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  Today  NBC  October 26, 2015 8:10am-9:06am PDT

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all right. welcome back, everyone. an exclusive pancakes and politics town hall meeting with the republican front-runner donald trump. i want to mention willie geist is in the room. he's going to be taking questions from people here in just a moment. let's get started. mr. trump, let me start with some news topics, okay. you love to talk about polling, and let me start by faking it away from you. you're doing great. you're doing great in so many states, like new hampshire and south carolina and nevada. nationally you're doing great. you have some high negative numbers, but iowa is a problem all of a sudden. you've fatten behind ken carson. why? >> i don't believe i fell behind. it was one poll, a second poll and small poll and i was in iowa three days ago, a town hall that was unbelievable. packed, thousands people standing outside. >> one is "the des moines register" and the other is a quinnipiac. >> "the des moines register" is the terrible paper, as far as i'm concerned. >> quinnipiac. >> very liberal paper, by the way, and i believe and i've been
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winning and i have other polls in iowa that i am winning, just so you understand. this was two small polls and all over the country i'm winning by massive numbers but i will say i think i'm winning in iowa. i think i'm doing really well with evangelicals, with tea party, with everything else so we'll see what happens, but that was the only one where i have a slight not lead. >> some controversy over the weekend. your twitter acount re-tweeted an unflattering tweet about the people of iowa in response to that poll. you say that an intern actually is the one who re-tweet it had. someone who claims to be a college student who works at your campaign headquarters said interns don't have access to your twitter account, so did you send it? >> yeah. >> or did an intern? >> i have five people and they are very smart people and it was actually a little bit of a joke. the person thought it was funny, and essentially saying that anybody that votes for carson has to have a problem with their brain. that's what they said. they thought it was cute. i didn't think it was cute and i took it off. it wasn't a big deal. frankly i probably would have been better off just leaving it there but i didn't like it.
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just so -- i do my own tweets 90%, but i have people, because i'm doing a lot of other things. i have people, matt, that do things for me. >> but it would surprise me in this day and age and with you in the position that you're in right now that would you allow an intern to tweet something in your name without checking every single word that goes snout. >> well, you know, i have thousands of employees that work for me. i have many, many people on the campaign and these are very smart people, thought it was cute. i actually probably should have just left it up. nobody would have cared about it. >> there's a report in the a.p. that's gotten some traction over the weekend, mr. trump, saying that there may be an organized effort among your rivals and others in the establishment of the republican party to take you down. a, do you think that that effort exists, and, b, what would you do to fight against it? >> i don't know if it exists. it's possible that it exists. they probably should do it because, as you know, the poll just came out of new hampshire where i'm at 38-12. i'm at 38 and carson is at 12 and other guys are at 1, 2, 0, many people at zero. they have nothing. >> you think they are banding
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together to take you down? >> i think they probably will. i think people know me. i just went upstairs, you saw the crowd we have, always crowds. people know me. you know, i've been a very public figure for a long time. people are tired. they are sick and tired of the incompetence and the incompetent leaders we have running our country and i don't think it will work, and i will say this, matt -- >> if you found out that those conversations were going on behind closed doors, would it make you reconsider your pledge on not running for a third-party nomination? >> i don't think so because if you look at it that's probably politics and, you know, very embarrass the. bush is develop embarrass the. carson is very embarrassed by what happened to him in new hampshire because he's getting killed in new hampshire and plenty of other places. there are a lot of theme are very embarrassed and what i did, i'm self-funding my campaign and i ended all pacs. i don't want any pacs and i'll ask these people on the show and over the weekend i said everybody should disavow their pacs because pacs are a swamp. the people that control the candidates are pacs. >> did you see "60 minutes" over the weekend?
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last night. joe biden was on. >> i did not. >> he's someone you supported for his run in the senate a while back. he said this about you, that he's disappointed in you. he said your attacks on immigrants are unhealthy and beneath this country, and he says he hopes you don't believe your own words. how would you respond to that? >> so let me just tell you, matt, very simple and he was a nice guy and i supported many people because i was a businessman. somebody actually the other day, very big magazine said a world class businessman. it was my and you know that because you've been dealing with me a long time, long before this. it was my obligation for my family, for my country for everybody to get along with everybody. i got along with biden and got along with everybody which is by the way what we know but when it comes to illegal immigration. we have to stop it. our country, people are pouring across our borders, and if you don't have borders you don't have a country. we have to stop illinois legal immigrants. in addition to bringing drugs and lots of problems, tremendous amounts of crime, whether it's kate in san francisco or jameel in los angeles or the woman the
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other day that just got raped by an illegal imgrant, a 66-year-old veteran raped, sodomized and killed, and we have -- matt, we have to stop illegal immigration. >> you stand by your words on illegal immigration so you don't want to take any of those back. i went back and read from your famous book "the art of the deal. ""you wrote this. i play to people's fantasies. i call it truthful hyperbole. it's an innocent form of exaggeration and a very effective form of promotion. would it be fair to say that that describes your campaign to date? >> i don't think so. >> is it an exaggeration and truthful hyperbole. >> it could be and could be not. i'm just telling t ask we have nothing but problems. we make incompetent deals with iran. that deal is the most incompetent deal i've ever seen, not just between countries. i've never seen a dumber contract in my life.
