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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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one woman, two men, and a jealousy that was all-consuming. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining's horrt moving. runs :05 ===terry//take vo=== right now at 11... nbc bay area news starts now. >> chaos. >> horrible. like the lines are not moving. >> right now at 11:00, flyer frustrations. nationwide delays for thousands of passengers. a computer glitch that is forcing travelers, including some right here in the bay area to change their plans. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us tonight. 450 flights delayed today. an agonizing day of travel all across the country. now the airlines are warning people if you're flying tomorrow, there could be continued problems. let's show you what it looks like at airports from los angeles to washington, d.c. today. lines of passengers waiting for
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help trying to rebook flights. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from san jose mineta international with what went wrong. traveling is tough when everything is going right. >> that is true. and they were even tougher today especially at local airports. it all began with a computer glitch this morning that was system-wide. and because of that glitch, even tomorrow southwest passengers are asked to arrive at least two hours before their flights. travel trouble for hundreds of southwest passengers across the nation today. >> it just poor. it's poor customer service. it's poor information. >> reporter: they can blame technology. >> we love technology, but at the same time it's kind of frustrating. >> reporter: a computer glitch shut down the airline's website and forced them to go old school, manually hand checking in passengers. >> everything is handwritten right now. >> reporter: and that slowed things down a lot, including here at oakland international airport. >> from seattle was about one hour.
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>> it was about 45-minute delay. >> reporter: some passengers also experienced delays at mineta san jose international airport. but it was passengers at l.a.x. that waited in lines that stretched for miles just to check in. >> the lines from where you have to start to where we are now, it hasn't even finished. it's approximately about three miles. >> reporter: free pizza at l.a.x. helped ease the pain. but the problems aren't over yet. southwest posted this notice online, encouraging passengers to get to the airport at least two hours before their flights to compensate for the problems. advice the airline is still giving tonight for people who have a flight to catch monday. now passengers at sfo also experience some minor delays today. this problem is so systemic here at southwest, that tonight the airline is actually asking passengers to printout their boarding passes before they head to the airport tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> boy, you really feel for those people. that's for sure, marianne. thank you so much. we are certainly following every development with this story online. it is one of our top stories at you can also get updates by downloading our app. it is free for iphones and droids. still a lot of questions after a bicyclist was killed this afternoon in san francisco. we have some photos from the scene. this crash happened on market street at the montgomery street bart station. we have an update from police just a short time ago. they say the bicyclist, a man was riding his bike between the two munni buses when he lost his balance and fell and was crushed by one of the bus stier tires. they're still investigating. they're looking at surveillance video. the sierra nevada, investigators have not yet determined if an east bay man is among the victims of a light plane crash that happened in south lake tahoe last evening. two people died in that crash, but identifying them has not been easy. nbc bay area's chuck coppola joins us now from san francisco.
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and chuck, what is the latest on this? >> well, people nearby tried to pull the two victims to safety. but a fire broke out. and that prevented any hope of rescue or immediate identification. investigators say it will require dental records to identify two victims who died aboard a single engine beechcraft bonanza plane that crashed into a wooded housing development around 5:40 p.m. saturday. >> individuals that were on scene prior to the sheriff's deputies getting here attempted some life-saving rescues. however, the plane caught on fire and they were unable to continue. >> reporter: faa records show that the aircraft was built in 1956 and registered to 73-year-old conrad hugh of oakley. do you think he may have rented the aircraft to someone else? >> no. >> why not? >> because he don't like nobody fly his plane. >> he is a pilot and chemical engineer. got some smarts upstairs. didn't talk about it too much. >> reporter: witnesses athe
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plane crashed in windy conditions shortly after takeoff from lake tahoe airport near highway 50. >> really, the gusts were almost blowing me over. so i know it was very, very windy on top of the peaks. >> reports from the witnesses are coming that the winds were gusty and they were changing directions rapidly. >> reporter: despite landing among several homes, no one on the ground was injured. but the crash has revived concerns about flight paths from the airport just a mile and a half away. >> i'm concerned. this is an ongoing occurrence. we have planes coming out of the sky on a regular basis. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board says that there have been four plane crashes in south lake tahoe in the last six years. three of them fatal. now the preliminary report as to the probable cause of this crash may be out within a week. reporting live from the san francisco newsroom, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. well, a bay area play wright and his wife also have a connect to the crash.
