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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're here to wake you up, if we don't, the temperatures probably will. things will warm up, kari. >> slowly warming up throughout the day. you step outside right now, it is like a slap in the face, it will wake you up. now in the upper 30s in the north bay and we to have some 40s else where across the bay area with mostly clear skies and a light wind, especially in san francisco. heading into the day, absolutely gorgeous, perfect temperatures. 70 degrees and degrees in san francisco. but, overall, a great way to wrap up this week. and we'll have some rain in that forecast. i'll detail that coming up. let's check in now with mike and is it looking good at the bay bridge? >> look, the bay bridge. it looks great, kari. see the city of lights over there from the emeoryemoryville camera. mild back up and just a couple cash payers waiting over at the toll plaza and we'll show you the maps. crossing the bay is not a problem on the span itself.
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richmond san rafael bridge. we do see a little slow down just coming out of the altamont pass and then eastbound coming up the dublin grade we may have a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. we'll track this. back to you. also tracking breaking news this morning, mike. fire crews trying to put out a fire at an apartment complex. broke out an hour ago in belmont. crews have already called for backup once. no word on any injuries or damage. we're making calls to the fire department right now hoping for updates. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang headed to the scene and once she arrives we'll bring you an update. students head back to class for the first time in three days. >> we now know why the south bay teen went on a rampage at his university. kris sanchez joins us with discovery authorities made
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following the motive. >> he was a lonely young man who snapped when he was rejected by his peers. the sheriff says when mohammed was kicked ow of a study group he came up with an elaborate plan to kill and he stabbed four people before he was interrupted and ultimately shot and killed by campus police. now, during the autopsy, investigators found a detailed note in faisal mohammad's pocket. >> i will call it a two-page, i'll call it a manifesto, his activities pertaining to the day's events. >> the sheriff said in that so-called manifesto, mohammad detailed 22 points he planned to carry out. a hit list of specific students he planned to target and even a script of what he planned to say. mohammad wrote of a plan to steal an officer's gun. in his backpack was supplies like duct tape and a night vision scope and petroleum jelly
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to make the floor slippery for first responders. the sheriff reiterated that he was not driven by terrorism or hate groups but grudge. there is a vigil scheduled for campus tonight. one more detail we found interesting from that manifesto. although he wrote about killing, he made no reference to being killed himself nor to suicide. laura and sam. >> very fortunate he did not get his hands on a gun. thank you very much. new this morning, deputies in san carlos are looking for a man who tried to rob a convenience store and roughed up the cashier. this happened before 9:00 last night. investigators say the robber threatened the cashier with a knife and then punched him in the face when he refused to hand over the register's money. the robber left without any cash. one of the men arrested during a violent protest in the east bay is expected to appear in court this morning.
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now, this is video of police taking down protesters during a special meeting over affordable housing. it happened wednesday night in alameda. the protester due in court including resisting arrest and battery. chaos erupted when renters felt locked out of the meeting. the city's mayor does not consider the officer's action as excessive force. >> the people that came and demanded to speak right then, that is not protocol. and does it cross the line of civil disobedience, i don't know what that is. but it could be that. >> council members unanimously passed a 45-day moratorium on rent increases above 8%. happening today, consider this your warning ahead of time. a lot of detours and closures are going to plague san francisco streets for the next week. work on the new central subway project will shut down busy streets starting tonight. this will all be happening on fourth and king streets, not too far away from at&t park.
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bob redell is live in san francisco with a closer look at how this could impact your commute. bob? >> morning, sam. starting tonight at 10:00, a part of the intersection here at fourth and king will be shut down. so, workers can reconfigure a part of the muni line as the muni tracks there on fourth street. this is necessary so muni can link to the central subway, which is scheduled to open in 2019. it will allow the key third line to come up and enter a recently completed tunnel. now, this will clearly impact traffic in this area by the cal train station and muni is asking for your patience over the next week. >> the next seven days, you know, the intersection is going to be blocked off to traffic, the side streets, the altern tfs routes will be crowded. we will encourage people not to drive in the area and to use transit wherever possible. >> the construction is only taking place in the southern
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part of the fourth and king intersection, so it won't affect westbound traffic on king. that's the traffic headed towards 280. but if you're coming off 280 into the city, then you will be detoured at fifth and rerouted. this work will also cut off muni's access to one of its rail storage facilities which, as a result, could impact service city wide. you will want to check the muni website. the intersection is scheduled to reopen a week from saturday night at midnight. so, a week from tomorrow night. again, you're looking at eight days of part of this intersection at fourth and king being shut down. reporting live bob redell, "today in the bay." >> something for commuters to get used to. >> a lot more tolerant today, come monday, maybe a different situation. >> let's just ride the friday high then for now. let's check the temperatures. how high are they going to get today, kari? >> we're expecting it to go into the 70s today after another cool start. 40 degrees in livermore and oakland is at 46 degrees and santa rosa at 39 degrees.
