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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 17, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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nbc bay area news, starts now. >> a long road to recovery down south. a massive cleanup under way, as mud and debris continues to swarm over roads. the efforts by homeowners and drivers to get out of this mess. plus, 26 years later, preparations for the next big one. today is the anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake today. first, evacuated out of their home. at a moment's notice, people at a bay area retirement home forced to leave yesterday. and now, they are finally being allowed back home. i'm peggy bunker.
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>> i'm terry mcsweeney. thank you for joining us for this special edition at nbc bay area. close to 300 people at the retirement home were forced to leave after a small fire. it was not safe for the elderly to be there without electricity. today, they're being allowed back. christie smith is at the retirement home where it's been a long 24 hours for some people, christie. >> reporter: that's right, terry. we did speak with the ceo here. he got a little emotional when he was talking about welcoming these patients back and getting back to normal. that has started. so far, we're told, about 15 patients have been transported back that had to leave yesterday, after a small electrical fire at burlingame long term care. in all, this is new information. about 70 patients had to be relocated to facilities like the san mateo medical center for one. there was concern that all 270
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might have to be moved from the skilled nursing facility yesterday. but they were able to re-establish power. many of them were able to stay on. many of them are elderly or compromise ed medically. it's a relief to see them returning. >> this is their home. they're familiar with it. the staff, the food. it's a matter of doing it in a methodical, you know, patient-specific approach. >> reporter: throughout, there were generators available and oversight, to make sure everything was smooth as it returns back to normal. the patients will return in 24 to 48 hours. a community will be coming together to remember three teenagers killed in what police
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suspect is a street race in san jose. the 16-year-old, 18-year-old and 15-year-old were killed on tuesday night, when their car crashed into a pole. another teen is still in the hospital recovering, after being severely injured. the police say the teens were racing a stolen honda when the driver lost control of that car. tonight, a vigil will be held at the scene of the crash, at santa clara street and 22nd. police looking for the driver of the other car involved in that race. new details in the investigation of an american hero stabbed. police released these sketches of the suspects of the stabbing. the video captured the attack on stone outside of a bar in sacramento last week. he was stabbed a number of times. now, out of the hospital and recovering. spencer stone helped stop a
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terror attack on a train in france in august. a teen is facing charges after allegedly threatening on twitter to kill students at a vacaville high school. the students got a warning from school officials. the alleged threats were made because the teen thought the school's western theme for a football game was racially insensitive. the teen did not attend either school. no one was in danger and police believe the teen did not have the means to carry out the threats. a huge effort is under way in southern california after mudslides trapped hundreds of cars alt the grapevine. i cannot imagine how you clean this up. >> and it could take months, peggy. firefighters are still rescuing people who have been trapped in their cars since last night. here's chopper video of the
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area. state route 58 remains closed after several feet of dirt and debris coated homes and roads. 200 cars were trapped in mud six feet deep. we talked to one driver who found himself cemented in by thick mud. that forced him to spend a cold and terrifying 12 hours in the cub of his truck. >> i thought i was going to see the lord. that was the next step. >> firefighters rescued him and took him to a shelter. more rain is expected this weekend in northern los angeles county, which is waist-deep in mud. in antelope valley, people returning to homes with several inches of mud coating the floors. some people feel it could be months before they are digging out. >> it was scary. it f it wasn't for that screen door, they would have blew the door open. and really would have gotten hammered on the inside.
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>> a daunting cleanup job ahead. no deaths or injuries have been reported. highway 58 is expected to remain closed for days. amtrak service in that area has been suspended. and the good news is, that highway 5 has been reopened, which is a big trucking route. back to you. >> that's good news. thank you so much. parts of the bay area got some rain today. anthony joining us now. this is -- is this the storm that hit southern california? is it moving towards us? >> it was the same thunderstorm ak activity we saw at home, all associated with the system they are seeing in southern california. it's part of the same thick. we didn't see a whole lot of rain. mt. diablo, one of the notable spots. el dorado, 2 1/2 inches. even lake tahoe saw over an inch of rain. and it is falling at this current hour. we have rain and thunderstorms. and you heard about the mudslides. for us at home, we are looking
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at skies clearing. and we're starting to see blue sky across the area. southern california, they're not done with the rain just yet. in fact, tomorrow, flash flood watches are posted. if you're doing any traveling towards tahoe, another day of rain expected there. near las vegas. 74 degrees with showers, thunderstorms, even towards los angeles. heads up, guys. >> thanks a lot. the report in the east bay, another small earthquake shook san ramon. and this was with a magnitude of 2.9. in the last 24 hours, 31 tremblers in the bay area. the east bay has seen several small quakes this week. no injuries no damage reported. you can track all of the earthquakes in our area by heading to and search earthquake map. we never know when the next big quake will strike.
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that's why emergency response teams in san francisco used the 26th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake to prepare for the next one. seismologists say there is a high probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater quake in the state, within the next 30 years. not extremely specific. but emergency crews say they want to be ready. >> after loma prieta, our government was very overwhelmed. and citizens wanted to help. and the fire department says why don't we train these people when this comes up. they trained us. 26,000 people have gone through the training. >> you remember that quick that rocked the bay area in 1989. killing 63 people, injuring thousands more and causing billions of dollars in damage. a buzz in the skies around levi stadium.
