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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm raj that maathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. lawyers are getting involved in the food poisoning outbreak at a popular san jose eatery after a number of people believed to be sick more than doubled. now involving some 80 people. these folks want to be compensated for what they've been through. >> they certainly do. at least two people who ate here
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have contacted a food safety attorney and sent him their medical records after what they described as costly trips to the er. tonight, the santa clara county public health department says 80 people are either being treated for or tested for shigella. all of the cases associated with the ma ris cosan juan restaurant number 3 in san jose. 12 sent to the hospital in intensive care. >> you don't generally see 12 people, a dozen people in an icu even in some of the worst food borne illness cases. >> bill is a food safety attorney. he was contacted by two of the 80 people this morning wanting to sue the restaurant and is reviewing their medical records. >> it's medical bills, wage loss. and then obviously, you know, you may have long-term complications. >> his firm also represented 16 family who's contracted shigella in 2000 this time from redwood
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city restaurant viva mexico which has since shut down. more than 100 people became sick from eating there and one person died. the families split a settlement of $1 million. for ma ris cosan juan, records show just two months ago inspectors report aid violation after the restaurant did not have the proper documents to the prove employees had proper food handling training. tonight the health department is trying to pinpoint the cause of this latest case. they note nearly all of the sick people ate here on friday or saturday but the newest cases may be secondary infections because the bacteria is so con teenageage us. >> most of the people that were ill are middle aged or young healthy people who you the wouldn't necessarily assume would be severely ill from shigella. >> reporter: we called the number for the restaurant tonight. the voice mail is still full. it could be days or weeks till
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it reopens. the health department saying tonight the best way to stop the spread of the bacteria is to continue to wash your hands. if you have symptoms don't go to work. ian cole, bay area news. >> we're following breaking news at this hour. a police officer in new york city is dead after being shot during a foot chase. the gunman is in custody. this happened in east harlem a few hours ago. police say there was a gun fight between the officer and a suspect. the officer was shot in the head. this is the second nypd member killed in the line of duty this year. also new at 11:00, a grisly annan expected discovery. i an body found within the trapped cars and mud down in southern california. workers spotted the body in this overturned suv in palm idea while hauling away the muck. you see all the mud around it. no word yet on cause after death. family dale was one of several cities north of l.a. slammed by
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last week's rainstorm. this triggered mud slides and flash floods and shut down part of interstate 5 near the grapevine. >> a man wielding a machete has a showdown with two cars. watch the video closely. detectives are searching for the driver who struck them with their cars. a neighbor caught this all on cell phone video. it happened yesterday in oakland. police say the man was lunging at several carson international boulevard. you saw the driver of that red car back into him. and then that white car bumps into him in the intersection. turns out the man's okay, but he has been placed on a psychiatric hold. he just wouldn't listen to the flight crew making everyone on board nervous. that's what one san jose man is saying about this unruly passenger who caused an american airlines yet bound for dallas to make an emergency landing in people to. plane hasn't even taken off when robert schultz noticed the guy sitting next to him was allegedly drunk and rowdy.
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he demanded drinks and wouldn't stay in his seat. once in the air, the situation got worse when schultz helped retrain the man. >> people were definitely nervous. when he would go up to go to thñ bathroom, people around us were kind you have giving me the looks as if saying i wonder what he's up to. i hope that people are doing something about this kind of thing. >> once in phoenix, the man was taken off the plane. two days ago, a southwest flight from los angeles to san francisco turned around for an emergency landing after a passengering there reportedly choked the woman in front of him for reclining her seat. >> new rules for cabbies in san francisco, they have to pass drug and alcohol testing to renew permits. the municipal transportation agency passed that requirement just today. those involved in an accident or if there's reasonable suspicion of drug use, they'll be subjected to testing also. drivers who use medical marijuana will be exempt. this rule does not apply to
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drivers of ride sharing companies like uber or lyft because they're not regulated. beware of shoulder surfing especially in san leandro where thieves watch you use your atm and access your account. 9,000 bucks has already been stolen at two bank of america locations in san leandro in the last few months. people who were targeted forgot to log out or complete their transactions. undercover officers have made two arrests but more thieves are out there. >> teachers in san lorenzo unified school district are asking for a pay race if they can't come to an agreement with the board on how much. that potential strike was the main topic at a meeting tonight. lots off supporters for the teachers showed up tonight. >> there were hundreds of students and teachers protesting outside before marching inside for that board meeting and while it was clear that the teachers
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union and school district are still far part on negotiations, one thing is clear this they don't want to see a teacher strike. >> the large group of protesters filed into the school board meeting this afternoon. once they filled the room to capacity, the message was clear. >> that's why i get paid. when you raise that, that's an increase in my compensation. >> the signs explain the biggest issue. san lorenzo teachers want a pay raise around 6%. the school board is only willing to go closer to 1%. negotiations have hit an impasse. at today's meeting, the union said teachers are leaving san lorenzo for higher paying jobs. >> 30 teachers left our district for higher paying jobs elsewhere. not having competitive salaries is also making it very hard for the district to hire new teachers. >> the districts are not investing in our kids. i'm not a teacher for myself.
