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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> harry marries ginny, and they have albert named after the hogwarts. >> you need to be the director. breaking news tonight. the strongest hurricane ever, a category five monster making landfall with winds close to 200 miles an hour. urgent warnings and evacuations in mexico. entire cities could be wiped off the map. al roker is here. hillary clinton's first interview since that swdown over benghazi, plus a downturn for jeb bush. trailing in the polls and making major cuts. is his campaign in crisis. >> our investigation into artificial turf made up from groundup tires. kids play on it every day after the epa refuses to answer our questions, now congress is demanding answers. and the package pile-up thanks to the explosion of online shopping, a delivery dilemma. where do you put it
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all? "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. right now millions are bracing for a hurricane the likes of which we've never seen. it is called patricia. it is the rongest hurricane ever recorded, right now it is making what is feared to be a catastrophic landfall along mexico's coast. the category five storm exploded into a monster overnight leaving tourists and those in tourist cities scrambling to get away in time. from space the storm is ominous enough but inside it is packing wind gusts up to 235 miles per hour. and also torrential rains expected to carry into texas before this is all over. nbc's joe fryer has made his way to the mexican coast and has late details. >> like a steam roller, hurricane
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patricia is heading toward the coast, catching much of this paradise off guard. patricia exploded from a tropical storm to major hurricane overnight due in part to the el nino effect, the unusually warm waters acting as jet fuel for the storm. and the popular resort destination puerto vallerta, business owners boarded up windows and people race to board buses out of town. emergency workers went street to street urging residents to evacuate. >> people are talking about how to get out. >> this woman has been trying to leave since yesterday. she cries after learning that all of the planes have been grounded. a government official went on television warning about the storm's power, strong enough, he said, to lift cars, to destroy homes and sweep people away. >> this hurricane is so strong, it is comparable to an ef-4 tornado but huge compared to the size of a normal tornado. so where this comes ashore, we expect just total devastation. >> reporter: hurricane patricia is the
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strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere with winds reaching an extraordinary 200 miles an hour. it is double the strength of superstorm sandy which landed in new york city with winds at 80 miles per hour. hurricane katrina was going 125 miles per hour at landfall. even hurricane andrew, a category five, wasn't this big. 165 miles an hour when it make landfall in florida, more than two dozen people lost their lives. >> i would be lying if i said i wasn't anxious and scared. >> rosie lived through hurricane andrew and is afraid by locals. we reached her by skype as she was preparing to evacuate her hotel. and another hotel we spoke to brandy and her husband ken, and they told us they are worried about getting back to oregon. >> honestly it is really terrifying. i have children at home. and -- i miss them. i miss my family. you know, and we've never been through anything like this before.
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>> reporter: here a few hours south of the hurricane's eye, we are seeing a lot of rain, strong winds and growing waves. millions live in the hurricane zone, a coastal area dotted by topnotch resort and fishing villages and tonight there is concern many homes may not be sturdy enough to withstand this history-making storm. lester. >> joe fryer in mexico this evening. and any remnants of patricia will combine with another storm system we are monitoring rolling through the south central u.s. part of a multi day flash flood threat in parts of texas, oklahoma, arkansas and louisiana. in fact, some parts of texas could see a foot of rain. the storm has already forced the cancelation of hundreds of flights in dallas. al roker is here and monitoring both systems. let's start with the monster hurricane. how do you see this playing out? >> lester, right now, we may have seen land fall on this. you can watch the eye come on shore between puerto vallarta and manzanillo. it probably came on
