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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. we made it to boozeday tuesday october 20th, and that is waving to ignite by gold rue, and another song that i don't know. we have a terrific show for you t theday. marlo thomas has spanned, and it is rare than i can say more generations thane have, and she
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was like a hero to everybody including me as a young girl. and she has a little play. >> and it is called "clever little lies." >> imagine half a billion people watching your videos online. this is tyler oakley. >> that is tyler oakley. >> yes, he colors his hair different colors and he has two new exciting for his things. not one, but two. okay. >> all right. gl and you know who else is here? grammy winning a capella group pentatonix, and we made them what they are today. you remember the latest video where hoda made the big debut. watch this. that's it [ laughter ] >> well, go to the timer. one, two, and not even -- >> not even a second. >> 1.8. >> and tell them how long you spent on that. >> pentatonix, first of all, hey! secondly, i think that we have the video and this is how long i spent in my dressing room rehearsing. >> she learned the whole song. >> oh, no.
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>> she learned it that day that she got it. thought up her own choreography and sang her heart out, and you didn't even use her singing. >> oh, i haven't seen that. but whoever asked you didn't tell you it would be a second. >> and by the way, kath didn't do it. >> and now i know why. it all makes sense. >> and we love you. >> and they are going to be singing for us. >> we love you. >> all right. thank you so much. >> they will be singing for us. and the big thing is a that yesterday, we had a major, major seismic change, and we moved hoda's part from one side of the head to another side of the head and facebook exploded. more than a million people looked at the facebook post about your -- >> this is so senseless. >> it is not the new hair, but
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sut the same hair but a new part, and i liked the old one better. >> you said you liked it. >> you see how you can't see your face. what am i looking at? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and that is good reason, and cloris leachman said, that you two should change places, but we couldn't, because we have always been this way and it would be wrong. >> yes, it wouldn't be right. >> and then lynn geier said that hoda lost a good ten or 15 years by switching those;v bangs. >> crazy. >> but christine demass was concerned about you, hoda, because she said that you might have neck problems as a result as you figure out how to hold your head now. because you will be stiff and trying to compensate from the change. you will suffer. she was fine with the old way. >> everybody should take a picture of themselves, and switch your bangs however you do it. and show us pictures and how it feels like, and we want to see how it works out on facebook. >> well, you can't hide a
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million dollar smile due to the part in your hair. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and kathie lee, you have to hep me with a wardrobe malfunction. >> okay. stand up. hoda and i come in together, and i hug her and, did you take that out. and you know the thing -- >> the tag. >> and i take it out and i go to sit down, and say, hoda, you have the dingle dangle off there. and now, we have been told -- sgri thought it was a sensor, and they forgot to take it off. >> but it is a a different sen n sor that you and i are used to. it is the kind of sensor that if you try to return this dress and that is missing, they won't let you return it. >> because they don't believe anybody is stupid enough to wear it with the thing on. >> all right. i have never seen this before. >> and pentatonix, you can sing out loud, sounds good. >> wait, she peeled it off. >> and then you open it up, and
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take it off so you cannot return the dress. >> why can't you put it back on. >> she broke it. >> so once you break it, you can't return it. and that is how they know. >> this has never happened to joanne, because she had a very bad habit of that. >> i call it barroom return, and he is something i don't do anymore. >> all right. thank you, jo-jo. what are you singing? >> please. >> we were asked to sing into the commercial break, so we are practicing. >> we are not quite there yet, so keep it downment. >> and last night "voice" the battle rounds continued and this is team blake and it is a guy who calls himself blind joe, and take a look. ♪ i don't want to hear a tango ♪ me neither brother ♪ i'd rather hear some funky old soul ♪ ♪ you know it
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♪ i'd like some old time rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ call me a rebel, call me what you will ♪ ♪ say i'm old fashioned ♪ say i'm over the hill ♪ the same music ain't got the same soul ♪ ♪ i like that old time rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ like that old time rock 'n' roll ♪ >> i say blind joe. they are both good, but blind joe. >> let's see who blake picked. >> all right. blake, you loved them both, but we have to find out right now who is the win oref thf battle? >> ooh. the winner of this battle is blind joe. >> blind joe. winner moves on. >> it's a steal! >> nice. >> i love that steal thing, although stealing is basically wrong. >> except in this instance. >> all right. t this is team adam and twins, and it is andie and alex against 15-year-old chance.
