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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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san francisco in the 50s, expect a high there of 66 degrees while the north bay tops out. 66 degrees in the east bay. also 70 degrees in the tri-valley. very comfortable, a lot of sunshine and breezy winds. not much of a change until weekend. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening in the bay bridge with mike. >> we have a disabled vehicle, it's out of the tunnel. we see the incline moving slowly for the last few minutes recovering for the speeds getting into towards san francisco. we still have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're showing you the speed sensors on the approach, slowing on the maze. the rest of the bay looking really good. the upper eastshore freeway and highway 4 for the concord area. that's on this map. let me move out and show you the rest of the bachlt a nice easy flow especially for fremont. southbound 880, a dog that was running around.
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they tried to help it. it's hiding under the truck. folks are slowing down to see what's going on. there's a truck on the shoulder. all lanes are cleared but the slow drive from dumbarton bridge toward milpitas. thank you very much. an update to breaking news. a soviet era plane crashed in south sudan killing at least 25 people. that plane went down shortly after takeoff about a mile from the juba airport. it crashed on the banks of the nile river leaving wreckage strewn across the water's edge. the plane had at least 20 people on board, including up to 15 passengers. it was a cargo plane. an unknown number of people were also killed on the ground. a man who saw the plane come down said it seemed as though initially the plane might crash into a populated market area before the pilot diverted the aircraft. russian tv reporting the plane, made in 1971, appears to have
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been overloaded. investigators are looking into the cause. now to decision 2016. the ballots are in, the votes tallied. this morning several high profile bay area races are decided. >> we have team coverage of all things election. steph chuang is live in our san francisco newsroom with a decision over short-term rentals. we start with nbc bay area's kris sanchez. one of the bay area's most controversial politicians is out of office. >> you might be talking about this one even if you don't live in san francisco today. it was a tumultuous four years for the san francisco sheriff's department. voters overwhelmingly said enough to ross mirkarimi. take a look at the numbers. a former interim sheriff got nearly double digit votes. vicki hennessy got 61% of the vote over ross mirkarimi's 32%. hennessy is a san francisco native who joined the sheriff's department back in 1975, and in 1983 was the youngest captain in california law enforcement. she says she is a career
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practitioner, not a career politician. in 2012 mayor ed lee tapped her to be the interim sheriff with the department when ross mirkarimi was suspended for official misconduct. >> i never thought in my entire career that i would ever run for sheriff. but i found i felt compelled to do so. as a san francisco native, somebody who worked hard to make this department professional, wants to keep the department professional and responsive and as somebody who is pretty much -- i'm a pretty steady person. i'm not somebody that has a lot of drama. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi was elected back in 2011 and then soon convicted of domestic violence against his wife, and that is a conviction that stripped him of the ability to carry a gun. he was also widely criticized for his support of the sanctuary policies blamed in the shooting death of a woman on pier 14 this summer. you might recall here, the
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accused killer had several deportations on his record. the incoming sheriff, hennessy, says there is room to interpret that sanctuary policy to allow some notification, though perhaps not detention. that's one of the issues she will take on when she is sworn in in january. she says she has a lot of professional development and education opportunities for the department which she says she wants to return to its professional status. >> kris, thank you very much. not as much fanfare in this race. the bay area's highest profile mayor -- i should say the high profile mayor won in a landslide race. ed lee has been guiding the city through a tech boom and a housing crisis. this was essentially a formality. he was elected to a second term getting 57% of the vote. he originally took over for gavin newsom in 2011. aaron peskin won the board of
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supervisor supervisors election. a high profile housing fight took center stage. proposition f limits the number of days a private housing unit can be represented out. stephanie chuang live in our san francisco newsroom. this proposition really gapd national attention. >> it really did. airbnb is more popular, makes more money in places like new york city. san francisco is home to the company, so it would be a symbolic sort of blow. moreover, it could set sort of precedent should this arise in other cities. the final ballot count on prop f, 55% no to the 45% yes of the more than 133,000 votes. that 55% no vote is what an airbnb funded poll conducted last week had predicted. supporters of f say short-term rentals are taking away housing in a city where there's already a shortage of options.
