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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 25, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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he questions and adventures never end ♪ ♪ la la la la on this sunday fight, homecoming tragedy. witnesses describe the terrifying moments as an alleged drunk driver plowed into a homecoming parade, killing four people. was it deliberate? dramatic rescues as torrential rains turn texas streets into rivers, and it's not over yet. deadly mission. new images and more reaction after the commando raid that freed dozens of captives in iraq and led to the death of an american soldier. desperate journey. tens of thousands still on the move in search of a better life. plus the remarkable story of one little boy saved at sea. and marathon men. both have run 40 races over 40 years, giving new meaning to going the extra mile. "nightly news" begins now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, kate snow. >> good evening. we begin tonight with stunning new accounts from witnesses who say they watched a woman drive straight into a crowd of people who had gathered to watch the oklahoma state university homecoming parade on saturday. the 25-year-old driver was arrested. police believe she was driving under the influence. and tonight as the investigation moves forward, families are in mourning. four people were killed including a 2-year-old boy, and dozens were injured. nbc's jacob rascon reports from stillwater, oklahoma. >> reporter: the cell phone video is too gruesome to show in its entirety. the gray sedan plowing into a crowd of spectators. >> she didn't try to stop? >> not at all. she -- she accelerated. >> reporter: witnesses we spoke to today say
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the driver, 25-year-old adacia chambers, was deliberate. >> i jump out and i go "no! you're going the wrong way! stop! there's people! stop!" she swerved at me and i jumped to my trailer, and i turned and i knew what was going to happen. she sped up and gunned it and run right into the crowd. >> reporter: three people died at the scene. a fourth later at the medical center. a staggering 47 people were hurt in the crash. tonight 17 of them remain hospitalized. five in critical condition. >> it was a crazy 24 hours. but, you know, the o.u. medical center really has helped out. >> reporter: 2-year-old nash lucas was the youngest of the four victims. cinda crowd is a family friend. >> it breaks my heart. >> reporter: nakita prabhakar from india was studying business at oklahoma central. and marvin stone and his wife, bonnie, were
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family at oklahoma state. he was an agriculture engineering professor, awarded the university's highest honor. longtime friend paul wechler. >> we're just a small college town. he and bonnie will be highly missed. >> reporter: investigators are holding chambers on driving under the influence. possible additional charges range from homicide to manslaughter to murder. fendi depending on her intention and driving factors. >> yesterday was a hard day for stillwater. >> reporter: today community members packed into churches and prayed in the streets. stillwater, oklahoma, reeling from a tragedy so far unexplained. like today the attorney said he was confident alcohol was not a factor in the crash saying that chambers likely doesn't remember what happened and blacked out. he said she had a good relationship with family and no problems at work. her father told the local paper he does not believe she could have done this deliberately.
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tonight, chambers remains in jail and could appear in court as early as tomorrow. kate? >> such a more fhorrifying scene. thank you. south texas is starting to dry out after much of the state was battered by torrential rain brought to by hurricane patricia. it caused dangerous flooding in some areas that led to more rescues today. our janet shamlian is in houston tonight. hi, janet. >> reporter: hi, kate. the rain was torrential here overnight. texas has just seen so much rain, really battered here over the past four days. and tonight while the rain is moving out, the hardest-hit areas are still cleaning up. high winds and pounding surf. what's left of patricia, battering an already-weary texas. >> i didn't expect it to be nearly this bad. >> reporter: in houston, swollen bayous after as much as eight inches of rain left some drivers stranded and in need of rescue.
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>> the water started coming in. he was in the back bathroom, and that's how we got out. we would have drowned. >> reporter: near downtown, it rose more than 20 feet in just 12 hours. the heaviest downpours came in the evening and overnight hours. this is one of the underpasses that was flooded out by the rainwaters. the car that's almost completely submerged back there is owned by an uber driver who says he didn't see the rising water. >> at that time the water level was still below my car. >> reporter: a harrowing rescue in corsicana. a pickup with a man and his dog inside almost completely submerged. rescuers with a boat pulled both to safety with little time to spare. other drivers also found themselves in trouble. a teenager had to climb out of his truck after it was swallowed by a sinkhole. >> i grabbed a few things out of the back and then went out the passenger side window which is on this side because the other side was a good half foot of water, i guess. >> reporter: at the formula 1 in austin this morning, drivers
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took a spin on a drenched track ahead of today's race. >> these gladiators out there in this super-wet qualifying session. >> reporter: the daily soaking has taken its toll. >> you can see still cracking here. >> reporter: check out what might be the state's biggest pothole. ten feet wide, eight feet deep. >> this is part of living here. we put the sandbags down and hope for the best. >> reporter: this area was spared the type of devastation seen over memorial day when much of the houston metro area was under water. and tonight this entire system is moving east. kate? >> okay, janet shamli shamlian, thanks. while the flooding threat may be easing in texas, several other states are in for heavy rain as the workweek begins. for more, we're joined by meteorologist dylan dreyer. hi dylan. >> hi, kate. most of the rain we've seen today has been fall ago cross louisiana where we have reports of three to six inches of rain. you can see the heaviest is now through new orleans, and it will continue to mauve into mississippi and eventually alabama. that's where we have
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our flash flood watches still in parts of west central louisiana, we do have flash flood warnings right now. and also coastal flood warnings at the time of high tide this evening. watch as the moisture continues to stream through parts of the gulf coast and eventually by tuesday extends all the way up into st. louis and southern illinois and southern indiana. that's where we'll see some of the heavier rain as we continue through this week. but in the meantime, still another two to up to five inches of rain possible across mississippi. the western panhandle of florida could end up with close to six or seven inches of rain with some of those heavier tropical downpours. now, as we go into wednesday and thursday, we'll start to see it spread across the great lakes and even up and down the east coast. but once that cold front clears things out, by the time we get to next weekend, we should start to see things dry out and also cool down. kate? >> all right, dylan dreyer, thanks so much. we're learning more tonight about that raid on an isis prison in iraq that killed a u.s. soldier. the first to die in the fight against isis. we first showed you video of that rescue mission here last night.
