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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a 9-year old boy hit by a bullet while in his bed asleep. the odd events surrounding this apparent accidental shooting. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. ad lib toss to kari kris/map the shooting happened around 5:45 this morning at an apartment complex on almaden road in san jose -- just west of highway 87. scott/2box nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the apartment complex. bob -- this started when an upstairs neighbor shot himself in the foot. bob/live shot himself in the foot with a
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stop that bullet from traveling further. the shot went through the foot, through the floor and into the leg of a 9-year-old boy asleep in his bed in the unit below here at the amaden apartments. both the boy and man with the gun were taken to the hospital. both expected to survive. san jose police figuring out what led up to this shooting, if it was purely accidental, if drugs or alcohol were involved or if there was an argument upstairs beforehand. we spoke to a friend of the boy's mother. >> you know, she's told me in the past that there's a lot of like issues upstairs with the couple upstairs. they're always arguing. they're always fighting. there's a lot of, you know, physical violence involved. so i don't know if one thing led to another and then all of a sudden there's the gun. and now someone's hurt because of that. >> floor is not going to stop a bullet. so our gun safety has to be of
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the utmost importance. anybody who does have a weapon has to be careful when they're handling the weapon in the house. because i think as you've seen can strike somebody else. >> reporter: san jose police again are not sure why the riffle discharged. they do tell us that charges are ppssible. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, bob, thanks. happening today, ireland's president says he will pay tribute to six irish students ree atagically died in berkeley. theael higgins continues his bay area visit with his second stop in the city of berkeley. this time he will plant a tree at the mlk civic center. the memorial will honor the young people who died in last rdmmer's deadly balcony collapse. the county has now launched a criminal investigation into what caused the balcony to rot and then fail. yesterday berkeley leaders ngarted debating tougher the bations for landlords that would beef up the safety of
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rental units. gist krning to our microclimate forecast. rain's hitting the bay area and ?e got a rainbow. look at that. this is what it looked like a few hours ago in san francisco. meteorologist kari hall, what do we got from here on out? >> still spotty light showers across the bay area. saw some pictures online too of a triple rainbow in san francisco. it was really cool, but it was because of some rain moving through. and it's been fairly light across the bay area. we're still tracking some of that light rain as it moves out of san francisco into the east bay. so expect a little bit of rain on the windshield, but the rain for the most part continues to taper down. now, as we go through the rest of the day expect some peeks of sunshine in san jose. a high of 70 degrees. also 70 in palo alto. inner parkside at 67 degrees. 68 degrees in santa rosa while oakland tops out at 70. and in dublin look for a high of 73 degrees. we'll take a look at some of the rainfall totals we've gotten so far. and a look ahead to the weekend
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with more rain in that forecast. republ coming up just a little bit later. kari, thanks. >> turning now to decision 2016 and the republican presidential candidates will face off once again, this time in colorado. it is their third debate. ead frcus of tonight's debate is the economy. nb yeah. the event comes as one national poll indicates ben carson has indeed taken the lead from donald trump. nbc's leann greg is in boulder with the latest. >> trump, trump. >> reporter: donald trump enters tonight's debate with ben carson continuing to gain ground. a cbs/"new york times" national poll now showing carson four points ahead of trump. >> i mean, i am second. it's not like terrible. but i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. >> reporter: trump remains a dominant force leading in most early voting states, but his recent dip in iowa and the national poll may indicate a shift, one that could impact the tone of the debate. >> this is only one national survey that's showing this, but
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it does introduce an unpredictable dynamic to the stage. >> reporter: but the numbers show republicans remain deeply divided, only 48% say they would support carson enthusiastically if he's the nominee. just 29% for trump. in contrast to the billionaire real estate mogul's bombastic style, carson staffers say the retired neurosurgeon will maintain his low key style. >> i don't think very many people think it's too late. i think people really, really appreciate his temperament. >> the rest of the candidates lagging behind hope the debate will present opportunities for them to distinguish themselves among the crowded field. jeb bush hiking with veterans here in colorado before the debate hopes to kick start his campaign after cutting staff and struggling to find footing in the race. a fight for the nomination univght's debate could help better define leann greg, nbc news, boulder. report speaking of boulder, this