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obamacare is a disaster. people's premiums are going up 55%. their deductibles are so high that nobody is ever going to get to use it. we have a country that is in serious trouble, and i think that's why i'm leading in every poll because i will solve the problem. >> let's go to willie geist. >> donald, good to see you. >> welcome. >> we've got a bunch of questions with you starting with caroline levitt, 18-year-old college freshman at st. anslem and she has a 10:00, spanish class so we'll let her go first. >> mr. trump, as everyone knows and as i personally appreciate you're very honest and outspoken about a lot of different things, as my father would say you call a spade a spade. however, many people witt size say you're merciless, ruthless and cold hearted and what would you like to say to people who say you are too harsh to be the next president of the united states. >> i had a woman the other day say i love you, i'm voting for you but are you a nice enough person to be president? you know what, i'm really a nice person. i give tremendous amounts of money away and i love to help people. i love people and you see from upstairs how many people showed up to see me.
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it's not going to be though this time about niceness. it's going to be about competence. people are tired of stupid people running our country, and we have, believe me, stupid people. you look at our trade deals with china, our trade deals with mexico, our border with mexico, our deals with, as an example, japan. they give us millions of cars. we get nothing from japan. it's a one-way street. brazil, there's not a country in the world that doesn't take advantage of us. you look at isis. wet don't know what to do with isis. we don't know what to do with anything, so i really believe i'm a very nice person, i love people. this is going to be an election based on competence. people are tired of nice. they want competent people. >> i've got three kids, as you know. you know one of the biggest issues they talk about in school with my kids online bullying and the things they put on social media, and you use words like loser and dumb and you call out people for their physical characteristics and we know what you've set -- >> only when i don't like them. >> all right.
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do you think you're setting the right example as someone who is running for the highest office in the land for kids and their online behavior? >> you know, i hope i am. i'm a leader. every poll said that i'm the best leader by far of every candidate. in fact, i'm in the 70s and 80s on leadership. sort of interesting, cnn did a poll where i'm the leadership is the highest. the military is the highest because they think i'm stronger than these other characters, and i am. the economics and, you know, all of the things -- leading in every category. the one thing they said is he a nice person and i actually think i should be leading in that one to be honest, matt. >> willie, let's go back to you. >> this is a 38-year-old woman married and registered republican and leaning your way but still undecided the. >> come on. we have to get you our way. i want to see you. what are you doing after this i? want to talk to you. >> what i would like to know is what efforts are you making to secure the female vote, and why should women be voting for you? >> okay. such a great question. look, i have tremendous respect for women, and i am going to protect women, protect the whole
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country because our country needs protection. we don't have the right people protecting, and i even consider military protecting women and the country, but my wife and my daughter ivanka, who everybody respects, and women respect ivanka so much, got a big award from "fortune," woman of the year type of thing and women have, and perhaps you do, too, an amazing young woman. she said, dad, you respect and love women so much. could you talk about it more because people don't really understand how you feel, and when bush came out against funding women's health issues, i went wild. i said that's not going to happen. i think my relationship with women in terms of this whole situation has been really good. i actually score very well in most of the polls with women, and, you know, i just -- it's hard to sort of prove it, but i do have my daughter and my wife said you have to talk more to women because your relationship with women and the respect you
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have with women has to be out there and i do have great respect for women and i have respect for you. >> you say you're doing well with women but friday night at your event you add mitted to your own supporters you were having trouble getting the support of women. >> i said my support with men is through the roof. the support with women is a little bit less than the men. that's why ivanka said to me, dad, you have to go out and you have to talk about it because there's nobody that's better to women. in the construction industry i had a woman, 35 years ago, as my number one person building trump tower. that unheard of. 50% of my executives are women, and many of them make more than the men executives, so i've had that great relationship with women. >> willie. >> all right, mr. trump, donna morris, 46 years old, married with two sons, independent voter and the president of the salem chamber of commerce. >> hi. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> before i came to the chamber world i was raised as a military child so i'm very concerned with national defense and the u.s.' role on the world stage. how would you address the
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situation with isis? >> i would build our military so strong and so good. you know, it's very much deplete the. general odierno the other day, he's leaving, and he said our army is in the worst shape it's been, least prepared that it's been maybe since the beginning but over the last 50 years. we can't have that. would i make our military so strong, so powerful so everything that we'll never have to use it, but nobody is going to mess with us. with that being said we have to do something about isis. i was against going into iraq and very publicly against it because you destabilize the the middle east, but i will tell you and very strongly, donna, and i think it's very important. when they start cutting off people's heads because they are christian in the middle east, all over the middle east what's happening there, it's like in the old days i talked about medieval times, matt, that the most vicious times, you know, where they chop heads. we are right now living in the most vicious times that anybody -- they drown people in a cage. they chop off the heads. we have to stop it, and believe