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rod mcfadden was in the south lake tahoe area to see one of his plays performed at a festival. he and his wife had just settled into their vacation parental when the plane crashed nearby. >> the whole house sort of jolted. and it felt like an earthquake. but it didn't sound like an earthquake. >> the two went outside and realized it was a plane crash. it was only ten feet from the house and the flames were moving fast. the two were able to get to safety until firefighters arrived. oakland's homicide rate goes up overnight after a gunman shoots and kills two men in the fruitvale district. police say the gunman opened fire on the 22-year-old and 24-year-old before fleeing on foot. the victims died at the scene. no motive for the shooting has been released so far. the double homicide happened on foothill boulevard. if number of killings are 77 this year, compared to 61 at this time last year. oakland police say they have caught the man accused of crashing his car during a high-speed chase and then leaving his injured 6-year-old
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daughter trapped inside. kelvin govan surround surrendered. police say he crashed his car and ditched it. his daughter had to have surgery because of her injuries. dozens of people are spending the night in temporary housing after a fire broke out at an apartment building in santa rosa. this started at 8:00 this morning at the village apartments in bayview circle. it really spread quickly here as you can see. firefighters evacuated 35 residents from the 12-unit building. crews rescued one resident who was in a wheelchair. everyone else was able to get out safely, including a resident who first thought it was false alarm. >> this morning all i did is wake up to an alarm. until we saw the fire truck come. i saw 40-foot fires coming out. >> crews got the fire under control.
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>> the san francisco public utilities commission is looking at some changes at the hetch hetchy regional system. they're testing out an aqueduct that has not been used in 30 years. the crews are making sure it still works in case we have another dry year ahead of us.
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this test will last until wednesday. a san diego spokesperson says the water is safe to drink, and that chilling it might cut down on the odor and taste. >> chill. >> sort of like a fine wine, right? throw that in the fridge. well, a big change coming up warming up tomorrow there is a chance of rain coming up. let's take a look outside. downtown san francisco on the left. a and the bay bridge looking beautiful on the right-hand side. let's bring in meteorologist anthony slaughter looking at this view and drinking some chilled water there in san francisco. >> you can always get a brita that helps. filtered water never a bad idea. high temperatures that we saw across the bay area today. temperatures were very comfortable in san francisco. up to 72 degrees there. san jose got up to 82. 91 for livermore. these numbers tack on about 5 degrees expected for the next couple days. high pressure is going to keep us warm. in fact, highs tomorrow at the coast will be in the 70s and 80s along the peninsula and inner bay will see temperatures mainly in the 80s and 90s for tri-valley. high pressure will keep us warm the next two days. but there is a storm system
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developing across the baja of california. this is going to move in tuesday night into wednesday. we could actually see a few showers by wednesday evening. and maybe even a rumble of thunder. we'll talk more about this system headed our way and another one for next weekend. yes. two chances of ain in that saturday forecast. we'll see you in just a bit. >> sounds good. employees at twitter could be headed back to work this week worried about job security. rumors are circulating that the company will be making major layoffs. this according to the tech news outlet recode. according to multiple sources, the layoffs will be company wide, especially in the engineering department. a twitter spokesperson ted the company is not commenting on rumor speculation. twitter is based in san francisco. and linkedin joining other bay area companies that are making radical changes to their paid timeoff policies. unlimited vacation time at linked in as long as your manager approves it. this starts on november 1. the company says the discretionary timeoff policy will give its employees more flexibility, a sense of
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empowerment and the ability to better meet their personal needs. >> interesting. >> it is interesting. and really a trend. >> should we try it here? let's not push it. >> let me know how that goes. well, coming up next, what can you learn from a dna test? ucla scientists say they can pretty much determine a man's sexuality. how the test works and how accurate they say it is. also, the century old secrets hidden high above the uc berkeley campus. what they'll reveal about california's past and future. and the new technology tesla plans to roll out this week that will change the way we drive. >> hi, bay area. i'm here with jeff ranieri. and we're to be do the whisper challenge. >> the embarcadero. >> i didn't get that one? >> the embarcadero. bridge safer. here's a live
