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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 31, 2015 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- ted danson. from mlb network, baseball analysts kevin millar and sean casey. "the walking dead" creator-writer robert kirkman. featuring the 8g band. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] very happy to hear. let's get to the news. house republicans announced a sudden postponement to a vote to elect john boehner's replacement after speakership front-runner kevin mccarthy declared himself
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unfit for the job. though i think he just got scared of how difficult that job must be when he found out that john boehner is only 31 years-old. [ laughter ] despite claiming last week that he would have rushed the oregon shooter to save lives, dr. ben carson yesterday recounted how he was once held up at gunpoint in a popeye's chicken and told the gunman, "i believe you want the guy behind the counter." [ laughter ] so we know at least one guy who's definitely not voting for ben carson. [ laughter ] why would you tell him that? republican presidential hopeful john kasich made fun of a young woman at a campaign event this week by calling on her for a question and saying, "i'm sorry, i don't have any taylor swift tickets." then this morning, taylor swift announced that john kasich is out of the squad. [ laughter ] the winner of the nobel peace prize will be announced
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tomorrow, and german chancellor angela merkel is considered the front-runner. though the chancellor says if she wins, it would be nothing short of a merkel. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] dear diary, they felt bad for me. [ groans ] [ laughter ] officials in los angeles are trying to find out which resident of the wealthy suburb of bel-air is using 1,300 gallons of water per day, which is equivalent to flushing the toilet 6,400 times. but they're starting to zero in on a man known only as uncle phil. [ laughter ] justin bieber was spotted on the beach in bora bora this week
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walking around completely nude. so if you were on the beach in bora bora this week, you saw a dick and his penis. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the photos of justin bieber naked in bora bora showed that he got the word "purpose" tattooed over his belly button. when asked why, he said, "because they're like dolphins, but cooler." [ laughter ] if that joke worked, would have been a merkel. [ laughter ] an entrepreneur is coming out with a new line of cdoms named after the phrase "netflix and chill." though it's a lot of pressure, because as soon as you're done, the next one opens automatically. [ laughter ]
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kfc was forced to apologize this week after a customer was served a bowl of gravy with a label that had explicit language. i'm guessing it said, "who eats a [ bleep ] bowl of gravy?" [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] general motors has announced they're recalling 32,000 cars, primarily buicks. so if you're a buick owner -- [ yelling ] gm is recalling buicks! [ laughter and applause ] and finally, according to a new study on migrating tree frogs -- wait. i'm sorry, i could be wrong here, but i think i smell some smoke and that could only mean one thing. it's time for "ya burnt!" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome to the burn
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zone! we've got a lot of topics to sizzle through and not a lot of time. over here is the burner. let's turn on the gas and load 'er up. woo! [ laughter ] first up, american apparel. hey, american apparel, you just declared bankruptcy. i suppose we should have figured you were broke when you stopped feeding and clothing your models. [ laughter ] and how come there's no apparel in the ad? how am i supposed to know what the clothes look like when all i see is a naked lady waking up from a xanax nap? that's like if cheerios did a commercial, but instead of having a kid enjoy the delicious bowl of cereal, it was a naked lady waking up from a xanax nap. american apparel, it's time to cover up, because ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] ah, the group text. finally a chance to catch up with my best buds, steve, greg and 347-555- 0192. [ laughter ] once you get a group text it's impossible to get rid of.
