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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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his own terms. nbc bay area pete surratos joins us. >> reporter: many students thought he would be fired when they heard the allegations. but they tell me it just wasn't that easy. >> no one was at home when we tried to reach jeffrey marcy, one of the world's leading scientists in his field. resigning after allegations of sexually harassing students. >> i don't care how many distinguished or awards or if he won a nobel peace prize. you just don't do that. the. >> university's investigation revealed he violated sexual harassment policy at the school. the investigation began following complaints in 2014 from female students who said he groped and tried to kiss them. he apologized saying, while i do not agree with each complaint
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that was made, it is clear that my behavior was unwelcomed by some women. i take full responsibility and hold myself completely accountable. the university decided not to fire him. instead, coming to an agreement with marcy that he would be fired if he did it again. discipline of a faculty member would include an additional faculty-led investigation and a full hearing before a faculty committee, is a lengthy and uncertain one. the faculty-led process would also be subject to a three-year statute of limitations. so students believe it is not a good look for one of the nation's leading universities. >> it brings a lot of negative publicity for sure. and i know it starts a lot of into if this happens into any other department. >> the university hopes to make changes to the process for similar incidents in the future. we also reached out to marcy by phone. we have yet receive comment. nbc bay area news. >> family and friends of the
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three teenagers killed in what police are calling a street race are speaking out tonight. this is the scene of the crash. the car smashed into a tree on santa clara and 22nd streets. last night three teens are dead, a fourth team is in critical condition. michelle roberts is live in san jose where a memorial is growing for the victims and investigators are searching for that other car involved in the street race. >> reporter: yeah. they are looking for a dark acura. at this point they don't have a better description. i'm standing outside the memorial right now. dozens of people just arrived, paying their respects. such an emotional and sad day for so many people as they mourn the loss of three teenagers who were leaving a party and police say street racing. >> i lost my friends. >> reporter: alex lopez says she can't describe the pain she's in, after losing her best friend, who she calls a sister. >> i never would have thought
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this happened. >> reporter: she and jalene were at a party. when she left, jalene was planning to come home as well. >> is she got a ride home, but she didn't get home. >> reporter: three were killed. one other teen is in critical condition as the car smashed into a pole and tree on santa clara street. >> they go to places to go race where possibly they don't know where they are going, right? >> they were racing a stolen honda when the driver lost control. they are looking for the driver of another car involved in the race described as a dark colored acura that sped away from the crash. >> she hopped in the wrong car. they just did something stupid. >> reporter: eric doesn't know why his friends were in the stolen car but says it is hard to believe they're gone. >> they just had me in shock. >> reporter: as the shock wears off, alex is hoping her friend
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will be remembered for her fun and loving personality. >> she was always the friend who would be there for you. >> reporter: back out here live, people are lighting candles and saying prayers for the victims. oscar went to san jose high school. there were grief counselors on staff for students who needed that. there will be a memorial saturday here at the scene at 7:00 p.m. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, bay area news. >> so tragic. thanks, michelle. a trio of drifters made a brief appearance in a packed courtroom. their trial is expected to be long and thorough. they faced a judge for the first time in san rafael. they are accused of killing a hiker and canadian backpacker in golden gate park. the personal items that they had on them that prosecutors say linked them to the two bay area murders. a major child porn bust.
