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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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98 reported cases. one restaurant remains closed and employees being tested. we're joined with more on the new cases. >> reporter: that's right. the employees won't be able to come back until they have clearance from their doctors. the restaurant also has to be cleaned. meanwhile, dozens of people are still sick tonight wondering how this happened. i spoke to one man who is ready to go back to break and is spending his days off suing the owners of this restaurant. >> i'm scared. >> greg mize ner says once he gets his appetite back, he plans to eat at home for a while. >> i'm kind of at the mercy of whether someone had to wash their hands because there was no indication that anything was wrong. >> mize ner says on friday, he ordered a tostada for dinner in downtown san jose. within a few hours, he knew something was wrong. >> took my temperature and it was 105.
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>> he's suing the owner of the restaurant after he says doctors confirmed that his fever along with diarrhea and abdominal pain were symptoms of shigella. >> it is reasonable after the amount of physical suffering i've gone through to have some kind of compensation. >> the health department says there are 93 reported cases. of those, 24 have been confirmed. five cases reported in santa cruz county. two people in san mateo county have also been confirmed. health officials say they're all linked to ma ris coe's. >> the majority of patients were being cared for in the icu have improved and discharged or moved to other units of the hospital. >> today, dr. george hunt is urging restaurant workers to wash their hands frequently and call in sick if you experience any symptoms. >> it takes very few bacteria. as low as 10 or 20 individual bacteria to infect someone. >> mizner is regaining strength
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and hoping his lawsuit sends a message to other restaurant owners in san jose. >> wash your hands. >> reporter: the health department says the majority sick ate here at the restaurant. in some cases, they spread it to their family members. officials say the best way to protect yourself is to really just wash your hands. reporting live, michelle roberts, bay area news. >> that cannot be said enough. wash your hands. meanwhile, a san jose supermarket is back open today after being shut down for rodents. the health department recently found an infestation on north cap capital. it was found during a routine inspection. the supermarket reopened this morning. santa clara health department says inspectors went back and found the problems have been addressed. you can check a restaurant's health records before you eat there. santa clara county has the dine-out app. you can download it and see how any restaurant in the county did with inspections and what kind of problems they found.
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you can see the score they were given. 100, by the way, is the highest. these new pictures just into the newsroom show the moment a mother was reunited with her 8-year-old son with autism. he ran away from an elementary school this morning at 10:30ment he turned up at mcdonald's about five miles away. more than three hours later. chuck coppola is live with more. how did the boy manage to slip away? >> reporter: this incident does underscore how important it is as special education students being supervised. particularly outdoors. earlier today, around 10:30 this morning, it was a class of 25 third graders out here in p.e. at the school in hayward. they were having a p.e. class. an 8-year-old boy decided to make a run for it. ran down this fence, up those stairs, back this way. the teacher and the aide with the students gave chase. they started chasing him. he went to the street. he goes down that street,
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disappears into the woods. it's at that point the teacher and the aide realize he's too far away and left a class full of kids, 25 kids alone. so they return. the hayward unified school district posted these pictures of the boy's reunion with his mother on the district's made in hayward page. several questions remain about how an autistic boy got away from school for several hours. >> estimate how far he got. thank god he was safe. >> zachary white ran several miles, police say as far as five miles downhill through neighborhoods from hayward's stone bray elementary school to busy mission boulevard. more than 40 people from hayward police, the chp, park district personnel and others looked for him for more than three hours. his picture was circulated on social media and to several businesses such as the local k-mart. the school district says white
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went into the mcdonald's where the superintendent says an employee recognized white from a picture. how white got so far so fast is surprising to school officials. >> how is an 8-year-old boy able to outrun a teacher and an aide. >> i'm over 50 years old. i think an 8-year-old could outrun me. it's more about a matter if you're trying to supervise 25 students and one child runs across the soccer field in the direction away from the students, at some point in time, it's also about safeguarding the other 24 students and making sure you understand where this child went. >> hayward police say zachary white was found safe but thirsty at about 1:45 this afternoon. and he was quickly reunited with his parents. tomorrow a special education meeting was scheduled. it was planned already. but now they've added how to handle incidents like this one for discussion. meanwhile, the teacher we're told, who has more than 20 years of experience will not face
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reprimand. reporting live in hayward, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. an update in the past 30 minutes. an off ramp in san francisco is reopened to traffic. they were searching for suspects and it was chosed off. four people have been arrested the off ramp was shut down for 90 minutes late this afternoon as police searched the area. police are not saying much about the suspects except to say that one of them is wanted in connection with a case in oakland. five girls in the last month were nearly kidnapped in berkeley, police say. the first time is happened just before 6:00 monday at college and webster. after police say a man approached a girl and tried to get her into his van. 15 minutes later it happened again in the same area to another three girls. investigators do believe the two incidents are similar to one that happened last month near the middle school on telegraph. officers have since beefed up patrols in that area. teenagers recovering after overdosing on cough medicine.
