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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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across mexico with severe w at this hour, hurricane patricia continues to rip across mexico, with severe wind and rain. it's considered one of the most powerful storms in recorded history. thanks for joining us. >> let's show you a look at patricia's path right now. there are reports of flooding and landslides. late tonight, mexico's president announced that the damage had not been as severe as predicted.
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>> they hunker down and wait out the severe weather. some of them from the bay area and they're hoping to come home safe. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking those conditions. where do things stand now, jeff? >> right now the storm system is starting to pull away from puerto vallarta. watch how much this has started to diminish. now that it moved inland, it's starting to shrink at the current moment. down from the max winds of 200 miles per hour, to 100 miles per hour. pressure is also rising. another sign of this storm system weakening. how close of a miss is this storm system from puerto vallarta? it's only an 80-mile distance, so very, very close miss here for that town. we do want to underscore a lot of mexico is getting hit very hard right now from this storm
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system that is still a category 2. remnants of the storm head right for texas saturday and sunday, and that will cause flooding issues. this storm system was able to go from a 40-mile-per-hour system to 200 miles per hour in just 36 hours, all due to el nino and the warm waters in the pacific. if we did not have that happening, this storm system would not be here today. i'm tracking more and have more in just a few minutes. many tourists rushed to get out of the storm's path. one bay area woman and a friend vacationing in port a vallarta are still there. peggy, she said she had no choice. she just had to stay put and make the best of it. >> that's right. you can imagine how terrified. she said that she couldn't get any information from the mexican authorities or u.s. consulate. she and her three friends from san jose decided to hunker down
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in their hotel room. we've been talking to her throughout the evening. this is what she told us. >> the largest hurricane to hit the western hemisphere. hurricane patricia blasted into mexico, with winds pushing 200 miles per hour. an unprecedented speed. with roads closed, and flights canceled, americans vacationing in puerto vallarta scrambled to find a safe place to ride out the storm. >> we were evacuated from our hotel this morning for the hurricane. we came to this convention center. they said it's not a safe place, so we're going to another center. >> lisa smiley from san jose and a few of her girlfriends flew to puerto vallarta to celebrate a big birthday and found them trapped in the path of a monstrous storm. >> called the u.s. embassy, tried to change flights. but to no avail. >> lisa said the u.s. consulate in mexico was not much help, issuing the following statement that says in part, we strongly encourage u.s. citizens to take shelter as advised by mexican
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authorities. or at any time they feel in danger. >> they put masking tape on the windows. which didn't seem very secure. so they're going to shut off the power. our expectation is that we're going to ride this storm out in a bathroom with a mattress in the dark. >> as they pass the time waiting for the storm to hit, lisa told me her biggest fear. >> just not getting home to my family. >> around 8:00 tonight, we talked again. by then, lisa's hotel had completely lost power. >> we're hoping now that it's just passing by. although it does sound like it's picking up. >> it's speculated about 7 million people are currently in this heavily touristed area. i've not talked to lisa in several hours. i've been reaching out to her but have not heard back. we've heard that people there are hunkering down, but there's no power everywhere. that is the latest from her from
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puerto vallarta. >> i'm sure communication lines are down. thanks, peggy. patricia is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere, bigger and stronger than hurricane katrina. this is video of katrina ten years ago. maximum wind gusts during katrina, 110 miles per hour. patricia clocked in at more than 200 miles per hour at landfall. let's compare it to another devastating storm. this is hurricane andrew which killed dozens when it devastated south florida in 1992. it had wind gusts of up to 175 miles per hour. a lot of people in the bay area have families and friends in the path of hurricane patricia. right now, they can only pray and hope for the best. nbc bay area's pete is in the mission district. pete, you spoke with a man who is on pins and needles now as he waits for word from his family in mexico.