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ates live look at the so-called spin room at the university of colorado in boulder. this is where reporters can speak with the gop candidates and their representatives after tonight's debate. of course nbc correspondents are roready there. you can watch it on our sister station cnbc starting at 5:00. three dangerous men are shot and the run in the south wner but now we know what they look like. police released this surveillance video of three men who shot and injured a south san jose homeowner while robbing his ek. looks n see one of the suspects checking out the front of the house. ttle wn goes to the backyard and carryaround in the garage. then he makes a phone call and another man shows up. o ofttle while later they both come out of the home carrying a bag full of items. one of them carrying a gun. a better video of the -- better ot h at the two suspects the slmeowner says he caught them red handed and that's when one of the suspects shot him. the homeowner was not seriously hurt. we do also know that three suspects got away in this blue
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wonda accord. well, the list of lawsuits -- ito the recent shigella outbreak is growing. glihird victim now suing the owners of marisco's san juan number three in san jose. health experts say at least 188 people have now fallen ill with ris/cula with origins at the restaurant. vada tf the victims ate there on october 16th or 17th. and a follow-up now. san francisco will receive $400,000 in a payout from the state of nevada to settle a patient dumping lawsuit. other ty launched a class action suit against nevada after reports that nevada bussed needy ntychiatric patients to san francisco and other california cities. an investigation found nevada transported nearly 500 patients ttlemeeveral years. many of them homeless and suffering from mental illness. n thrvisors yesterday voted to approve that settlement. happening today, the huge bass pro shop finally opening
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its doors in the south bay. this was a look earlier this morning. the brand new store right off the expressway and 85 if you're familiar with this area you know how terribly congested it can get. ning cs a costco and walmart ribbon an a block away. this will add to more traffic. cut closest bass pro shop before t is was in mantika. a grand opening takes place tonight with ribbing cutting at 6:30 and store opens with regular hours starting tomorrow at 10:00. >> part of opening that store was mitigating traffic in that area. .e know scott budman is getting g a he bottom of that, that =port at 5:00 and 6:00. in> a new class of hall of famers will be welcome tonight amaguc state capital including a few bay area natives. >> the ninth class to be inducted into the california hall of fame features olympic gold medalist christie being ini. e. and r own nbc family lester
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holt, born in marin county and grew up in san francisco. >> also martial artist native bruce lee and peanuts creator charles shulz who moved to the north bay in the 1950s. >> and i had breakfast with lester holt this morning. wonderful nice guy. >> nice to spend time about talking about his roots here, met his wife here in san francisco, worked at kcbs. up next at 11:00, how about attending high school at oracle. e ouand a bizarre twist in the search for a missing teenager. what she was doing while authorities and her entire family were out desperately trying to track her down. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail t nbc bay area, we investigate. (scott ad libs markets)
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=tech= the senate.. has passed a and welcome back. here's some of the stars of "days of our lives" opening the
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nyse. the fed says it's not going to raise interest rates. we entirely expected that. the senate has passed a controversial anti-hacking law. the cyber security information sharing act. despite some pushback from silicon valley, it passed the senate easily. it's already been through the house. while bay area companies didn't like it saying it doesn't do enough to protect users privacy, it had powerful allies. in fact, it was co-sponsored by dianne feinstein, and the president says he will sign it. the cisa allows company to share information about hacking with each other. so target can get hacked but shared the information with walmart to warn them. normally companies aren't allowed to conspire, and i mean that in the most innocent way, about anything. in this case they can when they're trying to fight off hackers. where people got concerned is that information also gets shared with the government and the government's privacy track record in silicon valley is not great. you'll soon be able to hack your own car if you wanted to. right now it's generally against
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the law to look at, mess with, examine or change the software in your own car because it's protected by copyright. the library of congress, which is in charge of copyright in this case, says starting next year you can do what you want with the car you own. i'm not saying you would, but the important thing is you could, if you wanted. we normally say companies report profits, in this case twitter reported losses tuesday afternoon. not only did twitter continue to lose money, it didn't gain very many users. it's not growing very quickly. the three month twitter is looking at is the previous quarter and that's when jack dorsey was only interim ceo. so perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt until the next report now that he's permanent. take a listen, the second time it's been advertised on television they're showing off the baseball game, the world series. says twitter is still too hard
