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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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for answers after finding a woman's body in a downtown san jose condo. --and within the past hour... we've learned of an arrest police searching for answers after finding a woman's body in a downtown san jose condo. and within the past hour, we've learned of an arrest in that case. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. this is unfolding near city hall police making this discovery on south third street. ian cole has been on the scene for several hours and joins us
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now with this new information, ian? >> reporter: raj, police have been here over 12 hours. they are still here, they say they are wrapping up as we within the last hour are getting our first look at the suspect in this homicide investigation. police have arrested 28-year-old hugo castro for murder. dozens of evidence markers line the sidewalk and stretch into the parking garage of this condo building. people who live here tonight returning home to a crime scene. >> this is a bit of a shock. >> reporter: he's never seen something like this so close to where he lives. >> really nice place, quiet, all professionals and some students. >> reporter: around 10:00 this morning san jose police were called to the globe condos to check on a woman inside. they arrived action found her dead, stabbed at least once. police arrested 28-year-old hugo
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castro soon after. >> we see crazy stuff in the middle of downtown, san jose. it happens. this is the extreme i've ever seen it get. >> reporter: police say castro knew the victim and they once dated. he'll be booked into jail for murder. some neighbors say they've had enough of this area. >> i'm very happy that we're moving. because that was our plan originally. this tops the cake. >> reporter: the victim's name is not being released until the coroner confirms her identity and notifies her family. late tonight we learn the two men shot outside a livermore cvs over the weekend are from the central valley city of turlock. the shooting happened saturday outside the pharmacy on first street. one of the men died. the other is still in critical condition. the main suspect is this man, jason alexander. police say he may be connected to another homicide. he's still on the run and believed to be armed and dangerous.
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quick work by firefighters kept an apartment fire present spreading in san francisco's mission dolores neighborhood. a twitter user shared this video and some photographs with us. the fire started shortly before 6:00 at the building on doer recess between market and 14th. no one was hurt but still at this point no idea why that fire started. the search will resume tomorrow morning to search for a missing fisherman near the mouth of tamales bay. one man has died, another rescued, but no sign of this third man. jean elle has the latest in this desperate search. >> reporter: the survivor was brought to santa rosa memorial hospital. he was able to tell search crews he was on a 14-foot boat with two friends. now tonight that survivor knows one friend didn't make it. the search continues for the other.
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under a blanket of fog, marin county fire and rescue crews wrap up for the night on tamales bay searching for three missing fishermen. >> the visibility is challenging because we can't use one of our best assets, helicopter. >> reporter: marin county fire says three men in a 14-foot aluminum boat left this morning and around 9:00 a.m. something went wrong. they ended up in the water where this calm bay water turns to ocean swells. >> this area is a hazardous area to people that are novices and even experienced people. because of the fact that the swell comes up from a deepwater ocean up onto a sand bar and builds rapidly. there's an actual surf break there. >> reporter: signs that the general store warn boaters of dangerous conditions. crews recovered one man's body then located a survivor, washed up on the rocks, conscious and hypothermic. >> we were able to swim into the surand with the helicopter pick him off the rocks.
