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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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best mexcian restaurants in my fever was at 104. >> right now at 11:00, some of the best mexican restaurants in the bay area are in san jose. but tonight, one of them shut down as many people have gotten sick. good evening and thanks for being with us. >> here there is a warning tonight for patrons of a south bay restaurant after dozens of customers became violently ill. that warning, go see a doctor immediately. the restaurant is near the
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corner of north fourth and east st. james in downtown san jose. nbc barry joins us live now. terry. >> the license has been suspended by the department of environmental health. investigators are putting out a warning to all recent customers of this restaurant. you could be the next victim. >> my fever was at 104 and that's when the vomiting started. then the vomiting was coupled with diarrhea. >> andre is still recovering tonight after spending the weekend in the intensive care unit in the hospital. the pain started friday after having lunch at this morisco's restaurant. >> the first thing they did was put 7 liters of fluid in me. >> he was diagnosed with shigella and soon found out he was not the only one in shape. >> she said it was like a hollywood movie down there with all the patients coming in. >> tonight, there are more than 30 cases, all recent customers
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at the exact same restaurant. >> if you use the bathroom and then don't wash your hands carefully, and have even, you know, just a few bacteria and then touch and serve food, for example, that can spread shegella. >> dr. cody says mild symptoms can return as severe pain even days later. she's urging all customers to be tested by a doctor immediately for the infectious shegella. she says it can be successfully treated with antibiotics. >> it's really important for ill people to go and get care and we want to make sure that it's not further spread. >> meantime, andres can't believe it happened to him or that it happened at all. >> this kind of thing really shouldn't happen in this day and age where we are. >> we reached out unsuccessfully to marisco's restaurant for their comment. the health department tonight tried to find the individual who started this outbreak and,
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again, a reminder, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. live in san jose, terry mczeebny, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, terry. let's give you more details on a shigellosis infection. every year, the u.s. sees about 500,000 cases. infections have not significantly declined over the past ten years, despite efforts to promote sanitary conditions in restaurants. hopefully you weren't stuck in this mess on 880. we have new video of a crash that shut down 880 in oakland at the height of the evening rush hour. debris fell from the 23rd avenue overpass around w6 30 this evening. three cars ended up crashing and one of them caught fire. thankfully, no major injury. now, we're going to show you a picture from a viewer sent to us with several sections of the railing from the overpass came crashing down on to the freeway. the chp actually shut down all lanes in both directions of 880
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for about an hour. as you can imagine, traffic was backed up for miles. late tonight, san ramone continues to shake. more small earthquakes, nearly 15 of them in the past few hours. and it's not just tonight. more than 200 earthquakes in the past five days. nbc bay area's cheryl herd is in san ramone this evening. a lot of people are scared. what's the explanation here, if there is one? >> well, that's all anyone is talking about around here. a group 06 guys came up to us and said they felt a sizable earthquake around 9:30. the big question is, what does it all mean? >> my dog started whining. i was in the bank and the whole bank started moving. >> you noticed the whole house shaking, you could hear things
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creaking. >> no damage, but a lot of rattled nerves. >> 402, magnitude 4.8. at 4:21, we had a 2.8 and a 3.5 separated by about six seconds. >> the swarms are happening along the calivares fault line. geologists started keeping track of this particular swarm of earthquakes last week. >> they're not lining up very well along a known fault structure. we don't know which direction they're oriented between the two possible faults. >> why is this happening? you have to be a scientist to figure that out. geologists are keeping track. it helps them to try and pinpoint when the next big earthquake will hit the bay area. >> so based on what's happened in the past, the most likely scenario is that we will not have a large damaging earthquake. however, the establishment of a damaging earthquake occurring in the next 30 years -- >> that's something we all don't want to think about. >> very unsettling, to be sure.
