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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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update about about ha half an hour. >> in the meantime get outside. it's a little cooler there and we'll see you for that 7:25 update. good morning. good morning. indecision 2016. the press are on joe biden's intent to make his choice known. do democrat want him in the race? the surprising numbers from our new poll just out this morning. >> and cyber attacks against the cia director and head of homeland security and the hacker says he's a teen-ager.
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and causing the accident, will he apologize to who he hit? reaction from that motorcyclist. and "star wars" mania reaching epic levels with a new trailer. and the first chance to buy tickets crashes the fandango web site as the entire galaxy counts down to its premiere today. >> announcer: this is "today" on tuesday, october 20th. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> did you watch the trailer?
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>> as a lot of people are. >> i got a little teary when i saw hans solo. our new nbc/wall street journal poll is out now. 31% say now that joe biden should not run. we'll start with kristen welker who has been keeping an eye on the story. >> reporter: the buzz has reached new heights. he could make a decision by mid week. others caution it could drag out longer. either way, there is agreement between democrats and supporters he has to decide soon. vice president joe biden at an event honoring the uso monday night, paying tribute to those
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who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> every one of those warriors represents a community. >> he fueled speculation during the day, calling a meeting with top advisers, placing calls to key constituents. he raised eyebrows with these comments. >> i don't consider republicans enemies, they're friends. >> reporter: when asked about which enemies she most proud of -- >> probably the republicans. >> hillary clinton is off the trail this week preparing for her testimony before the committee investigating the attack against benghazi. the clinton campaign announcing she'll get an assist from her husband, former president bill clinton when she stumps in iowa this weekend. meanwhile democrats, including
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biden supporters who worked to put together a strategy saying privately his time for deciding has just about run out. >> the party wants him to decide one way or the other. you also have folks saying that the time has passed. >> reporter: social media went wild last night when "the washington post" mistakenly reported a partially written article that said the vice president had decided to run for president. the vice president's schedule he has yet another typical day here at the white house. >> thank you. >> let's go back to these new polling numbers, a snapshot of where the race stands on both sides, whether in or out. peter alexander has the numbers. >> on the democratic side first, hillary clinton's strong debate performance propelling her even
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higher in the polls. she's now up 20 points over sanders, vice president joe biden is way back in third. when you take joe biden out, clinton shoots up to 58%. 30% of democratic primary voters say biden should run, 38% would prefer if he did not. we're going to switch sides to the republicans. donald trump preparing for that town hall right here with you on "today." he's hit the highest number in our poll since he began the race. ben carson is 22%, within the margin of error, marco rubio at 13, cruz at 9%, carly fiorina dropping after those strong debates. when asked who they could
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support, ben carson receives almost three quarters of support. trump has gained tremendous ground and then only 32% of republicans said they could see themselves supporting him. >> just an idea of hough ben carson and donald trump are feeling the extra attention, i understand they've asked the secret service for protection. normally that's reserved for the nominee but not always. >> the department of homeland security has received requests from both campaigns. carson on the trail said he doesn't think he needs it but said the secret service thinks it's necessary. while it's sort of rare for candidates to get coverage before they win the nomination, there was one significant exception back in 2007, that was then senator barack obama under an increased number of threats.
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he's got it about 18 months out from the election night. >> thank you very much. >> mark halperin is co-author of "game change." you would think right before you get into a race at the peak of your popularity, now you have a plurality of democrats saying he should stay out. >> he certainly hurt himself by waiting. >> he's got four questions he needs to answer. he has to ask is it in his heart, can he put the infrastructure in place, can he raise the money and does he see a path to victory. if you were him would you be able to answer yes to all four questions? >> tough but doable.
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people of late say he's stronger emotionally and mentally since his son died. his staff has put together a plan. how to announce, what staff would be like and think his path seasoned -- in the chaos biden says i'm the one that can save the party. >> hillary clinton faces a big day thursday before the benghazi committee but as well as she possibly can, it seems she has set the table for that appearance, would you agree? >> this has been looming with dread and it now could be the best day. she could come out of that hearing even stronger than she came out the debate. >> and because she set the table and they helped her in that this is a partisan political procedure, would you advise her to go in there and be combative
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or defiant or would you tell her to stay above the stray frey? >> i think she's going to go in there thering i'm going to sta abo above, i think the minute she's challenged by one of these republicans, she'll hit them hard. >> let's talk about the republican side of the race. there's a stunner inside our poll. 59% of republicans now see donald trump as an acceptable nominee and that is up double digits since the last time we asked that question. is it more likely today that it may be donald trump who is the standard bearer? >> it's irrational to give any other answer. the weakness is jeb bush. the establishment thought he would be the nominee.
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his team is not quite at panic level but they need a serious retrenchment. >> if you're one of those lower career candidates waiting for it to come back to you, you could be waiting a long way. >> send us questions for mr. trump and we'll get to as many as we can. >> the fbi is investigating the alleged hackings of personal e-mail accounts of the cia director and the secretary of homeland security. the person behind it all claims he's just in high school. pete williams has more on this. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this is an embarrassing reminder that to send sensitive
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information. >> he called himself and now the fbi and secret service are on his trail. he claims to be an american high school student and says he fooled aol and verizon into unveiling enough information to reset brennan's aol password and found what appears to be a litt little. >>. >> it's pretty shocking a high-ranking government official of any kind would have an e-mail address there.
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>> the hacker apparently exploited the forget your password tool to reset the password. the new york post says he claims his next target as the deputy defense these are personal, not government accounts. officials emphasize they don't believe any classified information was compromised. one of the twitter accounts has now been suspected pd. good morning. firefighters battling a huge five-alarm fire in the chelsea section of manhattan. the six-story building under construction is now in danger of collapsing. an apartment building across the street was evacuated. no injuries have been reported.
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the cause of the fire was not immediately known. >> in canada voters elected a new leader for the first time in ten years. justin trudeau's liberal party, son of the late prime minister pierre,. with sm the driver of a car that veered into a motorcycle on a texas roadway sending the two um the man driving that car as it veers into a motorcycle sending
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the two thk. >> i felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg and i immediately went like this. i was driving with my left hand. i'm very sorry. >> but right after the crash, crumb seemed unapologetic. >> you hit them! >> i don't care. >> eric sanders, the man on the motorcycle, admits he illegally crashed the double yellow line but believes the crash was not accident. >> i knew he et mr but this morning she's out of the icu, her condition upgraded to serious. >> crumb said he would apologize to her but not to him. >> i crossed the yellow line. it does not give him the right to hurt me.
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makes me sick. >> he said he doesn't believe his excuse and his girl friend's life and his own have changed forever. >> lamar odom was transferred to a hospital in los angeles for further treatment. he had multiple drugs in his system. he regained consciousness on friday. he was taken off life support and is said to be breathing on his own. >> emergency responders were in the right place at the right time on monday when a young boy was struggling in a texas river. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. the responders were there participating in training exercises when they noticed the boy fall off his inner tube in the strong current. one of the responders jumped in the water, bringing him to
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safety this. >> the blue jays went on to win 11-8. the royals are still leading the series two games to one. game four is tonight along with game three of the nlcs between the mets and the cubs. who's is going to be? >> matt's officially neutral. >> i'm a new york fan, i'm sorry. i'm a yankee fan but if the yankees aren't in it, i'd probably root for the mets. >> 507 years for the cubs! >> but the mets. >> al is on assignment. dylan has a check on the weather. we had just gotten used to the cold weather and it's gone. >> we are looking for warmer temperatures to work their way in. it's still just a little bit chilly down through the carolinas. the winds are calm, the skies are clear.
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that leads to some of your cooler temperatures. columbia 35 degrees, conway 36. we are mainly above freezing this morning. keep in mind, we had v had a killing frost in some areas. we can call it an indian summer even fargo, north dakota should get up to 68 degrees. wednesday, thursday, some 70s. absolute 84 degrees today and as we go into friday, temperatures will get a little bit closer to average. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. ur local forp in 30 seconds.
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good tuesday morning. a little bit cooler this morning than yesterday at this time. mostly clear skies and we are in the mid 50s. a high of 79 degrees can be expected in the peninsula today. in san francisco up to 74 degrees. the east bay, south bay and north bay warmer this afternoon and the tri-valley expect a high of 86 degrees, a lot of sunshine. in winds picking up through the day. t's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks very much. coming up, a rare inside look at facebook's security operations. what the social network wants you to do to keep your account safe. and oscar pistorius released from prison. jeff. >> i'm jeff rossen live in south africa. big developments in the oscar
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pistorius case. he was released from prison early and now holed up here at his uncle's sprawling man
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7:26 am fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel goes far beyond making yourself at home. a very good tuesday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia canon. police arrested a man they say was squatting in a mansion and selling the expensive artwork off the walls. he is accused of selling fine art worth more than $300,000. investigators say he was illegally living in the mansion. minor declared bankruptcy two years ago and has not been living there since. the home is valued at nearly $18 million. police managed to track down all but two of the stolen artwork. want to check the forecast. picture perfect day. >> a few clouds this morning but
7:27 am
will give us a beautiful sunny afternoon after all the clouds roll out of here. it is now in the mid 50s across most of the bay area. looking warmer this afternoon from yesterday afternoon with a high of 82 degrees. till very comfortable especially closer to the coast. inland areas warming up into the upper 80s today like pittsburgh up to 87 degrees. >> slow commuters. northbound routes 101 latest crash now moved to the shoulder. another crash also too shoulder. and now 17 jams up towards the interchange. that's slow there. 87 recovering from an earlier crash. that will stick around for the morning. 85 starting the slow down. 84 towards 680 the crash around
7:28 am
the shoulder. >> thanks a lot. another update in a half an hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. october 20, 2015. kind of a chilly start to the day, but boy are things going to change. dylan said it will get up to 70 degrees. my mom used to call it pneumonia weather. by the way, things are going to heat up on friday. carrie underwood putting on a live concert out on our plaza. >> wow. >> looking forward to that. >> meanwhile, making headlines this morning, our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows donald trump leading the republican field. up to 25%, that is his highest level in our poll since he
7:31 am
entered the race. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has increased her lead over bernie sanders. another interesting finding, 38% of democrats say they don't want vice president joe biden to run, compared to 30% who would like to see him enter race. and an anonymous hacker who says he's in high school claims he broke into the personal e-mail accounts of cia director john brennan and homeland security jeh johnson. he posted documents online he allegedly stole from their account. the fbi and secret service are now investigating. let's us begin with the latest on the oscar pistorius case. he was released from prison after serving just a fraction of his sentence for killing his girlfriend. and while that's legal under south african law, how it happened is raising some eyebrows. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is in pretoria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what a difference a day makes. pistorius was set to wake up behind bars in prison.