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shore with 190 mile per hour winds and moving north northeast at 14 miles per hour and will lose strength through saturday on into sunday but the remnants and moisture will push all the way on up into texas. and that is what we're worried about. we already have flash flood watches and warnings stretching from central texas into louisiana. these last into early next week combined with moisture from the gulf and patricia, of course, corsicana texas has picked up nine inches of rain and tomorrow upwards of 5-10 inches to houston, galveston and corpus christi and on sunday some areas ten inches by monday morning 15 inches could rain in parts of the southern gulf. >> thanks very much. after months of bumps in the road and struggles for her campaign, hillary clinton was back on the trail today riding high after what is seen as a confident performance before the benghazi committee. new poll numbers showing she is picking up lost ground. we're hearing from the former secretary of state in her first
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interview since that benghazi showdown. nbc's andrea mitchell with clinton's first response. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: the day after her 11-hour benghazi marathon, hillary clinton is trying to keep the momentum going. greeting supporters at a rally in virginia. >> what was your reaction after the hearing? >> i'm happy to be here on this very sunny day. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview that will air tonight on msnbc rachel maddow she was asked how her mom would have reacted to the hearing. >> i think she would have been appalled at the whole spectacle. she would not have been surprised by my sitting there and absorbing what i did yesterday. because that is what she would have expected. >> reporter: the last ten days in october have been the best of clinton's campaign. a strong debate performance, joe biden's decision not to run, surviving the
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benghazi hearing and today an endorsement from the labor union representing government workers. and clinton now leads bernie sanders by 11 points in a new poll. after trailing him by one point a month ago. they both appeared at a women's democratic forum today where she jabbed at him for saying last week all of the shouting in the world won't keep guns away from people who shouldn't have them. >> i've been told to stop, and i quote, shouting about gun violence. well first of all, i'm not shouting. it is just when women talk, some people think we're shouting. >> tomorrow clinton goes to the same iowa event where eight years ago barack obama rolled over her campaign. and hardly ever looked back. bill clinton will join his wife in iowa tomorrow, one of the firs -- first campaign appearances with her.t campaig
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appearances with her. first appearances with her. while she awaits the results of the fbi investigation into her private server, her campaign thinks they are finally on a roll. you can see the interview tonight on msnbc. >> that airs at 9:00 eastern on nbc. big developments on the republican side. surprise word from the jeb bush campaign after falling behind badly in the polls, they are making major cuts among staffers and the salaries. hallie jackson on a campaign in potential crisis mode. >> reporter: it turns out the establishment heavyweight needs trimming down. jeb bush's campaign cutting 40% of the payroll to help save a million dollars a month, shifting staff to key battleground state of new hampshire. >> this means lean and mean and i have the ability to adapt. >> reporter: the course correction a signal bush understands this is a different race than six months ago before outsiders started rising. one of the biggest rivals is ramping up. marco rubio, adding 20% more staff over the last month. >> if you are rubio or bush, you need the outsider candidates to falter. >> bush still mired in the middle nationally, unlike ben carson newow
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running ads in iowa, where you are surging to the lead, despite campaigning there one day in the last two months. >> i'm gratified by the fact that so many people are really paying attention to what i'm saying. because none of the things that i'm saying are wild, crazy things. >> propelled by a strong showing among women and evangelicals, carson's rise comes at donald trump's expense. >> i was very very surprised to see it. i have a feeling we're doing much better in iowa than the polls are showing. >> trump who loves bragging about his numbers. >> today is the 100th day we've been number one. >> i love polls. >> we're in first place. >> he may need a new line as the summer of trump gives way to a fall in iowa now. he is still leading nationally and even as he holds rally in florida this weekend, jeb bush will hold private events in texas with supporters two former presidents, and his father and brother. hallie jackson, nbc news, miami.