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it is the herpes of digital messaging. also, never add your mom to a group text. she doesn't know it's a group text and she's definitely going to embarrass you. "happy new years, guys." "thanks, sweetie. also we took buster to the vet, because he kept rubbing his anus on the kitchen tile." "mom, you're embarrassing me in front of 347-555-0192." group text, you blew up my phone. now i'm blowing you up 'cause ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] ah, the flu. you show up once a year and keep me on the couch unable to move for 72 hours. you might be responsible for every single person who saw season three of "house of cards." and sick people, please don't come to work with the flu. if you've got hot lava coming out of both ends, i don't want to see you rooting around the office fridge for almond milk. also flu virus, stop mutating, you're a disease not a ninja turtle. also, i don't want to get my flu shot at cvs. am i supposed to trust a cvs employee to inject me with a
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free version of a dormant disease? their second most important job is unlocking the razors. side burn, cvs. >> side burn. >> hey, the flu, f.u., ya burnt. ah, squash, the vegetable that's named after the sound it makes when you throw it off your plate in disgust. you ever get the good look at the inside of an acorn squash? it would make a crime scene investigator barf. and spaghetti squash, who the hell do you think you're fooling? i don't care how many bolognese you cover yourself in, i'll never be drunk enough to think you're pasta. and ornamental gourds, why are your necks so skinny? are you trying to model for american apparel. double burn, american apparel. >> double burn. >> seth: hey squash, someone must have left you in the oven too long because ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] $5 umbrellas. that's right. for just $5, you can have all the shelter of an old windbreaker stretched across a
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busted-up bicycle wheel. i'd stay drier if i just held a $5 bill over my head. at least in an hour i'd still have it. oh, and that button on the umbrella handle, just label it what it is, the self-destruct button. not to mention the slightest breeze and i look like i'm in a fistfight with a giant mechanical spider. $5 umbrellas, i may be wet, but you, ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] potpourri. the french word for axe body spray. who came up with you? was someone like, "this room would smell so much better with a bunch of dead gutter leaves." and stop putting potpourri on the table. that's where the food goes. and yeah, i say that because i once ate potpourri at a party. >> he's too embarrassed to spit it out. >> seth: potpourri, you're just kindling now because ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] automated voice messages. i didn't make a phone call just so i can have a robot not understand me. i want a human to not understand
12:46 am
me. immigrants aren't stealing our jobs, robots are and they're not even good at them. >> i'm good at my job. >> seth: i wasn't talking about you. i know you're good at your job. >> apologize. >> seth: you're right, i'm sorry. >> i didn't catch that. could you repeat? >> seth: representative. >> i didn't catch that. could you repeat? >> seth: representative! >> all our representatives are currently assisting other talk show hosts. >> seth: all right. you know what? automated voice messages, my temper isn't the only thing that's red hot, because ya burnt. up next, true love -- [ buzzer ] oh, that buzzer means we've run out of time. this has been "ya burnt." [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. there was a time in my life, no kidding, where the three most important things in my life were the television show "cheers," baseball and comic books, which
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makes this a very exciting show for me tonight. from the new fx show "fargo," ted danson is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] one of my favorite shows last year, i cannot wait for season two. also, they are mlb network baseball analysts, kevin millar and sean casey are back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] and he's the creator of amc's "the walking dead," comic book writer robert kirkman joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be a good one. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. before we continue, give it up for the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] working hard for us, the 8g band. and a quick moment some shameless meyers family promotion. there's a new show on amazon prime called "red oaks." it premieres tomorrow night. it's wonderful. my brother josh meyers is one of the cast members. so please check that out. that was your shameless meyers family promotion. [ cheers and applause ] now, we mentioned it earlier, this afternoon the political world was shocked when kevin mccarthy, the man thought most likely to replace john boehner as speaker of the house, abruptly dropped out and
12:52 am
as of right now there's no clear candidate to take over. so for more on this, it's time for a segment we're calling, "is there a speaker in the house?" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so the trouble began for mccarthy when he inadvertently revealed in an interview with fox news that the benghazi committee set up by republicans was just an attempt to torpedo hillary clinton's standing in the polls. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> seth: the comments outraged democrats who said, "we knew it!" and republicans who said, "now they know it!" [ laughter ] still, despite the gaffe as of recently as this morning, mccarthy was confident in his ability to win and so was the media. >> just moments ago kevin mccarthy walked by me. he insisted that he is going to be okay, that he's going to get the vote. >> there is no doubt that kevin mccarthy will win this vote. >> seth: that confidence
12:53 am
apparently lasted for less than four hours because at noon mccarthy met with republicans and dropped his bid. reportedly telling colleagues, "i'm not the one." [ light laughter ] the news was a shock, but in washington, d.c., when something unexpected happens, people always keep their cool. >> legislative chaos. >> and the chaos. >> and you have chaos. >> chaos. >> chaos. >> chaos. [ laughter ] >> seth: there are even reports that some republicans were crying when mccarthy made the announcement, and they were asked about those claims by reporters after the meeting. >> the person next to me was crying. >> who was that? >> that's none of your business. [ laughter ] >> seth: i think we all know who it was. [ applause ] somebody was crying. we know who it was. the chaos of mccarthy's announcement wasn't helped by the fact that acoustics in the room where the republicans met were terrible. here's congressman peter king describing the big moment. >> were you stunned? >> yeah, most people weren't even sure what he said.
