more on mccarthy's sudden dropoff. >> i think i shocked some of you. >> including his competition. >> absolutely stunned. did not see that coming. >> i tell you, it is a mess. i don't think it is a mess, it is a mess. >> kevin mccarthy insists no skeletons in his closet. he just wanted to do what is best for a divided party. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: online mccarthy later said it became clear that i would not be that person. conservatives rallied against him in support of a lesser known. >> it will be hard to determine how that's all going to play out. >> reporter: mccarthy admits his
5:57 am
comments about using the benghazi committee to derail clinton. where does all this leave lawmakers weeks before the country reaches its debt limit and another deadline for a government shutdown. >> people think this is all inside baseball. this is inside people's paychecks. >> reporter:t chair paul ryan is said to be outgoing speaker john boehner's favorite. >> i have nothing to add. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. happening today, homeland security secretary jay johnson is going to visit the areas hardest hit by flooding in south carolina. he along with fema representatives and state officials are meeting up in columbia and charleston to discuss ongoing response and recovery efforts. many cities you see there are under water. gabe gutierrez is in south carolina this morning where even though the rain has stopped, new evacuation orders are in place. >> there are new developments in that ongoing flood disaster in south carolina. there are new voluntary evacuation orders in place as the governor says this new round
5:58 am
of flooding could linger for up to 12 days. much of the rain had fell over the past few days is now rushing down stream. 14 dams have been breached ands are now closely watching 70 others. i'm gabe gutierrez in south carolina. we'll have the very latest on this developing story coming up on "today." at 5:58. bill cosby expected to return to court today for a lawsuit brought on by one of dozens of women who claimed sexually assaulted them. cosby will give a deposition in the civil case. the woman said cosby assaulted her at the playboy mansion in the 1970s when she was just 15 years old. a judge in los angeles ruled that both cosby and his accuser must be interviewed under oath. cosby has never been charged with a crime. and, tonight, 27 of cosby's accusers will tell their story in a primetime television special. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault. the will air during nbc's "dateline" tonight at 9:00. coming up right now at 6:00,
5:59 am
an update to breaking news. another deadly shooting on a college campus. the new details we're getting from police. plus, a shocking connection. a trio of suspects already arrested for killing. now linked to a separate bay area homicide. and gone in seconds. a bay area animal shelter message to the people who swiped a little puppy right from his cage. "today in the bay" starts right now. go let's start with meteorologist kari hall. >> getting warmer yesterday and even warmer today. temperatures going up as we head into the weekend and now it's 56 degrees in the east bay. san francisco 57 degrees and mostly clear and all of that sunshine will heat those temperatures up into the 80s and 90s today. north bay 90 degrees but check out the tri-valley. 96 degrees. i'll show you the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes and we'll take a look at
6:00 am
the fleet week forecast, too. let's check in now with mike to see where you'll have a slow down. >> kari, now bay bridge toll plaza. let's consider those metering lights on. this happened over the last few minutes. so, with the burst of traffic, me show you what is going on here. the map shows you a significant slowing west 580 heading up towards that 24 interchange. 24 seeing some relief and west 580 looks like it's moving better and overnight road crew held up a little late there. sending more folks to the bay bridge but folks head up for the upper east shore free way and now two crashes there on the shoulder. no major injuries, but a lot of backups. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly, but a new crash reported somewhere around the san mateo bridge. just off 92 but i'll confirm that with chp. we'll send it back to you. we have an update to breaking news this morning. another deadly shooting at a college campus. this one at northern arizona university in flagstaff. one person is dead. three


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