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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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twuvl were so sick and dehydrated they were hospitalized. >> most of the people who were ill are middle aged or young healthy people who you wouldn't assume would be severely ill from shigella. >> the doctor says shigella can be transmitted from 10 to 20 bacteria. it can happen if someone uses the bathroom and doesn't wash their habdz well or in the what or some food. the health department is trying to pinpoint the cause. what they do know that is that every one of the sick people ate here either friday or saturday, but they ate a variety of different meals. it's not the first time the county has seen health violations here. >> they had a major violation last month for cooling. >> and records show just two months ago inspectors recorded a violation after they did not have the proper documents showingm ployees had gone through food handling training. meanwhile, this man is still recovering and baffled this
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could happen today. >> this kind of thick really shouldn't happen in this day and age. >> at this point, the county health department says it's possible that the 80 people who got sick, they didn't all eat here. it's likely some of them got sick after family members ate here and then passed the along to them. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. yes, this is contagious. more details on shigella. according to the centers for disease control, 500,000 people in the united states are sickened by this infectious bacteria each year. symptoms usually hit within a few hours or up to a few days after being exposed. this could be treated with antibiotics and patients normally recover within about a week. stay with us for the latest on the outbreak and the future of the restaurant. we're constantly updating our social media platforms and our website, >> for the second time this week, another unruly passenger forced pilots to make an
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unscheduled landing. an american airlines flight this time took off from san jose to dallas but it was diverted to phoenix. that's where police came aboard to remove the man. passengers say he was threatening flight attendants by being belligerent and making fing er guns at them. two days ago, if you remember, a southwest flight from los angeles to san francisco turned around for an emergency landing after a passenger choked a woman in front for reclining her seat. >> well, new at 5:00, how safe is your atm? thousands of dollars have been stolen from people in the east bay. san leandro police say it's been happening at two specific banks. michelle roberts joins us at one of those banks. what's the scam here? >> well, police unfortunately say it's really easy to do, especially if customers are distracted. if you have your cell phone out, you're not looking at the people around you who may be looking over your shoulder and getting ready to access your account.
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police say these bank of america atms downtown san leandro have been the target for so-called skimmers and shoulder surfers. more than $9,000 have been stolen from customers since may. >> as part of an undercover operation, police have arrested two people, including 23-year-old blake cutrel for peering over people's shoulders and stealing their money as they walk away. >> you think you're done and you're not really done, they reaccess your account and take cash out. >> the lieutenant says these bank of america atms don't end your transaction when your card is removed like some banks do. meaning if you forget to press cancel, your account will be open and unattended if you walk away. >> i also know that the bank of america has other reports from customers who have not reported to the san leandro police. >> bank of america wouldn't comment on the investigation, but say, we take account security very seriously and protect customers against
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unauthorized transactions on their accounts with our guarantee covering fraudulent transactions. some customers say they'll start going inside for face-to-face transactions in the future. >> being you're kind of leery of using the atm. >> there's another scam called skimming, when thieves actually put a device on top of the atm or the keyboard that will send your information back to a computer where they can access it. if you see a device that looks like it's out of place, make sure you record it and stay away from the atm. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> new video tonight showing just how clever some burglars are becoming. take a look at this surveillance video from a home in san jose. it was taken back in august and just released to the public today. the woman goes to the front door with a guitar. police say she's acting as a look out. while she's in the front yard, her accomilous seen here goes around the back of the house. police say it's proof thieves are doing more to blend in.