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to use. he's trying to get people to try to use twitter. i can't imagine twitter hard to use. sign up, put your name in, what's to know? >> here's what i think is weird about that. there's so many ads that use twitter in them that it seems like that twitter ad is selling something else, don't you think? >> well, it's selling the conversation. nobody wants to use twitter maybe just to have twitter, but they want to talk about things and in this case the baseball game. we're following you on twitter at what? >> krisnbc. you can see a picture of me and lester holt. a bay area tech giant is building for the future by building a school right at its headquarters. oracle and redwood shores announced it will build a new public high school for 550 students. it's called design tech high school. the company says it will tap into groups that are underserved in the science and tech world like minorities and girls. the best part is students won't have to pay a dime to go there. >> it is absolutely critical for competitiveness in the united
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states for us to really raise the bar in education especially in math, in science and technology. >> cat says the idea for that high school came from oracle's founder larry ellison. the goal is to attract students from all over the bay area. that school is expected to open in 2017. so you may do your part to keep your tires safe like checking the pressure and the tread, and yet you may be rolling along on recalled tires and not even know it. here's the reason why. there is no government or industry database to notify people of a recall. the only way for owners to know is to register the tires with the manufacturer. so now the ntsb is calling for a national tire registration system. the agency says 500 people are killed nationwide, and 19,000 injured every year because of problems with tires. from 2009 to 2013 tire manufacturers recalled more than 3 million faulty tires but fewer
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than half of those tires were actually taken off the roads. a story out of the world series. kansas city royals pitcher edison voloquez took the mound last night not knowing his dad had died earlier in the day. at the family's request the team waited to tell him until he stopped pitching in the sixth inning. as kansas city played through the heartbreaking news, the game turned out to be one for the ages. the mets and royals traded late inning runs to send the game into extra innings until the royals were able to pull it out in the 14th. another note from the game, fox lost its signal in the fourth inning when its primary backup generators went out. that's what it looked like if you were watching tv. they were able to fix the problem for after about a five-minute delay in the game. game two set for tonight at 5:00. >> they didn't have instant replay. it was a mess last night. get it now, you might need it. that's the message from the state about flood insurance. fewer than 3% of homeowners who
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live near flood zones have adequate protection as we speak. and with what's predicted to be an epic el nino winter, insurance experts are urging residents to purchase flood insurance before it's too late. now though the insurance is not cheap, they say it's way less expensive than the alternative. >> average cost is only about $700 annually. the average cost of a flood and the flood claims around $39 to $40,000. >> made it easy to see if you are in a flood zone. go to and search flood. a desperate search for a missing teen in colorado ended with a big sigh of relief and twist. started when tara's father noticed back door open about 6:00 in the morning. his 19-year-old daughter nowhere to be found. a three-hour police search ensued. and it ended when relatives found the teen sleeping peacefully at her uncle's house about ten miles away. she was sleeping, didn't have
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any shoes, she had slept walk the whole way. she says she has no memory of her nocturnal travels. >> last time we talked with our pediatrician she said make sure you get a dead bolt and lock with a key if you have a sleepwa sleepwalker. >> my kids never dealt with that. >> definitely scary. >> be walking in the rain if they're sleepwalking today, or last night. >> maybe that would wake you up. i don't know. i don't understand that one. any way, we are very glad to see this rain moving through parts of the bay area. although i wish it was more and not everyone saw the rain. as we take a live look now from tiburon. we see those low clouds. let's do a time lapse from mt. hamilton because it was such a beautiful sunrise, the sun peeking through. we had times with the skies clearing and now more clouds are moving back in. so a few more showers still lingering across the bay area. and a lot of the rain has been tapering off ased bulk of the moisture continues to move off to the east. but we do still have rain moving through parts of the east bay. you really didn't see much of
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this rain last night. so this will be your last chance to get some rain as we go through the day. the futurecast brings the activity well off to the east of us. and we'll see our skies clearing through the evening as the winds will be picking up. temperatures now are in the upper 60s in livermore and san jose 67 degrees. san francisco now at 64 degrees. a look at some of the rainfall totals that we did have in the south bay. about .03 in halls valley and also downtown san jose abo about .02. in the north bay we also had quite a bit especially farther off towards the north, sea ranch close to .10. also in santa rosa but not quite. napa .02 so the rain was very hit or miss. and once again we are not expecting much more from here. in san francisco a quick passing shower brought the rainbow and the beautiful sights that we had there. and as we go into the rest of the day once again just mostly cloudy skies. the wind forecast still light,