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opponents say they were to spy on one another and took away the opportunity for people to pay their mortgages. it would have limited short-term representless in san francisco to 75 days a year instead of the existing 90-day cap if hosts aren't home, unlimited number of days if hosts are home. it would have completely banned rentals of inlaw units and meant a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail. the yes on f campaign including hotels, hotel workers union and housing activists spent about a few hundred thousand dollars. meantime, airbnb raised more than $8 million to fight this. it was successful. airbnb took center stage on this issue, set to hear from executives later this morning at the headquarters of the city. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay."
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meantime another housing proposition, proposition i, did not pass. this was another closely watched housing prop. a yes vote would have stopped development, at least for 18 months, on luxury housing and what they call market rate housing in the mission. that's not going to happen after all which is concerning for people who think the mission is becoming too jent fied. prop a did pass with 73% of the vote. it needed two-thirds to get approval. prop a is a $810 million bond for affordable housing. also passing is proposition d allowing mixed use right near at&t park. peninsula voters shot down a plan to require open space. measure v lost in san carlos. it would have allowed the city to purchase 25 acres on black mountain to convert it into a park. only 38% approved. san mateo's measure f would extend the city's quarter cent
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sales tax. menlo park approved measure y, allowing the fire protection district to spend millions more on ap rations generated from tax revenues. we have much more election coverage on our website, just click on local election results near the top of the page for all the results. you the find this information across all of our digital platforms. 6:08 right now. new this morning, an east bay mcdonald's robbed at gunpoint. police say that a man walked up to the drive-through window at the restaurant in martinez, pointed a gun at the cashier before reaching in and grabbing the cash register out of the window. he was last seen running away from the scene. so far police have very few details about that suspect, but they do believe he's about 20 years old and was last seen wearing a green army jacket. the amount of cash in the register, still unknown. a hit-and-run driver was arrested hours after driving
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away from a crash that hit a fifth grader. it happened yesterday morning in the crosswalk on carter avenue near san jose's lietz elementary school. right away the principal sent out an e-mail describing the vehicle. the community is relieved but concerned about cars speeding up and down the street. >> we're talking about getting a petition or doing something about this street, especially at nighttime. i hear people all the time going through this road like it's a freeway. >> you've got to slow down out there. the boy is now recovering with a broken ankle. kari hall is here to get us started on a positive note this morning. we see the glow of the sunrise behind you from tiburon. it's going to be a cool day. >> cool to start, warming up into the afternoon, turning very
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comfortable. take a look at the beautiful sunrise. all clear skies in some spots. it's much cooler in san jose at 43 degrees, also at santa rosa. oakland at 52 degrees, 53 in concord. into the day expect highs in the 60s across the bay area. a few spots will make it into the lower 70s like walnut creek and danville. in napa, expect a high of 69 degrees. into the next few days, more weather like this. there are changes ahead for the weekend. i'll detail that coming up. mike takes us back to the update in fremont. >> 880 southbound we have the big rig on the shoulder and blocking the slow lane. chp says they've closed that. that dog that was injured is now hiding under the big rig. the driver pulled over to help the dog. jamming up out of union city past the dumbarton bridge. 680 slow out of the sunol area. ha is improving after a traffic break is completed now, heading down toward mission boulevard.
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there was a motorcycle out of the fast lane. the traffic break caused temporary slowing. we see the build because of the volume for the tri-valley, nothing unexpected for the dublin interchange. here it's slow through hayward. until we get the bog down in union city, we talked about that on the shoulder. traffic slowing across the san mateo bridge into the peninsula which is clear right now. here at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. there was a disabled vehicle which has cleared from treasure island. in the north bay, no drama. a live look shows in san rafael, a build in the traffic flow. so far, no major crashes there. a lot of these people heading to work. coming up, planning for retirement. the new program aimed at helping you save for your future. have you seen those youtube videos of people driving their teslas like this. tesla says knock it off. we'll tell you what they're going to do to stop it coming up in business and tech.