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me, i'll find a general patton because we have great people. we use people that are politically correct all the time. we got rid of one of our best generals because he used foul language and that's, you know, as to the other question, so important. we will stop isis, and by the way, if russia wants to go into syria and bomb the hell out of isis, i'm sort of okay with that. >> wait a second. let me ask you. you said no one will be tougher against isis than i'll be. i'll hit them so hard it will make their head spin but you're also saying, you know what, if vladimir putin wants to fight them, that's okay. >> if he wants to fight them -- look, we've spent $2 trillion in iraq, thousands of lives, wounded warriors when i love all over the place and when you get down to iraq you look at afghanistan, you look at all the money. we're spending trillions of dollars, we have to rebuild our country f.putin wants to go and drop bombings on isis i'm okay with it. we have to do it, too. we have to kill isis. now, i said keep the oil. we shouldn't have gone in iraq but we got out the wrong way. when we left iraq, keep the oil. you know who has the oil right
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now. number one, iran will have all of iraq but isis has the oil. isis is very rich. >> boots on the ground? >> i would knock the hell out of isis and frankly if russia wants to do it i'm okay but what i really want to do i want to get back to rebuilding our country, matt, because our infrastructure is dead. our roads, you know it better than i do, our airports, you travel all over the world. we see airports, both of us, many of the people in this room that are so beautiful, our airports are defunct. >> let me ask you how many people by your applause would be in favor of large numbers of american forces back in iraq to take over the oil fields to bring that money back to this country? >> and by doing that you're cutting off isis. by the way, that's their primary source of funding. >> nobody clapping. >> that's what leadership will do. >> thank you. i do get a good response to that. by doing that, number one, you're cutting off their primary source of funds. isis is very rich. they are making $1 million every two or three hours, they say. you know what they are making
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from the oil, we should have kept the oil. i said when we leave iraq, keep the oil and you wouldn't have isis if that happened. >> willie, more foreign policy, different part of the world. maura wentworth, 13-year-old, two kids, veterinary technician, registered republican, undecided. >> good morning, mr. trump. in terms of foreign policy, what would you do about russia? >> well, russia is a very interesting case. we have somebody that has no respect for our president whatsoever. he laughs at our president. he does thing that he wants to do whether it's in syria, the ukraine, anywhere you're talking about. i believe, and i may be wrong, but i was on "60 minutes" two weeks ago with vladimir putin, the two of us, and we got very high ratings, by the way and i won't mention that. but he was my stable mate, my friend, i didn't meet him but that's okay. i believe i would get along with putin, and i think it's good if we can get along, and if i can't get along i know people that will get along but it won't be like it is right now, and as far as ukraine is concerned, i agree it's horrible, but you know what? germany's a very rich country and so are many of the countries
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that surround it, and they should be more involved. it shouldn't always be us. we're over there talking about ukraine, ukraine, and meantime germany is sending us their mercedes-benzes and everything else and they are not doing anything. at some point other people in other countries have to get involved. it can't always be the dummy united states led by people that are incompetent that don't know what they are doing because we have to rebuild our own country. it's time. >> all right. thank you for your questions in this section of our live town hall meeting with donald trump. we'll take a break and come back with much more from here in atkinson, new hampshire, including questions from our trumptoday i'm ... ==anim== new details on
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a deadly shopping center shooting in livermore. a very good morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details in the deadly shopping center shooting? livermore. police have now identified one of two suspects. jason brown is also wanted in connection with a homicide in fresno. he's considered armed and dangerous. saturday night a gunman opened fire in the parking lot of a cvs on first street. one man died, a second man was seriously injured. police yesterday discovered the suspect's car at a home on center street in west oakland. s.w.a.t. teams and officers surrounded the home but the suspects were not there. authorities have not identified the man who died. we'll have a look at the morning commute now with mike. how's it rolling for a monday? >> it's tough. it's a monday, yes, so it's tough anyway. fog is causing more of an issue. right here in oakland, an issue
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seeing the roadway. north of the coliseum, that's what caused more slowing. look at your mapping. it's starting to improve through the area. that crash has cleared and the orange over here not here in oak land but in the north bay, that means fog, slowdown through san rafael and that crash still blocking a lane here. the peninsula and south bay really seeing a lot of that. same thing for the tri-valley. watch livermore and 680 in toward fremont. a slower drive creeping in all the way back to the bay. back to you. >> we'll be back with another update in about a half an hour. have a great morning.