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a jacket, necessity this morning. it is going to be 71 degrees in san jose and palo alto. castro up to 75 degrees and 72 degrees in napa and oakland 71 degrees. livermore expecting a high of 74 degrees. more of that beautiful weather into the day tomorrow. but some rain on sunday. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes and let's check in now with mike tracking a slow down. >> kari, we're looking over here. approaching that dublin interchange. let me show you what is going on here for the map coming into the area out of the altamont. earlier car fire i just got word a minute and a half ago that the car fire cleared from the off ramp and slow down should recover at least to see the area, but we're still having a build coming in towards livermore. slight. right around san ramon road, we do have a crash there and sounds like a verbal altercation. folks are arguing there on the side of the road. over there at the bay bridge toll plaza smooth, light drive
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and no problems for the south bay easy flow of traffic into and out of silicon valley. back to you. braving the cold and gearing up for the holiday season. here's a live look at san jose where dozens are lining up to register for a local food and toy program. sacred heart community service will provide food boxes and toys to folks in need. they're just lining up to have a chance to receive the food and toys later in the month. sacred heart has been doing this for more than 50 years. a half century old tradition. this year organizers plan to hand out more than 7,000 turkeys and 18,000 toys. >> one of my favorite stories of the year every year and dedicated parents, too. >> so many families. coming up, how student loans may come back to haunt you and your phone very soon. plus -- >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb onboard. >> the president addressing questions that are still
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swirling this morning on what caused a russian plane to crash in egypt as the investigation continues, we'll tell you why the tragedy could soon start impacting flights in the u.s. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. a developing story:
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=laura/plasma= not ruling out terrorism.. president obama said it himself.
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5:11. a developing story now. not ruling out terrorism, president obama said it himself. there is a possibility a bomb brought down a russian plane that crashed in egypt. "today in the bay" tracie potts following the story from washington this morning. though nothing is conclusive just yet, security could be tighter at u.s. airports i understand. >> well, it's something that they're looking at. they haven't decided yet, laura. the administration wants to know if we need to do something about the flights coming in here while the investigation continues. russia and egypt still insist that this could have been mechanical. this morning, thousands of british passengers are still stranded in sharm el sheikh. the egyptian airport where russia's metrojet took off before it crashed. now president obama says -- >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb onboard. >> reporter: so far that's based on intelligence, not hard evidence. proof will come from examining the debris, the plane's black
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boxes and questioning everyone who had access to that flight. >> have to look at the catering and the servicing and you have to look at the people who load the baggage because all of those folks have access to parts of the airplane that aren't typically screened. >> it doesn't require a lot of sophistication, unfortunately, to get a bomb on an aircraft. >> reporter: the u.s. hasn't ruled out mechanical failure, but is considered stepped up security for international flights landing here. isis has claimed responsibility. >> they are moving heaven and earth to try to attack civilian targets. >> reporter: american lawmakers are concerned if this was terrorism, it could mean the fight against isis isn't working. as for those thousands of stranded passengers, many of them british, are headed back to airports in great britain, the british government says they don't want the planes going back and forth. they shut that down. but they're sending their own transporto pick those folks up and bring them back with the caveat that they have to leave their luggage. some are not happy about that.