7:32 am
instead, prison officials called an audible, taking everybody by surprise and releasing him early late last night and so now he woke up this morning and he remains inside his uncle's sprawling mansion here at pretoria. to step out for a minute as the cars go by, tree lined and the world's media is outside because oscar pistorius is holed up in there on house arrest. in the darkness of night, oscar pistorius was rushed out of prison, surrounded in secrecy. prison officials sneaking him out so early, cameras wouldn't be there to see it. this morning, pistorius' publicist emerging to make a statement. >> the family is happy that oscar is home, but they want to make the point that his sentence continues. and that is the key point here. >> reporter: oscar pistorius once a hero in this country. now a convicted killer after shooting his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison. he served less than one.
7:33 am
today i spoke with barry roo. >> was he negligent? was he acting reasonable? >> reporter: pistorius' high profile defense attorney. what do you make of his early release? >> i may not comment. i promised you guys. >> reporter: do you think he should have been let out so early? but new questions. did he get special treatment, released at night a day early? sources close to reeva's family telling nbc news, it is insane what officials did here. still, some locals support him. >> it's good news. i'm happy for him. >> reporter: but many here don't. >> when you have money in south africa, you can get almost anything. >> reporter: when pistorius was released late last night, it did not take him long to go from the big house to his uncle's really big house. we are driving the route right now from the prison. it is only 15 minutes. and when you arrive, you get a sense of how enormous this property really is. this is the gate leading inside,
7:34 am
it is big and locked up. by the way, this mansion stretches all way, halfway down this block. there's a guard shack right over there. yes, they have full-time security at this mansion. this is the entrance. standing here in person it feels more like a boutique hotel than a house. do you think this is impressive? check out the photos of the backyard. sprawling grounds. a pristine pool. we are talking about luxury living here and this is where oscar pistorius will serve his house arrest. >> he will be allowed to go to church, work, no social functions. he won't be able to consume alcohol. no drugs. and definitely no guns. >> reporter: a small price to pay reeva's mother recently told me. at least he's alive. >> she was the person who lost her life. how wonderful she was. and what she could have done for other women had she lived. >> reporter: oscar pistorius is not out of the woods legally
7:35 am
quite yet. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. they call it culpable homicide, but he was not convicted of murder. here in south africa, prosecutors are able to appeal the verdicts and they have. in fact, guys, there's a hearing in two weeks where prosecutors are trying to get that murder conviction. if he is convicted of murder still a big if he will be plucked out of this house, put back in prison and the minimum sentence for murder here is 15 years. >> jeff rossen in pretoria, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from dylan who is in for al this morning. >> around here it looks fantastic, but we are looking at more rain in the southwest. we have been talking about el nino this year. and it looks like the effects of el nino are starting to kick in. we have monsoonal moisture, heavier rain in southeastern new mexico. this will translate into heavier rain for texas and during an el nino year, texas tends to get a lot of rain. especially in wednesday and thursday morning. this going to sit for a little
7:36 am
while and produce flash flooding. we can end up with three to five inches of rain across the panhandle of texas, down through san antonio. at first it was looking like we'd see an area of low pressure, but does look like we'll get the rain, but we could see some coastal effects with some flooding because of the high tides down there. in the meantime, today, though we have a slight risk of stronger storms in new mexico. but an area of high pressure is starting to build across the eastern half of the country that turns the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are in the mid 50s across most of the bay after a cool start to the morning it will be warming up. a little warmer in some spots over yesterday. the high of 82 degrees in the east bay. vivalley expecting 86 degrees. a lot of sunshine in san francisco. a light wind up to 74 degrees for the high. the north bay expect a high of 85 degrees. south bay topping out at 81 degrees.
7:37 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thanks. coming up, brace yourself. is the force too strong? >> yeah. >> the excitement over the new "star wars" trailer that has caused a frenzy on this desk. >> first tickets to that movie going on sale and that's crashing websites around the world. we'll tell you more. >> so exciting. coming up next, how safe is your facebook account? >> good morning, from menlo park, california and facebook headquarters where we've gone behind the scenes to talk to this company's experts about how to safeguard your online identity and in particular your facebook profile. it's information i found it's information i found interesting and i think you ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪
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7:42 am
headquarters outside of san francisco for a firsthand lesson. tom, good morning. i'm all ears for this. >> reporter: pretty cool, got to tell you. facebook calls this hacktober with the emphasis on security, the goal of testing the security walls at the biggest social network on the planet. every second of the day around the clock, around the clone facebook is lit up. in japan 24 million users, in germany 27 million. in the uk 36 million and in the u.s.-192 million people. keeping the world's social network humming free of hackers and mal wear demands the top experts in the business. >> just one of these systems runs over a million times per second to detect and take down harmful content on facebook before it even lands in people's facebook news feeds. >> reporter: a million times a second. >> a million times a second. >> reporter: now facebook is urging users to review their security settings at
7:43 am up. make sure your password is unique to facebook and to every other website you share and make sure you don't give access to information and make sure you know every time someone logs on to your account and verify how many devices are logged on to facebook right now. a bad idea to be logged on to facebook with more than one device, should only be logged on one at a time, what do you recommend? >> you can be logged in as many places as you want to be. there isn't a magic number. it's more than making sure where you are logged in is exactly where you want to be. >> reporter: 1.5 billion people worldwide use facebook, 1.5 billion, and the average person spends a stunning 27 hours on facebook each month. the challenge, safe faring all of the identities, family photos and pieces of information in a world where hackers have already targeted some very high-profile brand names.
7:44 am
for the people who work at facebook october is a sort of test. the security team sets up simulated attacks and then gauges how employees react and learn from the hack. >> just look at the hack. >> they call it hacktober, a companywide look at booby trap and trying to stop attacks before they start and what should the rest of us be looking for? security pros say if a message on a friend's wall looks suspicious, flag it. >> if something looks out of the ordinary it probably is. so and so would never really say that, that doesn't really sound like so and so and that's something worth following up on and one more thing. about those posts we see every few weeks, denying facebook the right to sell our photo. >> and if i put photos on my facebook page does facebook have access to those.
7:45 am
>> your photos to use as you would like. >> you're not going to use them for your benefit. >> no? >> i promise. >> facebook says it's free to use and will always be free to use one more very important suggestion. facebook says we need to create a legacy contact in the event we are incapacitated or that we pass away and give someone else the ability to take care of our digital lives, you know, guys, i have friends who have passed away and still live on in facebook. the point is give somebody the access to be able to spread the word and hopefully, you know, give some comfort to others. >> it's a lot to the keep up with. >> great information, but thank you. >> coming up, we'll do pop start and tell you about the beloved show that's about to get new life on nefltics. >> and next up, new place and familiar faces, carson walks us through the big moments from the new "star wars" trailer. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea.
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7:50 am
wars" film disabled during "monday night football." of course, it was the number one trending topic on twitter generating 17,000 tweets per minute. that's right. let's take a look at about the a minute of it. >> there were stories about what happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> the dark side. a jedi. they are real. >> the force, it's on to you. >> there's a feeling that you got in the late '70s and '80s as a kid growing up watching "star
7:51 am
wars" trailers. late last night many of us got that exact same moment, the moments captured in that trailer. as can you imagine tickets went on sale just after the game ended there and it was crashing sites like fandango, el captain hollywood, you see the people lined up to purchase tickets. this was the young star of the film. daisy ridley. she posted a video of her on inn th sta gram of her watching the video. take a look at that. >> oh, my goodness. >> pretty crazy. young english actress 23 years old and now the lead role in "star wars." her life is about to change. >> can i do a little survey here. in your pop culture world scale of 1 to 10 this is a -- >> a 10. just doesn't get bigger.
7:52 am
>> breaks the pop scale culture. >> 11, 12, 15, 20. >> i agree. >> not for you, matt? >> it's right up there, way up there. >> finally got around to watching the first three. >> carson, did you see that little rolling droid thing, like the cutest. >> you didn't even show him in that little clip. >> what's the matter with you? >> people -- people bought tickets and now they are already selling them so you can imagine online so we have to have a "today" show screening of this movie. >> good deal. >> i wanted to dress up, when j.j. abrams put out the 15-second trailer, i got to dress up like a stormtrooper. have the whole thing here and couldn't even be a wookie, nothing. >> would you like to borrow my yoda costume in. >> you'll always be a wookie to us. >> coming up, will she bring along her magic touch? op rah and the golden touch with weight watchers. >> and chomping on gum and slurping soup what, sound annoys you the most?
