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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live look outside...... (adlib) jose (adlib) kira/2shot good morning, thanks for it is 7:00 on saturday morning. look at that sunrise over san jose on a beautiful fall morning. good morning, to you, thanks so much for joining us. anthony slaughter has a look at our microclimate forecast, as well as the developments in mexico. people are just waking up now, we want to tell them the latest on hurricane patricia. >> it's been down grated to a tropical storm. the good news is puerta vallarta
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was spared from some of the strongest wind and rain. it passed to the south and east. we're still dealing with heavy rain across parts of mexico and even towards texas. this is just a tropical storm right now. it's been down graded with winds up to 50 miles per hour. as it moves into texas o over nights, san antonio near dallas had upwards of six to eight inches of rain overnight. this is an additional four to six inches of rain we're expecting over the next couple of days across texas and louisiana. if you have loved ones there, check on them. here at home, quiet but very fa fall-like. we'll see a few low 80s for some of our inland valleys. cooler and more clouds today because a storm system is expected to bring showers to the bay area as soon as tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> let's hope so, thanks. as anthony explained
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patricia has been down graded to a tropical storm. before that happened it was a category 5 hurricane, the largest hurricane to hit the pacific coast. this is our first look at the destruction that was done. forecasters said it did have the potential to do catastrophic damage in mexico. and this morning, as the sun comes up, damages are still being estimated. there are early reports of flooding and landslides. this morning, hurricane dropped to a tropical storm. tourists didn't take any chances. they evacuated as soon as possible. >> the hurricane, we came to this convention center and then they said it's not a safe place so we're going to the technical center. >> a state of emergency was declared in dozens of municipalities. no word on fatalities or damage. patricia is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the
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western hemts sphere. this is damage from hurricane katrina. patricia clocked in at more than 200 miles per hour. let's compare that to another devastating storm. this is video of hurricane andrew which killed dozens of people when it devastated south florida in 1992. that had wind gusts slightly weaker than patricia of 175 miles per hour. not all buildings were spared by hurricane patricia when it was still a hurricane. we spoke to one san francisco man who said his family home in mexico was hit hard by the winds. he's waiting for the storm to pass completely before he can head down to survey the damage first hand. >> the caretaker of the house, told me that the roof on the third floor blew off. >> we'll hear more from him and other bay area residents who have been affected coming up
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later in the news cast. back here in the bay area in san jose, dozens of people went to church to pray for their loved ones. our lady of guaduloupe church kept its doors all night. the father tells us he's received calls from people worried about family members there. we have a live shot the church still open this morning. again, this is in san jose if you want to be a part of any prayer services for any family or friends from whom you have not heard down in mexico. >> this community here is mostly mexican immigrants, spanish speaking. and they're separated from their family. there's already that heart ache of separation. >> they're next move will be to organize help for those affected by the hurricane. we'll have the latest on what they're doing.
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from bad to worse. parts of texas already flooded from another storm are bracing for more. the remnants of hurricane patricia are expected to hit texas this weekend. nearly ten inches of rain have already fallen in the dallas area just in the past kcouple days. it closed roads, the town of corsicana got more than a foot of rain in one day. flooding roads, trapping drivers, in fact, two teenage girls were stuck crossing a bridge and held on for dear life. >> i was holding around her waist and holding on to the metal on the bridge and trying not to let go. >> another six inches of rain are expected in south and central texas this weekend. and take a look at this. here you can really see the magnitude of this hurricane. astronaut scott kelly posted this picture. he snapped it from the
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international space station. we'll be updating our digital platforms on patricia's path and its impact throughout the weekend. download our free app to get the latest information 24/7. for updates in spanish you can go to our sister station telemundo. they have a hurricane patricia special tonight at 5:30 p.m. on channel 48. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, more earthquakes in the east bay overnight. plus, the san francisco zoo gets hit with a heavy penalty following the death of a baby gorilla. the accident e-mail that one woman said destroyed her ability to return to work.
