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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a plane crash overnight in south sudan kills dozens -- both on-board the plane, and on but witness accounts suggest the pilot may have a plane crash overnight in south sudan kills dozens. both on board the plane and on the ground. witness accounts suggest the pilot may have saved many more lives. >> plus, changing of the guard in san francisco's sheriff's office. ross merck rim many out after a tumult yous final two years at the help. >> san francisco voters keeping the door open longer for short-term rentals. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i want to start saying i'm larry garcia ka none. my voice is not changing.
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>> deeper tone. i'm sam brock. this weather is colder while it lasts. let's find out how long it will last, meteorologist kari hall. >> a lot of people getting sick because of the change in the weather. with a look outside right now, it is cool, lower 50s, upper 40s, too. mostly clear skies with a breezy wind as we head into the day. expect highs to top out near 70 degrees. some of us not quite making it there. i'll detail that on what to expect as we head into the weekend coming up. let's head in with mike checking in on the east bay. >> some flashing lights or at least that's what it looks like. this is folks traveling behind the trees there. 880 moving well. we'll look at the map approaching the coliseum. what's likely there is the overnight road crew, still late, picking up the last few
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vehicles. the rest of the bay looks very nice. we'll point things out in a couple minutes. >> breaking news. at least 25 people have died after a cargo plane crashed in south sudan. that plane went down shortly after takeoff, about a mile away are from the juba airport an crashed on the banks of the nile river. that plane had at least 20 people on board including up to 15 passengers. an unknown number of people also were killed on the ground. a man who saw the plane come down said it seemed as though initially the plane might crash into a large market area before the pilot apparently diverted the aircraft. investigators are looking into the cause. >> decision 2015, one of the bay area's likely politicians is out. kris sanchez shows us who is expected to take his place.
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>> it may be somebody familiar to the department, not familiar to the community at large. celebrating quite a win over sharon ross merck rin any. she got 61% of voters to choose her over merck rin any who got just over 30% of the vote. hennessey was at one point an interim sheriff with the department. she says she's a career practitioner, a law enforcement officer and not a career politician. when we talked with her last night, she told us her position on the city's sanctuary policy is different from merck rin any and she is someone who is steady with very little drama and as such, felt compelled to offer her skills to her hometown. >> i never thought in my entire career i would ever run for sheriff. i felt compelled to do so as a san francisco native and someone who wants to keep the department professional and responsive and
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somebody is -- i'm a pretty steady person, not somebody that has a lot of drama. >> sheriff merck rin any was elected in 2011, soon embroiled in a domestic violence claim that caused him his ability to carry a gun. hennessey will not be sworn in until january. she says she's going to work out some policies and see where she gets the department before she goes forward with anything. she has talked about professional development and making sure that her department is a professional one. we'll get into the new incoming sheriff's background a little more in the next half hour. that was one of the high profile races for elected public office. now also those ballot
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propositions. voters decided proposition f. you see the results on your screen, shot down by a count of 55 to 45%. you're looking at the late numbers with 100% of precincts reporter, it would limit the number of days that a private housing unit could be rented out like on airbnb. this is an issue that's been hotly contested. >> prop f was an extreme proposition, taking the right away of san franciscoan. >> short-term rentals have devoured our housing stock. regular tenants in san francisco no longer have apartments that they can live in and say they're being rented to tourists. >> the san francisco controllers office says the city collects between $10 million and $15
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million annually in hotel taxes paid by short-term residential rentals. airbnb spent millions trying to defeat prop f successfully. the company has since responded saying, a decisive victory for the middle class. voters stood up for working family's rights to share their homes and oppose an extremely hotel-backed measure, closed quote. they're expected to hold a news conference later this morning. at 4:36, we have extensive coverage of the elections. head to to find up-to-the-minute election results from all bay area counties. >> every day we have extensive coverage of our weather. that's what keeps the lights on. that's why we have experts like kari hall. >> we are in the mid 40s in the tri-valley, livermore and concord. in oakland, it's 53 degrees when
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in san francisco it's up to 52 degrees. our temperatures will be dipping a couple more degrees before sunrise and expect the highs today to stay in the 60s across most of the day. san martin up to 73 degrees. san francisco up to 65. 71 in santa rosa, 70 in danville. now let's go to mike who has a heads up for the south bay. >> kari, we're tracking this incident reported, first debris and then a stall, maybe a crash here north 880 around the alameda off-ramp. you'll see slowing. we don't even have anything officially recorded by chp. we'll track that. but a lighter flow throughout the south bay keeps everything else moving well. we told you we'd check on this. still slow off 580 and 238. likely a construction crew. nothing going on on the bay bridge. >> coming up next, just as you're about to make plans for thanksgiving, wait. the new clues found on crusty
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crustations that could have you taking them off the dinner table. just days before the start of
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the local crab season -- a stunning announcement from public health officials. just days before the start of the local crab season, a stunning announcement from california public health officials, don't eat the crabs. demolic acid has been found in dung nous crabs from oregon to sbash. symptoms range from nausea and headaches and at strong enough levels can prove fatal in san francisco -- can prove fatal, i
