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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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for what could be catastrophic damage. want to give you a live look at puerto vallarta. 100 miles south of where the hurricane hit. >> puerto vallarta, one of the most popular tourist spots. it may have been been spared of the worst of patricia. mexico has declared a state of emergenciment sandbags, hotels evacuated and moving tourists to shelters. the airport is now completely shut down. a cruise ship is turning around in the pacific. we have team coverage now. jodi hernandez is standing by with more on the impact it's having. in mexico and even here in the bay area as well. we begin with jeff ranieri with the latest on what path patricia is taking. >> as we mentioned, the storm is catastrophically large. you can see it taking up the entire screen back here behind me with that landfall. at 4:15 in kwix mal a. south of puerto vallarta.
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also north of la manzanilla. the storm system now, you want to keep in mind, hurricane-force winds exact from the center of the storm. puerto vallarta not getting hurricane-force winds. but tropical storm storm force winds. they extend at least 167 miles from the center of the storm. conditions will be ramping up as we head throughout the next three to four hours, no doubt. what's the latest on the stats of this storm system? let's get a look and you'll be able to see across this region. we're seeing the hurricane with winds at 160 miles per hour. pressure weakening. so as it's moved on shore, the storm is gradually starting to taper off a little bit. but extremely dangerous. the storm path has it tonight. 11:00 p.m. 125 miles per hour. just to the east of puerto vallarta as a category 3 storm.
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could be as high as 12 inches there. flooding will be a major threat. as we leave you, hurricane patric patricia, the size of it is massive and is larger than several different states combined, being missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, iowa and west virginia. we're tracking more on this and we'll have it in a minute. >> show you how massive hurricane patricia is. >> you can't even see the pacific ocean. another view posted by scott kelly of the international space station. tonight we're hearing from bay area residents stuck underneath this massive storm. jodi hernandez is live in the east bay with more. jodi, you spoke with a couple riding out this storm with their wedding party. >> reporter: that's right. a san francisco couple and 70 wedding guests from the bay area are in puerto vallarta right now riding out this storm. now, the couple is supposed to get married on the beach
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tomorrow. hurricane patricia is not on the guest list. but she's there anyway. >> we were supposed to bring a small bag with necessities. all that good stuff just for a day. >> jim ramos and his friends are hunkered down in an elementary school turned hurricane shelter tonight. the bay area group is in puerto vallarta for a beach wedding tomorrow. now, they're dealing with an unexpected wedding crasher. as hurricane patricia comes barreling in. >> we've been here since wednesday and next thing you know, we get a notice on our door saying we need to evacuate as soon as possible. >> reporter: this morning, their resort bused out the entire wedding party to the shelter. all flights in and out of puerto vallarta have been canceled, leaving the group little choice but no brave the storm out. >> at the beginning i wasn't as
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nervous. but in the lobby, there are people panicking, crying, kids crying. so i got a little nervous myself. >> it was about 70 people on the guest list. we made sure that everyone is taken care of. we're good. so i'm really happy. >> reporter: the grooms are staying positive. they're determined not to let anything, not even the strongest hurricane to ever hit the western hemisphere, destroy their wedding bliss. >> tomorrow, supposed to be clearing up and around 1:00, 2:00, the sun should be out and ceremony at 5:00. they say rain is good luck. a hurricane, i mean, you know, we're going to be together forever, right? >> reporter: now, the wedding party just september me this photo. not exactly the way they thought they would be spending the night before the wedding. they're told to stay inside those school classrooms and not to leave until they are told to
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do so. i'll tell you. if this couple can brave it through this storm, their marriage will likely make it through anything. reporting live in emeryville, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. the sound there is the -- >> you're looking at video we're just getting in from la manzanilla, mexico. it made landfall 60 miles southwest of that location. these images show patricia moving in. but yet, what you're seeing here is the worst is yet to come. there's a lot of people in the bay area worried about their families in mexico. they're doing the only thing they can do, which is pray and hope for the best. ian cole is our lady of guadalupe church. this must be so emotional. they can only hope for the best at this point, ian. >> reporter: it is just --
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the church invited us in because of that. they say this is an important time and a scary time for the parishioners. the mass started at 5:30 with a focus on those in the path of patricia and, an all night prayer vigil will follow. >> anything helps when a major hurricane is heading towards your loved ones. >> tonight prayers and hope will be set from our lady of guadalupe church in san jose. >> we spoke with people who just arrived from the area expected to take a direct hit. they say even as the plane boarded, the rain was already picking up. >> some house rs putting boards on the windows. but after 3:00, they shouldn't leave the house. >> reporter: this man said he saw many car crashes due to the rain as people tried to leave the area. lopez, a family reunion in mexico. others expecting to return home to mexico from tomorrow.
