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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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. good morning. let's start you off right now with a live look from our sky camera network at san bruno mountain. hazy out there but a nice one. thanks for waking up with us. i'm non-non-. and guess who is here. anthony slaughter. >> the fog stuck around for a little while. looking at clear guys from the golden gate bridge. temperatures not as mild as yesterday back in the 50s and 60s and overal a nice day.
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temperatures back in the 70s and 80s for the most part and that's about it. 70 degrees for san francisco. we'll see a lot of sunshine there again through the fog not a big deal this morning. 76 for the east bay, 75 for fnz. inland valleys back to lower and mid-80s. not as hot as it has been. the warming trend starts today. tomorrow will be warmer. return of 90s and a few showers and maybe some thunderstorms by next weekend. we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> anthony, thank you. a small plane crashed into a house in south lake tahoe shortly after takeoff. it went down about 5:30. as you can see from this video it quickly sparked a fire. authorities say there were two people on board that single-engine plane. it is still not clear this morning if they survived. police say no one inside the home was hurt. the faa and the ntsb has launched an investigation into what went wrong. here one day gone the next, president obama just wrapped up
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his whirlwind fundraising trip to san francisco. thousands of people lined the streets to get a glimpse of the commander-in-chief as he hopped from one part of the city to another. the president started his day downtown at a fundraiser at the warfield theater. before he took the stage, mr. obama got a warm introduction from oakland's mayor and the golden warriors state champs. >> great to see our president and so thank you. >> a crowd of about 1300 welcomed the president on stage. the 20-minute speech was light hearted but it did take a serious turn when mr. obama touched on gun control. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland getting shot every day. we don't have to have kids in classrooms feeling threatened because somebody has got an ak-47. >> mr. obama was out the door before guest performer kanye west even got on stage. this morning the president is in
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san diego for more fundraising events. not everyone happy to see the president those. in san francisco he was greeted by a small group of protesters. their issue, income inequality. >> policemen, firemen, school teachers are not able to live here. you either have a lot of money or none. >> demonstrators stood across from the warfield theater holding signs protesting gentrification, tax breaks for the rich and low pay for minorities. they want president obama to take northeast these problems and work with the federal government to fix income inequality. our coverage of president obama's visit continues online at there you can watch raw video of the president's arrival and his events today. it is our top story on front page. still lots of questions this morning for a man accused of planting two bombs at a roller park golf course. police arrested 49-year-old kevin hornbuckle at the fox tail
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golf club saturday morning. he planted two bombs and sent one of them off on the fairway. the bomb squad made sure the first scene was safe and detonated the other active device before giving the all clear. no one was hurt. it's going to be another beautiful day for the blue angels to take flight. today is day three of the air show booming over san francisco. that was the scene saturday afternoon as parachute jumpers and fighter planes wowed the crowd with heart stop dropping spins and turns. >> i'm proud to see these planes operate with this kind of power and presence of the men that fly these planes. >> this sim oppressive. the whole neighborhood must have come out for this one. >> locals are welcoming the 2,000 service men and women spending the week in san francisco. they are here as we celebrate the work they do out on sea and in the air. if you missed the air show the
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next one is today at 12:30 p.m. someone who won't be there to watch, san francisco supervisor. he took to twitter with criticism of the quote planes while risking lives over the city's skyline. he wrote quote, you expect me to like war planes buzzing san francisco with feel good jingoism. just thought of a crash over the city should be enough to shut it down. he criticized the amount of military spending that goes into operating the blue angels. >> thousands pass the nation's capital to mark the 20th anniversary of the million man march. this year's the theme justice or else. police misconduct was a central focus despite two decades of marching for black civil rights. many say there's still a deep divide in this country. this year marchers called for changes in policing black communities, especially top of mind after the death of trayvon martin and michael brown. >> a lot of times we think this
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is about civil rights. but this is about human rights. >> originally women, white and various minority groups were not invited to march when the event first took place in 1995. now the million man march organizers welcome everyone. >> 2015 is on pace to be the deadliest year ever on caltrain tracks. a woman was just killed before 8:00 yesterday morning at the santa clara station. the woman ran out on to the tracks as train approached. there were 20 deaths in 1995. that's the most on record. california marked a historic first this weekend. it became the first state in the nation to ban the routine use of antibiotics in livestock. factory farms have long relied on drugs to prevent illness in
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unsanitary conditions and to speed up growth before animals are slaughtered. many experts blame that trend for an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria or super bugs. they kill at least 23,000 americans each year. the new law takes effect in 2018. it could become a model for the entire factory farming industry. california is the third largest producer of meat in the nation. a pest with some punch has come to the bay area. agricultural inspectors have discovered two live glassy wing sharpshooters in marin and sonoma counties. these insects can spread deadlys to grapes and other plants. they are a threat to a multibillion wine industry in the north bay. the insects pose a threat to dwinding water supply. they drain up to 300 times their body weight daily. that's the same as 150 pound adult drinking 40,000 gallons of
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water a day. much more ahead on "today in the bay". coming up, getting tough on guns. new rules from tent students on campus. then controversy brewing between tesla and apple. the comments that now have tesla ceo elon musk back pedalling. jose - s a p center (a.
