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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off this friday. >> i'm sam brock. high drama on the pacific ocean. we want to get to that breaking news. powerful and only getting stronger. within the past three hour, hurricane patricia has gained strength and is being called strongest storm ever measured in the western hemisphere. the category 5 hurricane is barrelling towards mexico. it's expected to hit the puerto vallarta area within the next 12 hours. >> we have team coverage of this breaking story. stephanie chuang is live at sfo, but we want to get to anthony and the radar that is so impressive. >> you have to go back to 1949 to get anything that rivals this sto storm. this is the strongest hurricane in the western hemisphere on
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record. this will make landfall this afternoon just south of puerto vallarta. that's where they expect the strongest winds and rain amounts of up to 6 to 12 inches. texas is expecting some rain, some places expecting up to 10 inches of rain. that's the latest on hurricane patricia. stephanie chuang is joining us this morning and has some information for folks who may be wanting to travel to mexico. >> reporter: that is right. the point is to plan to reschedule. the puerto vallarta airport is shut down so no flights to and from, including one that was supposed to leave at 10:45 this morning that has been canceled.
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look at this web cam which shows it is calm there. it's not supposed to hit -- patricia not hitting until hours later. it's empty. puerto vallarta under mantory evacuation. people are also boarding up their homes, taping up their windows. puerto vallarta has a population of 200,000 people. we earlier compared it to hurricane katrina for perspective, but it was typhoon hyuan that is the most comparable in terms of intensity and power, that's according to united nations world meteorological organization. it left more than 6,300 people dead. 1,000 missing, causing nearly $3 billion in damage. there's a long-term impact, people are still recovering there. the hope is that everyone in mexico is heeding the warnings and staying safe. as for san jose and oakland
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airports, no direct flights, but people from the bay area traveling to puerto vallarta there are no direct flights. the point is your trips are going to have to be rescheduled. you can check with your airline carrier for that. live at sfo, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." also breaking overseas, the french president calling this an immense tragedy. more than 40 people died, many of them elderly after a bus crashed into a logging truck near the city of bordeaux. the bus burst into flames. some french media outlets are reporting that the bus driver saw the crash coming and opened the door so that people could escape. eight people did escape. they got out safely. we have calls to our nbc news international desk. we're trying to get more information. we'll update you as soon as we get it. closer to home, firefighters aring e inmopping up after a la apartment fire in solano county. flames were seen shooting out
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from several units inside that plex. it started around 2:30 on sunset avenue in the suisun city area at the village green apartments. firefighters are not saying anything about injuries or how many families could have been displaced. we are actively working to get more information. we will bring you that as soon as we get it. for updates any time we're not on the air, you can it on our website, or download our app. to another developing story, a man considered armed and dangerous, that is the warning from pittsburg police who are searching for a suspect who stabbed three employees inside a crowded grocery store and still managed to get away. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in pittsburg with what led to all this chaos. the warning for the community. >> reporter: police would like to find this man, this surveillance camera at winco food store in pittsburg. they did capture an image of him. if you recognize this man, you
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are asked to call police. the reason why five employees at the winco store confronted him around 8:30 last night because he was trying to steal some razor blades as he was walking out the store, the five employees confronted him. that's when the man pulled out a medium sized knife and started stabbing people. >> i just seen one of the guys on the floor. he was stabbed. the other security guard he got stabbed. then the guy took off. i work here, somebody comes in here with a knife, trying to steal. >> reporter: of the five employees, three were stand two in the arm, one in the back. all injuries are nonlife threatening. they had to be taken to the hospital but they are expected to survive. that suspect did get away. you might have heard the sound of a helicopter in the background of that brief interclinte
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interview clip that was law enforcement. they also had canines out here. so far no luck. they are still trying to find the suspect. if you wreck trecognize the mant surveillance image, call 911. also new this morning, firefighters cleaning up after an early morning house fire in san jose that left five people and seven dogs displaced with no place to live. this happened on sun down lane around 2:00 this morning near south capital avenue and highway 680 in east san jose. no word yet on what caused the fire. investigators say it did cause severe damage to that home. five east bay students are now out of the hospital and recovering this morning after taking the prescription drug xanax. this is the second incident just this week where local high school students have overdosed on legal drugs. the latest incident happened yesterday at lunchtime in pinole valley high school. teachers were watching students stumbling around acting as if