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it's 8:30 on a monday morning, the 26th day of october, 2015. we're in new hampshire. pancakes and politics, a live town hall meeting with the republican front-runner donald trump. we're going to get to many more questions with people here at atkinson resort and country club in one second. let's get a quick check of the weather from mr. yoga who is back in new york. al? >> all right, thank you, matt, as we take a look and show you what we've got going on. right now we look at basically
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some weather for your week ahead. we expect to see more wet weather from the southeast into the mid-atlantic states and the mississippi river valleyy. sunny skies out west and then we'll have some cooler weather along the eastern seaboard earlier in the week and the west coast looks fairly warm around the great lakes and more rain in the eastern third of the country mid-week. the wet weather extends into the pacific northwest. sunshine through the plains it. stays warm in the east and chillier conditions through the plains and on into the pacific northwest and then the latter part of the week we've got sunshine here in the east and some cloud around the plains. great lakes and into the northeast and more wet weather moving down into texas and the four corners. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of low clouds and fog all across the bay. and temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. today's forecast will be so nice and comfortable after the clouds roll out. we'll have sunshine and light wind. highs in the mid-70s and the peninsula and east bay, the
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south bay up to 79 degrees. in the tri-valley, expect a high of 83 degrees. 82 degrees. and the north bay up to 80 degrees. in san francisco, look for a high of 71 degrees. >> and that is your latest weather. now let's head back to new hampshire and mr. lauer. >> all right, al. thank you very much. we promised people online they would have a chance to ask donald trump some questions. carson is in the original room with some of those. carsons, which question. good morning, guys. want to mention that t the #trumptoday is officially trending on twitter. which is great. lots of quotes from facebook and twitter. one from mitch, mr. trump, what do you think is the biggest misconception about donald trump? >> well, number one, it's my hair, okay. that's probably a misconception. you know that. you've known that for a long time. may not be pretty but it's mine, and i think the other one more importantly, i think the other one is that, you know, i really consider myself to be a nice person. people have such great
8:33 am
friendships and i love helping people. i love taking care of people, so i think maybe the -- people aren't, you know, necessarily convinced of that, but i think that may be is a misconception. >> all right. carson, what's the other? >> all right. we go back here another one from twitter from raleigh, a three-parter. mr. trump, have you ever eaten at mcdonald's? have you ever worn a pair of blue jeans, and when was the last time you drove a car by yourself? >> ah. so i would say yes, the mcdonald's last night, you know, i shouldn't say that. blue jeans yes and i drive a car. to me a great luxury is for me just to get into a car by myself and drive and i do drive whenever i can, and probably a week ago. >> all right. >> that's not bad. willie, go ahead. >> all right, mr. trump, over here this time. mark casey, married with two case, registered independent thinking about voting for you. >> mr. trump, welcome to new hampshire. >> thank you. >> what would you say to people like me who have concerns that
8:34 am
you'll be dealing with a lot of world leader that you might not see eye to eye with, russia, china, and you can't fire them and -- but you could start a war by calling them a loser or an idiot. >> well, i'm doing that and i haven't actually done that on this campaign. i haven't even called any of my opponents, if you want to call them opponents that. i went to an ivy league school, i was a very good student, like an intelligent person. i know when to speak and when to be politically correct. as an example. i can be more politically correct than anybody in politics if i wanted to, but one of the reasons i'm doing so well i think in every state, like virtually every state, every state and nationally is because of the fact people are tired of this political correctness. you can't say christmas anymore. you're not allowed to say merry christmas, that's one that i mention all the time. you go to stores, you don't see merry christmas. no, i think i get along very well. i built a great company. i have a great spirit. i've dealt in politics and matt knows this because i've been on
8:35 am