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time now 7:10. let's get a live look at san jose sap center. a little hazy. >> governor jerry brown getting tough on guns. this weekend he signed a you about nil banning concealed guns on school and campuses. people who carry concealed guns have to stay 1,000 feet away from schools and college campuses. security guards will be exempt. gun owner groups say they plan to challenge this law.
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new this morning, historians hard work could help preserve iconic landmarks in san francisco's district. two local historians worked to create a list of all the important historical sites in the lgbt community. the pair just delivered their finished work the city preservation planners. if the city decides to adopt the report it could be used as a resource to protect the landmarks and community's history. a final decision takes place next month. health experts says flu season is upon us earlier than usual. they recommend flu shots for everybody older than 6 months. hundreds of people got a flu shot in fremont without even stepping out of their cars. kai search r permanente drive through flu clinic is growing in popularity. >> we've been getting great compliments on how easy it is. it's a win-win. we get to vaccinate them.
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it's easy for them. >> experts say unlike last year this year's flu vaccine is expected to be a good match for guarding against several flu strains in the region. still to come on "today in the bay," from the silver screen to reality. we'll show you what happens when the man who wrote back to the future comes face to face with a real hover board. >> we're waking up to fog but not as much as yesterday. temperatures will be nice and comfort. two chances of rain not just one but two this upcoming week. we'll talk about that coming up after this.
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and when you're finished, you realize you've been in there for a very, very long time. being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great. ==vicky/c= . let's take you back outside right now with another "first look" our san bruno camera. beautiful pink skies. few fluffy clouds there in the distance. tesla ceo elon musk is back pedalling on a dig against apple. he told a german newspaper that
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company leaders call apple the tesla graveyard because it hires people tesla has fired. he also ridiculed the design of the apple watch. scoffed at the idea of apple making an electric car. now in his first public comment musk took to twitter to offer praise tweeting quote, yo, i don't hate apple. it's a great company with a lot of talented people. i love their products and i'm glad they're doing electronic vehicles. helping girls to grow into the tech leaders of tomorrow. the tech museum in san jose opened its doors to hundreds of its girls at its first girls day event at the tech. girls were invited to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math. women are typically underrepresented in these fields. yesterday these young women were given a chance to explore that world. >> so we are doing a lot of
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computer activities today. and most of them are focused on teaching young people how to create things using computers and not just experience something that someone else created. >> two more main events at the tech museum are scheduled for later this year. it's a back to the future moment now. one of the more famous moments in movie history is now real thanks to silicon valley technology. "today in the bay" business and tech segment has the story. >> reporter: hollywood paid a visit to silicon valley to ride an actual hover board. bob gale who co-wrote the "back to the future" movies including the famous hover board scene, got to ride a real board. >> it's not a special effect. it works. it works!
