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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's monday, october 26th. coming up on "early today," breaking news overnight. at least five are dead after a whale watching boat with 27 passengers sinks. the woman behind the wheel of a crash at the ososu homecoming. four killed and dozens injured. then to mother nature and a beating that texas has taken from patricia and torrential rains. plus joe biden reveals the real reason why he didn't want to run for president. katy perry throes her popularity behind hillary clinton. how much do you think americans earn? we'll tell you. "early today" starts you. a massive search and rescue
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operation is underway in western canada. a whale watching boat sank with 27 people on board off the west coast of vancouver island. so far, we have not confirmed the authenticity of the video. there are five confirmed deaths. 18 people have been taken to local hospitals. the group was on its way back to shore when high waves swamped the 64 foot boat coast guard vessel. along with search and rescue aircraft, they're combing with equipment to search in the darkness. the same whale watching company had a capsized boat in 1998. two people died in that accident. we have breaking news. late last night, the search began for a quote, active shooter at north carolina central university. a student was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. right now, police are still looking for the gunman.
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the campus lockdown has been lifted. we'll bring you more details as they come in. three adults and three children remain hospitalized this morning. they were injured when a car plowed into oklahoma state university's homecoming parade over the weekend, killing four people. the victims are being remembered with the hashtag stillwater strong. jacob rascon has our report. >> reporter: the cell phone video is too gruesome to show in its entirety. the gray sedan plowing into a crowd of spectators. >> didn't try to stop? >> not at all. she accelerated. >> reporter: witnesses we spoke to says the driver, 25-year-old adacia chambers, was deliberate. >> i jump out and go, no, you're going the wrong way. stop. there's people, stop. she wswerved and i jumped in my trailer, and i turned and i knew what was going to happen. she sped up, gunned it and ran into the crowd. >> reporter: three people died at the scene, a fourth later at
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the medical center. a staggering 47 people were hurt in the crash. 17 of them remain hospitalized. five in critical condition. >> crazy 24 hours. but you know, the ou medical center really has helped out. >> reporter: 2-year-old nash lucas was the youngest of the victims. this woman is a family friend. >> it breaks my heart to think they were having a good time. >> this woman was studying at the university. marvin stone was an agricultural engineering professor, awarding a high honor. his long-time friend, paul. >> he and bonnie will be highly missed. >> yesterday was a hard day for the city of stillwater. >> reporter: community memberinmembers
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packed into churches and prayed in the streets. oklahoma reeling from a tragedy, so far, unexplained. >> that was jacob rascon reporting. late sunday, police announced the driver will face second degree murder charges. she'll be in court later today. texas residents are starting to dry out after hurricane patricia and the low pressure system subsided. houston, 9 inches fell over the weekend. drone video shows the aftermath and the danger several cars, mostly submerged, under overpasses. at the height of the storm, officials told people to stay off the roads, has hthey dealt with water rescues. a train was overturned. no injuries reported. roadways could remain dangerous this morning. several roads were damaged, like this one in fairfield, which got 20 inches of rain. the teenage driver of this truck is lucky to be alive. >> i hit a bump and went to
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press the brakes and i went over the right side. i grabbed a few things and went out the passenger's side window, which was on this side. the other side was in water. >> the remnants could bring damaging winds and tornadoes to southern louisiana as it moves across the south. joe biden is opening up about why he is staying out of the 2016 race. in his interview with "60 minutes," the vice president talked about tragedy and how much his family factored into his decision not to run. when it came down to it, his reason was fairly simple. >> is it that you think you couldn't win, or that you didn't want to run? >> couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> this morning, marco rubio's team is looking to put a positive spin on a new "washington post" article. the title, rubio gives up on
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senate, he hates it. he's been attacked for missing votes. he's frustrated with lack of action, and that's why he's running for president. it was a big weekend for the top democrats. >> reporter: a ritual to fire up iowa democrats. team bernie sanders decided decibembe decibel level showed their support. clinton's campaign had an light-catch i light-catching event. >> reporter: bernie talked about gay rights. >> people say they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. >> reporter: clinton in
