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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it's wednesday, november 4th. coming up on "early today." the voters have spoken across america from marijuana in ohio to exclusion of an excon. and what brought down an airliner? and michelle obama teams up with conan o'brien in cutter, the $650,000 parking spot. and the fortunes of the 2016 presidential candidates. i'm dara brawn. sex, drugs and prison. election 2014 at all.
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republican victory in kentucky. antiestablishment candidate matt bevin is now the candidate there. he ran against majority leader mitch mcconnell just last year. and his election could mean big trouble for obamacare. in mississippi phil bryant won a second term. his competition was robert gray. he's a truck driver who won the primary without spending a time and initially didn't even tell his mother he was running. in the lone star state they rejected a non discrimination ordinance. and the in ohio voters said no to legalizing recreational and the medicinal pot.
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bad news for nick lachey. it could have made him very wealthy. he was a huge financer in the company pushing to get exclusive rights to sell marijuana there. >> joe gannon held the top seat from 1991 to 2003 then seven years in prison for corruption. and finally a comeback that fell short. todd courser and the cindy gamrat failed to win back their positions. after an adulterous affair with each other. and then later trying to cover it up and later admitted to sex with a male prostitute behind a nightclub? breaking news from illinois.
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according to nbc chicago. investigators are intended to announce they believe joseph gliniewicz committed suicide. 52-year-old gliniewicz was found dead after calling for back up pursuing three men in the state line. the coroner was able to rule the death a homicide, suicide or an accident. investigators have reportedly found no evidence of an explosive but according to russian media they have detected some unusual sounds on the cockpit voice records. nbc east tom costello has details. >> new video from the crash in
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sinai as u.s. intelligence forces say none of the passengers or crew members on the plane's manifest wor r were on any database. u.s. satellites did detect a heat signature at the same time and altitude of the plane's last known location but no evidence of a missile strike. investigators have been combing through the debris field scattered over seven miles. >> translator: our experts have already examined the crash site and the state of the flight data recorders. >> russia's interfax news agency reported the recorders captured sounds uncharacterizatistic of normal slight just before disappearing from radar. the question, was there a bomb on board or did a catastrophic mechanical failure a cur in mid flight. >> if you have a pressurized environment a fracture is very
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serious and could potentially bring the aircraft down. >> so did a repair job from 14 years ago play arole? >> this is the tail section that separated from the airplane in flight. this would have been the area of the trail strike. and this entire area would have been where the major repair were performed. >> the plane was repaired in ireland but operated and maintained by retrojet. as of last may the plane's certifications were all in order. >> security teams are now reviewing the procedures at the airports in kyrie and sharm el shei sheikh. and a nbc news poll has hillary clinton beating every rival except for one. nbc east chris jansing explains. >> reporter: a ben carson book signing that feels more like a pep rally in tampa florida.
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fans lining up at 5:30 a.m. for a 2:00 event. they like what he says and how he says it. >> you don't have to yell. you don't have to be little people. >> he is not a career politician. >> fans, now potential voters. >> young family people. young christians. women usually age 45 and up. and that is our core base. but we have a pretty broad appeal. >> ten million last month, with the most donors and the most social media followers. 4.5 million on facebook alone now. handing out e-mail and collecting e-mails addresses. the soft spoke enimprobable candidate. >> is this what you thought about for retirement. >> no this is not retirement. >> now the even more --.
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>> i think ben just doesn't have the experience. we're going to run the military properly. i'm going to take care of the vets. ben can't do that do those things. >> because of his appeal with independent, a 13 point advantage with those critical voters. and clinton's lowest score? only 27 percent give her high marks for honestly and 55 like her knowledge and experience. carson's inexperience he wears proudly. >> but let me tell you something. the arc was built by amateurs. the titanic was built by professionals. >> that was cris jansing. our own lester holt spoke to president obama. he offered to offer the candidates a reality check on what it's like really like to be president. >> what i would sail is that this is a big, diverse country. and that is a good thing. and democracy is messy.
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and that can be frustrating as president. but what you want to be able to do is to stay with it. and have a sense of where it is that you want to go. the most important thing i will say about this election though is just encouraging everybody to participate. if you really are sick and tired of gridlock, regardless of what your party is you got to get involved. you have to listen to what folks are saying. to by the way make sure the candidates are being willing to take tough questions. and i've been interested in seeing some of the republican candidates who say they are so tough they are going to stare down the chinese and the russians and somehow cnbc scares them? you got to be able to field difficult questions. and that is what citizens should expect. and if people are paying attention, involved, i think
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they are going to make a good decision. >> a florida teen is in custody this morn. taking police on a bumpy chase tuesday. the chase began when the thatah reportedly stolen led police for miles. the driver was finally arrested. fortunately there were no injuries reported. and here is something you don't see every day. that plane with its own parachute. this single engine plane piloted by ceo of walmart bill simon. he tried to land at the emergency airfield but was forced to release an emergency air chute instead. the faa is investigating. northern california is getting an early taste of winter.
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the first major snowfall of the season has hit mammoth mountain. about a foot fell so the ski resort decided to open a week early. and in montana, big sky got about the foot yesterday with light snow showers still falling. a nice preview to their season which begins later this month. and bill karins is here. >> completely different than last winter where it was warm in the west and cold in the east. we have flip flopped and this is exactly a sign of what we were looking at when we said it is going to be an el nino fall, el nino winter. this is a perfect example of it. and hopefully more storms like this in the days ahead. eventually this is slowly going move to the east. and you can get some tornado threats in november. it it'slated tornados possible.
