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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it is friday october 30th. coming up on "early today," breaking news, a convicted rapist on the run from police has been shot and killed. then to the senate burning the midnight oil in a deal that might help end washington grid locke. then to a troubled jeb bush who is campaign has reached a pivotal point after the tussle are marco rubio. plus, why do certain people love to be afraid? the science of fear? on this halloween eve, today starts now. i'm paige hopkins. authorities have shot and killed a wanted man for attempted murder of a tennessee police
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officer. floyd ray cooke had been on the run nearly a week. overnight authorities found cook while searching near a residence just off a kentucky highway. he was armed with a handgun and a shoot out occurred with kentucky state police and a u.s. marshal. cook was wounded and pronounced dead at the scene not. officers injured. also a budget deal will fund the government through 2017 and also suspends the debt ceiling until march 2017. that bill passed with 18 republicans joining all democrats in voting yes. the house passed their version on wednesday as part of outgoing house speaker boehner's effort to clean out the barn for incoming speaker paul ryan. the bill now goes to obama's desk for his senior. and this morning, jeb bush and marco rubio are going in opposite directions.
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bush is dealing with the fallout from a disappointing debate where his attack on rubio was a big swing and miss. and voters are taking notice. nbc tracked him down yesterday. >> a conference call that you said you were going to get better at this. what are you going to do to get better at this zwr we got eight more debates. i'm gonna have to do what other candidates do. which is rudely interrupt. not answer the questions asked and hopefully the debate monitors will ask better questions as well. >> and rubio has his own problems. his low senate attendance record has him in the bull's eye. senator minority leader harry reid told rubio abandoned the senate and he should resign. it takes a lot of chutzpah to
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compare himself to mccain and obama. we have two reports. >> jeb bush now forced to wonder whether today marks the beginning of a end or a comeback. >> we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. >> bush on defense as what many viewed as the dismal debate night defined by a punch that didn't land against rubio and his missed senate votes. >> you can campaign or just resign and let somebody else take the job. >> yorm you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you are doing it now is someone's convinced you it is going to help. >> i do think it ought to show up and work for crying out loud. >> a strategy add advocating even some smothupporters. he still has money muscle, his brother fundraising in washington. but donors could defect if
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something doesn't change soon. >> you never want to be answering questions the day after a debate about whether your campaign is on life support or not. >> the calls to reset his message, coming after months of falling fortunes for the former favorite. the six month slide taking a toll on his attitude. >> i got a lot of cool things i could do other than sit around and being miserable. >> bush picked up a key establishment endorsement in new hampshire. and establishing a confidence he hopes supporters will feel. >> reporter: this is peter alexander in washington, where ted cruz fresh off a commanding debate performance is looking to make his next stand. the texas senator abruptly postponing a swing. and radio and cruz's campaigns
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have seen a fundraising spike. roughly a million dollars each since last night where cruz unleashed a missile against the media and the moderators. >> donald trump are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? how about talking about the issues people care about? >> the dma"new york times" call on chris christie to drop out. his response, can't read the article because i don't have a subscription. i'm not going anywhere. that fiery exchange just houred after this impassioned appeal about misplaced priority. >> we have people out of work. with we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. can we stop? [ applause ] >> carly fiorina tried to regain momentum. >> i may not be your dream candidate just yet but i can assure you i'm hillary clinton's worst nightmare.
