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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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at the santa clara county jail? or just bad standard pr at 11:00. a misstep at the santa clara jail or bad procedure the a man walks in saying he know where deputies can find a body but is turned away by jail officials. good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. the man said he stabbed his girlfriend but was turned away by the jail. nbc bay area's reporter is at
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the sheriff's office with the explanation. chuck? >> reporter: no interviews on how 2-year-old hugo castro was told to go to police. after he was told to turn himself in. the santa clara's main jail. monday morning, hugo castro walked in to the main jail with a note that he knew of a dead body. he was tiled go to san jose police. officers detained him while they went to a condo complex and found the body of a woman castro dated. police arrested and questioned castro who they say confessed to killing her. but it has added one more incident for a blue ribbon commission alerted to scrutinize jail personnel. the first thing you do is you called some one who has the authority to ask that person questions. sit them down in an interview room. talk about it.
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identify, the location. the victim were still alive. the person could perhaps be saved. >> the sheriff issued a state saying castro wanted to turn himself in. but later in the same statement says at no time did mr. castro say he was responsible for the dead body or had involvement in the crime. with deputies accused of murdering the jail inmate two months ago this incident add to questions about deputy training. >> this is something else the commission is going to be looking into. >> sheriff smith's statement added if the findings are true the custody deputy failed to meet expectations of the department. tonight. castro is held without bail. facing a murder charge after his arraignme arraignment. the sheriff's statement continues saying the deputy who directed him to police has been reassigned. reporting live in san jose. chuck coppola, nbc bay area
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news. >> we'll continue to update this investigation. across our digital platform. go to nbc bay or go to our free app. >> al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football. >> the gloves are off. verbal assaults in full force. gop candidates battled each other. snarky and substantive. 11 candidates on stage. more popular political theater than discourse. jeanne elle is live in san francisco. in the newsroom with more on how the debate played. jeanne? >> jessica, people all over the bay area gathered for debate watch parties. some are turning in for entertainment and some are hoping for useful information. is this a combing book version of a presidential campaign.
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>> not a comic book and not a nice way you ask that. >> they're a little more feisty. that's probably what that they should be at this point. >> at a watch party in san francisco, the president of the republicans wants to know how the 11 candidates plan to address the federal deficit. governor john kasich has his attention. >> we can't elect somebody who doesn't know how to do the job. >> in ohio. they have a surplus. quite amazing. >> kasich made progress tonight. >> kasich, admirably the way he talked about ohio as the role model. got his story out much better this time than in the past. >> going in. ben carson topped the polls. >> it is going to be much closer to 15%. >> 15%. $1.1 trillion. >> get rid of all of the
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deductions and loopholes. >> with trump. >> create a border. not let people in. thae . >> they didn't stand out. >> yet tonight both had very little substance. you wonder how long the personalities on this side can go on. people say maybe that's not quite enough. >> most candidates agree. social security and medicare need reform. tax plans were discussed and blasted. voters at this watch party say at this point they're just enjoying the show. >> just watching it is entertaining. you know, i mean, the issues come second i think. >> now this is the third of 12 debates that are scheduled. voters we tacked to say they hope the issues will come into focus as the field narrows. live in the san francisco newsroom, jean elle. >> thank you, jean. democrats up next. candidates square off saturday, november 14 in des moines, iowa.
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>> emotional tribute to theic victims of the balcony collapse. the president of ireland, made the long distance trip for the memorial service and met with the parent of ashley donaghoe. she and five irish college students were killed in june. president higgins met 50 first responders whose gratitude extended to the others who embraced the victim's families in their time of need. >> their combined efforts brought the community together in its design to respond to reach out. we looking at this from afar. saw the best of leadership an. and care from your police and fire department. which watched over and guided the communities response. >> as a symbol of community between country and community. two trees native to ireland and berkeley were planted at mlk civic center park. >> they're bold, armed,
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dangerous. they might be targeting parents who drop off kids at school. two cases so far in san lorenzo near arrojo high school. cheryl hurd talked with one of the daukts daughters of the vi. cheryl. >> lot of people feeling uneasy. some asian males think they're being targeted. san leandro police are doing everything they can to get the men off the streets. >> a guy with gun and mask in black and gray came up with a gun. >> she was shocked and shaken by what happened to her father outside their home monday morning. >> my dad grabbed the guy's wrist. tried to take the gun from him. he fought three other people running up in masks and guns. the father dropped his daughter off at the school at arrojo high. his wife and two daughters were in the house when he got home. >> he came back up to close it.