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we now know the identity of the american soldier killed in iraq this week. first to fall in battle there in four years and the first ever to be killed in direct combat with isis. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more on the loss of an american life and concerns there may be more casualties to come. >> reporter: the pentagon today identified master sergeant joshua wheeler of oklahoma as the american commando killed in the raid that rescued 70 hostages in iraq this week. wheeler, 39, served 14 tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he enlisted 20 years ago, straight out of high school. at that school today, he was remembered with a moment of silence. secretary of defense carter said wheeler acted heroically. >> when a firefight ensued, this american did what i'm very proud that americans do in that situation and he ran to the sound of the guns and stood up. >> and he acknowledged to jim miklaszewski that u.s. troops are
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in combat in iraq. >> are you impressed by what happened? >> i am. and that is on the basis of the reports i've gotten so i want to be careful about that because this is combat and things are complicated. >> reporter: this is combat, he said and added there would be more raids like this. >> i expect we will do more of this kind of thing. >> it is a far cry from what president obama has said repeatedly. >> we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq. >> american forces will not be returning to combat in iraq. >> american combat troops will not be returning to fight in iraq. >> reporter: this is a allegedly where u.s. troops were in combat in iraq this week. isis claims this is footage it posts online shows what is left of its prison, the battlefield where joshua wheeler lost his life. the raid on the prison was launched from here in northern iraq. u.s. special operations forces have a large presence here and what sounds like a new mission. a green light from the
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pentagon to go into battle against isis in iraq. lester. >> richard engel. now a major update on a story we've been following for more than a year. citing a series of nbc news investigative reports in the potential health risk of crumb rubber in artificial turf. congress is now demanding answers. it is putting the epa on the hot seat after they refused to respond to vital questions we posed about the safety of the fields our children play on all across the country. nbc's stephanie gosk has been reporting on this story and she has the latest. >> reporter: coach amy griffin started asking questions about crumb rubber turf two years ago. she worried the surface made from recycled car and truck tires may be causing cancer in soccer players. specifically goalies. in the last year, her running list of sick goalkeepers doubled from 34 to 63, after a series of nbc news reports. >> i got a gazillion
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e-mails, lots of phone calls, mostly from people that have said i've always wondered about this. >> reporter: we tried repeatedly for well over a year to get the epa to answer coach griffin's questions and ours. but the agency did not. >> is crumb rubber turf safe for our children to play on. >> i'm sorry, i have nothing to say right now. >> reporter: now congress wants answers. today the house commerce committee wrote to the epa citing nbc news reporting, asking ten questions. among them, do chemical substances in crumb rubber present a hazard to human health? and is the incidence of cancer for persons who play on fields treated with crumb rubber higher than the general population? signed by bipartisan members of the committee. the industry insists crumb rubber is safe, citing dozens of studies. and there is no scientific proof of a link to cancer. >> why can't the epa act? there is more than enough information for them to act.
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>> but the epa itself said more research needs to be done on crumb rubber. if that is really the case, why are children still playing on it? >> reporter: the committee is asking for answers by friday, november 6th, depending on the agency's response, lester, this could lead to a future congressional hearing on crumb rubber turf. >> stephanie, thank you. still ahead tonight, no room in the mail room. with online sales skyrocketing, why a growing problem could keep you from getting the boxes you are expecting to arrive with the holidays just around the corner.
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we're back with the new problem facing the millions of us who shop online. experts say online retail sales are expected to soar to $334 billion this year, up from $263 two years ago. but all of the orders have to be shipped, which is causing an avalanche of boxes in the mail like never before. as gabe guiterrez explains, some who have to handle them on the way to our doors are totally fed up. >> reporter: the delivery dilemma. as landlords, colleges and geovany thomas is boxed in. >> the new technology is taking over, with the internet shopping and all of that stuff. >> a ups driver for ten years, he's never seen a package problem like this. >> i'm seeing more packages now than before. >> reporter: ups is delivering more packages than ever.
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last year, more than 14 million daily. they expect the number to grow 50% over the next five years. the reasons? more people are living in apartments and many more are shopping online. julie fields manages an apartment complex in atlanta. >> at times it could be overwhelming. >> yes. at several times during the day, we'll have a lobby full of residences waiting on packages and we're back and forth getting boxes for them. >> reporter: it has gotten so bad one of the apartment operators has stopped accepting them at offices. in a letter to residents, camden property trust said this decision was not easy. the increased package volume has exceeded the amount of space we have. christine bealer said she and many of her neighbors are outraged. >> paying the amount of rent that i pay here, i would expect that that would be an amenity included. >> reporter: also swamped, college campuses where students are buying more textbooks online.