7:53 am
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closed this morning - with a warning out to diners who ate there. this after some 30 patrons a popular san jose restaurant closed this morning with a warning out to diners who ate in there recently after some 30 patrons contracted a highly contagious bacteria. at least 11 were hospitalized. it is a bacteria transmitted when someone carrying it doesn't maintain proper hygiene in the bathroom. the public health department closed the restaurant. more details will be released later today. it will take time for road crews to fix an overpass after sections of railing came down on interstate 880 during last night's commute when debris fell from the 23rd avenue overpass. two people suffered minor injuries. crews will have to close lanes in order to get repairs finished
7:57 am
later today. let's start off with a look at the weather. >> you can see the sun rise over mt. diablo. that sun will help warm our temperatures just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. gilroy expect a high of 82 degrees. pacifica 70 degrees and mostly comfortable still as we look across most of the bay area but warming up inland in pittsburgh 87 degrees and 86 today in livermore. a problem if you are heading in from the north bay southbound 101 jams up approaching the tunnel. there is a crash inside the tunnel southbound a fuel leak reported. you see it jamming up already. 23 you can if you are close to the bridge you cross over but jam up and have to cross over the bay bridge thmpt east bay shows the tuesday commute packed in both directions between the
7:58 am
bridges and the south bay. all northbound routes calling. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes. ♪ ♪ maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life!
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, major gain. weight watchers stock soar after oprah winfrey buys a chink of the company and what the oprah effect may mean for the 1 million americans on that popular diet. plus, meet a healthier burger. we love them piled high with the fixings but how do you build a better, healthier burger? and the a rare visit from the legendary bill murray. ♪ smoke on the water >> as he gets city to "rock the kasbah," tuesday, october 20th, 2015. "rock the ♪
8:01 am
>> kids, we made it to the "today" show. >> here celebrating our anniversary. >> here from rochester, new york. ♪ >> here in new york from fairlane, texas. >> all the way from canada, we watch the "today" show every morning. >> we've come for "today"! >> oh, we love you. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it is october 20th, it's a tuesday morning, and we have one of the all-time great signs right here. >> one of the best signs i've ever seen. how long did it take you to make that? >> a couple hours. >> how cool. we haven't gotten a shot yet. >> cameras, come here. >> oh, right over here. >> it's a natalie sign here. >> wow. >> natally runs the world. we've got some serious creative chops out here. >> natalie has been working on
8:02 am
that all night. beautiful. >> just ahead, she tackled pizza on monday, and i think we thought the results were pretty good. >> pretty good. >> joy bauer is back to show you how to build a healthier, better burger today. we'll see how she does. >> another great sign, our wrangler sign. wrongler, by the way, is getting set to head off on his heroad f his tour and friday he'll be wagging his tail in philadelphia and if you're in those cities he would love to see you. leave your pets at home. head to for all the details. don't look him in the eye. >> and likes lavender candles in his hotel room. >> a check of the top stories with miss natalie. hope you saw the sign, natalie. >> i did, i love it. tell them thanks for that. months of personal reflection could come down to a decision at any time now for vice president joe biden. he spoke monday night at an event honoring the uso, but biden gave no hint about whether
8:03 am
he will enter the presidential race. however, biden did fuel more speculation earlier in the day when he held a meeting with top advisers at his home and made phone calls to key constituents. meantime, vice president biden is way back in third place in our new nbc news/"wall street journal" polypoll. if he is to enter the race hillary clinton's strong debate performance is propelling her even higher, increasing her lead over bernie sanders by seven points in a month. she's now up to 20 points. on the republican side, donald trump has posted his strongest number since entering the race in our poll. trump has the backing of 25% of republican primary voters. support for ben carson is also up, keeping him within striking distance. marco rubio climbed into third place while carly fiorina has fallen to six. the february is trying to track down a hacker who apparently broke into the personal e-mail account of cia director john brennan. the hacker claimed on twitter that he's an american high school student.
8:04 am
he says he tricked although and verizon into revealing enough information to let him reset brennan's aol password. the hacker says he found brennan's application for a security clearance as well as social security numbers and other data for current and former u.s. intelligence officials. women who are pregnant should not drink any alcohol at any time, this according to you a new statement from the american academy of pediatrics. let's take a closer look with nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie aysar. good morning, dr. nat. >> good morning, nat. >> we know it's been vision for a while not to drink during pregnancy though doctoring at times say different things. >> right. >> but this report looked at fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and what did the american academy of pediatrics find? >> basically, natalie, their conclusion was no amount of alcohol drinks during pregnancy is considered safe. i think they felt compelled probably to release this report or discuss this because there's been maybe sort of in urban culture, urban myth it's okay to
8:05 am
drink a little by the here and there, perhaps after the first trimester, and they came down very clearly from the severest form, which is fetal alcohol syndrome to milder forms of neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems which falls on the spectrum, that really the ko consumption of aohol can lead to these things d there was an off site study tt looked at 31,000 pregnancies with moderate drinking, one drink a day, even could result in these problems which are lifelong and though early intervention can help this is still an issue, and certainly the amount of consumption is correlated with the degree of severity of these, you know, problems. >> 1 in 10 pregnant women according to the cdc have admitted to having a drink occasionally, so is there cause for concern? >> i think so. you know, i think, again, we talked before the segment, well, if you have one drink a week is that a problem and the bottom line is that we don't know how much is safe so, therefore, the
8:06 am
only reasonable recommendation really is to advise women not to drink at all, and that's -- you know, it's been the position also of the american college of obstetrics and gynecologists as well as the american academy of pediatrics. this is not veering from any of their prior statements. >> dr. azar, thanks as as. and an arts theft in the san francisco may have been the ultimate inside job. a man who was found squatting in a $20 million mansion was also selling off the paintings that adorned the walls, and he managed to sell 11 pieces of art value the at about $300,000 before he was caught. the humble house where bruce springsteen without his classic 1975 album "born to run" is the back on the market. the two-bedroom, one dat bathroom house is one block from the beach from long branch, new jersey, listed at $299,000. a few fans bought it a few years back hoping to turn it into a tourist attraction and potential
8:07 am
buyers should be aware springsteen buses from around the world do stop by to pay the house a visit. that is an iconic house. >> there's that if you like friends. >> if you don't mind people gawking at your house. >> natalie, thank you so much. >> i think all of us know that whatever oprah touches usually turns to gold. >> pretty good, no question. now she's making a big investment in one of the best known diet programs in the country. >> good morning, a lot of people talking about this this morning. oprah says she believes weight watchers has given her the tools to lose the weight and keep it off. she's signed a five-year deal, and it's already paid off. >> a mega merger for the queen of all media. oprah winfrey teaming up with weight watchers. the talk show icon purchased over $33 million of stock monday. i believe in the weight watchers program, so much i decided to invest, join the board and partner in weight watcher family evolution. oprah tweeted to her 29 million followers. the so-called oprah effect took
8:08 am
hold. shares surging, doubling in price, and in her profits hitting $70 million before the closing bell. already the owner of a production company, her own cable network and magazine, this deal lands oprah a 10% stake in the company, a place on the board of directors and a membership in the weight loss program itself. weight watchers saying winfrey will candidly share experiences and perspective along the way. >> you're not shape of your body. >> weight watchers which has been around for 50 years faces increasing competition in the age of fitbit and a wave of health tracking apps. >> think about the oprah effect. she not only brings the idea of a community but she also brings a purpose and mission associated with it, and i think because of that it's really going to amplify the opportunity from an audience integration for both oprah and for weight watchers. >> oprah's weight has been a central theme throughout her storied talk show career, discussing private struggles with public figures.
8:09 am
>> i didn't know if overweight men had the same feelings of, gosh, i wish i could -- >> oh, yeah, sure. >> and everyday people. >> do you think that this is just about food? >> i don't know. i -- >> let me tell you it's not. >> i think it's probably more. >> it's not. >> as well as her own battle in her talk show's highest rated episode. >> this is what 67 pounds of fat looks like. i can't -- i can't lift it. >> when she rolled out 67 pounds of raw animal fat in a we goon to visualize her personal weight loss in 1988. a three-decade struggle. >> i did not go to that party because i thought the five pounds made me too fat, not good enough. >> reporter: starting a new chapter and a new conversation with two household names. >> the company says oprah will use the weight watchers mobile app and work with a personal coach. she's also agreed to make
8:10 am
appearances on the company's behalf. guys. >> such a strong statement in her investing this way. it reminds me of victor kiam years and years ago that said i like remington razors so much i bought the company. >> it's the ultimate vote of confidence. >> no question. >> win-win for all. >> my mom had oprah quotes growing up, had them in my room, you know, growing up. she has so much influence. >> and weight watchers, too, i think is such an iconic company in this area. you think about fad diets that come and go. i'm not a facebook person but i think that it's a diet that obviously has some staying power. >> it's worked. she made 12 millimillions in a >> not bad. >> coming up next, barbies, princess theme? no, this little girl just had to have a cvs-themed birthday party. it's adorable. >> and a man of many talents, the legendary bill murray pays a visit to studio 1a, but, first, these messages.
8:11 am
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with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. back at 8 hfrmgts 14. time for what's trending today with carson here today. he's back and everything is right in the world. >> yeah. >> guys, we'll start this morning with what could be the end of flossing guilt. your dentist tells you to floss once a day and a lot of us get around to it before the next appointment. now new research suggests don't even bother. now a study is still ongoing but researchers studied two groups of people, those who brushed and flossed and the other group which we will call my group which only brush and so far they found little difference between the groups in terms of tooth decay and gum disease. >> or cavities and stuff like that. >> the study didn't get into that. >> what about breath, i think
8:15 am
that helps. >> foot stuck in your teeth. >> ew. >> i always lie to the dentist, sorry, dentist. >> that is good news. no more guilt. >> yeah. it's his signature look, right, but donald trump's hair makes him a bit of an easy target so celebrity hairstylist renee freese decided to try out something different. we put different looks on donald trump. there's the volumizer. give donald a little oomph, the liuzza, a male version of liza and the weatherman, and then there is the daly, no, sorry, that's the seacrest. no explanation needed, and last but not least, this is more me, the bald gentleman sglfrmt oh. >> evil trump.