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front-runner mode. >> sometimes, you have to let them roar. katy perry, thank you for being here. >> reporter: her mega-star supporter performed a concert, then stayed for the political show, where clinton looked ahead to battling donald trump. >> when he says we have to make america great again, here's what i say, america is great. we just have to make it fair and just. >> reporter: donald trump curiously drew attention to ben carson's faith. >> seventh day a, i don't know about. >> i'm a presbyterian, a believer, i do well with the evangelic evangelicals. >> reporter: carson compared the abortion opponents to those who fought slavery. >> what if the abolitionists had said, you know, i don't believe in slavery? i think it's wrong. but you do whatever you want to
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do. where would we be? >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. some sign of hope for trump. guatemala's elections are wrapping up and a former tv comedian is expected to win. coming up, watch matt lauer sit down with donald trump at the pancakes and politics town hall. this morning, new video shows last week's special forces freed 70 iraqi captives but killed a u.s. commando. this video showed the isis prison in northern iraq, as its leveled by a co lalition air strike. this video shows special forces freeing men in filthy prison gowns and moving them to safety. meanwhile, the body of the delta force commando killed in the raid was transferred to the air force base. joshua wheeler is the first u.s. soldier to die in combat against
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isis in iraq. bill karins is monitoring the heavy rain along the gulf coast. >> three days of this, a little from the remnants of patricia, went to mexico, came to texas over the weekend. i don't think we'll get anything quite as bad over the next 24 hours, but a couple flash flood warnings here. rainfall totals, they won't be epic, but you end up with rain in a short period of time and you'll get flooded roadways. let's take you through your week ahead forecast. we could use wet when are in the west. we could use the temperatures to drop off a little bit. nothing like that earlier in the week. temperatures are -- the warmest temperatures are in the west. cooler air in the east. a pool of cold air will come to the rockies this week. a storm system will come to the northwest. there will be wet weather. it won't be a soaking rain, but that'll drop the it happens. especially in areas in northern california, southern oregon.
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late in the week, we start talking halloween. friday, a lot of the kids will have their costumes on. probably at school in the parade. temperatures will return to normal in the northwest and much of california. that's your week is looking nice today. beautiful weather, 83 degrees. other areas, around 74 degrees. we're doing pretty well. many areas of the country, except the gulf today. >> thank you for that report, bill. comedian amy schumer gets furious with a powerful family member. can you guess how many money 51% of americans earn? details up next. you're watching "early today." when your cold is this bad...
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comedian amy schumer and her cousin new york senator chuck schumer are teaming up to curb gun violence. they spoke on the steps of new york city hall yesterday to end loopholes that allow firearms to be bought at gun shows, as well as raising background checks. amy outlined the goals. >> if you're a violent criminal, a domestic violence offender or severely mentally i'll, you will not be able to purchase a gun. kim cook became the symbol of the horrors of the vietnam war. many of you remember this image of her, taken in 1972. four decades later, the 52-year-old is getting a chance to heal. >> i cannot wait. i cannot wait! >> in september, she began receiving cutting-edge laser treatments for burn victims, to relieve the severe pain and smooth out her scars.
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7,000 stolen guns were seized in south carolina over the weekend. u officers went to brent's house on unrelated charges and noticed the weapons inside. police believes he was hording the guns and not selling them. he was charged with stolen property. over 51% of wage earnings take home less than $30,000 a year. 91% earn less than $100,000 a year. in california, 40 men and women from 18 countries came out to compete in the red bull aces wingsuit race. athletes jumped four at a time from a helicopter at 8,000 feetmefeet. they had to weave between gates while vying for the fastest time. amazing. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. >> hey there. good monday morning. drivers are enjoying relief at the pump this fall. the latest survey showing the
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average price of gasoline fell 10.5 cents in the u.s., allowing consumers to save $1 per gallon more than a year ago. the uaw reaching a tentative agreement to avoid a strike minutes before the deadline. the union announced they secured significant gains and job security protections. union leaders will meet in detroit on wednesday for more details and will take it to a membership vote. the retailers could be in for a fright. it was reported how halloween sales are expected to drop. it's a barometer for holiday consumer spending. it could spell trouble for the christmas shopping season. just ahead, nfl rivalry games, both coming down to the fourth quarter. including cowboys-giants, where the winning score was a 100-yard
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this morning on "today," jeff rossen looking at the accuracy of psychics. what the predictions really mean, and whether you can trust them. it's time now for your monday morning sports wrap with betty nguyen. >> football night in america.