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>> superintendent fred brill could not expand much on whether the pro testifies will affect negotiations but he says a teacher's strike is something they want to avoid. >> would be devastating. i believe we always have to put the needs of children first and foremost. >> we don't have enough substitute teachers to cover our classes now. >> both sides meet for mediation on october 30th. if that doesn't work out, they could go on strike. nbc bay area news. >> it was a close vote but san francisco sanctuary city policy will remain in place. this afternoon, supervisors passed a resolution allowing the sheriff's department not to the notify federal immigration authorities about any release of undocumented immigrants. unless they are violent felons. david campos says the policy makes at community safer. >> we want a situation where the undocumented people who live in san francisco and they live in
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san francisco when they see a crime, witnesses or victims to a crime, that they come forward. >> also today, supervisors agreed to keep in place a policy of the sheriff's department drafted telling deputies not to cooperate with immigration officials. politicses are blaming that policy for the shooting death of kate stein leon peer 4. >> police are looking for a man who slapped a girl right on the streets in daly city. he's accused of sexual battery. the victim was walking along 1st and castle two blocks from jefferson high two weeks ago when the man tried to talk to her. police say he then slapped her and then grabbed her. the girl somehow managed to get away. burglars are blending in. take a look at this video from a home in san jose. this was taken in august but it was just released into the public today. police say this woman with the guitar, you see her there, acted as the lookout while her
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accomplice goes around the back of the house. then he enters the lous, burglarizes it and walks out the front door. they drove off in a late model camaro. call san jose police if you recognize the suspects. >> the note is ridiculous. this is art. >> next at 18:00, san francisco's beloved parrots at the center of controversy. the unusual display has some neighbors outraged. >> they're popping champagne in the south bay. a restaurant does something that fuel in the world can do. >> and it may be saving your skin but it's hurting the environment. the surprising find about sunscreen and why you may want to think twice before you apply it. >> and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking an important change for your weekend forecast. that includes the possibility of rain. i have the updated numbers in just a few minutes. a family continues to mourn the
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loss of their son... and through the tears, they're trying to honor his memory. a family continues to mourn the loss of their son and through the tears, they're trying to honor his memory. in august, two teenagers were killed at a campground in yosemite when a tree branch broke and fell on them one of them was this young man, dragon kim born in palo alto before his family moved to southern california. his family says he was a talented student, athlete and classical musician. >> it's hard, you know, we were a family of four. and we went up to yosemite a family of four and came back as the a family of three. >> very painful. before his death he talked to his parents about having his school provide free music instruction for underserved school children in santa ana where they live in southern california. his family says they've now started the dragon kim
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foundation. >> infamous airplane stow away marilyn hartman will undergo a mental examination. hartman is currently on trial in chicago for her latest attempt to board a plane without a ticket. she has been arrested numerous times for sneaking on to planes across the nation including one time at the san jose airport. she's spent two months behind bars for past incidents but this evaluation could determine if she spends a full year in jail. tesla's reputation takes a hit as doesity stock after getting a negative report from consumer reports. despite glowing reviews of the model s in the past, the magazine is yanking its recommendation. the stock fell as much as 10%. tes las tells us "consumer reports also found that customers rates of service and loyalty as the best in the world. close communication with our customers allows us to address issues and quickly fix problems." >> book your table asap.