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kind of makes you wonder, is there a bigger one coming or why such a large number of earthquakes in such a small period of time. >> and why san ramone. >> we were told tonight these swarms can last several weeks, which means the shaking is probably not over yet. reporting live in san ramone, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> continue to hold on. thanks, cheryl. you can track these earthquakes on our nbc bay area app. it's free. we have a quick map and locations there and the times of the quakes for the past ten days. you can find them on nbc bay just into the news room tonight, two bay area police chiefs are among the finalist for the position of top cop in tucson, arizona. eskibo is retirie ining post he january after two years as chief. magnus has been at the helm for nine years. both men have a series of interviews to do before a final
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decision is made. another gun has been stolen from a car in san francisco. this time, it was a chp officer's personal gun taken from his car. this morning, near eighth and howard in the selma neighborhood. police say the owner left a weapon in a bag inside his car. someone broke the window and took the bag with the gun inside. now, b there have been three recent high profile bay area homicides involving stolen guns. what you're looking at now is exclusive video of kate's parents taking part in a bench ceremony for their daughter. she was shot and killed on peer 14 in san francisco back in july. the gun used in her death? also stolen. earlier this month, investigators say these three drifts used a stolen gun to rob and kill a backpacker and a hiker on a trail in lorin county. new tonight, the hiking trail where steve carter was killed will be getting a new name. the trail is currently called gunfire shot road.
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now there are several requests to change that controversial name. the department is taking suggestions from the public. some locals have suggested naming the road after the victim making it the steve carter trail. a 59-year-old man is recovering tonight after he was brutally beaten on the streets of san francisco. it happened around noon today in north beach at grant and vallejo street. police say the victim and three men got into an argument which turned physical. the suspect attacked the man while hitting him in the head. >> in sunnyvale, patient res in stable condition. this happened around 1:30 this afternoon near the border of sunnyville and mountain view. police say 38 yooerl daniel truillo stabbed his parents. tonight, he is in jail. neighbors say the faim family has been in this neighborhood for more than 50 years. >> i have conversations with
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various members of the family, very friendly in passing. just a very nice family. i know that they're very close to each other. >> a nearby vargas elementary school was briefly put on lockdown while this was investigated. it's not clear yet what led to the stabbing of what charges truillio will face. there's a warning going out tonight in berkeley after a machine tried to lure men into his van. the girls told police a man yelled for him to get into his van and chased them on foot until the girls started screaming. that report is similar to an attempted kidnapping last month in the same area. in that incident, two students walking to middle school told police a driver pulled over and told them to get in his van. the van is being described as dark green or blue and the suspect as being about 30 years old. they say as a result, they're beefing up patrols around schools there. next at 11:00, nobody knew
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he was even living there. a squatter takes over a notable san francisco mansion. but it's what he did next that has police hot on his trail. plus, the force awakens, a night of joy and sadness for star wars fans. the two-minute clip that set the internet abuzz and then the frustrating problems that followed. and good evening. after a few quick passing showers tonight, we'll beginning to clear out and that's leaving us with cold temperatures for tomorrow. we'll have details on that plus an update on our el nino rain outlook. multi-million dollar mansion in
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san francisco . a man has been arrested for pimping pricey art work out of f squatting and selling, a man has been arrested for pimping pricey artwork out of a fancy mansi mansion. pete is live at that mansion.
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it turns out the owner of that house is a bigwig in the tech industry. >> yes. this mansion was bought back in 2007, but hit the market in 2013 after he filed for bankruptcy. once again, this mansion is under the spotlight, but for different reasons. when sfpd got a call about a potential squatter at 3800 washington, a dated estate spanning 21,000 square feet, they met area nya henry khaler who told them he was going to buy the property, even providing documents as proof. but when the property manager showed up, police found out he wasn't telling the truth and the property manager noticed something different inside. >> there were essential paintings that were missing that were located on the walls of this home. >> kahler was selling the art you see here that was inside the mansion, valued at more than
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$300,000. he sold 11 pieces of art. the mansion, once valued at $21 million was purchased in 2007 by minor. minor is mired in debt including payments for high end paintsing for nearly $6 million. as for the property, police say no one has lived there for years. a neighbor i spoke to said he saw some activity, but not much. >> and it was all furnished. and i used to see two women walking in the door. then i don't know what happened. then this guy just came in. >> khaler is in custody, charged with ten counts of burglary. nine of the 11 paintings have been recovered and police have leads on the remaining two. nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. he's stepping down, the controversial ceo of ka seenny matrix is resigned.