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five marin county teens sent to the hospital in just the past two weeks. just yesterday, we told you about the prescription pill problems occurring in the county. jodi hernandez is live at the high school. this is one of two marin schools that literally have had to call an ambulance over the past week to come deal with kid. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. the ambulance has been called here three times over the past week or so. twice to another local school after the district says students overdosed on cough medicine. it is the kind of behavior that health officials say is happening here far too often. >> you can't believe that just because we live in the richest county in the world, okay, that your kids aren't doing it. because they're doing it. >> parents in marin county are getting a big wakeup call after learning five teenagers have overdosed on over-the-counter cough medicine in the past week. >> they were certainly
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incapacitated and they were not able to maintain their composure. >> school officials say three kids at the high school in mill valley and two more kids at drake high school took large doses of cold and cough medicine for fun. causing them serious side effects and a trip to the hospital. >> these are very powerful medicines. if you take them in the wrong way, it can have tragic consequences. >> marin's public health officer says the active ingredient in the medicines, dxm, can cause seizures, coma, even death when misused. the practice is sometimes called triple c, skittles or robo tripping. >> fortunately, these kids are okay. we're really playing with fire when we take pharmaceutical products incorrectly. >> five cases in the past week, parents say they worry the problem is more widespread than anyone thinks. >> they all want to be popular.
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it's a peer pressure thing. so in order to be popular and fit in with certain groups, they're going to take the skittles. >> reporter: health officials say somebody dies of a drug overdose in this county every two weeks. again, fortunately, these five students are going to be okay. but parents are being urged to have serious talks with their teenagers and to keep close tabs on what you keep in your medicine cabinet. reporting live in mill valley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a man accused of groping a woman is behind bars tonight. this is a man, paragraph he shall, he worked in millipedes. on friday, he groped her as she was checking into the motel. when police got ahold of the surveillance video, the entire groping incident was caught on camera. to san francisco now where thieves have once again targeted a tourist and his expensive
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camera. it happened on mason street near broadway as the tourist was out for a walk around 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday. a group of men punched him in the face, then snatched his camera and lens. so far, no arrests. that robbery happened a few blocks from lombard street where two men allegedly shot a tourist while robbing him of his camera in late august. police later caught both suspects in that case. the victim survived. he was treated for a gunshot wound to the arm. >> a fire at a sunnyvale strip mall could be arson. it started at a barbershop and spread to several other businesses. a liquor store, grocery mart and tackry a. it happened where a week ago another small fire broke out. we asked if the two could be connected. >> does that make this fire suspicious? >> you know, i don't have anything to connect that. but based on straight proximity, we're always going to look into everything and make sure that we vet out all the details to
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determine that if this one does determine to be suspicious, then we have some information from the previous one that we can look o into. >> it only opened april couple of months ago and unfortunately, it's a total loss. the other three nearby businesses, those were also heavily damaged. >> reporter: children forced to walk to school in the middle of the street. why are there no sidewalks for them? i'm damian trujillo. what angry parents are saying, coming up next. leave it to the beavers. the reason scientists want to bring in the furry animals to save california from the drought. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking two chances of rainfall in your forecast. plus, record global september heat. we'll break it down for you in the next few minutes. dodging cars as they walk to
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school. that's what people who live in one san jose neighborhood only on nbc bay area, children dodging cars as they walk to school. that's what one people in a san jose neighborhood say happens every day because there are not enough sidewalks. the concern in an unincorporated part of east san jose near white rock and allen rock avenue. damian trujillo is there live showing us the potential dangers. >> these cars are parked where there would normally be a sidewalk here. there's no sidewalk or curb. the children are forced to walk where i'm walking on the streets
