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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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rain is slowing the commute, but let's start with meteorologist kari hall with a look at our micro climate forecast. >> getting a chance to dry out across most of the bay area after early morning showers. if you haven't had any rain where you are now, don't worry, you may still have a chance of rain as we go through the rest of the morning. some more of those showers will be developing as we go through the rest of the morning into early afternoon, and temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. expect highs in the 70s today, a chance of hit-or-miss rain. it will be light, but at least this is better than nothing. i'll detail what to expect with our next chance of rain in the forecast coming up. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving now. >> looking to our san rafael camera, nothing unusual. sometimes we'll see little puddles, but not the case in san rafael. kari talking about chances of rain drifting through parts north of here, santa rosa. 101 doesn't experience any unusual patterns. a little slowing for highway 37,
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typical patterns. very pleasant right now. the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights on here. highway slow towards concord, a krach at 242, no slowing towards 680. another fender-bender south of the airport, no problems for 101 as far as speeds go. a crash southbound on 280 in portola valley, that may be an issue. waiting for details from chp. northbound through the south bay starting to slow, 101, 87, your typical pattern here. talking about activity off 85 as well. that's coming up. back to you. happening today, an emotional day in berkeley as the president of ireland will join the city's mayor to honor the six irish students killed when the balcony they were standing on gave way. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in berkeley where just in a matter of hours, the two will plant a tree in memory of lives lost. >> reporter: later today when the president of ireland joins the mayor of berkeley to plant
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that tree at the mlk civic center in honor of those irish victims of the balcony collapse, that tree will be an arbutus, a tree native not only to the golden state but to the emerald isle as well. last night at city hall, the berkeley city council considered new rules to prevent that same tragedy from happening again. it was in june six students, most irish nationals, died when the fourth floor balcony collapsed during a birthday celebration. the proposal the city is looking at would require annual inspections of all rental units. >> probably will require that we have more city staff to do the inspections and will probably require that owners have to pay a little bit more to fund the program. but it would also make sure we have some accountability. part of what i want to do is make sure, if we're going to say every owner in berkeley has to do these inspections, let's have proof it's being done.
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>> i'll feel safer and happier for all the tenants in berkeley. if you live next to that billing, your house doesn't get burned down. >> the city council will reconsider the proposed rules next month. berkeley has already enacted an emergency ordinance requiring landlords to hire a professional to inspect their balconies while the county has already launched a criminal investigation into what cause thad balcony to rot and fail. reporting live in berkeley, bob redell torques day in the bay. >> such a tragic event. it's 6:03. new details this morning, the suspect tied to a deadly shooting in livermore linked to two other fatal shootings. police are on the hunt for 18-year-old jason brown of oakland. hees one of two men accused in last weekend's deadly shooting in a livermore parking lot. police are calling him a suspect in a september homicide in sacramento. brown was already named as the suspect in a fresno shooting. too young to be named but
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old enough to be busted and booked. a 17-year-old student from pinole valley high school arrested on campus yesterday. he stands accused of dealing drugs. last week seven students there overdosed on the prescription drug xanax. five of them ended up in the hospital. pinole police are not releasing the name of the suspect because he is a minor. it is 6:04. three dangerous men still on the run in the south bay. now we know what they look like. police released this surveillance video of three men who shot and injured a south san jose homeowner while robbing his home last week. you can see one of the suspects checking out the front of the house. then he goes to the back yard and looks around in the garage. he then makes a phone call, and another man shows up. later they come out of the home carrying a bag full of items, one of them holding a gun. here is a better look at the two suspects. the homeowner says he caught within of the men red-handed and