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they were intoxicated. the staff ended up calling an ambulance and the police. >> it was found the students were under the influence of a controlled substance, which was later confirmed to be xanax. >> when i talked to one of the students, they said, man, i'm on a xanax. i said whoa, dude, you are crazy? you can really get sick and die. >> compa xanax is used to treat anxiety. five students were rushed to the hospital. two were released to their parents. earlier this week, three students in mill valley were also hospitalized after they overdosed on an over-the-counter cough medicine that in high  doses can cause hallucinations. happening today, a candlelight vigil for a san jose state student who died after passing out during water polo practice in the campus pool. ryan herryman was taken off life support over the weekend. he was pulled unconscious during a club team practice the previous tuesday. a coroner's report did not
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reveal what happen what caused the 24-year-old to lose consciousness. that vigil is set for 6:00 in front of clark hall. happening today, the man accused of groping several children while they were swimming in a uc berkeley pool will answer to those charges today. ryan mccorvey was arrested wednesday morning. he is accused of swimming up to the victims, grabbing them inappropriately and swimming away. he is facing seven counts of committing lewd acts with a child under the age of 14, but police say there still could be more victims. wanted felon is behind bars partly courtesy of some canine help. christopher snyder had multiple warrants out for his arrest. police tracked him down earlier in the week. when he tried to run, he could not outrun the police dog. the dog chased snyder and bit him.
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the police were right behind with handcuffs and snyder was taken to jail. we want to get to our coverage of hurricane patricia, the largest storm recovered in the northern hemisphere. >> there's category 5 storms and then there's this. >> this is the strongest we've seen recorded in history in the western hemisphere. hurricane patricia, category 5. winds up to 200 miles per hour. it is expected to make landfall this afternoon and evening near puerto vallarta. they're expecting about 6 to 12 inches of rain just from that system. here at home, things are quiet. clear skies. no fog. and we are going to see a nice fall day here across the bay area. temperatures back to the low 70s. mid 70s for the inner bay. a few 80s today for the inland bay. we have a storm system across the pacific that will offer us a few clouds today and tomorrow. we may have a brief chance of rain on sunday.
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primarily at the coastline and for the north bay. as we move the futurecast into motion, today, a few high, thin clouds drifting by. same deal for tomorrow. not until sunday when we have the better chance of seeing showers. everybody else will see a nice cooldown. temperatures today back into the 80s for san jose and morgan hill. pacifica at 79. the mission district up to 72. the north bay, 85 for santa rosa. east base y in the 70s. 80s for the tri valley. sunday, a chance of rain for the north bay. next week another chance of rain as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. you can see that in the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of your screen. let's talk to mike right now and see how the roads are shaping up. >> calm commute right now. good stuff. this is west 580, let's look at your map. we'll show you all the way up from the altamont pass, mild slowing up towards vasco, easier
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drive through livermore and towards 68. moving to the south bay, a blip on 101. 87 -- just went away. a crash -- not a crash, a slow moving truck, we hope that clears before anybody hits it. it's going about 30 miles per hour. i'm tracking that. san jose shot shows you light yum of traff volume of traffic. nothing dramatic so far. the bay bridge toll plaza hat biggest backup, that's because metering lights are on. expect some slowing around the berkeley curve. new information on the school attack in sweden. the evidence investigators uncovered that has them calling this a hate crime. and we'll make math fun. and amazon probably doesn't do the thing you think it does. ==kris/vo== on the attacker
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who stabbed a teacher and student to death inside a school in sweden - before he was shot and new details on the attacker who stabbed a teacher and student to death inside a school in sweden before he was shot and killed before police. we brought you this story as breaking news on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. now police are saying they are labeling this attack as a hate crime based on the things they found while searching the suspect's home. the way he dressed. his behavior at scene also contributed to that designation and the way he selected his