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welcome back, it's 7:07:08. this is a live look in dublin. not quite as sunny. increasing clouds today. we have a possibility of rain
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tomorrow. new this morning, the ground continues to shake in clusters in the east bay. two more tremors happened overnight. the usgs says the first earthquake hit san ramon at 12:43 and registered at a 3.2 earthquake. a minute later a 3.1 struck. there are no reports of damage or injuries. more than 200 quakes have struck the tri valley area in the last three weeks. a usgs spokesperson expects that swarm of earthquakes in the san ramon area to last for about two more weeks. the u.s. department of agriculture has slapped the san francisco zoo with a fine for the negligent death of a baby gorilla. the zoo will have to pay the usda $1,750 for the death of the 16 month old. he was crushed under an electric
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door. they say the federal fine is meager for an endangered animal. the zoo says he unexpectedly darted under the door as it was closing. imagine having all of your personal health information e-mailed to your co-workers by mistake. one woman said that happened to her. michelle roberts has her story. >> it's been hell. >> reporter: she says she's seven years away from retirement after working for santa clara county for 17 years. she says she can't face her co-workers in the social services department. >> they make fun of me. they're talking about me. they're saying don't hire her because she has got this condition or that condition. >> reporter: she's requested we not use her first name or show her face.
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but says she wants her story to be heard. in june she received this letter from the county notifying her her personal and medical information was accidently e-mailed to 100 of her co-workers. including her supervisors. >> my medication i'm on. my diagnosis. you know, things that like that. i don't want everybody to know that. that's not anybody's business but mine. >> reporter: williams and her lawyer have filed a lawsuit against the county seeking damages for the privacy violation. >> we can't give her back what has been taken from her. the only thing we can do now is to compensate her, have the county compensate her in a fair way so she can get another job in another environment. she can't go back to that environment. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc, bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a bay area couple's wedding put on hold as tropical storm patricia passes through mexico. survivors of hurricane
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katrina share advice and memories of what they endured. we're waking up to fog in the coast line but we'll see a nice sunny day. a storm system is expected to bring rain tomorrow. we'll detail that next. take a live look outside......
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san francisco from san bruno mountain (adlib) welcome back, 7:14. we are getting all sorts of views across the bay area this morning. clouds, fog over san francisco as we look from san bruno. anthony slaughter says increasing clouds for the entire bay area today and rain expected in parts tomorrow. more developing news now on our story in mexico. hurricane patricia rapidly weakened to a tropical storm as it moved inland. however, severe wind and rain continue to hammer cities. patricia began as a category 5 storm. a powerful reminder of what
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thousands of people endured during hurricane katrina. one couple that survived katrina shared their experience about what comes after the storm. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: for silvia and johnny clark, watching hurricane patricia reaching land is painful to see. because ten years ago they were in the eye of another powerful storm hurricane katrina. >> we were sitting down watching the news with my son and that's how we knew our house was gone. >> the clark's home was located in the new orleans seventh ward, a place they called home their entire life. katrina changed their lives forever. >> we had no money. you know, i mean, because you couldn't use your debit card because everything was -- the storm had destroyed everything. >> they're hoping the people in the path of patricia won't have to go through what they did.
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if they do, they say it won't be easy. >> i can imagine what them people are going through. >> emergency management experts say the things people need following a disaster is monetary help. because you don't know what people need during a crisis. >> material becomes a burden to people trying to manage the disaster. evacuate earlier when they're told to by the government. if for whatever reason they have followed that advice they have to shelter in place. >> that's easier said than done. the clarks have a message for people in mexico. >> i would give people right now to stick together. to hold on to your beliefs hold on to god and stick together and you can make it through. >> sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. for tourists in puerta vallarta what was hurricane
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patricia brought a big change in vacation plans. for one bay area couple, that meant moving their entire wedding. the couple had planned a beach side ceremony, but patricia forced them to evacuate their hotels as soon as possible. instead of walking down the aisle, the couple and their wedding party was bussed to a shelter. they were told to bring a small bag with necessities. despite the unexpected chaos, the couple did stay positive. >> it was about 70 people on our guest list. we made sure everyone was taken care of, here and safe. and we're good. so i'm really happy. >> very good. the couple texted us and said the wedding is back on for today. let's check in with anthony slaughter with a look at our weekend forecast. i was looking at some of the sky cams. it's gray there but they're seeing a good break. i want to start you off with a satellite imagery. this shows the storm as it
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continues to make its way over mexico. it's weakened, but puerta vallarta is in the clear. the winds have diminished quite a bit, down to 50 miles per hour. that's right at the center of the storm, so puerta vallarta, they're done with the brunt, but now we move to texas. the rain over the next couple of days in texas, that will be very detrimental. they had eight to ten inches of rain in san antonio overnight. even near dallas. you notice across the coast line of the gulf coast that's where they're expecting the heaviest rains over the next couple of days. here at home, don't you wish we could get that kind of rain. dry conditions once again for today. we're starting off in the 40s and 50s. and the forecast brings san jose up to 79. 80 for saratoga. it will be cooler at the
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beaches. 71 for sauce leto to santa rosa. 74 in hayward. we'll have a few 80s across parts of the tri valley. 84 for san ramon. we do have a storm system that will make its ray through. it's making its way to the pacific northwest. for us here, we'll see a good amount of high and midlevel cloud cover today and tomorrow. the thing to note, the north bay is where we're expecting showers for tomorrow. across parts of the coastline, you'll notice not a whole lot of green on the map tomorrow. that stays across parts of the north bay. san francisco, santa cruz mountains and parts of the north bay will see drizzle and light showers for tomorrow. but it's a dry day today. you have things happening in san francisco. the wharf festival happens downtown in san francisco from 12:00 to 4:00. temperatures will be climbing close to 70. expect a good amount of cloud cover today. very comfortable conditions. as we head towards the next week, we're talking about a quick shot of rain on wednesday.