8:16 am
>> what do we like best for mr. trump? >> i hon estly think they all look good. >> don't you? >> the natalie? >> an improvement, i think, all of them. >> i like the weather man look. >> surprised he hasn't done that, surprised. >> me, too. >> maybe he's saving it. >> the weather man look was probability best. >> i thought so, too. >> since when does the weather man here have that kind of air? >> that's true. >> here's a headline that caught our eye this morning in the "wall street journal." it says "afound by loud chewing? "well, the problem is you. in the article experts say that if you're annoyed by certain sounds you may have a condition called misophonia when people have an aversion for noises, chewing, lip sympatheticing, clicking of the pen, experts say don't try to change the person making the noises. you are the one that needs help so what are the noises that drive you crazy in. >> all of those. >> my kids playing their video
8:17 am
games. >> smacking food. >> i love my dad to death but when he chews gum, he just like a cow. >> sounds have an adverse effect for a lot of people. online there's a very big niche community of people that just like to watch and listen to those little sounds. >> they enjoy the sounds. >> it provides a whole calming effect to people. >> you're really getting into the dark reaches of the intersglet what drives you craze? >> nothing really. >> knuckle popping, people that crack their knuckles and pow had people that are humming and don't even know they are humming that. drives me nuts. >> how long is your list? >> can i go on and on. >> my brother hates the sound of the blot dryer, oh, my gosh, turn that off. i say you fly jet engines and a blow dryer bother you. >> children when they are crying, that sound.
8:18 am
>> speaking of kid, some toddlers are obsessed with sports teams and others like cartoons and meet a little girl who cannot get enough of cvs, yes, as in cvs the pharmacy. this is iris, isn't she cute. from fayetteville, arkansas. i love this. she chose cvs as the theme of her 4th birthday party and her parents went all out. in her own little checkout counter. she had a cvs-themed cake, goody bags for kids came with cvs staples like chap sticks and bandages and for the grown-ups mints in prescription bottles. >> my kids are always can we go to cvs now. my kids love cvs. >> a lot of cool things you can find. >> can you find everything at a cvs, love it. >> all right. >> i want a maserati-themed
8:19 am
birthday party. >> now the news that fans of "gilmore girls" has been waiting for. >> first "the girlmore girls" fans are waking up with a big smile, new episodes are headed to netflix for a new run. sources are saying the main cast is on board, including lauren graham, who tweeted dudes, can't phone firm this but i also can't deny this. back in june we partnered with "entertainment weekly" for a cast reunion and they said if the revival was ever done it would be done right. >> if the "star wars" thing is a 10 on your pop culture scale. that's a -- >> 6 1/2. jimmy kimmel taking the show on the road and leaving l.a. behind and jimmy asked kids about the differences between two cities. what do you think about people from new york? >> people are crazy. >> what do you think about people from los angeles? >> i think that they are mostly into plastic surgery.
8:20 am
because they really want to look perfect. >> who is better, the mets or the dodgers? >> the yankees. >> what do people in new york complain most about? >> maybe that it's too busy, yeah. >> and what do you think people in l.a. complain most about? >> that there's too much gluten in the world. >> very observant teenager. >> you can see donald trump will take on the volumizer or weatherman haircut the, he's a guest tonight on jimmy sglrmt dylan, what about the weather? >> decent day through the eastern half of the country and down through florida this easterly wind will create some rough surf. if you're in the water out there keep the risk of rip currents in mind. looking for improvements over the next couple of days and winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour. here's the heat we've been waiting on.
8:21 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are slowly warming. we are in the mid to upper 50s. a lot of sunshines and highs in the 70s and low 80s across the bay area. in san francisco, a high of 74. 85 in the north bay. the east bay, 82 degrees. we will have mid 80s in the tri-valley today. a little warmer than yesterday. the warming trend continues as we head into tomorrow. also, expect breezy winds throughout the day. >> and that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> all right, dylan, thank you. now to our special series what the he can are you eating where we're remaking your favorite foods into healthier option. today nutritionest expert jay bauer tackled pizza, and this morning it's all about the burger. >> here in america the hamburger has pretty much become our national food. in fact, we eat more meat than any other country in the world, and reports show americans collectively eat over 50 billion
8:22 am
burgers a year. holy cow, literally. so what's the beef with your diet? well, all hamburgers are not created equal. the type of patty, portion size, choice of bun and toppings can mean the difference between a relatively healthy or unhealthy me. i'll start with the bright side. if we're talking about a standard backyard burger on a classic bun, no double decker action piled with lettuce, tomato tomatoes, pickles and onions the sandwich will run you between 300 and 500 calories, so not so bad, right. why the do burgers get a bad rap because restaurants and creative chefs have turned them into fattening monstross industries from supersize the buns toasted with bun and slathered with mayo and special cause to topping like cheese, bacon and fried onions and some burgers have more than 1,000 calories and load your system with a day's
8:23 am
worth of saturate the fat. that's the type of fat that can rates risk for heart attacks and diabetes. the bottom lines, are burgers grillworthy? of course, but whenever possible prepare your own burgers at home so that you can have full control over what goes in and what stays out. stick with ground meats that are at least 90% lean. poultry your church and whole grain buns piled with lettuce, tomato onions and even sauteed mushrooms and sliced avocado. love cheeseburgers, a slice will suffice, and one to two squirts of ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and even salsa work well, too, and dig in. as for the times you're dining out in the restaurant i have three words. keep it simple. stick with a standard burger, pile on the produce and consider disc the top bun to save yourself 100 calories. now that you know what the heck you're eating, build a better
8:24 am
burger today. >> all right. joy, got our marching orders. good morning. >> good morning. >> so you're building a better burger. the first thing that's really key is the kind of meat you choose. >> that's right. >> so when you're making a burger at home and you're in the grocery store because it can get overwhelming with all the pack amsa, just want to make sure whether it's beef, whether it's chicken or turkey that it's at least 90% lean, so usually you tend to see 93/7, 93% lean and 7% fat. >> that's good. >> and then you know that your burger is going to be low in calories and packed with protein. >> that's great. some people cannot give up the bred. >> and you don't have to. when it comes to the bun go for whole grain, not necessarily because you're going to save a lot of calories because you're going to shower your body with extra nutrition, whole grain buns, standard buns clock in at about 140 or go for the sandwich flats which are 100 calories. english muffins come in whole grain, whole grain pita breads.
8:25 am
some people are carbs phobic and don't like any carbs, you could wrap your burger if you want in lettuce leaves or grill port blah mush rum caps. >> that's actually pretty tasty. >> you're killing me with the lettuce leaves though but i'll gain you back as a fact. i'll show you how to make a bacon cheeseburger. >> okay. typically a bacon cheese burger is 1,100 calories. my version is only 425. >> how did you do it, joy? >> have a whole grain bun and swapped the fatty pork bacon for lean turkey bacon, one slice of reduced fat cheese because it automatically will trim off 40 calories and i have my more than 90% leeuwenburger, lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, if you want, low-fat mayo? i'd split it with you, and gets us down to 212.5. taste it. >> this is really good.
8:26 am
>> isn't that good. >> 225 calories. tomorrow she will a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. this one goes beyond making yourself at home. police have arrested a man they say was squatting in a luxury mansion. on top of it all, he was selling the home's expensive artwork off the walls. he is accused of selling fine art worth more than $300,000. investigators say he was illegally living in the mansion once owned by minor. he declared bankruptcy two years ago and hasn't been living there since. police have managed to track down all but two of the stolen pieces of art. check the morning commute out there, see how things are rolling. >> a little bit of a mess.
8:27 am
maybe a little action there. a lot of movement and a little slow here. we are looking at 101. should see improvement over the waldo tunnel which have seen lanes clear. still waiting for confirmatioco. look at the bay bridge, oakland, a lot of traffic for 880. north off 230 and south down past both bridges, we have had a slow drive. here is the south bay, a number of incidents. the traffic is starting to throw better. the san mateo bridge, we had a slow mover across the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 20th of october, 2015. we've got a nice crowd of people outside. going to love those temperatures at 70 degrees this afternoon and thanks to these folks for stopping by. by the way, you're listening to some of the smooth sounds of the fantastic a capella group
8:31 am
pentatonix who are here to treat us to live performances the rest of the morning. >> pretty amazing what they do. and bill murray opening up about his favorite roles and one that has us literally "rock being the casbah". >> and we have emmy winner jeff daniels joining us. >> also an all-star lineup tonight on "best time ever" with neil patrick harris, reba macintyre. catch it all tonight on nbc here on nbc. >> and by the way, neil's sidekick my cole sherngzer stops by later today. >> dylan a check of the weather. >> we'll have highs in the new york city area with highs in the upper 60s and mid-atlantic lower 70s. temperatures back up into the 70s and 80s down through texas and a slight risk of stronger storms in new mexico.