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very calm. but as the cold front sweeps through our winds will be picking up later on this afternoon. by 8:00 tonight the winds sustained at 25 miles an hour. even higher along the coast, half-moon bay may have winds up to 35 miles an hour. and some higher gusts. and this will not be our only chance of rain. heading through the weekend we'll have another chance of rain on sunday that may linger into monday. but the rain does stay away in time for halloween. and rain this weekend could bring an additional tenth of an inch across the bay area. that would be really good if we got that. and we'll be of course keeping you up to date on that. looking at the weekend forecast, dry for the next couple days. temperatures going back up. we'll be in the 70s and 80s, 85 degrees in the tri-valley on saturday. temperatures coming down on sunday with more clouds. and once again that chance of rain. we'll talk more about that coming up a little bit later. for now i'll send it back to you, scott and kris. >> kari, thanks. up next at 11:00, the warriors celebrate their nba
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championship in style. wait until you see the rings. they weren't the only ones honored at last night's game. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. the calm after the storm. a
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live look at oracle arena -- where more than 19-thousand packed the house. kr well, the calm after the storm lies at oracle arena. 19,000 people packed the house last night. >> as the world champions
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received their rings and revealed their championship banner, you could hear it go from oracle to roaracle. they didn't disapoint. they beat the pelicans in dominant fashion 111-95. i was distracted. it was an emotional night for the team and their fans. 40 years of waiting to see another nba championship banner hanging from the rafters finally becoming a reality. the main attraction of the evening those diamond crusted rings. >> we would not have been able to do what we did last year without your guys support every single night. 39-2 at home, 67 wins in the regular season. >> to cap it all that too. now, despite being sidelined with a back injury, coach steve curr was on hand to receive his ring but he had to watch from the locker room. >> 40 years. what a difference 40 years make. warriors hall of famer rick
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barry posted this picture on twitter of his ring from 1975. little comparison there with the owner and the brand new ring. the new ring's on the right. just a slight upgrade in diamonds and size. >> the warriors weren't the only ones honored last night. those two fellas in the white shirts last night were two of the three heroes who helped to stop that terror attack on board a paris-bound train back in august. they got to sit courtside. anthony sadler and spencer stone, he's the one in the cap, they got a standing ovation. stone appears to have recovered from that stabbing earlier this month in their hometown of sacramento. we are pleased to say nothing has happened to him since. >> so being a fan of the world champs comes at a price. the cheapest seats we could find on stubhub last night were $110. another game circled on everybody's calendar is the christmas day rematch between the warriors and cavaliers. those are about $170. the warriors have sold out the
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last 134 home games. >> and it worked out for them because they won almost all of them. >> fantastic. up next at 11:00, stepping up its attack. the pentagon announces a stronger approach to taking down isis both in syria and in iraq. 'ashton carter' says the
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pentagon will step up its welcome back. defense secretary ashton carter says the pentagon will step up its attacks on isis in syria and iraq. >> and that includes the possibility of, quote, direct action on the ground by u.s. troops. nbc's richard engel has more from istanbul. >> reporter: when american and kurdish commandos stormed into an isis prison last week freeing hostages, it was the first time the world saw u.s. troops in combat against isis. defense secretary ashton carter told congress there will be more missions like this. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil, or conducting such
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missions directly whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. >> reporter: but direct action on the ground sounds a lot different from what the president has repeatedly promised. >> the american forces that had been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. >> reporter: the white house seems to want it both ways saying no regular troops will be in combat, only small numbers of special ops forces will do that. to some it's washington double speak. >> anybody in combat is boots on the ground. the white house has been trying to play politics here and try to convince everybody that special operations forces are not boots on the ground. >> reporter: the u.s. has already lost one soldier, master sergeant joshua wheel, in close combat with isis. the pentagon says there will be more dangerous raids to come. so the u.s. admitting it or not appears to be getting deeper into the war on isis. a spokesman for the iraqi government told nbc news that his country does not want u.s.