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>> trump complementing him today. >> we're getting along. we're winking at each other. >> both campaigns saying steady performances unlikely to shake up the race. >> trump is not in trouble. he still has the poll numbers. he's still the republican part's front runner. still the one to beat. we have dramatic images from a near disaster in flort laud dale airport yesterday. a passenger jet caught fire moments before takeoff. luckily no serious injuries. >> passengers and other planes got the dramatic scene on video. at florida's fort lauderdale airport. the plane was fully loaded with fuel and preparing to takeoff to caracas venezuela. that is when the crew of a plane behind it reported seeing fuel
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leaking. >> any time you have a fully fueled aircraft taxiing with an engine fire, fire and fuel don't mix at an airport. anywhere for that matter. >> soon after takeoff the engine caught fire. two emergency chutes deployed and everybody quickly evacuated. >> we got out and started running to the grass as far away from the airplane as possible. >> one person sustained a head injury. most were believed to have been injured during the quick evacuation and not by the fire. >> this was an incident, versus a disaster. >> all though fire crews had the fire under control in less than ten minutes the airport remained closed three hours. dynamic is a charter airline based in north carolina with just a few regularly scheduled flight, mainly to south america
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each week. there is a big question that still needs answering this morning. how did an an expensive unmanned military blimp get loose and drift across two states wreaking havoc along the what i? tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: shotgun blasts in the pennsylvania countryside. as the many itry pumped more than a hundred rounds into the top secret blimp to let the last of the helium escape. then cutting it out of the trees. crews did manage to roll up the tail section. the mile long tether that snagged utility lines and caused power outages also cut into sections and carted away. >> very steep terrain down there. a stream runs through the sight and it's heavily wooded. >> it may take military helicopters to lift the rest of the blimp out the forest.
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the blimp cost $235 million. not 1.3 billion as first said. a test program for 360 degrees airborne radar watching the east coast for missiles or drones. i was turned off in april whenever never spotting a jie ro copter flying to capitol hill. local residents are thank it it missed a nearby nuclear power plant. and coming down here of all places where the amish still spurn all things modern. >> that was tom costello reporting. a big recall. honda is alerting owners of 300,000 accords. the problem, is air bogs could deploy without being in a crash. if a door is, quote, forcefully slammed with the ignitionen the side air bags could deploy. they are aware of 19 minor injuries related to that.
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and in peru a sky diverer was jumping out of plain when the leg of his suit got caught leaving him dangling in the air. he hung upside down for 30 minutes while the pilot flew in circles. he finally freed himself. pulled the reserve chute and made a safe landing. remarkably his only injury a cut on his hand. >> and her third consecutive all around title in scotland. she landed the best vault of the night that catapulted her to first place overall. edging out american teammate gabby douglas who finished in second. and now here is nbc's meteorologist bill karins. >> she's just all muscle and graceful. amazing she's not more of a household name. behaven't had the olympics yet. the first batch of heavy rain is moving into the northwest. this is the first of many this
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weekend. from seattle down i-5 and specially higher elevations a good soaking rain. and winds too. as far as the totals go we're not talking off the chart type rain. we have flood watches in the area. here are the rainfall totals for the three day period today through sunday. obviously the higher amounts will be in the cascades. lower amounts down through portland, olympia and seattle. but you are still going to get periods of rarn. wind swept rain too. at most some areas up to a foot of rain. in a serious drought in the northwest too. not as bad as comfortable. but we'll take every drop we can get. we don't want to ruin halloween though. and that it is issue. halloween day, still a chance of rain. stlak city looks good and then threw your trick or treat forecast, the only two problem spots in the country, louisiana
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and up here in washington state. you can see where the clouds deck ends. from redding, plenty of sunshine today and warm temperatures. and don't forget as we go into sunday november 1st, change the clocks. >> fall back. >> that's right. >> thank you bill. find out how a dancing cop managed to diffuse a tense situation plus getting obama's attenti attentions. even during the holidays, you get used to smelly odors
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when he was 18. he'll have to register as the sex offender. he's current on bail pending appeal. and the house has a new speaker. paul ryan, and he wants to turn the page between the divisions within the gop. >> we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> the 45-year-old is the youngest speaker since 1869. he replaces john boehner as second in line to the presidency. you may have seen this viral video of a washington d.c. police officer who used a danceoff to break up a fight in the park. even got the attention of president obama who tweeted who knew community policing could involve the nae nae. obama praised the officer saying in part the viral video is reflective in part of the many police actions that take place daily in washington d.c. good moves. and just ahead. a triple over time college
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this morning on today, say it every halloween. how can they possibly top last year. the today show team will unveil kon costumes.
