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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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no reports of any damage, but a lot of people did feel it. san ramon vale was hit with a cluster of earthquakes last thursday, saturday and sunday, and take a look this. map shows the dozens of quakes that hit the east bay in the past 72 hours. >> and so we have had over 200 events, four of them now bigger than magnitude three and then about -- a little over 40 magnitude two or larger and then over 100 between magnitude one and two. >> there's historical precedence in all of this. the quake over the past ten days has centered on the calivares fault. there on the right side. usgs note, the fleury of small quakes don't necessarily mean a big one is imminent. seismologists say it's seen four other images of earthquake swarms, the last being in 2003 and in that swarm 1120 quakes
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struck the area and there is a crew on site talking to the usgs and more on this story. right on the nbc bay area "a" pp. times from the earthquakes for the past ten days and also find more on >> is it in cramped quarter or just one angry passenger that snaps? a flight on board, needs to take immediate action. >> hey, just calls testify dentally and two passengers in a physical altercation and we need to get turned back around. >> turned around heading back to l.a.x. after the scuffle became a distraction in the air and the aftermath was caught by some passengers. >> chuck, this is creating some anxiety for people on board flights now. >> that's right. it's all catching the attention of a lot of passengers rights
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groups. one in fact in particular was the federal aviation administration to do something about the cramped conditions that it calls that have existed on airliners. the flashpoint this time, as you mentioned, a woman who put her seat back shortly after takeoff and on to a passenger behind her and this happened on southwest airlines flight 2010 last night from l.a.x. to sfo. the. >> a passengers rights group reacted to the the latest incident of stress in the guy calling for the faa to declare a moratorium on airlines, crowding ant cab. >> we're calling for the faa to put a freeze on any further reductions on seat size and passenger space and the airlines are aggressively reducing it even further and it's causing many problems, health, safety and altercations. >> passengers with cell phones, captured the flight crew with an upset passenger.
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mark curry, described the alleged assault. >> the woman was saying he grabbed the neck and checked me. >> southwest airlines called it a rapidly escalating situation, apparently triggered when the woman reclaimed her seat back in front of a man believed by another passenger to be this man also captured by a cell phone camera. the disruption serious enough to get the pilot's affection. >> evidently we've got a serious situation with passengers in an altercation. >> they went into tactical mode and pulled out restraints and it was like wow, it was a serious situation and several police cars waited on the tarmac and the fbi says the passenger was detained for questioning. no arrest has been made and charges filed. this is a pending matter. we still have a number of people to interview and airline analysts doubt that this incident alone will change any
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federal aviation policy to relieve the stress of too close for comfort that may have contributed to the outburst. >> it was four and a half months remaining for public comment to be included in the call for the faa to stop u.s. airlines from further shrinking the amount of space for the passenger department in coach. i'm chuck copola, nbc bay area news. >> developing story in the south bay, a quiet neighborhood turned into a crime scene. a couple was stabbed allegedly by its own sun. it happened in sunnyvale in gabalan and west avalon avenue. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us now. you met with the investigators there. tonight we're learning more about the suspect and he's identified as 38-year-old dan trujillo and police say he's in his home behind me with his elderly parents and police are still on the scene investigating
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what exactly happened here. around 1:30 this afternoon someone called 911. when police arrived they say the suspect was outside and not cooperating with officers in the arrest. they say trujillo stabbed his elderly parents several times with a night. did i speak with neighbors who say they have lived here for more than one year and they have never noticed any signs of trouble with the family. >> pretty shocking because that is a very nice household and a very nice family. >> investigating the scene and trying to determine what happened and make sure that you have the full story and our story with the story that's being given to us and matches up with the evidence that we locate. >> vargas elementary school just down the street was briefly put in a shelter in case and a kill and arrest was made and police say they have been called to this home before and didn't elaborate on the details, and this, of course, is still being investigated tonight.
