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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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shaking. the san ramon valley was hit with a cluster of earthquakes last thursday, friday, and saturday. >> a bizarre flight on southwest airlines. we're hearing from the people onboard and getting more pictures. this is about a fight over reclining seats, and the fbi is on the case. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is at sfo. witnesses say a man attacked a woman. what happens now to the man? >> they're still working the case right now. the fbi investigators are working on this. it could go eventually to the u.s. attorney's office. southwest airlines flight 2010 left los angeles intertalsh last night at around 10:30 headed here to sfo. about ten minutes into the flight, a woman passenger reclined her seat back. that apparently triggered a violent response from the person behind her. passengers when cell phones captured the flight crew talking with an upset passenger after
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the incident. the man heard the woman describe the alleged assault. the woman said he grabbed her neck. >> southwest airlines called it a rapidly escalating situation. apparently triggered when the woman reclined her seat back in front of a man believed by another passenger to be this man. the disruption serious enough to get the pilot's attention. >> evidently, we have two passengers in a physical altercation. we need to get turned around back to l.a.x. >> they said the flight crew's response was fast and direct. >> the tactical mode. they pulled out the restraints. i was like wow, it was serious. >> so serious, several police cars waited on the tarmac. the fbi says the passenger was detained for questions. no arrest has been made, no charges have been filed. this is a pending matter. we still have a number of people to interview. passengers perput aboard another plane that got them here to san
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francisco, except for the man ois being guequestioned by fbi los angeles. coming up at 6:00, what may be causing all the stress in the skies and what some want the faa to do about it. >> new at 5:00, it's happened yet again. another gun stolen from an unattended car in san francisco wrarb the latest happened around 9:30 around 8th and howard. the gun's owner left the gun in a bag inside his car. when he returned 20 minutes later, it was gun. there have been three recent high profile murders where a gun was used that was stolen. that included the killing of kate steinle. earlier this month, investigators believe three drifters used a stolen gun to rob and kill a canadian backpacker in golden gate park as well as a hiker in marin county. we learned steve carter wasn't the only victim in the homicide.
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his dog, a doberman, was also shot and left to die. carter's widow revealed today the dog survived but lost its right eye and had surgery to remove bone fragments from its skull. as for the 3 sespukts, they remain in custody charged with murder. >> a new warning tonight in berkeley. police are telling us a man tried to lure three girls into his van. this happened last night around college avenue and webster. it's not far from the cal campus. the girls told police the suspect yelled for him to get into his van. they say he chased him but gave up when he started to scream. it's similar to an attempted kidnapping last month in this same area. a man in a van approached two students from willard middle school. the berkeley police department will be adding extra patrols around the city's schools. >> a man has been arrested for slashing tires in san leandro. it happened at apartments on
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143rd avenue. police say the 35-year-old suspect has family that lives at the complex. he's accused of slashing the tires of 16 vehicles. no word on the motive. >> you may think fire season is winding down, but people on the east bay know they're not in the clear yet. take a live look at sunol. dry hillsides. today is the 24th anniversary of california's most devastating wildfire ever. the oakland hills fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland where firefighters and homeowners know all too well that late october is prime month for fire danger. >> it certainly is. on this very day 24 years ago, fire literally destroyed every house on this hillside. it became the deadliest and costliest fire in state history. tonight, folks here worry it could easily happen again. >> when i came back, it was one
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of the only things left. >> a piece of twisted meltal metal is all jim and betsy have of their original oakland hills home. theirs was one of more than 3,000 houses wiped out in oakland's deadly fire storm 24 years ago. >> the wrong set of conditions coming in, it could happen again. >> there's no experience like coming to your family home and seeing it reduced to a poile of ashes. >> libby schaaf and other oakland leaders came together to mark the anniversary. shaf, who wrauz a college student at the time of the fire, shared that she, too, was a fire victim. it destroyed her family's house. >> to come up here with my father and my sister and dig through those ashes to try to find anything, something from the family, was an experience i hope no one ever has to go through. >> tonight as fire danger