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military jets will be flying. don't get alarmed. a group of paratroopers will be performing on sunday. four harrier jets will be part of that performance. the planes will be taking off from moffett field. turning to decision 2016. several reports say vice president joe biden is close to making a decision on whether to run for president. and that could come this weekend. if biden jumps into the race now, he's already in a $60 million hole. not so much money hillary clinton and bernie sanders raised in the last quarter. now, over on the republican side, the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush has been re-ignited. nbc's chris palone has the story. >> reporter: republican donald trump and jeb bush are at it again. taking aim at each other. trump implied to bloomberg news that george w. was responsible
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for the 9/11 terrorist attack. >> don't blame him or don't blame him. he was president. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> reporter: that sent off a twitter battle. jeb bush calling it pathetic. even ben carson weighed in on the controversy. >> i think it's ridiculous to suggest that he's responsible for it. >> reporter: as the republicans fought amongst themselves, hillary clinton took her campaign to alabama. later this week she testifies before the house select committee on benghazi. the republicans have used the killing of four americans there while clinton was secretary of state, as an issue to wound her campaign. she could face another challenge if joe biden jumps into the race. biden confidants say a decision is close. >> there's more evidence that he's looking seriously at getting in. >> reporter: the vice president watched his grandson play flag football on saturday, as supporters geared up for a
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possible run. ted koffman writing biden former staffers. let's stay in touch. if he decides to run, we need each and every one of you yesterday. he will be faced with a fund raise bugd and deadlines to get on ballots in several key states. promising hope for people battling parkinsons. the new drug that could change lives. we'll show you, the amazing before and after videos. and you don't need to go to rio to see some of the best athletes in the country. fencers dueling it out today. high stakes on the line for these competitors. also, an unwanted buzz. take a look at this. pesky insects that are creating such a controversy in this one neighborhood. we'll take you there.
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there's a new electric
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vehicle hitting san francisco city streets. scoops has a network of scooters throughout the city. look at these cars. the scooters, we should prefer refer to them. they are tiny cars to the vehicle sharing networks. the customers can find the quads, drive them and be billed for use, all with a phone app. >> we have the ability to offer people other kinds of electric vehicles to use to get around the city and do whatever they need to do. a quad with two seats, you can pick up a friend. you can go to the grocery store. you have four wheels. and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> nissan and scoot networks are partners. they debuted ten cars today. the cars only go 40 miles per hour. and 40 miles at a time. only 25 miles per hour. >> i can do 25. >> i can deal with that. >> you rarely go that fast anyway. >> that's true. you may not be able to make it to the 2016 summer olympics in rio.
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but you can get a glimpse of the athletes trying to get a spot on the fencing team. fencers from around the world are in san jose this weekend, for the first world cup of the season. if they make it through, they're one step closer to rio. the event also determines the ranks of the fencers. team usa's coach says it was a good time to size up the competition. >> it was an important tournament because of the fact that we have all of these people from all over the world, getting ready. it was the kickoff of the season. see where things are. make your adjustments along the way and prepare. >> when my baby fences with me, i go to rio. >> there you go. >> eight members in team usa, still in the running for the team after competition yesterday. that competition goes through tomorrow. >> all right. hope for families that are dealing with parkinson's disease. early but prominent research. it involves a pill usually used to treat leukemia. look at these videos. showing one patient being lifted out of a bed in a wheelchair.
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after being treated with the drug, you can see the patient, carefully successfully eating soup. this is the same patient here. the patient's daughter says the trial for this drug has been a success. >> the to notice something going on. to watch television. to read an article. to understand the bulk of the article. >> we had wheelchair and bed-bound patients that began to speak again and move again. that's the most surprising part of this clinical trial. >> it's important to note that this research is extremely early. the participants were not compared to a control group. walking to save lives. today, a south bay walk raised nearly $1 million for the american heart foundation. 4,000 people turned out in milpitas this morning. the walk raises money for research an cardiovascular diseases, along with local
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problems to prevent them. >> today is the celebration of months of raising money for heart disease. >> nbc bay area's morning meteorologist emceed that event. >> a cloud cover there. a cool day. misty. >> a mist coming down. how long is this going to hang out? >> we will see this a couple more days. tomorrow morning and monday morning. morning areas of drizzle. not talking about heavy rain from san jose. look at the mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the 60s. 70 in san jose. 67 in san francisco, with sun and clouds there, as well. temperatures tomorrow will be similar to where they were today. just a couple of degrees warmer. 77 for san jose, back into the upper 60s for san francisco. nowhere are we expecting 80s for tomorrow. the storm system is not done just yet. it's going to start to rev up tonight. that's when we're expecting to see the heaviest of rain across southern california, towards las
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vegas, towards the nevada basin. all of the areas are going to see a couple of inches before this thing is said and done, before it moves out on monday. a little bit of drizzle. nothing measurable for us. if you're doing traveling across the strait, that's the heads-up. they have flash flood warnings from santa barbara to las vegas. temperatures across the state will vary. we're talking 50s in the mountains. 70s in san francisco tomorrow. cool across the rest of the state. but still mild. palm springs up to 90 degrees. another day of cloud cover of the pumpkin day festival. temperatures back in the low 60s. 63 degrees there. the microclimate, it's going to be a comfortable day, embarcadero to ocean beach. and 77 degrees, palo alto. the embarcadero will be the cool spot at 69 degrees. the north bay, nothing warm here. comfortable conditions. 75 for napa.