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only to find out they're stuck there. >> we contacted them as soon as they landed to make sure they're okay and to see if they can leave tomorrow. we were concerned about our flight. >> the mexican consulate in san jose is asking people with relatives in the hurricane's path to contact them. to make sure they're informed. >> the shelters that have been built for these emergencies. the most vulnerable areas were evacuated yesterday. tonight many people, thousands of miles away are left feeling helpless. praying the storm shows mercy. >> back out here live at the mass, people continuing to trickle in, once again, an all night vigil going up until another mass. another special mass held at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. ian cole, nbc bay area news. thank you, ian. more hurricane coverage coming up at 6:30.
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you can check along with the app. if you want an update in spanish, go to telemundo. they'll have live updates beginning at 7:00 in the morning and then a special newscast devoted to hurricane patricia tomorrow at 5:30. that's on telemundo, channel 48. switching gears. we have breaking news out of pittsburg. a suspect in the stabbing of three employees have been arrested police have been searching for this man, 34-year-old anthony jar mill owe since the stabbings last night. he was arrested late this afternoon. police are not releasing details about the arrest or the suspect. police say he was stealing shaving razors from the store when he was confronted by five employees. he fought with them and stabbed three of them according to police. all three are expected to survive. take a look at this. the difference between these two pills is -- potentially deadly. people are taking xanax seen on
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the left and mixing it with another potent painkiller. that version on the right. those pills are sold on the streets and at least three people overdosed. nbc bay area's christie smith is live with more. christie, they're dangerous and more could be out there. >> reporter: that's right. health officials in san francisco say they don't know the force of the counterfeit xanax pills. but they have been linked to overdoses in the city with a message tonight, don't buy pills off the street. >> we believe most people are taking it thinking it's xanax. >> the warning from health officials is simple and direct. counterfeit xanax is circulating on bay area streets and it's extremely dangerous. real xanax is a sedative but the fakes contain a powerful painkiller. >> fentanyl is an opiate like morphine or heroin or oxycodone or the other opiates. it is a short acting and extremely potent drug. >> they look nearly identical to
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the real thing. the real one is on the left. it's been prescribed for anxiety, the counterfeit on the right. between october 15th and 17th, three people suffered complications after overdosing on the fake pills. >> including -- seen from the extremities, muscle breakdown that can lead to kidney damage and fluid in the lungs. >> a fourth person was found dead with one of the pills on them. >> they weren't the traditional people accessing opiates on the streets. >> people have been advised to steer clear. but those exposed -- the warning comes one day after another high school announced that several students had been suspended after taking xanax. now san francisco officials plan to reach out. >> xanax is everywhere. it's one of those highly prescribed drugs. >> melissa stevenson is with foundation san francisco, an intensive outpatient rehab
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program. she says xanax popularity has boomed on the streets. >> being able to buy it off the street is a big problem. not just in san francisco but everywhere. people are really suffering u we see this all the time. >> reporter: the cause of that person's death is unknown. meantime, health officials in contra cost a county are releasing an advisory to schools and some medical professionals if there's any connection between what happened in the east bay and what's happening here in san francisco. it raises concerns about issues of prescription, overdose and counterfeit pills. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. continuing coverage on the number of people sickened with a violent stomach bug, shigella. the outbreak is getting bigger. the health department says the infection has made 141 people sick in four counties. of the 141 reported cases, 118 are in santa clara county.