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remains high, those who have been through it before say be prepared, especially with the unprecedented drought conditions the bay area's now facing. >> pay attention. be ready to leave. >> now, oakland's fire cheese says there really isn't any such thing as fire season any longer with the ongoing drought we've been experiencing. she says fire season has gone year round the last couple years. we'll going to hear from her tonight at 6:00. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, yef ranieri. i remember that day. i was in san francisco looking across the bay. how eerie it was, the color of the sky and the smoke that came with it. >> when it comes to our fire danger right now, we're not going to see anything close to what oakland experienced on that day, but we are looking at increased fire threat as we head throughout the next 24 hours. the main culprit behind that fire threat tomorrow will be an yare raw of high pressure
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offshore. it's the same blocking pattern that put us in the drought to begin with. you can see the highest fire danger will be where the drought level is the worst, across contra costa, alameda, san mateo county. the other thing to help elevate the risk is a slight off shore wind. it's primarily coming out of the north, but a component out of the east will help lower humidity and increase temperatures. winds do not look to go above 20 miles per hour, but that will be good enough to keep the fire danger up. i'm tracking how high the temperatures will go in about ten minutes. gr you can track the changes on your phone. it's more accurate from the standard iphone weather readings. download our app. it's free and we're updating it 24/7. >> a vote that could impact the california state university system. facally are deciding whether to authorize a strike. they're fighting for a 5% salary
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increase for its 25,000 members. csu has proposed a 2% hike. contract negotiations began back in may but stalled last week. we have the most highly educated citizens in california who are not even making what the typical californiaen is making in salary and income per year. >> a spokeswoman said the salary demand would cost $69 million more than what they have budgeted. the strike authorization vote will continue through the end of october. if approved, the earliest any strike would happen is january. >> it's a fast growing hobby and even faster growing business. now, the federal government is stepping in. drones will be more regulated. the faa will soon require all drone operators to register their unmanned aircraft. the commercial drone operators are already doing so. the announcement comes a the number of drone sightings have doubled, including at local airports, sporting events, and
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wildfires. this is causing all sorts of safety problems. >> registration gives operators the opportunity to learn the air space rules before they fly and enjoy their devices safely. >> a task force will hash out the specifics of the registration program over the next few weeks. its recommendations will be due by november 20th. they're making changes on the trains. france announcing a new safety strategy after the recently foiled attack. an armed gunman was taken down on that packed high-speed train headed for paris in august. three americans all from the sacramento area are credited with stopping the suspect. france now wants to allow police to search bags at any time. rail security officers would also be able to work in plain clothes. the new rules must still be sign the to law, but are said to have widespread support. still ahead, a sandwich shop turned upside down. how witnesses say a car ended up inside the south bay business. >> also --
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>> medical marijuana pioneer wins her case in court. how the decision today could change the tug of war between the feds and state dispensaries in california. the story coming up. >> a single kick raising more concerns about the turf at levi's stadium. coming up next, hear what the nfl has to say about the playing surface and whether it can stand the test of the super bowl. just a few hours ago -- a
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this could be very good news for the pot industry. just a few hours ago, a federal judge ruled against the department of justice in a landmark medical marijuana case. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in fairfax where this precedent setting case began nearly 20 years ago. what's the real take away here? >> well, raurj, it looks like lanette shaw is going to be able to reopen her medical marijuana dispensary behind me, the building where she opened in 1996. but was shut down by federal prosecutors in 2011. today, judge charles briar ruled that that injunction against shaw is unenforceable. >> i grin a lot. >> lanette got the call from her attorney this morning. >> he said we won. wow!