12:54 am
the sound system was not good. >> seth: so, to clarify, the republicans not only can't find a house speaker, they can't even find actual speakers. [ laughter ] also, let's play out that clip because it looks like alaska congressman don young is about to enter the fray. maybe he can help clarify the situation. >> and they had -- >> move it out of the way. >> that's what he said. >> okay, let's go. >> did he say he's -- >> let's go. [ laughter ] >> seth: get out of my way! i need to find a speaker! [ laughter ] in his defense, don young was in a hurry because his horse and buggy were parked in a loading zone. [ laughter ] here's why what happened today is important. one of you our two major parties is in total disarray. the republicans control congress but they can't even agree on a leader. and whoever does get that job is going to hate it because it's the worst job on earth. for the time being boehner has agreed to stay on until the republicans pick a replacement. others have suggested that he just stay on indefinitely. so what about that, john boehner? is there any chance we could convince you to stay on as speaker for the next couple of years? >> hell no, you can't!
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[ laughter ] >> seth: this has been, "is there a speaker in the house?" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with ted danson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, mom! i'm moving out! what do you mean? well, after all a man just needs his car and a wireless plan he can afford. dear, look at your brother! he switched to verizon and he's still here because it cost him so darned much. relax! i'm switching to sprint. and they have unlimited data starting at 20 bucks a month! [applause] if your plan is to fly solo, only sprint gives you starter unlimited data for $20 a month. so you never have to worry about unexpected overages. no credit required.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest tonight is an emmy and golden globe winning actor who you know from the iconic show "cheers" as well as "curb your enthusiasm" and "csi." you can see him next in the second season of "fargo," which premieres monday, october 12th. let's take a look. >> how's betsy? >> you mean, you didn't call her before you came over? >> well, yeah. just being polite. give you a chance to talk about your feelings should you be so disposed. >> she's good. yep.
1:00 am
>> ordered this kit of a recipe cards. saw it on the tv. so now, every night we eat delicacies of the world. >> some men like that. variety. >> seth: please welcome to the show, ted danson. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i'm so happy and honored to have you here. >> i'm so happy to be here. it feels like we're doing make believe, though, because usually we're sitting around on a porch or -- >> seth: we're lucky enough -- i'm lucky enough to know you through my wife's family. >> yeah. >> seth: and so this is nice to be somewhere where we're actually not having to listen to my father-in-law do karaoke while we're trying to have a conversation. [ laughter ] we don't have to talk over him doing country music. this is great for me. first of all, i have to ask, quite a beard. that was not a fake beard. >> yeah. >> seth: you grew the full
1:01 am
beard. >> yeah. yeah, yeah. >> seth: were you happy? did you like the beard? >> looked good, felt horrible. >> seth: okay. >> hated it. >> seth: you hated it. >> and who -- you know, kissing was not fun any more. >> seth: yeah. >> because it just bounces back and stabs you in the face. [ laughter ] kind of like wearing a burqa. no, i didn't enjoy it. as soon as they said cut. >> seth: yeah. now, your beautiful wife mary steenburgen, she's on "last man on earth." >> yeah. they're good friends. >> seth: so she's with somebody who's got a worse beard -- >> huge! >> seth: your beard must have looked wonderful to her. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, that's true. >> seth: yeah. >> compared to -- i mean, that's monstrously big. >> seth: it's a real -- it is a monstrous -- it's a monstrous beard. >> yeah, it is. >> seth: if a beard had a monster it would look like will forte's beard. [ light laughter ] >> and he shaved it off once and started all over again. >> seth: yeah. totally fine. >> so the guys -- >> seth: he'll never wear a fake beard, will forte. >> no. a very manly man. >> seth: he wants the real thing. yeah. and you have been married 20 years now. >> yes. >> seth: you just had your 20th anniversary. >> and you just did your -- >> seth: second. >> second. >> seth: on the second we got married -- that's fine. >> you got -- >> fine. hey. [ cheers and applause ] you gotta start somewhere. >> you do. you build up to that, you know. >> seth: he had a second, too. [ light laughter ] but you got -- we both got
1:02 am
married on martha's vineyard. >> yeah. >> seth: that's where my wife had always wanted to be married. you had -- you did not have security issues at your wedding because you had - - you invited some guests who have built-in security with them. >> yeah, my wife mary has known the clintons since, you know. >> seth: she's from arkansas. >> yeah. they both grew up in arkansas and she won an oscar about the time that he was first term governor. so, he's really is like her, you know, older brother and he gave her away at our wedding. so, we literally, we had a set of paparazzi anywhere near us. we had stinger missiles at our disposal. [ laughter ] some kids who were, you know, adults didn't see this, some kids saw -- you know, you see the secret service in the thing, in a suit. >> seth: yeah. >> you see 'em. the guys you don't see are in these little black masks in the woods. you never see them. [ light laughter ] >> seth: wow. >> one paparazzi made it through the bushes and stood up like this with a camera, a couple of uzis were pointing at his head. so it was very effective. very effective. [ laughter ]