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23 in alameda. santa cruz and san mateo. many of the people who became ill ate at this restaurant in down ton san jose last weekend. it has been closed and will stay closed for a while. we're learning more about what inspectors found when they went to investigate that shigella outbreak. we also obtained the official inspection report. the restaurant was cited for closure for food born illness. it also reveals that they found shrimp and octopus stored at improper and potentially hazardous temperatures. >> new details out of the berkeley balcony collapse. it could have a major impact on the construction industry in california. they could soon be required to have steel supports. the berkeley city council is recommending the updates to the state's building code. we don't know if that applies to
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new construction or only or if existing buildings need to upgrade balconies. they're set to take up the proposal. the president of ireland will visit the area to honor the students killed in the balcony collapse in june. five were irish citizens. i'm chuck coppola, still ahead at 6:00, why a passenger with disabilities had to drag himself off an airliner by him sever. and what the airline had to say about it. the story coming up. plus an el nino warning from fema. the important step the agency wants you to take before potentially rainy winter moves in. information emailed to your
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coworkers by mistake. that what one santa clara county employee says happened imagine having all your personal medical information e-mailed to a co-worker by mistake. that's what one woman said happened to her. she's suing the county for violating her privacy. michelle roberts is live outside the social services building in san jose where she worked. michelle, this is potentially he will bearsing. >> reporter: she says she's so embarrassed which is why she won't go back to work. she's on medical leave after receiving this letter saying all her information was shared by mistake on an e-mail lister. >> she's seven years from retirement after working for santa clara county for 17 years. now she says she can't face her
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co-workers in the social services department. >> they'll make fun of me or they're talking approximate me. don't hire her, because she's got this condition or that condition. >> she's requested we not use her first name or show her face. but she wants her story to be heard. in june, this letter was received notifying her that her personal and medical information was accidentally e-mailed to 100 of her co-workers, including her supervisors. >> my medication i'm on. my diagnosis. things like that. it's just like i don't want everybody to know. that's not anybody's business but mine. >> williams and her lawyer, charles bonner, filed a lawsuit against the county seeking damages for the privacy violations. >> we can't give her back what's been taken from her. the only thing we can do now is to compensate her. have the county compensate her in a fairway so she can perhaps go on and get another job in another environment.
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but she can't go back to that environment. >> reporter: reached out to the county but they don't comment on pending litigation. in this letter that williams received, it does say that employees will be retrained on how to handle sensitive information like medical documents. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you. thousands of dollars in drugs and firearms confiscated. early this morning, oakland pd. federal agents tracked down more than a dozen suspected gang members. what you're looking at is the loot from that bust. we're talking about guns, coke, heroin and ten pounds of pot. oakland police say they gave those alleged gang members an out saying they could avoid jail time through operation cease-fire, help them find a job and get an education. they said no. so police arrested them. united airlines passenger is demanding answers tonight. he's disabled in a wheelchair and claims he was forgotten on a flight. it happened tuesday on a united flight from sfo to ronald reagan
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airport in d.c. chuck coppola is live at sfo. chuck, this man says that he had to get himself up the aisle that there was no one around to help him. those are his claims. >> reporter: that's right. the irony of this is that the man involved had just given a talk in san francisco about disabled people and their access to transportation. he was headed home to washington after that talk. the 29-year-old man from d.c. has cerebral palsy and needed gate security to help him to his wheelchair. once on the groupd, no help came. not for 30 minutes after the last passenger had left. he, as you say, had to drag himself, hand over foot off the aircraft. >> i mean, it's humiliating. no one has to do what i did. pass the time. i feel like airlines treat people are disabilities as a secondary concern. >> the national disabilities rights network says the air
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carrier access act is to protect those rights of those with disabilities. the group says there were 27,500 complaints about people with their treatment. that's a 9% increase. united airlines apologized to neal, offered him a $300 voucher and claims that the chair with wheels used to maneuver passengers down the center aisle was sent somewhere else in the airport by mistake. reporting live at sfo, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. the ground is still shaking in the east bay. another swarm of earthquakes rattled the san ramon area. it's not stopping any time soon. usgs says there were five quakes early this morning. the strongest, a 3.2 hit at 6:38 this morning. no reports of damage or injuries. all the quakes are along the fault. over 200 quakes struck the tri-valley area in the past three weeks. they expect a swarm of earthquakes in the san ramon area to last for about two more weeks. you can watch all the activity
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on our website, just click on san ramon quakes on the front page and it will take you to the quake map at before el nino hits, there's an important message from fema. consider getting flood insurance before it's too late. fema says buying flood insurance is the most powerful action people can take to prepare for el nino, which is expected to be very wet, especially if you live in a flood-prone area. it takes 30 days for the insurance to take effect. that means be proactive. find out if you live in a flood-prone area and see if the insurance is provided and find out if you're eligible for insurance. mexico is getting flooded. they have hurricane patricia. we've been talking about el nino for months. it could come in mid to late december. jeff ranieri will have more on the weather in a minute. first we're going to this commercial break.