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should say. in san francisco crabbers are ready to take some crab pots out a week from saturday, but now the entire crab season is in jeopardy. >> we've had two unusual warm water years. we've had some red tide. we honestly felt like we would have a good season this year. yet, if the crab isn't safe to eat, no one wants to see people get sick. >> we should add it's the algae bloom producing the toxins. restaurant managers are warning that low inventory will lead to a hike in prices. crappers are hoping they can get the all clear before opening day of crab season november 15th. a dream vacation at sea turned into a nightmare, left a family grieving and deep in debt. >> the california couple never thought their cruise vacation would end with a medical emergency. we investigate the little-known travel rules that can end up
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costing you thousands in the event you're forced to deal with the unexpected while on vacation. >> you have to be ready for it to also become a nightmare and come with bureaucratic repercussions that have a severe domino effect on your entire life. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter big gad shaaban investigates what happened when a loved one needed emergency medical care on a cruise clup. 4:42. we'll be right back.
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quarter to 5:00 right now. what are you laughing about over there? >> it's always something, rea y really. >> what is trouble this morning when you wake up, you might actually shiver when you walk out your door. >> another morning to crank up the heater just for a little while. and grabbing a jacket before you head out definitely a must. let's get a look outside right now. san francisco from san bruno mountains, clear skies and a breezy wind this morning. that stays with us and we go throughout the day. check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it's wednesday. you're probably making plans for the weekend. now it is 50 degrees in napa while san francisco walks out the door to 52 degrees in san jose 45 degrees. a breezy one coming in from the north. that will continue as we go into
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the afternoon. at times the gusts kicking up a little bit, but the winds will start to relax later this evening. san jose 69 degrees. foster city 66. the embarcadero at 65 degrees. 69 in napa, 68 in oakland. danville today reaching 70 degrees. so after more of this comfortable weather, we see this continuing for the next couple of days. and our next chance of rain in the forecast for the end of the weekend into the start of next week, it looks as this point like we could get some of those scattered showers moving in by sunday. so you may want to put that in the weekend plans as well. as far as how much rain we could see, between now and early next week, the possibility of another quarter inch of rain. so looking really good after a few days to dry out. our temperatures start to trend slightly above average. livermore today, 70 degrees, saturday 75 degrees, still staying dom fortable and the temperatures start to dip on
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sunday as more clouds and that chance of rain moves in. look at the weekend forecast, expected to stay around 70 degrees in the east bay, 69 on saturday and 66 degrees on sunday. let's get a look at how the commute is rolling now with mike. >> going very well, kari. no real problems. i want to show you the san mateo bridge camera, the light traffic flow, watching to see if there's any double -- breaking up signal there. we'll see traffic moving well. no problems for the bay bridge. the cameras tremble a bit. there's a breeze out there. no real slowing, starting to recover after the construction crew cleared from 238 just off the castro valley y. we'll move to the south bay, northbound 880 around alameda, reports of a disabled vehicle in one of your lanes, possibly a crash and some debris. chp hasn't yet arrived. no slowing there guys. carmaker honda is changing up the air bags they're using as
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that kada faces a potential record fine. >> for more on that landon dowdy is rooif at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning to you both. stocks will try to extend their winning ways today. futures are higher. the markets rallied on tuesday closing off the highs of the day. investors reacting to more earnings reports and corporate deals such as activision taking over king digital. the services sector rising -- nasdaq up 18 to 5145. honda is dropping air bags made by taha takata. regulators linked eight deaths to the inflaters which can explode with too much force. the ceo says the company will
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phase out the chemical. 2014 to 2016 models, porsche accused of using software to cheat on emissions tests. porsche is owned by volkswagen. >> the net of that vw scandal continues to widen. thank you very much. cal state university students learn if they can expect teachers and staff to walk off the jobs. last week members of the california faculty association wrapped up a strike authorization vote. contract talks with currently at a stalemate. teachers will announce the results of that vote in less than five hours. there's still no timeline on when teachers might walk off the job. is it pie in the sky or the future of air travel? a plane like the one in these
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drawings may wind up taking you from london to new york in 30 minutes. the plane is called a skreamer, the brain child of inventor charles bombardier. they say it can travel at more than twice the speed of sound and five times faster than the now retired concord. it would have to be launched via electromagnetic technology. he says don't expect that plane to roll out any time soon. >> i was ready to have lunch in london. how nice would that be? if you had $650,000 to spend, you might buy a condo or a car. in one city you'll get a parking space, at least in the beacon hill neighborhood in boston. right now a space there is actually going for 650 grand, for 171 square feet. we should note the apartment is sold separately. just last month another spot
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sold for $398,000. >> let's hope that trend doesn't make its way to the bay area. taking back their city and community. a program in east palo alto is getting people out in the worse parts of town. >> it's called the fit zone program. the idea is to get people in drug infested neighborhoods out of their homes and into the parks. people get fit along the way. the police chief says it's pushed out gangs and violence. the number of gunshots reported dropped 20 to 25% each of the last three years. >> by coming out and essentially participating in elementary school style recess and working on small art projects people are able to reclaim their city. >> the chief is taking the initiative a step further creating the clean zone program. community members will spend saturday picking up trash and painting over graffiti. >> an incredible transformation.