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>> notice the way they're dressed, the video. they're deszed like they belong in the neighborhood. they're acting like nothing is going on. like they belong there. >> police say the man entered the house through the back door, burglarized it and walked away. the pair drove away in a red late model camaro. if you recognize the suspects, call police. >> tonight, a temporary fix along 880 and oakland. anything to help avoid what happened last night when fencing literally fell onto the freeway. the fence came crashing down from the 23rd street overpass at around 6:30 last night. the debris hit ten cars including a cadillac, which caught fire. thankfully, there were no major injuries, but this could have been deadly. 880 was closed for a short period of time to clean up the mess. so here's the fix. crews put up a temporary railing, but it does not allow pedestrians to walk across that overpass. the chp is still investigating what caused the fencing to fall. >> a packed chamber at san
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francisco city hall today as supervisors debated changes to the controversial city sanctuary policy. it limits when or if a city will report an undocumented immigrant to immigration officials. the killing of kate steinle in july has touched off this national debate. mark matthews is live at san francisco city hall where supervisors voted to table an amendment to this policy. mark. >> that's right. there will be no change in san francisco's sanctuary city policy. they had that vote just less than an hour ago. and that includes the sheriff's memo to his staff last march saying that they should not on their own discretion call customed enforcement when an undocumented prisoner is about to be released from jail. the killing of kate steinle became a flash point for critics of sanctuary cities. they accused gunman, an undocumented immigrant let out of jail shortly before the shooting, rather than being
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turned over to immigration for deportation. the steinle family has filed a wrongful death claim against the sheriff and immigration, and supervisor mark feral introduced a measure to rescind the sheriff's memo regarding noncooperation with customs enforcement. >> the fact of the matter is the sheriff's policy goes beyond our local laws and not in the best interest of public safety. >> most of the audience turned their backs to them, and out in front of city hall, protesters called for a reaffirmation of the city's noncooperation policy. supervisor david compose led the opposition saying the entire country is looking to see if san francisco will bend. >> i think it's really important in this climate where you have the anti-immigrant rhetoric of donald trump and others that san francisco take a very clear stand and say, we're not going to engage in that. >> the supervisors voted 5-4 to table mark ferrell's proposal, then they voted unanimously to
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support the city's sanctuary city policy. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from the sheriff's reaction and also from the mayor as you might expect, the mayor is blaming the sheriff. that's coming up at 6:00. reporting from city hall, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> debate continues. thanks, mark. >> we have more information now on sanctuary cities. senate democrats in washington, d.c. have blocked legislation that would crack down on cities like san francisco. the bill would have punished jurisdictions by blocking certain federal grants and funding. the legislation was proposed and heavily backed by republicans. democrats accuse republicans of aligning thel themselves with tt tt and his views. if it passed, the white house threatened a veto. >> longtime silicon valley congressman mike honda is jumping to a national debate. they want the justice department to investigate the arrest of a teenager whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. he made national headlines after
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bringing his homemade clock to school in texas last month. this sparked a debate about racial profiling. last night, mohammed accepted an invitation from president obama to visit the white house. today, as you can see, congressman honda hosted mohammed and his family on capitol hill. mr. honda along with 28 other democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the u.s. attorney general asking the justice department to open a probe into how the teenager was treated. >> i think the behavior, the motivation was phobia. >> mohammed visited the silicon valley last month after google invited him. >> it's down to four. former democratic virginia senator jim webb today pulled the plug on his presidential campaign, as a democrat. webb said he's frustrated with the democratic party's leadership and will explore a possible independent bid. the remaining four democratic contenders, former secretary of
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state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, former maryland governor martin o'malley, and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee. still ahead, what about vice president joe biden? is he still thinking about a run for president? the swipes some say he took at hillary clinton today. nightly news begins at 5:30. >> still ahead, new guidelines for breast cancer screening. the american cancer society says u.s. doctors have overdiagnosed the disease. not everyone thinks less is more. i'm chuck coppola. story coming up. >> my parents said don't be a victim. and give back when you make it. >> it's a spooky success. the haunted house that's generated more than a million dollars for charity, and the woman who made it possible year after year. part of our bay area proud series. >> and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranierra. dry and warm winds today, 10 to 20 miles per hour right now across the south bay.
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we're traging what that means for your forecast tomorrow, plus details on an el nino rain outlook in my microclimate forecast. cancer. the american cancer
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society is revising itid a newedeict about breast cancer. the american cancer society is revising its guidelines for detexz. the organization now says women who do not have a history of cancer in their family could begin screenings at the age of 45 instead of 40.
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nbc bay area's chuck coppola is with us this evening on how this could change a lot of things for a lot of families. >> absolutely right. the american cancer society is scaling back on screening saying younger women have a greater chance for false positives but adding at women should have the opportunity to ask for screenings if they want them. >> dana stevens, a cancer survivor, called the american cancer society's decision heartbreaking. stevens was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 38. >> you waited until you were 45, what would the result have been? >> i wouldn't have been here now. i wouldn't be here helping other women. >> stevens now helps other patients navigate the process of cancer treatment. she does not agree with tests for women of average risk because she says many women don't know if they're of average risk. >> push your position to have a mammogram and ultrasound if you feel anything or even if you don't, you could be your own patient advocate about that.