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well, our own weather right now. the possibility of rain in our forecast this weekend. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. i know you've been watching an upcoming storm. >> not a lot of rainfall this weekend. but you can see the system offshore. the core of the shore is expected to head to the north. it's that bottom edge that could give us showers in our weekend forecast. let's detail saturday first. what you'll find is for tomorrow, it stays warm inland.
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we'll gradually start to see numbers trying to drop, though. 82 in the south bay. san francisco at 70. also the north bay at 83. the other thing besides the cooling temperatures, we'll find the high clouds continuing to increase across the bay. not a super sunny day throughout saturday's forecast. as we head throughout sunday, we'll have the slight chance of maybe some spotty showers. looks like the best chance would be marin, napa and sonoma counties in the north bay. we'll see temperatures around 83 degrees and a slight chance in san francisco with 69. tri-valley will have 82. south bay expecting 79 degrees. now, we have been, of course, following hurricane patricia. this storm system has already made landfall and moving ashore. there the storm is south of puerto vallarta. specifically for that area, what would it mean. rain 6 to 12 inches. winds gusting 60 to 100 miles per hour. the highest impact is mudslides and the possibility of flooding. i'm back with another full
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update on the exact patented storm in less than ten minutes. we want to show you a live picture of puerto vallarta now. the skies are dark, stormy and gloomy. still to come, more exact details on where hurricane patricia is right now and how people are preparing for the worst. a man shot by police in san leandro, how it escalated into gunfire and the impact it had on a nearby high school.
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==jees/2shot== tonight.. the millions of people hurricane patricia's path the calm the calm before the storm. hurricane patricia is bearing down on that hotspot for tourists. patricia is the one moving in. millions of people in hurricane patricia's path are doing what they can to get to safety. >> the storm could be catastrophic with winds potentially up to 200 miles an hour. >> okay. this is video from a noaa plane flying inside the eye of the storm. this is called a hurricane hunter. noaa is putting all hands-on deck to track this storm. >> meanwhile, on the ground, thousands have been evacuated. patricia touched down at 4:15 pacific time. it's in a resort town near 100 miles south of the resort town
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of puerto vallarta that we showed you the picture. airports and bus stops jammed with people trying to get out. as hurricane patricia moves into that area. it's expected to be a very, very dangerous category 5 hurricane as it goes through landfall and makes its way up. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is following every single move of the hurricane. >> another important note, the storm system is the hurricane-force winds at the center of the storm that have been 150 to 200 miles per hour. they only extend out about 30 miles from the center of the storm. it's tightly compact. exactly where that eye of the storm goes will see the strongest winds. the way it looks now, puerto vallarta would be spared from stom of the strongest winds. they'll get tropical storm force action. winds as high in the 70 miles per hour range up to 90 miles per hour. the activity will be ramping up. but it won't be worse as where