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4:51. the bay area is known for innovation. what scientists are working on now to keep you safe from sliding. we'll tell you about it next.
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cold startment you might have to break out that coat pretty soon if you haven't already. >> finally it's november, and it feels like it for the month and the season. a look outside, now in the upper 40s to lower 50s. we'll see the temperatures
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dropping a few more degrees before sunrise. as we go through the day, absolutely gorgeous. notice the nice warm weather from yesterday continues. not necessarily warm, but comfortably cool. the south bay up to 67 degrees. let's see how the commute is looking in the north bay with mike. >> looking great. crystal clear. nice easy flow of traffic. this is san rafael before north san pedro road. speed sensors will show you the same thing through novato and across the golden gate bridge. no delays this entire map. the earlier slowdown we had for the castro valley y and 238 have cleared up. a little slowing coming out of the altamont pass. i'll show you the live come rah in the next report. i wanted to show you the crash at the northbound 880 has cleared from the roadway. add stephanie chuang reported yesterday, saturday's implosion of the bay bridge's old eastern span is on hold.
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caltrans says it's delays the implosion for at least a week. the new target date is november 14th. the i'm plegs of tier e-13. concrete debris will fall. a bubble curtain will be installed to protect wildlife. 4:56 right now. the threat of damage and flooding caused by potentially heavy rain season has bay area scientists looking for an edge to keep people safe. the innovation center for earth sciences in menlo park is testing an early detection system for landslides. as of now, they're monitoring several hot spots throughout the bay area. ground saturation measurements are constantly being taken. they want to make realtime assessments about potential for slides. the team says it plans for the national weather service to send out warnings to the public when
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needed. >> we've certainly already seen these landslides happening around the bay area. the first big storm of the rainy season we had earlier really caused a problem in the tri-valley. crews in alameda county spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up the mess at patterson pass road. officials say much of the area is barren. >> there's no vegetation and there will be more problems down the road. >> we're anticipating a busy season. everyone is. >> both the roads have since reopened. up next, we're following breaking news. an update to a cargo plane carrying dozens of passengers crashes in south sudan. the pilot's actions may have saved lines. air bnb may have turned off voters with the controversial ad campaign. in the end, the company got what it wanted at the ballot box. south sudan kills dozens -- both
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on-board the plane, and on a plane crash overnight in south sudan kills dozens both on board the plane and on the ground. witness accounts suggest the pilot might have saved many more lives. plus a changing of the guard in san francisco's sheriff's office. ross mirkarimi is out after a tumultuous two years at the help. >> controversial proposition f rejected by san francisco voters, keeping the door open a little longer for short-term rentless. today in the bay starts right
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now. >> good post election wednesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to check the forecast. it's a cold start to our morning, kari. >> don't forget the jacket before stepping out the door. you will certainly regret that. a cool day once again with a lot of sunshine all across the bay area. warming up nicely in a few spots like san ramon very pleasant 67. mission district at 63. 71 in santa rosa and 68 in oakland. we don't see much of a warmup heading into the next few days and there's another chance of rain headed our way. i'll detail that and more coming up in the next mime crow climate forecast. >> we'll start in dublin with the volume good as well. the headlights going west out of livermore and into dublin. that's your commute direction, a little slowing out of the altamont making its way into livermore without


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