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look at the bridge. tonight, a suicide barrier is one step closer to reality. bridge officials say they will making the golden gate bridge safer. this is a live look at the bridge. and tonight a suicide barrier is one step closer to reality. bridge officials say they're going the start looking for a construction firm for the job on tuesday. a company could be chosen as early as march, which means groundbreaking could follow in a matter of a few weeks. the suicide barrier is expected to take three years to build. it's going to cost about $76 million. autopilot is not just for airplanes anymore. this week tesla will be rolling
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out new technology for its electric cars. as he often does, tesla's ceo elon musk made this announcement via twitter. musk said this on twitter. drivers of s-model cars will be automobile to download new software. their cars will be able to parallel park themselves, and amazingly, change lanes automatically when the turn signal is on. musk says the autopilot features are meant to be used mostly on highways and on relatively simple roads. well, new at 11:00, swabbing for sexual orientation. ucla scientist says they have a dna test that could predict whether or not a man is gay. the researchers took swabs of saliva which examined 400,000 different chemicals that latch on to a man's dna. they found five differences between gay and straight twins. now using this information, the researchers say they could accurately predict a man's sexuality about 70% of the time. the findings were presented in baltimore this week. and as you might, they were controversial. at this time, one of the lead
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researchers says that they have no intention of using the study and its results to make any sort of commercial test. a new ban on mascots some find offensive. today jerry brown signed the california racial mascot law. the new law will phase out the use of the term for native americans some consider insulting. the law applies to public schools where the term is sometimes used as a school or athletic team mascot. lsd today the governor vetoed a bill that would have banned schools, parks or other private property from being named after people associated with the confederacy. he said local governments are capable of deciding on their own what to name their buildings. strolling through a busy east bay roadway got a lot easier for biker and hikers. they had niles canyon road all to themselves this morning. we're talk about no cars allowed. this is part of a test run to develop separate and safer paths for bikers and hikers who want to avoid riding and occasionally
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colliding. got a big thumbs-up today from bicyclists. >> it's great to see such a community spirit out here. so many people. it's a beautiful day. wow, this is great. >> i agree. i think we should do this at least once a month. your first sunday of every month, that's my recommendations. >> to be on your bike and know that you don't have to worry about traffic, it's a nice change there. alameda county officials did hold some community meetings this morning to discuss building new public trails. thinking forecast we're to be get especially exciting because there is not one. >> two. >> two chances of rain coming this way. it may not be a lot. but just the fact that rain know house to get here anymore is nice. >> it is nice. to be able to talk about it and actually have some confidence in some of these molds that we're looking at is really nice. right now hard to tell. looking at clear skies across the entire state. the satellite and radar all really just dull. but you drift down to the south. this is what we're tracking. this area of low pressure developed across the baja
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california. this is going to offer our first chance of rain as we move towards wednesday. in the meantime, it will be all about the heat. temperatures are nice and mild, back into the 50s and 60s. we have clear skies overhead. and the clear skies are going to lead to a warm day tomorrow. we're talking about temperatures near 80 degrees in san francisco. same deal for the east bay, the peninsula, and our inland valleys today get -- or tomorrow rather getting really warm. 88 degrees for the south bay. 88 for the north bay as wellasm and the tri-valley tomorrow will see temperatures in the 90s. back into the low 90s. 93 degrees for places like livermore and over near dublin and pleasanton. futurecast to put this into motion, you'll notice not a lot of fog expected tonight. mainly at the coastline and that's going to drift out by 9:00 tomorrow morning. and then we'll see a nice bright day with offshore winds. that's going to mean that our air quality does begin to suffer just a little bit. it is going to be heating up as high pressure stay control of our weather. tomorrow and tuesday are the warmest days. but this system is going to start to move in that will bring a few more areas of clouds.