1:03 am
>> seth: i would like that for the guy who gives the rambly best man speech. just always an uzi there and they just shuffle him out. >> and you did have one of those didn't you? >> seth: yeah. we had some ramblers. we had some good old-fashioned ramblers. you were obviously a big -- >> did will talk at your -- did he -- >> seth: will forte talked at my wedding and we filmed it and when he came on the show we tried to show a clip of it and there was only about 15 seconds that were appropriate for network television. [ laughter ] he said some very offensive things. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: but it was a delight. it was a full delight. yeah. my wife knew what she was getting into. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. now, you obviously well -- so well known for "cheers" over the years and comedy, then in recent years you're wonderful on the show "damages," "csi" and now "fargo" which was one of my favorite show last year. >> yeah. >> seth: is it fun for you to do these sort of -- i mean obviously there's a lot of humor in the show, but it's also very dark. >> very dark, very dark. and you know, it's the writing. you know, as a writer, you go where the writing is. and noah hawley is so good. he really can tell a great story.
1:04 am
that format attracts i think really interesting writers because you have ten hours to tell your story. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> a feature film is what, an hour and a half, two hours? you get ten hours to develop characters. >> seth: and it's wonderful. also, you're not stuck in that world of hey that first season went great, we're gonna do another ten hours. >> right. >> seth: because this is a completely different cast. >> this is a prequel. yeah. >> seth: and i think that's really nice. these shows now you have more faith in the creators when you know that they are -- when they started knowing the end is ten. >> right. >> seth: and like the first season had such a wonderful arch because of that. >> and you get wonderful actors, patrick wilson, kirsten dunst, jesse plemons, some really great people show up. >> seth: i watched the first two episodes and it's great. i can't recommended it enough. >> i'm so glad you liked it. >> seth: you also, you talk about working with great writers. you worked with larry david, who's a friend of yours as well. you were on "curb your enthusiasm." >> wait, yeah, he's not a great writer. [ laughter ] he -- it's all improvised. >> seth: uh-huh. >> so that's not great writing. that's just -- those are great little rough outlines. [ laughter ] >> seth: sure. >> right? >> seth: yeah, so you're saying, like, this is a bit of a sham. >> sham, total sham.
1:05 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: what is it like, because you're actually friends with larry. is being friends with larry close to what it's like being friends with larry on the show, "curb?" >> yes. yes. [ laughter ] and your job -- your job is the same. your job is to insult him and push him into a corner and make him more larry. [ laughter ] cause what comes out is just this wonderful explosion of larry. >> seth: what's it like when you like meet him at a -- like when you go out. >> yeah. this -- it's a true story. you'd show up, he says, "let's all have dinner." two or three couple, you show up to the restaurant, maybe three minutes early, you know. and then you go to the table and he's halfway through his entree. [ laughter ] literally 'cause he decided, well, there's something else i think i'd rather do. this is larry. he has absolutely no social graces. [ laughter ] and the trouble with his success is he gets to be more larry. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. right. >> it's like you've -- the world's given him license. >> seth: right. no one says you have to change because he's been so successful. why would you change if you were
1:06 am
him? >> yeah. i think it's come up since his broadway play. >> seth: oh, right. >> which it was wonderful, but he couldn't walk off. >> seth: like during the show. >> during the show. cause he used to do that. he would do stand-up, he was famous for halfway through, you know, two minutes into his stand-up and if the audience wasn't behaving the way he wants he'd just, you know, [ bleep ] you and walk off. [ laughter ] literally walk off. and you can't do that on broadway. >> seth: no, on broadway you can't. >> so he suffered. >> seth: especially at those ticket prices. [ light laughter ] you're finest work -- >> and he's my hero. >> seth: yeah, he's the best. >> he's my hero. >> seth: my favorite was i remember one of the first times i went to the vineyard, i ran into him there. and i was very excited to talk to him, but i said, you know, "how long have you been coming here?" and he said, you know, "i've been coming here for years." and i said, "do you like it?" and he went, "no." [ laughter ] >> you know, his name for the island is, "awkward island." [ laughter ] >> seth: that i get. that i track. you've done so much work, as i mentioned, i'm such a fan of yours from "cheers." but -- your finest work, and i
1:07 am
