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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, tracking rain in the bay area. this is a live look at san francisco. we see the flags are waving, the clouds are ready to do their business. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. one person knows the right answer. right to her. and the microclimate forecast. >> we've seen a lot of activity on the radar. as you can see from the camera, this rain is not making it all the way down to the ground. we haven't measured anything just yet but it is priming the atmosphere to drop some rain as we go into rest of the day. now, our temperatures are warming up into the mid-60s. some upper of 0s, too, as we look to the rest of the day.
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computer models show we'll continue to see moisture streaming in. during evening commute, you may have sprinkles turning on the windshield wipers. as we go into tonight, we'll continue to see activity moving through. most likely not bring us any measurable rain until later on this evening into the day tomorrow. we still will be tracking rain across the bay area early tomorrow morning. at least we have 24 hours of the system moving into the bay area. so, i'll keep -- give you an update how much rain to expect. and how it looks as we head into halloween, that's coming up later. >> if you'd like to track the rain to your doorstep, we've made it super easy, nbc bay area app. up to the minute forecast and radar. >> east bay is rocking and rolling again. 14 small quakes in just the last ten hours. largest, decent size, 3.0. >> yeah. it's like a truck driving by. no injuries or damage to report.
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but rattled nerves. there's been so many. nbc bay area stephanie chuang spoke to some who felt the shaking. >> talking more than 400 quakes in last 2 weeks, that's a record in term of the number of quakes in a swarm. last time 350 hitting alamo area in 42 days in 1990. take a look at our newsroom seismograph. most of them minor, around magnitude 2.0. there were three around magnitude 3.0 which is level when people start to feel shaking. this earthquake swarm under san ramon started october 13th. they're too small to be femt. biggest impact, 3.6 quake last week, more than 1200 people reported that one to the usgs. they're feeling quakes now seemingly every night.
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>> my dog, gimmel, she's the first one to know a couple of seconds before. she gets up, it's almost inherent, she wants to run outside. and we feel them. i -- i've not felt so many tremors in this area for decades. >> reporter: coming from the california's fault line which runs from san ramon, gilroy, hollister. there is 72% chance of at least one magnitude 6.7 or greater quake causing widespread damage from the bay area in the next 30 years. the likelihood of happening along the fault is small, 7%. people this morning saying they are not worried about this, but talking about the quakes and it's good. experts say that's the swarm is likely not a fore-check or precursor to a larger, damaging quake. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area
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news. more and more elderly people in the bay area falling victim to phone scams. this morning the fbi's trying to warn those people what to be on the lookout for. >> bob redell live in aurora creak, talked with a special agent in charge of prosecuting economic crimes. bob, we've heard some of our older friends talking about the kinds of things that people are asking them for. >> reporter: yeah, that's why this special agent is meeting with residents of the rossmore retirement community in walnut creek to educate them about the not so nice people trying to take advantage of generosity and their hard-earned savings. fbi estimates over the past five years, phone scams have pilfered $5 billion from people in the united states. in recent years criminals deployed the grandparent scam, bad guy notices grandson posted on facebook, he's in next cope they call the grandparent, trick them into sending money to help
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the grandson, quote/unquote, hurt in an accident south of the border. this takeaway, if you don't know the other person and they ask for money, don't send them a thing. >> they'll fall for that? >> yes. people making the calls are exceptionally convincing and know what they do and practice and part of organized crime rings around the world which are developed for the sole purpose of scamming people in the united states. >> i receive telephone calls that are very questionable all the time and many i don't answer because numbers are like 000 or from overseas. >> just had a birthday, so i'm getting old. >> congratulations. do you think you'd found for a scam? >> no, no. >> but you want to make sure? >> i'm interested in finding out what things are out there. >> reporter: if you are scammed, the fbi suggests you call your local police and state consumer agency.