8:32 am
some of the stronger storms could produce heavy winds and large-sized hail. the rest of the country looks all right. 60s up through seattle and 70s and 80s on good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. most of us in the mid 50s in the bay area. a lot of sunshine. we will see the sun throughout the afternoon as the winds continue to increase. our temperatures increasing as well with a high of 82 in the east bay. in the tri-valley, a high of 86. in san francisco, 74. mid 80s in the north bay. while the south bay tops out at 81. in the peninsula, a high of 79. a little warmer as we head into tomorrow. enjoy. >> and that's your latest forecast. matt? >> oscar nominee bill murray stars in the new movie "rock the casbah" who plays a struggling talent manager who tries to get
8:33 am
a young woman to compete on a popular singing show in afghanistan, and apparently she's not the only one who sings. ♪ smoke on the water ♪ fire in the night ♪ smoke on the water ♪ fire in the sky ♪ >> i used to actually like that song until just about 30 seconds ago. bill, good to see you. trivia, name the group and the year. >> the it's not deep purple. >> it is deep purple. >> and the year is 1978. >> 1972, i was in eighth group. you got the group right. >> it's a crazy song, final understood what it's about? >> which is? >> which is they were recording a record on the shore of lake
8:34 am
geneva, and some goofus drunk set off like a fire rocket, and the only good club in town and burned it to ground. >> and that was the origin of "smoke on the water." >> they were here two months ago, probably still touring, here on the plaza. >> probably opened with that. >> the only song they did. you've done funny singing in other movies. any classical training? >> i've had some voice lessons. you might call that -- there were other people, opera singers according to the same people. i did a christmas show that comes out at christmas time. >> "a very murray christmas" and i sang in that, sang a lot. can i actually sing. >> "star wars." >> and i can sing "star wars." >> i can ruin songs. i ruined "smoke on the water" and i will ruin anything you like. >> you have a whole album of ruined songs coming out. >> that's my final position. >> tell me about this guy. he goes to afghanistan. i'm going to get to the singing competition part and why is he
8:35 am
in afghanistan in the first place? >> kind of bust the. got not much going on and encounters a guy who puts together uso tours, kind of a gravy train for a rock promoter. can you put together not necessarily the best band, but, you know, it's a starting audience when you're overseas and they will listen to cover bands, garage bands if they show up, so he comes out. he hires his secretary to be the lead singer in this band and she bails and then he strands. >> bails with the passport. >> there's some reality here in that i think it was four or five years ago. there actually was a young woman who became the first female competitor on this afghan star show. >> it really did happen, yes. >> but the twist is that after she competed she actually had to go into hiding. she got death threats. this is a comedy. how do you walk that line? >> well, we hope the actress won't have to go into hiding, pulling for her, a very sweet girl and we would hate to have to see her leave her family.
8:36 am
i don't know how we're going to work with. the movie has actually been -- i don't want to say applauded but sort of applauded, encouraged and endorsed by like the sort of number one muslim spokesperson in the country and the fellow whose music we didn't steal but used, cat stevens, who is a muslim, is crazy about the movie and very happy with the way it turned out because, you know, in any movie you can want to kill the producers and he doesn't want to kill anyone. >> so many movies when they look at your resume, when people see you on the street, one movie more than others that they tend to bring up with you. >> depends on the time of year, people in march they will seen "groundhog day" 300 times and they like that. that one inarguably is a great film, a really great movie and, you know, the older people like the ones i did first like "caddy shack" and "stripes" and "ghost
8:37 am
busters," you know is a very powerful emotional statement. >> like a merchant ivory film. >> and then the other movies "lost in translation," that's more acting "and people like st. vincent's" very much. >> do you have one? >> i do like one "brooklyn flower" and i thought i should quit because i couldn't do any better than that, perfectly directed and i didn't think i could act any better than that but this one may be the best one. >> called "rock the kasbah" and bruce willis agrees you're as good as you've ever been in this movie so there's that. >> which is night. >> bill murray, thanks. >> "rock the kasbah" is in theaters this friday. savannah. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. coming up next, emmy winner jeff daniels is here to tell us about his new role in the steve jobs movie. just discussing, should i get rid of the throw pillow. >> lose it. >> so done
8:38 am
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road.
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we are back now at 8:40 with one of hollywood's most ver tile stars jeff daniels and in the movie "steve jobs" he plays a role where he doesn't shy away from taking. >> you're issuing contradictory statement, you make people miserable and our top engineers are fleeing to dell, sung, and we've lost hundreds of millions in value and i'm the ceo of apple, steve, that's my resume. >> boom. jeff daniels, good morning. that's a mouthful. >> a gooum couple words in that. >> this is an aaron sorkin movie which means a particular thing and usually it means a lot of talking, a lot of dialogue and i have to say watching it i just stand in awe of your ability to let it roll off the tongue as though it's naturally coming to
8:41 am
you. >> how do you do that? >> it's hard but you want hard, you want difficult. you want a challenge, and with aaron it's always heavy with tie log and takes more time leading up to it like on "newsroom" you would spend your weekend, forget doing anything, spend your weekend so by sunday night you would know the whole week because if you didn't and now we're going on to the set and you're going in sorkin speed you're left behind. >> and just in case anybody has any impression aaron is not the kind of writer/director who says, sure, just ad lib or this is just a suggestion. have your way with my words it's like you've got to have it right down to the punctuation mark? it's word for word and that's what broadway is. playwrights, you don't ad lib, oh, i don't have to write it. i did "the hours" ma meryl streep and she was walking in and you've got david here, do i have to write, it too, and
8:42 am
whenever you get an aaron sorkin, great, he writes, it i tact? here you are playing a real person john scully and as i understand it you had a chance to meet with him as well. did that add to your portrait, because as you've said in interviews in the past you are not trying to do an impersonation of john scully. >> it's really a dramatization of events and people and john was a great source of information. he really helped, and you could still see how much the relationsh relationship mattered to john years and years later. they didn't get to reconcile, a betrayal according to steve and it ended like that and now steve's gone. there's regret there and pain there, and i was able to put that into the movie and give john a complete picture. >> the movie is not without controversy, i mean, for example, apple ceo tom cook has talked about it, la uralene
8:43 am
jobs, what do you make of that in. >> i don't care because at the end of the day he's a great historical figure. he changed the world. henry ford change the the world and thomas edison, edison, oppenheimer, steve was one of those guys, and those guys that create -- the creative genius that goes behind those guys, they are not simple people, and i love that we had -- we have the opportunity to showcase one of the great creative visionaries that the world has ever had and that means the good and the bad. >> speaking of creative, you are also in "the martian," got that role and going on tour with your son's band. tell me about that. >> the ben daniels band we start friday and go out for november because that's what an actor should do, pick up a guy tar and go to clubs and opera houses and play with his son's band because that makes you young. >> exactly. just hold on. >> that's right. >> jeff daniels, thank you so much, always a pleasure and "steve jobs" from our sister company universal is playing in select theaters and, bands nationwide. >> coming up, a live performance
8:44 am
from grammy winners pentatonix, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:46. october is the girls who develop normally and then suffer a regression of skills. >> doctors say now there's a big chance it can be cured. janet shamlian has the story of one motivated mom and her dream for all rett's girls. >> open and shut them. >> saidy is an amazing baby. where did you get that button from it is. >> she makes me laugh and i make her laugh. i love her personality. how was your day at school? good. >> stephanie and andy have two doubt esers. losy is 4 and sadie a year and a half. at first sadie was like any other toddler. when did you get the first hint that something might be amis? >> when she was 7 months old she
8:47 am
wasn't moving and wasn't reaching out for toys with as much interest, if at all. she wasn't hitting those growth motor milestones. >> a genetic test revealed said he rett syndrome, a debilitating brain disorder and caused by a rare brain mutation it affects 1 in 10 girls who first develop normally until the age of 1 or 2. the first time you read about rett's syndrome, how concerned were you? >> there's not a word to describe it. i lost my balance and i fell to the floor and i am staring at my daughter in her crib as i'm reading this on my computer saying this does not add up. >> unlike alzheimer's and parkinson's, rett's isn't a degenerative disease but girls often lose use of their hand and some never walk. >> she cannot sit up on her own, she cannot crawl. she cannot walk and she can
8:48 am
utter a few words but some of them are a little incomprehensible so we don't know what she wants. >> but it's true, the small things that they say and do, a hug, a touch. >> i want nothing more than for said toe hug me. but she can't. >> hi. she can't lift her arms to wrap them around my neck. >> do you want to color with losy. >> the couple, whose other daughter doesn't have rett's started looking for answered and found monica whose daughter chelsea has lived with it for 18 years. life expectancy for girls like chelsea is middle age. >> chelsea doesn't speak so we use yes/no flashcards. i need a break, i want to be moved, i want someone. is it one of those >> you know, one of the most wonderful things that she has shared with us that she feels loved. >> monica create the the rett syndrome research trust and has been working with scientists for
8:49 am
16 years. she's raised $44 million in the search for a cure. >> we know that rett syndrome in animal models is dramatically reversible. >> scientists have identified an experimental drug that could help alleviate symptoms, clinical trials are on the horizon. >> you comfy, chelsea? >> she's the heart and soul of our family. she's really the glue that holds us all together, and -- and we would be very different people without her. >> i'm amazed that she has a daughter with such a severe case of rett's that she's done what she's done basically as a one-woman show and i was just thinking to myself after speaking with monica, what's minority all of this. >> encouraging news from researchers that a cure is possible, even close, stephanie is launching a future without rett's starts today. >> i made a promise to her to do everything i can to not stop
8:50 am
until a cure is found, and that is what i will do. >> a mother's crusade for a disease that robs girls of so much but can't take away hope. for today janet shamlian, nbc news, los angeles. >> and if you would like some more information about rett you can find out what to do to help. go to >> the the power of moms and the will to help. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. my name is 208 ridge road. and i've...seen things. like the sock rampage of 2010. the sleep eating of 2012. and the babysitter make-out of 2014.
8:51 am
gross. but now with nest cam, these guys can check in 24/7. so they can see all the crazy things i see. hey, ya little thief! did he have thumbs?! okay, now i've seen it all. nest. welcome to the magic of home.