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>> so young. ♪ run away with my heart ♪ run away with my hope ♪ run away with my love ♪ i know now just why and how my life and love might still go on ♪ ♪ in your heart ♪ in your mind ♪ i'll stay with you for all of the time ♪ ♪ if i could ♪ then i would >> they have to be a group. two more and they are pentatonix 2. who did a adam pick? >> well, and dam loves the ladies, so i am picking the adams. >> i am picking the guy. >> adam, who is the winner of the battle? >> the winner of the the battle is andie and alex. >> because they --
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>> chance -- hit it, hit it. >> i want to thank you for believing in me and even the short amount of time. >> and a steal from blake shelton. >> yes! that is so exciting. >> they have big careers ahead. and remember when we had celeste on the other day, and so great. >> and if you were watching football last night, you were watching it for one reason, the "star wars" trailer came out, and people tweeted about it, and people said that from the "times" roast said it is so smart for the nfl to put a whole football game around the "star wars" trailer tonight. >> jedi. >> it is entitled "star wars, the force awakens" and it is set
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30er years after the "star wars." >> and that is when in this series, because i can't. >> and princess leia, and look at that. carey fisher. >> yes. harrison ford in it. >> and the young ones, the children of mark hamill? >> no, he is in it, too. >> and people are going to be good and all of the web sites blue up and fandango and tried to buy tickets, but it blew up. >> it is the same movie even if you don't see it on the opening day, right? >> yes, but you want to see it, but isn't it fun to see it on the first day? no. >> no, it is not. you are asking somebody who no longer -- >> tonight. >> -- you are fun, hoda, and that it is in my life. >> and marlo thomas who has joined us in the kitchen. >> with pentatonix, and guess who is being honored in the broadcasting hall of fame, and being inducted? kathie lee. it is a big, big day for kath. >> why?
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there aren't many people in the world who can say they have four emmys, a golden globe, a grammy a peabody award and the presidential meddle al of freedom. >> unless of course you are marlo thomas. tv to theater to work with st. jude's hospital, marlo has done it all. >> and now back on the the stage which is a comedy called "clever
10:14 am
little lies." hoda saw it the other night, and let's take a look. >> and your mother? >> silly. what call could be so important. and it says unknown. and i want to know how unknown -- >> this is billy's mother, and this is family time right now, and he can't take any calls. >> turn it off. >> rt lt, all right, all right, my iphone is off. that is the backup. >> of course, it is his girlfriend and he is married and he is cheating on her. >> and you are so good, and you know i got to see you on stage. and we are waiting for you the speak. and you wait and then she delivers the lines like a little bomb, and she drops them and steps away and they blow up. >> what a great audience opening night. you were hot. >> you needed hoda there,
10:15 am
because she has a great laugh. >> yeah, yeah, you can hear it. >> and off broadway and you are a star of such stature that you could be on broadway, but why off broadway? >> well, the house is smaller, and that is great. we waited six months for the west side theater, and it is a little gem of a place. beautiful, right? >> yes. >> and it is like a english theater. >> who is the playwright? >> joe dipietro. >> and who is the co-star. >> he is so funny and with one look, he can take the whole thing. >> and your son in the play is cheating, and he is trying to hide and everybody has lies that they are trying to conceal. very sneaky. >> and you know, it is interesting, because you start to watching it, and think, well, this is light little comedy and it is going to be fun, and it is changing, and changing. >> and like "carnage" and remember that. >> yes, and then you go, ooh, i
10:16 am
didn't know this was going there. and i love to hear the sophisticated people in the audience gasp. >> and it is a limited run with you. >> yes. >> and through january 3rd. >> so all through the holidays, you are going to be working. >> yes. >> and how does mr. phil feel about it? >> he is my stage giorgio. i love it. we laugh. >> i remember when they said you would never last. >> they said that about you, too. >> i can make the jokes, too. >> but it lasted all of the time he was here, and that is what is important. that is what is important. >> and tell us about -- what were you going to say. >> we have a game. >> we are going to play a game. and since you are good at lying on the show, you are going to tell us something, lie or pie, and so we will guess if you are lying or not, and if you are, kath and i will eat a piece of
10:17 am
the pie, we were xoing the put our face in it, but -- >> i thought with you guys, it would be shots or something. >> but it messed up the makeup. >> and so, that would have been funny. all right. first one. >> my father gave me a horse reins after my first big performance. >> i think it is true. >> no, it is horse blinders, and that is a tricky question. because he said that i am a thoroughbred and i should wear blinders and run my own race. >> next one. >> my birth name is marjorie julia. >> that is a lie. >> it is true. >> actually it is margaret julia. eat up. >> this is excellent. >> too bad you didn't have shots, kiddo. i first met my husband phil d donahue when i was a guest on his talk show. >> i think that i remembered that it was true. >> i think so. >> what are we going with? is that your final answer? >> it is true. >> yes.