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>> reporter: the energized search crews combed cold waters until dark. one man is still missing. no one on the boat was wearing a life jacket. the coast guard is keeping a vessel and crew out on the water all night tonight looking for that third fisherman. additional crews will join them at daybreak to continue the search. who owns the islands? an international dispute is heating up after the u.s. sent a naval warship. the "uss lassen" of san diego sailed near the chain of islands in the south china sea. china and five other nations who all believe the islands are theirs have been fighting over these islands. u.s. mill tea officials say the naval destroyer was patrolling the region in international waters. chinese leaders are advising the united states to think before acting, saying that it should have -- shouldn't have made trouble out of nothing. afghanistan's powerful earthquake was captured on tv
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during this live broadcast. watch carefully, see how intens the shaking was. the magnitude 7.5 quake struck deep underground earlier today. the epicenter of the quake in a remote area of the hindu kush mountain range near the pakistani border. more than 250 were killed and that number is expected to rise. hundreds of others are hurt. pakistan is reporting the highest number of lives lost. the afghan community in the bay area is desperately waiting for news of loved ones. kabul market in fremont, people buying international calling cards. many customers telling us they have not been able to reach their friends or family. but those who did say people there are in need of food and shelter. >> right now there's no help for them. they need it badly. otherwise a lot of people die from hunger, from cold. >> the hadai foundation is a nonprofit pakistani aid organization preparing to send
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help. updating the story, go to or download our free app and you'll be able to get the latest updates yourself. is it a conflict of interest? we know who will investigate the troubled santa clara county jail. late today the members of the blue ribbon commission were revealed. and one name is raising eyebrows. sheriff laurie smith seen here is on the commission. critics say the commission was created to investigate how she runs the jail. but sheriff smith says there's a reason why she needs to be part of the investigation. >> i have a very valuable part. i want to be the voice of the department. if we need to make changes, we're going to make changes. >> this process will be transparent because transparency leads to accountability. >> this commission was formed after the death of inmate michael tyree last august. three guards are accused of beating him to death. the high-profile case is on hold. these three transients were back in court on murder charges
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today. but did not enter pleas. that's because one of them still doesn't have a public defender. they'll try again on thursday. the three are accused of killing a hiker in marin county and a backpacker in san francisco earlier this month. tonight we're finally getting a look at the man who jumped off the bay bridge to ditch police. officers say they found randall maykopet carrying a knife in san francisco's marina district. he allegedly jumped into a running patrol suv and drove off. police say he ditched that suv on the bridge and then jumped 30 feet from the upper deck to the lower deck. a police officer jumped behind him to make the arrest. luckily neither man was hurt. the suspect is now facing several hit and run and drug charges as well. the president of ireland will spend another day in the bay area tomorrow, part of an emotional visit where he'll honor the victims of the berkeley balcony collapse. today michael higgins spoke on global hunger at berkeley university.
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wednesday he'll plant a tree at the berkeley park to honor the irish students killed in that june collapse. a quick break for her birthday. presidential hopeful hillary clinton turned 68 years old tonight. tomorrow back to work. next week back to the bay area. we have confirmed mrs. clinton will attend fund-raisers in los altos hills and napa valley next week. tickets range from $250 to $2,700. five mistakes too many. a company is feeling the heat after several ruptured gas lines and it's happening in one of the bay area's most iconic neighborhoods. five mistakes in six months at the haight-ashbury in san francisco. haight street between laguna and ashbury and it's taking a toll on businesses there. tomorrow city leaders will ask for a public hearing to fire the general contractor. the company name, synergy project management. the company says the gas lines weren't properly marked, but city workers aren't buying it.
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>> because after you basically made the mistake of the first gas leak, wouldn't you do something different if you're not sure that the maps are okay? >> city leaders say the project should have taken only five weeks. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. update to the forecast, showers for tuesday. we're also tracking the best chance of rain from this storm system. i'll have details in my microclimate forecast. and then some people know processed meats aren't necessarily good for your health. but there's never been a warning like this. the blunt words today that has many bacon lovers taking notice. just say no to black friday. one company is closing its doors to shoppers and is asking them to do something surprising. president obama's unusual lunchtime decision that caught so much attention. we'll show it to you. day. the world health
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organziation warning everyone about eating meao screaming headlines all day. the world health organization warning everyone about eating meat. what does it really mean? are these warnings really new? bacon, sausage, hot dogs, red meat could cause cancer. here's nbc bay area's cheryl hurd from oakland. >> i'm not going to give up bacon. >> reporter: we found bacon lovers refusing to give up the salty breakfast treat. even though a study by a research group with the world health organization says bacon and other processed meats are linked to cancer. >> just read the labels and make sure they're not eating a bunch of stuff. we try to support local businesses that don't serve processed meat. >> reporter: flippers gourmet burgers in montclair are all natural. but if you want it, bacon is on the menu. >> i still wouldn't give up meat, i don't think. i crave protein too much. >> reporter: dr. kahn, a cardio thoracic surgeon with sutter