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troops engaged in direct military action unless they coordinate it specifically with the iraqi government. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. fired. the school resource officer caught on camera violently flipping a high school student from her desk no longer has a job with that district. within the past couple of hours it was announced that the deputy was fired. the sheriff's department looked at various cell phone videos taken from the classroom on monday which shows field confronting that student who refused to leave the classroom. the sheriff says what fields did was wrong. parents and students remain divided. >> i think he took it way too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that in any circumstance. >> force was a little excessive, but if the student had done what she was supposed to in the first play it never would have taken place. >> the fbi and justice department have opened separate investigations into the brutal takedown. again, that officer no longer has a job. there's a big push in
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washington to pass a long-term budget deal and do it quickly. >> they're trying to squeeze it in before a new house speaker takes over tomorrow. nbc bay area's tracie potts has the latest developments from capitol hill. >> it's an actual bipartisan compromise which hasn't been happening in washington a lot lately. >> reporter: a two-year budget source $80 billion in budget cuts. conservatives say it's too much spending and too many unanswered questions. a rushed back room deal. >> i think this process stinks. under new management we are not going to run the house this way. >> i'm in full agreement. this stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad. but when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today, it's about any choice i don't want him to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. >> reporter: there's no guarantee enough democrats and republicans will back today's vote even if it passes there's already opposition in the
11:32 am
senate. from the debate in colorado ted cruz calls it utter surrender. marco rubio says it's severely flawed. rand paul's promising to filibuster, talk it to death. >> i will do everything i can to stop it. >> reporter: the deal extends cuts in medicare payments for doctors, saves recipients about $40 a month on premiums and prevents some cuts in social security disability insurance but makes it harder for others to qualify. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. back here at home san jose's cracking down on illegal dumping. city leaders voted last night to raise fines on people who dump their unwanted sofas and tvs and other stuff on city streets. right now there is a fine but it's only $500. it's going to increase to $2,500 for the first offense, $5,000 for the second offense and $10,000 for the third. officials also want to change the wording of the ordinance from improper disposal to illegal dumping. >> we think the words will help the public understand what we're
11:33 am
trying to educate them and get across. right now the code says improper placement of solid waste. and a lot of folks don't understand what that means. we think illegal dumping will si pli fi that. >> the council still has to cast a final vote. tough new rules on gun sales in san francisco will soon require video recordings of all gun and ammunition sales, but it may not make a difference. the city's only gun shop which the rules apply to is closing its doors for goods. it's been around since the 1950s but will shut down by the end of the week. store employees say the owner is just tired of fighting gun regulation. >> all his friends are retired. he just wants to retire. >> i would never introduce legislation to hurt a small business in our city, however if a gun store in particular wants to close as a result of it, so be it. >> supervisor mark farrell introduced the new gun laws. he says the new laws would apply to any gun shops that might open
11:34 am
in the future. another california police force is now armed with nunchucks. the first in northern california to add the weapon to tactical defense weapons. they say they will be used to use less force when restraining suspects. >> we can use them for joint manipulation, wrist control, hand compliance. that type of thing. >> officers are not required to carry them. it's just another option to control a suspect they say without themselves getting injured in the process. they will have to first pass a 16-hour training program. >> that is an interesting story. so, are the non-billionaires, millionaires being squeezed out? >> you need to be a billion or million. in san francisco this week a passionate plea at city hall to support a proposition to halt construction in the mission district. >> but the argument is saying building less housing make the
11:35 am
mission more possible. nbc area's sam brock has the story. >> reporter: red hot demand for properties all over san francisco has set costs skyrocketing all over the city. >> i was astounded to see that 63% of all homes in the city of san francisco are valued at $1 million or more. >> reporter: perhaps nowhere is the frenzy for housing more obvious than the mission district. take a look at this graphic provided by trulia, a real estate website that analyzes housing data. the growing patch represents properties worth $1 million or more. and the mission is starting to radiate red. that's why some residents have lobbied hard for a moratorium, or a halt on market rate building in that neighborhood. >> because this is a crisis. we are in crisis in our community. >> i live in the mission district all my life. i got priced out. i moved.