10:18 am
take a nice big bite, hoda. >> okay. my family nickname is mugsy magoo. >> a that is too cute to not be true. >> true. >> not true. >> eat up, hoda. >> marlo is at the westside theater until january 3rd and catch this amazing woman. and in is a youtube video that has over 1 million hits. and find out wher i am totally blind.
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10:22 am
fast forward seven years and now tyler has 350 videos with about half a billion views. he has won two teen choice awards and has more than 20 million followers on social media. >> and tie will ler is the subject of a new documentary calleder? vous. and the reason you are in a computer box is because you are a youtube sensation. >> oh, my god, that is perfect. >> you are always in youtube because you are in your private idaho, and what about this set something. >> well, it is the best and the dream, and my friends and family are watching. and my mom is like living right no now. >> and what is your mother's name? >> jackie. queen jackie. >> hi, queen jackie. >> she has to be so proud. >> she is going to be tweeting along right now i'm sure. >> one of the few kids in college that is actually making money. you have a job and making money. >> i know that i am lucky and a lot of people try to do the
10:23 am
youtube and i started early and i kept doing it. >> and what do you think that you did, because so many places for the people to go and what do you think that you did that was so unique that caught the attention of the fans and the president of the united states and the first lady and everybody else? >> well, you can is have the fancy editing and the cameras, but if you are just telling stories and people are connecting to that and being authentically yourself and having a good time, people want to watch that. and that is why people watch you, because you are having fun. >> and what connects with -- you are a unique kid and you are not the everyday kid. >> what a sweet little face. >> what is it that people connect with? >> you know, i think it is showing the good and the bad. it is not just the highlights reel of this is all of the good things that are happening, but it is being honest and today is not so good and this is why, and a lot of people can relate. >> you say, like an example. >> today, what is bad day like. i try not to, but if something
10:24 am
is stressing me out or if i am feeling lonely on the road, like i share that. >> and you talk about snervous is -- >> it is scared and nervous. >> which is what most of us can be. and this is a documentary and you were kind of uncomfortable having the documentary cameras around you? >> yes, i have been in charge of my own videos and uploading and this is when i took a step back and let somebody else be in charge of what is out there, and it follows the year in the life, and going on tour and being a youtuber. >> and the name of the book is binge? >> yes. >> and what, binging on life or what? something that is not so good for you? >> well, it is taking the conset of binging which is negative and saying that there is plenty of life to indulge on. >> tyler, you a doll. >> thank you. >> and you are adorable. >> and bye, jackie. >> bye, jackie. >> two southern favorites fried
10:25 am
chicken and sweet tea all in one dish. >> and plus, we when the weather starts turning cooler and the air is nice and crisp, i know that fall has finally arrived. and with it, all the flavors of the season. fall is all about bringing people together around delicious food. and each recipe brings as much enjoyment as the company. low prices on everything you need to make every meal more memorable. walmart. bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. no, no, no, no, [music] people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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10:27 am
fourth street in downtown san jose. health fishofficials have close that restaurant. it's not the first time the county has closed restaurants belonging to this chain. the location on willow street had its permit suspended in august. we'll have a live report and an update on the number of people ill in our 11:00 a.m. newscast. there will be more mosquito spraying near marina vista avenue and waterfront road not far from 680. this comes after west nile virus was found in a group of mosquitos and a chicken in martinez. crews are going to fog from 6:30 till 11:00 tonight. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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after a cool start to the morning, it will be warmer this afternoon with highs in lowethe 80s. 74 in the castro. in the north bay, we're talking mid-80s in napa as well as santa rosa. oakland tops out at 79 degrees. it warms up to 87 in pittsburg. and livermore will see a high today of 86 degrees and breezy winds heading into the rest of the day. let's get a look at traffic now with mike. >> kari, a slow westbound 92 drive. that's the san mateo bridge. it's almost 10:30. we're talking about wood debris reported on the san mateo side. slow all the way across the that's the late showing. dumbarton shows a much easier drive. a little slowing for the east shore freeway. bay bridge plaza has folks
10:30 am
paying cash. no problems for the north bay or for the tunnel. back to you. >> mike, thanks. see you at 11:00. ♪ he did the mash smo♪ ♪ the monster mash >> halloween a few days away and we are putting the booze in boozeday tuesday to get you ready for the big night. >> and the author of "ghoulish gadgets" steve danbury. >> and we have dancing brooms, and that ri motion sensors and so much noise here sh, they go on their own. and this costume is a walking x-ray of the big daddy bones. >> does it glow in the dark? >> no, but it is scary. >> what about these? >> we have -- i was going to wear a baby mask, but there is a
10:31 am
big run on them, and we had a lot of the staffers wearing them. oh, my god. a lot of the crying babies at the "today" show staffers. next -- >> you can't do halloween without the trick or treat bags. >> these are cool from personal creations, and they have the l.e.d. lights there, and you can dim the lights and appreciate it better and safer for crossing the streets, and they start for $12 to $20. and you can personalize them, and if you order them now, you can personalize them. and if you order them today, you can have them by halloween. and next, competing with this over here, it is a bowl of tricks and treats. these are edible insects. this company makes, meal worms and crickets here, and chocolate-covered crickets, and i am going to eat one, because i have to. >> do they crunch?