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down the romanian ave brought government. this rn at 6:14, new this morning, huge protests have brought down the romanian government. this morning the country's prime minister says he's resigning. it comes a day after 20,000 people took to the streets blaming widespread corruption for a nightclub fire that killed 32 people in the nation's capital. we're learning the mayor of the district where the fire happened says he is stepping down as well. happening today, a new low
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risk retirement savings option launches for low and middle income americans. it's call the myra. it's for workers who don't have access to others. it's guaranteed not to decline in value. it's available to anyone who earns less than $131,000 per year. ever feel like e-mail bogs you down. google is introducing a new option to cut your correspondent's time. smart reply sends automated responses with a couple of quick taps. first it shorts e-mails to those that can be answered in short replies. you can also spruce up the reply before hitting send. smart reply rolls out in gmail later this week, right?
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that can be a little dangerous. >> you ever get the impression we're too smart for our own good. your e-mail is smart, your phone is smart. people's cars are now smart. >> they can drive themselves. scott mcgrew, tesla is watching some of those drivers on youtube and say knock it off. >> you've seen it. the software more or less allows the car to drive itself. this video all the rage when the software was pushed out. tesla says it is going to update the software in its cars to discourage this. exactly how, we don't know. but presumably something to help you keep at least one finger on the steering wheel. elon musk talked to reporters and analysts on tuesday afternoon says tesla isn't backing away from autonomous cars. he says in the very near future owning a non-autonomous car would be like owning a horse. you don't really keep it down
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for transportation reasons, but more for sentimental reasons. it would appear not a day goes by without an update to the voeks wlkswagen scandal. not what any company wants. yesterday we heard porsches and audis may be affected. vw owns that brand. volkswagen issued a statement to the bbc where the company said the problem with the cheating software would be in diesel engines. up until now we thought it was only with diesel engines. what is this word? this is huge. this adds nearly a million cars to the scandal. speaking of announcing terrible news, china issued a new report about its coal burning power plants. stuck in the middle of it was a number showing china is burning 17% more coal than it said previously, about a billion tons of co2 a year. this blows off a lot of the math
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that scientists and politicians were using when they tried to figure out how to prevent climate change. it it. >> we can all do our part. >> it is a reasonable concern. thank you very much, scott. taking back their city and their community. a program in east palo alto getting folks outside and into the parks in the worst parts of town. >> it's called the fit zone program, bringing people who live in violent or drug infested neighborhoods out of their homes and into parks. people get fit along the way, playing volleyball. the number of gunshots reported around the park dropped 20 to 25% in each of the last three years. >> by coming out and participating in elementary school style recess and working on small arts projects, people are able to reclaim their city. >> the chief is taking the inivive a step further, creating
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a clean zone program. community members will spend saturday picking up trash and painting over graffiti. the first cleanup is on this saturday. >> it's great to see that transformation continue in east palo alto. if you are park-bound today, accessorize, scarves, gloves, hats, whatever it takes. >> that time of year finally. it finally feels like it should as we take a live look at san francisco from san bruno mountain. you see the skies are all clear. get ready for a beautiful sunrise. we've got this for a little while longer before it gets dark later and later each morning. we are looking now at the wind forecast. it starts out breezy. you can feel the breeze as you step out the door. look at what happens as we go through the day. at 2:00, we still have the sustained winds at about 20 miles an hour. later this evening it starts to relax a bit and our temperatures will be still very cool.
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it feels chilly throughout the day with the winds at about 20 miles an hour in san francisco. going hour by hour at 9:00, it's 59 degrees. a slow rise into the low to mid 60s in the city. mostly clear skies as we drop back into the mid 50s. we'll have more of this weather over the next couple days. no major changes until the weekend when we start to see the cold front moving in. as it approaches, our winds pick up on saturday, more clouds by sunday. we could be tracking showers, especially for the north bay. the rain spreads all across the bay area late sunday night into monday, and we may have another good soaking to start out the week. pretty much like what we had to start this week. so the estimated rain at this point, of course, this could change, right now bringing us about a quarter inch all across the bay area. and a look at the temperature trend in livermore. it will be 70 degrees today. 71 degrees tomorrow and just rising a degree or two each day. the warmest day on saturday. more clouds moving in.