11:36 am
couldn't afford rent. let's keep more people here. >> reporter: supporters have propelled that push into a proposition, prop i. you'll find it on your ballot this november. one of the supporters with the council of community housing says the measure is a much-needed year and a half long time-out for city leaders to find a solution that works for everyone. >> we believe we should do things like proposition i where we pause to figure out where we're going to build this housing and how we're going to create a balance and if we need rezoning and other tools. >> reporter: an argument getting plenty of pushback. here's why. >> market rate housing is a significant source of funding for affordable housing because developers either build a certain percentage of units on site that's affordable, which is great, or then they pay a fee which then goes into building affordable housing in san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco
11:37 am
supervisor scott weiner strongly opposes prop i saying making the root problem, unlimited demand and virtually no supply even worse. >> the evictions and placement happening is because it's an incredibly amazing and popular neighborhood and a lot of people are moving in. when you have a lot of people moving in and you don't have enough housing, people compete for that housing. >> reporter: truly as ralph mclaughlin says it checks out. >> perspective is what we need is new housing. so at least in a superficial level if we are saying let's stop building housing, that is not going to make things more affordable. >> housing is what the people of the city who's been here. >> reporter: but when it's your housing stock at stake, it's personal. and a matter of self-preservation. all signs of this discussion want to see more affordable housing. there's just some disagreement over the best pathway to get there. >> we believe as a city, you
11:38 am
know, as an ethical mandate that we should have a diverse city. and that runs counter to the market. >> reporter: interestingly here's what the market produced last year. 3,500 new units in san francisco but only 75 in the mission, or about 2%. the reality is new building isn't driving up prices and evictions in that neighborhood, but it's also true that prop i isn't really about stopping building in the mission either. supporters want a guarantee from city hall that a certain percentage of new building goes toward affordable units and opponents want to make sure they don't see a dent in the housing supply by not doing anything. for reality check, i'm sam brock, back to you. >> well, thanks, sam. up next at 11:00, speaking of prices, the iconic bay area event that just went off the ticket. hundreds of dollars. it just means so much to so many people that how could i ever stop it? >> trading pumpkins and cash for a good cause. the reason this year will be his
11:39 am
last even though it's been his best year ever. it is part of our bay area proud series. we still have some light rain moving across parts of the bay area, but most of that rain is winding down. we'll have another chance coming up in the microclimate forecast. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. escaping from alcatraz -- just
11:40 am
11:41 am
11:42 am
got a lot more expensive. the famed triathlon -- is raising prices by 300 dollars. kris/2shot a lot of people upset -- and are unhappy with the explantion. here's nbc bay area's ian cull. escape to alcatraz raising its price. >> that has a lot of people upset and they are unhappy also with the explanation for the hike. here's nbc bay area's ian cole. >> reporter: decades ago you'd be shocked trying to escape from alcatr alcatraz. now you can pay $450 to do it while competing in the triathlon on every athlete's bucket list. but the price just shot up to $750. >> you know what, i didn't believe it. >> reporter: sam is the president of the golden gate triathlon club. >> mixed feelings between like shock, disbelief. like feeling super discouraged. >> reporter: but organizers of the race img worldwide announced the entry fee for next year would jump from $450 to $750, a
11:43 am
67% increase. the reason? organizers posted to their facebook page, quote, escape from alcatraz has experienced tremendous demand in recent years and with that a growing need to maintain the integrity of competition and safety of all involved in this unique and challenging event. that is sparking outrage from triathletes. one writes, today will go down in triathlon history as a very sad, sad day. and without answers, a very upsetting day. others say they won't race or volunteer anymore. >> you look at the response there's been like a real lack of transparency there. and i think if they actually told us that, hey, you know what, water safety went up 20%. >> reporter: he hopes someone else will organize a different escape from alcatraz, or at least give it a shot. >> and appears to be a pretty insane situation.