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and just a little bit of rain. we're not talking about a huge amount of rain. it will be light. probably just enough to get the ground wet as that moves through wednesday into wednesday afternoon and evening. the other thing i mentioned air quality does begin to suffer tomorrow and tuesday for the peninsula, the east bay and the south bay. that's where we'll see the worst. here is the better news. we're talking about a bigger system next weekend. a stronger system. and that is going to come in the normal way across parts of the north bay. and eventually sag south. now as we put this into motion, this is thursday we're going to be watching this. but as it moves towards the weekend, friday and saturday, saturday is when i think we'll start to see the first shot of rain from the next system. mainly in the north bay first and eventually it will drift towards the east and south bay. this system could dump maybe an inch of rain across some of our parts of the north bay. we will continue to watch that. it move out by sunday. and temperatures will be very comfortable back into the 70s. back to you guys. >> thank you very much.
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>> very exciting news. well, get your drivers license and you're automatically registered to vote. coming up, we'll explain the purpose behind this brand-new law. plus, a family outing comes upon a shark feeding. the stories behind this unusual sight right here in san francisco bay. this worker believed there was a threat to the public and stood up to the government. >> i couldn't sleep. i have nightmares. >> but is the federal agency that is supposed to protect whistle-blowers silencing them instead? >> i would characterize it as obscene. monday at 11:00, we investigate what really happens when workers blow the whistle. >> it was unbelievably frustrating. >> monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. it was a feeding frenzy this
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weekend in the san francisco bay. we do want to warn you, the video we're about to show you may be disturbing fo it was a feeding frenzy this weekend in the san francisco bay. we do want to warn you the video we're to be show you may be disturbing for some. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a seal. >> that's a great white! >> oh, my gosh. >> holy crud! >> holy crud is right. some visitors at alcatraz caught what appears to be a great white shark at dinnertime.
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we're told it happened about noon yesterday. the shark was eating a seal. great white sharks occasionally can be seen in the bay. but it's still fairly rare. >> front row seat there. incredible. hundreds of thousands of fossils that not too many people ever even knew about. you can call it a virtual treasure trove. it's been hidden for most of the century right under the uc berkeley bell tower. jacob rascon has the story. >> reporter: high above the university of california berkeley, inside the beller to known as the campanile, a unique collection from a forgotten time has been gathering dust for decades. >> i don't want it to be a secret, although it is really fun to show someone for the first time. >> reporter: only a select few have keys to this restricted area where hundreds of thousands of fossils are coming back to life. >> this is actually the skull of
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one of the ground sloths we had here in california. >> reporter: ph.d student eric holt like a kid in a candy store. >> they're just absolutely cool. >> reporter: from saber tooth cat skulls to mammoth tusks, some of these bones have sat undisturbed for a century. >> we've had camels in california. we had mammoths and mastodons. we had giant saber tooth cats. we had dire wolves. >> brought down here, laid out and cleaned, measured and classified, analyzed. >> reporter: they're also cataloged online. and paleontologists from around the world are noticing. scientists at berkeley say the fossils are key to understanding the california ice age some 30,000 years ago. they could reveal why these animals became extinct, and how humans and climate change played a part. >> that's exactly the sort of crisis that we're facing now. >> reporter: 20 tons of fossils in the heart of campus, still largely a myth to students.
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>> kind of like a secret society type thing almost. >> reporter: the historic bell tower striking a link between the past and the present. jacob rascon, nbc news, berkeley. turning tragedy into triumph. a local couple whose son died just two days after he was born are turning this devastation into hope for other parents and their children. don and becky honored their son julian with their fifth annual charity event in his name. the infant passed away back in 2010. the pediatric disease that impacted his breathing. the couple turned to music to help get them through this tragedy. and that's why they chose keith holland guitars in los gatos to host their fundraiser. >> the music industry has been very helpful to us in our healing process. and so we're bringing music to the people for a great cause. >> today we have raised $57,000 in four years for julian memorial for st. jude.
11:26 pm
100% goes directly to st. jude. >> if you would like to donate  go, to julian rock >> that is amazing. good for those parents. >> yeah, really. still to come, if few nfl players ending up on the wrong side of the law. what may be helping to keep arrests down this year. then it's aerosmith versus donald trump. yes. why the band is take legal action against the presidential candidate. plus, a bay area landmark sits empty. the seven businesses looking to open up shop inside the famed palace of fine arts.
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us.