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>> reporter: a difficult thing for him to watch, as the historic hurricane made landfall. it's on the hearts and minds of his customers. a typical day at this bakery. a social meeting spot for decades, right here in the mission. undercurrent of worry is in the air. patricia heading toward a place where louie calls home. >> it does really hit a chord when somebody you know is in that area. >> reporter: louie continued working. no reply for several hours. and then a phone call. >> they're protected by the sierra madre, a mountain range that is going to keep them out of the center of the eye. >> the caretaker of the house told me that the roof on the third floor blew off. >> reporter: the same could not be said for juan, a local customer i met outside. here's a picture of his family's home, before the hurricane.
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>> hitting at 185 miles per hour. right on the eye of the storm. >> reporter: while louie can breathe a sigh of relief, juan must prepare for the worst. >> right now i'm kind of a little -- you know, i would say nervous. >> reporter: now, louie is still waiting to hear from family members. juan plans to fly to mexico as soon as possible. >> he may have to wait for a bit. in san jose, dozens people came out to pray for their own loved ones. a church in san antonio kept the doors open all night. they're receiving phone calls from people waiting to hear from family members. >> this community here is mostly mexican immigrants, spanish speaking. they're separated from their family. there's already that heart ache of separation. and this makes it even worse, because the communications are
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down. >> the church's next move will be to help those impacted by hurricane patricia. parts of texas already flooded from another storm. now bracing for more. those remnants of hurricane patricia are expected to move into texas this weekend. nearly ten inches of rain have already fallen in the dallas area just in the past couple of days. and another six inches are expected in the south and central parts of texas this weekend. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. the size of the hurricane is astonishing. >> it is really unbelievable. we calculated the overall width and the height of this storm, if you will, in terms of miles. and then we equated it to the united states to see how much land this would occupy. the way it was at its max size, it would have covered missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, iowa, and also west virginia. just astonishing when you think
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about that with this storm system. i'm back with a full update and bay area rain chances in about ten minutes. >> see you soon. thank you, jeff. take a look at this. here you can really see the magnitude of this hurricane. astronaut scott kelly posted this picture on twitter that he took from the international space station. from this view, you can see the eye of the storm. but you can't even see the pacific ocean underneath it. >> hurricane hunters fly right through that eye that janel mentioned into the storm, to better understand how the system is working. tonight we have amazing video of a fly-through of hurricane patricia. the video posted on youtube. scientists at the noaa flew into the hurricane yesterday when it was still a category 4. they wanted to get to the eye and they had to pass through the strong winds first. you can hear the plane getting pelted by rain and hail. you can barely see the plane's
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propellers from the window. when they get to the eye, it is clear and calm. we'll be updating our digital platform throughout the weekend. go to or download our free app to get the latest information 24/7. if you'd like an update in spanish, go to our sister station telemundo, live updates at 7:00 in the morning. hurricane patricia special will be airing at 5:30 on channel 48 telemundo. still to come at 11:00, a major airline apologizes after leaving a disabled man stranded after a flight. the dramatic steps it took to get off that plane. it's being sold on the streets of san francisco and it could be deadly. the important warning vofinvolv a common prescription drug that may not be the real thing. el nino in california. actions you're urged to take right now. the negligent death of a baby
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gorilla. the usca has slapped the san francisco zoo with a fine for what they call was the negligent death of a baby gorilla. $750,000 is what they were fined. the 15-month-old gorilla was crushed under an electric door back in november. it angered animal activists. they said better safety measures should have been in place, and the fine is meager for a gorilla. he darted under the door as it was closing. a warning tonight about counterfeit san xanex is being on the streets of san francisco. last week one person was found dead with it on them. another almost died after taking
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the pills. doctors say taking it could reverse the effects of those fake drugs. a follow-up on a stabbing at a pittsburgh grocery store. we're learning lots of tips from the public that led officers to the suspect's home and eventually his arrest. they tracked 34-year-old anthony to his home in pittsburgh this afternoon. he was arrested as he was walking out. police say harmio was stealing shaving razors from a supermarket last night. when employees confronted him, he stabbed three of them. a west el nino winter still on track for california. tonight there's an important message from fema. they're urging homeowners to get flood insurance even if you don't live directly near a creek or river. buying flood insurance they say is the most powerful action to prepare for el nino. there are maps on the fema