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in order to get to school. with several schools in this neighborhood, parents are saying that is unacceptable. >> it's the trip these girls make every day. looking in front and behind them as they walk to and from school, down the middle of the street. >> it's not okay. i've been hoping there would be sidewalks any time soon for it to be safe for everyonement. >> reporter: sidewalks weren't included in the planning of this community outside city limits. >> you're worried about student safety. >> yes, i am. very worried. >> reporter: he's on the school site council and has helped organize monthly walked around the neighborhood pointing out hazards. this community is near the scene of several fatal pedestrian accidents. >> cars och feed through the streets putting children in
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danger. the county told residents road improvements would happen this year. they're here in the middle of next year. >> we have been trying to do our best. >> the county's traffic engineer says there are historic homes in the area and cal trans won't release the funding for improvements until environmental issues related to those are addressed. >> we are working with the state to expedite the money, the availability of the money to see if we can bring it forward. >> for another school year, this is where students will be walking home. >> this street in particular has no sidewalks on both sides of the street. parents say, something has to be done soon. live, damien trujillo. thanks, damian. repairs to the sinkhole in union city are going to take a bit longer. the large hole opened up in new
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haven street. crews hoped to have all the repairs done by now. but they hit a roadblock. damage to a sewer line was worse than expected. the good news is part of alvarado boulevard is now open to drivers. antibiotic-free. california is the new state in the nation to make it harder for farmers to get livestock -- they get a prescription from from a licensed vet first before giving livestock antibiotics. farmers used to be able to buy the meds over-the-counter. antibiotics can keep the animals healthy. but overusing them can create super bugs that can't be treated with regular drugs. >> there is potentially a risk if you -- if an animal had salmonella and you ate meat from at that animal and got sick and it was a resistant strain of salmonella. that resistance could be passed on to you. >> the new law goes into effect january 1st.
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during one of the worst droughts in history, who could be coming to the rescue? beavers. the dams these animals build could slow the water flow to sea and create extra reserves in rivers. a bring back the beaver campaign has been created. it's to repopulate the coast with beavers. the animals once lived in large numbers. beavers were almost eradicated in the 19th century because they interfered with logging and fishing. be great to have them back. >> they're adorable. >> i could spend all day looking at that video. meteorologist jeff ranieri has been his own -- talking about the link to el nino. >> the world's climate, it looks like another month and a new heat record here across the globe. when you specifically average in the lane and ocean temperatures, we're running the warmest for september in 136 years of record keeping as we ranked 1.62
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degrees above average. in january through september, we're averaging the warmest year to date on record. now, there's an interesting tie to this. and that is el nino. there's so much warm water out here in the pacific, that warm water is then again pushing up into the atmosphere hoping to raise the temperature globally so, again, el nino is linked to this warmer weather we're finding through september. speak pg of el nino, what would some of this warm weather mean throughout the next couple of months. let's look at a very simple outlook. we will like lip trend dry through november at this point. forecast models are continuing to show that. that's a classic el nino setup. as we head to late december and primarily january, that's when the long-range models really pick up on this wet weather trend. this has been a trend we have seen for the past two months on those long-range models. so, again, everything pointing to that wet weather arriving as we head throughout the beginning of 2016.
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so plenty of time to still get your roof in order and also those gutters. because we know how much they're stressed with the heavy rainfall. >> heading through the forecast, temperatures will cool slightly. 85 in the tri-valley. south bay at 82. back into the north bay, 83. not too bad as we head into tomorrow's forecast. get ready for changes in case you haven't heard. by sunday's forecast, we've added the possibility of some showers coming our way. north bay and san francisco would have the best chance and then the chance for spotty showers possibly down the peninsula as well. south bay may not get anything on sunday at this point. all in all, at least something to help the fire danger. we're talking about another chance of rainfall coming up in the full forecast in 25 minutes. >> see you then, jeff. thank you. coming up, preparing southern california for the potential big one. the reason nasa scientists are nearly positive that a strong earthquake will strike in so cal soon. it was a victory for this girl's family. the right to die law is now
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stuck in limbo. the problem keeping it from going into effect.