think you can agree, are the aramis perfume ads. >> yes, yes. that was me at my height. [ laughter ] >> seth: so this is, what are we talking, late '70s was this? >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: okay, it was before "cheers." >> before you. >> seth: before me. [ laughter ] okay. i just -- this is the definition of dashing. this is what even today a timeless -- >> yes. >> seth: let's just take a look real quick at this work. >> so i have to as well? >> seth: yeah. ♪ >> aramis, you have excellent taste. >> thank you. ♪ >> the aramis shaving cologne -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: the best! >> short little story, the head of the advertising agent that put those together he watched me right before one of the shoots for cologne from aramis and he went, "no, no, no. not on your skin." [ laughter ]
1:08 am
"wait, what?" "clothes, on your clothes." >> seth: oh my goodness. >> "not your skin." >> seth: that's -- i feel like that legally should be a tagline. [ laughter ] aramis, not on your skin. thank you so much for being here. >> yeah. >> seth: it's so great to see you. >> you too. >> seth: as always. [ cheers and applause ] ted danson, everybody. "fargo" season two premieres monday, october 12th on fx. it's great. we'll be right back with kevin millar and sean casey. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guests are former major league baseball players who can currently be seen on mlb network. one is the host of "intentional talk" and the only is an analyst for "mlb tonight." welcome back to the show, kevin millar and sean casey. [ applause ] ♪ >> seth: i love it. these are the gift t-shirts we leave in the back. not a lot of people decide to throw them on and wear them out. [ laughter ] >> i'll be honest with you, that's why we come back is for the gift bag. and you know, look at this, he's got a fitbit watch on. [ laughter ] so he's counting his steps. right, and i got my pamela anderson barbed wire tattoo through the shirt. >> seth: this is great. >> it was so great. i pulled out the gift bag. and i'm 6-4, 245 pounds, an out of shape slob, and he gave me a
1:14 am
large. [ laughter ] we want to thank you. >> seth: i know you guys have worn a lot of great uniforms over the years. but seeing you in the baby blues of "late night with seth meyers." [ laughter ] >> just look at the gut, please. seriously. >> you guys can still play the big leagues, too. we did. [ laughter ] >> seth: so this is the postseason. you guys must be excited about postseason baseball. >> awesome. i mean, last night's game started off with arrieta and obviously, cole mr. gerrit cole. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: some cubs fans here tonight. congratulations. >> there you go. but you're looking at that kind of matchup going into pittsburgh, boom, and now obviously the other series are starting right now. i know the rangers beat -- the blue jays. >> seth: oh they did? >> yeah, there you go. so they won 5-3 in toronto. >> i was at that game last night in pittsburgh. place was absolutely electric. obviously cole versus arrieta. and, you know, whoever struck first will win the ball game. cubs did. arrieta shut down -- place was going crazy. >> seth: you, of course, were on the 2004 boston red sox, one of the great teams of all time. for me great relief being a red sox fan my whole life. i was also there in 2003 the
1:15 am
year before, aaron boone hit the walk off. i was in yankee stadium, he hit the walk off. the minute he leaves his bat, i walk out because i don't want to be there for the yankees fans celebrating. you guys, i did not realize. did you get on the bus to leave after that game? that gutting game. and george steinbrenner came out, yankee stadium george steinbrenner came out to the bus waiting for you guys. he wanted to see you board the bus. >> yeah, seth, let me tell you right now, you walk off the field. okay, the place is rocking. boonie hits a home run, everybody's crying, okay, great, we shower up and you go out the players's entrance which is where the yankees park. next thing you know we're on the bus and we got double bird in the air by mr. george steinbrenner. i'm like, what's going on right now? don't you feel sorry for him. he's flipping us off like, hey, see you later, red sox, you're number one. i'm like, what's going on? you got a grown man that just got done crying, game seven. there's an 86 year curse, right here. you guys have 27 rings, we have none. why are you flipping us off? i thought that was mean and rude. >> seth: also a weird situation because an older gentleman. >> yeah. >> seth: can't run off --
1:16 am
>> what, are we going to beat him up? right? i don't know what to do. i mean, sheesh. >> seth: pedro martinez was here earlier this year and in his book he talked about the 2004 team and how you have a mixture of rum and other things that you would drink it for good luck. everybody would take a sip but manny ramirez would sometimes put in, without anyone knowing, some viagra. true or false? [ laughter ] >> true story. it felt like we were smuggling flashlights, playing catch. [ laughter ] an hour later, like, whoa. we would be doing squats, right? i'm like, manny, what do we got, bro? great stuff. if you can hit 40 and drive it 130 like he did, everybody tried it. whatever manny does. >> why wouldn't you? yeah. >> seth: last time you were here was right before the all-star game. you went to the home run derby this year. now, you were retired in 2008 but you still have fantastic hands. you caught a foul ball. >> yeah. i've been at so many bucco games growing up, my dad, bring the glove, never catch a foul ball.