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lock it. they were already here. the masked men forced their dad into the backyard. his wife saw all the cloegs and dialed 911. >> saw her. all they said the lady has the phone. calling the police. hurry up. >> with her father on the ground. the robbers got away with the wallet. a similar robbery happened on october 8th in the same washington manor neighborhood. this time a hole invasion. the gunman got away with personal items. >> in both cases, the victims in the cases are asian males. 59 years old. they had just driven their children to high school. they were approached by three, four, masked men. on october 8th, the suspects took off in the dark colored rogue. captured. on monday. neighbors saw a dark colored car in the neighborhood. police don't think it is a
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coincidence. police are also telling me to night they're looking for surveillance video. so if you live in the washington manor neighborhood and think you may have videotape. contact the police department. reporting live in san leandro. cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. 9-year-old boy in his bed hit by gunfire. tonight growing concern about an accident shooting in san jose left a young boy with serious injuries. police say this man, eric smith, fired a high powered hunting rifle, through his floor. this morning on the road. police say the bullet went through the floor and hit the boy in the leg as he slept. neighbors say the buy's name is alex. >> i was shocked when it happened. i got kind of scared. i didn't know it was alex. he was only 9. police say smith a convicted
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felon and barred from having a gun. shot himself in the toe and was arrested at the hospital. while he is heading east. the police chief is leaving the south bay for tracy. the 53-year-old with the sf for 30 years. he said he was planning to retire this year. to night he tells us he still has two plus months in san jose and will move the department forward. he will leave the department in and january begin his new job in tracy in february. >> bart says three is better than two. ahead here at 11:00. the new test that could drastically speed up your commute. >> san francisco's oldest restaurant under fire. it has nothing to do with the food. it is a family feud that left a backlash on yelp. >> lester holt, kristi yamaguchi committee, ahave in common.
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we will show you the special ceremony. >> jeff ranieri. waves kicking up awe 9 feet off shore. tracking higher for tomorrow. full details coming up in the forecast. ♪ ♪ ♪
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headache. thousands of people shod up the new "ba pro shop grand opening with a grand headache. thousand showing up at the new bass pro shop on the expressway in south san jose. a lot of people in the neighborhood though as you might be able to see by the video say traffic is going from bad to worse. san jose is addressing the issue. the city is making infrastructure changes improving nearby roads. >> widening of the northbound off ramp done by the project. they're doing improvements. traffic signal improvements. the county did a pretty dig operational improvement project for the almaden expressway. why is everyone flocking to the store.
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big crowd are expected. next closest pro shop in san joaquin county. bye-bye bingo. a dock aidecade's tradition fol because of a robbery. a bingo game was robbed. the boosters club that runs the program. was never able to get money to bounce back. they announced to night that, was their final game. money raised at bingo. funded the marching band and guard program. >> bounded by marriage. divided by race. the allegation involving a well-known san francisco restaurant. tonight. lots of people are sounding off after word spread that the owners reportly disowned their daughter decade ago because of her decision to marry a black man. gene upshaw. kerry upshaw told her story to t"the washington post" and created a frenzy on social media. patrons say they won't dine at the sea foot refood restaurant. >> i will not patronize that
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establishment again. >> it wouldn't have any meaning to me at all. reached out to the owners. public support says the family is disputing the claim. saying it was not about upshaw's race. >> your serving of bacon may come with a warning. k the world health organization, classified sausage, ham and processed meats as carcinogens. under prop 65, all carcinogens carry the warning label. the attorney general's office must decide if the step is necessary in this case. out of a job. south carolina deputy who forcefully dealt with a student was fired today. the video shows the the deputy ben fields aggressively removing a 16-year-old student from class on monday. now witnesses say the confrontation began when the student was repeatedly asked to
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put away her cell phone. when she didn't. deputy field was called in. the sheriff's department said today this was no justification for excessive force. fields' lawyer says his actions clients' actions were lawful and justified. >> top secret military blimp went public. its debut could have caused civilian casualties. helium balloon broke from the tether in maryland today and floated in the sky, 115 miles to central pennsylvania. the mile-long tether was actually still attached. dragging on the ground. and taking out power lines along the way. see that white blip right there. at one point, military officialsing aseasheofficials ing launched two fighter jets. feared the balloon would endanger air traffic. crews were able to secure the balloon. big question, what's inside. loaded with highly sophisticated. secret tracking equipment to detect cruise missiles.
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the future of the $2.5 billion project. targeted by privacy advocates uncertain. >> bart will be testing trains with three doors instead of two to see how they deal with overcrowding. a lot of complaints. people scramble to get in and on the train. the transit a jance will roll out three door trains. trains will undergo a year of tests first. if all goes well. bart will use trains for passenger service. >> bring in jeff ranieri. morning rain. now we head toward the weekend. temperatures are able to drop down. pretty cool here. 59. 53. south bay. east way. 60 degrees. take-up into tomorrow morning's forecast. numbers plummet in the north bay. check out the average.