11:44 am
>> reporter: in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> that's it. you and i are not making that swim next year. >> i guess i will not. just days until halloween, a lot of places to pick up a pumpkin. >> but if you're looking to help a good cause in the process, there's a little patch in san francisco that's been doing more than just selling pumpkins for a decade because of a big hearted teenager. garvin thomas is here with today's bay area proud. >> we first met wyatt and heard his unique story when we featured him in a bay area proud segment three years ago. now, when we heard that this very generous chapter of his life was coming to a close, we wanted to check in with him one more time. >> thank you guys so much for coming by. >> reporter: truth be told this past weekend -- >> you need any help? >> reporter: wyatt's last weekend of selling pumpkins is one the san francisco 18-year-old should have sat out, or at the very least should have sat down for what with the
11:45 am
stress fracture he got running cross country and all. but just like a runner wyatt is determined to cross this finish line. the end to a mission he embarked on when he was just 8 years old. >> i was obsessed with halloween, i think, at the age of 8. >> reporter: so obsessed, wyatt says he began growing pumpkins at that age and then selling them to raise money for charity. >> that year we raised $100. >> reporter: wyatt has come a long, long way since then. in 2012 we visited the then-15-year-old when his goal was to raise $20,000. >> oh, really, thank you so much. >> reporter: this year. >> thank you for the extra donation. >> reporter: wyatt ended up taking in more than $35,000 for three san francisco charities. his 11-year total, something like $200,000. >> it's weird to think about like that the amount of money. i mean, you never think about like, oh, that's going to be a giant goal.
11:46 am
looking back at my 8-year-old self i never thought this was going to be an 11-year thing. >> reporter: this sale though is wyatt's last because this time next year he'll be busy somewhere else. >> i got to go to college. >> reporter: all this work for charity began, wyatt says, because his 8-year-old self was just beginning to realize there was bad stuff happening in the world. it's ironic then that his number one takeaway after all these years and all these pumpkins it's pretty much the opposite. >> honestly all around it just helps you see that there's good in the world. >> while his pumpkin selling days are behind him, you can imagine wyatt is not done being charitable. he says his experience these last 11 years has just inspired him to do more in the future. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> well, if you know somebody doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. you can go to our website,, search bay area proud and all the contact
11:47 am
information will be right there. >> well, hopefully you've already shopped for your pumpkins because if you were planning on doing it today it's going to be a soggy one at the pumpkin patch. >> yeah, a little bit of rain on the pumpkins. at least we're not dealing with some high heat right now. as we take a live look now at sunol, you see the clouds across the sky. and we've had just a beautiful day with some of the spotty light showers moving through. would have been nice to get a little bit more rain though because especially the east bay really missed out on the bulk of the rain. but we're just getting some scattered showers now that continue to fizzle out. and i expect that activity to continue. the models are winding down our chance of rain as we go through the rest of the day. and mostly clear skies. but the winds will be picking up as the cold front sweeps on through. so our temperatures now continue to warm up. and we are now in the upper 60s in livermore. and 64 degrees in san francisco and oakland. it's 64 also now in napa. and a look at some of the rain we had in the south bay today most of us only made a trace or maybe a couple of hundredths of
11:48 am
an inch. so that's about what we had in the south bay. looking at the north bay just a little bit more the rain has been going on a little bit longer there. calistoga had close to 0.05 and 0.07 over around by barryessa. as the rain continues to move away so too does our chance of getting any measurable precipitation in san francisco. you also had more of the same just some very wide amounts but just enough to bring you a beautiful rainbow earlier this morning. now we are looking at the winds that will be increasing as we go into this evening. the wind at 2:00 coming in from the north and northwest wind speeds about 10 to 15 miles an hour. the wind continues to pick up as we go through the night so you may hear that wind really starting to howl especially along the coast. and that will make for some choppy wave conditions and rough surf. so that looks like it will continue into tomorrow as well as that front continues to move away from the bay area. we're still going to have some breezy winds as our temperatures