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that's when one of the men shot him. he was not seriously hurt. they got away in this blue honda october cord. a showdown in boulder. in 11 hours the top ten gop candidates will square off in their third debate. we're expecting more political fireworks of course. here is something donald trump was not expecting. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here. >> donald trump did respond to iowa, i don't know what the heck you're doing to me -- i'm paraphrasing one word in there. we can show you what's happening, for the first time in the campaign, ben carson leading the pack with 26% of likely voters, trump now four percentage points behind. the other top three, marco rubio, carly fiorina, jeb bush, don't meet the numbers for ben carson and they tie with donald trump. trump's response from iowa, the polls don't really matter. carson's camp says he's going to
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continue doing what he's been doing which is defending what he believes in. this time around there will be ten candidates on the stage, hosted by cnbc. we expect a few number of questions about the economy. we expect donald trump to go after ben carson personally because he's done it before. it will be interesting to see how ben carson responds because he's continually promised to not wallow in the mud, as he puts it. >> carson has lower energy than bush. i don't get it! i saw him being interviewed. he's lower energy than bush. >> i have plenty of energy, but i am soft spoken. i do have a tendency to be relaxed. i wasn't always like that. there was a time when i was very volatile, but i changed. >> and this is fellow candidate john kasich saying the race is crazy. he was unloading on his fellow
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republican contenders saying he's upset with what he says are views damaging to the party. he and the other candidates have two hours and that includes the commercial breaks, to get their points across and get their points across. you can watch at 5:00 tonight. our reporters will have a full wrap-up on nbc bay area tonight. seven in ten voters say it's too easy to commit. so a lot of them will be watching. >> no doubt. we will be as well. a live look at the so-called spin room at university of colorado at boulder. this is where reporters can speak with the gop candidates and representatives after tonight's debate. we'll take you there live coming up at about 6:30. the only thing spinning last night, basketballs. a live look at oracle arena where more than 19,000 fans packed the house as the world champs received their rings, their bling, and they revealed
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their championship banner. they didn't disappoint on the court either. they crushed the pelicans 111-95. it was an emotional night for both the team and its fans. 40 years of waiting to see another championship banner hanging from the rafters finally became a reality to the sweet tunes of queen. the main attraction was diamond encrusted rings. >> we have not been able to do what we did last year without your support every single night. 39-2 at home. 67 wins in the regular season. >> see if they can repeat that success. despite being sidelined from a back injury, steve kerr was on hand to receive the ring but had to watch from the locker room. >> what a difference 40 years make. hall of fame r comparing with te
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warriors owner the ring with the brand new big ring. a slight upgrade in both diamonds and size. >> i would say who wore it better but that's not a fair comparison. >> the warriors weren't the only ones honored. two of three heroes who helped stop the terror attack in paris in auchlgt anthony sadler and spencer stone got a standing ovation. stone, the one with a hat on, appears to have recovered from a stabbing in his hometown of sacramento. >> so many people were rooting for spencer stone there. here is another welcome sight. a little green on the radar. rain is falling in parts of the bay area right now. the wet weather might be slowing you down on the roads. we'll check in with mike inouye in just a minute. first here is kari hall. a little soggy out there. >> a little soggy.
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we're tracking rain as it continues to move through the north bay. a closer look there moving into napa county. you may still have a little bit of that rain moving through as you head out this morning. so with napa, we will see the rain early and the rest of the bay area very hit-or-miss as we go through the morning and afternoon. temperatures will be held down because of the clouds. inner park side at 67 degrees, 70 in napa and oakland, 73 in dublin. temperatures in some spots cooler than average and then we get ready to warm back up after the rain moves out tomorrow. the winds will be picking up, too. i'll have details on that. a look ahead to the weekend, too. let's check in with mike to see how it looks at the bay bridge. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza we've seen nothing unusual this morning. that's not great because we have your usual traffic. we have a slower drive, upper eastshore freeway, typical pattern on highway 4.
