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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. we hope you had a great weekend it is funday monday a and this is "lost and found" story of ohoda's life by ellie goulding. >> i have a lot going on in my life. >> i found your scrunchie this morning. >> i know. >> and we will have news of a
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secret engagement as well as adele's new music. >> and now out is some new music fromle v lelvis presley and joi us to tell us about it is priscilla presley who is in the kitchen. >> and joining us is beth stern who has brought a num bber of theward winning cuties from the dog awards. >> how was your weekend? >> both of us went down to maryland on different days to visit family. yours in maryland, and mine in virginia. and any time i can see my sister and her husband and my nice. and i am so in love just like my niece, and when she was first born i love her. and this is how i feel about my
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little aaron who -- this is having lunch on friday. oh, wait, it gets really, really good. i thought that e e was having a little movement, but that was not the case. he is a mimic. now, this is a good part, and i come in for the close-up. >> oh, bite your hand. >> i spent a day and a half there, and he never ever cried and eey is all he does. i went to a restaurant i have not been in a number of years the charthouse, and they have redone it, and being back in malibu it is so perfect.
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>> he is so cute. i got to see my little nieces this weekend. so i took the train to virginia and one of the things that everyone likes the do is that they both have soccer can games. >> soccer. >> and so first we with went to both of their game, and we got to see hannah and el a la both play, and this is the cute thing about these two. when a preschooler is playing so soccer like ella, what you don't do is when they are playing is yell out the name. have you gotten that >> because they take their eye off of the ball. >> that what they do. all of the kids. they all stopped like somebody is saying their name, scotty, hi. and so the coach was saying don't yell out people's names. ella! and so i went out with my friend to the silver dollar, silver din diner, i don't e no, it is awesome and we hung out there and we had a fun time. >> and you were on the acela on
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the way home with -- >> chris christie. >> did you hear the scandal? chris krchristie got on there a started talking. >> you don't understand if you are on the acela. >> and he was told and graciously left, i am told. >> unlike that i looked on the quiet car next to me and there he is with the strawberry shake, an apparently he left the quiet car and apologized and went to the the one where you can talk. people got really -- >> and compared to system of the thi -- compared to systome of the things going on in the world, i mean. >> and this is a photo that was taken outside of branson and the great american chicken and steak house. this is us from years ago. >> and another token female. >> and maybe just two men and
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another token female. if you have nothing to be this thanksgiving >> or halloween. >> whatever. >> and we have a big halloween show friday and we will reveal the costumes, and so if you don't know what you are going to be, you can be us. look at kathie. >> and this is hoe di. >> and this is wrangler, and these are the only three allowed on the site. >> even if you want to be big willie -- >> no, it is you or wrangler. >> that is discrimination of the worst kind. but if you have do dress up as us for halloween, post a picture on the facebook page. >> and look at these two. all you have to do is to wear a dress and carry a glass of wine, and blond and brunette. >> yes. that is all you have to do. >> and now, apparently in this woman, jamie randolph, she has
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just had it with leggings, and over it. >> and she has posted a video explaining how leggings should not be wearing. >> ladies, it is leggings weather, and i like leggings, they are comfortable, and they don't cut into you, and they are always the right length. some of you like to use leggings as britches, pants, pants. that ain't now they are supposed to be wore. if you can't cover a shirt to cover your tail so that i nknow that you have aztec print, and if you have at the too on the leg and i can see it, they are not be worn. that is called panty hose. nobody wants to see anything going up in any body part, i assure you, and that stuff is left for the bedroom and don't need to be running around town.
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it is awful, don't do it, you are welcome. >> let's go out with her. >> i love her. >> don't wear leggings. >> i i don't want to see your tattoos. >> and unless you are in the best shape of your life. >> and a long sweater. she is genius. i want to phone her. can you find her, joanne. >> and barbie is having a little trouble in the marketplace, and they have a new ad on the youtube channel that is getting a lot of attention for some reason. >> i will be your professor today and i will be talking about the brain. good morning, everyone, i'm your new coach. i'm mattie, nice to meet you. >> i had the most fantastic day in the office and you won't believe what happened. it is a new business that i wanted. knees up, like a unicorn. higher.