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>> the new guidelines call for annual mammograms later, at age 45 instead of 40. scaled back to every other year at age 55, and fewer clinical breast exams where doctors feel for lumps. not necessary, the acs seays, fr women of average risk. >> the life saving potential of early detection really is found in regular mammography. that's the test that can find a cancer before anybody can feel it. >> now, researchers say a million women may have been overdiagnosed and treated for cancer needlessly in 2012. the new england journal of medicine found as many as a third of cancers detected by mammograms were not life threatening. >> thanks, chuck. a doctor's office on wheels, health care coming to thousands of teens and young adults in the bay area. it was unveiled in east palo alto. a nonprofit teamed up with samsung to make this mobile health care bus a reality.
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homeless, low incokcome teens a young adults will have free access to this clinic on wheels. >> when you think about your hometown, what comes to mind? probably not just the buildings there. it's about the memories you created. >> there's one group of east bay women who for the past five decades are responsible for creating both. >> the place we're talking about is fremonfremont. you may know it's the fourth largest city in the bay area, but it's also one of the newest. so new it's still possible to meet some of the people who shaped the early history of that city. when it comes to staging the ghost house in fremont each october, there are no small jobs. there is, however, one job perfect for a small person. >> last year, i put in 1800 sticks into apples. >> someone about this woman's size. >> you can work here if you can
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fit underneath this shelf. >> there is nothing, however, small about sunni and her peers' contribution to the city of fremont over the years. >> since our inception, we have contributed something like a million and a half into the community. >> it all began close to 50 years ago. a time when the relatively new city of fremont didn't have many services. like a ymca. >> the children for activities. >> so in 1969, sumi and a group of other women decided to hold a haunted house fund-raiser. >> oh, my goodness. >> they called themselves the candle lighters. >> because they might bring some light or something warmth into the people's lives. >> within just a few years, the ymca was finished. but the candle lighters weren't. they continued hosting the ghost house year after year, and raising money for city cause after city cause. it's now impossible to swing a candy apple around fremont without hitting something they
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helped create. from the pavilion at central park to the roof on the historic depot, to the children's area at a local water park. it's all more than enough to rest one's laurels upon. >> how's this one? >> but not this 86-year-old dynamo. >> my parents said don't be a victim and give back when you make it. >> still, sumi believes the candle lighters' greatest contribution to the community isn't biluilt out of stone. it's built out of the years of memories their ghost house has helped create over the years. >> seeing their expressions on their face and what they're saying is -- is nice. it's fun. >> it's a big job putting on the ghost house every year. sumi is one of the original candle lighters but there are generations of women who have picked up after her, and the original candle lighters who continue this tradition, closing
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in on 50 years, and i guarantee you, you ask anyone who grew up in fremont, you remember the ghost house, absolutely remember it. like i said, the memories, that's what brings people together. that's what bonds you to your hometown, memories like that. they have been creating them for almost the entire history. >> two things, we want some candied apples, and is she really 86? >> she looks great. >> 86. amazing. >> i thought it was a typo. >> you know what she picked up lately? bowling. >> i hear she's pretty good. >> thanks, garvin. >> let's get a check of our forecast. going to be a beautiful week. here's jeff ranieri. >> great weather coming our way. the only problem we had today were the gusty winds that were drier and also hotter across the bay area. not uncomfortable, though, in the south bay. you can see right now, 79 degrees, peninsula checking in at 82. where those winds are the strongest, that's where we are finding some of the hottest temperatures. we take you to the north bay, you can see winds sustained at 13 miles per hour. gusting to 20, 10 mile and plus
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visibility to the golden gate bridge, which you can see there. no fog tonight. the winds will begin to calm down for tomorrow morning. that will give us radiational cooling and temperatures will drop down to chilly numbers especially in the north bay. tomorrow morning possibly as low as 51 degrees. san francisco starting off with 60 and patchy fog frrb the the south bay, 65 degrees. gusty north and easterly winds today. tomorrow, they'll come back as you can see the wind direction again. hotter wind moving in from the interior valleys. i don't think it will be as gusty as today. winds from 5 to about 15 miles per hour. possibly around 10 here in napa tomorrow afternoon. and 11 also expected in san jose. that still will be good enough to keep the fire danger up there. you take the dry offshore wind and combine it with high pressure off shore, and that's why we'll keep the sunny skies in the forecast for tomorrow, and also temperatures in the s 80s. by all accounts, witness still looks like a great day at least
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for october standards. we have changes coming our way as we head throughout thursday, the thing to keep us from getting too hot is a cold front from the north. it should decrease temperatures by about 2 to 4 degrees. unfortunately, no rainfall expected with this storm system. let's take you into the microclimate forecast throughout wednesday. sunny skies expected back into san francisco, and even pushing into the 70s. we'll go as high as 72 in the mission. even hotter in financial district at 75. up towards the peninsula, beach weather in pacific and 71 degrees. san mateo, 78. for the south bay, cupertino at 85. probably some of our best weather expected there. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, highest fire danger tomorrow will be right here across the north bay with the dry winds, lowering humidities and as hot as 88 expected in santa rosa. as we take you to the upcoming weekend forecast, we are expecting temperatures near average for saturday and sunday. that's going to put the south bay at 81 degrees on saturday. san francisco, 70. and the tri-valley at 84.