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that will bring our temperatures back down a couple more degrees. feeling nice across the bay area. the east bay 71 degrees on friday, saturday 69 degrees. you make plans to get outdoors, but watch it on sunday. we'll start in san jose. we're looking at nothing dramatic. we should see this commute start to kick in over the next 10 to 15 minutes. right here 101 at 680, your map is relatively calm. that's why we haven't been focusing here. this has been a steady easy build through 101 and 87. this is fremont, recovery for southbound 680, that crash cleared at mission boulevard. it's slow to recover because of the build off sunol. 880 building in out of hayward, union city and towards fremont. the rig over on the shoulder that was blocking the slow lane, all that activity is cleared between stephenson and auto mall parkway. that dog reportedly had a broken
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leg. the big rig driver pulled over to help. no problem in oakland, and slowing off the maze and the eastshore freeway towards the bay bridge, highway 4 tip cll slowing through concord. the live camera showing you the bay bridge span itself. look how well the incline moves towards treasure island and into the city. the disabled vehicle caused slowing. we'll give you a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the backup here. you may have a little more backup going back into the maze because those metering lights were slow. it should be sped up to about the normal pace now. back to you. driving is the easy part now. how much would you pay to park your car? a dollar, five dollars? $50? what about $650,000? the city where parking could cost you more than a house. new this morning... ==sam/cu==
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stealing a half-n is accused of million dollars worth of m all new this morning, an east bay woman stands accused of stealing a half million in merchandise from high end stores, her arrest following a fraud investigation that spanned several states. 40-year-old lakisha pettus is facing grand theft charging for allegedly taking more than $500,000 worth of clothes and jewelry. during her arrest, police also found a gun inside her home. happening today, raiders linebacker alden smith heading back to court. he'll be arraigned on three misdemeanors that includes a dui
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charge in santa clara county. back in august he was arrested on suspicion of dui, hit-and-run and vandalism. police say he hit a neighbor's car near his apartment before taking off, marking his fifth arrest. he was cut by the 9ers to be picked up by the raiders almost immediately. if you had $650,000 to spend, what would you buy? maybe a condo, a few cars? in one city it will get you a parking space. right now a space there is going for $650,000 for 171 square feet. we should note the apartment is sold separately. the last month a parking spot in the same garage sold for $390,000. >> totally waiting for the parking bubble to burst before you buy that. coming up next, 6:26.
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robin williams' widow opening up for the first time since the comedian's death. the reason she says she understands why he took his own life. plus -- >> a stunning announcement from the state that could put this year's dung nous crab season on hold. i'm bob redell and will take you live to the fisherman's wharf to tell you why the crab could be dangerous to eat. joining us. i'm sam brock
6:28 am
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garcia cannon.and i'm laura ==laura/boxes== (ad lib wx toss) ==omni== we've got a look at the cold
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start to our day. mike has a look at -- well, it's not free flowing in fremont. let's first talk about the tours. brr, kari. some of us starting in the low 40s, even the upper 30s. crank up the heater. now 43 degrees in the north and south bay. 52 in the peninsula and east bay. san francisco today, look for a high of 66 degrees. a few spots hitting 70 like the north bay and the tri-valley. i'll show you what to expect into the next few days. more rain in the longer range forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update on fremont. >> shortly in the past we had all lanes of 880 open up. that's why we're seeing more traffic south of 880 past the fremont truck scales and tesla. let's show you why you're bogging down, an earlier big rig off to the shoulder. as that clears, we're seeing
6:31 am