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higher. and i have been to new york, pennsylvania, pennsylvania, and we can think and do lots of stuff with the brain. now, does anybody know how big the brain is? anybody? sophia. very good. >> it is cute. >> it is cute. i don't know how many barbies they are going sell with that, but the little girl is a fine actress somethat is cute. and so american airline s s is going to be trying something new. they say that instead of first class and coach, and they are going to is have -- >> and business, too? >> well, it depends on how big the plane is, and they have two classes and then a third class meaning no frills. >> which means nothing. >> and now picture coach and now picture less than coach,
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whatever that is. >> they are not exactly explaining what that means, and they are declining to release new details. >> and you don't get pillows or blankets, and you will get somebody reclining in your lap, and not enough room for your bag -- >> and the entertainment center. >> sometimes a tv screen, but not always. >> and we don't know and that is why we don't know. and we should have looked at elizabeth hurley in a but keeney. >> that is so depressing. >> she is 50 years old, and captioned it mellow in yellow. >> are you kidding? she has abs. she was here with two weeks ago and looked teeny. someand she is a model and actress and that is her job.
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>> but she had a baby, right? >> yes. >> damian, and she is two days ago and boy, she8 dropped the weight fast. and now, if you love reese witherspoon and "legally blond" she wants to make a third film. she wasn't sure, but she wants to. >> and yes. the thing about reece, shoo is her own production company, and she could just do it. how do you get to that point. >> the bend and the snap. do it again. i love this. turn it up, because i like to hear it. >> okay. oh, my god. bend and snap. >> yeah. a little less bend and a little more snap. >> like this? >> oh, yeah, i want to see them in the line. wait, hold on. oh, when they are all together. doing the bend and snap! oh! anyway, so, they say that maybe in the new one she is going to
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be a supreme court judge or running for office or something. >> she should be a supreme court judge. that would be funny. and now, you "days of our lives" fan fans, come down to the plaza, because it is the soap's celebration of 50th anniversary. >> and they will be having the cast and signing autographs and all sorts of things. so come down. and these are some of the things planned today -- >> this is a dress that is available and part of the profits go to breast cancer, and so go online. and the king like you have never heard him before. heard him before. >> i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks... add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up.
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from maybelline new york. matte cream formula meets bold pigment color for our smoothest, most seductive mattes. creamy mattes. now, 20 creamy shades. make it matte. make it happen. maybelline new york. elvis presley might have left us almost 40er years ago, but he is always going to be be the king of rock and roll. >> and his music and legacy has
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carried on thanks to priscilla presley. >> and now she has a new album out called "if i could dream" and it is with the philharmonic orchestra. that is saying a lot. >> yes, he would have loved it. >> and you get so many requests, but what made you say yes to this project? >> because i know that it would have been something that he would have loved the to do. this is the dna and the full control of his, you know, catalog, and he would have done this for sure. >> and you wrote that the only place that he ever really had a full sound like that was in vegas. >> yes, in the stage shows, too. and the biggest compliment was when jewel gersher when he was up here in vegas and the big showrooms, and he came to many and he said, priscilla, i have an idea, and i said, "what,
10:16 am
joy?" and he said an idea of doing elvis with a big orchestra. and i said, oh, joe, i am doing it. >> they took it and embellished it with a brand new arrangement. >> very big sound and lush. >> tell everybody where you recorded it? >> abby road studios. >> abby lane, wow. >> and they say that the trilogy is the one that is your favorite? >> yes. i was driving on sunset boulevard and i listened to it, and i said hashgs is how he felt about his country, his sound, his maker, the united states, and he just, and it was just him. >> and so he was a very spiritual guy, right? >> can you turn it up so we can hear a little bit.