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he is a professor photographer. duane ackerman had thousands of child porn images at his home in the city. he was also taking up the upskirts videos of women. it appears many were secretly filmed near pier 39 japan town area of the city. the man accused of torching a halloween display the a local walmart is behind bars. bail was set for a quarter million johns of antwan johnson of oakland, charged with arson. a shopper took this with his cell phone, walmart in san leandro. security guards tracked down johnson. he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. a string of small earthquakes hit the ground rumbling in the east bay and some people are edge in the last 24 hours. the strongest, 3.30 hit 8:15 this morning. the little red circles indicates
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all those separate little earthquakes. most of them happened east of 680 near krill canyon country club emergency repairs in union city where a road suddenly caved in today. it happened at noon right in front of a firestation. it left a whole 10 x 12 feet wide. crews are still trying to determine how it happened. luckily, no one was hurt. this is a live picture of the giant sinkhole. it is on alvarado road between fair ranch and new haven street. that is next to the middle school. we talked to one women who had just driven on that stretch of roadway. >> so it's pretty scary to see something like this here in my own neighborhood. i'm thankful that myself or my family or none of my neighbors were injured in this sinkhole. >> crews sent a robot into the hole to try to figure out what
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happened. a small section of road is clocked off while repairs are being made. it could impact parents dropping off kids tomorrow at the middle school. they should check the school's website for updates. nbc bay area, closure for families who lost loved ones in a deadly and bizarre crash. this crash made headlines because of the mysterious circumstances involved is. it involved three separate big rig trucks. it happened south of chowchilla three years ago. robert honda met with the victims's family and gives us compelling images that might have swayed the jury. >> reporter: many family member comes here every day. it wasn't until the court case was resolved that they felt at peace. the tragic accident that brings the family to oak hill is a distant memory for the public but painfully visit for the
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husband and children. they were killed in a bizarre crash on highway 152 near madera. they were immigrants. they dreamed of putting their children through college. >> all i know for the past three years was that my mom was involved in a tragic accident with multiple trucks. >> reporter: the law firm made a video reconstruction based on the chp. a big rig hauling a 45-foot trailer tried to cross two lanes to get off the highway. the video indicates the driver only had three seconds to see on oncoming truck. >> he got impatient, he rolled his window down, stuck his head out. when he didn't hear traffic, he went for it. >> reporter: and the second is hit the bales and swerved into the opposite lanes, crashing head on into the honda accord. they were it led to a $4 million jury decision and provided long-awaited answers.
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>> graduate college and be successful person. i think that would make my mom and dad proud. >> reporter: both children are outstanding students at san jose state, there is still an appeal that could be filed in the next two months. is netflix shares took a small hit after the company fell short of projections for new subscribers. the company posted third quarter innings seven cents a share, shy of expectations of eight cents a share. they added 900,000 new subscribers in the quarter, which is lower than the 1 million analysts expected. from mobile payments to a wall street stock offering. san francisco square made it official today. it is on the way to an ipo. square, led by jack dorsey who also heads twitter, filed $275 in stock. the company can has been around
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six years and competes with with pay pal, apple and others in the mobile space. >> you know uber for moving people. starting today it's moving products as well. just ahead, we'll take you inside uber red quarters for a look at the new business owner violent inmates on the front line. why felons are able to battle wildfire in california. >> we are tracking a storm system. our chance of lightning in my upcoming forecast.
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at international airports. and the terror watch list may be to blme right now delays are developing at international airports. and the terror watch list may be to blame. the computer system that checks airline pattern listsis not working properly. no word on when this problem may be resolved. uber is flexing its muscle. you can still get a ride. now you can get a lot more delivered to your front door. do we really need it? a story you will see only on nbc bay area, uber's next big thing. we have grocery delivery, restaurant delivery. what's the game plan now? >> a lot more. they have pulled together $50 million in investment by delivering people from place to place.