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there's that bay bridge toll plaza we talked about. slowing in the tri-valley, a volume increase from pleasanton south of 680. typical patterns and no big suf prizes. as we travel farther south, we look at northbound routes. remember yesterday the metering lights turned on. gilroy in san jose. the rest of the south bay looking really good, a little slowing for san jose. guys, i'm talking about 85, almaden expressway. i hear tailgaters will be at a store opening. you have more about that. >> happening today, a huge bass pro shop finally opening its doors in the south bay. a live look at the brand new store if you haven't noticed it, right off of almaden expressway. exit of highway 85 in san jose. it's huge if you've been by that area. it can be congested in that thoroughfare with a cosco nearby
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and it might add to some traffic. the closest one before this one opened is in man take couple. a brand opening ceremony with a ribbon cutting at 6:30. regular hours tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> it's a city. forget about popping the bubbly. the grades are in, not very good for california. the troubling trend just revealed about schools across the state. apple says it has $206 billion just in cash. what could you do with that kind of money? we'll go on a shopping spree coming up in business and tech. new this morning... ==sam/cu==
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california's students - have some of the worst test scores in the country. =vo= that's according to results released this morning from a federal exam taken by fourth and eighth grade students nationwide. average scores for california students in math and english were five to eight points new this morning, california students have some of the worst test scores in the entire country, that according to results released from a federal exam taken by fourth and eighth grade students nationwide. average scores for students were five to eight points lower than the national average for all public school students. just 29% to 27% were rated proficient in those subjects. at 6:15, a bay area tech giant is build ag school at its headquarters. oracle in redwood shores announced it will build a new public high school for 550 students called design tech high school. the company says it will tap
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into groups underserved in the science and tech world like minorities and girls. in ukiah students won't have to pay a dime. >> it's absolutely critical for competitiveness in the unit states for us to really raise the bar in education, especially in math and science and technology. >> the ceo says the idea from the high school came from oracle's founder larry ellison. the school is expected to open in 2017. more concern this morning over twitter. >> company stock is set to fall when the markets open. scott mcgrew, twitter can't seem to add more users. >> certainly not at the speed that facebook did or really any new app does. twitter's new permanent ceo jack dorsey talked to reporters and analysts tuesday afternoon and said the losses continue to mount at the company. the quarter he's talking about, last quarter. he was only interim ceo here.
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while wall street is not giving him a break, as you say, stocks will get whacked to day. let's give him another three months to try to straighten things out. apple continues to make money hand over fist. the company says it has -- get ready -- $206 billion in the bank. with that, you could buy comc t comcast, universal pictures and nbc and have enough money left over to buy yahoo!. this is a matter of the cash it has sitting around. add in apple's value and you could buy switzerland as measured by gdp. the blood testing company in palo alto says it will start publishing scientific data after a critical article from the "wall street journal." on tuesday the fda release add limited number of its inspection reports about their nose. one of the things we were able to learn is the recent curveballs they used for floor
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were not fda approved. the company probably feels a bit picked on at this point. it's got a lot of bad press lately. it comes as financial analysts start to take a long, hard look at san francisco startups worth billions on paper and say do you really do the thing you say you do and are you worth all that money? >> the senate passed the anti hacking bill on wednesday. the cisa. silicon valley companies have largely opposed it. the bill allows companies suffering from a hack to warn and consult with competitors and their government. this is a rare case where silicon valley didn't like it but it passed through washington anyway. >> thank you, scott. >> how safe are your tires, especially in the rain? you could be driving on recalled tires and not even know it. here is why.