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which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. then a sound of explosion oc: explosion runs :04 ==terry//cont. vo== a developing story tonight in [ siren ] a developing story tonight from turkey. you just watched the moments two suicide bombers attacked a peace
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rally in the capital city of ankara. more than 90 people died in that explosion. nbc's keir simmons is in turkey tonight with more on the aftermath. >> reporter: they were linking arms. marching for peace. when this happened. amid the terror, 95 people died. 245 were injured. this student was there. >> someone, yes, he missed the leg. >> the leg was missing. >> reporter: he holds up a picture of his best friend. they went to the protest together. >> after the first explosion, we all ran. we all ran. >> reporter: right. >> and the second explosion, my friend, i cannot. i couldn't. find him. >> reporter: his friend had been killed. he was just 22. there are slap net marks on the sidewalk from the force of the blast. an attack sickeningly reminiscent of the boston bombing. two explosions in a packed
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crowded place. and everything caught on camera. turkish media replaying the terrifying scene. one of the killers may have been the brother of a suicide bomber from a prior attack in july. no group has claimed responsibility. but government suspects isis or kurdish militants. while these kurds are furious, accusing turkey of failing to protect them again and again. there were clashes with police today. turkey descending into bloody politics, increasingly infected by a bloody civil war across its border. a man who kills pretzels was killed with his 8-year-old son. the shrapnel cutting through their clothes. today turkey is in mourning after its deadliest attack in years. and there is a verdict in the case against "the washington post" journalist accused of espionage in iran. but the decision is not being
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announced publicly just yesterday. jason rezaian was arrested in july 2014. iran accused him of collecting confidential information and handing it over to other governments. the post has described the proceeding against its reporter as a quote, sham trial. soon you'll be able to get your drivers license and also register to vote at the same time. this weekend governor brown signed a bill that would automatically register eligible voters when they go in to get a new drivers license or renew their old one at the dmv. this idea is to get more californians to the polls. the move follows oregon. earlier this year that state adopted the first automatic voter registration law. politically motived? there are new claims tonight by a former staffer on the benghazi investigation that the republican-led panel was targeting hillary clinton. nbc's kristen welker has more from washington. >> reporter: stunning allegations from air force major bradley.
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>> this has become a partisan investigation. >> reporter: the former investigator with the republican-led committee examining the benghazi attack says the group's actual target is hillary clinton. >> i honestly do not believe this investigation was set up to go after hillary. i believe it shifted that way. >> reporter: he was fired in june, clauims he was kicked off for taking military leave. >> i'm scared. i'm going up against powerful people in washington. i was fired for trying to conduct an objective, thorough investigation. >> reporter: congressman trey gowdy said he was targeting clinton himself and cut because of his poor performance. gowdy notes he filed agreements about being fired which never mentions clinton. but his attorney denoues he handled classified information and told the committee in april about his concerns. meanwhile tonight the congressman is defending the committee's work. today the clinton campaign called the allegations explosive, saying they underscore the investigation has been a partisan sham from the
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start. this after house majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested the committee was aimed at dragging down clinton. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? >> reporter: after heavy criticism for that remark, mccarthy withdrew his name from the bid to become speaker of the house. amid the growing chaos, a hard push to recruit consensus candidate congressman paul ryan. today even some republican hard-liners said they'll support him. >> i think he would be a wonderful speaker, just like i thought he would be a great vice president or president. >> that was kristen welker reporting. well, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders appeared on meet the press today. and among the topics, whether or not the senator views himself as a socialist. >> she said you know what? don't use the word socialist. i'm going to stay i'm a progressive. are you pushing back on that? or are you embracing? >> look, when one of you
11:34 pm
republican colleagues gets on this show, you say are you a capitalist? i'm a democratic socialist. what i mean is i've been elected as an independent throughout my political career. i am running now in the democratic nomination process. >> now the senator went on the say that he expects republicans to oppose his padress, including those that would make college more affordable. well, when you hear an aerosmith tune, it's pretty recognizable. in this case, no exception there that's aerosmith's hit "dream on." presidential candidate donald trump may be in a little bit of trouble for using that song during his rallies. the hollywood reporter obtained a cease and desist letter sent to trump's campaign after that recent appearance in georgia. aerosmith wants trump to stop playing their songs. the letter says trump does not have permission to use it, and that is the second time trump's people have been asked to stop.