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today they launch a service to deliver products. here's a look at what's different from uber and the risk it is taking. in the last few years, the pay area has become full of ubers driving people around. competing with cabs and making the phrase "sharing economy" part of the language. now the cars with the "u" stickers will be driving more than people. they'll be driving your stuff. the san francisco company call it uber rush, small businesses delivering to their customers. >> it doesn't have to fit in a bog or a backs. it can be a wedding dress, dry-cleaning, cake, pizza, flowers. >> the interface is web based, a little different than the way we get rides. you type in what you're
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delivering and where it's going. the driver gets the heads-up on their phone. most trips will cost $7. perhaps in a nod to all the delivery competition out there. bikers can uber the stuff to you as well. and, yes, the delivers are protected. >> we do insure our items. and if we have 24/7 customer service. so if there's a loss, you want to make it right quickly. >> packages are different than people. but if you order something local, don't be surprised if it arrives in a car like this one and you're able to pay on your smartphone. >> for now uber rush is being rolled out in san francisco, chicago, and new york. if you're thinking of driving, uber will take 25% of the delivery fee. the rest you keep. we will let you know if they expand into more bay area cities. uber drivers will now get
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amber alerts in hope of tracking down abducted children. they are teaming up with national missing and exploited children. it allows uber drivers in 180 cities to is receive these alerts. a serious admission about a long-standing program that involves inmates help to go fight fires. california leaders say 40% of the inmate firefighting crew have previous convictions for violent offenses. the corrections department spokesman said they have been serving since at least the 1990s. nearly 3,800 help professional firefighters across california. lawmakers are calling for a hearing to discuss and possibly reevaluate this problem. >> we are talking about the sunshine and maybe a little rain on our way. >> yeah. the storm system is continue to go gain strength right now. sit off to the south. it is also increasing the fire
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danger quite a bit down near santa barbara. we have multiple lightning strikes. i want to take you down there. that's where the activity is the strongest. if we're on a road trip heading towards southern california, watch out for these storms in central and southern california. that's where they will be the strongest. santa barbara getting nailed with heavy rain, gusty winds, lightning and hail. just over a half inch in diameter. as we head off to the north, monterey is just on the cusp of getting heavy rain. you can see it is pop gating real slowly just to the south and out to sea. eventually we may see someone make it to monterey, caramel, up to the bay area. it has been be dry. it has been more humid today. with high clouds increasing. our best chance in the forecast to get any kind of activity will be in the south bay with that storm system centered to the south. that will be for tomorrow morning, again, throughout san jose, morgan hill.
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tomorrow, san francisco, 69. and for the north bay, 84 degrees. temperatures will cool down a few more degrees. another storm system will move in. it will be weak and fall apart. not everyone has the chance of rainfall. i think the best possibility will be in the north bay, san francisco, and also the peninsula. but, again, check out the temperatures. after two days of upper 90s in the tri-valley, by saturday we should drop down to 83 degrees there. and for the south bay, 80. so that is a lot better. with these storm systems coming our way, a lot of you are thinking, okay, we should have more in october. you're exactly right. our average in san jose for the entire month is 76 hundredths of a rainfall. i don't think there is any way to catch up with this in a this month. november will be dryer an average. i don't think we will get one and a half inches of rain.
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we are looking at el nino window opening up through march. >> coming up at 6:00, seeing for the first time the exclusive look at a shipwreck missing off our coast for nearly a century. >> well, it's still open. we're here. also, a well-known san francisco restaurant slated to close today. the legal wrangling keeping sinbad's open. the f-b-i has nicknamed him --
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the "droopy face bandit". ==vo-- you may be able to see
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why in this picture. the feds say he's the fbi nicknamed him the droopy faced bandit. he held up as many as 10 banks in san francisco dating back to 2007. the most recent robbery just last month. agents say in each case he used a note to demand money and suggests that he has a weapon. there's a $5,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest >> the long fight for a san francisco restaurant didn't end as planned today. they have been trying to shut down sinbad's on pier 2. the 40-year-old dining spot is on a choice piece of property the port wants to use for ferry terminal expansion. they have been fight anything court and port workers are going to change the locks. they have apparently filed for bankruptcy to buy some time. >> we still say what's the rush? the construction as always been
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delayed. it has been delayed again. so there is no need to leave right away. all that is doing is throwing away good money after bad money. >> they are pursuing a claim in a separate lawsuit. >> a rodent, bad plumbing and lack of safety are two often associated with public housing. in washington now, washington, d.c., is trying a rad solution in san francisco. rad as in rental assistance demonstration. the experimental program changed the robert pitts apartments. today's tour drew vips, nancy pelosi and housing urban development secretary julian castro. his name has been floated as a possibly running mate for hillary clinton. >> it will ensure these families have a modern, safe, good place to live. we want to see rad make a difference in more communities.