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health group, says you don't have to stop eating meat. >> there's nothing particularly new in this study. but what really got everybody's attention is the world health organization is obviously a big name. >> reporter: releasing a huge report defining processed meats as any meat like ham or baloney that's altered by salting, curing, or smoking. beef, pork and poultry can be included. the report says those meats can cause cancer. >> the theory is that the iron in meat is activated by the nitrates in processing, in preservatives. and that becomes a carcinogen. >> reporter: the report puts processed meats in the same category as smoking and asbestos. dr. kahn says the risks are not the same because with smoking, your risk goes up 20-fold for cancer. the meat industry association says the report is hard to believe because the evidence simply doesn't support a causal link between processed meats and cancer. some say the study should not be
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ignored. >> ultimately it would help everybody if you could cut on those processed meats. >> cheryl hurd reporting. did it go too far? there's video of a police officer and a teenaged girl going viral on social media. in the video a columbia, south carolina, police officer seen confronting a high school student. and then he appears to toss the girl across the classroom floor. authorities say she was being arrested for causing a disturbance and that she refused to leave. officials say they are looking into the issue. in the meantime the officer is banned from returning to any school in that district. president obama says american students are taking too many tests and he says it's just burning them out. the president says the time could be better spent on learning and fostering creativity than on teaching to the test and putting so many tests before kids. now he's pushing for a reduction of standardized testing, saying no more than 2% of classroom
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time should be spent on tests. >> learning is about so much more than just filling in the right bulb. so we're going to work with states, school districts, teachers and parents, to make sure that we're not obsessing about testing. >> recent studies show that public school students in major u.s. cities take over 100 mandatory standardized tests between pre-k and high school graduation. also today the president couldn't resist washington, d.c.'s beautiful fall weather. he ditched his motorcade and took a walk. only a couple of blocks. mr. obama walking to a luncheon at the famous metropolitan club not far from the white house. he wasn't alone. if we take a walk we can go alone -- when he takes a walk he's got a bunch of secret service behind him and a bunch of reporters. >> good for him. a little fresh air outside. >> he's got the cup of coffee as well. >> and we've got some beautiful fall fresh air outside as well.
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but we're going to need our umbrellas soon too. >> most certainly. as early as tuesday we've updated the forecast to include a few showers. you can see the storm system is picking up speed. a little bit of light rain offshore. it's not very heavy. only .01 inches per hour. that's indication of things starting to change. how will this impact the forecast for tomorrow? i think we'll have a few raindrops here in san francisco. mainly on the drizzle side. the same thing for the peninsula. temperatures starting in the 50s. as low as 57 in the south bay, mostly cloudy skies to begin. also a partly sunny sky for the north bay. that's going to be the biggest change as we start off. let's go ahead and get a look at the storm system. it is pretty massive in its overall size. cold front stretching over 1,100 miles. the center of the storm system is well up here. that's going to be heading towards canada. also washington. so we'll get missed by that. but there's definitely some rainfall on the way. so that update on the forecast again has the cold front
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arriving faster for tomorrow. that will give us an isolated shower chance and temperatures they to 6 degrees cooler. keep in mind the better chance of some rainfall will be coming as we head through wednesday's forecast. as that cold front pushes all the way down toward the south bay. how much rainfall? that's the big question. are we going to be getting from this storm system, not nearly as much as we would like to see. but anything will help that fire danger. you can see north bay .02 inches to .04 inches and .05 inches. the models have corrected here. everyone at this point pretty much getting the same thing throughout wednesday's storm system. microclimate as we head throughout tomorrow. you can see where we have added that possibility of showers. i think the best chance across the san francisco microclimate would be throughout the marina and 65. peninsu peninsula, pacifica and 64. mostly cloudy across palo alto and 76. south bay, cloudy across
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cupertino and 76. san jose coming in at 78. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, best chance of early drops tomorrow with that storm system would be here into napa and santa rosa. temperatures coming out of the 80s and down to the 70s. east bay, a nice day in walnut creek. starting to feel like fall outside with 77 degrees and oakland expecting 73. so let's take you into that weekend forecast. we all know halloween is saturday. great weather throughout the day. temperatures near average. that will put the south bay at 92 f 82 for your high. what about the little ones trick-or-treating or yourself heading to a party? the forecast for the evening hours looks perfectly spooky. 73 degrees at 5:00 p.m. clear skies. 8:00, 67. and for late partiers, 62 by 11:00 p.m. so light jacket needed, no
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umbrella. beyond halloween, if you're looking for possibility of rainfall, it looks like the 2nd of november, the 8th, and also the 11th we have the potential of rainfall coming our way. so halloween gets missed but rain on the docket as we head throughout the first couple of weeks of november. >> wow, adjusted for the partiers at 11:00 p.m. >> all parties are at 8:00 p.m. still ahead, asking shoppers not to shop. one company's surprising move on black friday. we have jimmy. >> thanks, guys. we have mike tyson and a performance from the one and only ray chafee. while more stores are opening
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earlier and earlier to kick off the holiday shopping season... one is bucking the while most stores are opening earlier and earlier to kick off the holiday shopping season one store is bucking the trend. outdoor retailer rei announced it will close doors on black friday and pay all 12,000 employees to take the day off and get outside. rei is inviting the nation by joining in to continue to be outside to connect with family and friends this thanksgiving holiday. walmart wants to test drones for delivering its goods following in the footsteps of a.m. wron and google. walmart had the federal aviation administration for a waive tore test drones outdoors. no word on timeline. the numbers are in for the nfl's first-ever online only game. yahoo!'s scoring big saying more than 15 million people watched yesterday's live stream of the buffalo bills against the jacksonville jaguars.