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a special recognition for law enforcement across the bay area. they were honored as the chief special agents association luncheon in oakland. >> our association is a combination ex-fbi, state and local police and federal. we're here to honor law enforcement. we care and we want to be with
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them and show solidarity with them. >> the group paid special tribute to hayward p.d. scott lunger and michael johnson. both of those officers were killed in the line of duty this year. the new right to die law is in limbo. it could stay that way for a few months. earlier this month, governor brown signed a measure to allow doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives. it gained moment up after britney menard who suffered brain cancer moved to oregon to take advantage of a similar law there. they campaigned for the law in california. here's what her mother said after the law passed. >> i believe that this brings some meaning to my daughter's death. >> but there's a hold-up. the measure was passed and signed by the governor during a special session on health care. now, once the special session is over, the law will go into
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effect 90 days later. but this special session isn't over and no clear date when it will be. a community mural is unveiled and dedicated in west oakland today after an artist working on it was shot and killed. i'm christie smith. coming up, we'll show you the ceremony and have an update from police. joe says no to running for president. the reason why vice president biden is not throwing his hat into the race for the white house. he was gunned down while
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painting a mural in oakland. today, the job he left unfinished, is now complete. he was gunned down while painting a mural in oakland. today, the job he left unfinished is now complete. that mural was unveiled and dedicated to antonio ramos this afternoon. as his family and friends gathered to see it, police continue tir search for his killer. christie smith is in oakland with more on the emotional afternoon. >> reporter: the mural is bright and colorful on what would otherwise be a dark underpass in west oakland. it's now dedicated to the memory of antonio ramos. oakland police say their investigation is moving forward. >> the unveiling and dedication brought out artists for antonio ramos. >> always thinking about antonio. every time we come here and paint the mural, we think about
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antonio. he was part of the crew. >> his memory now part of a community mural on west street. >> how many walls do we have to paint for this to stop? >> his brother spoke to the crowd gathered at the underpass. >> we lose track of our humanity and we walk around doing things like what happened to my brother. >> oakland police say the photo of a person of interest is still a key part of their investigation. they're making progress. >> the case is not growing cold. investigators continue to work the leads and tips that come in. confident that they are going to be able to solve this case and bring closure. >> family and friends are everything that's right about oakland and everything that is wrong about oakland. all wrapped up into one powerful image. >> reporter: oakland police are still hoping to hear from members of the community who
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might know anything about the shooting. in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you, christie. a man is hit and killed trying to cross a busy freeway on ramp in san jose. it happened at the on ramp to capital expressway. the man was walking across the ramp in the dark before 6:00 in the morning when a driver struck him. the man died at the hospital. police, however, say the driver of the car is cooperating with investigators. it's a prediction that scientists say is almost guaranteed. there's a 99.9% probability that a sizable earthquake will strike l.a. in the next few years. nasa and university researchers say it will have a magnitude 5 or greater and hit within three years. it could occur within 60 miles of the magnitude 5.1 quake in ma half rah. it's based on measurements of how the earth's crust was deformed by the la habra
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earthquake. meanwhile, is continues to shake. hundreds of small earthquakes rattled the area in the past week. they've detected 284 earthquakes. a handful of those happening in the san ramon area. they can last several weeks. no longer headed for the scrap yard. the old b.a.r.t. cars thought to be damaged beyond repair with getting a second life. on a youtube video posted by the transit agency, shows a handful of engineers and mechanics working to find ways to fix more than a dozen of the beat-up cars. ridership is up so b.a.r.t. needs every car it can get its hands-on. the need will become greater when the new station opens up next year. now to decision 2016. joe says no. ending months of speculation. vice president joe biden says he will not make a run for the white house. biden says much time has gone by to come out a winning campaign. steve handelsman reports that clinton is now seeing a bump in the polls.