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>> the washington, d.c. agency is working with congress to lift the cap on the program, allowing a bigger investment in low income housing. back safe and sound. a good samaritan returned louie the stolen puppy taken from the san francisco animal shelter last week. surveillance captured a man and woman walking out with the pooch. the good samaritan said the person who had the dog was just going to let them go so they took louie and brought him back last night. he was not hurt and perfectly healthy. he will be ready for adoption soon >> facing a judge for the first time. the personal items that the three drifters had on them that linked them to two bay area murders. also, an american hero stabbed. the new surveillance video police hope will lead them closer to the suspects. did you watch last night's democratic presidential debate? reported-breaking numbers. we'll tell you, though, the reason the republicans are still celebrating. less than two weeks after
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investigators say they set off on a deadly crime spree. three drifters accused of right now 6:30. less than two weeks after investigators say they off on a deadly crime spree, the trio didn't speak or look at each other as they prepared to face charges that result in the death penalty. jodi hernandez was inside the
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packed courtroom in san rafael. >> reporter: the three friends didn't act much like friends today. they didn't even make eye contact with each other. but the chief public defender is urging folks not to rush to judgment. but for friends and family of the victims, that's not so easy. >> my hope is that the justice system prevails and that they get put away forever. >> reporter: that's what friends of steve carter are hoping for as the three young people charged with killing the marin county hiker. with heads shaved, drifter shawn angold, lila, and lampley came to court charged with carter's murder and the murder of canadian backpacker audrey carey. they were found with her camping equipment, passport, and airline tickets. >> we have two murders. and that is a serious situation. so we are going to proceed very
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carefully. >> reporter: the judge continued the hearing to give time for the trio to give separate defense attorneys. it is overwhelming for someone who just turned 18 years old. >> i told her i would be getting an attorney for her and just to take a deep breath when she was anxious and we'll get somebody to help her. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. all of us are trying to breathe and put our life back together. this world is not going to be the same place without steve carter. >> steve carter's former teaching assistant and close friend says she hopes the trio never sees the light of day again. she's heartbroken and angry. >> there's no reforming people with this kind of mind. it was cold-blooded killing, done twice. >> the district attorney says he has not yet decided whether he will seek the death penalty or life in prison for the trio. they will be back in court
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october 26th. thank you. from hero to victim. new clues in the stabbing attack of the sacramento man credited with stopping a terror attack in france. newly released surveillance videos you can see him here. this was the car possibly used by the two suspect ises to get away from the scene of the crime. spencer stone was hurt in the brawl. he is there in the white shirt. you can see him flailing there. he was caught on surveillance footage. someone stabbed him three times last thursday outside a bar. stone is still recovering from his injuries. he was also stabbed back in august when he and two friends stopped a suspected terrorist on a paris-bound train. victims of cyber exploitation can seek justice through a state website that launched today. it is when a person posts nude images of their spouse or significant other without their
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consent. it is sex abuse. it is designed to help law enforcement in prosecuting such cases. even when something is illegal, the victims don't always know what to do to fix it after the fact. so this will be a great resource for victims and the advocates we are helping to rebuild their lives. >> the website aims to inform victims of cyber exploitation about how to get images of themselves removed from these offending web sites. so what will it be, mr. vice president. last night's first democratic debate might be why mr. biden is not going to entering the race. >> seeing the first woman president would be quite a change. >> it is a society where all do well. >> both performed well in las vegas last night. plenty of talk about vice president biden entering this race. still no decision from him or announcement at least. the strategists say clinton's
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strong performance would likely mean biden would have a hard time launching his own candidacy at this point of the game. it was the most watched ever on the democratic side. according to nielsen, 15 million people tuned in. 5 million more between the 2008 debate. republicans are still smiling, celebrating the numbers. 10 million more people watched the first two gop presidential debates. a two-time nba champion turned reality star is fighting for his life tonight. lamar odom was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel. nbc's jay gray is live outside the hospital in las vegas with more. jay, he's in really bad shape. >> reporter: yeah, that's what we're hearing, janelle. this is what we know right now. medical teams continue to monitor lamar odom around the
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clock. the next 48 hours are critical in the fight for his life. a former nba and reality tv star, lamar odom is fighting for his life at a las vegas hospital. after the 35-year-old was found unconscious tuesday inside a nevada prerogative el. >> there was some color change, of course. he was breathing. he threw up. they got him in the ambulance. and he was alive when he left the ranch. >> reporter: a source tells e news, doctors are treating the situation as on overdose. it solicited an outpouring response from friends and teammates. >> i just wanted to stepped love and support to one of our nba brothers lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> reporter: on twitter dwyane wade wrote i pray for my brother. dear god, he's one of the good ones.