10:32 am
>> like a chicken and it tastes like chicken. >> okay. >> and these are the yakking man and woman who is an old married couple who have to communicate and they have is a l.e.d. situation to talk to each other, and they are funny. all right. now, these are from the "walking dead" string lights that you can decorate your home with. >> charming. >> and underneath it, this is from some little things to be added to the trees from "wizard of oz" and this you can for $14 make your own trees scarier. if you want something in the garden, this is cool from the undead zombie statue from amazon and you cover him with some leaves on the bottom, and he looks like he is coming out of the shallow grave. >> i know, it is so loud over there, and it is ridiculous. >> and finally to end with the bang, we want to scare folks, you can put this on the front
10:33 am
porch, and when somebody hits the bell, these are firecrackers that are electronic. >> people will have a heart attack. >> no, no, no. that is not good. >> and these are firecrackers. >> it sounds like incoming. >> no, no, not that one. >> and all right. okay. >> we got it. >> and so scary. >> that is it? >> that is it. these are just props over here. >> okay. thank you, steve. we have a hot dish in the k kitchen and not talking about the kitchen. and pentatonix will teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. a performance by pentatonix right after this. i love you. love you too. ♪ one minute. ♪ hi. hi dad. we need to do this, yes. ♪
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temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves which means it is time to embrace the flavors of the fall season. >> to help you, our "today" food team enlisted the help of chef ryan who is making his grand mo thr mother's squash. >> i can't believe you like it. well, okay. i will show you what my sweet tea brian chicken is about. instead of mash ed potatoes, i m using butternut squash and you have cream, super fine oil, chicken, sweet tea, cayenne, and spicy mix here and i have
10:39 am
something in here that i don't know, and salt, pepper, lemon, and so that is it. >> and sweet tea. >> well, in thanksgiving, you do a brian, bne and instead, my br has sweet tea and sugar in it, and once it comes to the boil, i add lemon and lemon zest. >> don't you take my chicken. >> okay. you eat it, and this is the most interactive we have been in a while just eat iing the chicken. and now it is brined and brought to the boil, this is is the marinade and i want to add some ice water to it. it is going to take away the saltiness, and now you add the chicken in there. >> in that icy bath. >> ah. >> and let it sit for six to eight hours, and you can go 24 hour hours. and then, hoda, my dear, you take the brined chicken and don't tell anybody or touch it, but this is what the people don't know, how many times have you had chicken that is undercooked and raw? i bake it at the 00 degrees for 2 1/2 hours so it is cooked all
10:40 am
of the way through. >> oh, you bake it first. >> have you had raw chicken in the middle, not good. >> yes. >> and now, get the hands ready, and dredging hands ready. and you take one aband it is warm, so pop it in the flour. >> more than warm. >> okay. now, i am going to be trouble for that, and take eggs and buttermilk and tangy, and this is what you do, it looks good anyway, so you go here, okay. >> what are you doing? >> this one first, and dredge it, and mixy mixy, whiskey, whiskey. and eggs into there, and now into here, and now the spice mix is old bay, chili flakes. >> oh, get it out. >> and get the kids involved because of the way that you are involved it will take nine hours to t m to make the the chicken. and dredge it, and now, girls, come over here, and it is dredged and done and it pops in
10:41 am
oil to where it goes low and slow. >> how long? >> crispy on one side, because it is cooked awe all of the way through. >> and you bring it out, and look at this, look at this, and grab a spoon and try this butternut squash purre. and instead of mash ed poe ta e toes, i use cream and salt and butter and pepper and bring it to a boil. >> whoa, hoda. >> and you dip the chicken and if you want to go crazier, you put some hot sauce on top of it with a little bit of the lemon jui juice, and that is my sweet tea brine chicken. >> you can find the recipe on >> and we will have award winning pentatonix with all of the hits, and they are hitting all of the right notes in a moment. do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances.