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victims. many students thought the suspect was playing a halloween prank. he was wearing all black, a military style helmet with a black mask and was carrying a sword. all new this morning, a massive manhunt for the person who opened fire on a nashville including a 19-year old man-- and three female students. the man- -who was not enrolled at the school-- died on scene. one woman remains hospitalized. police are still combing the campus- but say they've found no sign of the suspect. it's not known if the shooter is a student. ==kris/cu== one of the world's largest retailers of dietary supplements... is accused this morning of selling products spiked with illegal drugs. ==take vo== the suit-- filed by oregon's attorney general-- alleges g-n-c knew as early as 2007 they were selling thousands of supplements containing two illegal synthetic ingredients. those ingredients...pica milon (pic-a-mil-on) and b-m-p-e-a are not approved in the u-s and considered potentially
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dangerous. g-n-c says the claims are "without merit." =sam/2shot= omni scott mcgrew amazon doesn't generally make money. and they would not have this quarter either.. except plas/vo for this. the cloud. i can't show you the actual computing cloud.. because it's this amorphous idea.. not a thing. ths is the best i can do. technically called "amazon web services".. it's one of the most brilliant things amazon has ever done. years ago it started renting computing time and server space to other companies. so if youant to start a software company.. or an app.. let's say tinder.. or netflix.. you just create the program.. but it runs on amazon's cloud. all kinds of companies you use every day do this. deko i like this quote from analyst shira ovide. amazon looks less like a store and more like a quite profitable computer-server paper.hat ppens tship toilet amazon generally doesn't make a profit, and they wouldn't have except for this, the cloud. ow.. wt show you the amazon
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cloud, but amazon's cloud is making a ton of money. technically it's called amazon ts much ices. it is one of the most brilliant things amazon has done. years ago it started renting computer time and service space to other companies. if you want to start a software company or an app, tinder or netflix, you just create the program but it runs on amazon's cloud. all kind of companies you use every day do this. i this quote from this analyst, e.. for ooks less like a store and more like a quite profitable computer server farm that happens to ship toilet paper. to the products side, you can get your products more quickly. the company announced yesterday tock.uld offer one-hour delivery in san jose and parts of san francisco for an $8 fee, two-hour delivery for free for prime customers. google will buy back $5 billion of its own stock. ckvestors love it when companies buy back stock it makes everybody's shares worth more. google will buy back 5 billion e million, 519 -- et cetera, et altera this number. why so specific? this number is the square root of 26, 5.099 -- 26 letters in the alphabet. look at this guy, he's a
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dier. player. now look at this toy soldier from a picture of a website of a chinese company, a nazi soldier. the company says it is a total coincidence that these two ==bngs look completely similar. the name of this toy soldier is bastion. p st like this guy. do you think this is a coincidence? >> i think we're at a loss for words. >> right? >> all those blond guys look the same. >> this guy is suing this company, i guarantee it. >> he'll win. >> that google story, i can news: =te about 59 cents to tha that. >> all right. back to our top story right now and that breaking news that continues to grow within the vert three hours or so. owericane patricia now relscially the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. , veral million people are in encypath as that powerful
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ow, gory 5 barrels towards popular tourist destinations in g toco including puerto vallarta. of the of emergency is in effect and right now people are boarding up their homes and businesses, hotels starting to bace people out of the area. flights are also impacted. many of them already canceled. stephanie chuang is at sfo. we'll check in with her at 6:30. as we look at weather and traffic. it's a category 5. but it almost seems like there's no classification for it. maximum sustained winds, 200 miles per hour. >> that's as high as it goes on the saffir-simpson scale. this is probably going to be devastating. not only disaster, but also in loss of lives. this is one of those systems that over the weekend you hear about. it will continue to get worse and worse. a beautiful disaster, you look at it from space, this thing look s ominous. you can pick out the eye. it will make its way towards
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puerto vallarta making landfall as a category 5. winds up to 200 miles per hour. moving inland, it will weaken but dumping rain of 6 to 12 inches, heavy rain, flooding, mud slides. this will continue to just unfold over the weekend with probably very catastrophic news. at home, things are quiet. we don't have that much fog. in daly city we see coastal fog. today, high, thin clouds, temperatures nice and comfortable, back to the 70s for san francisco. inland valleys reaching the low 80s we have our own storm system at home. for us, more mild. not a lot of rain, but we will see a good amount of high, thin clouds passing by today and tomorrow. in the seven-day forecast for the north bay and for san francisco, more so the santa cruz mountains, some light rain heading towards sunday.