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but the brits want to send their own security people down to screen all of that baggage before it's put on a plane back to their country. >> proceeding very cautiously, obviously, thank you very much. that's tracy from washington. staying in washington a former bay area man who piloted a national security scare in washington last spring now poised to plead guilty. in april douglas hughes flew a gyrocopter through heavily restricted air space just before landing right outside the u.s. capitol. now, hughes will plead guilty and hughes was born in san mateo and he called his flight an act of civil disobedience and he is expected to be grounded eed for to three years in prison. happening today hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will make a rare, joint appearance. first democratic forum held in the south. it will take place in the critical early voting state of south carolina. the 90-minute forum will be
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moderated by rachel maddow and center around specific southern issues. you have last week's budget to thank for that. the amendment will allow debt collectors the authority to robo call cell phones. based on a analysis of more than 50,000 consumer complaints, your cell phone can be targeted even if you no longer owe any money. sharing your favorite music on facebook could get easier. >> that's the tune we're singing. we turn now to landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. all the taylor swift can possibly take, landon. >> it's my favorite. you got me. but it's friday and it's not just any friday, it's jobs friday. ahead of the big economic report of the week. the october jobs report out this morning could help determine whether the fed hike interest rates next month. hiring is expected to pick up
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follow two months of sluggish growth. unemployment falling to 5% a more than seven-year low. and the nasdaq down 14 to 5127. the u.s. postal service is bracing for a flood of holiday mail. the agency expects to handle 15.5 billion pieces of mail, cards and packages between thanksgiving and new year's. that's up 10% from last year. and hiring and they're hiring 30,000 seasonal workers. the busiest day of the year will be december 21st when the it expects to drop off more than 30 million packages. the postal service will start delivering seven days a week on the four sundays leading up to christmas. and facebook wants to make it easier for you to share your favorite music. it's add agnew feature called music stories that lets you link to a 30-second clip of a song or album on apple music or spotify a. you can continue listening on those sites or buy the track from itunes. for now the feature is only
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available for apple iphone app. >> your own theme song. >> thank you, landon. a wish came true for a terminally ill "star wars" fan. >> thanks in part to social media. daniel got to see an unedited version of the force awaken before its release. the 32-year-old cancer patient was worried he wouldn't live to see the new film expected to be released next month. the movie's director granted his after his wife started a social media campaign using the #forceforfannial. even luke skywalker himself tweeted his support. isn't that cool? >> yeah. >> of course, the movie producers can be pretty tight lipped about that stuff. >> especially that one. that's a huge one. >> fans are very dedicated and they reward their fans, too. that's good stuff. >> maybe he had to sign something that he couldn't talk about what happened. >> what are the forces of nature doing for us today?
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>> it looks really great as we go into the weekend and we need some of that rain. looks like we'll get a little bit of that too as we head into the weekend. you don't want to miss this before you starting those weekend plans. as we see the camera shaking around a little bit in san francisco. still a breezy wind and into the day, it will be chilly to start, but warming up nicely into the afternoon. under mostly clear skies. a look at the temperatures now all across the bay area. it is 40 degrees at napa and livermore and it's 48 degrees in san francisco and san jose 45 degrees and let's go hour by hour in oakland and it will be 46 degrees at 7:00 and then our temperatures slowly warming into the mid-60s. overall a beautiful day after a few clouds during the morning. bright sunshine during the afternoon and highs, once again, reaching into the mid to upper 60s. walnut creek also looking at temperatures will be cool to start. 42 degrees at 11:00 and 63 degrees and up to 70 degrees today. that's something we haven't seen
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all week long. and into the tomorrow more of the sightly warmer weather. but about average for this time of year. 69 degrees will be the high in burli burlingame and financial district at 65 degrees and oakland 71 and pleasanton reaching 73 degrees. into the next couple of days, once again, getting ready for some changes after a wet start to the week we've had dry weather all week long. here comes the rain, once again, early sunday morning that starts in the north bay and then makes its way to the south else where across the bay area. and then we may have another round heading into monday morning that may impact that monday morning commute. and then some snow heading over to the sierra, once again. could give them another pretty good coating of snow in the bay area. we're looking at about a tenth of an inch and maybe a couple of spots getting a quarter inch of rain between sunday night and monday. and a look at the weekend forecast. looking good, but slightly cooler on sunday. now, let's go to the east bay with mike. >> all right, kari.