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there are signs the nfl's new conduct policies are paying off. according to numbers collected by the league, player arrests are down 35% so far this year. 37 arrests have been made since january of nfl players. that compares to 57 during the same time last year. the decrease comes after an overhaul of the nfl's personal policies and programs last year. in response to a string of assault scandals. many are hailing it as a big step in the right direction. and coming up next, warriors head coach steve kerr reveals new information about the information that is keeping him from coaching this preseason. we hear from coach kerr coming up next. plus, the 49ers and the raiders both in action this busy sunday. the heartbreaking loss by the red and gold on sunday night football. and it happened to the raiders. stick around. breaking news out of alameda
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county. the search is on for two missing boys last seen in castro valley. we have just gotten off the phone with the boy's mother. . breaking news out of alameda county right now. the search is on for two missing boys last seen in castro county. we just have gotten off the phone with the boy's mother. taking a look at the pictures, charles and daniel mccarthy. they are 11 and 12 years of age. >> as terry just mentioned, we did just hang up the phone with the boys' mother. producers were speaking to her. she is utterly distraught. she says the boys were last seen on old dublin road near five canyons park this afternoon about 2:00 this afternoon. if you see the boys or have any information whatsoever, please call the alameda county sheriff's office. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you the very latest just as soon as we get it. hello, i'm henry wofford with the latest from the sports world.
11:38 pm
warriors head coach steve kerr he revealed additional details why he has taken an indefinite leave of absence. his second back surgery was to repair a fluid leak that occurred during his initial procedure. because of the leak, kerr experienced headaches and a loss of energy and is still battling some symptoms. coach remains involve with the team on a limited basis, but wouldn't put a timetable on his return. >> the leak is fixed. but still getting some symptoms. and that's why i'm out. and i wanted to be clear to you guys, to the fans i just feel like i want to be up-front with what happened. because i'm still having symptoms, it makes it difficult for me to be on the floor. and so the prospects are good. i'm going to heal. the doctor says everybody's body is different. it's a matter of your body sort
11:39 pm
of -- sort of recalibrating. and unfortunately, there is -- it's not like a sprained ankle one to two weeks there is no telling. it's a little bit open-ended. >> we wish him a speedy recovery. let's get over to football. fourth quarter between the giants and 49ers. carlos hyde rumbles for 19 yards. getting close to the goal line. four plays later, hyde punches it in from two yards out. 49ers take the lead with under two minutes to play. but that's a lot of time. eli manning decides to go deep. brock makes the interception. oh, man. they say it's a game of inches. initially they ruled it was an interception. then they said no, it was not. continue drive from eli manning. what a catch right there by larry donald. the game-winning touchdown and the back of the end zone, 49ers lose a tough one, 30-47 the final.
11:40 pm
>> lock your jaw. we've been through some ups and downs and crazy stuff, okay? and we will -- we will stay together. there is a very good result in the locker room. it's a group of guys that are made of the right stuff. so that's grab that, hold it tight and keep going through it. from one tough loss to another tough loss, the raiders taking on peyton manning and the broncos. second quarter, raiders in the red zone. derek carr finds big marcel reece for the score. the raiders take a 7-3 lead at the break. in the fourth quarter, raiders driving down to carr. oh my goodness, makes a huge mistake. he is picked off by chris harris. he takes it 75 yards for the pick six. raiders come close, but they lose, 16-10 is the final.
11:41 pm
>> when you lose a division game, it's hard, you know, because there is no -- there is no moral victories for us. we know we can compete with everybody. and we feel like we can win games. but, you know, we're young and we're learning how to do that. so we got to continue to grow and now. we got to get better now. so that we can pull these kind of games out. final day of the president's cup in south korea. u.s. had a one-point lead with 12 singles matches to go. in the final match, bill haas drains this super long birdie putt. he would take his one-up lead to 18. now sangmoon bae has to get up and down to tie the match. did not happen. bae then concedes haas's putt. the u.s. wins its sixth consecutive presidents cup. great win there. once again, those manning brothers are tough, terry and peggy.
