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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it is tuesday october 27th, coming up on "early today," the disturbing scene inside a south carolina classroom. a school resource officer gets physical with a student sparking a police investigation. millions of americans are dealing with the punishing mix of torrential rain, flooding and tornado throats. we'll take you inside the storm zones. and before you pick up that next piece of breakfast bacon you may want to hear what the health officials are saying about meat and cancer. plus with the woman at the center of the oklahoma state university tragedy faces the judge. a new poll with not so surprising bad news for donald trump and much more on a busy tuesday. "early today" starts right now. good morning i'm alyssa
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rehberger. we begin with cell phone video some viewers may found disturbing and shocking. appears to find a --. here is one view of that incident. >> put your hands behind your back. give me your hands. >> authorities say the student was first asked to leave the classroom by the teacher but did not. the officer was called and the student again refused to leave. the school confirms the incident and has said it is cooperating with the police investigation. here is reporter chad mills from nbc affiliate. >> so many people have shared this video. obviously many people say it is disturbing. many people say it is even worse than disturbing.
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they say they are at a loss for words. but again, the sheriff's department is asking people to let cooler heads prevail for now as they investigate whatever happened. now i want to read you the narrative we got from sheriff leon lott. he said the student resource officer was acting in response to a student disrupting the class. the student refused to comply to instructions from the teacher and school administrator to leave. when she refused the sro took action. she was under arrest for disturbing school and the video shows the student resisting and being arrested by sro ben fields. >> nbc has not confirmed what led up to the violent encounter. the student was not injured and released to her parents. the resource officer is now on administrative duty until the investigation is complete.
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the mayor released a statement saying we cannot and will not accept this kind of behavior in from any law enforcement and i firmly believe we need an independent investigation to get to the bottom of this incident and see that justice is done. republican leaders have reached a breakthrough tentative budget deal with the white house. moderately increase spending over the next two years. and raise the federal borrowing limit. it would avoid a government shut down and debt crisis. it would be one of the last acts by speaker boehner who plans to step down on friday. a tentative house vote is scheduled for tomorrow. now pounding the gulf coast, high winds in galveston damaged historic fire station. significant flooding interest baton rouge. and lsu parking lot became a
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small lake. and students jumped on the opportunity to play some water volleyball. but many areas didn't get off so easily. >> reporter: high waves. heavy rain and tropical depression force winds pounding pensacola beach. days after hurricane patricia made land fall in mexico, the punishing aftermath. all along the gulf coast remnants of the storm. a tornado touched down south of new orleans. baton rouge battered by more than 10 inches where 20 children had to be rescued from a school bus stuck on the flooded bridge. in mobil 46 miles per hour wind gusts and this expanding sink hole swallowed a white pick up. there are flash flood watches and tornado warnings from louisiana to florida. >> a couple of our roads that run parallel to the beaches are under water right now.
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>> reporter: in texas they are try trog dry out after three days of rain from two separate systems. a fragrant train derailed south of dallas. this next story may have you rethinking what you have for breakfast. a world health organization group says bacon, sausage ux hot dogs and other processed meats like baloney and ham cause cancer and red meat probably does too. 50 grams a day increases the risk of co-lo rectal cancer by 18%. 100 grams a day is just a piece of steak the size of a deck of cards. it raises the risk by 17%. the meat institute says the new
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report says cancer a complex disease not caused by single foods. an a disputed area claimed by china, the spratly island chain. the it -- the chinese state news agency says its foreign minister warned the u.s. against that mission. several nations, including the philippines, vietnam and malaysia dispute china's claims to that area. those countries were angered back in september when china completed a two mile airstrip on the artificial islands. the woman who drove through a crowd at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade is in custody this morning. adazia chambers is held on four count, suspicion of dui.
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at her arraignment prosecutors argued that chambers intentionally drove into that crowd. they "a $1 million bond because she's considered a flight risk. three adult victims remain in critical condition in ou medical center and two children are in good condition. both presidential front runners are facing serious zpovl disapproval. hillary clinton claims is va scandal wasn't quote as wide spread it is it was made out. john mccain condemned the statement. he plans s ts to unveil an ager change next month. bad news for donald trump.
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a new gfk poll finds 72% of hispanic voters view him unfavorably. including 6 outl of 10 who view him very unfavorably. those numbers aren't the only thing mr. trump has to worry about this morning, right? >> no. he is still the front runner but he has an iowa problem. and that problem is ben carson. >> a third poll now shows dr. ben carson on top in iowa with 32% support. double digits over donald trump. carson's team says his message is resonating with iowa voters. >> they are very well aware of the fact that he is a man of strong faith. a man of strong faith. and a man of strong convictions. >> carson's team says he won't attack at tomorrow night's debate but he won't back down either. >> he is fully prepared to defend what he beliefs in.