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i don't think it's going to amount to much. just enough to get the ground wet. the micro climates bringing the inland valleys up to 70. in pacifica, 60s. towards santa rosa, 75 there. 77 for oakland. mid 80s expected for the tri valley. another chance for rain in the seven-day forecast. this is expected to move to the shore on wednesday and thursday. >> kudos to you. you were talking about patricia, pacifica, being specific, in the pacific. you have easy traffic in the maze. this is a friday, you still have some traffic out there. a crash off 680 and highway 4 has cleared. another on highway 4 will cause some slowing for loveridge and
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towards the pittsburg area. it's on the shoulder. no problems towards the dublin interchange. 580 light there. 880 just showing more slowing towards hayward and union city. more folks heading west over the 92 san mateo bridge. no real delays a little build kicking in for 101 northbound. we'll look at palo alto. looking at the light volume of traffic. yesterday we had traffic holding off until 7:00, we might have the same thing today. we'll track it closely. back to you. >> you've been jumping all around the map this morning. kids get a lot of restless o stey and need to jump around. we heard that people using standing desks at work, but what about in schools? the bay area school that is stepping up to the challenge.
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the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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high school students are none too happy when they're in class. a new survey says our nation's high school students are none too happy when they're in class. researcher asked more than 22,000 students around the country how they feel during the school day. 39% described themselves as tired. 29% use the word stressed, more than one quarter said they are just bored. the most frequently invoked positive emotion was happy and excited. about one-fifth of students used those words to describe feelings. a bay area school is solving the age old problem of getting kids who are not just bored but
6:26 am
antsy to sit still and pay attention by not having them sit at all. students at this elementary school in san rafael are stepping up to standing desks. after testing the in a few classrooms last year, the school dumped all of the old-fashioned desks and replaced them with taller models. studies have long documented the many health problems tied to sitting too much and teachers say they're seeing a big difference in the behavior of students. >> i notice that i can hold their attention for longer. i feel like they're brains and bodies are active and more awake. >> students can take a seat if they feel fired. the biggest challenge is the cost. parents had to raise $110,000 to help pay for those new desks. >> my kids would like that. >> worth while investment. coming up, an update to several breaking stories we've been tracking all morning long.
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first, fierce flames ripping through a bay area apartment complex. the reason firefighters had to call for backup three times. and this live picture might look calm now. but just wait for a few hours. how do 40-foot high waves sounds? parts of mexico are bracing for what's being called the strongest storm ever to churn in the pacific. the impact to the bay area and beyond next in live team coverage. ♪
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♪ ♪ =kris/2shot= and i'm kris
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sanchez. in for laura garcia cannon this morning. ==kris/anim== we want to get good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get to our breaking news, powerful and only getting stronger. within the past four hours, hurricane patricia gained strength and is being called the strongest storm ever measured in the western hemisphere. the category 5 hurricane is barrelling towards mexico and is expected to pound puerto vallarta and the surrounding area within the next 12 hours. >> we have team coverage of the breaking story. stephanie chuang live at sfo where travel will be impacted. we want to get right to meteorologist anthony slaughter. this hurricane catching a lot of people off guard because of how powerful it grew. it went from concern to catastrophe quickly. >> overnight it jumped to a category 4 to a category 5. you can see behind me it's powerful. not only is it a powerful category 5 but the strongest recorded in the western hemisphere. you think about recorded hurricanes, you have go back to
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1949 to see anything that rivals this. before that, just weren't any records. now this hurricane now is up to 200 her hour. it is expected to make landfall in puerto vallarta later this afternoon and evening. bringing 6 to 12 inches of rain along with those 200 miles per hour winds as it moves inland. that's catastrophic over the next couple of days. probably hear lots of news about that the remnants are expected to move into texas. they're expecting 5 to 8 inches of rain with some places seeing not only 5 to 8 but 10 inches of rain. couple that with wind, it will be catastrophic, not only for mexico but for texas as well. if you're doing traveling to mexico or texas, we have "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang with a warning for travelers. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, anthony. so far we only know of two direct flights impacted out of sfo. one that was supposed to get back from puerto vallarta tonight, one that was supposed to leave at 10:45 this morning, both canceled. all flights to and from puerto
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vallarta are gone, they're canceled. take a live look at puerto vallarta a beautiful resort town. this looks very calm. this is from a web cam. the hope is that despite the beauty that people are heeding the warnings. people are taking precautions, they're boarding up their homes, taping up windows for the possible 40-foot wave the and life threatening flash flooding. people including americans are advised to evacuate to bus, some to guadalajara, others hoping to get a special flight out of puerto vallarta, though not looking likely. we compared it to hurricane katrina, but hityphoon hyan is e most comparable, it caused nearly $3 billion in damage and still long-term impacts there. there are no direct flights to
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puerto vallarta from san jose and oakland, but this doesn't mean much, a lot of the bay area flights are connecting in southern california. the point is again, if you're headed to puerto vallarta, mexico call your airline carrier. live at sfo, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." breaking overseas in france, emergency workers are mobilizing after the nation's deadliest road accident in 30 years. we just learned that the death toll continues to rise. now the figure at least 43 people who have died after a bus collided with a truck near the city of bordeaux in southern france. new information is continuing to trickle in we know the bus was primarily carrying an elderly population. investigators say the death toll could be so high because the bus burst into flames. we do have calls placed to our nbc news international desk and we'll update you with the latest information as soon as we get it. >> breaking news this morning.
