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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it's intended to lift buildings in earthquakes. >> when i watched, it was like, 2015 was so far away. major political news tonight. biden won't run. the vice president finally ends the drama and sends a message to hillary clinton. what it means for her path to the presidency. with the high stakes benghazi hearing now hours away. a shocking road rage attack. a 4-year-old girl shot dead while riding with her family. what happened on the stretch of highway. tonight, what witnesses saw as police hunt for a killer. the cia chief's e-mails stolen by a high school hacker and now exposed to the world, including what he told the president privately about iran. and balancing act. for the man being pressed to take one of the most powerful jobs in america. he said it has to include time for his kids. sparking a conversation about fathers and family. "nightly news" begins
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right now. good evening. he's finally decided and the answer is no. today vice president joe biden officially closed the door on running for president. ending 82 days of pure political drama and framing the final chapter of his long career. but with that door closed another may have opened for hillary clinton. while she tonight is the benefactor of the news it was not on the other end of a shot by the vp. our political team is here. kristin welker broke monday that a biden decision would come down in the next 48 hours leading off tonight. kristin. >> joe biden said he won't run but disapproves of hillary clinton split on the trans-pacific trade and health care and immigration. he didn't endorse anybody but delivered a strong message to
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all of the democratic candidates. >> i believe we're out of time. >> and with those words, vice president joe biden closed the door on his life-long goal of running for president. an extraordinary moment in the rose gardens, bowing out but delivering a call to action and taking a swipe at hillary clinton who has moved away from some of obama's policy. >> this party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> reporter: biden, who made his decision last night, said the grieving process over his late son beau was pivotal. >> i've said all along, what i've said time and again to others, that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i've concluded it has
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closed. >> reporter: but biden said he won't sit on the side lines. >> but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> reporter: clinton called biden after his speech and tweeted, the vice president is a good friend and great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. the buzz emerged in august as hillary clinton's campaign was floundering, when the "new york times" reported beau biden, before his death, has encouraged his father to run. but with his recent poll numbers dropping and clinton's strong debate performance, pressure mounted and put the white house in an increasingly awkward position. >> what is going on? >> well, again, you guys are the ones that can read the political tea leaves. >> biden ran in 1987 and again in 2008, unsuccessful campaigns marked by missteps and gaffes. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or dunkin'
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donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> reporter: and it was clear he came to the decision reluctantly, knowing at 72, this was likely his last chance. nbc news, the white house. >> reporter: this is andrea mitchell in washington. with joe biden out, the democratic race officially becomes a two-person showdown between clinton and sanders. and that is good news for clinton. and in the latest "wall street journal" poll, clinton's lead over sanders increases by five points without biden competing for the same voters. especially with minorities, african-americans and latinos. a primary contest between clinton and biden would have split the party and the obama white house. >> it would have been to have been a personal and bitter campaign. that would have left an injured hillary clinton to go into the fall campaign. >> reporter: biden stayed clear of any endorsement today. instead taking a not so subtle jab at clinton that she's proud to call
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republicans her enemy. >> they are not our enemies. and for the sake of country, we have to work together. >> reporter: biden's strongest supporters like the firefighters are still reluctant to back clinton. >> if a marriage doesn't work, we're not going to just jump into another marriage. >> reporter: and clinton's washington home has become a war room, with husband bill, campaign chairman john paddesta pedesta and lawyers and former aides.edesta and lawyers and former aides. her game plan, unlike last time -- >> what difference does it make. >> this time she will try to stay cool and play up republican missteps. >> it is a partisan vehicle as admitted by the house republican majority leader mr. mccarthy, to drive
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down my poll numbers. big surprise. >> reporter: but the benghazi controversy could still hang on. a movie coming out soon all but blames clinton. a grieving mother's whose son was killed also blames clinton. >> it was her department. how come she let my son be killed? how come? she knew this was happening. >> reporter: and i'm told that clinton is planning to tell the committee that the slain ambassador chris stevens would not want to pull diplomats back from the front lines. the lesson will be to make them more secure. but 44% of the americans in the new poll say they are not satisfied by her answers so far on benghazi. those people are her audience tomorrow. >> thank you. the announcement rocketing across washington and far beyond the campaign trail. donald trump tweeted, i think joe biden made correct decision for him and his family. personally i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad, he tweeted. >> and with that, let's bring in "meet the press" moderator chuck todd, let's put this perspective. bernie sanders has defied political standards and hillary