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this will not be a deluge. we're talking about a showery system on wednesday morning. rain across parts of the bay area. look at this, wednesday afternoon, it moves out of here. we're going to be looking at a quick shot of rain for wednesday. now our inland valleys, we're going to stay dry this weekend. the coast lines will see showers tomorrow. the east bay valleys going into the 80s and 70s in wednesday. san francisco, same deal. we talked about showers for tomorrow. that's the only small difference. wednesday, the next system does arrive. you'll notice, those temperatures really coming down over the next couple of days. get those jackets out, it's going to start feeling like fall across the bay area. >> this is my last official day wearing a short sleeve shirt. my mother is not a fan of me wearing short sleeves in the fall. we have much more coming up. my parents said don't be a
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victim. and give back when you make it. >> the ghost that generated more than one million dollars for charity and the women who make it possible year after year. we'll tell you this story that will make you bay area proud.
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. it's probably not just buildings ...ts e memories eated the. there's one group of east bay women who, for the past five when you think about your hometown, what comes to mind? it's the memories created there. there's a group of east bay women who for the past five decades are responsible for creating both. >> reporter: the place we're talking about is fremont. you may know it's the fourth largest bay area city. did you also know it's one of the newest born in 1956. so new it's still possible to meet some of the people who shaped the history of that city. sometimes in the most unlikely
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of places. when it comes to staging the ghost house in fremont each october there are no small jobs. there is one job perfect for a small person. >> last year i put in 1,800 apples. >> reporter: someone about her size. >> you can work here if you can sit underneath the shelf. >> reporter: there is nothing small about her and her peer's contribution to the city of fremont. >> since our inception we've contributed a million and a half into incommunity. >> it began 50 years ago. a time when fremont didn't have many services. like a ymca. >> for the children for activ y activities. >> reporter: in 1969 they decided to hold a haunted house fun raiser. they called themselves the candle lighters. >> because they might bring some
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light or something warm to the people's lives. >> reporter: within a few years, the ymca was finished. but the candle lighters weren't. they continued hosting the ghost house year after year and raising money for city cause after city cause. it's now impossible to swing a candy apple around fremont without hitting something they helped create. from the pavilion in central park to the roof on the historic depot to the children's area at a local water park. it's all more than enough to rest one's laurels upon. >> my parents said don't be a victim and give back when you make it. >> reporter: she believes the greatest contribution to the community isn't built out of stone. it's built out of the years the memories their ghost house has helped create over the years. >> just seeing their expressions
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on their face and what they're saying, it's nice. >> why she is one of just a few of the original candle lighters still around. there have been generations of women after her who have picked up the mission and plan to do so for years to come. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. as always, if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, buying candy and decorations for halloween doesn't have to be frightening for your finances. we have budget friendly tips. how to prepare for the worst of the expected el nino. what fema says bay area homeowners should do now. ♪
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san jose (adlib) welcome back, it's shy of 7:29. here's a live look outside on a cool fall morning. good morning, to you, thanks for joining us. we start off first with developing news. the strongest hurricane to hit the pacific coast is losing steam. it's not over yet. at what point it looked like this, a down pour of rain as wind whipped at 200 miles an area. people there are still seeing severe floods and land slides. you said it seems as if the worst is over. >> they did see a lot of rain. the worst may be over but now that we're just getting to day light you can start to assess
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some of the damage from -- we haven't heard much because it's been dark and so the mud slides, the debris floes and heavy rains and flooding most of that hasn't been able to be seen yet because we are at the first glimpse of day light. we're looking at the satellite. you can see it's weakened pretty much. it is across parts of central mexico down to winds of 50 miles per hour. over the next couple of days it's expected to move into texas and louisiana. but it will dump a lot of rain. we're talking about additional four to seven inches for parts of texas on top of the four to six inches they saw overnight. we'll watch a steady amount of cloud stream on here. temperatures in the 50s. we'll end up back in the 70s. a few low 80s for today. showers expected for tomorrow. a cool weekend on tap. >> we'll stay tuned for that. thanks. of course, a lot of people here in the bay area have
7:31 am
families and friends who have been affected by patricia. nbc bay area spoke with san franciscoens waiting to hear back from family overnight. >> reporter: it's a typical day at the bakery. the social meeting spot for decades right here in the mission. >> you have all the rain -- >> reporter: but an undercurrent of worry is in the air. hurricane patricia making land fall and heading towards a place where louie calls home. >> it hits a cord when someone you know is in the area. >> reporter: he sent the facebook message as he continues working. no reply. then a phone call. >> they're protected by the sierra madre mountain range that kind of -- keep them out of the center of the eye. >> the caretaker of the house told me that the roof on the third floor blew off. >> reporter: they same could not be said for juan, a local customer i met outside.