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reporting live in sunnyvale, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. fire season may be winding down on the calendar but people in the east bay hills are still keeping their guard up. they know october can be dangerous. today is the 24th anniversary of california's most devastating wildfire, the oakland hills fire. we've seen coverage for you. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here and we begin with jodi hernandez live and the threat has pass and the for example, are so real and folks know it and we've seen fires all across the state here. >> that's right, jess camp the threat is very real. as you mentioned the most devastating fire took place 24 years ago on this very day, literally destroying every single house on this hillside. the folks who live through the fire and who survived, it including the mayor of this city know it can easily happen again. >> when i came back, well, it
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was one of the only things left. >> a piece of twisted melt the metal is all jim and betsy ferguson have of their original oakland hills home. theirs was one of more than 3,000 houses wiped out in oakland's deadly firestorm 24 hours ago. >> we literally have it back and it's not good after sglark there's no experience like coming to your family home and seeing it reduced to a pile of ashes. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf and other city leaders came together this afternoon to mark the anniversary, schaaf who was a college student at the time of the fire shared she, too, was a fire victim and it destroyed her family house. >> to come up here with my father and sister and dig through those ashes to try to find anything, something from the family was an experience that i hope no one ever has to
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go through. >> oakland's fire chief says the fire is in much better shape than in 1919 in terms of fire prudential but unprecedented drought poses new challenges. >> if you look over the last couple of years, the fire season has been almost year round. >> that's what worries the fergusons. they are praying we don't see a repeat. >> what i worry about is the way it is now. it's the drought conditions, you know, if you've got the right set of conditions and we're worried we might have another one. >> oak land's fire chief says fire season will continue until we get consistent and heavy doses of rain, something we haven't seen now for several years. reporting live in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> so emotional for so many of us. thanks, jodi. we turn to our weather right now. classic fall weather, a live look outside and, yes, you notice those dry hill sids and bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking some
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increased fire danger. >> the fire danger we had over the past six hours was north of clear lake where we had isolated lightning strikes right there and we know it takes a couple of lightning strikes and we could have more wildfire sparks. the heightening is gone at this point so they are getting beneficial rains from clear lake down close to nappa. >> track more on the rain coming up in the forecast but i want to show tomorrow what's going to increase the fire danger across the area an that's high pressure building offshore, the same region of high pressure that produced our drought, our fire danger will be the highest for the air and the ground is the driest, koss tra costas and san matteo county. cligtly out of east, not overly gusty. 10 to 20 miles per hour and that will help the temperatures increase. i'm talk about how hot in 10 to 15 minutes. >> in berkeley police tried to
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lure three girls into his van. happened at 6:00 last night at college avenue and webster. about a mile from the campus. the girls told the police that the suspect got into the van and briefly chased them. police say the report is similar sounding and in the area last month. >> a man in a van at that point approached two students from millard middle school and they are adding extra patrols around the city schools. >> someone stole a gun left unattended in a car in san francisco. it happened around 9:30 this morning near eighth and howard. the gun's owner left the weapon in a bag inside of the car. when he returned about 20 minutes later he was gone. there's been three recent high-profile bay area homicides involving stolen guns that. includes the killing of kate steinle on california's pier 1 back in judgment earlier this month investigators believe
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three drifters use the stolen gun to rob and kill a backpackner golden gate park and a hiker on a trail in marin county. now the hiker was a yoga instructor in the north bay but steve carter wasn't the only rick tim. his dog, a doberman named coco was also shot and loved to died and carter's widow said the dog did survive and it's lost its right eye and had surgery to remove bone fragments from its skull and another surgery is scheduled for next month. as for the three suspects they remain in custody in marin county and are scheduled to return to court to enter pleas next month. an important vote for the california state university system is coming up. faculty deciding whether to authorize a strike. comes down to money, the main issue. the faculty union is fighting for a 5% salary increase for 25,000 members. csu has proposed a 2% hike. contract negotiations began back in may but stalled last week.
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>> we have the most highly educated citizens in california who are not even making what the typical californian is making in salary for a year. >> we need to make as the state of california we respect our instructors and see that they get paid according. >> the union salary demand would cost $69 million more than what's been budgeted. that strike authorization vote will continue through the end of october. if approved, the earliest the strike would happen is january. >> one play from the 49ers game puts the focus back on the playing surface. coming up what experts say is a solution to levi stadium turf troub trouble. >> the potential problem, a plan to make schools safer. >> and the president turning to google to stop climate change. his call for the help from the silicon valley.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency.
