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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is monday, november 2nd. coming up on early today, the kansas city royals are your world series champions. a 12-inning thriller ended this morning as the mets run comes to an end. late details on the feature of how the republican debates will be handled. new information on the russian plane crash that claimed the lives of all 224 people on board. a controversy in big d. what did dez really say? j t the passing of an actor and senator. a scene between an uber driver and passenger. "early today" starts now. i'm milissa rehberger. the 1-2 again. inside corner.
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the royals, the 2015 world champions. >> the newly crowned world series champions rallied in the ninth and sealed the deal in 12 innin innings. the celebrations were well-deserved, as the royals came from behind in all wins. the hometown fans were quick to celebrate, and avenge last year's game seven ross to san francisco. the mvp is salvador perez. a big parade will be held in kansas city on tuesday. after a meeting of campaign advisers that stretched into sunday night, frustrated republican presidential candidates are laying out new demands and debates could look different going forward. tracey potts is live for us this morning. was there a lot of disagreements? >> they agreed they don't like the way the debates went, and they agreed they want them to go differently. they shut out the republican party, at least from this
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meeting that happened late last night. just ended around 10:00 or after 10:00 last night. they have a lost list of demands they plan to circulate to the network. >> reporter: republican campaigns called the last debate -- >> it was a tad all the rails. >> reporter: now, they want answers, up front. at a meeting sunday without the republican party, staff agreed to send the networks a questionnaire next time. what's the format? who are the moderators? how long will it last? if play don't like the answers, some are threatening to boycott. >> a couple of us are generating the ratings. if we don't come, that's a big bargaining chip. >> reporter: they're pushing a two-hour time limit and opening statements. >> to allow the voters to have an opportunity to see what's behind each of the candidates. >> i want smaller groups on the stage, better questions and let us all be heard from equally. >> reporter: ted cruz suggests republican moderators with more
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substantive questions. >> we're not talking about pussycat questions, easy questions, we're talking about questions that are relevant to what a republican primary voter is trying to decide. >> reporter: they want to make sure there are no yes-no questions, as part of some of the things they're laying out in a letter that an attorney not from the republican party helped them craft at the meeting last night. they're including things like camera angles. they want to make sure they don't show the candidates from behind with their notes, or audience reactions. they even want the network to ensure the microphones will definitely be off during breaks. >> thank you. family and friends are mourning the loss of former senator, presidential candidate and actor fred thompson. his family released a statement saying he passed away in nashville after an occurrence of lymphoma. >> reporter: before he was an actor, before he was elected to office, fred thompson was a lawyer by trade. he was part of the watergate
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investigation that led to richard nixon's resignation. he was a big man, 6'6", and had a big voice to match. >> the president, as you know -- >> reporter: which served him well in hollywood. he was often cast as an authority figure or military officer. the role he's best known for, district attorney arthur branch on "law and order." in 1994, he ran for a senate seat in tennessee. he was a republican who appealed to voter as a conservative who would challenge president clinton. he left the senate in 2003, saying he didn't have the heart for another term. he tried later when he lost for a bid for the presidency. while his campaign never caught fire, his personality and charisma could fire up a crowd. delivered a passionate speech at the 2008 gop convention. >> we live in the freest, strongest, most generous and most prosperous nation in the history of the world, and we're thankful for that. >> reporter: a statement from his family said he was the same
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man anywhere he was. nbc use. the first bodies of the victims from a deadly plane crash in egypt's sinai peninsula arrived in russia. the jet was headed to st. pet s petersburg when it went down, killing everybody on board. the majority of the passengers were russian. bill neely has the latest. >> reporter: it fell out of the sky and no one knows why, but there were more clues today. the debris is so scattered, the plane's tail three miles from the cockpit, that russian investigators say it broke up in midair. search teams are examining suitcases, human remains, the tangled wreckage for any signs of explosion, fire or mechanical failure. amid it all, tragic reminders of the 224 lives lost. the plane's two black boxes have been recovered and soon, the voices and data from the cockpit will be analyzed. investigators still have no idea why the plane suddenly lost
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altitude and speed at 31,000 feet. why the pilot made no distress call or exactly why the plane broke up in midair. >> they're going to be looking at the flight controls. they'll be looking at the fuel system. then they'll also be looking at maintenance issues that may have induced a technical failure. >> one of the things you can't rule out at this time is whether or not there was an explosive device of some sort on the aircraft. >> reporter: they're searching the morgue, where passengers bodies were examined by a forensic team. most of the dead have been brought here to be identified. many only through dna samples. it is grim work. in russia, it was a day of mourning, prayers and tears. a nation in shock. >> that was nbc's bill neely reporting. in syria, isis is claiming another victory this morning following fresh clashes with government forces and, now, new criticism is erupting here at home over the u.s. change in strategy in syria.