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clinton was seen as the nomination was hers to lose. how does the equation change. >> it changes sim comply in that right now in that had joe biden gotten in, we would be talking about bernie sanders as the front-runner in the next six months because just as andrea mitchell out lined, it would split the party. but he has a hard core 35-40%. but that may be his ceiling. in a two-way race it is a way to lose by 20 but it is also a way to win. let's look at the big picture. we may look back in july, we'll be in philadelphia looking at the democratic convention and if she is the nominee we'll look back at the ten day period, ending saturday with the jj dinner in iowa, benghazi testimony, and biden getting out, we may look at this as the period that hillary clinton clinched the presidential nomination. >> thank you very much. and now to paul ryan. under pressure to take one of the most
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powerful and stressful positions of the country. he said he will do it but only if his conditions are met first. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill with more on that. >> reporter: good evening. capitol hill in suspense tonight. the search for a new speaker in unchartered territory. a reluctant paul ryan has set conditions he said must be met in order for him to take the powerful top job. ryan wants to change house rules to make it harder to force out a future speaker, and will personally insist on going home on weekends to wisconsin to be with his school-age children. and not go fundraising around the country as speaker boehner usually does. ryan spent today meeting with small groups of conservatives, most resistant to backing him, including tea party republicans who call themselves the freedom caucus. without their endorsement, paul ryan said he won't run. and he wants their answer by friday. and the election for the next speaker is next week. so this all comes just as congress is staring at a debt -- a deadline to increase the debt limit, the
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government's ability to borrow. >> thank you, kelly. now trouble for the director of the cia. wikileaks is spilling some of the contents of his personal account days after hackers bragged about stealing it on social media. as our justice correspondent pete williams tells us some of the data includes advice the cia chief gave the president on iran. >> reporter: through twitter messages, the hackers themselves left behind some of the best clues to their identity. as the e-mails they stole show up elsewhere. example -- in a memo drafted in 2007, john brennan, then advising the obama campaign, recommend the next president tone down the rhetoric on the government of iranian president ahmadinejad. and establish a direct dialogue with iran. that is among documents published tonight by wikileaks, stolen from brennan's personal aol e-mail account by hackers. including one who calls himself cracka
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and compares himself to edward snowden now evading capture in moscow. tweeting, hey russia, if you are reading this, was wondering if you could help us out with a place to stay. and fearing imminent arrest, he tweeted, what are those flashing lights. the hackers had already revealed e-mails, including names and social security numbers of current and former intelligence officials and claim they got into a comcast account of jeh johnson. >> the one thing i will say is don't believe everything you read in the newspaper because a lot of it is inaccurate. >> reporter: the hackers used a phony verizon employee code to trick them into revealing enough of the account information to re-set the password on his aol account and take it over. the cia director of all people should have known better. >> never bank on security being 100% certain in any worldwide web online-based open e-mail account. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say that finding the hackers has become an
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urgent priority for the fbi and the cia condemns what it calls the malicious crime of plundering the electronic holdings of the brennan family. lester. >> pete, thank you. for five years president assad has hunkered down in damascus while his country disintegrated. so it came as a surprise today to see hem today with vladimir putin. it is three weeks since they have begun air strikes in syria. but as richard engel tells us tonight, the meeting in moscow was more than just a thank you visit. >> reporter: president assad made a surprise visit to moscow to meet with his defender, vladimir putin. his first known trip abroad since the war began. how assad traveled was kept secret. the trip revealed only after he was back in damascus. russia seems to want to show the world its a superpower once more. releasing new footage today of what it
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claims are more than 40 air-strikes over syria in the past 24 hours. a lifeline for assad. but russia may be trying to broker an end to the conflict. putin saying military operations will lay the base for a long-term political settlement. but after a quarter million dead, can any political solution include assad? u.s. officials tell nbc news that putin may be propping up assad, only to transition him out later. whatever the master plan, the score also has a fringe benefit for russia, showcasing the latest weapons. advanced cruise missiles and fighter jets. russia is milking the conflict for every drop of propaganda. state-controlled media brags about russia's military prowess, releasing footage from a drone flying low over battlefields near damascus. >> putin has brought them to the front lines of syria.
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and wants the world to know it. neighbor to end the war, maybe to sell weapons, certainly to gain as much prestige as possible. >> here at home. another wild day of weather in the southwest and hail bombarded southern new mexico. some as big as golf balls. storms have been wreaking havoc in the region and the risk of strong storms and heavy rain continues tomorrow into west texas. 1-4 inches of rain are possible. later in the week the risk of flooding shifts to the central and southeastern part of the state. still ahead tonight, a fatal case of suspected road rage. a shooting on a busy highway in broad daylight, leaving a 4-year-old girl dead. and now tonight, a late development of the manhunt for the person who pulled the trigger. and also a warning about a potential unforeseen side effect in the antibiotics so many of us give our children.