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pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. troubles at levi's stadium over a bad field goal kick and fall for the rvens kiccker in the fourth qaurter . more turf troubles at levi stadium over a bad field goal kick and fall for the ravens kicker in the fourth quarter. tonight this play is raising questions about the future of that playing surface. nbc bay area is live at levi stadium and the coach says it's great and he's sfitd with it. >> he did and in this case it certainly worked out in his favor but the missed kick is
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putting the focus back on the levi stadium turf, one problem that the experts say takes time to fix. >> this is a 45-yard try. >> it wasn't going to be a game changer but he slipped and the video shows a chunk of the turf giving way. >> they have fell and he's had trouble with the turf here. >> another divot on a field full of issues. >> the team has said it plans to resod the field seven or eight times before the super bowl in february. >> there's not enough time to get the grass to root properly and thoroughly. >> a turf expert has helped build fields at many major league baseball stadiums and there's a break-in period for one to two stadiums and doesn't think that the grass should be replayed as often as it is. >> i don't want to say it's a
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manage president issue and these are very complicated issues, but i do believe that there's a solution. >> wilkinson says thicker sod and finding the right materials to late turf on can help, and today 49ers coach jim tomsula was asked about the playinger is face. i'm very satisfied with the field. >> the fans who sought kiber lose his footing say it was a fluke. >> i didn't a lot of other people slipping and sliding out there and the 49ers, we kicked four field goals yesterday and others say it's time for a change. >> either they should go to artificial turf or maybe find some better grass. >> we asked the nfl if it raises any concerns about hosting super bowl 50 here and they wrote back and said they replace the turf at every stadium before a super bowl. reporting live in santa clara, iwane cole, nbc bay area news. >> they got to figure something out so the grass is great at oakland coliseum so the future of the raiders is just unclear
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and raiders fan and the nfl is hosting a public hearing to discuss relocating this franchise and the meeting is this thursday, not the following week at paramouth theater in oakland and the similar meetings will be held in san diego but a the rams an chargers are also considering a move to los angeles. the raiders and chargers are considering a deal that would allow them to share a new stadium in the city of carson, just outside of downtown l.a. afternoon the nfl has final approval on any move. >> he's apparently not camera shy. a roache made sure that they got a looked a him. clark says the man handed her a note demanding cash and when she told him about the camera he looked directly into it. he got away with $300 and was seen driving away in a light blue chevy or extended cab pickup. >> president obama is asking for
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help with climate change and is reaching out to local executives. he met with several high-profile leaders today at white house, leaders from companies like google, walmart and coca-cola. 81 in all signed a pledge to reduce the carbon emissions. in all its facilities by 2029. >> if we either example setters then we'll be the ones creating and selling the products and services that helped the entire world adapt to a clean energy era. if we're lagging behind that won't happen. >> president obama will meet with world leaders in paris to discuss final negotiations for this pledge. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri about our forecast and it's starting to feel like fall. >> so beautiful outside today and got me thinking about the holidays coming up and christmas a little bit.