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firefighters mopping up after this big apartment fire in solano county. we just got this video in a few hours ago. you can see the flames shooting from inside several units at the complex. firefighters tell us it started around 2:30 on sunset avenue in suisun city at the village green apartments. the flames so big crews had to call for backup three times. firefighters are not saying anything about injuries nor how many families may be displaced. we are working to get updates on these breaking news stories, we will have much more throughout the newscast. if you have to head off to work, go to our website, and download our app for updates on the go. now to a developing story, an all-out manhunt in the east bay. pittsburg police searching for the man who allegedly stabbed three grocery store employees and took off running. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from pittsburg. police say the man is still out there and armed and dangerous.
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>> they consider him especially dangerous because of what he did at the winco food store last night in pittsburg it was around 8:20, 8:30 when this man pulled out a knife and stabbed three employees. now, they had confronted him because they suspected him of shoplifting, the same video camera captured him stealing shaving razors. as he tried to leave the store, five employees confronted him. tried to stop him from leaving. that's when the suspect pulled out a medium sized knife. >> about 8:30, you know, they were watching some guy, i guess, he was going to attempt to steal something. he went through one of the lines. he was walking out. they tried to stop him. he pulled out a knife and started stabbing everybody. >> reporter: the suspect stabbed three of the five winco food
6:36 am
employees. two stabbed in the arm, the third in the back. those wounds are not life threatening. they had to go to the hospital but are expected to survive. police sent up a helicopter, also had canine dogs out here trying to find the man. so far no luck. that's why they released that image in case you recognize him. reporting live in pittsburg, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it went on all morning, all day, and halfway through the night. for 11 hours, hillary clinton defended herself against members of the house committee investigating the deadly attack in bengahzi. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us now from washington, d.c. this went on for so long that at one point clinton had trouble talking. >> she did. she was able to recover, but it was an all day all night affair in terms of the questions. republicans grilling her on why she did not send more security to bengahzi despite numerous requests from her team there.
6:37 am
>> i don't know how you're doing, i'm exhausted. >> reporter: after 11 hours, republicans admit they didn't learn much. >> i don't know she testified that much differently today than she has previous times she testified. >> reporter: it went on and on and on. >> how late are we going tonight? >> y'all serving breakfast? >> reporter: so long at one point clinton could barely talk. >> you need some water? >> reporter: this time clinton kept her cool. >> i've done everything i know to do. >> reporter: republicans honed in on e-mails, what's there and what's missing. >> i didn't conduct the business that i did primarily on e-mail. >> it's not a matter if you knew about them, it's a matter of what you did about them. to us, the answer to that is nothing. >> reporter: democrats accused the republican chair of creating an unnecessary show. >> do we want to badger you over and over again until you get tired until we get the got you moment he's talking about? >> reporter: clinton focused on the four americans killed in the attacks on bengahzi. >> i lost more sleep than all of you put together.