7:32 am
here's a picture of his family's home before the hurricane. >> hitting at 185 miles per hour and right on the eye of the storm. >> while louie can breathe a sigh of relief, juan must prepare for the worst. >> right now, i'm kind of a little, you know, nervous. >> parts of mexico may have weathered the storm, but texas is next in line to get him. the remnants of hurricane patricia are expected to head that way. what makes it worse is that texas is already flooded from another storm. nearly ten inches of rain have already fallen in the dallas area just in the past couple days. another six inches are expected in south and central texas this weekend. we will be updating our digital fl platforms throughout the weekend. be sure to go to our website or download our free app to get the latest information 24/7. for updates in spanish, go to
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our sister station telemundo. they will have updates all day and a hurricane patricia special at 5:30 later today. back in california it may be dry but not for long. we could be facing flooding once el nino hits. fema is urging people to buy flood insurance. it's the most powerful action people can take to prepare for the winter, especially for people who live in flood prone areas. fema says it takes 30 days for flood insurance to take effect. be proactive now. detectives are trying to solve a deadly problem in san francisco. counterer ft xanax being sold. they look like the real sedatives on the left side of your screen. the fake pills which are mix would a narcotic can cause kidney damage. last week one person was found
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dead with a fake xanax on them. three others nearly died after taking the pills. investigators worry that most fake pills could be on the streets. and they're also working with authorities in the east bay to determine if there's any connection to the students who were hospitalized after taking xanax. united airlines is having to face tough questions after a disabled man says he was forgotten about on a flight from sfo. he uses a wheelchair. neil says when the flight landed, everyone got off the plane, including the flight crew and they left him behind. he says he had to crawl up the aisle to get help. >> no one should have to do what i did. half the time i feel like airlines treat people with disabilities as a secondary concern. >> the only word they have
7:35 am
issued is they regret the delay in providing a wheelchair to assist him. new details on the golden state warriors, will a $60 million transportation plan be enough to win over opponents. the details were released yesterday in a final report. the plan is meant to address traffic, and congestion problems that could arise because of a mission bay site in san francisco. the plan would add more light rail cars, also a border platform and two more parking lots. but critics say neighbors will still be affected. there will be a public meeting on the report tuesday, november 3rd. did you know we're expected to spend $7 billion this halloween? we have some tips on how you can celebrate halloween without breaking the bank.