traffic start to recover. but backed up into fremont passing the dumbarton bridge. the build is on for the nimitz into the south bay. northbound around silicon valley, typical pattern. >> thank you, mike. >> we've got to holidays coming up, and not the words many people want to hear, don't eat the crab. that's the warning from state health officials before what is supposed to be the start of the recreational crab season. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live at fisherman's wharf. this stems from a potentially deadly toxin found in crab up and down the coastline. >> reporter: laura and sam, and unfortunately us and the fishermen are at the mercy of this naturally produced toxin sometimes found in crab. until it dissipates, these crab
6:32 am
pots will have to stay out here at fisherman's wharf. within the past 24 hours the california department of publish health made the surprising announcement that the dungeness crab caught off our coastline are unsafe to east. scientists tested crabs from oregon to santa barbara and found they contain high levels of demoic acid. >> waiting on word if it's a go or not a go. >> got to be frustrating because you can't control it. >> we can't control it. it's the motion. it's nature. >> what do you do if the levels don't drop? >> we have no plan. >> eating crab with high levels of demoic acid can cause nausea and headaches. at strong enough levels it can
6:33 am
be deadly. the commercial season starts november 15. the state doesn't know if the levels with drop in time for the start of either season. the seafoods here in the re-- a lot of people here in the bay area like to have their dungeness crab. bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:33. now more on our coverage of decision 2015. the results are in, and one of the bay area's most controversial politicians is now out as san francisco sheriff. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with more. and vicki hennessy beat out sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> likely a familiar name within the department, perhaps in the to the public at large. she says she is career practitioner and not a career politician. we did catch up with vicki hennessy as she was celebrating
6:34 am
quite a win over sheriff ross mirkarimi. she a former interim sheriff an got nearly double the votes of the current sheriff ross mirkarimi. 61% chose her over mirkarimi. hennessy is a san francisco native who joined the department back in 1975, and in 1983 was the youngest captain in california law enforcement. in 2012 mayor ed lee appointed her interim sheriff of the department when sheriff mirkarimi was suspended for official misconduct. >> i never thought in my entire career i would ever run for sheriff. but i found i felt compelled to do so, as a san francisco native, somebody who worked hard to make the department professional, wants to keep the department professional and responsive and as somebody who is pretty much -- i'm a pretty steady person, not somebody that has a lot of drama. >> that was not the case for
6:35 am
sheriff mirkarimi elected back in 2011. you'll recall he was convicted of domestic violence against his wife and he was also at the helm when a patient was locked in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital and then died there. he was also recently widely criticized for his support of the sanctuary policy blamed in part for the shooting death of a woman on pier 14. her killer, an alleged killer is a convicted felon with several deportations on his record. the sheriff elect hennessy says there is room to interpret the policy to allow notification, though not detention necessarily. she will be sworn in in january as she had a broad base of support, nearly the entire department, the unions for them have endorsed her. the whole board of supervisors endorsed her as well. by the way, she is the first woman to serve as sheriff of san francisco. we usually say we see true progress. we don't have to mention she is a woman. but this is an exciting day for
6:36 am
her. >> she's really being welcomed by so many as you mentioned there. it's 6:35, not much fanfare in this race. the bay area's highest profile mayor won in a landslide. ed lee stays in the lead in san francisco, he's been guiding the city through a tech boom and housing crisis. this was essentially a formality. he was elected getting 57% of the vote. he took over for gavin newsom in 2011. voters rejected controversial prop f, it lost 55% to 45%. prop f would have limited the number of days a private housing unit could be rented out. people who live in neighborhoods where it's happening say it's changing the fabric of the communities. the controller's office says the city collects between $10 million and $50 million annually paid by short-term residential rentals. our own steph chuang is in san
6:37 am