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show you no problems. i like showing you that. more traffic than we saw last time and a live look at oakland with these taillights as we look at your map coming from the bottom of the screen up towards the bay bridge toll plaza where there is no real problems and a light flow throughout the approaches around the east bay and the north bay for that matter. looking over here towards east 580 san ramon road. and no lanes blocked westbound. a tiny build and a little more slowing come utof the altamont pass. nothing dramatic. this friday typical of most fridays. gentle build around the bay. easy flow and little slowing shows up for 85 through saratoga and we don't have any problems just a slower sensor read and that will clear up in the next couple of minutes. a live camera northbound out of mountain view through palo alto and up towards san francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. coming up, clear to reopen, but can they bounce back? the measures the south bay restaurant took before reopening its doors following the shigella
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outbreak. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcb nbc bay area, we investigate. cleared to re-open .. the san
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jose restaurant -- that prompted the recent shigella outbreak -- received a green-light t clear to reopen the san jose
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restaurant that prompted that shigella outbreak has the clear to open its doors again. last month's outbreak sickened almost 200 people across the bay area. the exact cause is still a mystery. that restaurant has since been sanitized and voluntarily dumped out all of its food. 5:24 right now. it is official, the recreational crab fishing season now on hold because of a health alert. that means a significant delay for seafood delight update to a story we first told you about on tuesday when tests detected unsafe levels of a toxin from a massive algae bloom. that means the dungeness crab fishing season for folks like you and i is postponed for six months. crab fishermen believe theyual soon be hit with the same delay. the recent release of federal medicare data now makes it easier for us to see how billions of our taxpayer dollars
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are spent on health care. out of all specialists, eye doctors rank number one in the total amount of money reimbursed. that stands ahead of heart doctors and doctors who treat cancer, oncologists. some of the busiest opthumologists practice right here in the bay area. some doctors were recommending some unnecessary treatments, some paid for with your tax dollars we conducted an informal experiment. we took one patient to four different doctors for a diagnosis of her eye health. >> i'm not saying that these doll doctors were liars or anything, but i think it's important to question and get second and third opinions. if there is something that involves a recommendation for surgery or further costs. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, the four different diagnosises one patient received and what you should do before agreeing to any kind of treatment. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our
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investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. coming up, an update to breaking news a fire at an apartment complex on the peninsula. stephanie chuang just arrived. an update next. what they discovered in carry ones that have authorities concerned this morning. students at uc merced head back to class, new details for a possible motive about a stabbing rampage on campus. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes boes good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. friday forecast. let's get a look at it right now with kari. >> can't be any more perfect. cool to start as we step out the door to the upper 30s in the north bay the south bay is in the upper 40s. mostly clear skies and warming up gradually into the day. this is what you're in for. 71 degrees in the south bay and east bay. 70 degrees in the peninsula and in the north bay, also, temperatures in the low 70s while san francisco stays at a comfortable 65 degrees. this weekend, big changes headed our way. i'll detail that coming up. let's get a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with mike. >> even on friday we have the backup starting to form and we probably won't see the metering lights for a couple minutes later than we typically do on a monday through thursday. 5:35, 5:40 but we're citying the stack up happen. we're looking at the map and see no problems on the approach as
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far as the speed sensors go. little forming for highway 4 out of there and then also in the altamont pass in towards livermore and dublin. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 5:30, an update to breaking news we first brought you about an hour ago. crews douse flames at an apartment complex along the peninsula. broke out just about 90 minutes ago at the leslie terrace apartments in belmont. today in the bay stephanie chuang just arrived on scene moments ago. what can you tell us, steph? >> i can say, laura, it appears no one was hurt in this and firefighters had great control over this fire. started just after 4:00 and was under control within about 30 minutes, i'm told. it was at the apartment behind me here. i know it's dark and harder to see. no smoke, no flames for sure. there was concern because there's an elderly community that lives here, seniors who live here.