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if you're the victim of online scam, ic3, internet criminal complaint center, find it online. fib is seeing an increase in these type of crimes. i know you mentioned it, scott and kris. we asked how much. they didn't have numbers, the special agent didn't, but an tech dotelly, up in the bay area. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. well, crews are back out simp searching for a missing fisherman. marin county fire, search teams spent hours searching through the fog. three men ended up in the water when something went wrong on their boat. crews rescued one man who washed up on the rocks. recovered one man's body as well. the third is still missing. signs that they warned boaters of dangerous condition. >> this area is hazardous to people that are nnovices becaus
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swell comes up from deep water ocean and bills rapidly and there's a surf break there. >> reporter: >> no one on the boat was wearing a life jacket. one man under arrest in what appears to be a deadly case of domestic violence. late last night, police arrested this man, 28-year-old, hugo castro, he now faces murder charges. yesterday officers found the body of a woman inside her apartment at south 3rd in san jose stabbed more than once. investigators say the victim once dated castro, and the whole thing has neighbors shaken. >> we see a lot of stuff because we're in the middle of downtown san jose. it happens. this is as far as the extreme i've ever seen it get. >> police did not announce the name of the victim saying family members had not yet been notified. statewide program meant to protect children at halloween dealt a legal blow. the program, operation boo, requires california registered
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sex offenders to place signs on doors on halloween saying they don't participate in trick or treating. a federal judge ruled that requirement is unconstitutional. >> new details now in the racketeering and plurd solicitation trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow. prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against the former gangster. charged with running the dragon head criminal organization is accused of ordering murders of his predecessor in 2006. if convicted, chow would face life in prison. chow one of 29 people arrested last year in a racketeering sting. among the other defendants, former state senator leyland yee who pleaded guilty to lesser charges. chow's trial scheduled november 9th. happening today, berkeley city council members will vote on safety reforms to the city's rental housing codes and inspection process. this comes in the wake of last june's balcony collapse that
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killed six irish students. proposal, create a city wide housing inspection program. prioritized property's most at risk and allow confidence complaints. the news comes as the president of ireland is in town. tomorrow he's going to plant a tree at a berkeley park to honor those students killed in the collapse. five ruptured gas lines in six months in an iconic san francisco neighborhood, how the people there want that contractor fired. all of the digging was first lasting five weeks but it's stretched to six months. the general contractor, the company says gas lines were not properly marked but workers aren't buying that. >> because after you basically made the mistake of the first gas leak, then wouldn't you do something different if you're not sure if the maps are okay? >> today city leaders will ask for a public hearing to fire
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synergy project management. the company says it was cost prohibitive to do it by hand. a commission appointed to investigate the santa clara county jail. one name on the commission, raising eyebrows. sher sherar sheriff smith investigating her own department. that's a conflict of interest. sheriff smith says there's a reason she needs to be part of the investigation itself. >> i have a valuable part and i want to be the voice of the department. if we need to make changes we'll make changes. >> this process will be transparent. >> that commission formed after death of michael tyree in august. three guards charged with murder accused of beating tyree to death. up next, bucking the trend. the move by a rage retailer getting a lot of attention. plus, gaining in popularity, growing demand of organic foods. a live look at sunol, clouds
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and cool temperatures as we get ready for rain. i'll have details coming up.
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welcome back. markets mildly higher this morning. waiting on the fed, it's going to have a to two-day interest rate meeting tomorrow. rite-aid and cvs may combine. the fda wrelated a number o documents, created by a 19-year-old dropout. it's now worth billions and captured a lot of peep's attention. but it's run into trouble lately. this the founder, elizabeth
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holmes talking with cnbc some time ago. first the "wall street journal" had doubts about the blood test technology. walgreens says it's putting expansion of the blood thinners on hold. and now drugmakers pfizer and glaxo smith klein says it has a close financial relationship is not true. it was reporters, not the companies, making that connection. also this morning, homestead cernos will public some data. the fda responding to a freedom of information act released a few inspection reports. nothing too terrible in the reports. the worst being that the company apparently never set up a system to respond to customer complaints about the accuracy of its tests again, it just has bad press after bad press. square has trouble, too. reporting financials monday. sales were slipping, losses