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>> the decision by federal judge charles briar says the federal laws prohibiting medical marijuana are unenforceable because last december, congress cut off all federal funding for proscuting medical marijuana cases. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> shaw met with her attorney this morning after getting his phone call. and the attorney said the decision gives dispensary operators the legal ammunition they need to stop federal prosecutions. >> i think it's a tipping point for medical marijuanmarijuana. >> for shaw, whose pot dispensary was the first of its kind in the country, today's decision is offering her a new beginning in an industry she helped create. >> the time of the marijuana war is done. it's done. >> now, federal prosecutors have 30 days to appeal the judge's decision. my calls and e-mails to the u.s. attorney's office went
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unanswered today. coming up at 6:00, we'll be talking with lanette shaw about her plans to reopen the dispensary here in fairfax. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. raymond shrimp boy chow's racketeering and solicitation trial is being delayed. he was supposed to go to trial two weeks from today, but his lawyer is on a different trial right now that's pushed chow's trial back another week. chow was one of 29 people arrested last year. among them, former state senator leland yee. >> shattered glass covered a san jose sandwich shop after a driver plowed into the building this morning. the car made it all the way into the restaurant on north capital avenue. this happened just after 7:00 this morning. witnesses told us the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> no grass problems at the
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oklahoma coliseum. what's the problem at the billion dollar levi's stadium? again, the turf making national news. this time, it worked in the 49ers favor. you might have seen this in yesterday's game. the ravens kicker lost his footing. tonight, more concerns about the future of this playing surface, especially with the super bowl coming in. ian cole joins us from levi's stadium. we sound like a broken record, but it's still not fixed. >> 49ers fans excited when the baltimore ravens kicker missed the field goal. slipped, missed it just off the post there. but as you said, raj, you take another look at the video. you can see the field give way underneath him. look at the replay. wasn't a potential game winner, but an important one. the 49ers would take over and go on to win the game. another divot on a field full of issues. in the preseason, the 49ers moved practice off turf because of poor field conditions.
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in may, it plans to resod the field seven or eight times before the super bowl in february. today, the head coach commented on the turf. >> i'm very satisfied with the field. >> based on what they did for the stadium and the technology, it's awesome. it looks like when they got to the ground, it was like, do whatever. >> we asked the nfl today if it raises any concerns for super bowl 50 here in february. the nfl wrote back saying they replaced the turf before every super bowl. coming up tonight at 6:00, hear from a stadium field turf expert on what he thinks the problems and solutions are here at levi's stadium. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, ian. let's talk about the raiders. raider nation will get an opportunity to speak their mind about the team's possible move to l.a. the nfl is hosting a public hearing next week. it will discuss relocation plans for the franchise. the meeting is next thursday at the paramount theater in
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oakland. along with the raiders, the st. louis rams and san diego chargers are also shopping for new homes. the city of carson in los angeles county is offering a brand-new stadium for the raiders and chargers. the rams are also proposing a two-team stadium in englewood. >> we need to stay above the water line, and it won't come cheap. san francisco city leaders might have to increase taxes to get it done. a new report by more than 100 bay area scientists and 17 government agencies says san francisco's infrastructure will be at risk in the coming years because of climate change. the report says the looming threat of rising seas, surging tides, and extreme storms could lead to a tax measure aimed at combatting the potential danger. experts say money could be used to restore 54,000 acres of wetlands around the bay which could help knock down waves and reduce flooding. it's a big issue moving forward. >> let's get a check of our climate, our forecast. we have sprinkles the last 24
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hours. nice to see, jeff. >> it has been this past weekend, a little thunderstorm activity as well. we're not done with some of the isolated activity. off to our north, we're tracking a cold front producing some showers and just new in the past 15 minutes, isolated lightning strikes just to the north of clear lake. we had a lot of fires here in the past six months. any of these burn areas that get heavy rain may have a slight flooding threat over the next 45 minutes. that would likely be here across clear lake, expecting that by 5:33, possibly a little more to the south by 5:45. for the bay area, some spotty showers now approaching the napa valley, maybe into yaungville in the next 45 minutes and wet weather between santa rosa and petaluma. let's take you to the sky camera network. for the most part, dealing with high clouds across the bay. comfortable temperatures first time in a long time. felt like fall outside.