6:38 am
>> reporter: it quickly deteriorated into partisan bickering. >> you need to make sure the record is correct. >> that's exactly what i want to do. >> reporter: hundreds of security requests from ambassador chris stevens never reached clinton's desk. >> over 600 requests. you testified this morning you had none of those reach your desk? is that correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: half a day under the microscope and still no resolution. still they're not done either. maybe with clinton but not with this investigation. the chair said late last night after they wrapped up they have more witnesses to talk to. back to you. >> tracie, all right. a situation that continues to go on and on. here at home, the shigella outbreak has spread to four bay area counties. the latest area hit, alameda county. alameda joins santa clara, san mateo and santa cruz counties. the major culprit seems to have
6:39 am
originated here, mariscos san juan number 3 in downtown san jose. the first few people who got sick ate at that restaurant on friday or saturday last weekend and the illness quickly spread from there. at last update, 110 cases have been reported. 12 people had to go to the icu for treatment. a mobilizing force for el nino ahead of the storms. one bay area county is taking drastic steps. right now a legion of local volunteers in marin county are training for a critical mission that could save lives. the community collaborative rain, hail snow network is recruiting more than 1,300 so-called weather watchers to gather and share vital weather information for first responders. this is all in hopes of preparing far in advance of potential floods and mud slides that could start pouring in. >> in marin, you can get a huge spread one mile apart. it's hard to anticipate unless we have people on the ground verifying what they're seeing.
6:40 am
>> so far, marin county has doubled the number of weather watchers, but they do want more in other counties. if you would like more information on how you can set up to be a weather watcher go to our website, and search the key words el nino help. kris, a more immediate threat right now to our south, it's breaking news. several million people being told to prepare for the worst as we look at live radar. hurricane patricia is set to batter mexico's coastline. the category five storm now being called the strongest storm ever in the western hemisphere. we've been watching this slowly with team coverage since we first came on air at 4:30 this morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter is joining us. we can see behind you the ring of that hurricane. we've never seen anything like that before. >> we usually don't see anything like this. this is a powerful category 5 hurricane patricia. you are looking at the enhanced infrared satellite image, that shows the cloud tops, how thick they are and it measures the
6:41 am
temperature. when you get really thick clouds denoted by thunderstorms, you get this look. that's what we're finding this morning. you can pick out the eye, this very powerful category 5 making its way towards puerto vallarta, pressure at 880 millibars, that's how you measure the strength of a hurricane along with the winds, up to 200 miles per hour. that's why it's called the strongest in the western hemisphere. you may have heard or seen other reports about other storms, other tropical storms, but this one, again, being called strongest in the western hemisphere. it's expected to make landfall south of puerto vallarta later this afternoon and bring in 6 to 12 inches of rain with it. here at home, a quiet day. we're looking at a few high, thin passing clouds. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. very fall-like. as we move through the day, a few high thin passing clouds. temperatures comfortable, in the low 70s to the coastline. low 80s for inland valleys. a chance of rain this weekend. let's talk to mike right now and see how the roads are looking. >> we've been seeing a bit later
6:42 am
commute pattern this week. just kicking in now at 6:41 and slower drives for the san mateo bridge. there's the slight build, hayward down towards union city. nothing dramatic for the south bay. northbound trend is starting to slow for 101. easy drive towards the bay bridge. i want to call out antioch, pittsburg/antioch highway is closed east of loveridge for the next six hours, until noon, because of an overnight deadly crash that we have been following that's just north of highway 4. >> thank you very much. coming up next, sleepy eyed secret service members. why long hours could be putting the president at risk. new details this morning...
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==kris/cu== ...on the death of a u-s soldier during what's being called one of the largest hostage rescues in recent memory. new details on the death of a u.s. soldier in what is being called one of the largest hostage rescues in recent memory. nbc animation shows what went down as u.s. commandos led the storming of an isis prison yesterday in northern iraq. the soldier who was from oklahoma died, he is the first to be killed in american combat against isis. commandos stormed that prison before dawn and the raid led to the rescue of some 75 hostages. about a dozen isis fighters were killed. the u.s. soldier who died was a delta force commander, master sergeant josh wheeler of oklahoma he was deployed 11 times to iraq and afghanistan. the riggers of life in the
6:46 am
secret service may be posing a threat to safety. an audit found that fatigue from travel and long hours is weighing on secret service agents and may be leaving security at risk. in two cases over the summer, agents were found sleeping at their post. scheduling issues did not account for the surprise siestas. airbnb is saying sorry after an ad campaign did not go over well with some san franciscans. look at this ad on market street. it says dear board of education use some of the $12 million in hotel taxes to keep music in schools. airbnb was trying to suggest how the city should use the money the company generates in hotel taxes, there were a few other ads throughout the city, some talking about parks. people took their outrage to social media. >> it really attacks a lot of individuals that try to keep the
6:47 am
schools in place. so, yeah. i think it's totally inappropriate. >> i thought it was a weird tone-deaf response. and kind of strangely jabby. >> airbnb took the ads down quickly and said it was the wrong tone and we apologize to anyone who was offended. facebook very quietly made an overhaul to its website. >> scott mcgrew, not a lot of fanfare but it makes the search more powerful and i did notice it yesterday. >> good. all right. yeah whachl yeah. you can search globally for things in the news feed. not just your news feed, but globally. trillions of postings can be searched. let me point out your old posts can be searched there as well. you can use this new search feature to figure out what people are talking about, find new friends that are into the same things you are. here's an example.