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down to 49, tomorrow morning for the east bay. back here for south bay. start off with 54 degrees. take you in the satellite radar picture. brought most, a few drops. well off to the east. that's clearing out. we will be under a danger for any one headed to the coastline. storm system in the pacific. looks to bring swells. 7 to 12 feet. all day, thursday long. not only that. long succession swells. high pressure offshore. bring us the sunny, breezy weather. 4 to # degre8 degrees warmer. the great weather stays in forecast through halloween. not only for the daytime. but right into trick-or-treating
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for the kids at night. and head through 9:00. 10:00. great on saturday. fast moving changes. the cold front dropping from the north to bring shower chance. should be said sunday's storm. this again has a very bad movement with it. in terms of getting major rainfall. from the north to the south. moving over the land. went have a lot of chance to pick of an kind of major water. not a big storm system. at best, lookiit is something. take you to the microclimate forecast. head throughout thursday. san francisco. back up to the 70s in the mission. also for the financial district. the peninsula. palo alto. staying in the 60s. up toward the south bay. looking good in cuppertino. morgan hill, 79. north bay. east bay. trivalley. the weather no doubt. coming in here. 79 degrees. looking good at 81.
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east bay, oakland. not a bad day. 76. tri valley. 82. also looking at 83 degrees in livermore. let's go and take you to the weekend forecast again. you can see, saturday, still stays warm. slightly above average. then, zoom, zoom on in. that's what i want to say. zoom on into the temperatures. head throughout sunday. see the huge difference. from 82 in the south bay. 73. from 79 to 81. i don't know about you guys. i am loving the temperatures. we head throughout sunday. finally going to start feeling like fall outside. >> thanks a lot. >> from the newsroom to a red carpet event in sacramento. a big day for nightly news' lester holt. >> sandra bullock is my guest. and it's a great show.
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. tonight - a new batch of members were inducted into the l >> are we ready? should we roll out the red carpet. new members inducted into the california hall of fame. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt. robert downey jr. and kristi yamaguchi committee. and hall of fame, leaders, legends. and holt says an honor to be chosen with such a distinguished list. >> what i have learned of anything this year. anything could happen. you really can only plan life so much. prepare yourself for professional opportunities that may or may not come. then when they come. you are surprised and ready. >> so humble and a gentleman.
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new honorees. join # # people who made a difference in california. >> lester had a long day. he start with us in studio. a couple things. born in marin county. met his wife where? >> in san francisco. >> reporter for kcbs radio the see from the pictures. he held court in our newsroom. really getting a kick out of it. after visiting us. off to work. anchor nightly news in san francisco. shuttling to sacramento. and lester holt guided nightly news back to number one. >> in los angeles tomorrow. >> we'll be back in a moment with latest on the sharks and the warriors.
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>> what i am doing here. and what we did last year. kind of speaks for itself. >> up next. steph curry's enemy. good evening. here in the comcast studies. put up or shut up.
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gunner came out a few weeks ago saying he should have won the league's most valuable player. curry won the battle and the wars. four of five in the western conference finals. fans getting after a perceived warriors critic. charles barkley. belittled jump shooting teams last year describing the warriors. clay thompson, sporting the nba championship. jump shooting teams one, charles barkley 0. now the round mound of rebound playing along like a good sport. could go in short-handed. andrew bogut. a gash to his head. and diagnosed with a concussion. out of action until he passes the league mandated protocol, concussion protocol. to the ice. sharks, predators.
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leading the western conference. sharks down one. this, on net. cleans up the rebound. fourth goal of the season. tied at 1. watch the effort here by the captain. take the beating on the play. several cross checks. gets up. gets it out. hard work pays off. lateren t ein the period. the two on one. passes. sharks lose it. 2-1. all right. finally game two of the world series in kansas city. tied the game in the fifth. game one. extra innings. at the dish. facing him. base hit up the middle. that is going to score a pair. royals take a lead. that was plenty for johnny cueto, spectacular. the support of the fans and vendors. everyone, rocking the dreads. strikes out daniel murphy. in the seventh.
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win it 7-1. game three friday in the nyc. that's sports. more news after the break.
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smartphe okay. all you old school gamers. that would be me. got your smart phones. nintendo, first smart phone title game. and nintendo says it will allow you to create avatars to interact with others virtually in cyberspace. game released next spring. for all of you super mario fans. nintendo plans to launch an app in 2017 that will include the iconic game. >> you know what, i have no spatial skills. i cannot play games. i have no spatial skills. mario falls. >> angry bird. angry bird. all sorts of thing. >> i can bean angry bird. can't do the game. >> we'll talk about it afterward. >> how are we doing this morning? >> get a look. tomorrow morning. 49. north bay.
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san francisco. 58. east bay, 53. south bay, 54. throughout the day. sunny skies. returning. 83. trivalley. this weekend a lot going on. take a la look for a second. warm, for halloween. dry, and the evening. sunday, temperatures will drop by 10 degrees. going to feel nice. also a chance of scattered showers on sunday. if that is not enough for you. you want to remember to put the clocks back, one hour. hall when, a chance of showers, and ticktock don't forget them clocks. saturday night. reset the clocks. >> thank you for joining us. have a great thursday morning. >> bye-bye. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sandra bullock. rod stewart.


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