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many mail rooms now offer e-mail or text alerts. others are installing lockers with key pads. ups is expanding to 100 cities, a program that allows customers to pick up packages at alternate businesses that may stay open later. >> it is more work but it is good for all of us. >> and geovany thomas is just getting started. gabe guiterrez, nbc news, atlanta. up next tonight, the sky may not be big enough for both of them. too close for comfort encounter between u.s. and russian aircraft caught on camera.
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a terrible tragedy in france where authorities say 43 people are dead after a bus carrying retirees collided with a truck in the country's southwestern wine region. flames engulfed both of the vehicles. eight people were able to escape. caught on camera, a dangerously close encounter in the skies over syria. a senior defense
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official acknowledges to nbc news that this video taken by a russian pilot shows a russian plane tailing an unarmed u.s. surveillance drone. we are told there were two such encounters since russia began air-strikes over syria last month but none since the u.s. and russia agreed earlier this week to rules for operating in syrian air space. and it is only october but there is an alert about your thanksgiving turkey. there will be fewer of them to go around this year. the government said because there is a bird flu outbreak that wiped out 9 million of them. their not calling it a shortage, you still have a turkey, but you might have to pay more than usual. when we come back, a one-of-a-kind theater experience, liked so much for the kids invited to get in in the end. a. c. t. mexico right now. ===jess/take
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vo=== how the bay area travelers who are caught in the path -- are trying to survive the storm. ===janelle/take vo=== and the accidental email -- that a woman says destroyed her ability to go to work.. ===janell/next close=== the news is next. finally tonight, it is one of the hottest tickets in town for a theater experience unlike any another. anne thompson tells us about an incredible show making the difference by going the extra mile to break through to the kids in the audience. >> reporter: eight times a week, eight lucky children liftoff from lincoln center with the fog family, traveling in four hot
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air balloons without leaving the ground. it is the production of the side kick theater group and the autistic children for whom it is created. >> during the performance, i'm looking around the room and there are eight shows happening with each of the kids. moments that i feel like we're unlocking something, a door that might not have been opened before. >> reporter: for this audience, planning for the trip began weeks before at the school in eastchester, new york. introducing them to the story line. the music. and some of the actors. all teaching artists who on the day of the performance who are characters and companions. >> does it take more than your typical theatrical production? >> i think it is a great experiment to take on because you actually really and truly have to foster a one-on-one connection has to be honest, it can't be manufactured. >> reporter: the show has elements to make children on the spectrum feel secure.
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structure, repetition. soft lighting and sound. using different senses to tell the story, and build trust. for parents, it is a rare moment to relax. here, linda fair said her daughter kimberly's enthusiasm is accepted. >> it is so nice to go someplace -- where -- where you're welcome. >> the lincoln center education that commissioned the musical hopes it is a catalyst. >> theaters across the country could begin to create and commission theater for this audience and i think it could be a game-changer. >> a transformative experience showing this audience the sky is the limit. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. that will do it for us on this friday night. i hope you join me later tonight for "dateline." a story we've been following for years about a notorious murder. a man convicted of taking part in the crime and for 25 years fighting for his freedom while proclaiming his
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innocence. that is dateline at 9:00, 8:00 central. i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. ==janelle/vo== it's the strongest . houses are putting boards on the windows. but they said that after 3:00, they -- >> it is the strongest storm ever to hit the western hemisphere. hurricane patricia made landfall just under two hours ago and it's pounding mexico right now. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in forage mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. patricia is a monster category 5 storm packing winds as fast and furious as 200 miles an hour. millions of people are bracing
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for what could be catastrophic damage. want to give you a live look at puerto vallarta. 100 miles south of where the hurricane hit. >> puerto vallarta, one of the most popular tourist spots. it may have been been spared of the worst of patricia. mexico has declared a state of emergenciment sandbags, hotels evacuated and moving tourists to shelters. the airport is now completely shut down. a cruise ship is turning around in the pacific. we have team coverage now. jodi hernandez is standing by with more on the impact it's having. in mexico and even here in the bay area as well. we begin with jeff ranieri with the latest on what path patricia is taking. >> as we mentioned, the storm is catastrophically large. you can see it taking up the entire screen back here behind me with that landfall. at 4:15 in kwix mal a.


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