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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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council member intervened saying it's halloween, let's have some fun. >> maybe it's solar powered, too. >> that's a lot of work. >> from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. then cut the music. >> bye. > tonight, the fire emergency on the runway in florida. a packed jet suddenly bursts into flames. tonight the race to get out alive. injured passengers rushed to the hospital. what happened? is it panic time for jeb bush? in crisis mode, insisting his campaign isn't on life support after a dramatic and some say disastrous confrontation with his one-time protege marco rubio. late developments in a massive manhunt for an armed and dangerous fugitive who opened fire on a police officer. communities on lockdown. schools shut down. tonight the fbi may be closing in. flu shot concerns. is the vaccine less effective in people who take statins? the provocative new research leaving so many asking what to do.
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"nightly news" begins right now. this is nbc "night news" with lester holt. reporting tonight from los angeles. good evening. for the second time in this country in as many months, the frightening sight of smoke pouring from a burning commercial passenger plane had many fearing the worst. as it was, several of the more than 100 people aboard were injured while trying to flee a boeing 767 engulfed in thick smoke after an engine burst into flames at ft. lauderdale/hollywood international airport in florida. it happened as the jet was awaiting take-off on a flight bound for venezuela and comes weeks after a similar incident involving a british jetliner in las vegas. kerry sanders is at the airport with late details. >> reporter: dynamic air flight 405 just pulled away from the gate leaking fuel. >> dynamic, out of the left engine looks like
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it's leaking a lot of fuel. fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: within moments, the left engine erupted in fire. >> engine's on fire! >> reporter: doors opened, slides deployed and passengers scrambled for their lives. >> we saw the fire, people started freaking out. we just left. >> i heard loud bang. turned around, saw the light, saw flames. ran to the front of the aircraft. >> i heard people screaming, running to the front. i'm like what's happening? i turn around and look in the window and it's like flames all over the turbine of the plane. >> reporter: people recorded the billowing smoke. this woman says they took us out. it was an emergency. the plane was on fire. >> calmly, very calmly opened, smarted the procedure opening the door. the plane was still moving when this was going on. >> reporter: in all, 101 passengers and crew aboard evacuated the boeing 767 in just
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six minutes. in all, paramedics and emergency physicians treated more than 20 passengers. one in serious condition with a head injury. most believed injured in the panic to escape, not by the fire. firefighters had a long line where it appears a trail of fuel had been dripping from the plane before it caught fire. dynamic air based in greensboro, north carolina, is a charter airline that only began operations from ft. lauderdale to south america about six months ago. dynamic air is a small charter airline with only five planes in its fleet. tonight they have a representative here to answer questions for the national transportation safety board. the ntsb has a team here to examine the aftermath to determine what went wrong. meantime, as the airport was closed here for several hours today, 182 flights were delayed, 42 canceled. lester? >> scary moments. kerry sanders, thank
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you. there is fast-moving fallout from that dramatic confrontation in boulder. jeb bush struggling in the polls and needing a big breakout moment. he got one, but not in the way he imagined. he went on the attack against his one-time protege marco rubio
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performance is looking
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about substantive issues? >> reporter: a conservative war cheered on by the crowd. >> democrats have the ultimate super pac called the mainstream media. >> reporter: the new york times called on chris christie to drop out. his response? >> can't read the article because i don't have a subscription. i'm not going anywhere. that fiery exchange hours after this impassioned appeal about misplaced priorities. >> we have people out of work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we are talking about fantasy football? can we stop? >> reporter: carly fiorina tried to regain momentum. >> i may not be your dream candidate just yet, but i can assure you i'm hillary clinton's worst nightmare. >> reporter: a trump versus carson showdown never materialized. trump complimenting him today. >> we get along very well. we are laughing at each other last night. we're winking at each other. >> reporter: both
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campaigns claiming steady performances. unlikely to shake up the race. >> trump is not in any sort of trouble. he still has enviable poll numbers and still the republican party's front-runner. he's the one to beat. >> reporter: tonight rnc chairman strongly criticized cnbc's handling of the debate and tells nbc news they are considering format changes for future debates to encourage more candidate exchanges and fewer confrontations with moderators. for its part, cnbc says people who want to be president should be able to answer tough questions. lester? peter alexander and hallie jackson tonight, thanks. let's bring in our political director and moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. everybody wants to read so much into what happened in that debate last night. they're going to go at it again in less than three weeks. is it your bet we'll see the same people on the stage next time? >> i do think we'll see the same candidates at this point. there is no reason to get out now. you have that one debate. it's coming up literally in about two weeks. why not stick around? we are not going to see this field winnow until about thanksgiving.