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shaquille o'neal, everyone that reads this post, please pray for my dear friend lamar odom. he married reality star khloe kardashian in 2009. but their marriage didn't last long. following their breakup in 2013, odom's personal life continued to spiral out of control, including several run-ins for drunk driving and drug use, add to go a tumultuous time in his basketball career playing for four teams in three years, last taking the court in 2013. and now the former champion is in a fight for his life inside this las vegas hospital. khloe kardashian remains at his side tonight. we are also told her mom and sister kim are at the hospital as well. and kobe bryant, along with other laker teammates, have visited the hospital. they had an exhibition here in las vegas. that is the latest live in las vegas. i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. all right, jay, thank you. coming up here at 6:00, what
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lies beneath. a discovery off our coast that's been hidden for nearly 100 years. it's a story you will see only on nbc bay area. and eating well in the bay area. how the top three restaurants in the bay area stack up against the rest of the country. some local science students got
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a closeup look at some explosive technology, along with a crash course on politics. ===take vo=== at "morpho detection" in local science students got a look at explosive technology. the morph detection in newark, students and local congressman mike honda learned about the baggage detection systems. they can detect explosives and are in place at airports, border crossings and military installations. the kids learned about science
6:38 pm
and engineering. and they took a look at policy changes that could help tech companies. >> technology changes so quickly. and our government or our process is a little slower to stay in front of the capable technology and the efficiency. >> congressman honda is a long-time supporter of science education. he was help to see morpho's involvement in the students. california teacher shortage isn't getting any better. thousands were laid off in the great recession. college students aren't interested in becoming teachers anymore. that has resulted in loewen rollment in credentialing programs. in addition, many of the teachers who weren't laid off have since retired. >> it's now changed again. it they can go through the process, get their degree, and there will be a job for them. >> education officials are
6:39 pm
having to use substitute teachers to fill empty classrooms. that is causing a shortage of subs as well. >> we have known for years the bay area has some of the best restaurants in america. trip adviser is releasing traveler's choice best list. four bay area restaurants are in the top 25. see if you agree. chez panisse at number 8, gary danko at 11. the french laundry at 16, if you can afford it or get a reservation. >> you have been promising to take us there for a long time. >> that's a whole paycheck. and finally, the well-known greek restaurant in the city is at number 22, kokkari. >> two out of four ain't bad. >> i don't know if i've been to any of them. >> now we have to take you. >> i'm going to hold you to that. >> one day i will take you. >> french laundry, your treat. >> you guys are awesome. >> you guys are so great.