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i'm told that everyone was evacuated and, again, they're safe. so, again, that's the good news this morning. as for cause, we don't know any of that. we know that it started in one unit it appears and then there's mostly water damage to floors. other than that, though, it really has wound down since we arrived here. there were about six engines when we got here. dozens of firefighters and so many of them have now left the scene. so, we see command posts to the right of me and they're still kind of wrapping things up. but as far as i can tell, things are good here. by the way, we're at krlmont and lake here in belmont and a senior community apartment complex that was on fire. that is the latest here from belmont,any chuang, "today in the bay." new details now clashes resuming this morning at uc merced after a south bay teen went on a stabbing rampage earlier this week. we learned more about what happened prior to the violent attack. >> kris sanchez check tracking the latest on the story.
5:32 am
a two-page letter is revealing more about the motive. >> a merced county sheriff said he was a lonely, young man who snapped when he was rejected by his peers. when he was kicked out of a study group he came up with an elaborate plan to kill. he stabbed four people before he was interrupted and shot and killed by campaign police. during the autopsy, investigators found a detailed note in mohammad's pocket. >> we found a two-page, hand written, i'm going to call it a manifesto detailing his projected activities pertaining to the day's events. >> now, the sheriff said in that so-called manifest o faisal mohammad had a 24 point and even a plan to steal an officer's gun. in his backpack officers found supplies like zip ties, night vision scope and vaseline to
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make the floor slippery for first responders. now, the sheriff reiterated that mohammad was not driven by hate groups or terrorist groups and only driven by a grudge. a vigil on campus tonight. one more detail that we thought was interesting in the manifesto, though mohammad wrote about killing other people, he made no reference to killing himself or suicide. we have breaking news now on the economy on the job's front. the october job's report released just minutes ago and it's a great one. that's very solid ployeemployer added 271,000 jobs. the unemployment rate dropped to 5% down 0.1 from last month. economists think that this job growth will likely keep the fed on track to raise interest rates next month. it is 5:33 right now. new this morning, a dubious distinction for the nation's air
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travele travelers. the tsa says for the week ending last friday, security agents discovered a record number of firearms in air traveler's carry-on bags. across the nation agents found 68 guns including two at sfo. 68 is one more than the previously high set last month. all but seven of those guns were loaded. 5:34 right now. happening later today. one of the two men arrested in a bathroom brawl at a 49ers game at levi stadium is going to be sent psed in court. he is charged with a felony count for attacking two men last month. he pleaded no contest to a second felony assault charge in exchange for 30 days in jail and three years of probation. this is cell phone video of that fight which stemmed from a disagreement over who would use the stall next to the other man. admitting to posting a racist that prompted a protest at berkeley high school. admitted to posting the message on the school computer that
5:35 am
referred to public lynching. before he confessed, hundreds of students walked out of school and marched to the cal campus demanding an investigation. >> as a black woman, i feel targeted. i feel unsafe. you know, they say public lynching on december 9th. i won't be around december 9th because of the fact that i'm libel to get lynched because i'm black. >> school administrators don't believe the student who wrote the message intended to physically hurt anyone, but could be expelled. a 2-year-old boy has died and pittsburg police say his mother caused the car crash that took his life. witnesses say it appears the woman was fleeing from another minor collision around noon yesterday when she lost control of her car. she crash under to a light pole and the force of it caused her son to be ejected from the car seat. >> that's when you saw the baby shoot out of the car and then after the baby shot out of the car, the car continued to crash and the woman started screaming. >> police arrived to find that woman still conscious in her
5:36 am
seat. she was injured, but her condition right now not known. investigators tell us that she does not have a valid driver's license. 5:36 right now. 30-year-old woman now facing four felony charges after allegedly hitting two boys with a car. among the charges, felony dui. police say christian andrick hit two 12 year olds in the marina district of san francisco. they were in the crosswalk on the way to marina middle school. they suffered life-threatening injuries but expected to survive. the city will add a stop sign at the intersection of bay and buchanan and make other safety improvements in the area. stepping up right now, patrols to make sure that pedestrians are safe. that's what the daly city police department is going to be starting today. doing a six-hour safety enforcement operation trying to catch drivers who don't stop for pedestrians. officers dressed in plain clothes are going to be crossing the street while officers in uniform will make sure that the drivers don't break the law.