10:17 am
♪ glory glory hallelujah >> and the orchestra was so respectful, and when they came up, it was a job for them, and at lot of famous people go the abby road studio, and when they started to performing with his undeniable magnificent voice, they came out of there with so much respect for him, and not just the love of the music, but him, because on the master, and these are the original tracks on the master, there was not one flaw in his voice. >> and they didn't have a way to fix it back then. >> no. >> and priscilla, when you hear him sing, and his voice, whether it is is on the radio or something like this, what feelings do you have? >> i have so many mixed feelings. of course, a lot of the songs are very personal, and what he went through and the certain song choices, and i know the battles that he had with the
10:18 am
record label, and i of course is have been to the studios with him on some of the best recordings that he did in the studios in memphis, so every song has a different meaning for me. it is the american trilogy was just great. >> and your daughter is making music. >> yes, makings a album. and my son is in a band called them guns. >> and your daughter loved the record? >> she did. she said, mom, it is so beautiful. >> it is so touching and the songs that he loved and this is not embellishing, and he loved the draw marks and the idea of this, too, is that elvis was not just rock and roll, and a lot of the frustration is that poom put him in that genre of music where this album is very diverse, and he loved the drama and the bigness and he got really giving
10:19 am
him the freedom to have done what he wanted. >> and well, he is smiling down on you. >> thank you so much, priscilla. >> and somebody said, what do you think that he is doing right now? and i said, a big smile on your face. >> and if you are a fan of the week, we are about to dial the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. recently we've noticed some ads created by these two birds, inviting you to stay away from
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rate suckers! [ bell dinging ] your car insurance goes up because of their bad driving. people try all sorts of ways to get rid of them. [ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ] get snapshot from progressive, and see just how much your good driving could save you. it is time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll, please, while we spin the globe and today it is landing in grovetail, alabama. >> and now, tanya who watches us every morning is joining us with her husband by skype. >> >> are you surprised? >> yes. >> and now we are going to be
10:23 am
playing a trivia game with you, but first, this is why you were chosen. >> many times she watches the show twice a day just to watch things like ambush makeover and things. >> and she watches with her son and jam -- james. and she had surgery for congestive heart failure last year and watched us everyday in the hospital. >> adorable. >> and now, this is some fuss last week was made over hoda, and was it -- she knows it -- did she have highlights, change
10:24 am
her part, do something for ha halloween or cut it? >> changed the part. >> and you have won a round trip airfare and a stay at the gwen, a luxury stay at chicago hotel. >> and craig is going with you? >> yes. craig is going. >> and we we love to see how well you are getting along. >> thank you. >> and thank you, craig. >> and now, the scoop in today's buzz. >> and beth stern is going to celebrate america's very furry heroes after your local heroes.
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toaster strudel. now with more icing. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. oh, you have to put him in a thing. >> he came in a thing. >> who is he? what is doii'm scott mcgrew. th drifters good morning, everyone. 10:26. scotmcgrew. three drifters accused in two murders should be back in court today. the hearing has been delayed because two of the three did not have permanent attorneys. they all face murder charges in
10:27 am
the death of a hiker in fairfax and a backpacker found dead in golden gate park. a massive earthquake in afghanistan about 2:00 this morning, our time. just a tiny bit of the damage. 150 people reported dead from afghanistan to pakistan. we do expect that number to grow. many of those areas are cut off from communication. you may have heard the world's health organization declared processed meats like bacon and hot dogs cause cancer, not might cause cancer. more traffic and weather after the break.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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part of the complete breakfast trt: 25 expect a lot more sunshine this afternoon and high of 75 degrees in the east bay. trivalley making it up to 72 degrees. mostly sunny skies in san francisco. tons of sunshine this afternoon after the clouds clear out. 71 degrees there and 80 in the north bay. upper 70s further south bay while the peninsula tops out at 76 degrees. let's see how the traffic is moving with mike. >> fog in palo alto, you see some of this still across the state, san mateo bridge in here. let me show you the map, san mateo bridge, still slow across the 84. dumbarton bridge, earlier crash from the high rise. trivalley from 580, only a week or two there. no problems in the bay bridge. north bay, low clouds.
10:30 am
a little late, skies looking clear. join us at 11:00 for the next newscast. we'll see you then. . it is funday monday, and we are back with all of the hollywood news that you could possibly stomach. >> in today's buzz, and to get you caught up is "pop goes the >> there is only one name people are saying. >> "h >> adele. >> yes, "hello" came out, and she might beat flo rida, i will tell you. >> is it great? >> it is gorgeous. it is gorgeous. and when something like this comes out, the video blows up online and the question this time is why is she using a flip phone. why a flip phone.
10:31 am
>> yeah, it is does use ones. >> but there is a dramatically way to hang up on the flip phone, but he said it is anti-narrative because you notice that it is a iphone or the samsung, and it will take you out of the story. and she does not put modern cars or phones into the videos. >> are that is interesting. >> and the internet blows up, and mashups, and you remember another song called "hello" by lionel richie. ♪ hello it is is me you are looking for ♪ >> and so there is a mashup of the two of them together. ♪ hello, hello ♪ it's me you're looking for ♪ >> oh, that is funny. >> and how about this one -- >> how did they keep it quiet that she was in the recording studio all of these months. >> and this is a justin bieber
10:32 am
song "sorry" that came out, and so when adele says "sorry" in her song, it goes back to justin bieber. >> and can we talk about robin thicke and pharrell who had to go to court. >> yes, there was a copyright infringement from the estate of marvin gaye that it sounds like the 1977 song, and this is two clips from the deposition, and he is basically respond iing to questions that he was out doing press for the song, the people acknowledged the sim lilaritiesf the two song, and he didn't deny it in the interviews, and so let's listen to these two clips in the deposition. >> when i give interview, i say what i want to say to help sell records. >> with all due respect i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year.