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>> reporter: clerks were filling the shelves with candy. handing out candy is the number one way people celebrate halloween. how can you fill trick otreat bags? >> the chocolate is expensive for the amount you get. the hard candies is a little cheaper. >> watch what you buy and where you buy it. discount stores and warehouse clouds have the cheapest prices. look for store coupons. if you're brave enough, don't buy your halloween candy until the last minute. >> the closer to the halloween, the cheaper the candy is. >> consignment and thrift stores are a must for people trying to fit their shopping list is. >> every day we bring out more halloween it's gone very fast. this store as racks of shelves of decorations and
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costumes. you have to look around but the search is worth the savings. wilma spent 20 minutes filling her wish list. >> i bought a bunch of knickknacks for halloween. i spent $5. >> if you bought it knew how much would it cost? >> $20. >> i took my daughters shopping a for costumes and spent $30. >> treat yourself to halloween savings and not get tricked into spending more money that you budgeted. >> if you'd like to stand out this halloween with a unique costume check out google's fright geist. it's a map that revealed the most popular costumes trending locally and nationally. they pull data from the top 500 costume related google searches. this year the bay area will be filled would harley quinns from dc comic and star wars
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characters. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up a dramatic finish. the highlights are next. game six of the a-l-c-s between
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the kansas city royals and the tont welcome back. if you missed it was a game of the ages. game six between the royals and blue jays had everything. not only late inning drama but late inning rain as well. toronto was looking to avoid elimination in kansas city. here's the drama. blue jays trailing 3-1. bautista crushes it. game tie id. after a 45 minute rain delay, lorenzo came all the wame from first. kansas city wins 4-3. they face the mets, game one is on tuesday. the warriors officially begin their title defense
7:41 am
tuesday. but first they had a quick laugh. the coach enlisted the staff from bleacher report to make a game of thrones cartoon spoof. >> spurs. cavs. heat. we are not going to stop the wheel. we're going to break the wheel. >> what are we talking about? i zoned out. >> warriors, a new season is upon us. and winter is coming. >> do we get winter in the bay area? >> it's quite nice, i love it. >> that is hill arious. the clip got a positive reaction from the team. the warriors opened the season against the new orleans pelicans at oracle arena on tuesday. we have much more ahead on
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"today in the bay." coming up, mayor ed lee claims a bomb measure on this year's ballot can make san francisco affordable again. we're run prop a through a prealt check. this morning we're waking up to filtered sunshine. clouds will continue to stream across the bay area today. ahead of a storm system that's going to bring rain for tomorrow. details on that plus an update on former hurricane patricia. coming up after this.
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welcome back, 7:44. this is the update from former hurricane patricia. it's now a tropical storm bringing lots of rain across parts of mexico. in the last update it looks like it's been down graded to a tropical depression. it continues to weaken as it makes its way over land. of course that's how hurricanes weaken when they move away from the warm waters. the other thing we'll be watching is heavy rain across parts of texas and louisiana. overnight they had some parts
7:45 am
pick up eight to ten inches of rain south of dallas. an additional six inches of rain in that state. heavy rain for them. us, lots of sunshine expected across the bay today. we're talking about filtered sun. we'll see a mix of high and midlevel clouds. temperatures back into the low 80s. 76 for the east bay. and 70 for san francisco. here it is your forecast for today. 79 will do it for your high in san jose. 67 in pacifica. cool at the coast line. ocean beach will be in the 60s. parts of the north bay back into the 70s. 71 for sauce leto. concord will be in the 80s. tritr tri valley holding on to the low 80s there. a cold front will be moving through tomorrow. we'll get clipped from the tail end. the north bay will see showers for tomorrow and across parts of the coastline. you'll notice again, not a lot of green on this map as we move towards the day tomorrow.
7:46 am
a light shower activity across parts of the north bay and parts of the coast line to san francisco and possibly even santa cruz mountains. this will be a weak system. we're expecting trace amounts of rain. today a dry day across parts of the bay. maybe you want to get out and participate in the wharf festival. free admission from noon to 4:00. again, expect a good amount of cloud cover as that storm system starts to make its advance towards the bay area. tomorrow will see a quick shot of rain. wednesday, we'll see another quick shot of rain. it's not going to be a huge storm system either. as we put it into motion, wednesday morning the showers move through. wednesday afternoon they are out of here look looking for a day dry. this cold front once it moves through it's going to drop our temperatures. look at this we're talking about 85 today for the east bay valleys. low 80s tomorrow. and then look at it by wednesday. into the 70s. not only the 70s but the low 70s. that is jacket weather by wednesday with showers. even for parts of san jose
7:47 am
coming out of the 80s for today. back into the 70s for the next couple of days. san francisco you will see a brief shower. great skies expected for tomorrow. more sunshine for today. we hang on to the cooling trend. 60s by wednesday and more showers. so as we get into november. hopefully it looks like our trend is going more wet with more rain icons on the map. hopefully as we get into next month we'll have more rain. >> let's hope so. the first forecast you haven't mentioned going to the beach, anthony. thanks. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, making the city more affordable. will a new bond measure stop rising rent and displace residents in san francisco. our reality check report is next. good morning, there's lots to do "today in the bay." it's the weekend before halloween. deer hollow form invites you to
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celebrate the spirit of halloween for their spooky times. $7 to get in. $5 if you're in costume. you can explore their haunted barns. get weirded out by their touch table. goats, sheep, chicken and cows, because it's a farm after all. more animals if you head up to san francisco this weekend they're claiming a not too spooky halloween family friendly festival called boo at the zoo. you can trick or treat at the candy stations throughout the zoo itself. enjoy pumpkins stomp and chomp where animals enjoy the treats. have a creepy crawly critter adventure at the insect zoo. the fun is included with your zoo admission which is discounted by a dollar for kids who come in costume. another big holiday for the bay area is the day after halloween. it's the day of the dead when we celebrate those who have passed by celebrating in the present. in fact, one week early at st. james park, enjoy live
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entertain. the artists check out the sugar skulls. live bands. wrestling and we'll have your telemundo party bus where you can screen a popular novella for free if they have enough space at one of their three showings there. otherwise you'll be like the walking dead when we meet back here on monday on "today in the ba bay". weeks away.