5:37 am
this comes after a woman was recently hit and killed in a crosswalk on mission street. >> interesting video there. happening today, a warning to all drivers heading into san francisco. expect a lot of detours and street closures starting tonight. it's all thanks to construction work on the central subway project. >> this is going to have an impact on many people trying to get around a very busy area on fourth and king streets. not too far from at&t park. bob edell joins us live in san francisco with how long this could last and what kind of traffic it would snarl, bob. >> eight days, sam and laura. starting tonight at 10:00 and running through midnight saturday the 14th. that's a week from tomorrow night. muni will shut down part of the intersection at fourth and king in san francisco so that crews can do special track work on the tracks that run through this intersection. this work will allow the t third line to transition into a recently completed tunnel that will be part of the central subway that is scheduled to open
5:38 am
in 2019. when completed, that will give passengers a direct underground link between mission bay and china town. now, the construction here at fourth and king will impact traffic in this area. muni is asking you to avoid the area, if possible, or use public transit instead. >> it does seem like an inconvenience. i'm going to have to do some different planning. >> we're asking everybody's patience and indullgence over this period. >> just to be clear, this construction is not taking place in the entire intersection, it's only taking place in the southern part of the fourth and king intersection. so, it will not affect westbound traffic on king. the traffic headed towards 280, but if you're coming off 280 into the city, you will be detoured at fifth and rerouted. this work will cut off muni's access to one of the rail storage facilities. again, you want to check with the muni website on the possible impacts. again, the schedule, the intersection here at fourth and
5:39 am
king, the southern part, shutting down tonight at 10:00. will not reopen until a week from tomorrow night. reporting live here at sf, bob redell "today in the bay." a. >> a pleasant surprise supersome monday morning. a new go-to opens today for people who want to be out and about in the east bay. state and city leaders will dedicate the eastbound green way running underneath b.a.r.t.'s elevated rail tracks. stretches from the coliseum to 85th avenue in oakland. eventually that greenway will run for 12 miles. 5:39 right now. you'll soon be able to shop at b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. is opening up pop-up retail kiosks in san francisco. from buying fresh food to dry cleaning products, b.a.r.t. riders will get the chance to take care of errands and some excess exclusive deals. you can also expect to see new features and other b.a.r.t. stations in the east bay as
5:40 am
early as next year. >> fancy. artwork out there at b.a.r.t. and now little pods with cool stuff to buy. >> just in time for the holidays. and the weekend. that's where we are now and kari hall has your forecast. >> great weather on this friday to look forward to. a cool start in concord at 43 degrees and santa rosa at 38 degrees. still maybe some patchy frost in theies and then look at these highs today. right around 70 degrees for all of the bay area. san jose up to 71 degrees and in burlingame 69 good grees and castro at 65 degrees and pleasanton today up to 73 degrees. so, after this beautiful day, more of this awesome weather tomorrow and even better we'll have some rain on sunday. i'll detail all of that and how much snow we can see in the sierra, too, coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see if the metering lights are on yet. >> they turn ed on the metering
5:41 am
lights at 5:35. we have a smooth flow on the approach. backup at the toll plaza just filling in all the cash lanes. we'll look at your map and no problems for the east bay freeway and the maze. zoom out just before we get there i want to talk about north 280. bob talked about that subway where it is starting tonight at 10:00, reroute getting into san francisco and a crash highway 4 does slow you down approaching 242. that's it for the bay, back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. happening now, braving the cold and gearing up for the holiday season. a live look at san jose where dozens are ling up to register for a local annual food and toy program. sacred heart community will provide toy boxes and food to people in need. people in line lining up to get donations this morning, but for a chance to receive toys and food later this month. sacred heart has been doing this for more than 50 years. organizers plan to hand out more
5:42 am
than 7,000 turkeys and 18,000 toys. >> hard to imagine the holidays without the turkeys and the toys. >> exactly. remember to donate yourself, if you can. coming up next, a superstar on and off the court. what happens after serena williams cona crook for grabbing her cell phone. tennis "superstar" serena
5:43 am
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williams - more like a "superhero" - after confronting a phone thief in san francisco. there's even video to prove it. sereny williams like a super hero after confronting a phone thief in san francisco.