the show many times in other forms of politics. i've dealt with politicians all of my life, and i've gotten along. i have an international company. i deal with prime ministers. i deal with the biggest people in countries all oyster world. i have great relationships with them. i think maybe that would be another misconception if you want to go back to the previous question. i have great relationships with people -- as an example. how can it be worse than obama? he doesn't get along with anybody. he doesn't get along with the democrats. that's true. you have congressmen that have been there for years, they have hardly ever met him. he doesn't get along with the democrats. how does he get worse than that? i think i'll have great relationships, possibly with putin, possibly with -- and by the way, if i don't, i know how to get along with them through other people, and that's a part of it so i think -- i think you'll be very happily surprised. >> did he answer your question? >> yeah. i think he did. >> great. >> thank you very much. >> we'll take a quick break and come back with more questions for donald trump, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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beautiful day in new hampshire. good day to answer questions, at least if you're donald trump, the republican front-runner in the president crawl campaign. we're here at the atkinson resort and country club. i want to go back over to my friend willie geist who is with another member of our audience. thank you, gentlemen. maureen white is a retired special ed teacher and is a teacher for 42 years, registered republican, undecided. >> mr. trump, i would like to ask you what your specific action plan would be for dealing with the large number, millions of illegal immigrants currently in the united states that are drawing on our resources. >> oh, you're going to vote for me because i'm only one doing it. if you look at carson he's very weak on illegal immigration. if you look at bush he said they come in for love. if you look at rubio, he was a
8:39 am
member of the gang of eight, i mean, he's way down anyway, but this guy was so weak and then all of a sudden he said, well, maybe i can't do that because he went down. they are all weak on immigration. i'm only one that's really, really strong. number one, i'm building a wall, they are not coming in anymore. number two, immediately, we're building a wall [ applause ] >> and by the way, mexico is paying for the wall. oh, everyone says how -- it's easy. we're losing $45 billion a year in terms of our imbalance with mexico. mexico is paying for the wall. we're building a wall. i get along great with mexico. i love the mexican people. they are incredible people and i have thousands of hispanics that work for me. i was at doral. other day, all hispanic, and they gave me standing ovations. >> let me interrupt you. specifically, because you used the word specifically. >> specific actions please. >> well, for example, just getting 11 million illegal or undocument the immigrants out of the country, transportation, housing. >> it's called management. >> what's the specific plan?
8:40 am
>> you understand i think maybe perhaps better than, that it's called we have a country and they are here illegally and we're going to -- some are excellent people. they are great people and they are going out and going to come back in legally. we'll expedite it. we'll expedite the process but we either have a country or we don't have a country and they are coming back legally and the bad ones are never coming back again. a lot. gangs that you see in los angeles, you see the gangs in los angeles? half of these gangs are made up of illegal immigrants. these are rough dudes. i guarantee you my first day and the cops are fantastic, the police are fantastic. they know the good ones. they know the bad ones. >> a massive movement of people. >> a massive movement of people. do you have a business plan? do you have a plan on paper to accomplish it? >> we lose $250 billion a year on illegal immigration. that's what we lose. if we clean up the mess, we don't even know -- you said 11 million. nobody knows what the number is. they are going out and they are coming back in legally. that's the way it has to be. >> maureen, did he answer your
8:41 am
question specifically? >> not quite but i do know -- i have read his position papers, and he does have an outline. >> very detailed. it's very detail the. do you know that dwight eisenhower who is a nice general, in the 1950s, do you know that he moved over a million people out and what he did he brought them to the border and they came right back. brought them to the board are and they came right back and then they took them and moved all the way down south and they never came back but dwight eisenhower moved over a million, 1.5 million people back in to the south through the border because it was a huge problem. nobody ever mentions it. it was a major operation, 1.5 million people which is maybe the equivalent in those days, and he moved them out because we had a huge problem in the 1950s. nobody ever talks about it. >> when you fly around the country campaigning and you fly back to new york on your jet and i know you go into laguardia and i know the path, you go right over the harbor.