1:17 am
i'm 470 feet away in the left field corner. and greg amsinger, the host for "mlb tonight" sitting next me and says hey, to a big plate of ribs, crushing, so excited, got a beer. this is going to be a great home run derby. and greg amsinger like, "do you think donaldson can hit it out of here? dude, he can definitely hit it out of here." so i go to just get a quick couple bites of ribs. he's like, here we go. i look up like, oh, my god, get it right in the face. [ laughter ] stand up, boom, i catch the ball. >> seth: now, i have to ask you ,obviously you played, you had a long major league baseball career, yet you were super excited about this. [ laughter ] >> i was so excited. >> seth: we have video proof here. let's take a look. there we go. can't even see you it's so far he hit it. >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> seth: you were looking at it to make sure you didn't get barbecue sauce on it. >> true story. the pitcher we got on twitter is like, "hey casey just caught my ball." well, the problem was he's said he was crushing ribs. it's like that asparagus commercial.
1:18 am
do i have anything in my teeth? and he had this piece of rib just hanging through his teeth, i got a ball. and nobody told him. [ laughter ] like this huge black tooth. he just got done crushing ribs. fitbit, ladies and gentlemen. >> seth: you also -- you participated in the celebrity football game. you did some practice, wiffle ball practice on your set. on your mlb set with your co-host -- >> lauren shehadi. >> seth: lauren shehadi. and before we show the tape, why don't you explain yourself. >> well, shehadi played some high school softball. could have played in college a little bit too. so i was like, "hey, listen after our show in the morning let's go out to studio 42, throw a couple of softballs so i can get the arc. and see what's going on. i'd never really hit a softball before. and she threw me like 50 balls. i'm rolling over on a few. >> seth: i should point out, she's totally fine. >> she's totally fine. didn't get hurt. >> seth: let's take a quick look at what you did to her. [ laughter ] >> as soon as i hit her, too,
1:19 am
i'm like, "oh, my god, is she okay?" ii go bolting out there. slow as can be. i'm running quick. i pick her up. i'm like, "shehadi are you okay?" yeah. get the training staff in here real quick because i think she's bleeding. but she wasn't. just a wiffle ball. >> seth: it seems like now more than ever, being a player in the mlb with all twitter and everything, like you got to be careful what you say because the press is always listening. you, however, took this to the other direction. you were happy the press was listening and you had a lot of fun with that in boston. >> yeah. listen, the boston scene and the press scene, you got to be careful, right? obviously. and the shots of jack daniels, next day win a world series and i'm getting called by mothers against drunk drivers at that point. what? you can't drink and have success. but all this stuff goes on in that market, and that's what happens. >> seth: yeah. a lot of attention. >> yeah. >> seth: but you used to fake phone calls, right. >> i used to walk off the bus and you leave there, and there are people.
