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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. it is thursday october 22nd. coming up on "early today." preparing the top advisers all week, hillary clinton is facing what might be the most grueling day of here career today, testifying before the benghazi committee. but with joe biden out of the race, her poll position has already risen to an almost unstoppable status. new developments and a arrest in the road rage case that resulted in the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl. plus firefighters held hostage at the scene of an ohio fire. first lady michelle obama teams up with lebron james and new york mets are headed for the world series. "early today" starts now. >> i'm dara brown. here we go. in a matter of hours hillary clinton will be before the house
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committee on benghazi. whether it's a search for answers for just a political witch hunt, the next few hours could be the most significant of her 2016 campaign. what is her strategy today. >> her strategy so to convince this committee she did all she could to keep ambassador zpeechbs the others safe at that mission. not everybody on the committee believes it. she could be in the hot seat today for eight hours after seven other committees and a review board have already taken a look at this. but this is a special committee just focusing on this issue. and today their focus is what happened before the attack. >> tomorrow will be nothing but a fiasco. >> democrats call it a partisan witch hunt. republicans say this could be the best chance to find out why four americans died in benghazi. >> [ inaudible ]. >> besides grilling clinton on her own e-mails, still being
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released, lawmakers are expected to unveil new information today. 8,000 pages from ambassador stephens. >> where does the fault lie for the timing? it lies with the state department who only 36 hours ago released some of stephens e-mails. >> he asked for more security and he didn't get it. clinton said those requests never reached on her desk. >> i expect clinton will push back on the half truths of these crazy conspiracy theories. >> the committee wants to know why the requests were denied. today clinton is expected to push for more security training and more diplomas in risky areas. >> republicans can play political games but hillary clinton will always stand strong. >> is it super pac backing her campaign is running this ad today in d.c. and four early
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voting states. >> our nbc "wall street journal" poll took a look at this issue. and found 44% of americans, almost half aren't satisfied with the answers clinton has been giving on benghazi. 36%, think that the committee itself has been unfair and partisan. which is what she's argued. but dara, perhaps more interesting than all of, that there was a significant number, almost 30% who just really didn't know what to think. maybe they will get more answers today. >> maybe indeed. thank you so much. vice president joe biden's decision to stay out of the presidential race is sending shock waves through the field. donald trump says biden made the right decision for him and his family. adding he'd rather run against hillary clinton. and a new pole shows trump is most likely to win the gop nomination by a wide margin. the two democrats both had nice things to say about biden on
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twitter. but bernie sanders was a bit more critical. >> we need a political revolution. we need to mobilize tens of millions of people to begin to stand up and fight back and to reclaim the government which is now owned by big money. do i think that was the work -- was that the goal of the president and the vice president? not really. i don't think so. so i think we've got to go further. >> and for the latest on biden, we turn to n bhk's christen welker. >> i believe we're out of time. >> and with those words vice president joe biden close the door on his lifelong goal of running for president. an extraordinary moment in the rose garden, wowing out but delivering a call to action. and taking a swipe at mill clint who has moved away from some of obama's policies. >> this part, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> biden said the grieving process over his late son bo was
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pivotal. >> i've said all locke, what i've said time and again to others. it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i've concluded it has closed. >> but biden said he won't sit on the side lines. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> clinton called biden after his speech and tweeted the vice president is a good friend and a great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. in the rose garden it was clear, biden came to this final decision reluctantly. knowing at 72 this is likely his last chance. and one of congressman paul ryan's condition to run for speaker of the house has been met, almost. yesterday members of the freak
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caucus said they had a super majority to support his bid. but because the bid failed to reach 80% they will not formally endorse him. he said an endorsement as the condition for running. john boehner convinced him to move forward. in a statement he said i am grateful for the support. i believe this is a positive step for a new republican team. the vote is scheduled for next thursday. and a road rage incident that killed a four-year-old girl. arrested tony torres yesterday. accused of shooting at the pickup truck carrying lily garcia and her family. she was struck in the head and later died at the hospital. the police say torres confessed late yesterday. the director of the cia, the website wiki leaks is stilling some content from his account days after hackers bragged about