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a live look outside our san francisco sky cam. you can see the fog rolling in right now. we'll talk more about the cooling temperatures and slight risk of showers in my forecast. there's a lot -- we don't see --
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underwater. but sometimes -- we get a rare glipse. a lot of treasure ... ===jess/2 >> well, there's a lot we simply don't see under water. sometimes we get a rare glimpse. there are a lot of treasures buried beneath. >> joe takes us on a search for a 95-year-old shipwreck. >> reporter: every time a boat sails out of the golden gate, out into the waters of the gulf's marine swank swear, it is sailing over a graveyard of maritime past. >> we have documented 400 ship and aircraft losses in this sank
6:43 pm
swear. >> reporter: among the vessels resting at the bottom of the sanctuary's waters is a ship called the i tuna. >> everyone turned to this beautiful steam yacht that was built in glasgow scotland. it. >> was alert converted to a passenger ship and fishing trawler. >> it is one of the largest out of san francisco. >> reporter: in 1920, the ship and crew of 14 set out from san francisco to oregon to fish and deliver a load of machinery and cement. >> march of 1920, she encounters a storm and is beaten out and goes into. out here the ship has lived in a watery purgatory for 95 years. lost and forgotten. >> that is the i tuna. jim delgado set out to lay eyes
6:44 pm
on it once again. >> over here i have sonar imagery. >> one minute out. an under water rover shows a shape on the ocean floor resembling the ship's unique bow. eus takes only 30 seconds before nearly a century of forgotten history begins to fill the monitor. >> that's an anchor. there's the rudder. the first time in 95 years anybody has seen this wreck. >> the rover and its camera slowly probe the ship's remains. >> it matches up perfectly with the last drawings we had. there's no doubt this is the i tuna. >> images of the i tuna's bones reveal the story of its last journey. >> that's a refrigeration line. >> that's what i wanted to see, the steering gear. >> a broken dish. even the ship's load of concrete is still on board. >> in the hold we found stacks
6:45 pm
of cement, frozen in time literally. >> when the ship went down in a matter of 10 minutes, 12 crewmen made off in a life boat paddles to safety. two were trapped in their bunks. >> it becomes personal. especially when you know that you're diving on a gravesite. >> but in gravesite is alive. >> an amazing reef now. she has habitat. >> dell tkpwad going and schwimmer are cataloging the estimated 400 ship wrecks. >> the wooden spokes are gone. >> now at least they know where the i tuna lie, slowly decaying on the ocean floor, eternally headed north. >> that is signature is i tuna right there. we also tracked down a relative of a young victim who died in that historic sinking. we will have that story tomorrow night right here on our 6:00
6:46 pm
news. >> so interesting. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast. warm and muggy today, jeff. >> yeah. the humidity really did come in with this upper low pressure system situated off to the south. we have showers spiraling around this storm system. numerous lightning strikes for central and southern california. so far nothing for the bay area just yet. but we still have the possibility coming our way. as we take you outside right now, we have cooled off from some of the hottest weather we have had the past few two days. it was still warm in the east bay. you're down to 85 right now. south bay, 82. in san francisco, the largest exchange right now is 67 degrees. we had 70s and 80s for the past three nights. the fog has started to roll into downtown. beautiful shot right now. for tomorrow morning, we are expecting fog to continue across san francisco, off the peninsula. and high clouds will stream across. the highest risk of any
6:47 pm
thunderstorm activity tomorrow for the south bay. we are not expecting huge drenching rains. maybe a rain drops to come our way. right into doppler radar and the storm system. once again, you can see most of this activity is near santa barbara, right up the central coastline. as we get fixed on the doppler radar, there is a stronger storm right now to the south of monterey. by that's just about it. really no hopes the next two hours of getting anything towards the bay area. there is still a slight chance in that forecast. let's go ahead and get a look what we can expect. with the area of low pressure offshore, the chance to get anything around 10:00, 11:00, maybe midnight is santa cruz and portions of the south bay. morgan hill and gilroy. as we head through tomorrow morning, the area of low pressure moves inland. isolated storms in the forecast. not only this possibility. i know it's not much. but a slight chance by saturday. storm system will break up by the time it gets here. i think marin, napa and sonoma
6:48 pm
counties have the best chance of getting any activity out of this on saturday. into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday, the fog comes back to san francisco in the marina. that will put us at 60 degrees. 70 in the mission. 69 in pacifica. palo alto, 87. towards the south bay, best risk is in morganville, 88. north bay, east bay, and the tri-valley, much more comfortable for you. after 90s to near 100. the past two days, it will drop to 88 for tomorrow. also looking good in oakland. 76 for your high. napa, 86. you think that's comfortable. check out what's coming our way by sunday. temperatures are dropping a few more degrees. that should put the south bay at an average of 79 degrees. rog and janelle, if we can't get