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well, nbc's ron allen is at the white house tonight with more on the operation. ron? >> reporter: good evening, kate. president obama has said numerous times u.s. troops will not be returning to combat in iraq, but military analysts we've spoken with say combat is exactly what that video shows. u.s. special forces along with iraqi soldiers freeing hostages about to be executed at an isis prison. more new video released today. analysts also say it was a sizeable operation with dozens of u.s. troops and five helicopters not seen in the video also very much in harm's way. defense secretary ashton carter also raised a lot of eyebrows when he said the soldier who gave his life died in combat. master sergeant joshua wheeler was a highly decorated delta force campaign dou commando. the administration says it's part of a narrow mission to advice forces and that u.s. troops will not be conducting large-scale military operations in iraq as they have in the past. late today the pentagon released this video showing the prison being destroyed by a coalition airstrike. bottom line, whether
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combat or not, defense officials saying they expect more missions to destroy isis like the one that claimed the brave american soldier's life. kate? >> all right, ron allen with that update, thanks so much. the migration crisis with so many thousands of people fleeing isis and other threats shows no sign of easing. well over 10,000 people passed through slovenia in central europe just this weekend. the country's prime minister warned that the european yup faces collapse if it can't agree on a plan to deal with the kreis which begins as a desperate journey for so many. our report tonight from nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: with hungary's border closed, the flow of tens of thousands of refugees and migrants continues unabated on an alternate route, nearly 13,000 arriving in a 24-hour period filing toward the small nation of slow vive ya through villages and fields they walk, watchful eyes above, desired destination for many,
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germany, though no guarantees. you slept in the rain? >> yeah, yesterday. >> reporter: the reality, few certainties lie ahead. uncertificate just one of them. prompting clashes are soldiers and police, protest fires, too, desperation and hunger in full view. this father fled iraq and isis-led violence with his family. future for your kids. >> yes, sir. >> this is so hard. so hard. >> reporter: it's a grueling march against time. where are we, this man asked? >> slovenia. >> reporter: with colder temperatures now fast on their heels. >> if the solution will not be found within ten days, we will enter very a very, very dangerous period. >> reporter: this is another successful border crossing. they're walking across this bruj from croatia over to slovenia. as tensions mount, the fear among these people is how long these borders will remain open. thousands have risked it all and lost. an 18-month-old baby nearly one of them. pulled from the waters off turkey by
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fishermen when a mag rant vessel capsized. he survived, reuniting with his rescuers just yesterday. syrian, afghans, africans, asians each searching for a better life driven by the past and present. this 19-year-old syrian traveling two months dreams of becoming a pop and rock star. ♪ wake me up inside ♪ call my name and save me from the dark ♪ >> reporter: a growing humanitarian crisis where hardships and hope -- >> thank you. i'm tired. >> reporter: -- find themselves in harmony. ron mott, nbc news, along the croatian/slovenian border. in this country, the presidential race heated up this weekend in iowa where bernie sanders tried to sharpen the distinctions between him and hillary clinton while clinton focused her attention on donald trump. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in des moines. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, kate. the democratic primary has hit hit a point
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where hillary clinton is showing the confidence after having a couple of very good weeked for her campaign while bernie sanders is trying to show the energy behind his very big crowd means he could win here. as democrats came together for a massive pep rally. a raucous ritual to fire up iowa democrats. team bernie sanders decided the raw decibel level showed their organizing strength. clinton's campaign countered with a more subdued but eye-catching light show. sanders trying to prove he is the true progressive made clinton his target with a string of differences it would the iraq war to trade and gay rights. >> now, today some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. that's not the case. >> reporter: clinton, in front-runner mode -- >> sometimes you just
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have to let them hear you roar. katy perry, thank you for being here! >> reporter: her megastar supporter performed a free concert, then stayed for the political show. where clinton looked ahad ed to battling donald trump. >> when he says we have to make america great again, well, here's what i say. america is great. we just have to make it fair and just. >> reporter: unhappy polling second in iowa, donald trump curiously drew attention to ben carson's fate. >> i mean, seventh day adventist i don't know about. >> reporter: but today had no explanation. >> i don't like to talk about somebody else's faith. i can say that i'm a presbyterian. i'm a believer. i do very well with the evangelicals. >> reporter: so does carson. and today on "meet the press," he compared today's abortion opponents to those who fought slavery. >> what if the abolitionists had said, you know, i don't believe in slavery? i think it's wrong? but you guys do