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election day is less than two weeks away. san francisco mayor ed lee is campaigning hard for proposition a. it's the affordable housing bond measure. so how does it work? and how far can it really go toward providing new affordable homes? we have this reality check. >> lost in the melody of san francisco's mission district. amidst the humming motors. slow strollers and jumping new joints. lingers the memory of what it was like to actually live here for some. like this woman who moved out of the city five years ago but left her heart in the mission. >> we should be able to afford it. my son should be able to live here. they were born here. san francisco. it's not fair. >> reporter: the housing phenomenon making it the least affordable place in the country by some metrics has moved in like a cool fog blanketing
7:53 am
people and places all over the city. >> finding any kind of housing has been impossible. people don't even answer you. >> it's not easy and it's not guaranteed. >> i want to see us build as much housing a we can. >> the housing bond will help. >> the mayor has pushed proposition a. it's a critical piece of a longer term solution to build and rehabilitate thousands of homes for low and middle income people in san francisco. would the proposition deliver on that promise? first, let's look at what's actually in the proposition. it does grant permission for san francisco to borrow up to $310 million in bonds. it does not specify exactly how that money would be spent. it does create a blueprint for building new affordable units. fixing dilapidated ones and helping first time home buyers. it does not guarantee a certain
7:54 am
number of units. the mayor has been the face of prop a. his campaign office denied our request for an interview. we sat down with one of the city's most vocal advocates for affordable housing. >> it's bad here but worse than i've seen it. >> reporter: wiener and the entire board of supervisors backs prop a. he describes it as a two pronged approach. about half the money for new units, and the rest to rehab old ones. >> way too much of the public housing stock is dilapidated. it's just in terrible sometimes even unlivable conditions. and so, it is incumbent on us to rehabil ta rehabilitate and shore up the public housing stuck in addition to building new units. >> how much stock can prop a really supply? we asked the city to crunch some numbers for us. in the last decades, san francisco has created or preserved 8,000 units of
7:55 am
multifamily affordable housing at a cost of 155,0$155,000 per . take $310 million in bond money, divide it by $155,000 per unit and you get a grand total of 2,000 units new and rehabilitated. back in the mission district, the promise of prop a hangs like a small token on this building window surrounded by chic restaurants and highly sought after real estate. given the scale of the housing problems, you might be hard pressed to find someone who had call 2,000 units a token gesture. >> it's hope. maybe it will pass. maybe it will help. not only for me but for my kids, for the future. >> the mayor says the measure will help build new homes without raising taxes. that's not entirely true. prop a would raise property taxes for homeowners. according to the city controllers' office about $80 a
7:56 am
year for each million dollars of property you own. we looked for critics of prop a in city government and the non-profit sector and we were hard pressed to find anyone against the measure. i'm sam brock, back to you. thanks. we'll be back with a last look at the down graded hurricane patricia. downgraded to a tropical storm
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this morning. mexican officia hurricane patricia down graded to a tropical storm this morning. mexican officials are still assessing the damage left behind. now that the sun has risen. this is a live look at puerta vallarta. an area that missed the brunt of the storm. we have a final look at the tropical storm now. >> it's been down graded to a tropical depression in the last 30 minutes. it's weakening, but it's going to continue to dump heavy rain over parts of mexico and texas. puerta vallarta missed this by a hair. again, lots of heavy rain across parts of mexico. we're not done just yet. you'll continue to hear about the aftermath now that we're dealing with day light.
7:59 am
you can assess some of the damage. >> hope everything turns out okay. we have one last note for you. we're getting word that monterey road will be closed in all directions until 8:30.
8:00 am
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