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>> reporter: it specializes in hovering technology and makes the board along with other things that hover to see how decades later this stuff really exists. >> we were flooded with fan mail, with letters from children, boys mostly but girls too, i want my hover board. i saw the guys say they were real. i want one. >> i'm speechless, right? this is almost to me more surreal than the magnetic field architecture technology. >> reporter: high phrase the company that makes hover boards, giving the hover board creator a chance to ride one. scott budman, nbc bay area news. that is just way too cool. you know they have those, not hover boards but selling them in the malls these days. >> it's cool but, you know, i don't know how much i'm into it. >> too futuristic for you
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>> so many things. i'm just the weather man. i just do the weather. it's going to be nice. temperatures back in the 70s for most of us. a few 80s for the inland valleys. one thing we don't have like we had yesterday is that really thick fog. i mean it was really bad all the way to 11:00 or 12:00. this morning just a little bit of fog. golden gate bridge clear skies from the north bay to south bay. temperatures will be nice. talking about again 70s and 80s, not as hot as it has been. mid-80s for is south bay. even the mid-70s for the eastbound. san francisco you'll be right at 70 degrees, north bay looking at temperatures in the mid-80s. tri-valley temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s. doing any traveling across the state no rain today. lots of sunshine from reading down towards san diego. temperatures not as hot as yesterday. l.a. got to the 90s. 86 today. 77 today for tahoe and 92 for las vegas.
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yes, it is another day for fleet week. in fact get out today at around noon and check out some of those air show activities. 70 degrees expected for today in san francisco. we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds. not see a whole lot of fog. if you're planning to head out there, things look pretty good four right now. we have an area of low pressure that made its way onshore yesterday. look at this other area of low pressure. that will bring showers to the northwest. unfortunately for us we'll don't stay under the influence of high pressure and that's really been our story over the past 12 months. we haven't seen much rain. high pressure has been in control. it's going to stay in control over the next couple of days. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday there's an area of low pressure that starts right up the coastline and that could bring us a few showers as we head towards wednesday night into thursday. so in the meantime really just all going about that heat. 76 degrees today for san jose. 86 for east bay valleys. tomorrow a little bit warmer same for tuesday. by the time the front gets here by wednesday and thursday that's
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when we'll see temperatures cool off and even a chance of showers by the time we make to it thursday and temperatures backing off. you'll notice those east bay valleys back to the mid-90s by tuesday, back to the 80s by thursday. san francisco you'll see a few showers. it will start to warm up. look at this. tuesday 80 degrees. back into the 60s by thursday. let's show you that system i want to show you as we move through the future cast. this is wednesday at 1:00. few showers arrive across the bay area. not heavy rain. this is light stuff. then taper off towards thursday morning. the other thing next weekend a very potent storm system. this has been pretty much the status as we move through the next couple of days that a cold front, saturday morning will move through the bay area and that could bring some showers as we head towards saturday afternoon. in the meantime again all about that heat. wednesday into thursday a few showers and then by saturday we'll be tracking the storm system and we could be talking about some heavy rain even some thunderstorms as we approach next weekend.