1:20 am
next thing you know, you got fans, right. you can't sign for everybody. they got a two-minute bus. you got to roll. you've got a stream of people. one second, guys. what, what? and you had the fake phone call walk of shame through the thing. hello? yeah, yeah. and you're talking. what? come on, honey. and you're screaming. and then it gets more uptight. next thing you know they're good. like, "whoa, that guy's crazy." lou merloni can i have your signature? >> seth: and you pretended to be crazy. >> pretended to be crazy. >> seth: not actually crazy. got you, that's good to know. >> yeah, thanks. >> seth: you famously, well you both played first base, first base one of the most social places in baseball. >> that's why we played it. >> seth: you just like talking to people. >> i just wanted to talk that's all. >> seth: and the first time mark mcgwire gets on first base when you're playing the position, you went out of your way to talk to him. >> 43 years old. like my third week -- middle year in the big leagues, it's the mcgwire/sosa show, you know the home run derby. they're trying to break the record. and we intentionally walk mcgwire. so, he comes to first base, i'm like. yes. i get a chance to talk to mcguire.
1:21 am
if i get sent down tomorrow it's so cool 'cause i get a chance to talk to mcgwire. so i'm like, "hey, what's up, big mac?" and he's like, "hey what's up, sean?" i'm like, "yeah, this guy knows my name." so i go to hold him on. and jack is like, "play behind him." >> seth: he's not going to steal second. >> he's not stealing, no chance. aw, play behind him, such a bummer. next time, we intentionally walk him again, boom, just ambush him. get there as quick as i can. talking to him, "hey man, great season. so, fun watching you." [ laughter ] he's like, "what is wrong with this guy?" right? like the whole dugout is now play behind him, play behind him. so, i wasn't listening i was talking to mcgwire. and mcgwire is like, "hey, sean, i think the dugout --" everybody there play behind him. oh, man i look like such an idiot. but i got a chance to talk to mark mcgwire. >> seth: there you go, so it worked out. >> worked out great. >> seth: i can't believe you would ever look like an idiot. >> no, no, no. >> seth: all right, postseason predictions real quick. >> i've got the rangers and the cubs going to the world series. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: all right, i love it. >> i'm going to say the cubbies and the blue jays. >> seth: cubs and blue jays.
1:22 am
and just to be honest, you were rooting for pittsburgh and you were rooting for the rangers. just be honest about why. >> travel. we don't know anything better. rangers and the astros are closer to austin. where i live. then obviously where do you live at? >> i'm out in pittsburgh. >> seth: you just didn't want to travel. >> a couple of days. >> he's out already. [ laughter ] >> seth: you guys, always so great to see you. thank you so much. great seeing the baby blues. [ cheers and applause ] kevin millar and sean casey, everybody. you can catch them on "intentional talk," and "mlb tonight" on mlb network and check out the network exclusive postseason coverage of the rangers and the blue jays tomorrow at 12:30pm eastern, and the royals and astros sunday at 4:00 p.m. we'll be right back with robert kirkman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is iphone 6s. not much has changed with the camera. except how you take a photo...
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is the mastermind behind the walking dead comic book series and the popular series on amc which starts its sixth season on sunday. please welcome robert kirkman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: this is very -- i'm very excited about this. >> not as excited as i am. >> seth: all right, good, i can tell. it's coming right off you. [ laughter ] i -- look, congratulations on the show. congratulations on the comic, which is how i knew of you first. and you wrote in the introduction to first volume. >> you are a true fan. >> seth: i'm one of the real fans. early adopter. >> i like that. >> seth: but you wrote that you wanted, and i'm a big fan of zombie movies and you are as well i'm sure. you wanted this to be the zombie movie that never ends. >> yes. >> seth: explain that real quick, because i think that's what made this so unique. >> i'm a huge fan of zombie movies, i love the romero movies
1:29 am
especially but i don't like the way zombie movies end. and i think that you know most zombie movies are about a group of interesting people doing interesting things, fighting zombies, then the time runs out. well, that was a lot of fun, we're all good to die now or we're going to run off into the sunset, you'll never see us again. and i just, i wanted to do a story about how these people continue to survive and find food and how messed up it makes them over a long period of time. >> seth: and they get to keep meeting new people. >> and those people die. >> seth: and a lot of people die. [ laughter ] >> lots of deaths. >> seth: what, 150 or so on the comic books? >> 150 comes out in january. >> seth: that's incredible. congratulations on that. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> seth: now, i want to ask about the transition because obviously you write the book when you're writing the comic, you write it alone, you don't have to worry about anyone else. now you're writing for a television show n a room full of other television writers. how does that work? how do they treat you being the creator of this? >> it's at times an awkward process. because we are adapting the comic book series. and i'm in the room with them while we're adapting it.