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casino's owners have been accused of hiding revenue. ka seeno matrix released a statement to us today to say it's excited to be moving forward and it's committed to building productive and transparent relationships with police and the community. no arrests tonight after drama in the skies on a san francisco bound southwest flight where a woman claims another passenger choked her. >> they pulled out the restraints. it was a serious situation. >> this cell phone video from inside the plane, people on board say the woman was screaming that a man hit her on the head and choked her after she reclined her chair. comedian marker was on that flight and says the attendants acted fast. >> you've got two passengers that are in a physicalitiercation. so we need to get turned around and back to l.a.x. >> the fbi says the passenger was detained for questioning
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after landing, but so far no charges have been filed. not just a haven for democrats, but republicans also tapping into the bay area, as well. tomorrow, presidential candidate jeb bush will be in town for two high profile fund-raisers. the former florida governor will start his day in san francisco. a private luncheon at the pacific heights home of trevor traina. after that, mr. bush will attend an evening fund-raiser at the woodside home of paul edwards. tickets start at $2,700 per person. jeb bush is far behind donald trump in the latest polls. trump has 25% of the national support for republicans. here is a lift now. dr. ben carson at 22%. marco rubio at 13% followed by ted cruz, jeb bush, and then carly fiorina. so how true is that review? that's the question amazon is asking. the company is cracking down on people who offer to write fake reviews in exchange for cash. it is suing more than 1,000 people who may have paid for positive reviews.
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some companies are hiring freelance writers from the website and other places, as well. freelancers are writing fake reviews for money. facebook is taking on government spying. the company announcing the new feature will warn you if your account is likely being targeted by stays sponsored attackers. facebook isn't revealing how it's able to detect these attacks, but says it will send out the warning where there is strong evidence to support it. so we'll send it right to your facebook profile. people affected will be encouraged to rebuild or replace their phones or computers instead of just changing the password. not just the movie, star wars and as of tonight it's the hottest ticket in the world. >> the dark side. >> the dark side. this is the debut of the official trailer clippeds of
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star wars, the force awake bs premiered during halftime during monday night football tonight. a flood of people trying to buy tickets for several websites to crash. keep in mind, opening night for this, the new star wars, is december 17th. some tickets are right now being resold on ebay for $1,000. >> wow. you really, really want to see that movie. >> a $12 ticket for $1,000 december 17th. >> well, now we have the obi want kenobi of weather. >> i was thinking, too, we could just head right over to george lucas's house, right? up in the north bay. we have a few spotty showers tonight. that's pushed off towards the south and has dissipated. so we're not under any threat of any rainfall over the next 72 hours. in fact, tomorrow morning, it will be all about the colder temperatures. look at this. up into the north bay, down to
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49 degrees. you'll need a light jacket. 56 in the east bay and the south bay starting off with 57. let's take you into the forecast. that cool front that did produce scattered showers tonight is moving off to the south. so the next weathermaker, this area of high pressure, it's start to go build strength. we do think by tomorrow, that will warm temperatures up some 3 to 6 degrees. but on top of that, it's going to lower the humidity. so our fire danger will be on the increase tomorrow. take that lower humidity and let's combine it in with the changing wind speeds. that's the catalyst for that fire danger. look at this wind direction here. primarily coming out of the north. slightly out of the east. we likely could have humidity down into the teens for tomorrow. how guessdy? looks like 20 miles per hour up in santa rosa. so what kind of impact will this offshore wind have in our temperatures? you can see again, it will get warmer even at san francisco. sunny skies back in the
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financial district and 74. up towards the south bay, we'll top out at 84 in keepertino. san jose, 81 degrees. let's take you to the north bay to the tri valley. after our hot summer, kind of give you that reminder of how warm it's been. you may need to turn on the ac for a little bit, but probably not too much. livermore tomorrow, east bay, 79 in oakland. walnut creek expecting 86. i expect the word worst fire danger will be up in wine country. please be cautious if you're camping outside and if for any reason you're starting a campfire. just take some extra precaution. as we head into the weekend forecast, we have that great weather saturday and sunday. it will stay comfortable. we'll be right around 78 on sunday in the south bay. san francisco, 69. and for the tri valley, 82. so great weather ahead, but you're probably wondering about