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it made landfall a few hours ago. let get you the latest stat on this storm system. winds at 160 miles per hour. it has started to weaken. now that it has made landfall. still a powerful category 5. central pressure also in -- another sign of it starting to weaken. that's all relative. because it's still so powerful. where will this be headed? >> tonight, winds of 125 miles per hour. there's puerto vallarta. here is the exact track of it. you can see it's a near miss from some of this strongest wind. so they're going to get spared from that major lashing. but i still think they could have rainfall 6 to 12 inches and of course, wind damage as well. the hotels are taking those precautions for good reason. this storm system travels into texas this weekend for continued flooding issues. now, we showed you this earlier. but go ahead and check this out. the reason why a lot of the tourists were caught off guard is because the storm grew from 40 miles per hour to 200 miles per hour in just 36 hours. more on your full forecast
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coming up in 25 minutes. >> see you then. thanks, jeff. turning to prayer for the people in the path of hurricane patricia. a live look at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose. the church held a special mass in the past hour. now it's holding a prayer vigil that will last into the night. many people there praying right now for the safety of their family and friends in mexico. another special mass will be held tomorrow morning at 7:00. stay with nbc bay area for the latest on hurricane patricia. we'll constantly update and you can download the free app. >> for updates in spanish, you can go to telemundo. they'll have live updates beginning at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and a hurricane patricia special tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. on channel 48. >> tonight, san leandro high school -- they spent an hour and a half in lockdown in school because of an officer involved shooting nearby. police responded to a report about a suicidal man and his car
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not far from the school. officers say their goal was to dee escalate the situation. but they were forced to open fire when the man opened fire on them. the man survived and is in the hospital. the lockdown was lifted this morning around 10:30. after a fire in sassoon city, flames broke out at the village tree apartment complex on pin tail drive. people say they were startled awake and had to run to escape the fast moving flames. 12 units were damaged in the fire. the salvation army are helping those who live there. no word on what started that fire. they have spent three generations doing community service. we're talking about the guerrero family. >> they're being honored for that service and their personal success as the recipients of the award. the family of the year award. damian trujillo sat down with the guerreros.
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>> it began with the family business in tijuana. a hard working dapper businessman who believed family came first. but community was a close second. >> he was self-employed. if he didn't work, we didn't eat. >> with his wife, they picked up the entire family and moved to a foreign land. learned a new language. they landed in san jose. rolled up their sleeves and got to work. together they formed a legacy in the south bay. helping at church functions, feeding the hungry, always volunteering and making sure none of the kids got out of line. >> they remember coming home late one night and mom was waiting. >> she'll give me a hug and kept my hands and i'm glad you're home safely. >> i didn't realize she was actually smelling my clothes if i was smoking or my hands. she was on it. they were awake.
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>> but tragedy struck the family 20 years ago. ophelia died of natural causes and he followed her the next year. >> i think about them every day. one of the things i think about is that they did not get to meet my children, my two children's or my wife. >> before they left, they had already planned to succeed. professional success and community service would guide the guerrero children. >> i think we were already set up to succeed. it's a wonderful thing that my brother jose has done. carlos. we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. you got me already -- >> very nice to meet you. >> welcome. >> she walks the quad of her school campus every morning. >> gentlemen, where should we be? >> addressing her students. martha is principal at san jose's mt. pleasant high school.