5:45 am
even video to prove encounter on facebook williams, you can see her standing outside a restaurant. she was outside of mission chinese. when a man swiped her cell phone, her smartphone. surveillance video caught all of it. we'll spotlight it right there for you. williams is eating dinner at san francisco's mission chinese. she kept her eye on the thief who could be seen bending down and up and followed him when he left. after peacefully confronting him and getting back her prized possession, she told the staff what happened. >> he said she was really prolite about it. hey, i think you took my phone. i think so, i'm sorry. >> well, that's a nice way to handle a situation. the restaurant owner says he recently installed cameras after discovering that a thief was repeatedly targeting his restaurant and apparently star tennis players. san francisco police have not filed a report on this, but they say they are hoping to do so. at 5:45, a follow up now and another report a slam dunk for the warriors and their efforts
5:46 am
to get onrena built in san francisco's mission bay. "the chronicle" says the planning commissioner unanimously approved that plan yesterday. the vote is considered a final major hurdle for the warriors and getting an 18,000 seat arene abuilt hopefully by the start of the 2018 season. the group mission bay alliance is still talking about possibly filing a lawsuit. open city leaders have devised a plan to better track how the city's criminals end up with their weapons. according to the tribune, city council members next week will announce a $1 million plan that will include adding specialists and replacing outdated equipment to more accurately record the tracking of confiscated guns. right now police manually enter all that information into a computer system. the department currently lacks manpower to track all the data. a scottish man is facing criminal charges accused of using twitter to trash certain companies and then cashing in when stock prices recovered. federal prosecutors say the man set up twitter accounts that
5:47 am
appear to be tied to market research firms. then he sent out false tweets sending shares in two companies tumbling. investigators say after buying low, the man sold when the shares rebounded. they say that man identified as james alan craig caused shareholders to lose at least $1.5 million. a federal grand jury indicted him yesterday in san francisco. carmaker toyota is making a billion dollar investment in silicon valley. the japanese company is setting up a new research company to develop artificial intelligence and robotics. and apparently not just for its next gen cars but in other fields, as well. the new facility comes on top of a tie in that the company already has with stanford's artificial intelligence labs. it is expected to launch some time in january in palo alto and employ 200 people. develop a similar facility in cambridge, massachusetts. let's stay in palo alto. $2 million, that's how much it would cost you to own a 180
5:48 am
square foot shack in palo alto. keep in mind, that's basically smaller than an average hotel room. according to the site, stately, the one bedroom, one bathroom shack close to stanford and highly rated elementary school but even for palo alto standards, neighbors are shocked at this price tag. >> it's crazy. we moved here in 2011. house prices have almost doubled since that. >> all right. let's cut to the real deal here. the shack sits on a 6,800 square foot lot, so it's prime for a tear down. at last check that shack is in escrow. someone is actually nearing a deal on the property. >> i hope they don't cut down those beautiful trees right there. >> that would be awful. >> a few million dollar tree house. >> in the bay area. >> we could use a view right now with some beautiful things here
5:49 am
today, kari. >> yeah, we're paying for this beautiful weather. it's going to be perfect into the next couple of days and then we get ready for some rain to move in by sunday. as we take a live look outside now in san jose, mostly che lly skies and a cool start to the day. look at the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. our temperatures will be dipping as we go into the start of next week and also comes along with some rain. a look at microclimates now. 40 in the east bay and san francisco it's 48 degrees and a closer look at the north bay where our temperatures are in thes in many spots. and this is where we had some patchy frost yesterday. now, we are in the upper 30s, still could be a few spots of that, but not as widespread as yesterday. so, as we go hour-by-hour in san jose at 7:00 we're at 45 degrees and temperatures making it into the mid-60s with mostly sunny skies at lunchtime and by the evening commute we're in the 60s as well with a light wind and sunny skies. a look at the futurecast.