6:48 am
let's say you want to try out that vietnamese restaurant in the ferry building, the slanted door. when you search slanted door in facebook, you will find not just their facebook page but people in the world talking about the restaurant, whether you're facebook friends with them or not. the dow sis up triple digits, this after china cut interest rates. and one mystery is over. what the new eyeball emoji is for. this popped up on phones. people couldn't think what it was. it turns out it's a new effort against online bullying. you'll use this to indicate to someone who is being mean, i saw you. it's a plan with apple and google and the ad council and others. they will speak more about it in coming days. the idea is when someone is in chat or whatnot, being mean to somebody else, you can post that and say i'm watching. i care. >> it's something we do in person if somebody says something mean.
6:49 am
>> yeah. yeah. same thing. i'm keeping my eye on you sort of. >> very innocent but effective. thank you very much. let's get to our weather and traffic picture. boy, that hurricane is just unbelievable. >> the eye of the storm right now. >> yeah. >> getting large. it's concerning. >> it makes me think about el nino. you talk about the warm waters fueling hurricanes. that's what we're looking at. one of the most powerful hurricanes in the western hemisphere. clouds starting to lower and become more gray. let's look at the radar, the satellite. you can see what i'm talking about. this is what we've been watching all morning long. hurricane patricia now a category 5, the strockengest one saffir-simpson scale, up to 200 miles per hour. the way you denote the strength of a storm is the pressure, pressure down to 880 millibars. it is expected to weaken as it moves across land, but it is bringing some wind with it.
6:50 am
across the south bay, fall-like. clear skies, just few high, thin clouds passing by today. temperatures will be comfortable. 74 for san francisco today. 77 for the east bay. tri valley warm, close to 90 there. the north bay and the south bay expected temperatures in the low to mid 80s. we have a cold front that will make its way across the bay area. this is expected to bring showers to the north bay primarily and the coastline by sunday. in the meantime, we'll undergo a cooling trend over the next couple of days. a few high, thin clouds for today. same deal for tomorrow. by sunday morning, showers on the radar across the north bay. i don't think it will be a whole lot, just enough to get the ground wet. that comes for sunday. forecast for today. >> 82 for san jose, 69 for pacifica. 78 for san mateo. 78 for san francisco. 80 for mill valley. fremont, 82. livermore at 85 along with folks in walnut creek. we don't -- we also have another chance of rain in the forecast
6:51 am
heading towards tuesday and wednesday of next week. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, wednesday afternoon this cold front slides through and we may get some thunderstorms. the weekend overall looks to be cooler but still nice. showers expected for sunday in the north bay and san francisco, otherwise temperatures cooling back to the 60s for sf. let's toss things over to mike. >> similar to yesterday, we are seeing a later build for the morning commute and it's friday and it's lighter, but this just happened in the last five minutes on the 101. as we look at the map, the cameras here at 680 and north there around the airport just shy of there, a crash moved quickly to the center divide, out of the lanes, but that crash activity could have stopped things and rippled back towards 680 and the camera. the friday commute still light and gentle. northbound routes slow through
6:52 am
san hoe sajose. the dumbarton and san mateo bridges, that crash around the 92 interchange that will slow you on the nimitz. the bay bridge, nothing big. there's the east shore freeway, the north bay, a little slowing through san rafael. we had a crash on the bay bridge, no update there. no lanes blocked, i will track that. i will give you a quick look at that slowing at the curve because of the volume of traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, updates to all the breaking news we've been covering since 4:30 this morning. not a slow day for us. a deadly morning in france. what we just learned about a deadly crash involving a packed bus and a truck this morning. ==kris/vo== we've just learned
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
43 people are confirmed dead-- many of them elderly-- after a bush crashed into a logging truck near the city breaking news now, we just learned 43 people are confirmed dead, many of them elderly after a bus crashed into a logging truck near the city of bordeaux in france. the bus burst into flames. the bus driver saw the crash coming and opened the doors so that people could escape. eight people did get out safely. no word on a cause. the "today" show will have an update in minutes. and breaking news closer to home. firefighters now still battling