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growing. square's part-time ceo busy with twitter this afternoon as it reports property profits. it's earning season apple, not only will we hear how many iphones it sold, it will give us a better idea about the current quarter. the fourth quarter, the one we're in, big quarter for money. the holidays. i'll show you this, it's cool. you may have seen it on the morning show. shot on an iphone 6s, it has the super slow mo feature. birds are beating their wings at 80 beats per second. hummingbirds but caught it on the back porch. my friend kathy johnson catching that. pretty. do you have one of those bird feeders? >> i do. it's funny, they are violent with each other, zoom at each other, dive bomb. >> making a lot of noise, too. here you can see it in slow motion. >> sometimes hard to catch it in regular motion. south santa clara commuters
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got green lights on the way to silicon valley and today. today first day that caltrans flipped the switch on highway 101 on metering lights through south san jose, gilroy. the metering lights started up in the northbound direction at 5:00 and ran through 9:00 this morning. the southbound meters will run this afternoon and other weekdays from 3:00 to 7:00 except friday when they flip the switch at 2:30. there was a moment while out there the lights started to flicker cycling into yellow. caltrans quickly fixed that problem. and it was smooth sailing after that. going forward, you can expect a slowdown. getting onto the freeway between highway 101, 85 interchange to monterey road, gilroy. after people get used to 17 sets of metering lights, caltrans expect the $18 million improvement will cut your commute time between 2 and 7 minutes which is a lot of hugs
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and kisses when you get home early. buying a lot more organic foods than we used to, according to a new survey from the department of agriculture. and it's not just in the produce aisle. nbc's tracie potts has details. >> come on, guys. >> reporter: nick is a certified organic farmer in maryland. his customers drive an hour or more to spend six bucks on a dozen eggs. >> they do cost differently. and that is because we raised them differently. >> reporter: these eggs come from chickens that eat grain he grow himself. they're never fet antibiotics. >> you know where it came from you know how it was produced. >> reporter: nick's part of a growing trend, organic farming, farms now producing more than ever. a new usda survey reports sales up 72% since 2008. consumers spent $5.5 billion last year on organic food. >> organic uses less pesticides,
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antibiotics. it does not have additives like trans fats, for example. >> reporter: most organic i tips are sold in these ten states, california leads the country with four times as much sold as washington state. and it's not just produce. milk is the most popular organic item followed by eggs, broiler chicken, lettuce, apples. "consumer reports" found what a lot of shoppers already know, organic food costs 47% more. >> i think it's worth it. it's a marginal increase for feeling much better. >> reporter: "consumer reports" found that 8 in 10 households in the united states currently buy some sort of certified organic product. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. so think of this next time you can't remember atm security code it may be a thing of the past and all in the glimmer of your eye. citi group wanted to ditch the
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atm card altogether, the swipe part, and testing new technology, allowing customers to have eyeballs scanned before withdraw organize depositing money. other banks are testing cardless technologies one includes a smartphone code in lieu of the traditional card swipe. more stores are opening earlier to kick off the holiday shopping season, even opening on thanksgiving itself, one is bucking the trend. rei will close its stores on thanksgiving and black friday. instead it's going to pay 12,000 employees to take black friday off and get inside. rei inviting the nation to join in, choosing opt outside, reconnect with family and friends with thanks giving holiday. i don't like stores even open on thanksgiving. employees have to come in. >> yeah. i have always refused to buy anything on thanksgiving day. if we run out of all spice, the pie has no all spice, i don't
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care. >> no all spice. >> plan ahead. folks should be with families. >> i think so. >> everyone's out running and going crazy for black friday. just relax. you know. holidays are going to come whether or not you get presents. as we take a live look outside now, we are excited about getting some rain. but as we look at east bay, i'm showing a lot of green here on the radar. but i've been check all of the weather sites and none have recorded any rain yet. so, a lot of clouds hovering overhead. maybe a couple of sprinkles. but nothing to be measured as of yet. but we should get measurable rain as we go into the next 24 hours. a look at all of the microclimates now. temperatures in the mid-60s. and as we go into the rest of the day, expect highs to warm up into the 70s. 73 in the peninsula and east bay at 75. in the tri-valley, also in the upper 70s, while san francisco stays in the upper 60s. as we go through the forecast,