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spilling it on social immediame. >> reporter: through twitter messages the hackers themselves left behind some of the best clues to their identity. as the e-mails they stole show up elsewhere in a memo in 2007 john brennan recommended the next president tone down the rhetoric of the iranian president and establish a direct dialogue with the iran. that is published on wiki leaks stolen by hackers. including one who calls himself cracka and compares himself to snowden. tweeting, hey russia, if you are reading this, wondering if you can help us out with a place to stay. and apparently fearing imminent arrest he tweeted "what are those flashing lights." and e e-mails of the current and former intelligence officials and also claim they got into the
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comcast account of the homeland security secretary jay johnson. >> the one thing i'll say is don't believe everything you read in the newspaper. because a lot of it is in ina accurate. >> the hackers say they tricked verizon into resetting the password on the aol account and taking it over. the cia director of all people should have known better. >> that was pete williams. >> today president obama is expected to issue a rare veto of the annual defense policy bill. the $612 billion measure authorizes defense spending and meets funding levels that the president ". but the president argues the measure uses a budget gimmick to skirt defense spending caps without increasing domestic spending first. republicans accuse him of playing politics with national security. >> they will provide our troops with the resources they need to keep america safe. and it meets the funding levels
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that the president ". yet the president has vowed to veto it. time to put our troops first. time to stop playing political games. >> this will be the fifth veto of the obama presidency. a man in custody following a the hostage situation in ohio. firefighters responding to reports of the brush fire but after arriving they found a man burning leaves. he was ordered to stop and that is when he reportedly pulled out a rifle. the gunmen, a man in his fifties made demands for alcohol and his precipitation medication. he surrendered without incident after about two hours. lamar odom and khloe kardashian are giving their marriage a second chance. a judge has granted kardashian's petition to dismiss the couple's divorce petition over the summer although it can be refiled at a later date. odom was found unconscious at a
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nevada brothel last week with multiple drugs in his system. there are no immediate plans for him to be discharged from the hospital although quote he is more coherent day by day. >> and chicago cubs with strong pitching and a sixth home run in six consecutive games by daniel murphy, the mets swept the cubs at wrigley. >> strike three called. they haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> the new york mets will face either the royals or the blue jays in their fifth trip to the world series. eastern in new mexico was pounded by heavy rain, powerful winds and hail wednesday. the deluge put the streets under water.
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and left motorists traveling through treacherous conditions. bill karins is here with the weather. >> a storm that will never end. it was in california seems like two weeks ago. still drifting across the deep south. heavy rain this morning, flash flood warnings around odessa t texas. and now all the way up to kansas and even snowing in the front range outside of denver. heavy rain over the next four to five days is going to be pretty epic. not as bad as south carolina's flooding. but it easily could be ten inching of rainfall over a three to four day period. it is not going to be wide spread flooding but there will be cases of the flash flood warning. dallas to wacwaco. this orange coloring hoar is possibly 7 inches of rain. that is a large area. also hurricane patricia. this is a huge storm. only a category one now but listed at gain strength and our friends to the south could be
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hit by a major hurricane down here in mexico. we'll watch that throughout the next 24-48 hours. ot still beautiful fall weather continues through idaho and oregon and washington state. enjoy a great day. that will be the story tomorrow. hurricane patricia, possibly a major category 3 hurricane into the mexico. >> thanks bill. just ahead why everything is not awesome for le go fans if europe. and marijuana use has doubled. most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is
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have captured six people in connection with el chapo's prison break in july. >> and adult marijuana use has doubled in the past decade. plus 30% of users meet the criteria for addiction. let's get down to business now with landon dowdy. >> the leg go shortage in europe. factories have been unable to keep up with surging demand. lego is the largest toy company in terms of sales. and youtube is launching youtube red. 9.$99.