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>> here they come. >> with his wife jill and president obama by his side, vice president joe biden said it's too late for him to run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the bidens have been mourning since may. now they're smiling at the memory of son beau biden says joe. not just weeping over his death from cancer. the vice president says he's not running but he's still passionate about the middle class. >> we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exist in this country. >> hillary clinton gets stronger gaining five points over bernie sanders with biden out. clinton at 58% in the new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. >> you can't say anything is certain in politics. but she's the closest thing to a lock i've ever seen in an open primary campaign. >> republican front-runner donald trump tweeted, personally, i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. at the debate, clinton had
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called trump's party her enemy. >> probably the republicans. >> that's not joe biden's style. >> they are opposition. they're not our enemies. >> after 42 years in washington, a senator, twice a presidential candidate and a vice president, biden plans to keep speaking up. which knowing joe, nobody doubts. >> at the rose garden, biden says democrats should campaign on president obama's record and not against it. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at the white house. all right. thank you, steve. on the republican sields, the gop does appear closer to naming a new speaker of the house. today john boehner announced the vote will take place next thursday. after increasing pressure congressman paul ryan says he will run for the position, but only if his divided party unites behind him. the infighting between republicans and ultraconservatives is the main reason why speaker boehner is
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stepping down. wikileaks began to post e-mails of cia director john brennan. a teenager admitted to hacking into brennan's e-mail account. released six e-mails so far, including brennan's application for security clearance and an e-mail about advice on what to do about iran. the hacker did not get into his government account, only his aol. it appears no highly classified information was compromised. the teen also broke into the account of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. the fbi is still trying to track down the hacker. president of ireland will be heading to the bay area. michael higgins arrived here on saturday. it includes a tribute to the six students killed in a balcony collapse in june. they will plant a tree in memory of those victims. they'll attend a reception for the first responders who helped after that tragedy. the irs is taking action to stop what it calls the number one type of fraud.
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identity theft from tax refunds. the irs announces plans turbo tax will share crucial information to help them track down criminals. for instance, the companies will reveal how long tax returns took to complete, which could tell investigators if they're done by computer or a person. these safeguards begin next year. coming up, moving on up. the big ticket items taxpayers will be paying for as governor brown moves into the restored governor's mansion. plus, not a flying delorean. we'll talk about the clothing sent to michael j. fox for back to the future day potato chips or french fries?
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are you a dog person or a cat person? those are some of the . which do you like better,
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potato chips or french fries? are you a dog r cat person? those are questions that could pop up on twitter. there's a new polling option to recharge the website. the company stock has fallen steadily this year. you create the topics. each poll will stay up for 24 hours. voting will be anonymous. at the end, each participant will be notified of the results. twitter says the new feature will roll out over the next few days. another blow nor yahoo shareholders. disappointing third quarter earnings report. the company will narrow its strategy and products for focus going forward. yahoo shares lost more than 25% over the past year. coming to the south bay, san jose may soon be the first city in california to have a google high-speed internet. the lightning fast google service promises speeds 100 times faster than most connections. the tech giant has applied for permits to build hubs to hold
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the cable. official launch announcement is expected in late november or early december. nice upgrade to the governor's mansion on monday we told you governor brown and his wife plan to move into the mansion by early next year which hasn't been occupied by a sitting governor since the '60s. tens of thousands of dollars of high end appliances will be tacked on to the remodeling bill of this house owned by the state. the biggest ticket item so far, the $16,000 refrigerator. state officials say the expenses are high because the mansion needs to double as a gathering entertaining space for official business which has already been happening as well. but the mansion is in desperate need of some repairs. you could always go there on tours and it's state historic landmark. >> it needed to be redone. >> i was thinking, too bad they didn't offer home improvement to
6:40 pm
get tax breaks. >> thinking there. >> get tax breaks. let's get a live look at the sky camera network. you can see alcatraz, we have mainly clear skies but fog is rolling in at the coastline. details and the full forecast. not one, but two chances of rain in just a few minutes. youtube users can soon watch
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ad-free videos -- if they're willing to pay a monthly fee. following months of soon be able to watch ad-free videos if you're willing to pay a monthly fee. following months of speculation, the company owned by google announced a new subscription service today. it launches this wednesday with a price tag of $9.99 a month. you can save videos to watch off line as well. you'll get exclusive access to original content. membership will extend to a new youtube music app as well. yeah.