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looking at that possibility of more of the moisture streaming in. but a lot of clouds. by this evening, we could start to see wet weather pouring on that evening commute especially for the south bay. and then, there could be breaks in the rain, hit or miss and spotty. it will be light to start out. we'll have a chance to send showers moving through by 9:00 in the morning. and once again, hit or miss. but all of the activity tapering off by tomorrow afternoon. if you've got afternoon plans, you can't expect any of that rain at that point. that system will be well off to the east. and the models have shown the possibility of a quarter of an inch of rain lesser amounts as you go farther south across the bay area. and once that front rolls on through, we will have some calm winds to start. wind forecast throughout the day not showing that much. by 9:00, winds coming in from the north at 10 to 15 miles an hour. and then as we go into tomorrow afternoon, you'll see how the winds pick up as we go through the day. winds half moon bay, sustained
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at 34 miles an hour. after this chance of rain, we're looking ahead to the weekend. another chance of rain on sunday possibly. so, good news there after halloween. and we can all relax inside with more showers coming through the bay area. and it looks like we could pick up additional possibly half to quarter inch of rain. we'll be watching out for that. current temperatures in the 60s. as we go hour by now san francisco, we'll stay in the 60s today. a look ahead to the weekend forecast. 70s. warming up just a little bit in spots like the tri-valley on halloween. 85 degrees. and then on sunday, chance of rain, more clouds. temperatures come down a few more degrees. any big plans? >> canny, candy. pumpkin, candy. >> handing out candy. >> collecting. >> oh, that is what we're supposed to do? changing tide, new poll numbers
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released hours ago showing new leader among the gop. ==scott/anim== decision 2016:
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vulnerable than ever ahead of tomorrow night's g-o-p debate in colorado - with ben decision 2016, donald trump vulner able head of the gop debate in colorado with ben carson soaring to the top in the latest polls. >> we are taking a look at what's in store and what's working for carson.
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tracy pots in washington with reaction from the donald himself. >> reporter: a third poll now shows dr. ben carson on top in iowa, with 32% support. double digits over donald trump. carson's team says his message is resonating with iowa voters. >> they are very well aware of the fact that he is a man of strong faith and strong character and a man of strong convictions. >> reporter: carson's team says he won't attack at tomorrow's debate but won't back down either. >> he's fully prepared to defend the things that he believes in. >> reporter: trump, shocked by the iowa numbers, downplayed their significance. >> there was one poll, a second poll, small polls. >> reporter: ted cruz seeing a suj surge ahead of the debate. he's at 10% and picked up two key endorsements. >> we're seeing conservative uniting behind this campaign. >> reporter: jeb bush trying to figure out what went wrong. flashing expenses, meeting with
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donors and refocusing campaign on fixing washington and national security. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> up next at 11:00, viral video raising serious questions. police officer slams a student into the ground, desk and all. discipline the officer is facing as the investigation just gets under way.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast high school student caught on tape is causing outrage. aggressive arrest of a female high school student caught on tape and causing outrage. a school resource officer, which we have a lot of here in the bay area, is under investigation after aggressively detaining a student in the middle of the class. >> they shot cell phone video of the physical takedown, and was very physical, recorded by students in the classroom. one arrested. that's gone viral. the video is disturbing. nbc's natalie morales reports. >> reporter: outrage growing over the disturbing incident caught on cell phone video,
11:30 am
captured by a student at spring valley high school in columbia, south carolina. a school resource officer confronting a female student for allegedly disrupting clasp he asks her to come with him, but after she refuses multiple times, the confrontation escalates. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it's unclear what led up to the incident, but a second video shot by another student shows the officer pulling the girl to the ground and throwing her across the floor. the officer identified by the richland county sheriff's department as deputy ben fields declined to be interviewed, pending investigation. >> fully understands the seriousness of the incident and he will address this again once this investigation is completed. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office, it was after the student refused to leave the classroom that the officer was called in. on facebook and on twitter, the video was trending with the