11:42 pm
payton beats the raiders. eli beats the 49ers. we've got to get those manning brothers back. >> i know. terry was in physical pain watching those highlights. >> it was bad the first time. it didn't get any better the second time. >> no. tough to watch. >> i can relate. it was tough for everything. certainly true. all right, thank you so much. we'll take a break and be right back. it's one of the san francisco's
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most iconic buildings, the palace of fine arts. built for the panama pacific exposition its it is one of san francisco's most iconic buildings. the palace of fine arts built for the 1915 panama pacific
11:45 pm
expedition. it's been empty for the last few years. >> a beautiful building, that's for sure. but the city has had a problem finding a new tenant. but not anymore. the city has several groups that are now interested. here is nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. who shows us who you may find there next. >> a marvelous array of palaces. >> reporter: 100 years ago, the city within a city rose on san francisco's northern waterfront. the 1915 panama pacific international expedition, a temporary fantasy world unlike any seen before or since. but a century later, the fair's lone survivor still in its original location continues to impress legions of admirers. >> oh, the palace of fine art! >> reporter: the palace of fine arts is one of the city's biggest attractions. it gets almost as much lens time as that famous bridge not far away. >> the other most photographed
11:46 pm
building in the city. >> reporter: while visitors mostly hang their cameras at the opulent dome and its equally majestic columns, few point the other direction towards the grand hall that once showcase the palace's fine arts collection. >> people are going to come here because it's the palace of fine arts that there is something wonderful inside is a bonus. >> reporter: since the exploratorium moved out a few years ago, the palace hall has sat empty. a temporary exhibiter is using the space for a pan pacific exhibition. but in the meantime the city is narrowing the search for the long-time renter for this cavernous, historic space, the number of people who want it is as varied as its history. >> reporter: the city recently pare down the suitors for the hall to seven. ideas range from a fitness club to art spaces, a museum, a hotel, restaurants and an indoor market. >> i think everyone wants something to come in here that is great for the neighborhood.
11:47 pm
>> because it's such an important building, we need to be sure that there is public access. >> i love getting the opportunity to come over here and picnic right on the grass. >> reporter: marina resident schuyler is a frequent palace visitor, even handling the photography duties for other visitors. >> do you want wit that in the background? >> reporter: and as a member of the marina community association. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: she is hoping whoever ends up in the space will be an extension of the neighborhood. >> i think something that creates even more community than we already have here. >> reporter: and whoever takes over this space will have to consider its historic structure as well as the weight of its place in city history. >> a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone out there. >> reporter: an opportunity for someone with a plan and absolutely -- >> two, three. >> reporter: a love of cameras. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> yeah, a lot of picture there's. it's such a beautiful spot. >> it is gorgeous.
11:48 pm
and the birds have fantastic too. >> and on a day like that. meteorologist anthony slaughter knows that all too well. what was the temp in san francisco? >> up to 72 today. it was a nice day. tomorrow is going to be even warmer. temps near 80. if row didn't enjoy today, you have another shot tomorrow. clear skies over the golden gate bridge right now. no fog. we're not expecting to see much tomorrow morn when you wake up. temperatures will kind of be where they're at right now, a mere 60 degrees as you get going for the day tomorrow. right now we are looking at clear skies. and that's going to lead to sunshine. your microclimate forecast for monday brings temperatures up close to 90 for san jose. 83 for palo alto. even pacifica will get up to 70 tomorrow. same for ocean beach. soma, you'll be up to 78. embarcadero. 92 for nap pal. 90s for the tri-valley, livermore 93. pleasanton, 91. and san ramon, 92 degrees. so yes, summer not done just yet. in fact, the next couple of days are going the stay warm.
11:49 pm
in fact high pressure remains in control of our weather. we've got this trough that started to work its way up under this high pressure. you can see the cloud cover really extensive with that this is going to bring some showers in as we head towards wednesday. i think the better chance of rain will come in wednesday afternoon and heeng. and we may even get a couple of rumbles with this thing as it moves over. and thursday and friday things start to clear out. we'll heat up the next couple of days, close to 90 degrees tomorrow for san jose. wednesday there is a the chance of showers i was telling you about. by thursday and friday, temperatures really start to come down. even for the east bay valleys, you'll be this the mid-90s for the next couple of days. expecting temperatures to cool off. even in san francisco, tomorrow and tuesday expecting temperatures near 80 degrees. and in the 60s by friday. i want to leave you with. this we've been talking about it all weekend. the chance of more showers. not only for wednesday, but next week. and another stronger system could move through saturday afternoon and evening. another chance of some much needed rain.