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here what is we learned last night we know the establishment wing of the party is looking at jeb bush or marco rubio and the backups are kasich and christie. we know that the outsider lane of this primary is carson, trump and ted cruz. now i think what we are going to learn the next three weeks, can jeb bush right his ship? the pressure is really on him. it's on him to perform with donors, on him to perform with voters. the next debate, as important as this one was, now the next one is even that much more important. look, there's still a fluid field and plenty of time, but the pressure is on a lot of these candidates. jeb bush, first and foremost. >> chuck, thanks very much. >> you got it. a new era in washington as congressman paul ryan officially succeeds john boehner as the new speaker of the house, second in line to the presidency. it's a big generational shift, as well. ryan becomes the first speaker born in the 1970s. can the one-time vp
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candidate finally break the logjam and get congress to work? nbc's kelly o'donnell is on the hill where ryan said today, the house is broken. >> reporter: today the path to change in washington crossed a generation. outgoing house speaker john boehner ends a quarter century in congress. no longer bashful about tears. >> i leave the way i started, just a regular guy, humbled by the chance to do a big job. >> reporter: at 45, with school age kids, paul ryan becomes the youngest speaker since 1869. but this hand-over comes from a deep conflict within their own republican party. a tea party wing that resisted boehner at every turn and starts on fragile footing with speaker ryan. he faces conservative demand on no action on immigration and more fight over ideology like blocking funds for planned parenthood. >> we are not settling scores.
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we are wiping the slate clean. >> reporter: a day of ceremony, and yes, selfies. mitt romney who chose ryan as a running mate. >> i think he would be a wonderful speaker of the house. it will be wonderful to see him lead. >> reporter: boehner's exit clears the way for a fresh start, but a new era is on ryan's shoulders now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the capitol. there are a lot of questions remaining tonight about how an expensive unmanned military blimp got loose and drifted across two states wreaking havoc along the way. now that it's back down to earth, our tom costello tells us the military is using rather unconventional methods to retrieve it from where it's stuck. >> reporter: shotgun blasts in the pennsylvania countryside as the military pumped more than 100 rounds into the top secret blimp to let the last of the helium escape. then the delicate job of cutting it out of
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the trees. crews did manage to roll up the tail section which separated from the blimp. the mile-long tether that snagged utility lines causing 30,000 to lose power also cut into sections and carted away. >> biggest challenge is the fact it's a very steep terrain down there. there is a stream that runs through site. it's heavily wooded. >> reporter: it may take military helicopters to lift the rest of the blimp out of the forest. the pentagon now reports the blimp costs $235 million, not $1.3 billion as it first said. a test program for a 360-degree airborne radar watching the east coast for enemy missiles or drones. it was turned off in april and never spotted a protester flying a gyrocopter to capitol hill. the army can't explain how the blimp broke free and drifted 150 miles across pennsylvania. local residents are thankful it missed a nearby nuclear power plant. >> i'm surprised it got this far. i can't understand that they weren't able to control it somehow to bring it down.
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>> reporter: and coming down here of all places, where the amish spurn all things modern. >> things are quiet here. we see a deer, turkey or bear, but we don't see blimps. >> reporter: the military will likely use a chinook helicopter to lift the blimp out of the forest. it's about 10,000 pounds and they want to clear away as much of the vegetation and trees as they can so they don't cause more damage as they lift it up and out. >> tom costello in pennsylvania, thank you. concerns about taking statins that millions use to lower their cholesterol and the effect those drugs may be having on your flu shot. we want to bring in our medical contributor dr. natalie azar. do statins lessen the effectiveness of the flu vaccine? and what are people supposed to do? >> we are not sure yet. this might be a case of drugs having an unintended consequence. you have a good set of
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drugs. they have a negative outcome, we are trying to investigate it whether that's the case. these two reported studies today suggest perhaps the people who use statins could have a dampened response to the flu vaccine and also which could render them less effective. i think a really important message for people to understand is that this is far from definitive. this is more hypothesis-generating. more studies need to be done. a few important take homes would be we are not recommending that patients who are on statins forego the flu vaccine and we are not recommending if you want to get the flu vaccine you should stop your stat continues. this is something to discuss with your physician. if you're over the age of 65, you want to ask for the high dose vaccine, as well. >> dr. natalie azar, good to have you here. thank you. hot on the trail. potential break of a manhunt of a fugitive accused of shooting police in two states.
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why authorities believe they may be closing in on a man they call extremely dangerous. terrifying moments high above the ground when a skydiver gets trapped underneath an airplane.
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there is late word a fugitive considered armed and dangerous may have been spotted in southern kentucky. a manhunt was launched after the suspect wanted on drug warrants allegedly shot an officer. schools were closed in the area for three days as police, the fbi and u.s. marshals searched.