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of course it's still six days away. continue to track that in the meantime. remember that spf. >> thank you. coming up on "today in the bay" he wanted to do more than just police the streets. the program he developed for at risk kids that lasts for one week but changes lives forever. stay with us. and serve"... but ask any
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offcier - -and they'll tell you its a lot supplies motto may be protect and serve but ask any officer they will tell you it's a lot more than that. one san francisco police officer is living proof what he does to help city kids certainly go above and beyond. garvin thomas has today's bay area proud. >> reporter: he grew up in pittsburg facing admits a lot of challenges. he didn't have many positive role models. he swore, though, that if he ever got the chance he would be
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that for other kids. it's a promise he's going to great lengths to deliver on. when he first joined the force seven years ago san francisco police officer jason johnson just like every rookie went through a probationary period. his was just about over when his captain conducted certainly the shortest job interview jason had ever been a part of. >> what do you like to do? >> i said i like kids. >> really? >> i said yeah. >> reporter: turns out there was a community policing spot at the willie mays boys and girls club. he was willing to try it for a month. he came back after one day. this is where i want to be. jason or officer j.j. is now a fixture in their lives. not just at the club but checking in on them at school or organizing a basketball tournament for them at a local church. anything to keep kids on the right path. >> a lot of the kids ideal with
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on a daily basis, they can turn bad. they can turn good. they just need the direction. >> reporter: jason says from that very first day he knew working with the youth at bay view is what he was destined to do. jason just didn't know how far that would take all of them. to africa. ghana to be exact. two years ago jason started operation genesis a week long trip to ghana for a handful of bay view youth. he got the idea from a childhood friend who moved to africa and suggested it would be a powerful experience for the kids. >> they have this image or this definition of what being black is. and, okay, you think that's being black. let's go see what originally what it was like being black. >> reporter: jason says the impact has been remarkable. students came back from that first trip more dedicated to
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their school work, their families, and their futures. >> it was phenomenal, the results were phenomenal. we said we got to keep it going. >> reporter: that's just what jason has been doing. not just planning the next trip, but expanding the ways he can work with the kids back at home, improving their plans for the future while solidifying his. >> this is absolutely the beginning. just the beginning. >> reporter: plans are already in the works for the next, the third trip to africa for operation genesis. this time they will be taking more kids and staying even longer. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. fantastic work. if you know of someone doing something nice for others garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. still ahead on "today in the bay," big tobacco taking on a small northern california city. the law at the center of all the
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controversy. plus -- >> help me understand why this hasn't been resolved in more than four years? >> i wish i had a good answer for you other than my suspicion all along is this is a systemic problem. >> they risk their lives to serve our country. so why have their calls for help have been ignored by the military? we investigate california's national guard.
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good morning. we want to start you off right now at san jose with a live look at the sap center. sun is up. clear skies. looking great out there. thank you so much waking up with us this morning. i'm vicky nguyen alongside with anthony slaughter who is standing by with the microclimate forecast. it's going to be nice. big changes are in the works? >> by wednesday chance of rain. until then all about the heat. temperatures nice and mild this
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morning starting off in the 50s and 60s. clear skies. no fog like we saw yesterday. today expect a lot of sunshine. 70 degrees for san francisco. that would be really bad. big time winter storm. 85 degrees for san jose. 83 for the north bay and mid-70s for the east bay and the peninsula. we're talking about the chance of rain that moves in wednesday night into thursday and another big system moves in next weekend with two chances of rain. we're really excited. we'll talk more about that. >> we love the southern of that. thank you. members of the california national guard served our country with honor. now some tell nbc bay area that they have been been betrayed by their leaders. this is a story about critical medical benefits and those that have waited for years for help. >> reporter: they want that answer from this man general baldwin man in charge of the
7:31 am
california national guard. our investigation has found a major breakdown in the guard's handling of line of duty injury investigations. records we uncovered show california leads the way in letting down members of the guard. >> it's incredibly frustrating. >> reporter: he served his country for more than a decade including time with the california national guard. you decided to leave the guard. why? >> i'm swearsed to have ever been a part of it. they don't care. >> reporter: he wore a uniform for 24 years as a guardsman and as a marine, army soldier and airman including flying supplies into baghdad during the iraq war. was your life on the line when you were going in and out there was? >> every day. every day. >> reporter: when you joined the military did you ever expect to be in this situation? >> i did not. >> reporter: he served in kuwait during an eight year assignment in the guard.