11:49 am
drop. we will have another chance of rain heading into the end of the weekend. sunday could be wet. so we're missing out on the rain on saturday. sunday some more showers move through. and that could linger into the morning commute on monday. so of course we'll keep you up to date on that. and the additional rainfall totals we could see on that day will maybe be about a quarter of an inch in some spots. so hopefully this will bring us a little bit more moisture than what we had over the past 24 hours. making plans for halloween in san jose, it is going to be warming up. up to 80 degrees at 5:00 as the trick or treaters head out it will be in the mid-70s. we have the whole lineup of events at you should check that out. look at all the microclimates. it will be in the 70s and 80s on friday. 82 degrees in the east bay dropping back to 79 degrees on saturday. on sunday highs in the low 70s. so it will be a little bit cooler on sunday compared to saturday, but of course that will be because we'll have more
11:50 am
clouds and the possibility of some rain moving into the bay area. but it's looking good that we're starting to see more activity as far as rain in the forecast for the next several days kris and scott. >> all right, kari, thanks. >> we will be right back. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. the grades are in -- and they're
11:51 am
11:52 am
not good. a new study shows california's students - have well, the grades are in and they are not good. a new study shows california students have some of the worst test scores in the country according to results released this morning from the national exam taken by fourth and eighth grade students nationwide. average scores for california students in math and english were five to eight points lower than the national average for public school students and more importantly just 27 to 29% of students were rated proficient in the two subjects. when it comes to math it puts us
11:53 am
behind arkansas and mississippi. as bay area families gear up for halloween festivities this weekend, local, state officials asking people to stay safe. city leaders in san francisco urging revelers to celebrate in their own neighborhoods. and for people who live in other parts of the bay area to stay home. this stems from a crackdown launched in 2007 in the castro when large halloween celebrations resulted in violence and vandalism. parents are also reminded to make sure the kids are under adult supervision, wear reflective tape on your costumes and candy buckets, carry flashlights and other light sources while trick or treating. meanwhile looking up on halloween night may be more of a treat for avid stargazers, that is what an asteroid now nicknamed the great pumpkin will whiz by the earth. it will pass by at about 300,000 miles or so, but still good telescope recommended. oakland's space and science center is getting into the act. they're going to host an
11:54 am
asteroid viewing event midnight. the best viewing is supposed to happen around 11:00 at night. >> that's cool. i had no idea you could see them. we'll be back in a minute. time getting in on all the
11:55 am
11:56 am
halloween fun have a new set well, some kids who have a tougher time getting in on all the halloween fun will have a new set of wheels this year. >> so these two brothers in portland, oregon, they have muscular dystrophy and use wheelchairs. but ryan who also had kids with
11:57 am
the same disease helped her move her kids wheelchairs into cha chariots of dreams. >> one of the things that define us when we have challenges and trials and hard times. >> oh, that's awesome. the nonprofit organization -- oh it's from nintendo, mario kart. volunteers from around the country to carry the rest and they have wheels in portland. >> i saw one floating around san jose a little guy wheelchair turned into a shark zamboni. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
it's "access hollywood live." today, we unveil more of my exclusive justin bieber interview. >> there is more? >> there is more. it didn't just end at the you know what. there is a different side of this man than we normally see. he is quite candid about repairing his image. >> i can't wait to hear all of that. he is back in the white house and back with us, scandal star, jeff perry is with us today. >> a huge scene last week. what does he have up his sleeve now? >> we have all heard of the trumpkin. >> a pumpkin carve-off for the ages. >> i'm ready to lose to you. >> "access hollywood live."


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