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there's no government or industry database to neat phi people of a recall. the only way is for owners to register their tires with the manufacturer. now the ntsb is calling for a national tire registration system. the agency says 500 people are killed nationwide and 19,000 injured every year because of problems with tires. from 2009 to 2013, tire manufacturers recalled more than 3 million faulty tires, but less than hofl of those tires were actually pulled off the road. >> hopefully your tires have a good grip on them this morning because the roadways are a little slick out there. mike is following that. >> we went out this morning earlier, we had a lot of puddles out there, but now we've had time for the roads to dry out as it gets more busy. the radar shifted a lot of the rain off to the eechlt as we take a live look at san francisco, low clouds, possibly
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light rain, mist and drizzle, but none of the heavier stuff we saw earlier this morning. at least we did have a good soaking in parts of the south bay as well as the north bay. now it continues to move over the central valley. i'm still tracking rain for the north bay. it's been very hit-or-miss. if you haven't seen rain just yet, you may as we go into the rest of the morning. futurecast shows rain moving through, very hit or miss. all of it clears later tonight. the models show an additional .24 inch for the north bay in santa rosa, .10 in napa. still wet weather in and around the bay area. temperatures, as you step out the door, in the upper 50s to lower 60s. a milder start. it will be cooler as we go into tomorrow morning once the system moves toward the east. the wind forecast is helping to dry things out as we have more of a light northerly wind
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picking up as which go through the day. once the cold front gets to the east of us, we will have breezy winds. this is not the only chance of rain we have in the forecast. we will keep it dry for the next couple days and also for halloween, very important. on sunday we'll have another chance of rain moving in that may linger into early monday. great news there, we're not done with the rain and the models once again picking up on another chance of rain moving through that will really bring in a good soaking for the north bay. up around ukiah about a half inch of rain. for the rest of the bay area, .10 inch. the weekend forecast, it will be warming up, once the skies clear tomorrow as well as friday. we will have highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. on saturday and sunday, more clouds moving in and temperatures coming down a few more degrees. let's see how things are looking as you head out now across the san mateo bridge, mike. >> we'll take a look at that because we typically see volume
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increase, a little slower drive all the way to the peninsula. the dumbarton will follow suit. we've seen the dumbarton bridge for the last week, ten days with a lot slower drive over the middle part of your morning commute. with the early rain kari was talking about, the roadways haven't been a problem. still watching the on and off-ramps, watch the surface streets with maybe slick conditions. a little slowing throughout the south bay. nothing unusual about this pattern. a nice easy drive as well as the upper east shore and east bay. highway 4 into concord, that crash cleared. talking about a smooth drive on our sensors. a live look at san rafael, the rain in the north bay, these roadways, the curves as terra linda. we do have a lot of company you'll find slowing soon. brack to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:22. a bizarre twist in the search for a missing teenager.
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what she was doing when her authorities and her entire family were desperately trying to track her down. ♪
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heavy heart at last night's world series game. kansas city royals pitcher edinson volquez took the mound not knowing his dad died earlier in the day in the dominican republic. at the family's request -- the team waited to deliver the news after volquez came out of the game in the 6-th inning. =vo= as kansas city played through it was a jubilant moment met with a heavy heart. kansas city starting pitcher, edinson volquez took the mound not knowing his dad died earlier in the day in the dominican republic. at the family's request, they didn't deliver the news until
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after the game. the game turned out to be one for the ages, the mets and royals traded late inning runs to send it into extras. the royals were able to pull it out with the sac fly in the bottom of the 14th inning. another note from that game, fox lost its signal in the fourth inning when both its primary and backup generators went out. this is video of that moment -- we're still on air. they were able to fieks the problem after a five-minute delay. game two is set for 5:00 tonight. a desperate search for a missing teen in colorado ended with a big sigh of relief. taylor's father opened the back door open around 6:00 in the morning. the 19-year-old daughter was nowhere to be found. a three-hour police search ensued. it ended when relatives found the teenager sleeping peacefully at her uncle's home about ten miles away without any shoes.