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>> reporter: in your opinion do you deserve member? >> i think all service members deserve member. >> reporter: these members of the california national guard also have one thing in common. >> my name is michael sternberg. >> my name is daniel. >> i've been waiting for a completed line of duty determination for four years. >> two years. >> took more than six years. >> reporter: their connection centers on illness and injury they say sustained while in service to their country. and on a national guard process called a line of duty or l.o.d.. think of it as a worker's comp decision. l.o.d. is the gateway to medical care, health benefits, and financial support for service members injured on the job. here's the problem. regulations state the guard must complete l.o.d. investigations in 75 days or less. did the guard meet that deadline? >> not bay long shot. >> reporter: sternberg said he made his first l.o.d. request
7:33 am
back in 2011. he cite ad series of medical conditions and injuries he says he sustained while serving on active duty and in the guard. in total he's requested seven l.o.d. investigations, he says none met the military's deadline. >> the reason i'm coming to you is because i've exhausted every administrative remedy i can. >> reporter: numerous letters to the guard and federal lawmakers failed to produce answers. in may the guard respond an inquiry from senator boxer's office and blamed much of the delay on sternberg's failure to produce requested documents. it's a claim sternberg denies. but the guard also admitted that sternberg's unit failed to initiate an l.o.d. investigation for an alleged injury that happened back in august of 2011. the report was not started until march of 2013. are you surprised to note mr. sternberg is frustrated with the
7:34 am
system? >> not after speaking with him. >> reporter: the guard designated lieutenant downey to investigate one of sternberg's l.o.d.s. we learned it was overdue before it even crossed his desk. >> i can see from the documents dated years ago that i knew that this was a long time in the making. >> reporter: help me under why this hasn't been resolved in more than four years? >> i wish i had a good answer for you other than my suspicion all along is this is a systemic problem. >> reporter: what your saying? >> i'm saying that this process is completely broken and does not work for anyone. >> reporter: california guard records obtained by nbc bay area provide insight into the delays. this february 2013 memo includes california has over 1300 overdue l.o.d.s and is the highest number of l.o.d.s by any state in the nation. a weekly snapshot shows that in february 2015, up to 88% of all
7:35 am
l.o.d.s were overdue. >> i'm not surprised. it doesn't even shock me. it's status quo. >> reporter: this is the business manager for the union that represent guard members. >> regulations are there. nobody is following them. >> reporter: he says he's heard the same story from dozens of soldiers and airmen that the national guard has failed to complete their l.o.d.s. >> i get emotional and i get frustrated because i know a lot of these people. >> reporter: the investigative unit also obtained this database from the california army guard. we crunched the numbers and found over the past six years 73% of all completed l.o.d.s missed the deadline. and this may be more troubling. of all filed l.o.d. requests, 59% of those files were never completed. and because of significant tracking deficiencies there's no way to know why many l.o.d. requests were essentially ignored. >> these folks, they served their country.
7:36 am
they deserve better. >> reporter: but why the delay? investigative unit requested an interview with david baldwin the man in charge of the california national guard. the general declined to answer questions raised in this investigation or by members of his guard. instead a spokesperson released this statement reading in part, the well being of our soldiers and airmen is the california national guard's highest priority. >> general baldwin is personally aware of what's going on. and i want seems to me that he's not taking his responsibility seriously to make sure that the rules are followed and that they are followed twin required timeline. >> reporter: but for these guard members, it's more than a failure to meet a deadline. delays have taken a toll on their finances, their personal lives and their families. after serving our country, they believe they simply deserve an
7:37 am
answer. was it worth it? >> i wasn't worth it. why can they not fix this system? >> reporter: angry? >> yes. >> reporter: michael sternberg finally received an answer about some of his l.o.d.s. during our investigation the guard issued a series of decisions in july and august, four and a half years after sternberg says he submitted those requests. ultimately his l.o.d.s were denied. now he plans to appeal. the guard has acknowledged problems meeting deadlines but says it has reduced the overdue l.o.d.s by 70%. the guard also says it's taking steps to address the delays but declined to provide any specifics. they do plan to ask questions of general baldwin. with the investigative unit, i'm tony kovaleski. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at
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1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. soon getting your california drivers license will automatically register you to vote. when drivers get a new license or renew an old one at the dmv they are also registered as voters. the move follows a similar one in oregon earlier this year. that state is the first in the nation with an automatic voter registration law. tobacco industry is take on a small town in the north bay. last year hillsburg raised the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21. now the national association of tobacco out lets told city leaders they are fighting that law. the group says california's minimum age of 18 is the only one that matters. the association argues if 18-year-olds are considered adults when it comes to voting and marriage they should have the right to purchase adult tobacco products. the mayor of hillsburg says he's
7:39 am
seeking expert advice before responding. new this morning, iran just announced it successfully test ad new long range missile. country leaders describe the missile as highly accurate and powerful but exact details of its maximum range are being kept under wraps. this launch mont$s after some iranian officials said a recent nuclear deal with world powers could limit its missile program. the resolution bars iran from developing missiles designed to carry nuclear war heads. iran has said it has no plans to develop atomic weapons. but military officials in iran have insisted on expanding the country's missile program. protesters took over the capital of turkey to protest this bombing that left nearly 100 people dead. people there are blaming the attack on government leaders, but turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels or isis militants
7:40 am
could be responsible. yesterday two suicide bombers struck a peace rally outside a main train station. this is being called the worst attack the country has ever experienced. 246 people were also hurt in that bombing. still to come on "today in the bay," hockey is back in the bay. huge showdown in college football. the bears roll into salt lake city to take on the fifth ranked team in the nation.