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so nice and clear and crisp outside. dadeary, it's been active the past couple of days, heavy week and that storm system moved out and we have another system off to the north and a few lightning strikes around clear lake and some of the heaviest rainfall producing an inch per hour. headed right through cabb and no lightning with this and do expect heavy downpours at time. isolated showers holding up through st. helena and we may get some of this break off over the next 30 to 40 minutes so, again, heads up in the north bay and watch out for some scattered showers. as we take you into the forecast for tomorrow, it does look warmer as we'll see this area of high pressure build in putting us at 86 in the tri-valley, 81 in the south bay and san francisco going back to the 72s and 13 degrees. the forecast ahead, looks like
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the hot theest temperature will arrive as we head throughout wednesday's forecast and 88 in the tri-valley and 88 in the south bay. i know you guys wanted the major storm at home and san jose has seen an inch or higher period and we're still tracking the potential of a storm system any time between october 26th through the 30th so we'll keep an eye on that and could be half an inch of rainfall, you guys. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, the move the governor is about to make that no california governor has made since reagan. >> also, oprah sends a jolt through the stock market. how she turned weight loss into a $70 million profit in one day. governor brown is getting a new
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address in sacramento. he and his wife are set to move into the historic governor's mansion. it'll be the first governor brown getting a new address in sacramento. he and his wife had about to move into the historic governor's mansion, the first time the chief executive has lived there since ronald reagan back in 1967. the mansion has been us a as a state park since then and state functions the currently receiving major upgrades to the electrical, plumbing and fire safety system. governor brown is expected to move in by early next year. speaking of the governor the lieutenant governor gavin newsome running for governor in 2018 and right now he's thrown himself back into the headlines and the wants to tighten california's gun control laws. larry, does gavin newsome think
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he can win this battle or is it just publicity in. >> he wants to strengthen the state's already tough gun control laws by adding at least two major elements. first, he wants to require background checks for ammunition purchases. that's different than we've seen other places, and second he wants to ban possession of large capacity mag scenes. look, that's the containers that are connected to guns to allow rapid fire. you know, if passed california would become the only state in the nation to require background checks for bullet purchases. new york this it but that's been taken off by the governor. >> how does he sell it to the voters and we already in california have among toughest fun laws in the country? >> according to the brady campaign, california along with six other states is the best run state when it comes to gun control. the best run states in the
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nation and newsome believes this would increase the difficulty for dangerous people to acquire a weapon an it seems like he's got the public on his side. take a look at a 2013 field poll show that they agree with newsome and in terms of the bullet, a 3-1, healthy margin favoring the pc ground checks on issue and on the everyone u of capacity, 3-3 jarror margin. many peels disappear with the nra gets off this. >> perhaps more important is the
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large number of propositions expected to be on the november 2016 ballot so the question for newsome and his al siz will they be able to break it out and make a successful campaign given all the clutter and all the others and you can be sure if they do get this campaign going you can bet that it will attract an awful lot of 70 significance from our friends in the gun lobby. >> lots to vote on november of 2016 and you'll be with us every step of the way. thanks, larry. a medical marijuana pie mere from fairfax wins her decades long legal battle. >> also more than just likes and friends, the message facebook is about to send about government spies. today...a landmark decision in
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the pot industry. right now at 6:30, a landmark decision in the pot industry today. a judge ruling that the federal government has never power to block marijuana clubs if they are following state law. the battle has been going on for nearly 20 years all beginning in marin county. today's decision a sigh of relief for a lot of people. >> particularly lynnette shaw. she opened up the very first licensed medical marijuana
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facility in the nation it was operating out of the second floor of that floor of people behind me until 2011 when the feds shut her done. lynnette shaw figures she's been in and out of court more than 200 times in the past decade and this morning the call from her attorney signalled an end to all of that. >> he said we won, you know. wow! >> for saw it has been a struggle. her club was moving $1.7 million of medical marijuana a year and -- i survived. haven't lost my house yet until this morning. judge charles brier found that congress' decision held sway over the department of justice
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making the federal inguns saw's attorney calls a -- there will be no laws expended interfug with the exit iing state . >> those are all my godchildren. >> i called and e-mailed the u.s. attorney's office for a response to the day's decision. my efforts were not returned. they do have 30 days to appeal the judge's decision. lynnette shaw would like to reopen her medical marijuana dispensary here in fairfax and is short of funds and has opened a go fund me account and waiting
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to see what happens with that. to be norm, there's one they planned to open. >> want to share some breaking news that's erupting in the south bay. ness officials say that self people who eat at a restaurant in san jose have been transferred. those on 45 and st. james' street friday and saturday. since then more than a dozen people have tested positive for an intestine bacteria and the symptoms including fever and diarrhea among them.
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they need your help. if you u, s, we'll have the latest as it is comes in. >> the former china ton sex had and that's in a different trial and that's pushed it back another week. the bauj in that case says for now he'll allow the identities of undercover fbi agents to remain secret. he was one of the 29 people arrested last year in a racketeering sing. among the other democrats, you can see former state senator reddland yee who pled guilty of necessary -- police say the driver who did survive is a
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20-year-old man from santa cruz. his passenger has been identified as 19-year-old robert halpin of santa cruz. it's still not clear why the cadillac was speeding dewer the wharf anyway. as you mentioned, the driver is in detroit call company and trapped the u.n. water for half an hour before the vice president rescued him. >> it have the joe biden. >> steve handlesman is in bse this evening with more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the bumps for donnell trump's poll numbers and ben carson and marco rubio and  ted cruz have come from the second presidential debate. trump is up to 25% nationally,
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carson 22%, rubio 13 and cruz 9 and carly fiorina is down to 7 after she inaccurately charged at debate that plant perrinhood tack awart his rock star -- having conservatives since his new political book. >> reporter: in sacramento earn couraging signs. >> and the today he's increasing the feud with yen bush. non-politics attacking the establish cement what activist republicans wants. >> these two outsiders donald trump and carson best reflect the anger that exists been the case of the party. iwould is they to campaigning.