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it turns out he was sleepwalking. says she has no memory of her nocturnal travels. >> glad she's back home safe and sound. they're still searching, by the way, for the republican nominee. up next, round three, the political gloves coming off. a new front-runner leading in the field. the details from boulder, colorado, next. if you're joining us, a heads up as you head out the door, you may need to use the windshield wipers. a little wet weather coming up. details with kari hall. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock ==sam/boxes== we're tracking the weather - and the roads. mike inouyetrack
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morning drive. let's start with meteorologist kari hall. she's got our microclimate forecast. ==omni== good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> some rain has already passed through the bay area this morning. we're tracking the weather and the roadways, the effect on drivers. mike inouye looking at your morning drive. we start with meteorologist kari hall who has a closer look at your micro climate forecast. still plenty of green out there. >> yes. nice to walk out the door and see puddles on the ground. not everyone saw the rain. the bulk has moved over to the central valley. we're not done just yet. if you haven't seen much rain this morning, you may still see some of those downpours as we go through the late morning and early afternoon hours. temperatures in the lower 60 sz. san francisco stays up to 67 degrees and cloudy skies.
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ben carson is in the lead according to those polls. >> that's right. a lot of people wanting to see if he will play upon that momentum. >> i don't know what's going on. >> in the poll 26% of republican primary voters say they'd back carson for points ahead of trump with the rest of the candidates far behind in the single digits. numbers that moderator john
6:33 am
harwood say could impact the debate's tone. >> we saw when ben carson pulled ahead of trump in iowa in polling there. i think people really, really appreciate his temperament. >> reporter: here in boulder as in much of the country, many are undecided. >> looking for somebody who is intelligent, successful in business, not a career politician. >> reporter: with much of the attention on front-runners, the other candidates hope their performance also swing momentum their way, including jeb bush who is now cutting staff and struggling to find footing in the race. tonight another round in the long nominating process. the debate scheduled to last for two hours. many viewers are expected to tune in. more than 20 million watched the last two republican debates. sam, laura, it will be an interesting night.
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>> leanne gregg from boulder, cocoa. thank you for that report.
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today the president of ireland and the mayor of berkeley come together for a special ceremony. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live where the ceremony will take place in just matter of hours, bob. >> later today at the mlk civic center in downtown berkeley, that's where the president of ireland and mayor of berkeley will plant the tree in honor of the six young people killed in june's balcony collapse at the library gardens apartment complex. you might recall students, many irish nationals were celebrating a friend's 21st birthday when a fourth floor balcony gave out. last night the city of berkeley started considering new rules for landlords which would, among other things, require annual inspections of rental units. >> but would also make sure that we focus our attention on those
6:36 am
properties that have major issues and would make sure that we do a better job of making sure housing is safe in our city. >> the city council did not make a decision last night on the proposed new rules they will reconsider next month. the city council has adopted an emergency ordinance in july that allows landlords to have a professional inspect balconies. incidentally, the tree plapted later today at the mlk civic center will be an arbutus, a tree not only native to the state of california but to ireland as well. reporting live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:36. the list of lawsuits tied to the recent shigella lawsuit still grows. a third victim suing mariscos in san diego. it accuses the owners of negligence. health experts say at least 188 people have now fallen ill with
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shigella. it's believed to have all started at that restaurant. many many of the victims ate there on october 16 and october 17. >> authorities say another video reveals more about the classroom confrontation that has a south carolina school deputy in very hot water. it comes as we could learn whether or not that deputy will keep his job. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now. >> while that video hasn't been released, it shows what might have prompted the officer to reacted the way he did. >> the sheriff investigating in south carolina says the videos we've seen so far made his stomach churn when they saw him. they are a snapshot of what happened in that classroom. that sheriff also added there is another video that may add to the big picture and the explanation. this is one of the three videos that show what appears to happen in that classroom as that school resource officer is slamming the student to the floor still in her desk and dragging her out of the classroom. the sheriff says another video shows the student bunching the