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now as our gabe gutierrez explains from springfield, tennessee, they may have the break they've been waiting for. >> reporter: tonight, an active search in cumberland county, kentucky, for 62-year-old boyd cook after a possible sighting late today. the manhunt began saturday afternoon. police say cook, a convicted rapist and robber, opened fire on an officer during a traffic stop near the tennessee/kentucky border. the bulletproof vest saved him but cook escaped and disappeared after a shootout with a kentucky state trooper later that night. >> he's definitely armed and extremely dangerous. he will grow increasingly desperate over the next several days. >> reporter: since then, the u.s. marshals' office and fbi joined the search with neighborhoods in two states on edge. >> we're still searching. >> reporter: overnight in whitehouse, tennessee, two of cook's known associates were arrested after a foot
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chase. their car spotted at a gas station. cook was initially believed to be inside. >> my husband saw a shadow over behind that shed over there. >> reporter: betty saw one of the suspect's running through her yard and called 911. police swarmed the area. >> he could be in the woods, he could be held up in somebody's basement. there could be a hostage situation. they are doing the fugitive investigation, conducting interviews, setting up surveillance. >> reporter: as the search heats up, this area is on high alert. >> i hope he gets captured so we can sleep at night again. >> reporter: at this hour, authorities in kentucky confirm that a sheriff's deputy spotted the suspect after he walked up to a home and asked for a ride. then he ran away. they set up a perimeter and plan to work through the night. >> gabe, thank you. we are back in a moment with good news if you're about to book a flight for the holidays.
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high drama caught
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on camera in peru. a skydiver left dangling underneath a plane when he went to jump and the leg of his suit got caught on the step. unable to free himself, he hung upside down for nearly 30 minutes as the pilot flew in circles. he was finally able to reach a knife, cutting off part of his pants before falling, pulling his reserve chute and making a safe landing with just a cut on his hand. good news if you're flying on the inside of the plane for the holidays. if you haven't booked yet, "wall street journal" says no problem. tickets for a lot of busy routes are reportedly getting cheaper this year. a round trip from san francisco to las vegas is 33% lower than last year. from chicago to new york, the price is 26% lower. here in california, powerful winds are whipping through the state in what's being called the first major santa ana wind event of the season. a red flag warning has been issued as winds spread. a blaze in santa
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barbara county, 70 acres and counting, more than 100 firefighters using everything they have, including a dc-10 air tanker to get it under control. when we come back, the mystery why a record number of sharks are swimming closer to the west coast and why it may foretell a historic event yet to come. a man who is both -- father and
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uncle-- to the same child. how a bay area geneticist solved this medical mystery. ===take vo jess=== plus, gun in hand, a local officer confronts a man with a cellphone camera. now, we learn the officer's fate. ===next close=== next.
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finally tonight, a record number of sharks, many of them great whites are swimming here off the west coast. researchers think they know why. as they tell nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer, the sheer number of these creatures may show el nino is already hitting the region. >> reporter: lurking in shallow waters just off the coast of southern california. >> that shark 33119 is within 500 yards of us right now. >> reporter: marine biologists are tracking a juvenile six foot great white shark. they are here off huntington beach in numbers scientists haven't seen before. chris lowe has been tagging and tracking these predators for nearly a decade. the great whites may be an indicator el nino conditions are here and strengthened.
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>> last two winters, none of the animals we tagged had migrated. we think that has to do with water temperature. >> reporter: even a slight rise in temperature means more food. more fish staying put. researchers are teaming with huntington beach police. within minutes we found our first great white shark. hammerheads and great whites are close to shore. though rarely aggressive, there have been encounters. >> this el nino has the potential, if it continues to build, to be a record breaker. >> reporter: experts say el nino will deliver storms, floods and mudslides that could alter our landscape. already, the ecosystem in the ocean is changing. >> we get a whole new food chain that typically isn't part of southern california's ecosystem showing up during el nino. >> reporter: perhaps nature's early warning system, as el nino builds.
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miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> that will do it for this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. touch me!" runs :02 quic! ==jess/vo== confrontation in the streets between a man armed with camera and a bay area officer with his service revolver drawn. now. >> you don't touch me, you don't touch me. confrontation in the streets with a man armed with a camera and an officer with his service revolver drawn. the video surfaced recently, now, why it has been deemed reasonable. no wrongdoing by that officer. today follows a two-month internal investigation. now, the lawyer representing the
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man who was involved in the encounter says the fight is not over yet. the city is standing by the police officer, what is the fallout here? >> reporter: yes, raj, he is definitely standing by him and was sent here to check on parking violations at first, but things escalated quickly. >> put your gun down, really. >> this is the culture that exists here. >> reporter: dan beck is the lawyer for the resident who filmed this incident with officer david rodriguez in july. the officer seen here says that the man showed anger, that is why he got out of the patrol car. >> never happened. he got out of his patrol car. raised his gun. >> reporter: macomes was never arrested, but beck filed this claim against the city today, calling the encounter harassment. >> the


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