francisco following the story. she'll have a live report in 20 minutes. voters decided two measures in santa clara county. it would have provided millions of dollars to replace a decades-old hillview community center. 72% voted know. measure b renews a partial tax for elementary schools in san jose. it received 74% of the vote. we, of course, have much more election coverage on our website, click on local election results near the top of the page for all the results in your specific county, even city. you can find this information across all of our digital platforms. it is just that simple. in the presidential race, here comes hillary again. the democratic presidential front-runner is heading the the bay area. the former secretary of state was in the bay area raising money just five weeks ago. this afternoon she'll be attending a fun razor of ann
6:38 am
whoa jit ski, the co-founder of the biotech company 23andme in mountain view. tomorrow she'll attend a fund-raiser at a napa valley winery owned by former ambassador of austria, katherine hall. new clues into what may have contributed to robin williams' suicide last year. it comes as williams' widow opens up for the first time about his death and the medical battles he faced. "today" show's joe fryer is live in los angeles. susan williams says she, quote, understands why williams took his own life. >> that's right. good morning, laura. we're hearing from her for the first time. she tells "people" magazine that she does not believe it was depression that led robin  williams to commit suicide, but she believes it was a disease called lewy body dementia which was diagnosed in an autopsy after williams died. it's a progressive brain
6:39 am
disorder that can be hard to diagnose. doctors say it can affect memory and concentration. his wife says small tasks had become con confusing and his movement became impaired. she said they knew something was wrong with him but could not figure out what it was until after he died. she now hopes to raise awareness about this disease. coming up this morning on the "today" show, we'll tell you more about what she had to say about the months leading up to his tragic suicide. laura? >> very, very sad. it was nice she shared it, but quite emotional as well. >> such a gifted and talented guy, be loved here in the bay area. 6:39. everybody talking about fall has finally arrived. >> bordering on winter by bay area standards. >> we may have winter-like weather in the sierra toward the weekend. it is 43 degrees in san jose.
6:40 am
53 in concord and 55 in san francisco. most of us in the 60s today. it will be comfortably cool, slightly below average, making it up to 70 degrees in san martin. in san francisco mid 60s. 69 in napa and the tri-valley today near 70 degrees. more of this weather over the next few days. i'll talk about that rain and the possibility of sierra snow coming up a little later. let's check in with mike to see what's happening with the morning commute. >> we're down to our typical pattern for the eastshore freeway. but it's a slow drive approaching the berkeley curve and coming off the 580. there's the dennys that folks know well. look at the map. you have the span itself, the berkeley curve. up here in hercules, westbound 80 at willow, we have a crash. sounds like it's clearing from lanes. that's additional slowing off the carquinez brinl. this one to walnut creek out of pleasant hill, 680 bogged down.
6:41 am
there may be oil in the roadway. we may have to have some cleanup. we'll track chp's activity more build down 242 towards 680. the rest of the day looks standard. we have 880 still recovering. hayward toward fremont. 880 at stephen son has cleared from the roadway. a disabled vehicle west 580 reported around isabel. i haven't seen additional slowing in the last five minutes. the announcement expected in nearly three hours that will impact hundreds of thousands of students in california. what sort of phone would james bond use? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech as a live look of the big board. that is an unmoving stock market. back in a moment. oakland is ready to make its
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6:43 am
6:44 am
case to keep the raiders. =take vo= mayor libby schaaf at 6:44, oakland is ready to make its case to keep the raiders. the mayor will head to new york to make a presentation to nfl owners about why the team should stay in the east bay. shaf says taxpayer dollars will not be used to build the stadium. as we prooef dwrously reported the raiders and san diego chargers have taken preliminary steps for getting approval for a joint stadium in carson. the st. louis rams want to move to l.a. as well. the league could make a decision by january. 6:44 on your wednesday morning. the san jose police department joining a nationwide protest of quentin tarantino films.