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averaging 70 in the outh bay. east bay at 72. you can see the cloud bay looking beautiful from our underground shot in the oakland hills and back here towards the bay, coming in at 77. let's take you to tomorrow morning's forecast. we're expected to start off with clouds to begin. temperatures, though, that's the big story. possibly down to 49 degrees to start in the north bay. east bay at 756, and south bay t 57. the forecast this week, we have a cold front we have been monitoring across california. that pushes to had south as we head throughout tonight. high pressure off shore will increase tomorrow, and that's going to be good enough to bump temperatures up about 3 to 6 degrees, also lowering the humidity. on top of the hotter temperature as we have been mentioning, the fire danger comes from the drier north and slightly easterly winds. not overly gusty but 10 to 20 miles per hour will be good
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enough to keep the fire danger high. let's take you to the forecast beyond tuesday's forecast. i think you'll like what we have coming your way, even though we don't have rainfall, it will keep 90s away on thursday's forecast. then for the upcoming weekend, it still stays dry, but at least temperatures will be enjoyable. let's take you into the microclimate as we head throughout your tuesday. you can see across san francisco, temperatures in the upper 60s across the marina. patchy fog for the peninsula. warming up to 70 in pacifica. not too hot in palo alto, but warmer than today with 80 degrees and in the south bay, 82 in morgan hill, san jose coming in with 81. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, we are going to heat up, but we should stay out of the 90s. that's the good news. but it's still going to be above average in livermore with 88 degrees. walnut creek at 86. oakland at 79. as you push ahead toward the upcoming weekend, once again, no big rain storm coming our way, but certainly comfortable
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temperatures saturday and sunday. raj and janelle, it looks like from the 27th to the 30th, we may get a decent storm in here. we're going to have to wait a few more days on this one, but it's something i'm focused on. >> just have to stop before 5:00 p.m. on the 31st. >> i'm working on it. >> still ahead here at 5:00, frustrated by the fakes. why amazon is suing more than 1,000 users. >> plus, caught on camera. the mistake this suspect made that could make it easier for detectives to track him down. two men inside a car that
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plunged off the santa cruz we're learning more about the two men inside a car that plunged off the santa cruz wharf this weekend. the driver, who survived despite being trapped underwater for nearly a half hour, is a 20-year-old santa cruz man. his passenger who died is being identified as 19-year-old robert halpin of santa cruz. not clear why the cad lock was speeding and going down the wharf in the first place. they're serving the water and the car for clues. the driver remains in critical condition at the hospital. >> not camera shy. a robber made sure the cameras got a good look at him in sonoma
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county. he posed for this picture. the clerk says the suspect handed her a note demanding cash. when she told him about the camera, he looked directly into it. the man got away with $300. he was last seen driving away in this mid-2000 light blue chevy or gmc extended cab pickup. >> how true is that review? amazon is wondering the same thing? the company is cracking down on people who offer to write fake reviews for cash. it's suing more than 1,000 people. companies looking to promote their products found these users on it's a site for freelancers. right now, amazon only has the user names of the reviewers. the company is trying to track down their actual identities. >> the force is about to awake. the reason this is an exciting evening for star wars fans. oprah weighing in on weight
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watchers. the new deal that's generating millions of tonight at 6:00, occupy raw is weighing in on weight watchers. the new deal generating millions of dollars for a lot of people in just one day. that's tonight at 6:00. >> tickets to the new star wars film on opening night in december are on sale right now in the u.s. the official poster was unveiled
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yesterday, two months before the movie's debut. in the uk, there was a huge demand for tickets when they went on sale earlier today. many companies are already reporting record sales. it opens in the u.s. on december 17th. >> we'll be there december 17th. >> to get pictures. >> no, we're going to watch the movie. >> it's sold out, i'm sure, by now. too late. >> can you work your magic and get us in? >> we can put rain clouds over the movie theater. that would be a good movie. >> we'll make it happen. >> you can see the doppler radar, we had cool, crisp air today. but there's a storm system to the north producing an isolated storm to the north at clear lake. that's what i'm most concerned about. a lot of erosion on the hills. any heavy rainfall could produce mudslides. we'll continue to track that. otherwise, all about a chilly start tomorrow, down in the 40s across napa.
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>> i love the fall weather. >> it's great. >> lester holt joins us next. thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you back at 6:00. >> tonight the cia director hacked. a high school student claims he broke into the e-mail account of america's top spy. an alarming breach and an investigation is under way. what secrets may have been exposed. preventing a disaster. concerned by a growing number of drones coming close to planes. tonight the feds launch a major crack down. new rules right as the holiday sales are expected to soar. fake reviews. goes after people it claims are getting paid to write positive comments about products. can you really trust what you are reading before you click buy. and oprah open about her struggle with weight. she takes a big stake in weight watchers. the company hoping customers follow her lead. "nightly news" begins right now.


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