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the eagles and carolinas. the team is off to its best start in franchise history. the panthers remain undefeated, beating the eagles, 27-16. next to foxborough. tom brady made a record career starts for the pats. it was a battle among the afc powerhouses, with the jets looking for an upset. with his team down in the fourth, brady throws two big touchdown passes to keep the patriots undefeated. at metlife, big rivalry. cowboys against the giants. down, 7-6. matt cassel hands off to mcfadden, who takes it up the middle for the score. in the third, my boys up by three. cassle throws, but it's picked off. cowboys battle back. matt cassel throws into the end zone to make a great catch and manages to be in bounds to tie the game. but in the following kickoff, harris takes the ball 100 yards to regain the lead and the game.
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final score, 27-20. cowboys lose that one. sad news in the nba. flip saunders, the coach and general manager of the minnesota timber wolves has died. he was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. he led them to over 650 wins. he was just 60 years o s old. he'll be missed. thanks for that. ahead, we have the big winners from mtv's european music awards. it's official, jimmy fallon is accident prone. yup, he got hurt again. details up next. ♪ ♪
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our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪ the "tonight show"'s jimmy fallon injured himself again. he fell over the weekend while being honored at harvard university. he shared this photo on facebook, saying, nothing a few band-aids couldn't fix. this comes four months after nearly losing his finger on his other hand in a worse fall. at this weekend's box office, "the martian" makes $16 million. "goosebumps" has $15.5 million. bridge of spies, $11 million. the last witch hunter was $11 million. pair normal activity, $8
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million. steve jobs had $7 million. justin bieber won best male at the mtv music awards. taylor swift and ed sheeran and one direction were also honored. khloe kardashian left lamar odom's side for the first time after he was found unconscious in a brothel. she went to a baby shower. they all wore pajamas. >> you can hate them or love them, but they are a tight family. we want to show you the world's landmarks bathed in blue for the united nation's anniversary. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast?
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leading the news. in "vanity fair," lady gaga and ryan murr -- murphy experienced barbara streisand's mall. they spent an hour there. murphy says, quote, i could write a whole book about that night. in buzzfeed, hundreds of horses sold by the u.s. government were sent to slaughter. a colorado rancher bought the wild horses. he said he was sending them to the pasture as pets but, instead, they were transported to mexico to be slaughtered for meat. federal and local prosecutors declined to file charges. pope francis closed the summit of pitch bishops at the
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vatican. they voted on a final document to be given to the pope, which covers everything from divorce to same-sex marriage. sad news from the hollywood hills. maureen o'hara died on saturday. she's known for her roles in "the quiet man," and "how green was my valley." she got a star on the hollywood walk of fame in the 1990s. she was 95. christmas spirit started early. evan is battling brain cancer and isn't expected to live through the holiday. the family's early celebration turned into a city-wide effort, complete with presents, a snow machine and even a parade. halloween festivities are spooky and adorable over the we can end. in the philippines, pet owners and their companions dressed up for the halloween pet show on saturday. the show is to increase awareness of animal rights. that's scary. in japan, they had well-known
4:28 am
cartoon and movie characters. i love the fact that -- >> i'm not familiar with that at all, but they're well-dressed up. >> have you noticed, halloween starts two weeks before the holiday now, so people are celebrating a long time for halloween. >> stuff for christmas is already on sale. start halloween in september. >> it's not when you do trick or treating. now, a look ahead. the dalai lama is being awarded with a liberty medal, for courage and conviction. the spirital leader won't be in attendance. he had to cancer the trip to get rest. keith urban is 48. democratic presidential front runner is hillary clinton is 68 today. i'm sure there will be a lot of happy birthdays sent to her. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a great monday. a man creates a "haz-mat" scare
4:30 am
at a north bay supermarket, tossing a bag of unknown contents onto the meat counter. what investigators are now revealing about what was inside that bag. sam/vo and a frantic search for one person missing off the coast o a bag of unknown contents. they're revealing what was inside that bag. a forensic search this morning for one person missing off the coast of vancouver by air and by sea. emergency responders are trying to save another life after a whale watching tour goes horribly wrong. but first, breaking news. the middle east rocked just hours ago by a massive quake. started in afghanistan, had people scrambling in the streets hundreds of miles away. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock.


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