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el nino. so the latest rain outlook, i want to bring this to you. and it's a simple way to look at it. the way the forecast models are trending, november still may be dry. but then as we head throughout january, that's when it looks like the el nino storms are set to arrive with much wetter weather. even with this dry weather coming into november, don't worry because everything is still pointing towards those storms coming our way. >> thank you very much. a special guest at the white house tonight as president obama makes good on a promise to a young student. and we have jimmy. >> thanks, guys. tonight we have justin timberlake and ellen degenerous. music from maccel more and ryan lewis. it is a huge show. it's now tuesday morning in
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south africa. oscar pistorius is serving his 1st full day of house arrest. he was released -- early -- from prison -- and a lot of people are unhappy. it is now tuesday morning in south africa. oscar pistorius is serving his first day of full house arrest. he was released early from prison. the olympic star and double amputee was convicted of shooting and killing his girlfriend. he was sentenced to five years in prison for involuntary man slaughter. he was released today after serving less than one year. many see his release as special treatment. sources close to steenkamp's family say they're outraged. president obama made good on his promise to a teen arrested for bring ago home made clock to school. 14-year-old ahmed mow ham he had
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gained national attempt when a teacher thought his clock was a home made bomb. among the invitations, there's one to the white house where the annual astronomy night took place. it's an event that celebrates science, technology and space. that's where the young investor finally met president obama after he mingled with astronauts and scientists, as well. >> very nice to see that. up next, a bay area star joins us. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste?
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> i don't really pay much attention to the pomp and circumstance of it. >> pretty funny. you know, much easier to have a good laugh at yourself after a big win on sunday. good evening, geraud moncure. for the 49ers heading into thursday, thursday's satellite game. at 2-4, the 49ers face ago seahawks team that is struggling, also 2-4 after sunday's stunning 23-27 defeat
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at home to carolina. niners have lost three of their last four in the series. to the ice, sharks on the big stage of msg, facing off against the new york rangers. martin jones back between the pipes. first period, martin fires a flap shot, off the crossbar and then a goal, 1-0. rangers. mid second now, new york on the power play. matt zucarello, fires a lifter off the cyclone. his fourth goal of the season. rangers go on to win it, 4-0. bearry zito officially called it a career today after 15 big league seasons. zifo expressed his thankfulness for having the opportunity to play a sport he grew up as loving as a kid and released some thoughts in the players quote, i feel so honored to have spent my career in the bay and to have been a part of the incredible organization that resides there. my return to oakland last month was a cherry on top moment in my life that my family and i will
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never forget. i will no doubt be on the stands on both sides of the bay for years to come. finally, alcs game three. royals and blue jays in toronto facing up, 2-0 in the searries. kansas city on top, 1-0. lorenzo drives the blast to center. kevin pilar make the great grab at the wall. kansas city scores just one in the inning. bottom third. troy tulowitzki, three-run shot to dead center. lead the now 6-2. later in the frame, josh donaldson at the dish. and he is bringing the rain. monster two-run blast. six runs in the inning. toronto holds off kansas city, 11-8 to get the series down to 2-1. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break. ♪
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beautiful fall weather. >> it was so nice. i want the rain bad, but today it was hard not to be happy when you're outside. >> i know. crisp, clean air. tomorrow morning, we will start off chilly. 56 in the east bay. need a light jacket as you send the kids off to school. by the afternoon, we will have hotter temperatures. 86 in the tri valley. 81 in the south bay. san francisco, up to 73 degrees. fire danger will be o increase in the north and east bay tomorrow. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the north and the east. so we'll definitely have to watch out for that. >> our next news cast is at 4:30 a.m., bright and early. enjoy your tuesday. >> bye-bye. ♪ ♪ after the show it's the after party then after the party it's the hotel lobby then ♪ ♪ after the velvet then it's probably chris ♪ after the original it's probably this ♪ ♪ ll cool j is hard as hell ♪ ♪ battle anybody i don't care who you tell ♪


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