8:42 am
>> laguardia with the potholes on the runway. >> you pass the statue of liberty. >> right. >> and you look down at that statue and you know the words on the base of that statue, it's not at pop quiz, give me, your tired and poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free. >> right. >> you've said syrian refugees fleeing conflict in their country, the ones who come here, they are going back. they are all going back. >> let me just tell you. >> right, they are going back. >> do they not qualify as the tired and poor and huddled masses. >> we're like the caretaker of the world. we owe $19 trillion. we can't breathe -- nobody knows how they are going to get it paid off. i'm going to pay it off because we're going to do cutting. here's a good example. 3,000, then it was 5,000, and now the president wants to bring in 250,000 people who nobody even knows who they are. other than, and i watch the migration very carefully. they are young, strong men. i say where are the women? where are the children? you don't see that many women. you don't see that many children. now, we're going to take in
8:43 am
250,000 people, coming from areas we don't know, no areas, documents, could be the greatest trojan horse, probably is, but this could be the greatest trojan horse of all time. going to take them and put them in our country. it's going to cost, matt, billions of dollars, just reported over a ten-year period doing that is going to cost billions. i said if that happens, i'm sending them back. >> words matter. you just said yourself it could be a big trojan horse. >> could be. >> it probably isn't. >> probably. >> but they are all going back? >> probably is not acceptage. the world probably is not acceptable. these people could be isis. they could be fighters. they could be doing something. that's why i say it could be a trojan horse. let me just say what should be done, and this also with germany, they are being swamped. they are destroying -- merkel what, she's having. she's having riots in the street right now. what should happen is the united states and everybody else, including the gulf states who are not spending any money and they are as rich as can be, they should build a safe zone.
8:44 am
take a big piece of land in syria and they have plenty of land, believe me, build a safe zone for all these people because i have a heart. i mean, these people, it's horrible to watch but they shouldn't come over here. we should people a safe zone and put up some money and get the gulf states who are not taking any people and are not putting up any money and they are rich as can be. they have more money than anybody. get all of these nations to contribute, build a tremendous safe zone so these people with stay there and they are safe and then when that country gets back, they can maybe go back to their homes which is very interesting. people -- even people that work for me, they come from all parts of the world. their big ambition, no matter what it is, even if it's a country you don't think much of, they all want to go back home. it's an amazing thing. they will come here and they will work and they will be here legally in my case, but they will work, but they all want to go back to their country. it's an amazing thing to see. these people want to go back to syria. you built a safe zone in syria. you have people contribute, you do things where you take care of the people because we have to do
8:45 am
that, but i don't want 250,000 people coming into the united states, we can't handle it. >> how many would you take? >> i would take none. no, i would take none. i would take none. right now i would take none. [ applause ] >> but i'll take better care of them, matt, because what i would do is i would take a big swath of land and i would have lots of other people, germany is crazy what they are doing. they are having riots in their streets right now. these people are coming in and they are having a lot of problems with crime and other things. we have to help these people the. i'm okay with it, but they are not coming to the united states, matt. >> more with donald trump from new hampshire, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back here in new hampshire in atkinson to be exact with about 125 registered voters in this state. some supporters, some undecided
8:48 am
as we've heard already this morning. willie geist has another question. >> got one of those undecided here. jill casey, mother of two, registered republican. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> mr. trump, with the exception of your family have you ever been told no? >> oh, many times. i've been told no by him. no, many, times. i mean, my whole life really has been a no, and i've fought through it. i have been -- you know, i talk about it. it's not been easy for me. it has not been easy for me, and, you know, i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. i game into manhattan and i had to pay him back and pay him back with interest but i came into manhattan and starting buying up properties and i did great and then i built the grand high yatd and got involved with conventions and did a good job and i was always told that wouldn't work. my father said you don't want to go to manhattan, that's not our territory. he's from brooklyn and queens where we did smaller things and he said don't go to manhattan, that's not our territory, but he was very proud of me, but all my life i was told no, even for
8:49 am
this. they said, what do you want to do it for? don't do it. you're against professional politicians. so far i'm not impressed, i will tell that you. >> let's just put this in perspective. it hasn't been easy for me but my dad give me a $1 million loan is going to seem pretty easy to a lot of people. >> $1 million isn't very much compared to what i built, i've built one of the great companies, but it's always been you can't do this, you can't do that. it's always been that and that's what i want to do for the country. i want to make america great again. that's why i'm doing this. >> i'm curious. have you ever done something, mr. trump, to make money in your business life that you felt guilty about in your personal life? >> i've done very iconic things. i've put a lot of people -- i don't think so, but i'd really have to give that some long thought and it's possible, but i've done things that are very -- i've employed tens of thousands of people over the years in terms of jobs, and that's another thing. everyone says no question, and i say to people, i'll be the best