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>> you're looking at real self-lacing nikes. actor michael j. fox posted video trying these shoes on. they're similar to the ones he wore in back to the future ii. today is a big day for fans of that film series. >> a special date. october 21 ts, 2015. it holds special significance. mark barger explains. >> when are we? >> back in 1989, back to the future ii, predicted a lot about what this exact date. on wednesday october 21st, 2015. >> might look like. >> future. some of it still fanciful. >> he's on a hover board. >> real life engineers are trying to get us closer. >> while deloreans have not yet taken to the skies of self-driving delorean modified by engineers at stanford can take riders for a spin. this morning, kids at this chicago area high school got an
6:44 pm
up close glimpse of one of the deloreans used in one of the films. >> it's all about the car. what kid hasn't wanted to travel through time in the delorean. >> for james kos en continue owe of lancaster, pennsylvania, the next best thing was collecting back to the future memorabilia. >> when you think about those movies, you can't help but smile. they're fun. >> that's an important landmark. >> some other time. >> while some of the foresight of the film -- >> wait a minute, cubs win world series. >> may have to wait. >> a strike three called. >> given the past few nights. >> i'd say maybe next year. >> i got to check this out, doc. >> some of it was inevitable. >> marty mcfly would have a receding hairline. one thing is got right. >> it was all about time. enjoy the popularity that's timeless. mark barger, nbc news. >> so there is a delorean at the specialty car dealership in pleasanton. i don't know if it has a flux
6:45 pm
capacitor. >> you remember that? >> i have to check it out. what a great film. sunday might be a good day to watch it. we've got rain in our forecast. >> yeah. you know, not only sunday but wednesday next week. good movie days coming our way. that's because we have the chance of rain coming back in the forecast. you want to get a look at the scrolling seven-day forecast. we'll take you outside the sky camera network right now. temperatures are dropping as the sun is setting earlier and earlier headed through fall. 79 in the south bay. east bay at 82. san francisco dropping as the fog pushes in to 65. clouds on the increase across the north bay and 78 degrees. take you through tomorrow morning. that will be most disruptive to you as you get up in the morning hours. the chilly temperatures to start and the 49 degrees in the north bay. 55 for the east bay. and the south bay starting off with 54 as well. >> i want to take you out to the pacific. we're not only tracking one but two different systems coming our way. the first one, not in the way of
6:46 pm
rainfall for california for this one. the second one has a better chance of rainfall to impact our weekend. let take you right into the forecast as we head through tomorrow. we'll get you to your thursday and the biggest thing is this cold front dropping from the north. it will stay dry. i think it will be a little more comfortable than today. it felt unusually hot outside. then as we head through sunday's forecast, it now looks like we'll have the possibility of some rainfall. now, it doesn't look like a lot. only trace amounts of .05 of an inch. we may see spotty showers go down to the peninsula. but beyond that, to the south bay, it doesn't look like san jose will pick up showers. we'll be mild with 70s inland for sunday's forecast. let's take you to the micro climate as we head throughout thursday. you can see in san francisco, the fog back in the marina. 68 towards the mission. back in the financial district, 74. for the peninsula, 80 in palo alto and pacific dropping off to
6:47 pm
69. up to the south bay, morgan hill coming in at 83. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley. we'll be in the mid-80s for the tri-valley with primarily sunny skies expected in pleasanton. over towards walnut creek in the east bay, 85. at about a 10-degree drop towards oakland with 77. up to the north bay, come in with 85 degrees in santa rosa. by this weekend forecast, temperatures do drop on sunday. with a chance of showers and those cooler temperatures arriving. that will put us here in the south bay at 79 degrees. san francisco 69 and at north bay at 78. not only that chance of showers on sunday but it's looking more and more likely that we'll have the best chance of rain in seven days as we head through next wednesday. remnants much what is hurricane olaf will kpien with a cold front. it looks like the combination of the two could provide us not only .25 of an inch but closer
6:48 pm
to a half inch. it will get very interesting next week. keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays like this. this could be the largest storm we've seen in months. we'll see what next wednesday brings us. >> thanks so much, jeff. less than 24 hours from the thursday night football showdown. seattle seahawks star richard sherman is downplaying the rivalry between the niners and the seahawks. find out why next in sports. he's ready to dive back into
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stand-up. actor and comedian "tracy morgan" announced that he's ready to get back into standup. actor and comedian tracy morgan announced he will be touring across the country from february to may. last year's deadly crash left morgan in a coma for two weeks
6:51 pm
and killed a friend who was also a comedian. as of now, morgan doesn't have any performances scheduled for california but his website says to expect more dates and be on the lookout. wait a minute. cubs win world series. against miami. >> that's something, huh? who would have thought 100 to 1 shot. i wish i could go back to the beginning of the season. put some money on the cubs. >> the kux won t-- cubs won thed series according to back to the future ii. for life to imitate art in the way the 1989 film predicted, the cubs have to rally big time against the mets. right now in an elimination game at wrigley field. they trail in the fifth inning. the blue jays in the alcs game five, trailing k.c. 3-1.