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and the service will be available october 28th. and ferrari off to a racing start on wall street. raising $900 million. the success is thanks to the company's ability to brand itself as the luxury good maker rather than a high end car maker. some buyers in europe and the u.s. wait a year to get their hands on a car. just ahead, two teams with a opportunity to punch a ticket to the world series. only one took advantage. plus grip it and rip it. the world's longest drive competition. that is up next in sports. we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them everything you've got.
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this morning on today. wrangler is hitting the road as part of his guide dog training. and today he's taking the lone star state by storm. follow his adventure later on today. let's get caught up on the sports headlines with betty nguy nguyen. good morning. >> the mets have the colder jets. and the royals and blue jays. game six takes place in kansas city friday night. at the world long drive championship in oklahoma, $150,000 on the line. 64 contenders to start. and then in the final each
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contenders has just under three minutes to grip it and rip it. in the end tim burke had enough for his second belt and the big check. and michelle obama at the reach higher rally. and all part of a scholarship program promoting college education. dara back to you. >> thanks so much. just ahead, forbes reveals its list of highest paid comedians. who's on top and who didn't make the cut? >> is life imitating art. michael j. fox reveals his new sneakers right out of
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you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ to entertainment. chris rock are host next year's oscars. he also did it in 2005. and the highest paid comedians, jerry seinfeld is at the top. he earns $36 million. followed by kevin hart and terry fader. how far the list of 14 comedians does not include any women. enews is reporting adam levine and maroon five are in talks to headline the super bowl halftime show next year. and sesame street has introduced
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a puppet. "back to the future" writer confirmed to the daily beast this in fact was based on donald trump. this was a nod to the trump hotel in atlantic city and nike announced its self lacing sneake sneakers will be released next spring. also doc brown and marty mcfly officially arrived in 2015. >> as soon as i get here, 2015 kind of sucks. >> yeah. apparent apparently the cultural achievements of this era have been somewhat underwhelming.
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leading the news in the new york daily news. he should have not have been on the street. tyrone howard charged with murder. he dodged a six year prison the term after the judge deferred the sentence to a drug treatment program. his next court appearance is set for later this month. and in huffington post, 99.9% l.a. will soon face major earthquake. researchers predict it will occur between now and april of 2018. it is expected to be a 5 or greater in magd. other scientists say the odds of a large quake are lower at just
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85%. big news from the irs. it will recognize same-sex marriages regardless of whether states are legalized them. including filing status, exemption, standard deductions and employee benefits. >> a man was found dead in the florida state park monday. medical examiners confirmed the injuries for from that gator attack. the 12 foot gator was found and killed. this was the first alligator attack in the park in 23 years. forget flowers and gifts. the secret to a happy marriage is thank you. gratitude increases the level of commitment in a partner. perry appreciation for a spouse is more significant than other things. pumpkin fever is in high swing for this ohio town. in circleville the annual show brings over 1,000 pounds of
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pumpkin squash and gourds. including everything up to pumpkin burgers. that's interesting. >> doesn't sound good. like the pumpkin buns pumpkin burg -- >> nice and meaty. now it is time for a look ahead. hillary clinton is expected to testify on benghazi. the former secretary of state will be the star witness in the republican-led investigation into the deadly 2012 attacks in benghazi libya. it will be a marathon. a grueling 8 hour grilling. she's expected to turn the tables that this is the political witch hunt. and happy birthday to the modern family actor jesse tyler ferguson. and jeff gold bloom is 63. and "back to the future" actor christopher lloyd turns 77.
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give it a pop. break-in: two residents, two burglars, and a stash ofsomethit smells-- suspicious, inside an break in. two residents, two burglars and a stash of something that smells suspicious inside an east bay home. police putting parents on high alert in berkeley, another report of an attempted child abduction, the valuable information a young girl offered up that could help nab the suspects. a marine pilot killed thousands of miles away outside of london but this morning a local family is grieving. today in the bay starts right now. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> time to check that forecast. it was a cool start to our day already, kari. >> and mostly clear, too, but we will start to see some more clouds moving in as we go through the rest of the


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