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71 for sausalito. and mid to upper 70s for the trivalley. a comfortable day, coming our way tomorrow. you'll notice the seven-day forecast, at the bottom of your screen, we'll head towards warming. low pressure moves out. high pressure returns. you know the story, temperatures start to warm. here's your trend over the next couple days. 80s return, back to san jose monday. and then, we talk to temperatures, near 90s at the east bay valleys by thursday. san francisco, drizzle monday. and we warm up heading towards wednesday and thursday. temperatures close to 80 degrees by wednesday and thursday in the city. getting ready for another warming trend. summer is not done just yet. peggy, terry, back to you guys. >> people keep saying that's the last hint of summer. and another one comes. >> right. >> we only have winter between january and february. >> i know. let's not tell anyone. let's keep the lid on that one. >> thank you, anthony. lamar odom showing signs of
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life in progress. >> the healing his body needs to undergo to fully recover. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
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yeah part of the complete breakfast
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well, still in critical condition, nba star, lamar odom, is showing signs of improvement after being found unconscious inside a nevada brothel. his family says he has a long way to go. sources say odom woke up yesterday and spoke up for the first time in days. kris jenner, the mother of khloe kardashian, told "access hollywood" the damage to his organs was serious. they accused dennis hoff trying to profit from their pain. >> i think the kardashians owe it to their fans and tell the world exactly what happened, every detail about lamar, about
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the ranch, everything that transpired. >> well, reps for khloe kardashian have has him to respect hers and lamar's privacy. tonight, tracy morgan is hosting "saturday night live," his first appearance since surviving a deadly car crash last year. people have been waiting in line since thursday night hoping to get a seat to this show. morgan spent eight seasons on "snl." fans are eager to welcome him back. so are the fans' current cast. tracy morgan's appearance at last month's emmy awards was just a start. >> when i got on stage, it was overwhelming for me. >> reporter: another wave of emotion is likely this weekend. >> you're back, tracy. >> yeah, i'm back. >> reporter: when morgan comes back to host the show, that ignited his career. >> stop, bobby. keep clapping. >> reporter: morgan's return comes 16 months after a highway
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crash left him with a traumatic brain injury. >> to have him come back after what he's been through, it's special on so many levels. >> reporter: current "snl" cast member, addie bryant, was watching morgan's characters on "saturday night live." and he'll see a lot of familiar faces still around. >> so many people who have worked here have worked here for so many years. most people are his old co-workers. people are really excited to have him back. it will be awesome. >> reporter: on monday night, morgan tweeted pictures of his first comedy clubl appearance. michael che remembered seeing morguen in a similar venue before his accident. >> he re-enacted "planet of the apes" in the back of a comedy club. i can't wait for him to be funny again. >> a show with four decades of great moments. >> this is not the season finale. >> it will be when and done with it. >> a lot of people looking forward to that.
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>> on nbc, 11:30 tonight. still to come, one california neighborhood buzzing. >> how a beehive has ignited a fight between neighbors and city officials. one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks.
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beehive is at the cenr a neighborhood battle is brewing in the central valley community of turlock. >> look why. this beehive at the center of the controversy. the hive sits about 20 feet above the ground. it is growing by the day. neighbors are begging the city to do something about the bees. but the city says it's not their problem, yet. >> when will it be? >> it is up to the owner of the tree to get rid of the beehive or file a report with the city. >> if we welcome aware of a problem that creates a danger, uneven sidewalk or a dangerous tree, we have an obligation to make it safe. we will always work with the property owner to make that safe. >> you know, i consider that a dangerous tree. >> ouch, yeah.
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>> if it was in front of me house. the question is, who is the owner of the tree? that's what the neighborhood is trying to figure out so they can get rid of all of the bees. i might spray them. >> who gets the honey? you can fight over that. >> let's keep up with you guys. tis the season. we are expecting a drizzle. at the coastline. we have expecting a big warming trend wednesday and thursday. return of the 90s. >> a different schedule tonight. see you at 8:00 and 11:00.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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♪ >> welcome to the us bank nbc sports report. >> south bend, indiana. a saturday night for a rivalry steeped in tradition and built for primetime. for brian kelly and the irish, it is about revenge following last year's brutal defeat out in l.a. for interim head coach, clay helton and usc, it is about resilience in the face of instability as the trojans head to the game with a different head coach in four straight years. tonight marks the 87th installment of this storied matchup. but the build up to


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