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>> i want them to have choices. i want them to leave mt. pleasant high school able to make a choice for themselves. to say, i've been accepted here, i could go there or i could work here. but it's my choice. >> hard work and dedication led to improving grades at mt. pleasant. >> that's a common denominator. >> he knows about helping people. >> after 27 years in the san jose fire department, they're giving firefighters the tools they need to serve. >> i tell this to my children. you're part of me. everything we do affects others. >> she's with the home-school community where hard work and determination ring loud. carlos is a bay area journalist covering the big stories over the years. >> see the anniversary of the berlin wall going down. all these memories of stuff i've
6:37 pm
done. >> the work we're doing is making a meaningful impact in the lives of children. >> ignacio is a director at child support services. making sure children are not forgotten. >> depend on their child support as a way to keep themselves out of poverty. >> after work, they participate in extensive community service at church or on the sports field. it's what mom and dad would have expected. >> over 20 years. hanging out with each other. have created a routine to keep their memory alive. >> for their work and dedication for being a beacon in the community, the hispanic foundation of silicon valley is honoring the guerreros as la famil familia. the family of the year. >> well deserved. still to come, a tough
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turnover. what reason uber and lyft drivers might be able to hold on to experienced drivers. plus -- >> i'm sam brock. rising rents and displaced residents. for many, that's the story of housing in san francisco. mayor ed lee claims that proposition a will make a dent in making the city more affordable once again. will it work? that story up next in reality check. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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for long. ==vo== that's accord it turns out uber and lyft drivers don't share their cars for long. that's according to a new survey. drivers don't stay with their companies for long. in part because they don't make
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enough money. here's how it looks. most workers put in 30 hours a week. they make just under $1400 a month. now, when surveyed, more than half of the drivers had been with the company for only six months or less. a big day for your money. strong earns in the sec sector. various stocks led the way higher for most of the part. alpha bets, hit an all-time high today as the mountain dew search giant has strong earnings numbers. a jump nearly 8% today. amazon, facebook and -- pandora lost a third of its value after sub par earnings hit last night. jeff ranieri has been busy following a storm. >> the bigger one in mexico. >> both storms on the radar tonight. we're tracking our own chances of rainfall. two different chances in the next seven days and another
6:42 pm
update on hurricane patricia and the massive size of this storm. and san francisco mayor, ed lee,
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
is campaigning hard for proposition a -- the francisco is less than two weeks away. mayor ed lee is campaigning hard for the affordable housing bond measure. >> how does it work and how can it make more affordable homes? >> sam brock has more. >> lost in the melody of san francisco's mission district. amidst the humming motors. strollers and jumping new joints lingers the memory of what it was like to actually live here for some. like this woman, who moved out of the city five years ago but left her heart in the mission.
6:45 pm
>> couldn't afford it. my son should be able to live here. they were born here. san francisco. >> it's not fair. >> the housing phenomenon making it arguably the least affordable place in the country by some metrics has moved in like a cool fog blanketing people and places all over the city. >> finding any kind of housing is impossible. people don't answer you. >> it's not easy and it's not guaranteed. >> i'm going to see us build as much housing as i can. >> the housing bond will help. >> mayor ed lee pushed proposition a. it's a critical piece of a longer term solution to build and rehabilitate thousands of homes for low and middle income people from san francisco. >> would the proposition deliver on that promise? first, let's look at what's actually in the proposition. it does grant permission for san francisco to borrow up to $310
6:46 pm
million in bonds. it does not specify exactly how that money would be spent. it does create a blueprint for building new affordable units. fixing dilapidated ones and helping first-time home buyers. it does not guarantee a certain number of units. >> mayor lee has been the face of prop a. but his campaign office denied our request for an interview. we sat down with one of the city's most vocal advocates for affordable housing, the san francisco board of supervisors. >> he and the entire board of supervisors backs proposition a. >> every san francisco an deserves a place to call home. >> he describes it as a two-pronged approach. >> way too much of that public housing stock is dilapidated and in terrible, sometimes unlivable
6:47 pm
conditions. so it is incumbent on us to rehabilitate and shore up that existing housing stock in addition to building new units. >> how much stock can prop a really supply? we asked the city to crunch some numbers for us. in the last decade, san francisco created or preserved 8,000 units of multifamily affordable housing at a cost of $155,000 per unit. so take $310 million in bond money, divide it by 155,000 per unit and you get a grand total of 2,000 units, new and rehabilitated. a thousand of each. back in the mission district, the promise of prop a hangs like a token on this building window surrounded by cheap restaurants and highly sought after real estate. given the scale of the housing problem, you might be hard-pressed to find someone who would call 2,000 units a token gesture. >> it's hope.