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joe biden would dev literally be a crisis for the clinton campaign. >> biden is likely to decide by wednesday. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news washington. >> france is now considering a new rail safety strategy after a recently oiled train attack. you may remember a suspected armed terrorist was taken down on a packed the high speed rail train in august by three answer. the threat are in order to prevent future attacks brans is now looking to allow police to -- the new rules need to still be signed into law but too many close calls in jans. >> if you want to get in on the
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high will go .
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e and uncam addition to a san jose shop after a car plowed into the building. the car made it all the way inside the regulars trap the on north capital avenue. the witnesses say the driver appeared to accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. police are still trying to figure out exactly what and and luckily as i menned no one was hurt. >> she liked it so much she bought t.oprah has a new
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favorite thing. the media tyson koon is partering up with weight watchers. she bought a 10% stake in the weight loss company for about 43 million bucks and is tink the company's dryers director of -- it lotnerly in the hours wraelt watchers, the stock double and made oprah a cool $70 million in profit if she cashed in. >> how true are the reviews? that's the question amazon is asking some of its vendors. the company is cracking down on people offered to right ferric reports for cash. amazon says the some company -- some of the company folk looking to promote these products found the users on, a site for freelancers looking for work. right now amazon has only the
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users names and the company will be try to track down their re t rejet. >> jeff ranieri was with us now and i was going to text him to sea how trial it was to brate weather in the only today but for tomorrow and also increased fire damage and next coming up in you a foo minutes. facebook -- against government
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spies. facebook will notify people if it thinks a government agency is checking out their profiles. higher it is against government spies. facebook will notify you if you think a government agency is checking out facebook. they will sent a notify capital gains taxes to you if they think there's a strong suspicion that
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an attack will be sponsored. they don't know if the hacks are coming from government agencies like the nsa. >> it's a hobby flying high and so is the controversy surrounding t.drones are more popular than ever, and if you're thinking about buying one get ready for some new results. more now >> reporter: today the federal government announced it will soon require nearly all drones to be reg stirred. drones are one of the hottest gift ideas the faa expects a million to fly off store shelves this year. the number of drone sightings has tripled this year. >> radio controlled helicopter things that went right over the top of us at 4,000. >> the pilots are reporting close to 100 month and drones have forced the grounding of wildfire fight willing the flame. >> we're going to require our operator of --
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>> reporter: the federal government will require people to register than unmanned marone. >> it may be okay to register an off-road vehicle without registering it and, however, if you tend to take it on local streets or highways you're expected to register it and prit it taffely. >> we spoke to a bay area commuter who doesn't like the idea. >> i don't want people to know where i have this one and where i fly and how long i fly. >> you the manager of drones plus says it's good to fly responsibly. >> i'm an airplane pilot. i fly single-engine land and though the exand. a kosc force which included government officials and drone use theers will hash out the details of the new rules. small toy bruins will likely be
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exempt. theive fay wants the new rules in place by christmas. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri talking about our microclimb. forecast and has something exciting to talk about. >> do have showers off to the north and a wake cold front but it's still strong enough to produce a little bit of shower activity and lightning strikes around clear lake and lake force this afternoon and right now some of the more consistent rainfall and currently over cobb and heading north and get a lot of fires in the extreme north bay and near cobb and near lakeport and, of course, middletown and any kind of rainfall brings out threat of mud slide and be cautious if you are there and we are expecting to make this into st. helena and nappa the and maybe down to youptville and santa llosa and maybe even a few spotty showers over the next 30 to 45 minute.