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>> and trump down plays the significance. >> it was small polls. >> ted cruz is also seeing a surge ahead of tomorrow. he's at 10% and just picked twoup key endorsements. >> we're seeing conservatives uniting behind this campaign. >> jeb bush is trying to figure out what went wrong. despite the challenges bush still remains very popular are latinos. the same associated press poll you were talking about at is start shows bush is the most popular republican right now with latino voters. >> tracie thank you. catch the fourth republican debate norm night an cnbc. you showed us the pictures and the storm on the gulf coast. that is going to effect the east over the next couple of days. we have a new storm system. this is starting to look like a
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winterlike pattern in the west. this is not going to be a big rain event throughout areas of the west but we will see some increased moisture especially in the pacific northwest. for today, just increasing clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two in northern california. the forecast of rain is not exactly earth shattering but primarily tomorrow i think is a better chance of rain. about a quarter to a half inch is likely. this is the start of a rainier weather pattern. especially in the northwest towards halloween weekend. increasing clouds in a lot of areas in california. he northwest, enjoy today the california california this will be one of the cool herb
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days we've seen in a while. and of course also the world series. going to be about 50 degrees in kansas city tonight. >> i heard there's a little game going on. plus one retailer is doing something unheard of. closing on the friday after thanksgiving. are they crazy? or are they crazy like a fox? next. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to raise a child." quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. toaster's broken.hat's going on? which means no eggo waffles.
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and black friday shopping seems to get bigger and crazer every year. rei is going in the opposite direction. it is closing all of its 143 stores the day of thanksgiving. they are encouraging their employees and customers to spend that day outdoors. want to know what costumes everyone is wearing? they can out google's fright geist. you probably won't see anything cuter than this today. a chinese panda nursery recently unveiled six pairs of baby panda twins. six girls and six boys. all 12 are in good health. here's landon dowdy. >> after three years of waiting
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halo 5 final hits the shelves. gamers have followed the space battle since 2001, thoep get their hands on the latest game which went on sale midnight eastern. walmart will be testing drones for home delivery, a sign that it plans to compete with amazon. they have been conducting tests for several months and now seeking so test the machines outdoors for the first time. and a new federal rule forbids airline passengers from the packing electronic cigarettes or other electronic smoking devices into their checked bags to protect from fires. passengers cannot recharge devices while on the plane. a nba skn kicks off tonight. plus highlights from the annual buffalo races.
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this morning on today, just in time for halloween, nbc goes inside the science of fear. let's get caught up on sports headlin headlines. here is betty knewene. >> monday night football.
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raven/cardinals. chris johnson puts arizona on the board here. now fast forward to the play of the game. >> from the 30, chris johnson comes to the left. jermaine gresham blocking again. johnson may not have been down. he was not. and johnson takes it inside the 10 to the 8 yard line. >> look at johnson go. and in the final pass of the game ravens' joe flaccoco is picked off in the end zone. the cards hold on. and in kansas city, the teams getting in some last minute warm ups. the nba season kicks off with three games tonight. golden state taking on new orleans in oakland. now to a sport of a different sort. thailand and the 144 annual buffalo races.
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the winner can take home thousands in prize money. fans gather to cheer on their favorite jockey. and as part of the decision they also express gratitude to the buffalo. and american pharoah will run the final race of his career on saturday at the breeders cup classic. he's an early 6/5 favorite. catch all the action saturday at 3:30 eastern. don't miss it. just ahead, a look at the joker as we have never seen him before. plus adel's new album isn't out for another few weeks but she's already breaking records.
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if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. now for some entertainment news. adele's newest video has broken a record for most views in a single day. i totally watched it. i admit. the new song "hello." 28 million views beating taylor swift who was the previous record holder. and adele you can see her november 21st on saturday night live. following the latest james bond
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film "vector." and jared leno is dressed as the joker on the cover of empire. giving us the first look at the character ahead of the suicide squad. and ricky gervais hosts the golden globes. let's hope it goes better this time. and last night on the tonight show, jimmy fallon was joined by the cast of the voice. they played spin the microphone which led to brake shelton singing ymca. >> it's fun to stay at the ymca. ♪ ♪ meant to enjoy ♪ and hang out with all the boys
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. leading the news in the washington post, salon worker praised cryo therapy, then froze to death during her treatment. the therapy involves exposing the body to sub zero temperatures. and then in the hills the pentagon weighing deeper u.s. involvement in iraq. top leaders say they may most bolster the military campaign against the islamic state in iraq and syria. several options have been forwarded to the the defense department in the last few weeks. officials say it is part of a mounting push within the administration to more aggressively target that
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terrorist group. two passengers, one of whom was in the wheelchair were run over by a bus near the university of pittsburgh. the man in the wheelchair was hit by a car. the impact caused the driver to drive over both passengers. an investigation is under way. chewbacca was arrested in the ukraine over the weekend. according to police the man dressed as the starship mcviolated local election laws. he was find the equivalent of $8. britain's royals showed off their rain boot throwing talents. children joined prince kate and prince harry in the competition called welly wanging. it took place yesterday at the annual premier of the special shaun the sheep. >> on sunday spanish sheppards -- >> what a picture.
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>> really they look so pretty don't they? >> yes. >> it is an angel's droving, grazing and migration rights activists saying they are increasingly threatened of course by urban sprawl and fenced in pasteurs. and the 11 century coins were handed out to officials for that crossing. i would say that beats the running of the bulls. >> just the visual. >> well just they're not trying to kill you. now a ahead the justice department expect --. the report comes as loretta lynch speaks at the international association of chiefs of police in chicago. happy birthday to former fashion police co-host kelly osbourne who turns 31. duran duran front man is 57.
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second day of combing the waters nto rescue crews ramping up for a second day of comb the waters. a fisherman still missing after a regular expedition turns dangerous. and we're rumbling in the east bay. san ramon a hot bed of activity overnight as the quake swarm ramps up, once again. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good tuesday morning, thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. we'll get to those stories in just a second. a little bit of greenen the doppler radar. let's check in with kari hall. >> i'm wearing green in honor of the rain that is moving in. light sprinkles as we go through the morn oing as well as the aften.


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