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website that help you to check to see if you're in a flood-prone area. it is the warm el nino waters that made hurricane patricia grow. it's hammering cities with severe wind and rain. the category 5 storm is a powerful reminder of what thousands of people endured during hurricane katrina ten years ago. survivors know what people in patricia's path are going through right now, and how they will feel when the storm blows over, and their lives are blown apart. we have one couple's story. it is a long road ahead. >> reporter: that's right. august 29th, 2005. sylvia and johnny clark's lives changed forever. they lost everything they owned in hurricane katrina. they said watching patricia hit landfall in mexico brings back horrible memories. >> already made landfall -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: for sylvia and johnny clark, watching hurricane
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patricia reaching land along the coast of mexico is painful to see. because ten years ago, they were in the eye of another powerful storm, hurricane katrina. >> we were setting down watching the news with my son. and that's how we knew our house was gone. >> reporter: the clarks' home was located in the new orleans seventh ward. the place they called home their entire live. katrina changed their lives forever. >> we had no money. you know, i mean, because you couldn't use your debit card, because everything was -- the storm destroyed everything. >> reporter: they're hoping people in the path of patricia won't have to go through what they did. but if they do, they say it won't be easy. >> i can imagine what those people are going through. especially when they have nowhere to go. >> reporter: emergency management experts say the first thing people need following a natural disaster is monetary help. because you never know exactly what people may need during a
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crisis. >> unrequested, unsorted material becomes a burden to people trying to manage the disaster. it's actually early when they're told to by the government. and for whatever reason they have not followed that advice, they have to shelter in place. >> reporter: that's easier said than done when you're in the eye of the storm. the clarks have a message for people in mexico. >> i would tell people right now to stick together. to hold on to your beliefs. hold on to god. and just fight it together. you can make it through. >> reporter: the clarks tell me tonight they have strong family and strong faith, and they say that is what got them through. reporting live in emoryville, sheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. puerto vallarta are sticking together. hurricane patricia brought a change in vacation plans.
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and for another couple, that meant moving their entire wedding party. the couple had planned a beachside ceremony but hurricane patricia forced them to evacuate their hotel as soon as possible. instead of walking down the aisle, they were bused to a shelter. they were told only to bring small bags with necessities. despite the unexpected chaos, the couple stayed positive. >> there was about 70 people on our guest list. we made sure everyone is taken care of. and we're good. i'm really happy. >> the couple got some good news. they texted us just a few hours ago and said the wedding is back on for tomorrow. jeff ranieri mentioned, the worst of the storm will spare puerto vallarta. >> let's talk about where the hurricane is headed. >> we're still continually seeing this storm system weaken after landfall at 4:15, just to the south of puerto vallarta
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this afternoon. it's gradually starting to shrink. right there, losing its formation. so we're really thinking the worst is over with this storm system. and puerto vallarta, again, spared from the strongest winds and heaviest rain by just 80 miles. as i mentioned before, that's like a drive from santa rosa to san jose. that's how close of a call it was for that tourist town. a lot of mexico is still getting hit. we'll have more on the track of that in just a moment. we'll get you into the morning forecast for the bay area. let's start off with 51 degrees in the north bay. san francisco 57. peninsula, 56. south bay 55 degrees. let's get you into the storm track. if you're doing any traveling this definitely could wreak some havoc on the air travel as we head through tomorrow. the latest coordinates have the winds from the max of 200 miles per hour down to 100 miles per hour. it's beginning to pick up speed north-northeast at 20 miles an
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hour. that will mitigate some of the flooding possibilities. by 5:00 a.m. on saturday, it's a tropical storm. so continuing to weaken. and then once we head through the upcoming weekend, texas will be the bull's-eye zone for remnant moisture and potential of some flooding. let's get you into the bay area forecast. what you are going to notice here throughout the region is we'll have portly sunny skies on saturday. i don't think it's going to be a totally cloudy day. we'll get the filtered sun. temperatures will be in the 80s. there's still that slight chance of some spotty showers as we head through sunday's forecast, marin, napa and so nome oh counties. hurricane patricia is starting to weaken. that is the good news at this point. as we take a look at the microclimate forecast for saturday, across san francisco, a high of 69. for the mission, up to 72. right throughout the peninsula, 82 in palo alto, and 69 in pacific asmt san jose, 28
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degrees. cupertino at 84. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, napa will come in with a high tomorrow of 82 degrees, and the partly sunny conditions. east bay, 76 in oakland, and for the tri-valley we'll have 87. if you're tired to the mid to upper 80s and want more fall weather to return, sunday will be a lot more comfortable for you. 79 degrees in the south bay. san francisco 69 for the east bay. and for the north bay 78 degrees. not only that chance of slight showers in the north bay on sunday, but we still have the possibility of some rainfall next wednesday. remnants of what was once hurricane olaf combining the cold front, actually could produce about a quarter inch of rainfall. four days in a row now, the models have shown this. it's looking very good to get the rainfall next week. >> we're excited. thanks, jeff. still ahead, united airlines apologizing after forgetting about a passenger on the plane.