8:50 am
jobs president that god ever create the. >> you can't think of anything that's made you guilt? >> i've built tremendous jobs and i've employed a lot of people so i can't think of anything. >> willie. >> let's go to shane murphy, a 38-year-old single mother, medical pharmaceutical sales, register republican and still undecided. >> hi, mr. trump. >> how are you? >> good. >> thank you. >> i'm curious, i know a lot of people would really want to vote for you if only you would eat a piece of humble pie once in a while. do you have any weaknesses that you can share with us? >> well, i'd like to do that, but then i'd expose the weaknesses to putin and everybody else and we don't want to do that, right? you always say, and it's very important -- i don't want -- i don't like doing that. i have, i really believe i have weaknesses because i don't like exposing them because then the enemy knows, right, and it could be the enemy and i don't like that. i always said our country is too predictable. when obama, president obama said we're leaving iraq, we shouldn't have been there but you don't gift a specific date pause then
8:51 am
what happened and the isis fighters, oh, they are leaving, let's move aside and when they leave -- what happened is we left and they came in big and strong and they -- you always -- we're too predict and, our country. if you think of general macarthur and general patton. these people don't talk on television about what they are doing with battles and everything else. the fact is, yeah, i think i have weaknesses because it's something i don't like discussing because i don't want to give it up. >> does that answer your question? >> fair enough, fair enough, fair enough. >> yeah. >> willie, do you have somebody there? >> thanks for your question. let's go to brian, a student, 21 years old at st. anselm voter and undeclared voter. >> hello, mr. trump. i'm also a small business owner and the way i see it is your campaign has gained you a lot of recognition for calling how it is but it's been based more on talking points than substance so my question is do you have a specific plan for how to bring our economy back or should middle class voters elect you because your name is trump? >> i think they should. built a great company. everybody agrees on that.
8:52 am
built a great company and i've employed thousands of people, i've ploitd februarys of thousands of people and i've done a good job and, you know, i have some of the great projects. he knows many of them. i have some of the great projects in the world and frankly that is a part of my resume, in all fairness. if i didn't -- if i didn't have this great success i don't think i'd be here right now. to a certain extent it is -- i tell people, do me a favor. don't worry about it, but the fact is i have carl icahn, i have some of the greatest people in the order all lined up. they are so anxious, very wealthy people. they don't want money, to help us with our trade deals. our trade deals are killing our country. we're losing $400 billion a year with china. >> go ahead, jump back in. >> but do you have a specific plan for how you plan on doing all this? >> i'm going to renegotiate our trade dream. i'm going to bring our jobs back, i'm going to bring our manufacturing back. >> but how? >> you can't say how. we have to renegotiate the trade deals. look, mexico took a ford plant. i've been very tough on the
8:53 am
ford, you've head of me talking about ford. i heard last night that ford is moving back to the united states. they may not do that deal. i get credit for that. i should get credit for that. somebody wrote last night, can you imagine what he could do if he was president, ford was going to build a massive plant. brought it up in so many speeches and frankly i think i embarrassed them but ford is going to build a big massive plant in the united states and every single person, even my harshest critics, gave me credit for that. i'm going to do that times 1,000. >> was it mark. >> brian. >> brian brings up an interesting point though. it does seem that on a lot of issues, mr. trump, you're asking people to say believe me that i can arc publish these things and fix them because i'm donald trump. >> you know what, i am asking for that, but i'm also saying i'm very specific. let me tell you about specifics. the politicians all want and the media, they all want a 14-point plan, bing, bing, it doesn't work that way because point two getsloused up and now you have to go to a different point two and you can't -- they think it's
8:54 am
so -- you go 14. you have to have great flexibility in deal-making because what happens, even the taxes, i put up a great tax plan, reducing taxes way down, i'm simplifying and reducing, corporations are going to pay all the way down to 15. right now we either highest taxed nation in the world. i'm bringing the taxes way down. it's been met very nicely, but the fact is no matter what, when i get that plan approved, it's going to be negotiations back and forth and it's going to be the same with dream. we're going to bring dream back and jobs back. i could give you a 1-point plan that looks so beautiful and you would be so happy and it doesn't mean anything. >> let me cut of it off right now. >> brian, thank you very much for your question. thanks for your answers. more in just a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
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east bay commuters will have to make adjustments this week as crews begin the last phase of renovating the high street bridge connecting oakland and alame alameda. the bridge will be closed to pedestrians and drivers every monday morning through friday morning 9:30 to 6:30 at night. we'll have more local news for you coming up in just a half hour.