6:38 am
deputy, ben fields ahead of this confrontation. within hours fields was suspended without pay, banned from the school campus and learned before the incident students referred to him as officer slam because of his aggressive style and he's also a party in a lawsuit for allegedly targeting african-american students at that school. at the school board meeting last night, the community responded in defense of the student and in defense of the officer. >> no white child would have been removed from spring valley like that. >> she was told multiple times, i'm sure by the teacher and the administrator to please get up and leave the room. she chose to not comply. >> the justice department and fbi are also now conducting their own investigations. those into whether the officer violated the girl's civil
6:39 am
rights. the deputy may not find out his fate in regard to those claims today, but in the next few hours, we should find out whether he will be out of a job. >> a lot of people have been gasping at that video. >> it is difficult to watch. as the sheriff said, it is one snapshot and we've heard the san francisco police officers association talking about that, it shows a lot, but you don't see what happens right before. >> let's see the full picture and then we have more information to work with. >> something to be concerned about. all right. you know what? let's see the full picture of the radar this morning, shall we? >> a lot of green hitting the bay area. wet weather making its way over the area this morning. how long will it last? how much will we get? we get excited when we see a little precipitation. >> it's been nice to get a soaking, even if it's just a little bit. the roads have been wet. the good news is, as a lot of
6:40 am
people get up and ready to get out, we've had a chance to dry out. there may be rain moving through, spotty hit-or-miss showers as we go through the morning and early afternoon. a look at the microclimates. we will see clouds lingering, clearing later this evening. high in the low 70s. the marina in san francisco at 66 degrees, and 71 degrees in calistoga while oakland tops out at 70 degrees and dublin, a high of 73 degrees. light rain today, we'll have more as we go on down the line in the forecast. i'll tell you when to expect it and a look at the halloween forecast coming up. let's see how the roads are slowing down as you head out this morning with mike. >> nothing too spooky. halloween a few days away. we're looking forward to that forecast. over here looking at 580. we did have good flow of traffic. in the distance i thought i saw flashing lights, of course a twinkling now. right around el char row, the edge of the shot where there was
6:41 am
a crash reported. i'm going to say somewhere between the two exits and the flashing lights i think i saw disappear, so we may see improvement. no problem for the tri-valley other than that, a smooth drive. there's your build for hayward out of san leandro for 880. pushing toward the peninsula, northbound routes through the silicon valley and san jose, a smooth drive. over on the shoulder there, no surprises, but a crash is clearing in the concord and walnut creek area. new class of hall of famers will be welcomed tonight at the state capitol including a few bay area natives. >> the ninth group to be inducted into the kachlt hall of fame. christie yamaguchi born and raised in the east bay. from our nbc family, lester holt, he was born in marin
6:42 am
county and grew up in sacramen o sacramento. also inducted, martial arts bruce lee and peanuts creator sharls schultz who moved to the bay area in the 1950s. it just got more expensive to escape from the rock. >> just got a lot more expensive to live in san francisco. we'll take a look at some of the latest numbers coming up. speaking of numbers, let's take a look at the big board. not going to see a lot of movement today. the fed begins its two-day interest rate meeting. no movement until they're finished.
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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the ballot box closes - for cal state university workers threatening to walk off the job. ==vo== for the past 10 days workers - including thousands of almost 6:45. happening today, the ballot box closes for cal state university workers threatening to walk off the job. for the past ten days, workers including thousands of teachers have been voting if they should authorize a strike. it comes after months of stalled contract talks. one proposed sticking point, the salary hike offered to professors. workers at sonoma state plan to hold a strike authorization vote this afternoon. no tentative strike date has been set. a legal vip in town. the longest serving justice in in the u.s. supreme court will visit. justin antonen in scalia will stop by a class on constitutional law. he'll give an address at 5:30 for students, faculty and invited guests.