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time now is 7:42. let's get you a live look outside at co. the raiders will host the denver broncos. kick-off 1:25.
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the cal bears face their toughest test yet. a pac-12 showdown with utah a battle of two undefeated team. the bears are on the road against the fifth rank team. the quarterback, 35 yard touchdown and bears up 7-3. this one came down to the last line. cal trailing by six with less than a minute to go. then the pass. golden bears suffer their first loss this season. 30-24. sharks hosting the ducks in their home opener. this night belong to patrick marlow. he scored the game's only two goals. they win 2-0. "today in the bay" is back in two minutes after yet another
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shocking turn of events, the gop continues to scramble to find the next speaker of the house. we'll discuss what's happening in the republican party. >> good morning, lot to do "today in the bay". as fleet week continues in san francisco you want to catch a peek at the all inspiring blue angels overhead. while you're watching still squash grape formations under foot. learn more about the process from vine to vino the blue angels. your feet could win a group sampling session. sounds like a fun mix of cardio and caberet. help break "the cycle" of poverty by cycling or running.
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this foundation is part of the network of resources trying to sponsor empowerment of communities. you can explore village in action. and from trying to run to make these struggles history move to a first effort in a historical district, first-ever historic district art and wine festival in union city. there will be foodies from around the tri-city area. it puts the spotlight on many cultural influences. car display from vintage to modern. and then come tomorrow morning i'll continue with my own car show trying to put the shine on your ride to work on "today in the bay". california will not be making
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history after all. until just a few days ag >> california will not be making
7:48 am
history after all. until just a few days ago it appeared bakersfield kevin mccarthy would become speaker of the house of representatives with minority leader nancy pelosi both leaders would be from the same state for the first time. kevin mccarthy with drew just before the vote. now we'll talk about what happened and where we go from here. kevin mccarthy seemed like the logical choice. we were talking about how it seemed like we were going be making history in california. >> fooled a lot of us one more time. little red face. not only me but a lot of americans as well. why? what happened here? with the departure of john boehner the speaker it was logical really that the second-in-command, mccarthy would be the one to go into that spot. but no, no. for 40 members of the far right sometimes known as the tea party caucus the freedom caucus in other words, mccarthy was suspect as too moderate.
7:49 am
bingo. >> right. at first mccarthy seemed to overcome or neutralize the concerns of the tea party element in the gop. one comment though sounds like it wiped out that support. >> his demise was sealed when the committee on benghazi was intended to bring down the popularity -- yeah bring down the popularity of presidential contender of hillary clinton. well guess what? firestorm here. that statement gave ammunition to clinton. infuriated tea party folks. suddenly kaboom, mccarthy found himself without the necessary number of votes. so he stepped down. it's one thing to win inside. right? you're nomination. then you got to go the floor. and traditionally everybody goes along with the choice. these 40 guys said no we're not going to do it on the floor. that's what did it for mccarthy.