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from nbc news, this the "today's take" with the al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a monday morning, october 26, 2015. with tamron and natalie and will hi in new hampshire with republican candidate donald trump talking to matt lauerics and we want to continue along. matt, take it away. this has been riveting watching. >> all right. a thank you very much. tamron and natalie thank you very much. we heard mr. troump couldn't stay and then he said i'm staying. guess whampt he had's staying. got more questions. willie geist out in our audience and it's a good thing because we've got a bunch more
9:01 am
questions. >> this is geena, 24 years old. geena. >> hi, mr. trump. today is hillary's birthday whampt are you getting her for her birthday this year? >> well, i'll say happy birthday, lots of luck, but we have to -- we're going to be in a very tough battle because we have such divergent views. she really is going on a record that's very bad. you know, every poll is saying that i'm beating her now nationwide, as you see, and i think we're going to have a great victory for the republicans and we're going to bring this country back and it's going to be bigger and better and more beautiful than ever before and that's what i'm looking to do. >> thank you, geena. >> go ahead, willie. >> mr. troump, this is paul morrisette, auctioneer and lifelong republican and big supporter of yours. >> thank you, paul. >> how you doing, mr. trump. my beth and i own regal auction in new hampshire and one of the auctions we do is gun auctions, doing one on november 21st so i have my finger on the pulse of gun owners in new hampshire and elsewhere in the country.
9:02 am
what all us gun owners are wondering if there's any more regulations on a bill that reaches president trump's desk will you pledge now to veto that so we can stop the assault on second ament rights. wet don't want to be australia. >> the answer is yes because we have tremendous regulations already. a lot of people don't even realize. we have tremendous regulations and people aren't abiding by them. government does a terrible job of enforcing them, but we already have tremendous regulations. now, if you look at my opponents, they are very weak on the second amendment. i'm very, very strong, as you know, or you probably wouldn't like me but i am very strong on the second amendment. carson is weak on the second amendment and bush is very weak on the second amendment and virtually many of them are, and some of them aren't, but i'm very strong for the second amendment. no, i would not do anything but you have to enforce what you have right now and there are plenty right now. >> in the wake of some of the mass smoothings over the summer you said it's inevitable that some people who are mentally ill are just going to slip through
9:03 am
the cracks. it sounds like you're saying stuff happens to coin the phrase that someone else used. >> that's a terrible expression from bush but the fact is we have a huge mental health problem, and if you look at some states, including new york and others, they have left -- in order to save money for finance reasons, they have let people out of mental institutions. we have a big problem with that. this is a mental health problem, and believe me, they will always find a way to get something, whether it's a gun or otherwise. these people that run stable, we have is to straighten out our mental health and we do have in this country big mental health problems, and that's a problem we have. >> not at all a gun problem. >> we already have so much regulation, matt. there's tremendous regulation right now that people don't reason realize. we have -- this is a mental health problem. these people are all, to put it mildly, they are crazy, and we have to straighten out our institutions. so many of these institutions, and you see it up here, too. they are closing and they are putting the people out on the street. that's the biggest problem we have. >> willie? >> mr. troump, this is scott,
9:04 am
47-year-old, two kids, i.t. and independent leaning strongly your way. >> take. >> you good morning, gentlemen. mr. trump, you know a lot of people. who is the most interesting person you've ever met? >> my father, but -- but that would be normal, and my mother, these are two incredible people. i would say ronald reagan was somebody i liked a lot. i knew him, i was a young guy. i was helping him a little bit and i didn't know him that well, but i just found him to be a very inspiring person. i liked ronald reagan. >> all right. >> thank you very much for your question. >> come on up. >> real quick. >> one more. >> absolutely. >> 21-year-old college student independent. what's your question here? >> good morning. i'm a sean yore at st. a's and my question is for you if you could fire someone from government today who would it be and why? >> the president of the united states. that was the easiest question. that was the easiest question i had today. >> thank you for your question. >> he had me end, mr. trump, on another quote from your book "art of the deal," okay?
9:05 am
>> yeah. >> you wrote this. i'll do nearly anything within legal bounds to win, so does that apply to the presidential campaign as well? would you be willing to make promises that you know you can't keep to win the election? >> no, i wouldn't do that. i wouldn't do that, i don't think i have to do that. everything i say i can do. everything i say i will abide by and i think people will be very surprised at the end of a four-year term we'll have a country that will be so amazing. we'll have so many victories. it won't be sergeant bergdahl where we get bergdahl and they get five years, won't be an iran deal which is a disgrace as a contract and a deal, a disgrace. we give them $150 billion. we don't even get our prisoners back. we will have great, great victories in this country, and i will abide by everything that i'm saying on the campaign trail. >> again, my thanks to the people of new hampshire in this room. i appreciate your questions, and our thanks to donald trump for giving us the time this morni