6:46 am
the event is not open to the public. justice scalia served on the supreme court since 1986 when he was appoint bid then president rob ronald reagan. >> san francisco's twitter suffering on the stock market. >> scott mcgrew, this as the company says it cannot seem to add more users. >> not in the way that facebook or other social networks have there, sam. ceo jack dorsey talking to analysts tuesday afternoon saying the company posted more financial losses. that stock is down 10% this morning. keep in mind the quarter they're talking about is when he was interim ceo. the second time ever it's been advertised on television, promoting the world series, encouraging people to try
6:47 am
twitter. san francisco house prices rose 10% year over year. that data brand new. what's the problem is how hard it is to find housing in the city. a blogger is getting attention for his modest proposal to help the homeless. they say they should pay air b andb landlords to house the poor, solving, he says, several problems all at once. irish pub fiddler's green will close after several years in business. one commenter said we don't need a cvs, guys. i bring this up, a bit of a personal agenda. i never take pictures of my food. i took pictures of shepherd's pie because it's so darn good. it's on columbus. it closes saturday. i highly recommend -- actually owned by irish people. an irish bar owned by irish people. >> imagine that. >> grab the recipe and we'll
6:48 am
have to recreate it for you. shepherd's pie by a latina? i don't know. the escape from alcatraz triathlon raising the entry fee by $300. try athletes say they won't race that course anymore. organizers of the race, img worldwide say the entry fee will jump from $450 to $750. that's a 67% increase. the reason, organizers posted to their facebook page saying with increased demand there's a growing need to maintain the integrity of the competition and safety for all involved. it's caused an uproar in the triathlete community. >> mixed feelings between shock, disbelief, feeling super discouraged. >> some athletes say they won't compete or volunteer at the race anymore. others hope someone will step up to create a similar event. if you're going to pay that price, maybe they should warm the water for you. >> on that note, if you don't
6:49 am
want to jump head first into icy waters, maybe you can look up today and feel a couple splashes on your face courtesy of mother nature. >> nice to see rain coming from those clouds for once across the bay area. although a lot of it fell earlier this morning. we're not done with our rain just yet. we're keeping hope alive. let's take a live look outside. we're taking a live look at the embarcadero this morning. we did have rain earlier today. as you can see, things have had a chance to dry out. we may want to grab the umbrella just in case. let me show you why. i'm looking at the radar this morning. we do see a lot of that heavier rain moving over the central valley. i'm tracking a few showers that are just offshore and maybe moving into san francisco as we go into the next hour or so. so more showers in the forecast today. here we are looking at the futurecast. at 11:30 this morning, still rain in and around the bay area. very hit or miss. light showers, but the possibility still exists as we
6:50 am
go through at least the morning, and the models showing potential of trace amounts of rain on top of what we've already measured. as you step out the door right now, 62 degrees in oakland, 60 in livermore and san jose is now at 59 degrees. after all of this rain clears out, our skies will clear and our winds will be picking up, too. here is a look at the wind forecast. the numbers show you the speed and miles per hour and the arrows show the direction of the wind coming from the northwest at 6:30, 6:00 this evening. that's when the winds will start to pick up. we'll have sustained winds at about 20 to 25 miles an hour. it stays breezy into the day tomorrow. we're not done just yet with the rain chances. so we dry out for a couple of days. we'll have another chance of rain as we head into sunday. it's really heavy as it approaches the north bay. then it gets lighter and weaker as it approaches the bay area. still another chance of rain in the forecast and the possibility of another quarter inch of rain
6:51 am
farther to the north. and then maybe even a quarter inch for the south bay and east bay as well. as you head into the weekend, we will have dry weather, temperatures warming up. highs in the 70s and low 80s on saturday. more of the same break for the trick-or-treaters staying very comfortable and temperatures coming down a few more degrees on sunday with more clouds as that next weather system moves through. let's check in with mike, tracking a lot of problems with this morning's commute. >> we had a crash in oakland. we were worried about slick roadways. the crash has long since cleared. look at the 880 past high street, just a little slowing there. triggering off into the orange and yellow there. still green for oakland for 580 and 880. upper east shore, a little extra slow through san rafael. rain north of there through highway 101.