7:50 am
>> here we are days later. lots of candidates. not a lot of enthusiasm for any of them except for the noncandidate paul ryan. what do you think? will he reconsider? he says he doesn't want the job. >> looks like he may. we may not know that for a week, ten, 12 days. he's a strong conservative. that's good for ryan. he's got ties ryan does with the tea party element. that's good. members were thrilled the tea party when ryan was chosen as mitt romney's vice presidential running mate in 2012. that's good stuff. ryan who is for smaller government, privatizing social security, staunchly for pro life. he knows how to talk to democrats. ryan has been hesitant to run for good reasons. why? he has three young children. he knows something that a lot of us don't. kmoeps the speaker's job is the most demanding job in congress
7:51 am
in terms of time and fundraising. >> interesting. family considerations might be in play here. okay. assuming he does run and he wins, what do you think this does to the republican infighting. do you think this will be enough to you night the gop? >> it's doubtful. it really is. it's doubtful because why? house republicans suffered from that division, that just won't go away. republicans are a majority. all theirs. relatively small tea party contingent believes the republican leadership in the house and senate haven't stood up to democrats. they got enough votes these tea party folks do to prevents the wrong people from ascending to leadership positions but don't have nearly enough to gain those positions. that's the catch 22, the conundrum. should he become speaker yeah, ryan's talents would be to secure that division that has eluded boehner and most recently
7:52 am
mccarthy. meanwhile the house faces some important votes coming up real soon on the national debt, on the budget and possibly extending the import/export bank. but while the republicans are just absolutely going nuts over this whole thing, there's the democrats, they are smiling, they are enjoying. it wasn't so many years ago when the democrats had the same problem. it was called the blue dog democrats when they were the majority. tough to hold a party together. >> sometimes that faction can be a road block. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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welcome back here on this sunday. it's 7:54 the time. waking up to clear skies in san francisco. no fog like we saw yesterday. this is a shot from the dodge bridge. east bay, peninsula, south bay temperatures mild back in the 50s and 60s. later on we'll see a nice day. not as hot as it was yesterday. mid-70s for the peninsula same deal for the east bay, san francisco today nice and comfortable. 70 degrees. north bay we'll be looking at temperatures in the low 80s. tri-valley mid-80s. it won't be really overly hot today across the bay area but today notice the seven day forecast return of 90. 70 degrees for san francisco but if you're doing any traveling to santa barbara, 83 there. 86 for los angeles. 92 for las vegas. 100 for palm springs. we have one cold front move through yesterday.
7:56 am
continues to wash out overhead. there's another powerful storm system making its way towards the pacific northwest. unfortunately for us none of those will impact our weather. we have a storm system to our south across parts of baja, california that will make its way up the coastline. this will move in by wednesday and thursday giving us a few showers. you can see from the future cast the way it looks unimpressive. don't expect a whole lot. we're talking about light rain. let's time this out for you. wednesday night around 2:00 wednesday afternoon we'll see showers start to pull through. light showers expected not a whole lot of rain. this thing moves out of here by thursday. another powerful storm system, this one will bring us some significant rainfall. this is saturday morning into saturday afternoon and once it moves through we could be talking about a significant amount of rain. maybe even a couple of inches for some of us. over the next couple of days all about the heat. 76 for today in san jose. 80 tomorrow and 83 by tuesday and then showers arrive by
7:57 am
thursday. east bay valley at 76 for today. 95 by tuesday. san francisco you'll see some heat as well. temperatures warming back to 70 today but look at that. by the time we get to tuesday, 80 degrees and then the showers come in by thursday and that will drop our temperatures especially at the coastline back into the 60s. overall, vicki, it looks like the chance of rain coming in for wednesday and thursday not a big deal. enough to get the ground wet. an appetizer to what we're looking forward to during the weekend. >> we're looking forward to the main course. nbc bay area has two new additions to our family. weekend meteorologist, his wife sara are now proud new parents to twin boys. they are christopher samuel and jonathan daniel. both were born just before 8:00 a.m. friday morning. they are morning people already too. love it.
7:58 am
congratulations to rob and his family. thanks so much of making us a part of your family. the 49ers are at the new york giants. we'll be back onning tonight at 11:00. until then stay up to date on have a great morning. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday -- you say you want a revolution? well, you've got one in the republican party. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> the gop proving they can decapitate their leadership. now can they prove they can lead? plus, the democrats, biden is still deciding, clinton is still waffling, and sanders is still speaking out. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and corporations, big corporations. >> my interview with the democratic insurgent. and after supporting the president's asian trade deal dozens of times, hillary clinton now opposes it, sort


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