6:56 am
a large apartment fire in solano county this is video shot earlier this morning showing the flames shooting out from several units inside that complex. firefighters tell us it started around 2:30 a.m. on sunset avenue in suisun city at the village green apartments. firefighters are not saying anything about the extent of injuries. and also in breaking news, a potentially catastrophic hurricane is barrelling right towards mexico as we speak. within the last four hours or so, hurricane patricia was officially named the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at sfo. we are already seeing some flight cancellations, not only in san francisco but nationwide. >> there are. here at sfo, two direct flights impacted, one that was supposed to get here from puerto vallarta at 7:00 tonight and one that was supposed to leave sfo. both canceled. there are no flights to or from
6:57 am
puerto vallarta as the airport is shut down today. people are taking precautions, boarding up their home, taping up windows, preparing for 40-foot waves and life threatening flash flooding. many areas are under mandatory evacuation. tourists and americans have been warned of the danger, but look at picture from laura rivolt at her puerto vallarta resort with a message from management that says it has enough food and water and safety measures in place for guests. san jose, oakland no direct flights impacted. it's a bit misleading, people from the bay area headed to mexico today, they are connecting in southern california or were. it's going to have to be basically a bottom line of reschedule or postpone that vacation. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> life and death for many people in mexico. to a developing story. he's considered armed and dangerous. that is the warning this morning
6:58 am
from pittsburg police searching for the suspect who stabbed three peoples inside a crowded grocery store. >> and then got away. bob redell has more. bob? >> reporter: he was a suspected shoplifter trying to steal razors from this winco foods in pittsburg. that's why police released this surveillance camera image of this man. this is the suspect. the surveillance camera not only caught him leaving but caught him allegedly in the act of trying to steal those items. as he tried to leave the store, five winco store employees confronted him, tried to get him to stop from leaving, that's when the man pulled out a medium sized knife and started stabbing. he stabbed three employees, two in the arm, one in the back. fortunately even though they had to be taken to the hospital, their injuries are to the life threatening. unfortunately this man was able to get away. law enforcement had a chopper and canines involved in the search. again, he did get away. that's why they are releasing that image in case you recognize
6:59 am
him. reporting live in pittsburg, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we've been talking about hurricane weather but we also have local weather. the weekend is kicking off. >>s want to know about the weekend. for us, we won't be impacted by the hurricane. if you're doing traveling, that's the only side effect. today, tomorrow, sunday, temperatures go down a bit. we'll see an increase in cloud cover each and every day, maybe some showers in san francisco and the north bay. >> any trickery out there on the roadways? >> a trick on the roadway, a bonus slowdown for the bay bridge. the crash we heard about, it's in the treasure island tunnel two lanes blocked. i think they can move that quickly to the treasure island off-ramp. no other drama aside from that on the highways. in pittsburg, we have the closure of the pittsburg antioch highway. there was an overnight deadly crash. we are following that. highway 4 remains open throughout the area. there's the rest of the map.
7:00 am
the typical patterns force aer friday flow. >> all right. thank you very much. the "today" show will pick up coverage of many of our breaking stories this morning including hurricane patricia. here's a live look as the storm approaches. good morning. breaking news. a tour bus collides with a truck in france and bursts into flames. at least 43 people killed. only eight got out. this morning we'll have a live report. strongest storm ever. patricia becomes a category 5 with 200-mile-per-hour winds. forecasters say this is the most powerful hurricane on record, and it's expected to hit the mexican coastline tonight. al is tracking the storm. marathon on the hill. >> and i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> hillary clinton faces an 11-hour day on benghazi. >> what did you do? what do you want?


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