8:52 am
pont tonics burst on the scene less than five years ago making a name for themselves on the nbc reality competition called "sing-off." >> today they have a grammy and a lot of fans including 9 million subscribeser to their youtube performer. they are here to perform "can't sleep love" and ladies and gentlemen, here's pentatonix.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ tell me am i going crazy ♪ tell me have i lost my mind >> yeah. ♪ am i just afraid of loving >> you have hum. ♪ or am i not the loving kind? >> yeah. ♪ i'm kissing in the moonlight, movies on a late night getting old ♪ ♪ i've been there, done, that supposed to be hot, but it's just cold ♪ ♪ somebody wake me up my heart, light me up, set fire to my soul, yeah cause i can't do it anymore ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep ♪ giffey that canned sleep love ♪ ♪ maybe i'm too picky, honey
8:54 am
♪ maybe i'm too picky, honey ♪ but i'm not in the world you're in ♪ ♪ i'm not in the it for the money, ooh ♪ ♪ i'm your looking for the real thing ♪ >> yeah. ♪ i'm kissing in the moonlight, movies on a late night, getting old ♪ ♪ >> it's getting old. ♪ i've been there, done that, supposed to be hot, but it's just cold ♪ ♪ somebody wake up my heart light me up ♪ set fire to my soul ♪ ♪ cause i can't do it anymore ♪ gimme that can't sleep love ♪ gimme that can't sleep ♪ can't sleep love ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep ♪ dream about it, the kind that keeps me you will all night ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love
8:55 am
♪ oh, i'm tired of dreaming i'm no one ♪ ♪ i'm tired ♪ i need somebody next to mine ♪ cause i'm dying to give it to someone ♪ ♪ give it to someone ♪ because i can't do it anymore ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love ♪ gimme that can't sleep ♪ can't sleep love ♪ i want that can't sleep love ♪ gymy that can't sleep ♪ the kind i dream about all day, the kind that keeps me up all night ♪ ♪ gymy that can't sleep love ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> pentatonix. they are going to be back with more music in just a little while. we could have used you guys for
8:56 am
the "today" show musical last year. we really could have. that would have been good. just anybody that could sing would have been good for that. the new album i'm ... ==topvo== the chp is investigating how a pedestrian a good tuesday morning. it's 8:56. the chp investigating how a pedestrian got struck and killed on highway 101 near candlestick. this happened last night on southbound 101 in san francisco near the 3rd street exit. at least two cars struck that person. as he or she was trying to walk across the freeway. authorities have not released the name of the person who died.
8:57 am
fire crews are looking for the cause of a fire that damaged a house early this morning in san jose. it happened around 5:00 on north 14th street east of japan town. firefighters say the residents got out safely before crews arrived on scene. coming up in 25 minutes, a look at your weather for the rest of the day and your traffic commute. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" tv's new girl zooey deschanel joins us to talk about her new movie and being a new mom and the "star wars" frenzy in full force as we get our first look at trailer. and who says halloween is just for kids. we've come up with some costumes for grown-ups coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today today, it's tuesday morning, october 20, 2015. a chill in the air. i'm willie along with natalie and tamron.
9:01 am
natalie, you've got the morning jam. >> who picked this song. oh, it's me. when i heard this song, oh, yeah, that's mine. >> that's marvin gay but a remix. >> the who is that? >> tropical house. >> by who? >> tropical house. the cool people in the studio know all about it. >> trop house, interesting. >> got a little reggae sound to it. >> i like it. i thought you were saying trap, that's what i was thinking about. >> it's good t.steps it up a little bit, you know. >> go nat mo. >> i like it. >> trap house. >> the tropical. >> i don't know. >> you know why i'm not focused because i'm focused on "star wars." >> we're all focused on "star wars." >> not a lot to like about the monday night game as a new york giants fan, but there was only one highlight and it was there. >> dark side.
9:02 am
jedi. they are real. >> the force, it's on to you. >> oh, the best. >> we added that at the end. >> why did we add that at the end? >> sorry, we apologize. >> low budget effect. we appreciate. that's the trailer of "star war wars", the force awakens." >> love the voice of happens solo, saw him getting the hug by presences leia. >> the number one trending topic on twitter last night. 17,000 tweets per minute.
9:03 am
first look at carrie fisher at presences leia. we don't see luke skywalker's face. harrison ford looks great, as happens solo, right on top of his game. this takes place years after the event in "return of the jedi." >> i can't take it. >> do we know the relationship, is that their doubter? >> you've got to the watch. >> i can't wait. >> the until december 18th. >> go to the fan page. there's one really good one and they have kind of started to piece everything -- and i'm torn about the fan pages because there are some people, weird diehards and people who just live and they have figured out things and snuck under harrison's ford's bed and hypnotized him and the fan pages i'm conflicted of because like with "game of thrones" and should have read the book and people reveal things too soon. >> i don't want to know. >> i can't say it. but i'm just telling you when you go on the fan page be very careful because a lot of them don't have spoiler alert and they have figured it all out.
9:04 am
>> okay. >> i'm going to wait until december 18th. i think we should. >> tickets went on sale for the movie right after that trailer air, crashed movie ticket sites like fandango and some people posted photos waiting in line in actual theaters to buy their tickets. >> oh, my gosh. >> december 18th. >> i saw a few months ago. >> so many in graphics is having a real good time. >> okay. >> so j.j. abrams just called has now band us from seeing the film. >> go big or go home. >> and we're home. >> j.j.'s banned us from the film. >> the one before, that the fighter, the sound of the fighters flying takes me back to being 8 years old. >> oh, my gosh, so amazing. >> what is it about "star wars" other than matt lauer that everyone has seen it over and over again.
9:05 am
>> he hasn't seen "star wars." >> just a couple of months ago. >> finally just saw it. >> wow. >> the missing out. >> i've watched it with my boys, the whole series, all six of them up until now, probably 100 times. >> you know, i remember walking into the movie theater on camp buoy in fort worth, texas with my church group going to -- vividly remember seeing the marquee, that's the imprint. >> i was in delaware at the time watching in the theater there. people can remember. one of the movies i remember where i was, when i saw it the first time. >> and how many other movies could have my 6-year-old son 40 years later walk into a toy store and jumping at all the "star wars," just like instinctively in love with this. >> and all the new characters now, i can't wait. >> all the love we've just given, should get something from j.j. we'll see. another topic that we're talking about today, i'm obsessed with this, honestly. the chief, the head of the cia,
9:06 am
his personal aol e-mail account apparently has been hack the. the fbi and the secret service are investigating the situation after a teenage reportedly, someone around the age of 14, that's one source saying he's 14 target the the cia director john brennan's e-mail account, the personal one. still it matters. the hacker claims to be high school student and calls himself cracka on twitter. that's his avatar and his handle there. he says that he fooled aol and verizon into revealing information about brennan's e-mail password so he could reset it and basically lock brennan out of his own account. he said he found brennan's application for security clearance which would have a lot of personal information, background information, and he also has what appears to be his e-mail list of names, social security numbers and current and former u.s. intelligence officials. he produce that had document as proof to say, you know, i'm not making this up and apparently he also blacked out the social security numbers.
9:07 am
>> yeah. >> but he gave, if you will, proof of life that he's not kidding around and also says he got into the comcast billing account of the homeland security secretary, this guy jeh johnson. he told all of this reportedly to the tabloid the "the new york post" and he said he's upset with u.s. foreign policy and why he's doing this and the next target is deputy defense secretary robert work, the number two official at pentagon. >> yeah. >> i think we should make a rule now maybe. >> if you're the head of cia, if you're the secretary of state, if you're the head of homeland security, let just keep it on that government e-mail or just keep it personal on the personal and work on the work. >> yeah. >> i mean, that's the hard thing though is what you're hearing and learning, i mean, we all can be hacked, that's clear, but heer you've got government officials with very sensitive information on their own home servers that are getting hacked and -- and, you know, it's clear there needs to be more stringent
9:08 am
measures of security. >> well, one expert, what they call i guess they are hackers but they are hackers who say they do good, and they say that it's a generational gap that people still don't get, that younger kid, even though we lecture them about not putting up bad pictures, not putting up the nude selfies that were so popular with the celebrities, that older generation, people around our age, still don't get, how vulnerable we are, and that the younger kids that we lecture do, but you just would think brennan of all people, jeh johnson, homeland security secretary. >> nothing so far classified but who knows where that goes. >> don't know. >> very sensitive information, and security clearance information, so moving on to another topic, michelle obama yesterday at white house is launching her better make room initiative. it's encouraging teens to continue their education after high school, and she shared some tips on how to communicate with
9:09 am
teens that she's learned, of course, as a mom of two gen gen-zers. e-mail or may well be dead. kids are embracing snapchat the, i still like e-mail and i guess i'm old school. never underestimate the power of emojis. >> love that. >> if you want your kid's attention, use little symbols, nothing like an i'm mad at you emoji. >> i created a bit emomgy and they have all the appropriate responses with your face. >> and great outfits to choose from. >> you get your faces on it so lucie is out of line and there's one that's like -- >> you've got to the get one. >> lucy doesn't have a phone yet, she's 1 but her friend who slept over saturday night has a phone and now that pandora's box is open. she's like whoa, we get these. she's not getting a phone, doesn't need a phone.