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whatever you want to do. where would we be? >> reporter: and dr. carson says he understands that talking about slavery to make a political point is risky, but he defended that as a proper and appropriate comparison. and dr. carson and the other top gop candidates are just gearing up for their next debate. that comes wednesday in colorado on cnbc. kate? >> kelly o'donnell watching it all in iowa, thanks. and vice president joe biden is revealing more tonight about his decision not to run for president in an interview on "60 minutes." bid. and his wife, jill, talked about the emotional moments leading up to the decision. >> hunter, our son, was upstairs with mom, with jill. and i walked in and i said, you know, i just don't think there's time. identi i've just decided i don't think we can rupp the kind of campaign we have to run to be able to win. and i remember jill just got up off the couch, gave me a big hug and said, "i think you're right." >> were you
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disappointed or were you relieved? >> no, i think i was disappointed. you though, likes i said in the beginning, i thought joe would be a great president. and a programming note, tomorrow morning on "today," matt lauer will host a town hall discussion with donald trump in new hampshire. when "nate "nightly news" conditions, an important meeting of news" conditions, an important meeting of you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards
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catholic bishops ended a three-week meeting known as a synod on family iron yous this weekend at the vatican calling for a more welcoming church but stopping short of any fundamental change on issues like divorce and same-sex marriage. our report tonight from nbc's anne thompson. >> reporter: pope francis who wants a more inclusive merciful church closed the bishops meeting saying the true defenders of the doctrine are not those who uphold its letter but its spirit. in the synod's file report, one of the authors says the bishops tried to do both. >> how do you word this so that both the fidelity to the teaching and the openness to people who are struggling with the teaching is present? >> reporter: the most contentious issue, communion for catholics who divorce and remarry without an annulment. the bishops did not recommend lifting the ban but did say through a private conversation with their priests, those catholics can figure
3:49 pm
out how to more fully participate in the church. >> we have renewed our efforts to walk with people, to see each person individually. >> reporter: archbishop of chicago. is there a way to welcome them back? >> i believe that all catholics, especially those who feel alienated, we need to reach out. we're less as a community when the people do not feel a part of who we are. >> reporter: on gays, the report says there is an obligation to respect their dignity but furm lfirmly rejects same-sex marriage. this monsignor fired from his position after announcing he is gay and has a partner says the church cannot ignore homosexuals. >> i am gay and i am not sorry. and please, you, my church, my community, must seriously, seriously think about persons like me. >> reporter: the bishops report is just a recommendation.
3:50 pm
the decision to act is the pope's. >> pope francis, i think, will move the ball down the field. >> reporter: he's going to be the difference here, not the synod? >> yeah. well, because essentially the synod might likely end with something more like a question mark than a period. >> reporter: as the faithful wonder how much the bishops embrace francis's vision of a more compassionate church. anne thompson, new york. when we come back, you know how some trains have quiet cars? well, we'll tell you what happened when the famously verbose ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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two men both retired marines who have run in every one of the 40 marine corps marathons. the story tonight from nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> get set! >> reporter: it has long been a test of the toughest of the tough. pushing even the fittest to their physical limits. burning legs, searing lungs, not enough to stop al richmond. today the 76-year-old retired colonel finished his 40th straight marine corps marathon. >> how do you feel? >> tired. >> reporter: his daughter at his side. >> she pulled me through. >> we're a team. >> we're a team. >> reporter: rich mopp mond was joined by retired colonel will brown, the last two ground pounders. an affectionate name for those who have run every single marine corps marathon since its start. >> i'm very happy to still be here for the 40th and to be healthy. >> reporter: brown signed up for the first one in 1976 on a
3:58 pm
whim. while richmond helped organize it. both admit their stride isn't what it used to be. >> the last six miles, it was really tough on me. but we did it. >> reporter: every step inspired by their love of the race and the corps. >> it's rather prophetic is that the last two ground pounders are both retired colonels running the marathon. >> reporter: the last men standing. >> we always used to tease that wield be old men holding hands. >> reporter: a band of brothers still running strong. >> 40! >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> and one of the toughest marathons there is. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. lester holt will be back here tomorrow. i'm kate snow reporting from new york. for all of us at nbc news, have
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