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there is developing news in the state of new mexico. a manhunt for a driver who opened fire in an apparent road rage attack on the highway in the middle of the day, killing a 4-year-old girl riding in her family's car. and word just in that a person of interest in that shooting has been taken into custody. nbc's jacob rascon is in albuquerque, a city in shock this evening. he has late details. >> reporter: the gunman opened fire on this red dodge pickup. with the garcia family inside. the victim, 4-year-old ileana garcia, died at
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hospital. >> this is a horrific time for this family. the tragic loss of little 4-year-old lilly, well before her time. >> reporter: investigators don't know how it started, and witness accounts don't all agree, but one woman tells nbc news the red pickup and another vehicle were driving erratically. >> the truck was literally going across several lanes and just to avoid this vehicle to pass. >> reporter: the garcia family was driving together in the middle of the day. dad allen, 7-year-old isaac and ileana, who they called lilly. her mother veronica writing online, i need to catch the individual who took my baby from me. her dad and her brother. i beg you, please, please share. >> most road rage incidents are not deadly like this one several days ago near dallas. >> what were you doing when you hit them? >> i don't care. >> reporter: one study
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finds some 66% of traffic deaths are linked to aggressive driving and aaa said fatalities and injuries linked to aggressive driving increase every year. dangerous driving with deadly consequences and a family forced to say goodbye to a beloved daughter. the fbi and local law enforcement have been working around the clock on this case. late today they announced they have in custody someone that appeared to match the gunman's description but are waiting to release more information until they serve search warrants. lester. >> jacob rascon, thank you. we're back in a moment with the new character moving to sesame street and why she's so ground-breaking.
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there is new research out that finds children who frequently take antibiotics gain weight faster than kids who never take them. a largest study of its kind of the medical records of over 160,000 children. scientists say the reason could be because the medicine gets rid of certain bacteria, changing the way a child's body breaks down food. researchers say it is one more reason to take antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. an increase to report in the number of people using marijuana in this country. according to a new study, pot use among american adults has more than doubled in the past decade or so to more than 9%. 23 states now allow some form of medical marijuana recreational use is legal in four states and washington, d.c. sesame street has a new kid on the block. her name is julia and she is the first character with autism.
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she is part of an online program aimed at giving kids with autism a character they can relate to and helping others understand what it means to have autism. her first adventure is a play date with elmo. it is a in a free story book available online right now. and there is word of a hollywood sequel this etching. chris rock will return as the host of the 88th academy awards, 11 years after the first oscars hosting gig in 2005. the 50-year-old rock made an announcement posting a photo of himself with the oscar and the caption, look who's back. when we come back, putting family first. how the leadership battle in the house is exposing a personal battle many of us are having in our homes. ===jess vo=== but after an
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intense search...the boy is found. we'll show you the happy family reunion. ===janelle vo=== plus, how beavers could help ease the california drought. ===next close=== next. =janelle/vo= right now at 6. it's dangerous and potentially finally tonight, can you really have it all, at work and at home? it is questions working moms have to answer all of the time. but something congressman paul ryan said, as our hallie jackson tells us, is opening up a debate about work-life balance for dads. >> reporter: it is not the pressure of this powerful position giving paul ryan pause. congress's young gun is thinking about his three young kids.
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>> i cannot and will not give up any family time. >> unlike his run for the vice president, where his family would lived in washington, as speaker ryan would still have to commute to wisconsin on weekends, while wrangling fundraising trips that cut in to quality time at home. >> it is four days a week as it is. i'm not going to spend the other three days a week running around. >> he considers his family time as oxygen, is breathing new life into a debate of how to balance work and home. online reaction raising from applause to envy. one man tweeting, too bad that isn't an option for others. ryan, taking some heat for his position against a federal paid leave bill, even as most men say they support paid paternity leave. >> these are issues for everybody. this is what everybody wants. this is not just women or mommy issues. >> reporter: over the last five decades, fathers have tripled time with their kids, but but half feel they are not around their kids enough and dads
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who are face fire. remember when daniel murphy missed two mets game with the birth of his son. he doesn't regret how he balanced work and family. >> fatherhood is a much greater responsibility than 0 for 4 or 2 for 4 or 1 for 3 and a walk. >> this ceo and father of three made headlines after resigning when he decided the only way to balance was by stepping back from my job. high-profile examples but still rare ones on the national stage. the conversation at the capitol sparking another in living rooms across the country. hallie jackson, nbc news, washington. >> that will do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. it's dangerous and potentially
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deadly. tonight, the shigella outbreak has spread to more right now at 6:00, dangerous and potentially deadly. tonight, the shigella outbreak spread to more people and now to three bay area counties. i'm janelle wang in forage mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. a nasty intestinal infection that at best will leave you dehydrated and in pain and worst could kill you. in the last hour, the san mateo county health department confirmed two cases of shigella, that brings it to 26 cases and
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98 reported cases. one restaurant remains closed and employees being tested. we're joined with more on the new cases. >> reporter: that's right. the employees won't be able to come back until they have clearance from their doctors. the restaurant also has to be cleaned. meanwhile, dozens of people are still sick tonight wondering how this happened. i spoke to one man who is ready to go back to break and is spending his days off suing the owners of this restaurant. >> i'm scared. >> greg mize ner says once he gets his appetite back, he plans to eat at home for a while. >> i'm kind of at the mercy of whether someone had to wash their hands because there was no indication that anything was wrong. >> mize ner says on friday, he ordered a tostada for dinner in downtown san jose. within a few hours, he knew something was wrong. >> took my temperature and it was


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