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#assaultatspringvalleyhigh. the black parents association calling it egregious and unacceptable. they are working with the sheriff's department to investigate. the district superintendent released a statement, quote, student safety is and always will be the district's top priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students. pending outcome of the investigation, district has directed that the school resource officer not return to any school in the district. >> apparently the department of justice opened an investigation into that very case trying to figure out what happen, get to the bottom of it. no matter what that student did, it seems like you can't do that. >> glad they have cell phone video. prosecutor says a woman accused of plow ping into a pare that injured 42, did so intention intentionally. she drove around a barricade. hearing from the first time
11:32 am
of a woman arrested in that case and that woman could be charged with either four or five counts of second-degree murder. here's nbc. kerry sanders. >> reporter: this morning, chambers sits in a solitary jail cell, on suicide watch. in court monday, prosecutors said she deliberately drove her car into a crowd at osu homecoming parade. a criminal after said the 25-year-old, quote, admitted to booking staff she was suicidal at the time of the incident. >> it's unclear. >> reporter: her attorney says chambers has a history of mental illness and wants her to undergo a psychological evaluation. the judge setting her bond at a million dollars with formal charges of second-degree murder expected in two weeks. her father says, he's confused by the tragic events. >> the little girl i raised wouldn't have been -- done something like this. >> reporter: and conflicted by
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his daughter's role in them are you angry at her? >> my heart's broken for this whole incident, you know, my child is the one that caused all of this. now i'm the father of a child who injured those people and killed four. >> reporter: in still water, they're grieving for lives lost and nose forever changed. father of 2-year-old victim, seen here with his mom nikki, telling nbc news, nash was a sweet, happy, smart little boy, who had so much potential. taylor collins was dressed as pistol pete, he rushed 12-year-old survivor and osu football fan allen campbell to the hospital. two reunited monday. >> we happened to be in the right place and helped out with a bad situation. >> very difficult. >> it is. in other news, drenching rain from what's left of
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hurricane patricia is taking aim at new targets after hammering the south for several days. >> janet shamlian has more from pensacola beach, florida. >> reporter: blue sky but this has been the storm that wouldn't quit. no letup to the heavy rain pounding wind and floods brutalizing the gulf coast from pascagoula to pensacola, wind and rain unrelenting. rain punishing, but more than that it's the wind. gusts exceeding 35 miles an hour, the type of wind you see in a tropical storm. >> reporter: across the south, dramatic scenes as the storm moved through. part of the causeway to dolphin island, alabama had to be shut down, water streaming over the seawall. >> looked out from the balcony, saw it here, i'm like, whoa, that's getting close for comfort. >> reporter: in baton rouge, rescuers pulled 20 children to safety when the bus stalled on a flooded road. the storm moved on from new
11:35 am
orleans, but not the misery of flooded street, debris, damaged homes. >> real bad. bad. every time you get yourself situated, some other disaster comes through. >> reporter: but through it all, even humor. >> in you're coming into mobile you should be okay except gust of wind and blinding rain. other than that everything's great. >> reporter: while the coast may be clearing, the storm pushes into the midwest and northeast. janet shamlian, nbc news, florida. >> not that kind of rain here but many in the bay area hope the promise of rain is a sign of things to come. >> nbc bay area marianne favro show united states us work along the cal bass sass creek. >> reporter: consider this the construction before the storm. excavators moving 800-pound boulders to build a new bank lining the creek in san jose. >> hour goal is to repair an erosion that happened as well as
11:36 am
bank over there. repairing by placing rocks and adding soil on top, too, hopefully preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: spending $90 million on flood protection projects in the south bay including the creek, and here. crews are working quickly to finish the job by mid-november. before the expected el nino storms hit. this new rockwall built to handle much more water than the dirt bank that used to be here. >> know it's 200% more water than '83. >> reporter: crews going out dally to inspect creek beds like this throughout the county to remove trees and debris that could trap water and cause flooding. crews removing tons of sediment like here, to clear the way for rushing water. >> every year it's a race again time. we try to get as many projects done as we can. this year we have put a much larger effort into that. our crews have been work
11:37 am
virtually every day since beginning of august towards getting these projects completed. >> reporter: water district is also working with emergency response crews to prepare for flooding and the district plans to open more sandbag stations through santa clara county. doing heavy lifting of prevention now before el nino storms come. marianne favro. >> maybe we should build an ark. it's more than a century old, traveling again. >> major face-lift. >> reporter: what's a good election. >> reporter: it's not every day. >> point a, point b. >> reporter: you take a ride on history. >> need nor slack. >> on the lumber schooner. >> reporter: at the docks at san francisco's hyde street pier. >> too complicated. >> reporter: the historic, wooden ship.