1:30 am
and so, it's me in a room with eight people. i'll go, well, we did this in the comic and they go, well, i don't think that's gonna work, or it would probably be better if we do it this way. and oftentimes they're right. but eight people, you know, tearing apart work i did five years ago. so it can be awkward at times. every now and then i jump in, too, and i'm like, this is awful, we shouldn't do this, we've got change this part." but, i don't know. it's a really, a very strange experience. >> seth: i can't even imagine. yeah, having your work adapted must be strange enough. to also, to be present for the adaptation process -- >> yeah i don't get to be like to be like steven king, "ah, stanley kubrick, you messed it up." and then once they show it, eh i shouldn't have done that. [ laughter ] >> seth: i want to ask, you're on set a lot. >> sometimes. >> seth: what's it like, i mean, the zombies are so well done, the makeup on your show is incredible. what's it like when they say cut and those zombies have to go -- the actors playing zombies and are like eating like at craft service? [ laughter ] >> it's terrible. the thing about the zombies on
1:31 am
set is greg nicotero, and kmb do such a great job on them that as close as we are now, they still look real even though it's all rubber and stuff. you don't see the seams, it looks terrifying. but at craft services they take the teeth out. and so often times, it's like horrifying, terrifying zombie with like a human mouth inside. [ laughter ] hey, how are you doing? like the old conan skit with the mouth? but yeah, it's terrifying -- >> seth: it must be disgusting to watch them eat. >> yeah. people ask me, why aren't you a zombie extra. and aside from not really enjoying looking at myself, so it would kind of ruin the show for me, i don't want to wear all that rubber. and you watch them eat like sandwiches and stuff, like half their face goes in with them. they're eating prosthetics the entire time. it's probably bad health hazard. >> seth: you, obviously "the walking dead" a popular show. even a spinoff to it. one of your comics not adapted all these years later. >> no clue. >> seth: you tell me what year this is. what is this, '05?
1:32 am
>> it came out in 2003. >> seth: 2003. >> no, no. it came out in 2001. i'm old. >> seth: oh, wow, this is battle pope. [ laughter ] tell us about battle pope real quick. >> battle pope was about the pope in the apocalypse after the rapture's happened and, you know, all the good people, of which there weren't very many, they go to heaven. but the pope didn't because he's not a good dude. this pope he's okay, i think. i don't know him personally. god feels bad because there's so many people left behind. and he says, i'm going to make this pope a superhero and have him save the people on earth and i'm not doing anything with jesus, so i'll send him down to be a sidekick. [ audience oohs ] >> seth: that's jesus, the sidekick. >> and he's kind of a hippie because he's all about peace and love and stuff. >> seth: right. >> so it should have ended my career, but it didn't. [ laughter ] then i also tell people, god must be fine with it because i did pretty good afterwards. [ laughter ]
1:33 am
>> seth: you would have been punished if he was mad about it. >> technically. >> seth: new york comicon is going on right now. i enjoy going to comicon. you've gone to a lot of comicons. >> love the comicon. >> seth: explain the scene for people who haven't been lucky enough to go. >> people ask what's the weird thing that happened to you, there's so many weird people at comicon. i don't like that. the thing is you get like hundreds of thousands of people at these things. you can't go to a sporting event without hundreds of thousands and not get stabbed or see a fight or whatever. terrible things happen when you get that many people together. but comicon, all very mellow. everybody is there celebrating comics and pop culture and all this cool stuff and it's just a really cool vibe. >> seth: and the people -- we were there today. the people the amount of attention they put into their costumes, it's a lovely thing to see. >> it's creepy. [ laughter ] >> seth: a lovely creepy. >> lovely creepy. >> seth: you are now the level of your comicness i think can best be represented by your son's name. will you please share? >> peter parker kirkman.
1:34 am
[ laughter ] but listen, you know, you don't say the middle name often. >> seth: you don't say it, right. >> so peter kirkman is a nice name. >> seth: was this a tough sell with your wife? >> you know, i got to name the son, she got to name the daughter. it was a trade-off. >> seth: okay, got you. all right. that's cool. well, with the time -- >> my daughter's name is indiana jones. [ laughter ] >> seth: robert kirkman, everybody. the sixth season of "the walking dead." you can't follow that. starts this sunday on amc. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:35 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to ted danson, kevin millar, sean casey, robert kirkman, everybody. and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up? carson here with tonight's "last call" from 235th, ne


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