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>> david alan grier as the lion.
10:47 am
they got the big break back in 20 # 1 after winning the nbc reality competition "the sing off." >> and since then the a capella singing sensation known as pentatonix have become platinum recording grammy winning artists with over 2 million on youtube. >> that is twice as many as tyler oakley. >> and performing off of the self-titled debut album, this is pentatonix singing "cracked." y yep, "cracked." ♪ i will never give back ♪ drop me to my knees ♪ i feel like a stone of gold
10:48 am
♪ and a heart made of men ♪ but my heart is cracked ♪ my mind is cracked ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ my mind is cracked and i have no idea where i'm going ♪ ♪ no looking back ♪ i'm cracked ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ ho ho ho ♪ you are so tough and i'm never going to give back ♪ ♪ never give back ♪ and they are pulling me back ♪ your halo is gone ♪ and all i see is horns ♪ and a heart that i is fillinge back ♪ ♪ while mine is cracked ♪ while mine is cracked ♪ i have no idea where i'm going ♪ ♪ there's no looking back ♪ i'm cracked
10:49 am
♪ hey hey hey ♪ and fire fire fire ravaging inside of me ♪ ♪ liar liar and my oh my ♪ you hurt me so bad ly and why oh why do you do me like that ♪ ♪ liar liar you are dreaming so bad ♪ ♪ and my oh my ♪ why oh why do you do me like that ♪ ♪ and liar liar liar you are treat me so bad ♪ ♪ my oh my ♪ why, why you do me like that ♪ whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪ mine is cracked ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ mine is cracked ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ hey, i have no idea where i'm going ♪ ♪ no idea ♪ no looking back
10:50 am
♪ i'm cracked ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ sing it with me ♪ whoa oh oh >> they are so great. >> yes, they are. >> all righty. it is one of the best gifts, and they are still sing iing. and bar none. hint. >> and we are about to give away something terrific. and dawn adorable in the for mall wear is going to help us out, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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all right. we want to make five lucky viewers really happy. >> because i am holding on to hoda's you know what, because it is time to give it away. >> give it away. >> and a wine and bar accessory package which is worth $400. >> wow, your house can be party central with the stocked bar with open preserve for your favorite cocktails and porks and
10:54 am
all kinds of things, and you will get the vip rabbit corkscrew and bar tools and cocktail mixer and more. >> whatever. >> it is a muddler. >> i can't concentrate. >> and so now, let's find out who the winners are. >> okay. with dawn adorable. and here is the first one. it is marcia brown of grand rapids, michigan. >> i got here monica herbert. >> and we have jennifer lynch from gran dirks north carolina. >> okay. i got robert doherty from los angeles, california. congratulations, robert. >> and now, good for them. and ricky stebbens from springfield, massachusetts. >> congratulations to all of
10:55 am
them. for you to have an opportunity to get it, you have to go to and register. >> recently a dad was giving away free blue cupcakes in honor of the new york giants, and his dad asked him if p he ate one. >> hey, jack, did you eat a cupcake? >> no. >> did you not eat a cupcake? >> no. >> are you sure that you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no. >> i thought that maybe you had a cupcake? >> no. >> definitely not? >> no. >> not like in the last couple of minutes? >> no. >> no cupcake for jack? >> no. okay. >> jack is going to grow up to be a politician, don't you think? >> how about jack's face, no i was in the house, as he is strapped into the seat. and now, the very handsome jameo
10:56 am
ing to stop by. >> and leah thomas taking us back to 1985. >> and take the test to see how well you are aging. >> and lilliana is here for luxe for less. >> and kathie lee is getting honored at the broadcasting and cable hall of fame tonight. it is going to be a big night. regis, your kids, and all of the "today" show staff. >> it sounds like a ball. >> p and it is going to be fun. we will have a good time. >> is it is time yet? >> and have an awesome boozeday tuesday, everybody. >> bring it, hoda. >> whatever. ♪ >> i in the south bay. this -- as
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 search for the source of a food poisoning outbreak widens if south bay, as we learn more people are sick. good morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. health official are putting the word out if you ate at a certain san jose restaurant last week you may have been exposed to bacteria dangerous enough to accepted you to the hospital. >> there are more people that have turned up sick because of the outbreak. r bob redell is live in san jose. we know there are new numbers this morning. >> reporter: there are new numbers, from the santa clara public health department.


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