11:38 am
>> a long day. >> reporter: rising with the sun. >> little bit more. >> roger. >> taking the national historic landmark from her birth at hyde street pier to dry dock in alameda. >> reporter: the ship built in fair halven in 1895. >> reporter: originally built to haul lumber, later cargo salmon and codfish. for the last half century, retired to the docks. her masts gone, floating maritime attraction for the national park service. >> this ship has always been at the dock. >> reporter: but on this day. once again traversing glorious tides of the bay only now a par of tugboats doing the job of the wind. >> i think it's neat to kind of put yourself in the mind set of what it would have been like to travel on this a hundred years ago. >> reporter: if you ignored cell phone cameras, it was just like
11:39 am
floating back in time. >> imagine her being out there under her own power. >> creeking and groaning are noises we don't hear at piers. >> just talking to us. >> reporter: last of the breed of old time work ships that delivered materials that built the west. but while time claimed most of the piers, she is slowly coming back to life. >> this is the culmination of a lot of years' work. >> reporter: national park service in the mid of a multiyear project to return the ship to her glory years. and alameda, shipyard, crews building three masts installed over the next two months. >> goal here to have it restored to 1895 condition and capable of sail. >> reporter: once it arrives in alameda, it's lifted on to dry dock. >> always a relief to see the ship once she's up out of the
11:40 am
water. >> incredible. so huge. >> reporter: when the work is done early next year, it will be look like she did in 1895. ready to, once again, take to the wind, sailing the world of the living. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, slithering rescue in central valley. how crews rescued 40, yes, 40-foot long boa constrictor. i'm bob redell. floor of the oracle arena in oakland, hours from tip-off of the new nba season. golden state warriors attempting to defend the championship title. light shower moving across the bay area. but a more measurable rain later on today. i'll have details coming up in the microclimate forecast. scott/cu the world series begins
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in less than 8 hours -- the warriors will hoist their a day 40 years in the making. in less than eight hours, warriors hoist their championship banner in front of 20,000 fans in inor cal arena.
11:44 am
>> how the rings came to the bay area in style. >> reporter: all right. about a good 7 1/2 hours to tip-off tonight. game one of the new nba season, season when the warriors defending nba championship title. but before tip-off, a little order of business at 7:25. of course, they've got to raise their new championship banner in the raft teres up there, and present those championship rings. this is video of the diamond clad rings handcuffed to one lucky gentleman arriving by private jet from the julier in beverly hills. the commission and co-owners will present it in a pregame ceremony. steph curry will address fans and here you are, curry and the rest of the teammates yesterday getting final preseason practice in. before interim head coach luke walton coaches his first nba
11:45 am
regular season tonight. filling in for regular head coach, steve kerr out after back surgery. he will attend the ceremony, kerr will, with former assistant coach alvin gentry now new head coach of the pelicans. >> it's great he's going to be out there with us when we get our rings. he's a big part of what we did. he's got two kids that are still warriors fans. if he can't find them after the game, come to our locker room, he'll be with us. >> reporter: tickets are still available for the game. go to and everyone who shows up is going to get a lovely 2015 championship t-shirts. asking that you arrive around 7:10, 7:15, in your seats by 7:25 for that ring ceremony. tip-off at 7:30, see amazing basketball tonight. unfortunately, you're not going to see it right now.
11:46 am
there's no chance in the world that you'll see it right now. bob redell, bay area news. >> bob that was taped. you could have done it over again. >> after a long trip in asia to hanging with the president, steph curry has been a busy man off-season which comes with the territory, right, a world champion and mvp. >> he made an appearance on "jeopardy!" the subject of steph curry dishes. steph dished and dealted in the ncaa. the answer is what is north carolina. i did not get that one. >> i don't think alex trebek has a threat from me. answer is rain. question is? >> what is on the radar? and we've got a lot of it as we look at radar. but home looking out the window like, where? it's not making it down to the
11:47 am
ground yet. we do have a lot of clouds across the bay area. and the radar looking very active. and we'll start to get measurable rain later on today. but a cool looking time lapse of the clouds rolling by tiburon today. and we still are going to see those clouds overhead as we go hour by hour. temperatures in the lower 70s today and dropping back into the upper 60s. mostly cloudy tonight. it will be a mild one. as we look at the forecast. it does show more of this rain streaming in. as we see more of this developing, there will be measurable rain later on. we can start to see it as early as in time for evening commute. especially for the south bay. a lot of that energy moving in ahead of a cold front. later on tonight, scattered showers possible. we could still have some of the rain lingering by early tomorrow. so, possibly this evening 'commute and tomorrow's commute impacted by wet roads.