10:33 am
>> oh. >> and so, yes, he was also asked in the interview, do you consider yourself an honest person, and he said, no. >> that is honest. >> so does that mean we can believe anything the deposition, and so the jury awarded the estate of marvin gaye down to $5 million. it is down from $7.3 million. and so they plan to appeal. >> and now, cee lo green, i heard he wants to get back on the "voice" is that true? >> yes, he does. but furst, it is coming out with a new album, he has a engagement for a year to shawni, and they have been engaged for a year, and he saw a ring at the jewelry store and he bought it a couple of months ago and hid it among
10:34 am
the recording equipment, and she found it and now they are n gauged. >> why did he leave "the voice." >> well, there were accusations that he had put some ecstasy in a woman's drink. >> and we wish them love and happ happiness. >> it is something that he dispute, and they disag grree o that. >> and he going to be back "the voice." >> i don't see it happening any time soon, but he has a new album coming up. >> and he has a wedding coming up. >> yes. and that is jam packed. >> and two joy fit members who lost half of their body, and then some. they will share the secrets to their success >> and beth stern is going to >> and beth stern is going to show y before there could be a nation, >> and beth stern is going to show y there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy,
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we love this story. hollywood is rolling out the red
10:39 am
carpet for some of the country's biggest heroes. >> the fifth annual humane association hero dog awards on the hallmark channel which we love and one of the incredible canines can detect epileptic seizures before they happen, and another one saved a policeman from being shot, but only one could be this year's top dog. >> and here to unleash the excitement for the friday's big event is the co-host beth stern. >> this is right in your power alley, beth. >> well, we we all have dogs in our lives who we feel are hero, and these are dogs who have done extraordinary, and wait until you hear these story, and they are going to be portrayed on the hallmark channel, and get your tissue box ready, because will is not going to be a dry eye in the house when you see the show. >> and tell us about this -- >> the winnerment the winner. >> we are giving it away? >> this is, wait until you hear
10:40 am
harley's story. >> he spent ten years in a small cage of the puppy mill, and his eye was lost because his cage was lost because his cage was cleaned with a power washer. and his story is not unique, but it is hundreds of thousands of puppy mill dogs. and since then he has a campaign called "harley to the rescue" and he has gone on rescues and saved over 500 dogs from puppy mills and raised over half a million dollars. >> amazing, right? >> okay. james hague. >> yes. axle. >> i was hurt in iraq and i got axle, and he was two days from being put down and i was on over 30 medication, and he saved my life and my family's life. i would not be here without him. >> oh, my gosh. >> and hudson and his hero.
10:41 am
>> hudson. what a beautiful color. >> hudson and the two siblings were found at three weeks old and hudson's paw was nailed off and all three of them were nailed to the rail road tracks in hudson, new york, and he was one of the first dogs to get a prosthetic leg. and now we are spreading the love. >> and children's homes and hospital hospitals. >> you are a beautiful person, too. >> andnow. >> she is my hearing dog and she alerts me the certain sounds with a doorbell and baby crying, but the remarkable skill is not exactly thax but she can pick up my dystonic e episodes 15 or 20 minutes before they occur and i know to get medicine and get safe. if it weren't for her, i would have lost my son. she was able to tell me that he
10:42 am
had stopped breathing. so she is amazing. >> can we have some kleenexs. >> i warned them to get the tissues. and he is my friend zach. >> this is dash, a patrol canine for six year, and two years ago we were searching for a suspect barricaded in an attic that we didn't know that he was armed, and he was texting his lawyer that he was gog to kill the police, and dash went up first, and gave me enough warning to discharge my weapon, and i would not be here without him. >> and just a few seconds left. this is glory. >> after a fire is out, she can go in to sniff trace evidence and build a case to put people behind bars. we can use her for education many public schools shoochlt is
10:43 am
is mellow. >> very mellow. >> and the hero rambo. >> yes, he is the official mascot with kids with gift, and we support dogs, and help with the medical care for dogs that are retired from working dogs, and we educate the public on what they do for our nation. >> thank you. you are all heroes. >> yes, hat's off to the hallmark channel for this show. >> get your clee nix. and coming up next, the joy and coming up next, the joy fit club and two people these are my dogs dusty and cooper. i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. i am the butler. these dogs shed like crazy. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters.