6:48 pm
fingers crossed. maybe it's to help others. not only for me, but for my kids for the future. >> mayor lee says the measure will help build new homes without raising taxes. that's not entirely true. prop a would raise property taxes for homeowners. about 80 bucks a year for each million dollars of property that you own. we should note that we looked for critics in prop a in city government and the nonprofit sector and we were hard-pressed to find anyone against this measure. for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. thanks so much, sam. let's put our focus back on hurricane patricia and the impact it's having not only in mexico but an impact in the united states. especially in texas. >> that's right. they're getting flooding right now. as that storm system at least the remnants of it arrive this weekend, we're talking about more flooding continuing in texas. we've learned to put a new perspective on the size of the storm system. if you missed this earlier, it is eye opening on how massive
6:49 pm
the storm is. the area that it covers is the size of several different states here in the united states. that being missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio and west virginia. that is what mexico is dealing with right now with that huge catastrophic storm. more coming up on the exact track of that in a minute. back to the bay area forecast and what we can -- high clouds across the bay and temperatures cool down to 50s. 51 in the north bay. east bay 58. across san jose, 55 degrees. let's get you back into the storm in case you have loved ones down here traveling or know anyone that lives here. the storm has made landfall. it's starting to slowly weaken but a powerful category 5. wind at 160 miles an hour. pressure continuing to rise at 24 millibars. that's a sign of it starting to fall apart a little bit. this storm would not be possible without the el nino waters in
6:50 pm
the pacific. that's a main contributing factor. you can see tonight at 11:00. the storm track east of puerto vallarta, winds at 125 miles per hour. we don't think puerto vallarta will get 125 mile per hour range. but east of puerto vallarta, we'll get spared from the worst of it. but they're expecting possibly 6 to 12 inches of rainfall. maybe some mudslides and certainly some flooding issues. let's get you back into our own weather forecast. certainly a lot calmer here as we head through saturday. a few high clouds, partly sunny and 80. what about that chance of weakened showers. it's only slight still. it's marin, napa and sonoma counties. there's nothing showing any rainfall in the peninsula or san jose at this point. as we take you to the micro climate forecast for saturday, it's more of the same like we experienced today for san francisco. 69 in the marina. 74 in the financial district. up towards the south bay, 85 in
6:51 pm
morgan hill. san jose, 82. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, mid 80s across danville. oakland 76 and napa at 82 degrees. the high clouds again linger for tomorrow. sunday's forecast is cooler as that storm system moves off to the north. drop to 79 in the south bay. we're still tracking that storm by next wednesday. quarter to a half inch of rainfall. >> thank you very much, jeff. here come the friday questions. changes may be on the way for the 49ers. that's next. ...better job
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take sot runs=12 outq:...better job ahmed on cam doing better than last night would be a start
6:54 pm
not what we wanted to do. three days off to get our mind and body back. have to really focus in and -- >> doing better than last night might be a start. with the loss of the seahawks, the 49ers started 2-5 for the first time since 2010. one of 11 third downs racking up. 142 yards of total offense. colin kaepernick. he was sacked six times. i could go on. i will not. it's all bad. jim tomsula insisted that changes will be made. not at quarterback. no word -- >> that game is not anything that any of us are proud of. that's not how we want to represent ourselves. our record is what it is. we have to do something to get better. that's suner unacceptable. it's not what we're going to do.
6:55 pm
it's not who we are. it's not who we're about. we're going to fix it. over the warriors, they begin their title defense on tuesday. the regular season debut there. before that, steve kerr wanted his guys to last. to do that, he listed bleacher reports, a game of thrones spoof called game of zones. >> we're not going to stop the wheels. we're going to break the wheel:. what were we talking about? >> a new season is upon us. >> we get this in the bay area. no it's actually quite nice. >> it is quite nice.
6:56 pm
they had inside jokes. i recommend you watch the full version of that. jessica and janelle. they were laughing at all the jokes there. i'm not a game of thrones fan. but i can enjoy the comedy. >> that's a lot of work to make that. >> winter is coming. thanks, ahmed. thank you. >> a full half hour of sports, you can watch it tonight at 10:30. >> you'll be able to use that a lot soon with the rain. >> definitely. >> we can have your voice underneath. a live look at the forecast. no rain then. we're going to start with 51 in the north bay. 57 in the peninsula. 56 throughout the day tomorrow. we have a warm day in the south bay. high clouds overhead. 82. tri-valley at 87. slight chance of showers on sunday. in the north bay, a better chance. make it quarter to a half inch next wednesday. thanks, jeff. that's going to do it for us. good night, folks. buy buy. bye bye.
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