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nbc's kristen we canner h ewilw more on what the presidential candidates are saying about putting troops on the ground there. >> reporter: after thousands of u.s.-led air strikes, isis militants are moving closer to capturing a key western city in syria. the turmoil underscoring the broad eer crisis that prompted new step. the white house announcing special ops troops will be sent to syria. their mission, to train, advise and assist but not take part in comba combat. >> our strategy has been focused on building the capacity of local forces for themselves in their own country. >> reporter: it was a reversal for a president who vowed to wind down the wars in the middle east. now, with more troops headed to the region, he'll pass the syria crisis on to the next commander in chief. >> how are you all? >> reporter: for democrats, a
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measured response. secretary clinton saying she sees merit in the plan. bernie sanders more spectacle. >> my nightmare is that the united states, once again, gets caught up in a quagmire, which never ends. >> reporter: republicans have consistently accused the president of being weak on foreign policy. >> i do applaud him for engagement with the special operators, but we can't get into a quagmire. there should be a real strategy to take out isis and to take out assad. >> i think it's an admission, it's a reflection, that when you don't make a decision, things get worse, not better. >> we have seen for six and a half years leading from behind. >> reporter: several g porks candidakan -- gop candidates called for a no fly zone, including dr. carson. >> we should enforce it. >> reporter: the syrian conflict poses a thorny issue in 2016 for voters. >> republicans can and will criticize the president being
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weak on foreign policy and defense, particularly in the middle east, but they have to be careful. the american public does not want tens of thousands of boots on the ground in the middle east. >> that was kristen welker reporting there. in philadelphia over the weekend, every parent's nightmare. needles were found hidden in halloween candy given out to children. six candy bars had needles in them, and five were discovered by children. lucki luckily, no one was hurt. police continue to urge parents to check their children's halloween candy. >> scary, to think about the children being out there and getting candy that could hurt them. >> it is. parts of texas are trying to recover after a massive storm system unleashed flooding. at least five people were killed. the storm also spawned several tornadoes. now, the same weather system is making its way east across the gulf coast states. let's get a check on the weather from bill karins. good morning. >> good morning. it was a rough weekend. texas, toward the costal areas of louisiana, that's where we had a couple tornadoes, too.
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that's one storm. the second storm came into california last night. i saw one of my friends in oakla oakland. it was the first time they've had measurable rain since april. i mean, that's incredible. looks like another batch is about to head toward oakland and san francisco. steadier rains in the higher elevations. definitely umbrella weather today. farther to the north, you had periods of wet weather over the weekend. little snow at the highest of elevations, scattered snow showers. we'll keep showers in the forecast in the northwest, but the rains won't be as steady. first snow forecast given this upcoming winter season. we have a possibility of six to nine inches, maybe a foot in the sierra mountain chain. the northern rockies will get some, too. we're finally into november and seeing the chain in the weather pattern. this is what we've been waiting for, the dips in the jet stream in the west that'll bring cooler and wetter weather and hopefully give us a little bit of reprise from what we've been dealing
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with, with the temperature and our below average showers in the northwest. the afternoon will mix with breaks of sun, also. it's november, kind of the beginning of our rainy season in the west, and this is on schedule. >> they need it, too. thank you. breaking news in north carolina where police are hunting for a gunman who killed one college student and wounded another. plus, the incredible scene on what happened between a passenger and his uber driver. details next ahead on "early today."
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white jr. was killed. another student remains hospitalized with injuries. the school was on lockdown for three hours after that incident. u.s. naval searchers found what they believe to be el faro cargo ship that disappeared a month ago near the bahamas. it was carrying 33 people on board when hit by hurricane joaquin on its way to puerto rico. sonar images appear to show the vessel below the ocean's surface. authorities plan to survey the wreckage and find the ship's data recorder, which could give clues as to what happened. chipotle is temporarily closing 40 locations in oregon and washington state because of an e. coli outbreak. eight of the people infected were hospitalized. authorities are investigating the cause of the outbreak. now to a dramatic whale rescue effort in southern california. whale watchers spotted this hump back entangled in fishing line.
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they tried to cut it free but couldn't. a crew from sea world joined the effort. they were able to cut off most of the line. one california mom's halloween hiexperience. full-sized candy bars were left outside with a note saying, help yourself, but be considerate. everyone was. inti until this mom decided to take the candy for herself, encouraging the kids to help her. the video has been viewed on youtube 2 million times. ahead, the battle of the unbeatens in the nfl. saints-giants, defense optional. 101 combined points and historic passing statistics. sports is next. aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste... ...and mouthwash make my whole mouth feel amazing.