6:48 pm
let's go outside and with the storm system off to the south, temperatures continue to drop and so very, very comfortable night. east bay at 70 and san francisco a chilly 62 degrees. tomorrow morning the largest headline will not be any rainfall falling. we're not expecting and going tonight temperatures. across the peninsula to start off and into areas of patchy fog. our next big weather-maker is this area of high pressure. and it doesn't look like it's going to push temperatures into the 90s or not 100s and that's the good news and we'll go at least three to six degrees warmer as we head through tuesday and that humidity will be lower. that the lowering humidity we'll find winds switching more offshore and coming out of the
6:49 pm
east and it's a dry wind and doesn't look overly gusty at 10 to 20 miles per hour and something we'll be watching as we head through tomorrow's forecast. unfortunately this is a dry one and no rainfall with it and it will help to keep temperatures out of 90s and to the upcoming weekend we'll get the sunshine back and some very comfortable temperatures and as we head through tuesday. you can see 68 degrees expected and fog near the golden gate bridge and san mateo 77 and right up into the south bay and looking good and for the north bay and east bay and tri-valley, yes, it gets hotter in the tri-valoti and should stay out of 90s expected in pleasanton. i think my best forecast is at 75 degrees and raj and jess,
6:50 pm
still looks like wet weather from the 27th through the 30th and we're staying out of halloween right now but maybe a decent sized storm. just to listen up. the 49ers headquarters and that will change when the seahawks come to town on thursday. something unsettling is expected
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to happen in the skies this halloween. nasa says an asteroid is due to miss earth by just a whisker october 31st. singh unsettling is expected to happen in the skies this halloween. nasa scientists say an asteroid is due to miss the earth by just a which is ter.
6:53 pm
it's traveling and it will come within 310,000 miles of earth. they say that's close. the space rock has an eccentric orbit and nasa isn't sure of its exact path but anyone with a stohl cope will see it as it whizzes past us. >> i don't really pay much attention to the pomp and stance around it. if that's a word. >> hello. when you win on sunday, it's all fun and laughs on monday and no matter how bad the english may be. good evening. here in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. solid momentum for jim tomsula heading into thursday's seattle game. yeah, that's what he was actually talking about. at 2-4. the red and gold facing a seahawk squad with a shocking 27-20 degreet at home to carolina as the panthers scored
6:54 pm
with 22 seconds remainingers. niners have dropped three of fo four. barry zito called it a career and he was grateful for the opportunity to play the game that he loved as a kid and he went on to say this. i feel so honored to have spent my career in the bay and to have been a part of the two incredible organizations that reside there. my return to oakland last month was a cherry on top moment in my life that my family and i will never forget. i will no doubt be in the stands on both sides of the bay for years to come. all right. to the ice. sharks on the big stage of msg. facing off against the new york rangers. martin jones back between the pipes for team teal. first period, marc staal blasts a slapshot and puck deflects off the crossbar and into the goal, first of the season, 1-0 rangers. new york on the power play
6:55 pm
mid-second period. zuccarello fires a wrist off the side post. fourth goal of the season. rangers go up 2-0 and 4-90 final. call football needs a win to contend with stanford in the pac-12 north. the good news is following that tough lows to utah >> the call bears are shely turning skeptics into believers. meanwhile, the ucla bruins are coming off back-to-back double dij losses but the bruins are favored to win thursday night and the call bears say they are ready to earn more respect >> in order to get there you've got to get there. this is a game everyone will be looking at. only three college games and we either primetime college game so all we've got to do is come out
6:56 pm
and have a good performance. we -- we need to respect more. >> all right. thank, thank you very much. there will be a town hall meeting at the theater in oakland at 7:00 on october 29th where fans can express their feelings to nfl executives on the possible raiders relocation to los angeles. that's it sports-wise. back to you guys. >> my heart can't go through it another time if the raiders mover move. that will do it for us this evening. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. >> bye.
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. tracy morgan's extra interview right after his snl comeback. >> what eddy murphy thought of the show now on extra. live from new york, it's tracy morgan. >> thank you so much. i'm just playing. i feel good. >> aj has morgan on his reunion with tina fey. >> we was loving it. >> you were out to dinner with the whole gang. >> the jokes were flying. eddy's c


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