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all right. if you have been having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, get ready for some inspiration. >> both members of our joy fit
10:49 am
club have lost more than half of their body weights, and more than 80 pounds. and here to tell us about it is the leader of the joy fit club, joy bauer >> we have steve from wisconsin. he was always a big guy and never thought of it, and he described that growing up he never ate a slice of pizza, but the whole pizza. and never a cup of cereal in the morning, but he would eat the whole box and that is who he is, and one day he stepped on the scale, and he was 542 pounds. >> not healthy. >> and then he thought, it is not okay. he just under the radar didn't tell anybody, and started watching the food and set up a excel spread sheet and he would weigh himself and keep track every single week. well, this guy is about to walk out here, and he has lost over 300 pounds, and more than half
10:50 am
his weight, and he is go withing to knock your socks off. in this picture, he is 540 pound, and this is steve. >> come on out here. >> and in his overalls, and steve, drop your pants. >> steve, way to go. >> thank you. >> you look awesome. and how long did it take you to drop it off? >> i started last august and started by eating different ly and i like to joke instead of five shakes at the county fair i had two, but labor week is when i hard core and became regimened in both diet and exercise. >> and you are just feeling well? >> more energy and sleeping well? >> and to put the weight that you lost in corn cobs, and this is what he lost. >> steve is a farmer, so he is going to be appreciating it. >> it is 12 cases of corn on the
10:51 am
cob. >> it is a visual, steve. good job. >> good job. who is next? >> we have 57-year-old diane stone from germantown, maryland. she always had a very healthy relationship with food and never had a weight issue until when she was 13 years old her father passed away from a fatal heart attack, and that is when the problems with food started. she used food to numb the feel, and she hit 310 pounds. and the thing about diane, she has lost and gained a considerable amount of weight throughout the year, but this time, it stuck, because she worked on the emotional eating and worked with her therapist and the whole thing. >> absolutely. >> and so before she is 310 pounds. >> i soo e that picture. >> and now, coming out at 155. >> well, well, well! >> what! i'm sorry. how beautiful are you. >> thanks. >> wow.
10:52 am
how do you feel? >> better than i look for sure. >> and you look amazing. >> how long did it take you to do it? >> well, this last time, because i had lost 100 and gained a part of it backers it took me 10 months. >> and were you exercising? >> yes, i have a t-tap, and i have a little move that helps me to battle dedepression and it is on out youtube called happy hoedowns. >> i like it. >> and it is very simple. >> and this is then like this, and much harder than it looks. >> okay. why not. we are so happy, and we with are so happy for both of you guys. >> all righty. >> two good reason s s to stick around. >> and first this on nbc.
10:53 am
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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all right. it is time for favorite thing,
10:56 am
and mine is kind of both of our favorite things. >> yes, we are so excited for her. >> and bobbie thomas has a new line called whoosh. imagine somebody said, here is your makeup, and look at how thin it is, and how it works. you open it up, and open it. and look, everything that you need. >> and different palettes for a different look. and show that, kath. >> and look at the mascara, and get in tight on this, and the mascara is a regular one. and then look at that, you bump it for the corners. thank you. >> bump it for the corners, and bobbie has a whole thing, and she is going to be launching it on hsn and it is $69 for whole magilla. >> and go to to see the whole thing. and this is a leather jacket that is $179 from liquid glove and you have it, too, and you can't believe it is not leather. it is so light. >> can you wash it? >> yes, you can wash it and it is up believable. and it is clara
10:57 am
my favorite for the fall. >> and it comes in black, too. and tomorrow we are celebrating 50 years of "days of our lives" cast. and come on down to the plaza. >> and we will have another unbelievable surprise. devastation and destruction. a
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
major earthquake and right now at 11:00, devastation and destruction. a major earthquake rocks afghanistan. people here in the bay area certainly feeling the impact thousands of miles away. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we are getting more information as this story is developing at this hour. and new images from the epicenter of that 7.5 quake that rocked northern afghanistan and claimed more than 150 souls throughout south asia. the quake rocked the mountainous region 150 miles north of kabul. and the first casualties came from a rural girls school where 12 schoolgirls were trampled to death as people tried to escape


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