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this morning on "today," an exclusive. nbc's tom brokaw sits down with hollywood royalty, angelina jolie and brad pitt. for the latest in sports, here is my friend, betty. >> to the battle of the undefeated. the broncos-packers, and one of aaron rodgers least productive games ever. the green bay quarterback threw for 77 yards, as the broncos outgained. denver dominated from start to finish to remain undefeated.
4:19 am
29-10. now the controversy in big d. following this devastating hit that knocked out seattle's locket. some say dez bryant did taunting about the injuries, but following the game, bryant had this to say. >> i mean, i would never in my life do that to anybody. i could have been talking about -- i'm too bez usy trying break it up. i'm telling richard and earl, get your players back. i was talking to the officials. >> the seahawks win, 13-12. now, saints and giants. they scored a combined 101 points. third highest score in nfl history. drew brees had seven touchdowns to the delight of every fantasy footballer who played him. manning had six touchdown passes, including three to odell
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beckham jr. a brees pass was deflected and picked off by mcbride. 53 yards for a touchdown. just seconds left on the clock, the saints come back with this 50 yard field goal. final score, 52-49. we have an update on saturday's wild finish between duke and miami. the conference flagged the officiating crew. the commissioner said the final play of the game was not handled appropriately on multiple fronts. the outcome of the game cannot be overturned though, but the field crew and replay official are all suspended for two games. back to you. >> betty, thank you. just ahead, we'll look inside the uber car where a passenger attacked a driver, and how the driver fought back. plus, the best halloween costumes, but can you guess who was wearing them? we'll show you. but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles.
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the top three movies is "the har martian, "goosebumps" and "bridge of spies." "our brand is crisis" made $3 million. rick harrison said his endorsement of marco rubio for president hurt his business. endorsing a republican causes everyone to frown on you. for the best celebrity halloween costumes, we have favorites. heidi klum. she does that every year. kelly ripa played kim kardashian from her "paper" magazine cover. and the rock as poppy the sailor. ellen degeneres with the other fictional kardashian. this is "early today." .. you tuck there. .. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin.
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leading the news, the sea"s francisco chronicle," the first black leader. he served in south carolina before elected last summer. it comes when the ekwpiscopal church has been struggling with membership. a man is facing assault charges for allegedly attacking an uber driver. the frightening incident was caught on camera. schwartz has that story. >> reporter: this uber driver takes a violent backseat pummelling. >> trying to smash my head against the window. >> reporter: from the get-go, the driver had a bad feeling
4:27 am
about this trip. >> aggressive and swearing at me. fading in and out of consciousness. >> reporter: his rider refused to put on his seat belt, couldn't give directions and kept passing out. >> i decided enough was enough. >> here's when he tried to tell him the ride was over. >> get out or i'll call the police. >> reporter: suddenly, he was punched from behind again and again. you can see passenger trying to slam his head into the glass. finally, he can get off the safety of his mace. >> i emptied as much as i could into his face until he got out of the car. >> reporter: within minutes, police are there, arresting the passenger, who was vomiting from the pepper spray. >> i didn't want him to get away. i've lost so much money on people like him, and i'm done dealing with it. people like that take the food out of my mouth. >> reporter: uber banned the rider from ever using the
4:28 am
service again, but he says his days of driving for uber are over. >> i don't feel safe. the quality of the passengers seems to have gone down, and i know a lot of drivers will agree with me. >> wow. >> shows you how dangerous that line of work is. >> you don't have the partition. had the mace and the camera and still didn't have enough. >> thank you. president obama will be in new jersey today as part of the push for reforming the criminal justice system. the main focus is re-entry into society and getting lives back on track. the justice department is finishing the largest ever one-time release of federal prisoners. 6,000 drug offenders. jeb bush is hitting the reset button with the launch of his jeb can fix it tour. he vowed to chuck todd yesterday he'd fight through his campaign's, quote, bumpy time. happy birthday to nelly.
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david a wave of rain blanketing the
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bay area this morning. steady rainfall could weigh down a wave of rain blanketing the bay area this morning. steady rainfall could weigh down your commute. live reports from all the trouble spots. and overwhelming grief for an east bay high school. two students lives taken far too soon after a late-night crash involving a 16-year-old driver. plus, paying respect to hundreds killed in a flight over the sinai peninsula. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good monday morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a vicious storm whipping through the bay area dousing roads and causing a mess of the


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