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we've never said this before. one of the best 100 restaurants in the world is in the south bay. it's amazing story of perseverance. man ray sa restaurant in los gatos has risen from the ashes. you might remember this, a fire destroyed man ray sa in 2014. now less than 11 months after it reopened it has been awarded the coveted third mish lan star. that means it's one of the world's top 100 restaurants. there are now five bay area restaurants with three michelin stars an including french laundry and meadowwood. >> while fathers are ruffleded in san francisco, there is as art exhibit featuring parrot meat. the meat from the same parrots of telegraph hill. >> it's not what you think. terry mcsweeney is in the city next to the controversial art. and what's the real story here? >> see for hurz rap a stack of cans in a store front window supposedly the sky rat brand.
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the ingredients boiled parrot. over here more stacked cans, connyer a type of parrot. some will tell you this is art. there are others who say the person who put this exhibit together should have his wings clipped at least. >> the display of fooden cas supposedly containing locally harvested parrot meat has people stopping on grant avenue. parrots are beloved by many near telegraph hill where flocks thrive. the thought of them headed for a dinner plate prompt there had note on the front of the store. your display is not at all funny if that's what you think it is. you're in the wrong neighborhood. shame on you. to the right of that note a response that reads in spart the writer should find something real to be outraged about like just how much of a jackass he, she is.
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>> i would more agree to the person who wrote the right letter. >> what does this exhibit mean? the man behind the art is store owner brady bal ta zorwho tells us just as your trip to the sf mo may would be no more improved by the ghost of jackson pollack, we believe art is best when left to succeed or fail on its own merits. this is art. this is an art friendly neighborhood. >> like food cans, artwork can also have a shelf life. when this art expires there may be another idea about to take flight. >> my 9-year-old said at din remember tonight maybe they should sell coit meatless. >> keep in mind terrific street hasn't even opened yet. i asked the owner what kind of business it's going to be. he wouldn't say, other than it's going to be independent, inclusive and bohemian. it's already one of the best known stores on the block. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news.
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>> >> uniquely san francisco. thank you. should we bring in jeff? >> let's bring in jeff. >> take it away. >> let's get a look outside the sky camera network. clear skies helping temperatures to drop down to 61 in the peninsula. east bay averaging 63 and san francisco at 62. in the north bay right now, 56 degrees. napa, sonoma, yountville, st. helena feeling the chill tonight. we have lowered the numbers based on what we're seeing right now. tomorrow morning down to 49 dgs for the average in the north bay. we may have temperatures a few dgs lower than that. east bay, are 56 and 55 and mainly clear. next to a weather map that is admittedly rebusy. there's a lot going on here. what you want to notice here is what's happening inland. watch how the wind arrows are moving. that's a very dry wind
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direction. we had dry winds today. we'll keep those in the forecast for tomorrow. of winds five to ten miles per hour for your wednesday. on off of that, we have high pressure offshore. it hasn't moved much. that's the main reasonian we'll keep 80s in the forecast for wednesday. i think it's going to be a really nice day across the bay area from the coastline back to the interior valleys. we do have a change coming by thursday. i an cool front drops down. it will be dry. we're not expecting rain at this point. it will decrease temperatures 2 to 4 degrees. the large change we're just now seeing on the latest update is by sunday's forecast, the system moves in off to the north. we think woo may get a few isolated in marin, sonoma, maybe down to san francisco. at least it's the promise of something to help keep ha fire danger down. as we take you through the
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microclimate forecast, notice the temperatures in san francisco. 75 in the financial district. you probably can leave the jacket at home. 71 in pacifica, maybe a little beach weather for you. palo alto 81. south bait 85. to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. hot for this time of year in livermore with 87. up to the east bay, it's warmer than average and oakland at 79 degrees. we are expecting temperatures near average on saturday and sunday. that that will put us right in the upper 70s. we've been talking about el nino but what you about sierra snow? i took a look back at the historical records of strong and very strong el nino events. you can see 1966, the lowest snowpack was 75% of average. the highest was the '82-'83 el nino. 225% of average.