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the game was in london. to give you perspective the average audience for monday night football, like tonight, is 13 million people. yahoo! paid an estimated $20 million for the exclusive rights to live stream this game. okay, the bling is here. the championship rings have arrived. they'll be handed out tomorrow night on opening night for the warriors. jerrod moncure joins us next. ♪
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the flu season really hit. it's time to get back at it. i think we're ready to go. >> all right, bringing jerrod moncure from our comcast sportsnet studios. we'll been telling jessica the warriors opening night is tomorrow. she didn't seem to care. then we talked about the championship rings tomorrow night. >> now i'm focused. >> wow. >> totally focused. >> the bling and the eyes got wide. the center of the basketball universe will be oracle arena tomorrow night. nothing boring about a ring ceremony and a banner being raised but that's just the undercard. yeah, the warriors defensive title against a team that actually started with the new
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orleans pelicans. the ws dispose of a young pelicans alaska squad in a playoff sweep which included an historic 20-point fourth quarter comeback victory in game three. ws getting their final preseason practices in today before luke walton coaches his first nba regular season contest. steve kerr will be there to raise the banner tuesday, along with former assistance coach alvin gentry, who is now the head man in new orleans. >> i think it's great that he's going to be out there with us when we get our rings. he obviously is a big part what was we did last year. he's got two kids that are still warrior pans. they're still with us. if he can't find them after the game, come to our locker room, they'll be in there with us. >> adding to the pomp and circumstance, tnt carrying the opener nationally. we've all heard the offseason jabs by opposing coaches, players, the national media,
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concerning the warriors winning last season's title. charles barkley today believes going back to back for the ws is going to be much more difficult. >> it's tough repeating when everybody's gunning for you. that's going to be the tee. golden state warriors have a terrific team. if they lose it won't be because they got too sure of themselves. asia boxing, hanging with the president, steph curry has been everywhere. this offseason and monday night he appears somewhere else, "jeopardy!" steph curry dishes was the category. neither of the two daily doubles in the round were in his category. monday night football. nfc west-leading cardinals hosting baltimore. first quarter. ravens up three. chris johnson starts right. darts back left. breaks a tackle. he's off to the races 26 yards to the house for the touchdown. great effort, 7-3 arizona. in the fourth.
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red birds up 16. joe flacco hooking up the td. ravens get the two-point conversion, cut the deficit to eight. 13 seconds left. flacco a chance to tie but he's picked off in the end zone by tony jefferson. cardinals hang on 26-18. they're 5-2. keep it in the frame. >> you're in the frame. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> from the from your wildest "don't try this," jeremy roenick trying to grab a gator on a golf course. he was in full hockey adrenaline mode. the 45-year-old comes up late and short of the small reptile. probably a good thing. that's it for sports.
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hollywood elite will have to tough it out and get thick skin between now and january. ricky gervais is returning to host the golden globes. the comedian and actor is famous for being ruthless needling
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celebrities at awards show. some were surprised that the hollywood foreign press association invited him back. watch on nbc bay area on january 10th. get ready for some laughs. >> oh, yeah. >> he is pretty funny. and he is sharp with his humor. before we go, tuesday morning, how's it looking? >> going to be cloudier than the past couple of mornings. the possibility of drizzle in san francisco and the peninsula. through the day don't expect a ton of sunshine. temperatures will be cooler as well and maybe spotty showers in the north bay. best chance of rain on wednesday. 4:30 a-m. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade. mike tyson.


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