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and jimmy. >> we have a special performance from pharrell williams, and donald trump is here! ♪
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the chp is getting sued by a woman who said they stole her private photos after a dui stop. they said the officer pulled her over in san ramon last year. they claimed harrington went through her cell phone. she's now suing the chp for
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invasion of her privacy. united airlines is facing tough questions after a disabled man claims he was forgotten on a flight from sfo. he uses a wheelchair and was flying from san francisco to arlington, virginia, tuesday. neal said when the flight landed, everyone got off the plane including the crew and left him behind. he claims he had to crawl up the aisle to get help. >> it's humiliating. nobody should have to do what i did. i feel like airlines treat people with disabilities as a secondary concern. >> so far, united airlines has said very little, only that they regret the delay in providing an aisle chair to assist neal. a dramatic game tonight.
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we have to do something to get better. that's unacceptable. that's not what we're going to do. that's not who we are. it's not what we're about. so we're going to fix it. >> yeah, fixing it is key as the 49ers looked broken last night. just like last year, the seahawks came to town, and won easily against the rivals.
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now the niners are 2-5. only 3% of teams since 1990 have made the play-offs after being 2-5. not a good percentage. the coach said changes are coming. colin kaepernick still the starting quarterback. the coaching staff remains the same for now. baseball, acls game six. toronto looking to avoid elimination in kansas city. blue jays trailing. not anymore. jose batista two-run home run. we're tied at 3. they had a 45-minute weather delay. eric houser after that coming through. lorenzo came from first. scoring all the way. that is some speed. royals win 4-3. going to the world series. second in a row. basketball, warriors officially begin their title defense on tuesday. first, making a cartoon, a "game of thrones" spoof called game of
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zones. >> we're not going to stop the wheel. we're going to break the wheel. >> what are we talking about? i zoned out. >> warriors, a new season is upon us! >> is it in the bay area? >> no, it's actually quite nice. >> it is very nice. there you see the reactions with everyone having a good time. i encourage you to watch the whole clip. it's very funny. the warriors liked it, we know that. stanford versus washington tomorrow. more news after this. before we leave you tonight - we
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have one final update on hurricane patricia: it's before we leave you tonight, we want to give you a final update on hurricane patricia. it is now pulling away from puerto vallarta. they missed the tourist spot by about 80 miles or so. the winds are down to 100 miles an hour, down from 200 when the
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hurricane made landfall earlier tonight. patricia is weakening in strength. it should move into texas later this weekend as a remnants of the tropical storm dumping rain and possibly causing flash flooding. what's the most important thing we should take away from it? >> they still have flooding concern, even though puerto vallarta was missed. winds at 100 miles per hour. this will be setting its sights on texas, potential of flooding this weekend. thanks so much, jeff. have a good weekend. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- donald trump, terrence howard, musical guest pharre


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