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it's tradition. don't miss it. we begin with thursday night football. pats, dolphins. tom brady, 356 yards and 4 touchdowns. and pats remain undefeated. final 36-7. next to cincy and arizona state taking on oregon. before the game a moving tribute to pat tillman, who was killed in afghanistan while serving. the game itself went into triple overtime. the ducks came out on type 61-55. and tcu taking on west virginia in texas. the horn frogs strike first and cruise to the easy victory. in north carolina. the tar heels striking early and often as they extend their six game winning streak with the win over the panthers. now to the stinkers of the day.
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and i'm talking about the adults in the stands who snagged a puck from a kid. the disappointed youngster was later rewarded with not only a puck but also this sweet jersey. love it. paige back to you. >> thanks betty. just ahead, george and amal are welcoming a new edition. and plus jimmy kimmel is in the spooky spirit. or something like that. ® have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats®
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now to entertainment, ellen degeneres in spite ofs adele's latest "hello" this week. >> the connection is bad. did you say you're eating beets? >> i love the old cell phone. >> george and amal have a new edition to their family. the couple adopted a four-year-old basset hound name milli. >> i'm done. i'm not doing the show. i'm not doing the show. >> justin bieber cut a concert short in norway due to disruptive fans. sadly it's ban rough week for me. the front row would not listen. en i don't always handle things the right way. i'm be sure to make it up to you
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next time. with love, justin. the foo fighters have started a mysterious countdown clock. for what? it could be a new album. or even their new docu-series sonic highways. we'll keep you updated. and last night princess leia sat down with hanzo low himself harrison ford. >> what are you? >> i'm your lover. you don't remember me from the 70s? we had quite a thing. >> i'm paige hopkins. and this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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leaving the news in the huffington post. road kill grill? feast on street meat at vermont festival. proffering selections such as deer, bear and musk rat for a $75 feet. according to pita, road kill is a healthier option than store bought meats pumped full of antibiotics. however some experting say it may pose some risk. and official halloween costume consultants. students check to see if their costume is politically correct.
4:27 am
the fliers contain the numbers e-mails of costume officials. and what's the science behind the fear factor? kate zachary explains. >> you either love halloween or you run from it. for those who thrive on the thrills, we wanted to know why. what makes people choose to be scared? >> face value it seems sort of counterintuitive that we would look to do or em braes things that are actually fearful. some of it has to do with the release of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. for some it actually creates a pleasurab pleasurable sensation to be scared. and that sense of reward encouraging people to go back for more of the same. >> in the weeks leading up to the holiday philadelphia's eastern state penitentiary
4:28 am
offers "there are behind the walls." people line the block for it. it is also a time when er visits go up. they see more people from this location in october than any other time of year. >> a lot of time it is minor trauma. we don't see very much major trauma fortunately. people with medical conditions, heart attacks. people who pass out just because they are scared. it is something called a vagal response. you drop your blood pressure and pass out. and just collapse. >> now a look ahead. the white house will host its trick or treat event for local military families. it is an annual event hosted by the president and first lady. white house staffers hand out candy to well-dressed little ones. happy birthday to glee actor. and hey, the fonz himself, henry winkler turning 70.
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aim paige hopkins. thanks for watching "early today." today." why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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into the night, finally hammering out a budget deal. yet members of one party are washington lawmakers work late into the night finally hammering out a budget deal, and yes, members of one party are still raising red flags, worried that tax players will get stuck with a hefty bill. a san francisco dentist claiming to run a pot friendly office now facing serious charges for his medical practice. plus, a hazardous material situation at a ritzy hotel. how a hospital trip ended up on the itinerary for some bay area travelers. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. so far


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