6:45 am
>> i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. that's tarantino speaking at a protest in new york last month. since that time, police departments across the country have launched a boycott of the director's films. as nbc bay area's robert honda first broke on twitter, san jose police joined the boycott yesterday. >> you have to take into consideration that people really look at what you're saying, and for mr. attorney teen know to come out with such hateful and ignorant comments, it is and can be horrible in regards to law enforcement and their safety and their on going safety. >> tarantino who is famous for movies like "pulp fiction," "reservoir dogs" maintains police groups are trying to i'm tim date him and other prominent
6:46 am
people speaking out against violence. today cal state students will learn if they can expect teachers and workers to walk off the job. contract talks are currently at a stalemate. teachers will announce results of that vote in nearly three hours. they there's still no timeline on when teachers might actually walk off the job. all coming together, actually coming together inside the car. new ways to get to the city as ub ser rolling out uber pool. >> skt mcgrew, a flat rate, not very expensive. >> no, about 20 bucks. compared to ubering to san francisco from your home is much more expensive. check your phone this morning. if you're on the peninsula, you'll probably see the new offer on the lower left-hand corner there. you'll slide over to pool to sf. not entirely clear how much the ride home is going to cost. so to the city, 20 bucks.
6:47 am
home from the city, you'll find out this afternoon, aren't you? do have a backup plan. tesla has seen all the videos of people driving their cars hands-free. they're saying knock it off. the company told reporters on tuesday it's going to push out an update that will solve the problem. not entirely clear how or what, but perhaps by forcing you to keep a finger on the wheel. taking a look at the markets, pretty quiet this morning. dollar is much stronger. that will make it harder for our products to sell overseas. it does make oil cheaper and good time for a vacation. the new bond movie, "specter" is out in england. it's getting blockbuster audience. the makers of the movie tell "the telegraph" newspaper in london, they turned down a deal with sony that would have bond using a sony cell phone because they say bond wouldn't use an android. you may have seen this tv commercial where money penny
6:48 am
us uses the phone. you won't see it in the movie, only in commercials. "sky fall" bond drinks a heineken, not a martini and people freaked out. the movie makers thought bond using only the best is the bond way. apparently android phone in their opinion is not. >> certainly has a flare. >> he doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks heinek heineken. >> let's shake things up and get a look at your weather. >> it feels like fall now, feels like the beginning of november. you'll have to crank up the heat at least for little while. more of these cool mornings and nice pleasant afternoons. take a view from at&t park. it's all clear this morning. as the sunrises, we'll have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. some of us are feeling some 30s
6:49 am
right now. a live look at sunol. you see the clear sunrise, and all the beautiful colors in the sky. our temperature now in san francisco at 55 degrees. the north bay it is 43 degrees. a closer look now at the south b bay. we still have lower 40s there. in san martin it's 42. 44 degrees in the east bay. let's take it hour by hour in oakland. at 8:00, that's 56 degrees. we see the slow climb in the temperatures into the lunchtime hour, up to 65 degrees. mostly mid 60s there. no changes for the next couple days until this weekend. here is our next weather maker, it will be a cold front moving in by the end of the weekend. could bring scattered showers starting on sunday for the north bay, and then it continues to spread into the bay area sunday
6:50 am
night into monday. it could bring more snow for the sierra. some of the first runs of the computer model give us an idea of how much rain we could see between sunday night and monday. maybe a quarter of an inch of rain. our temperatures will be in the low 70s in livermore. saturday the warmest day. it is slightly above average. the rest of the bay area seeing more of the same. some 60s and 70s, a couple degrees cooler by the end of the weekend. on sunday, more clouds and a chance of scattered showers. we'll keep you up to date on that. mike is keeping you up to date for the morning commute. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge where the volume is starting to increase. beautiful view right now. drive is not so bad. we'll show you the maps. the sensors building off the hayward side. a crash at third that slowed things down a little extra north
6:51 am
through san mateo. we have a build as well for the dumbarton bridge, highway 84, typical pattern westward with your commute across the spans. in the last couple seconds we had a slowing there at capital expressw expressway, a crash that just came into chp. this could be a problem, the same area we had yesterday as well. we'll track that north on 101 out of morgan hill. the crash cleared south 680. we also had bottles of oil, apparently, that have been cleared from the roadway. the upper east shore, crash around 880. the volume really pushing toward the bay bridge toll plaza. that's the big concern as far as traffic goes. the north bay, slowing on the sensors. the live look shows slowing, but no incidents. it is 6:51 right now. new this morning, an east bay mcdonald's robbed at gunpoint. police say a man walked into the drive-through window at the