6:52 pm
toronto bases loaded for troy teu litz ki. jose batista coming home. encarnacion scores. 5-0 blue jays. estrada laid down the law on the hill. alex gordon goes down here. in the eighth. he's gone as well. estrada 7 2/3. blue jays stay alive. 7-1 the final. zienlts what 49ers fan could forget this? gobbling down turkey legs on the 50 yard line at levi stadium. that was the last seattle visit to santa clara. seahawks win on thanksgiving. >> the hawks not buying into it's a rivalry. >> because we don't think about any game as a rivalry, any team as a rival. every team is the next opponent. they're division opponents. so you see them more often than
6:53 pm
not. more familiar with them. but in terms of robberies, it's not something we concern ourselves with. running back carlos hide a question mark for tomorrow. the running back still experiencing soreness in his foot. wide receiver anquan boldin could sit this out due to a hamstring strain. >> i think that's the frustrating part. they had more will to win than we did. hoping for a little energy in our own building here. >> sharks playing a rivalry game thursday night with the l.a. kings first visit to the center. opened the season 5-1 after winning four straight starts a year. on a two-game losing streak. finally, the giants jake peavy and the a's, part of baseball's new set, pride and
6:54 pm
perseverance. the series celebrates major leaguers past and present who have triumphed in spite of disabilities that have come their way. peavy is actually legally blind without his corrective lenses and foals deals with type one diabetes. both of them finding a way to the majors and succeeding. good lesson for everyone else that has to persevere. >> and go for your dreams. thanks, geraud. a full half hour of sports coverage, watch "sportsnet central" at 10:30. jeff is biting for that forecast. look at the rain to show up. >> i'm so excited. it's not going to happen tomorrow morning. 49 in the north bay. 54 for the south bay. as we head through tomorrow, temperatures a cool -- the next best chance of showers arrives as we head through sunday's forecast. also cool temperatures down to the 70s inland. looks like marin, napa sonoma
6:55 pm
counties would have the highest chance, down to san francisco and the peninsula. as we've been mentioning, janelle and jess, there's a great chance of a system next wednesday that could bring us .25 to .50 inches of rain. >> you think it's going to be more than one day? >> looks like wednesday at this point. we might be okay for halloween and dry weather on saturday. we want the kids to have that dry forecast. i've turned off my watering system. it's only watering once a day. turn it off because i know rain is coming. >> i've cut back my drift too. we're starting to see the storms come in, the clouds increase. hopefully saving on the water bill. >> late december into jan is when we see the impacts come in. why aren't we getting the storm systems right now. >> exactly. we still have to figure out what will happen with the super bowl since super bowl 50 is coming here. that may be impacted by the el nino. as we get closer, we'll figure
6:56 pm
out the stand by plans. there's lots of activities that would be outside events. >> not going to be a total mess. to see the logistics behind it if we get that heavy rainfall moving in. i think it's something the organizers have to look at at this.. if not, it could be another story by then. >> thanks so much, jeff. best costume is the man who saved halloween. that storm olaf, i'm sorry, i know it's a serious business. all i can think of is olaf from frozen. >> starting to sing the song. >> yes. that does it for us. hope to see you tonight at 6:00. bye folks. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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khloe and lamar calling off their divorce. >> how his near-death crisis brought them back together. now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra khloe and lamar's price reconciliation. the breaking headlines today. is she also quitting her reality show to care for lamar? brad and angelina in bed. talking sex, fights, and their past lovers. behind the scenes of their sexy new movie "by the sea." >> you can absolutely madly love the same person you want to kill. >> we've got all of today's breaking couples news. sandra bullock's first words about reportedly adopting baby


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