9:10 am
>> not to the call her friends but just in case of emergency. >> i made it through life without a phone. if there's an emergency. >> they didn't put us in seat belts in the '70s but that doesn't mean it was the right thing. >> she's 1. she doesn't need a phone. >> lucy, call me. >> is the that the age? >> because when they start walking home from school and doing other things, yeah, they need to be able to reach you a little bit more. >> i would be bad parent number one. >> not bad parenting. >> come out of womb, here you go, call me if you need me. >> dylan, what's up? >> hey, guys. well if you're sick of the cold we've got a nice warmup moving in and an area of high pressure and winds turning over to the southwest and temperatures should start to get back into the 70s and 80s the. today will be 5 to 15 degrees above average back through the midwest and back through the plains. some of that will stretch into the northeast as well, and look at forecast for the next couple of days where we should get back up to about 84 degrees in st. louis and on wednesday rather, columbus, ohio, about 74 and even new york ci
9:11 am
good morning. i'm kari hall. it's in the lower 60s across parts of the bay area. san francisco at 61. a lot of sunshine. and our subpoentemperatures wil eventually hit the low 80s in the east bay. tri-valley, expect a high of 86. a little warmer than yesterday, but still fairly comfortable. a high of 74 expected in san francisco. 79 in the peninsula. and the south bay looking at a high of 81. >> and that's your late forecast. guys. >> dylan, thanks a lot. coming up next, you know and love her on tv at "new girl" and now zooey deschanel is rocking the
9:12 am
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9:15 am
deschanel has been in some of our favorite movies like "almost famous" and the staring with will ferrell in "elf" and she's also the star of the new show "hit girl". >> and she's back on the big screen with bill murray in "rock the kazbah" as an inspiring musician who takes a trip to him to afghanistan. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> travels to afghanistan with bill murray, that's got to be an adventure. >> yeah, it was actually morocco. we didn't actually make it to afghanistan, but, yeah, it was super, super fun shooting that movie. >> i suppose there's no movie, any bill murray you would say i'm in, no matter what, right? >> well. >> what's a lovely pause. >> that's a girl and her question. there's so many answers. where do i begin?
9:16 am
no, i love this story. it was such a great story. i loved my character, and -- and i thought it was just kind of a return to the classic bill murray movies that i grew up watching. >> yeah. >> and i felt like it was a role he was going to be fantastic in, so i -- i signed up to -- to watch bill murray but also it was found for me, too. >> based on a true story. >> yes. >> it is. >> something that actually happened so who is your character for people who don't know the story? >> so my character is basically it's richie lanza's last client and also his assistant, and he's a music manager and he basically is trying to make a little bit of money and there's a lot of money touring in afghanistan, so he -- he takes me on a tour of afghanistan, but it's a lot
9:17 am
scarier than even we imagine d. >> and then you ditch him. >> but, you know, i'm -- i set the stage for a lot of fun. >> oh, okay. >> well, we have a lot of fun watching you as "the new girl" of course. >> thank you. >> what's going on this season because of your pregnancy? >> yes. >> there's some changes, a lot of buzz on the internet about megan so what's happening? >> so jess gets on a jury. >> okay. >> and she's sequestered, and during that time the roommates rent out jess' room to reagan who is megan fox so that will be super fun while i have a few episodes where i'm going and maternity leave but megan fox will carry that torch, and i think it's going to be real, really funny. >> speaking mav tent leave, you just relead your little
9:18 am
daughter's name. >> elsey otter. >> does she love theers? >> i love otters. she better love otters. we don't know yet -- >> when she gets all the stuffed animal otters. >> she's going to love them. >> what's the story behind -- >> what's the story behind the name? >> well, we just really love the name elsey and we both love otters and very sweet and also smart and they -- and they use tools to make -- to keep their favorite tools, they hold hands while they sleep. there's so many amazing things about otters, they are wonderful animals. >> who doesn't love an otter. >> true. >> all right. >> who doesn't love a zooey.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
back now with my tuesday trend, and you've seen the labels on clothes that claim they are one size fits all, but just because they fit doesn't mean they are flattering, so we're going to go through the dos and don'ts of one size fits all with the executive style correspondent for "instyle." good to see you. >> good morning. >> i just bought a maternity gift for one of my friends and it was a dress that's one size fits all and in the layout it shows the dress with a belt and the it claims it could fit everyone and that's why i wanted to do this segment. is it a truth, fact or fiction? >> great question. one size fits all is tricky because it really depends on the piece. it's not about the label. so i prefer one style fits all. >> win style fits all. >> it's about the piece. we're going to talk to great pieces for fall essentials and really work on size extra small
9:23 am
through large. >> okay. >> so here we go. >> let's start. >> so the first is from express. this is $59.90. it's a great southwestern print, and it's an oversized scarf but it's in a triangle shape so you can wear it as a wrap around your shoulder or tie it asymmetric across the front and it's not a regular scarf and you get a lot of versatility just depending on how you wear it. >> people who are watching who saying, duh, scarf is one size fits all but the way you shape it around the body can be flattering or unflattering. >> you have so many options with a piece like this. >> okay. >> because it reads much more like a cape. >> what do you have for me next? >> next is a belt. this is an obi belt which was a big trend on the runway and the great thing about this belt is it's solid leather, no heart wear, no belt loop or holes so you can customize this piece just by wrapping it around the front and tying, it once around
9:24 am
the back and tying it in the front and then you goat cinch your waist. >> it's cold an obi belt, o-b-i, rock this and don't get caught up in whether you need a small, medium or large and need to do what to do with it. >> i'm a fan of obi belts, i have a couple of them. >> take them out of the belt loops of a coat and swap in there. >> and here's a cape and show you three different ways to rock it. >> fantastic piece from ann taylor $129.99. >> it's adorable. >> works on all these girls. poncho, great travel piece and essential for walking around on the weekend and you can customize it by leaving a bit of clothing showing underneath a monochromatic color palette and wear it open, draped or cinch it tightly at waist. >> okay. >> and that's going to create a
9:25 am
smaller frame. >> ladies, you look beautiful, how it flatters your figure and not the label. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. greek yogurt with a flip of tasty goodies on the side. it's the break, you make!
9:26 am
♪ to love this life ♪ ♪ is to live it... naturally.♪ this morning... ==topvo== as a popular san jose resur good tuesday morning. it's 9:26. new details about a popular san jose restaurant closed with a warning out to diners. county health department closed it on 4th street. health department says more than 40 people now have contracted a highly contagious bacteria. at least is11 were hospitalized. it's transmitted when someone carrying it does not maintain proper hygiene in the bathroom. two other eateries are not affected by the outbreak and do remain open. officials plan to reveal more details later today. also talk about making yourself at home, san francisco police have arrested a man they say was squatting in a luxury
9:27 am
mansion. on top of that, he was selling off the home's expensive artwork straight from the walls. jeremiah is accused of selling fine art worth more than $300,000 posing as a legitimate vendor at that mansion. investigators say he was i will lelgly living in the mansion once owned by minert who declared bankruptcy two years ago. police have managed to track down all but two of the stolen pieces of artwork.
9:28 am
tff good morning. i'm kari hall. a lot of sunshine as we take a look at the view from mount hamilton. highs today just a little warmer than yesterday, but still fairly comfortable. a high of 82 in gilroy. san mateo, 77. 86 in napa. oakland tops out at 79. and dublin expect a high of 83.
9:29 am
let's check in now for the roads with mike. >> calmer after the crash cleared about 45 minutes ago. easier drive down the east shore freeway and oakland looks great from down town to the toll plaza. metering lights on. slow drive for 880 and 580 westbound. a crash causing slowing. only one lane blocked, but a big distraction. rest of the bay easing up a bit. southbound 880, compression. northbound slow from capital expressway up to the airport. back to you. thank you very much. that will do it for us. we'll be back in 25 minutes with with another update.
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines. could halloween makeup be dangerous? lawmakers want to know. senator charles schumer of new york is calling for authorities to require full disclosure of components of halloween makeup and routinely tested. he said the makeup is often made and can contain metals that can pose a damager to children. schumer says the fda doesn't conduct routine testing of novelty makeup and needs to do more to force required disclosures. former nba star lamar odom was transferred monday to a los angeles hospital for further treatment. according to nbc sister network e the 35-year-old was found unconscious last week at a nevada brothel. he had multiple drugs in his system. odom has regained consciousness,
9:31 am
and he was taken off life support and said to be breathing on his own. a new study reveals the heart ages differently in women than in men. researchers at johns hopkins university used mr toi look at left ventricles of nearly 3,000 adults over ten years. both men and women showed a decrease in ventricular volume or the amount of blood that the heart can hold, but men's hearts also got heavier over time while women's hearts did not. experts say heart disease patients may one day benefit from gender specific treatment. a new study suggests that a doctor can quickly estimate your skin cancer risk by counting the number of moles on your arm. melanoma often arrives from a pre-existing mole and researchers found that having about ten moles on your right arm or more than 100 on your entire body is a strong predictor of future melanoma. however, they don't recommend that patients do the counting themselves because it can be hard to dell the difference between a mole and a freckle or
9:32 am
a sun spot. do bad drivers get your blood boiling? well, get this, a new car seat in the development may help you control road rage. it's called an active wellness seat, and it is designed to monitor emotions of drivers. the seat detects stress and fatigue via built-in seat sensors and then offers a customized treatment to the driver. it will give you a soothing massage and a warming sensation that will calm you down. i like the sound of that. let's get a check of the weather right now. let's go down to dylan in for al. >> i feel like that would put me asleep though, don't know if that's much better behind the wheel. stronger storms in new mexico where we could see damaging hail and wind gusts and everywhere else. starting to finally lose the colder temperatures that we've had and getting 70s, 60s and 82s back through the southern plains. we're looking for the rain to take over in parts of western texas especially as we go into wednesday afternoon and thursday where we could end up with several inches of rain. again, everywhere else, high
9:33 am
pressure still in control and should keep things nice and quiet and sho we have a lot of sunshine across the bay area. temperatures trending now into the lower 60s. so warming up as we go through the morning. and expect a high of 79 degrees in the peninsula, 81 in the south bay. the east bay, up to 82 degrees and tri-valley topping out at 86. in san francisco, look for a high of 75 while it gets up to 85 in the authority way. 74 degrees in san francisco. and the winds increasing as we go through the day. >> and that's your late forecast. natal natalie. >> thank you, bill. it's the new show that wants to you have the best time ever and that will happen with neil patrick harris as the host but he couldn't pull off the pranks and sketches without his trusty sidekick nicole scherzinger. good to see you. how much fun are you having on this show? >> it's a blast to watch you guys. >> i'm having the best time
9:34 am
ever. >> that's nice, nice little plug. >> it's crazy. goes by really fast. obviously fast paced and one hour long and once you start it before you know it it's like -- the show is over. there's so many different el mantz. flying by the seat of our pants. look at this, that's crazy. >> neil patrick harris has the best energy, too. must be so much fun to work alongside him. >> he's very inspiring. i thought i was a crazy person and just love work and i'm a perfectionist and i've met my match with him. >> anything on the show where you thought, okay, we cannot pull this off, especially on live tv but it works. >> no. >> you think you can do it all? >> definitely. there's so many different elements, but, yeah, we have such a great team and neil is fantastic, funtastic. >> you've got this and should also say congratulations are in order because "cats" in london got rave, rave reviews and andr
9:35 am
andrew lloyd webber calls it the best recording of his music ever done. >> did he say that? >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> that's amazing. yes. so i -- i've revived "cats" on the west end last year in london and was nominated for an olivier and i'm honored by that. andrew and i have been talking about bringing it back to broadway next year. >> please do. i've yet to see it so i'm dying to see. >> i've not seen it either before i played brisabella, back on stage back at home really felt like home and i can't wait to come here. i love new york and i love this town. >> we love you. we want to see you there. >> apparently we're going to play a game with you, i guess it's similar to one that you do on the show. >> we have a part where neil versus so every week neil versus somewhere else and it's a challenge. >> okay. >> we did this with seth myers. >> so i guess we have to read these. >> and then they blank -- >> there's a blank in the word. >> i'll be the moderator.