6:52 am
restaurant in martinez and pointed it at the cashier before reaching in and grabbing it from the cash register. so far police have very few details but believe he was about 20 years old and last seen wearing a green army jacket. the amount of cash in the register was unknown at the time. a plane crash in south sudan kills dozens. the number of dead goes up. now we're also learning about stories of survival ==laura/vo== dozens are
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
confirmed dead in south sudan after a cargo plane crashed. . at 6:54, an update to breaking news, dozens confirmed dead in south sudan after a cargo plane crashed. we're now learning at least three people on board survived. reuters is reporting a crew member, a pass zwrer and a child miraculously made it out of that wreckage you see on your screen. at least 41 people were killed. the plane went down shortly after takeoff, crashing on the banks of the nile river. investigators are now looking for the cause. back to our coverage now of election results. the ballots are in, the votes tallied. several high profile race haves been decided. >> we have team coverage. today in the bay's kris sanchez is in the newsroom, a big shakeup at the top of the san francisco sheriff's department. >> voters said enough to ross mirkarimi. vicki hennessy got 61% to
6:56 am
mirkarimi's 32%. she is now the new sheriff elect, the first woman to lead the department. the san francisco native has 36 years in the department including a stint as interim cheat in 2012 when ross mirkarimi was suspended for official misconduct after being convicted of domestic violence. >> i'm pretty steady person, not someone who has a lot of drama. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi can't say the same. he was elected in 2011, convicted of domestic violence against his life. also head of the department when a patient was lost in a stairwell at san francisco general and more recently, the shooting death of a woman -- vicki hennessy says that policy is subject to interpretation. she will do that once she takes
6:57 am
over as she is sworn in in january. >> 164 years, kris. finally the city's first woman sheriff. stephanie chuang is live in the san francisco newsroom. the controversial proposition f was rejected. >> reporter: it was rejected sam and laura, widely became known as the airbnb law limiting short-term rentals in san francisco. the no vote 55% to 45% yes of the more than 133,000 votes. the measure would have replaced regulations put in place earlier this year. prop f would have limited short-term rentless in san francisco to 75 days a year. it would have completely banned rentals of in-law units. if caught violating any rules, someone trying to rent out a space could face up to six months in jail and could be subjected to fines. spending on the yes and no campaign vastly different. hotels, hotel workers union and
6:58 am
activists at a couple hundred thousand. airbnb raising close to $ million to fight airbnb. we're set to hear from executives at the company headquarters this morning. you'll expect to hear that later on our midday show. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> 6:58. other results in san francisco, proposition i did not pass. that means development of luxury housing in the mission district will go on as planned. proposition a, however, did pass with 73 brs of the vote, a $310 million bond for affordable housing. also housing proposition d allowing mixed use development in the mission rock area near at&t park. no big surprise here, san francisco mayor ed lee stays in command getting 57% of the vote. we have much more election coverage on our website, just click on local election
6:59 am
results. at the top of the page you'll have results from your specific county, even city. you can find this information across all of our digital platforms. some hot coffee or tea might be in order this morning. emphasis on hot. temperatures dipping into the 40s. >> for us every morning is hot coffee. just a way of life for us. any way to keep warm. it is now in the mid 40s in the north bay and the south bay. expect highs today in the upper 60s, a few spots hitting 70 degrees. >> big rig, big problems for the morning commute in the south bay. >> details just came in. this is blocking north 101 right around, just north of capital expressway. updated to a wine tanker. i didn't know we officially had tanks full of wine, reported blocking three lanes. only one gets by right now. they can at least move it from part of the lanes, a big slowdown like we had 24 hours ago through that same area.
7:00 am
the rest is pretty smooth, 880 recovered from the earlier crash in fremont. all lanes are cleared. this is the peninsula south, this is why folks slow down t sun gets in their eyes. >> all right. update in half an hour. good morning. breaking overnight. was it suicide? investigators set to reveal significant new information in the death of a beloved illinois police officer. bah humbug. two major airlines announce they are raising baggage feesus


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