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so all this great weather might have you thinking about el nino and our rain chances. let's go ahead and get a look, the way the latest forecast models are trending, november likely still would trend dry. then as we head throughout january, that's when we'll start to get the storms coming on in. this is a classic el nino set up, so there's nothing to worry about. everything is on track, raj and janelle, it gives us xri time to get our houses prepared for the wet weather likely on the way for january. >> we'll be ready. thanhs. still ahead, are they unreliable? the new report that sent tesla stock into a tailspin. >> from san jose to l.a.x. and other airports, serial stow away marilyn heartman is back in the news.
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comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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a sexual battery suspect in daly ty we're getting our first look at a sexual battery suspect in daley city. police believe the man in this sketch attacked a 16-year-old girl. here are the details. it happened around 3:00 p.m. on october 7th while the girl was walking near first and castle street. that's just a few blocks from jefferson high school. police say the suspect tried to talk to the teenager, then slapped her when she ignored him. he grabbed her, but the girl managed to get away. you're asked to call daley city
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police if you have any information. >> a notorious airplane stowaway may be facing some serious jail time. today, marilyn heartman agreed to under go a mental examination. she's on trial for her attempt to board a chicago plane. she has been ticketed many times. she's already spent two months behind bars for past stowaway incidents, but the evaluation could decide if she spends a full year in jail. >> tesla got dinged and tesla stock took a dive. a negative report from consumer reports, despite glowing reviews of the model s in the past, the magazine now says it's yanking its recommendation. tesla stock fell as much as 10% before recovering a bit. consumer reports says the 1400 owners it survived complained about a variety of things including the drive train, charging equipment, and body squeaks. a spokesperson responded to us by saying, quote, consumer
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reports also found that customers rate tesla service and loyalty as the best in the world. close communication with our customers enable tesla to receive input, proactively address issues, and quickly fix problems. >> a unique opportunity for bay area star wars fans. that's next. a bizzarre case in the east bay.
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==take vo== police looking for two drivers thatrdru tonight at 6:00, the bizarre case in the east bay. police are looking for two drivers that tried to run over a man wielding a machete in the middle of the street. we have the new clues in this case coming up on our 6:00 newsca newscast. >> star wars hits tleeters in two months. movie fans have a chance to watch it in a unique way. tickets for the early showers are already selling out, and even going for hundreds of dollars on ebay, but moviegoers at the tech museum of innovation will get an extra treat. they'll be on 70 millimeter film in the i-max format. the nearest theater doing that is all the way in des moines, iowa. there are still tickets available for opening weekend. you better grab them fast. >> san jose tech museum or des moines, iowa. >> right.
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get some money and watch it here. >> lester holt joins us next. >> bye, folks. hope to see you at 6:00. tonight, breast cancer confusion. a major shift from the american cancer society over what age women should start getting mammograms. tonight the heated debate and question so many are asking. biden versus clinton. the vice president sounding more like a candidate seemingly taking swipes at hillary clinton and what he said today about the bin laden raid raising eyebrows. and new car rankings. which are the most reliable and most headaches. we have the list filled with surprises. and the future is now. october 21, 2015, we are hours from the day that back to the future stepped on the hover board. what did the movie get righan


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