9:36 am
>> so i start this off. weight watchers announced a partnership monday in which oprah is buying a 10% stake in the company taking a seat on the board. >> okay. >> these are pop culture topics, i guess. >> i don't even know who this is. home owneder brandon bullies kreefted a half hour display that will entertain his neighborhood every night until halloween eve. the show brings the house to life with mad lip synching skills and singing mclemore and ryan lewis' latest hits. >> i don't know. >> i'll give you a hit. >> "downtown." >> this remind me of the original "down town". ♪ things will be great when you're downtown ♪ >> okay. another one. pore portrayal of the dynamic apple founder gained rave
9:37 am
reviews but at the london premiere of "steve jobs" the movie star -- >> he's hottest. >> no, i know, i just had a brain fart. >> no, that's not his name. >> the michael fassbender. >> he hesitated when taking the role. >> this colorful singer has a look that's even more animated than usual. 30-year-old pop star blank gaga known for her outlandish ensembles has enveiled the version -- >> i don't know. >> katy perry. >> katy perry. >> in an english accent. >> katie perry. >> that went well, nicole. >> good thing we're not on live. >> thank you so much. congratulations on all of your success, "cats" and the show. >> thank you. >> and catch "best time ever" with neil patrick harris tonight on nbc. >> up next, your kids will have the best time ever this halloween. but what about you? we've got some pretty cool you owned your car for four years.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
>> all right, guys, halloween one week from saturday, mostly about the kid, of course, but we're going to get you grown-ups in the spirit, too. >> that's right, "latna" magazine is leer with some clever ideas. who are you today? >> willie. >> you shall not make this pass. >> i'm fantasy football. >> super easy. get a robe like this and put your favorite team's jersey underneath and you're done. >> got an eagles jersey. >> first of all, using what you have, right. >> this is using what you have, alex and stephanie. alex is wearing his formal attire. >> monopoly guy. >> no, listen to this. he is a formal apology. >> oh, there you go. >> and she's a bit of a cat bug
9:43 am
lar and she's an identity thief. >> put on your black outfit and bunch of name tags. >> can you act it out again like you did. >> thanks, guys. >> oh, we know him from around here as a real chick magnet. >> so the costume was perfect for him. >> quick and yeahy, pool noodles, put vinyl around them and stick some chicks on it, a chick magnet. >> and this is claire, and she's a game of operation. take a gray jumpsuit, cut out the wholes and you can be an operation game and you can even have your partner be the doctor and wear a lab coat. >> i feel like i could even pull that one off and make it myself. >> nice job, claire and paul. >> couples costumes. >> yes. >> i think we know who this one is. >> we're having a little fun tonight with the pinata. >> so we started with a
9:44 am
painter's coat that you put on top, a coverial and add some stream esto it and make a pinata and connie is a birthday girl. especially if you've had a fight before halloween. >> she will recommend striking your husband with the bat, you don't recommend that? >> no, no, we don't recommend that. giving out candy though any time you want. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> and we've got another couples costume. >> that's it. >> all right, guys you did great. >> one more time. >> that's unbelievable. chick magnet. >> very easy stuff to do. up next, a live performance from up next, a live performance from grammy award winning a capel up next, a live performance from grammy award winning a capel ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey...
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9:48 am
>> pentatonix is a grammy award-winning platinum selling a capella group self-described at the choir nerds hand now they have a new self-styled debut album with original material. good to see you all. >> good to see you. >> as you guys have risen and become such big stars i hear more and more that you and i look exactly alike. can we get a shot and see what the audience things. your hair is winning, that's all i'm saying. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, wow, that's crazy. >> where they found that shot
9:49 am
from me at 16 i'll never know but good for them. what are you guys going to sing for us? >> a skong called "misbehaving." >> pont tonics, take it away. snow. i'm a million miles away and i'm still thinking about my baby ♪ ♪ an intermisbehaving, no, you don't need to worry ♪ ♪ i'm having a good time. ♪ and i've had one too many but you're the only one on my mind ♪ ♪ 3:00 a.m., my phone is dead, i'm acting like a dang fool ♪ ♪ we're singing we found love and jumping into swimming pools ♪ ♪ yeah, i had a good time, a good time ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ and i've had one too many, but you're the only one on my mind ♪
9:50 am
♪ know that i, know that i can be wild sometimes ♪ ♪ oh, but i never lie cause i'm yours, you're mine ♪ ♪ but i ain't misbehaving, no, aain't misbehaving tonight ♪ ♪ everyone around me is just kissing on somebody ♪ ♪ but i'm just dancing by myself around the lobby ♪ ♪ i'm having a good time, a good time ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ and i've had two too many, and i'm just doing this pass the time ♪
9:51 am
♪ know that i, know that i can be wild sometimes ♪ ♪ oh, but i never lie cause i'm yours, you're mine ♪ ♪ but i ain't misbehaving, no, i ain't misbehaving tonight ♪ ♪ but i wonder, are you out there thinking of me ♪ ♪ is it stupid that i'm asking do you miss me ♪ ♪ are you behaving? cause i'm saving all my love for you ♪ ♪ and i'm having a good time, but i'd rather be with you ♪ ♪ know that i, know that i can
9:52 am
be wild sometimes ♪ ♪ baby, i can be wild sometimes ♪ ♪ oh, but i never lie cause i'm yours and you're mine ♪ ♪ but i ain't misbehaving, no, i ain't misbehaving ♪ ♪ told you i ain't misbehaving, no ♪ ♪ i ain't misbehaving ♪ i've had way too many but you're the only one on my mind ♪ >> that was awesome, you guys. we might look alike but i cannot sing like that. well done, guys. pentatonix. we'll be back with another song when they join kathy lee and hoda. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> all right. all of you at home raise your
9:55 am
glasses. congratulations to kathy lee. >> why? >> you're being inducted into the broadcasting and cable hall of fame. look at your tv. >> and you get a giant cake to go along with if. >> oh, you guys. >> thank you so much. >> cheers, kath. >> here's the thing, this is the reason i'm crying, not because you're going to honor, frank, too. >> we love you, kathie. >> i'll get it out now and not tonight. >> going to be amazing tonight, reg and i are going to host. >> there goes the evening. >> stop it. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> marlo thomas is here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups,
9:56 am
so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. came down on interstate 880.. and crew are still fixing them. 9:56. sections of railing came down on interstate 880 and crews are still trying to fix them about it happened during last night's commute on the 23rd avenue overpass. falling debris triggered several car crashes. two people were hurt.
9:57 am
the highway is back hope, but at some point crews will close lanes to get the repairs completed. we'll check with mike in a minute. but let's get your forecast first. >> look for sunshine and temperatures a little warmer than yesterday, but nice and comfortable across most of the bay. we'll be up to 82 in the east bay. tri-valley 86. san francisco 74. and mid-80s for the north bay. we'll be in the upper 70s on near 80 degrees in the south bay and winds be increasing in the afternoon. we could have gusts over 30 miles per hour later on this evening. let's get a look at roads now with mike. >> a tough tuesday, but starting to ease pup p the south bay we still have slowing 880 right there up toward 101, and that whole interchange slow up toward the airport. and that compression through fremont moving over toward 237 and all those businesses just off first street. as we move in toward the rest of the tri-valley, we have a crash 680 at stone ridge, things are
9:58 am
sorting themselves out. same thing for the castro valley. bay bridge, a nice easy drive. and no lanes closed for 880, they will have to do that project later on like you said that freeway is open right now. >> all right, mike, thank you. another update in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. we made it to boozeday tuesday october 20th, and that is waving to ignite by gold rue, and another song that i don't know. we have a terrific show for you t theday. marlo thomas has spanned, and it is rare than i can say more generations thane have, and she


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