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dallas. austin, san antonio and the little rock. there is possibilities of the flooding. and you can see the narrow band of where the heaviest rain should fall. possibility of one and a half to maybe three inches of rain. and there is a flood watch. so if you hear about flooding or bad weather likely it will be in texas the next couple ow days. still a little leftover snow in montana. most is gone. still cool. san francisco, of sunlight late. so this is what we wanted. we wanted cold and snowier in the west. good start. >> and still warm in the east. thanks. well a favorite piece of
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or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. late night host conan o'brien is with michelle obama in qatar this week. o'brian is entertaining the troops and taping an episode which will a air later this year. first lady is there to promote education for adolescent girls. more bad news for the taco bell executive who was fired for allegedly beating an uber driver. yesterday he was charged with four misdemeanors including assault and battery. he could face a year in prison and pay $10,000 fine. want your piece of the nerve that?
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here is your chance. it won't be cheap though. the sweater is expected to fetch up $30,000. >> honda is dropping air bags made by takata. they ordered it to stop using a the potentially dangerous chemical. regulators have linked eight deaths to the containers which use ammonium nitrate and can explode with too much force. and the epa is accusing the auto maker to using software to cheat on the emissions tests. and if you had $650,000 to
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spend you could buy a nice condo in some cities or a parking space in boston. a garage has one speas, 171 square feet for sale for that spot. last month a spot in that same garage sold for $390,000. >> just ahead, a huge upset in college football. undefeated no more. and a party in kansas city. celebrations for their world series win up next. gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to raise a child." quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. all new emergen-zzzz.revolution.
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this morning a crackdown on customers who post negative online reviews. how small businesses and lawmakers are trying to put a stop to the practice. now it's time for the late nest sports. here is bet any nguyen. >> the first playoff selection committee selections are out. last, clemson, alabama and ohio sta state. notre dame and bale nylor in fi and six. this loss knocks the rockets from the ranks of the division one unbeaten. former yankees great derek jeter has officially and rather slyly confirmed he is engaged to long time girlfriend hanna davis.
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the rumors are flying but only now has it been confirmed in a players tribute posting by jeter. no word on a wedding date just yet. and estimated 800,000 fans turned out in kansas city to celebrate. many schools for closed but hey, officials knew everybody would be selling the world series win. and we are guessing many are still celebrating right about now. could it be true that jk rolling is working on another children's book? and john stewart has a new tv show. we have the details. you are watching "early today." excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*.
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now to entertainment. jon stewart is returning to tv, this time on hbo. the former daily show she'host signed a four year deal. robin williams's widow revealed new information about robin williams death. claiming he had dementia and saying it may have caused. and the jk rowling's new book.
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and the adele. and touches on everything from celebs tory heyia to. and last night on the tonight show, bill o'reilly and jimmy fallon had a message for candidates about debate etiquette. >> answer the question. it is not that hard. here is an example. fallon, what would you do to fix the deep ideological divide in this country? >> pizza party. >> i'm dara brown and this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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leading the news in time magazine, man stabbed to death for taking the last piece of chicken. in houston, ronaldo riviera allegedly got into that fistfight, stabbed a friend and fled. now in police custody he's been charged with murder. and may have found evidence of alternate universes. the so called cosmic microwave background is the myself rus lig leftover from the earlier universe. findings could be complicated to verify due to limited data. americans on the whole are less
4:27 am
religious than they used to be. according according to a new study from the pugh research center. finds the number of adults who say they they are affiliated with that religion has dropped. compared to more than half of americans born before 1946. on the rise the number of adult whose say they feel spiritual is up 7% since 2007. in florida a brawl broke out at the five guys restaurant. video surfaced of a female patron and several employees fighting. the woman was reportedly drunk and disorderly. the fight escalated after employees threw cups at her witnesses say. now time for a look back on the this day in 1979 the iran hostage crisis began. here is how it was reported on nbc nightly news.
4:28 am
>> united states marine corps guards used tear gas to disperse a mob of students. but that wasn't enough. hundreds of iranians finally overran the compound seizing about ninety people. mostly americans. the hostages were herded into the basement. no casualties were reported. the iranians burned the u.s. flask flag and denounced the government saying they would stay until the u.s. -- >> they would be held for 444 days. and switching gears. matthew mcconaughey is 46. sean diddy combs is also 46. and dorris roberts from "everybody loves raymond" is 90 today. ninety. >> she was the -- >> and now it's time for more
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news weather and sports. keep it here. thanks a plane crash overnight in south
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sudan kills dozens -- both on-board the plane, and on but witness accounts suggest the pilot may have a plane crash overnight in south sudan kills dozens. both on board the plane and on the ground. witness accounts suggest the pilot may have saved many more lives. >> plus, changing of the guard in san francisco's sheriff's office. ross merck rim many out after a tumult yous final two years at the help. >> san francisco voters keeping the door open longer for short-term rentals. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i want to start saying i'm larry garcia ka none. my voice is not changi. >> deeper tone. i'm sam brock. this weather is colder


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