6:49 pm
the heavy rains, we will have cooler and more comfortable weather coming our way this weekend. >> nice weather. we look forward to it. thanks, jeff. >> basketball, golf, basketball, golf. there's a pattern here. curry and iguadala. never seen it before.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
and a u-c berkeley scientist helped make it happen. the planet jupiter as we have never seen it before. a uc berkeley scientist helped make it happen. michael wang worked with the hubbell telescope to get this photo of jupiter. it can measure the speed of
6:52 pm
jupiter's winds which can go 300 miles per hour. the great red spot is not only shrinking, it is more orange color. astronomers have known that the spot is actually an intense giant storm. i'm not going to lack in confidence. i have confidence i'm able to do on this field. what i can can help this team win. >> kaepernick needs to lead the 49ers now more than ever. the red and gold trying to turn the page as a very vulnerable baltimore ravens team comes to santa clara in week six. the baltimore defense not even close to being the it used to be. they are ranked 25th in the nfl. sunday provides the perfect opportunity for kaepernick and
6:53 pm
the offense to have a breakout performance. >> incredible talent. i think he's had a tremendous career. and that's what you're prepared for. when you've got players of that better who play the way they have you know what they are had he capable of doing. it goes for the whole offense. >> must see tv. all the drama goes down in the seventh. tied at two. russell martin slowed back to the pitcher, hits the bat. down the baseline. rangers take a 3-2 lead. toronto crowd starts throwing objects on the field. they thought time was called. they tie the game. bautista monster no doubter. three-run homer. his second of the series. and the bluejays advance to the alcs, 6-3. while on the court they are the nba mvp and the league final mvp. on the golf course together, as
6:54 pm
fallon smith tells us, they might as well be the odd couple. >> less than 13 hours after tipping off, steph curry and iguadala teed off. they are in two different places when it comes to their golf game. iguadala picked up about a year and a half ago. so he had a hiccup on the first hole. he found his groove after that. curry, well, he did his best to keep up with pro partner justin thomas. >> i had maybe two drives that may have reached his. but other than that, there's no comparison. those guys are unbelievable talent the way that they can just stay so consistent over the course of an entire year. not have too many missed shot. their window of misses isality smaller than ours. >> i'm tired of giving them
6:55 pm
compliments while we are playing golf. i guess he just has it. i don't know what it is. but i'm trying to figure out a way to give it to my son. hopefully he'll give my son some lessons. >> get this, curry nearly eagled the par 5, 5th hole. he settled for birdie. so ridiculously impressive. justin thomas, he parred the hole. fallon smith, nbc bay area, napa. fallon, thank you. big scene at pacific center plaza as players of the organization took part in the warriors get fit program. a full day of activities, featuring a skills clinic, part of the action going forward with san francisco unified school district. get fit will reach more than 17,000 students at 38 different schools. so rog and janelle, very little problem there. >> it is. i'm just getting a little concerned. i see all of this golfing and public appearances. we need to see him on the
6:56 pm
basketball court. >> you know, what we know everyone is coming after him this year. no hiding this year. >> thanks. >> focus on the court here. >> i know. it is so nice to see them off the court too. it is just fun. >> maybe some of the distractions will help them focus that much more. you know? >> the glass is half full. only with jeff ranieri. >> biggest difference at this hour is the drizzle and the fog rolling in across the golden gate bridge. currently a chilly 63 degrees. tomorrow morning, fog stays in. high of 69. best chance of any thunderstorm activity would be towards the south bay. and that's mainly for the morning. temperatures will be more comfortable as well, averaging 86 in the south bay, peninsula, 79. wine country, 84. nothing huge but maybe up towards napa we will get something. >> we'll take it. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you pack here at 11:00. good night, folks.
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a distraught kris jenner at lamar odom's hospital bedside. khloe and kim kardashian rushing in. >> i'm on the scene in las vegas with the latest and the women who found him unconscious. >> every new detail now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra a new kardashian family crisis. khloe's ex, lamar odom, fighting for his life after a bender at a brothel. "extra" with the love ranch owner dennis hoff today tracing the timeline. >> he was drinking, he had a bottle of cognac. >> the moment that may have triggered la mmalamar's three-d binge. his long struggle with drugs. >> you don't


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