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oh raj and jess, even those el nino does bring in warm systems, we can't totally count out the possibility of snow. some good news when is you look at things overall. >> still ahead, going back to the future all day tomorrow. >> we're back in a moment. bls new recommendation s tonight are
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reducing the number of mammograms women should get and delaying . new recommendations tonight reducing the number of mammograms that women should get and delaying the start of the annual exams until women are older. the american cancer society says women of average risk should start mammograms at age 45. that means without genetic mutations or a family history of breast cancer. it also recommends that at 55, women should transition to screenings every other year. >> the life-saving potential of
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early detection really is found in regular mammography. that's the test that can find a cancer before anybody can feel it. >> american cancer society says the changes are designed to eliminate false positives and the overtreatment of breast cancer. sunscreen might recollect your skin but killing coral and reefs around the globe. scientists found a single drop of sunscreen breaks down the coral in an area equivalent to he about six olympic sized pools. any damage to reefs around the world is a dent in local economies who rely on them for tourism. it's devastating to the fishing industry. there's all kinds of species depend on reefs for food. a lot of playoff news from baseball. but we're going to check in with the 49ers. ♪
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the studios, the nba's general managers conducted their annual survey and the gms chose the cavaliers at 53% to win the season's nba title followed by the spurs at 25 and then the warriors at 17. more doubt from the outsiders heading into the 2015-16 season.
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the clippers of course, the leaders of the dubs can detractors. curry and iguodala getting the night off. warriors could have used this em. final minutes of the half, chris paul the dish to j. j. reddick. cp 3 ten assists as l.a. lady by 24 at the break. there's a clipper low light. blake griffin should be a layup. blows the layup. he scored a game high 29 points. dubs still have clay thompson knocked down the team high 21 points in 27 minutes including 15 in the third quarter. wasn't enough. dubs blown out in l.a., 130-95. nervous night at wrigley field. new york leading two games to none. top six, tied at two. michael conforto strikes out. esses scores the go-ahead run with conforto safe at first, the second go ahead strikeout run in postseason history. mets win 5-2, taking a
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commanding 3-0 lead. kansas city all over toronto. cliff pennington becoming the first position player to pitch in the postseason ever. escobar, a two-run single. kansas city wins 14-2 setting a franchise record for runs scored in a postseason game. >> we need this to gain momentum moving forward. we're not in a position to lose any more games. >> they certainly aren't. thursday's a must win for the 49ers. seattle has won five of the last seven meetings between the two. seahawks have averaged twice as many points and turned the ball on an average of once left per game. seahawks a struggling 2-4 coming in. finally, starbucks and oakland native marshawn lynch teaming up to help create opportunities for
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underprivileged youth. starting october 22nd through february 29th with every purchase of the new beast mode frappuccino the program will be assisted, the company will donate 24 cents, lynch's number to his family first foulkes. in addition, starbucks will kick off the new relationship with a $24,000 contribution. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. no need for "star wars" to use
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the force to get people excited. so many people bought tickets >> no need for "star wars" to use the force to get everyone excited. so many people bought tickets for the film's opening night, as you can expect, it broke previous records. fandango sold eight times as many tickets as it did for the previous record holder "the hunger games." amc the movie chain was ten times as many. tickets went so fast and furious, forgive the pun, ises crashed. opening night for "star wars" is december 17th. a movie that was ahead of its time literally. back to the future 2 came out nearly 30 years ago. tomorrow is the day to celebrate
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it. tomorrow is back to the future day in the second film of the trilogy, michael j. fox's character goes into the future. the day he picked october 21st, 2015, tomorrow. while some of the things in the movie were outlandish like flying cars some were realistic like the hover boards. the cast of the movie will be on the "today" show to talk more about the iconic movie. mcfly. >> remember, 2015 was so far away when that movie came. what's going to happen way out there. >> it's tomorrow. >> and the delorean, they actually have a delorean. we've got to get one of those. >> that was a cool car. >> enjoy tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary clinton, dakota johnson, musical gues


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