6:52 am
tri-valley, typical pattern. same thing for the east bay, 880 southbound. northbound routes throughout san jose, a slower drive, that crash 280 at 87 looks like it's out of the roadway. northbound 101, the metering lights on, we have the slowing through san martin. smoothing into morgan hill. seeing that shift over the last couple days. a live look in palo alto. we're seeing more traffic slowing for the bayshore freeway between the south bay and the city. >> one thing getting people through the sticky commutes is the prospect of halloween. as bay area families gear up for halloween festivities. local and state officials are asking people to please stay safe. city leaders in san francisco are urging revellers to celebrate in their own neighborhoods. for people that live in other parts of the bay area, to stay there. this stems from a crackdown launched in 2007 on the castro
6:53 am
district when large halloween celebrations resulted in violence and vandalism. parents are being reminded to make sure kids are under adult supervision and should wear reflective tape on their costumes and candy buckets. an astroid now nicknamed the great pumpkin will whiz by the earth. it will pass by at a relatively close distance, about 300,000 miles. a good telescope is still recommended. the space and science center is getting into the act, hosting an astroid viewing event ending after midnight. the best view is starting to happen around 11:00 p.m. >> not sure i see the pumpkin-like shape, but i'll keep looking. up next, developments in a brazen burglary that ended with the homeowner shot in the south bay. the surveillance video police want you to see. coming together to heal. the reason the president of
6:54 am
ireland will plant a tree in the east bay today. =sam/2shot= an emotional day
6:55 am
6:56 am
in berkeley as the president of ireland - will join the mayor of berkeley to honor the six irish students - killed when the balcony they were standing on - gave way. =laura/boxes= today in the bay's bob redell is live in berkeley -- where the two will plant a tree - in memory of the lives lost. happening today, undoubtedly an emotional one in berkeley as the president of ireland will join the mayor of berkeley to honor the six irish students killed when the balcony they were standing on gave way. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in berkeley where a tree will be planted today in memory of the lives lost. >> reporter: laura and sam,
6:57 am
later today when the mayor of berkeley and president of ireland come together at the mlk civic center, it will be an arbutus, a tree that is native both to the golden state and the emerald aisle. last night the city hall, city council presented new rules to prevent the same tragedy from happening again. this past june, six students, mostly irish nationals died when a balcony collapsed during a friend's 21st birthday celebration. the proposal the city is looking at include annual inspection of all rental units. berkeley has already enacted an emergency ordinance requiring landlords to hire a professional to inspect their balconies while the county has already launched a criminal investigation into what cause thad balcony to rot and fail. reporting live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:57.
6:58 am
three dangerous men still on the run in the south bay. now we know what they look like. police released this surveillance video of the three men who shot and injured a south san jose home owner while robbing his home last week. you can see one of the suspects checking out the front of the house. then he goes to the back yard by the pool and looks around the garage. then he makes a phone call and another man shows up. a little while later, they come out holding a bag full of items, one carries a gun. the oern says he caught them red-handed. that's when one of the suspects shot him. the homeowner was not seriously hurt. all three suspects got away in this blue honda accord. to politics now and decision 2016. quite a bit at stake tonight in colorado as gop hopefuls gather for the party's third presidential debate. this evening's debate takes place at the university of colorado boulder. it comes as things are tightening up and flip-flopping at the top.
6:59 am
the main debate airing on cnbc. an undercard debate will take place before the main debate includ colluding second tier candidates. we'll have a complete wrap-up tonight on our 11:00 p.m. newscast. you can get updates on our digital platforms including our nbc bay area app. want to update you on the forecast with some rain in the mix. >> just some light rain at this point. mostly cloudy skies all across the bay area. temperatures right around the upper 50s to lower 60s. as we go into the day it will be in the low 70s today. san francisco staying in the upper 60s and we may have more rain. >> light rain now. there was already rain on the road when they left the house. >> it may play a factor. although it's not actively happening, we still have slick roadways. north 87 is slowing toward kehrtner. a lot of o buzz because of the
7:00 am
bass pro shop. a tailgate today. south 880 tort a street, a new crash. slowing moving toward the shoulder. no surprises to the bay bridge. >> another local news update in half an hour. >> have a great wednesday. two more days closer to halloween.


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