11:50 pm
>> this is so exciting. >> all in the forecast. >> good news, anthony. thanks a lot. well, coming up, "friday night lights" back on in one small north dakota town. >> the reason schools are playing football once again.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
well, everybody loves a small town football team. and it has special meaning this season in one tune any town in north dakota. for years there were not enough kids there to support a high school football team at all. >> but people missed the game. now after almost 30 years, they're celebrating the return of the comets. nbc's mark potter has their story. >> the comets! >> reporter: homecoming day in alexander, north dakota. and the high school football comets are on the field after a very long absence. it's been decades since alexander had its own team. cheering them on is leslie beaver, the school superintendent, who fought hard to bring football back to the community. >> they have something that they
11:53 pm
haven't -- that they've been starved of for 27 years. so you can feel that energy and that pride. >> reporter: football ended in alexander in the late 1980s when small farms collapsed, and there weren't enough kids for a team. but seven years ago an oil boom began, attracting new families. and this year the comets are back. there are only 13 players, but it's enough for a six-man football league. >> so how are they looking today? >> looking pretty sharp today, actually. miles from where we were a few weeks ago. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, many of these boys had never even played football. and still have a long way to go. but at a pregame rally, it's clear the whole town loves them. on game day, the weather turned bad. after very heavy rains, it's now cold and windy. but the town still turned out. and they couldn't be more enthusiastic, even though the comets are having a tough day
11:54 pm
against a more experienced team. >> oh, gosh, we're loud. and usually the loudest team out there, even if we are losing. >> reporter: for her son, number 25, this team is really important. >> i used to be a bad kid. and football saved my life. i owe everything i have to football. >> reporter: one more reason no one really cares about the lopsided score. >> the fact that they're losing big, does that really matter? >> that don't bother me. >> reporter: >> reporter: a source of pride for everyone here, especially the boys who are now a team. they are the alexander comets. >> one, two, three, comets! >> reporter: mark potter, nbc news, alexander, north dakota. >> so enthusiastic. >> go comets! >> go comets! >> go comets! >> go get it. all right. we'll be right back. ticket. you could be 15-million
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
dollars richer. ==peggy oc== might want to double-check that lotto ticket there is one
11:57 pm
purchased in the bay area worth $15 million. >> don't throw that away last night's superlotto plus winner still has not come forward with that ticket. it was sold at a safeway in san jose. the ticket was sold here at the safeway on branham lane near branham high school. these are the wing digits. they are 37, 34, 28, 33, 21. the mega number is 17. i feel like i should be standing next to that ping-pong thing, right? so what would you do if you won the big prize? we asked several safeway shoppers. >> to be honest, we would probably keep very little to ourselves and probably help those around the world that really are suffering. because there are so many people. especially in south carolina right now there are so many people that are suffering. >> now, of course she is referring to the massive flooding in south carolina. the owner of the safeway store will get a $75,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.
11:58 pm
a very nice thought there. a good way to think about winning all that money in the lottery. that was really nice. very nice. >> sharing with people who need it. >> a hot day tomorrow. temperatures inland back into the 90s for some of us. san francisco will see a warm day as well. temperatures near 80 degrees. a chance of rain by wednesday. not going to be much. but hey, enough to get the ground wet. the east bay valleys tomorrow back into the mid-90s. i think we'll all see showers by wednesday. kind of like what we saw on october 1. just enough to get the ground wet. bigger system next weekend. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night and a great week. >> you have a greet week ahead. >> see you.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
faith. by definition, it is something that is felt with strong conviction without tangible evidence of its existence. many claim to have it, but how do we attain it? it can't be held. it can't be sold. but it can be passed down. faith is invaluable to those who feel it. how it is that this belief can unite us regardless of our differences? it's because of conviction, that feeling inside that links so many. from the far corners of the earth to the closest reaches of our neighborhoods, faith is all around us. >> everything hangs in the balance now.


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