11:48 am
clears out by afternoon with sunny skies. the rain forecast, computer model showing possibility of nearly a quarter of an inch of rain for the north bay and then some very light amounts for the rest of the bay area. maybe .04 in san jose. after that system moves through, winds picking up. the wind forecast starting out showing winds coming in at 10:00 this evening, 10 to 15 miles an hour. we start out with mostly calm wind into the day tomorrow. but once the front makes it off to the east, winds will start to pick up from the north and the winds increasing up to 30 miles an hour sustained. rain outlook next weather system moving in after this clears out, we could have another rainmaker in time for sunday. so it's after halloween, after everyone gets all of the outdoor activities out of the way. and then we could see more rain moving into the bay area, which would be great right before we head into the new week. and look how much rain we could
11:49 am
see. possibility of an additional light accumulation especially for the north bay once again. ukiah could get close to an inch of rain. santa rosa, closer to a hal of an inch of rain. today, those highs reaching into the 70s. some 60s in san francisco. 80 degrees in santa rosa, fremont. up to 72 degrees. and kids are anxious to look at this halloween forecast. a lot of outdoor activities, trick or treating, heading to pumpkin patch, in the 70s in the peninsula. and san francisco, 71 by sunday. looks like we could see more clouds moving in and highs in the upper 60s in san francisco. we've got the whole lineup of things to do so celebrate halloween on thanks. up next at 11:00, odd rescue in central value. how crews freed a 40-foot boa
11:50 am
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11:52 am
a lifetime call -- the rescue of of a 40-pound boa constrictor! scott/2shot the fire department responded to a bizarre once in a lifetime call, rescue of a 40-pound boa constrictor. >> the incident all caught on camera. >> reporter: meet mona. >> my oldest boa constrictor, one of three. >> reporter: a 13-year-old, 40-pound, 9-foot red-tail boa constrictor. >> a big baby. >> reporter: cool, calm. curious. >> i put her out in the backyard to let her get sun in the grass
11:53 am
and she -- she -- she got up in one of the trees. >> reporter: it's something her owner never thought would happen. >> got a hold of the bottom branch and i couldn't stop her from getting up there. so i let her go. >> reporter: next thing he knew, mona slithered up so high he had to call for backup. >> they were laughing their heads off, couldn't believe a nine-foot boa in one of my trees. >> first time i've ever got a snake out of the tree. >> reporter: the periscope video shows the rescue, crews tie a rope to the top of the tree, the firefighter made the courageous climb and started sawing away, spending much of the time thinking -- >> how far can this snake strike? i hope she doesn't get mad. >> reporter: mona remained calm. >> tree started shaking. she snuck back, i'm going to hold on to something. >> reporter: minutes later, she was safe, back in her owner's arms again. >> no more escaping. >> reporter: the whole thing created quite the scene. several neighbors gathered to watch. >> kind of bizarre.
11:54 am
something that we've never heard of or experienced ever. >> reporter: it wasn't a typical fire rescue but crews say it was just as crucial. >> it was important to him, so we tried to serve citizen of fresno. glad we could get the snake down and had a good outcome. >> reporter: now keeping a tighter hold on the 9-foot, 40-pound baby. >> awesome. >> i'm sure that's going to end perfectly great. >> i love my pets, they're like my babies, too, but i can't say i have a snake. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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we showed you snakes. how bewe leave you with dogs. the canine contest putting the beloved breed in the spotlight. >> pug owners dressed precious pooches as spiders, angels, dragons, superheroes. the popularity of pugs has grown in recent year because of the breed's gentle character. they are little clowns. maybe they have the faces, maybe you can't resist. top prize to a dog dress the as character of 1990s film edward scissors hand. >> who would think of doing that? >> my guy's a spider. >> really? >> he does not like it. >> thank for joining us. ea, do have t day. ===today topical open=== today at 5 and 6 as san f
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
. >> today on "access hollywood" live, she plays lushs lion's mama. >> she is making halloween dreams come true. her son turns 1 next week. >> she dropped a song that came to me as an alert and it's good. ja rule with j-lo. it came crashing down, didn't it? >> it's all right. >> he went to prison a little bit, but he and his wife are here on how he turned his wife around. >> really creative and easy ideas. "access hollywood" live starts right now.


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