5:50 am
this is what i've been talking about with those changes coming in this weekend. all dry today and sxby sunday early in the morning see the showers moving into the north bay, as well as san francisco. it moves where across the bay area farther to the south. we take a break for a while and then another round of rain moves in early monday morning that could impact the monday morning commute before that snow moves over to the sierra. and a lot of rain for us and another good soaking, but maybe not as much as we had for monday, but, still, it's better than nothing. so, a look at the weekend forecast. cool today. highs in the 60s and by sunday more clouds. if you're going to get away and try to catch some of that snow in lake tahoe. we will have mild weather today and tomorrow. and by sunday that's when the snow starts coming down and gets going on monday. the russian river valley looking at some beautiful weather and then cooling down by sunday. 62 degrees. let's get a look at how the morning commute is going now
5:51 am
with mike. >> kari, starting in the south bay this time because we're seeing a build here for 101, there you go just north of 680. typical pattern monday through thursday. as we look at your map even on a friday, that same slow down starts as that burst of traffic just starts to come up out of morgan hill and eventually making its way to san jose. crash on tulle road on the side of 101. talk about more folks on the freeway and more folks heading to the onramps. the rest of the south bay silicon valley moves well. no problems for 580 through dublin and liver more, but we're looking at a big slow down and northbound 680 coming off of 84 and heading up towards pleasanton. i don't know what's going on right now. update from chp when i get right back to my desk and i'll follow that. tweet out anything urgent and jump back on the air for the next report. bay bridge toll mrauza and metering lights are on and just before you get to 242 causing slowing into concord and san rafael, just fine.
5:52 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. young football players from both east palo alto and east palo alto playing for the same team. >> and now they're heading to a championship. the coaches of palo alto knights say the two areas merged this year for financial reasons. the knights are now undefeated with an 8-0 record proving they already make a stronger team. >> from day one, it didn't take the kids any time to get to know each other and take them any time to start gelling as a group, as brothers, as a team and they really have done a great job as far as kind of talk to coaches in a way. >> that's a great thing. the football team and the cheer squad are raising money so they can pcompete for the national youth football championship in florida next month. let's hope they go all the way. >> one player said they went from one team and it's a love.
5:53 am
not ruling out terrorism. president obama weighs in on what might have caused a russian plane to crash in egypt and how it could affect flights right here at home.
5:54 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
5:55 am
you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast this morning, an investigative unit exclusive. the recent release of federal meddata now makes it easier for us to see how billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on health care.
5:56 am
out of all specialists, eye doctors rank number one in the total amount of money reimbursed. that ranked ahead of heart doctors and oncologists. some of the busiest country practice right here in the bay area. after the investigative unit received tips that some doctors were considering what may be unnecessary treatments some paid for with your tax dollars we conducted an experiment. we took one patient to four different doctors. >> i'm not saying they lie, but second and third opinions if there's that involves a recommendation for surgery or for further costs. >> the four different diagnoses of one patient received and we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have tape, give us a call
5:57 am
at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to theunit@nbtheunit@nb y he says a bomb onboard is still a possibility. they have not found hard evidence to confirm that theory. passengers may be heading home after being strand in egypt for several days. they were grounded that same airport where the russian met rojet took off before it crashed. >> you have to look at the catering, you have to look at the servicing and the nns guys and the people that load the baggage because all of those folks have access to parts of the airplane that aren't typically screened. >> investigators are hoping to find answers after examining the debris and the plane's black boxes. they're questioning everyone who had access to that flight. a former bay area man responsible for engineering a national security scare in washington last spring is ready to plead guilty.
5:58 am
in april, douglas hughes flew a gyrocopter through heavily restricted air space before landing right outside the u.s. capitol. now, his attorney says hughes will plead guilty to one felony count operating the gyrocopter without a license. he was born in san mateo and called his flight an act of civil disobedience and now expected to be grounded in prison for up to three years. if you have a student loan or any other government-backed debt your phone could be flooded with robocalls. a tiny amendment would allow debt collectors the authority to robocall cell phones and based on cnbc analysis and more than 50,000 consumer complaints, your cell phone may be targeted even if you don't owe any more money. coming up right now at 6:00, a fire at a senior living apartment complex driving out dozens of people. i'm stephanie chuang live in
5:59 am
belmont with the latest and what firefighters are crediting that may have saved some lives here this morning. airports across the country, including right here at sfo. what tsa agents uncovered in carry ones that have authorities concerned this morning. plus a plan to kill. an unexpected find leads to a motive behind a stabbing rampage at uc merced. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock on this friday. something is slowing things up on 680. he is looking into that. first, nothing slowing us from getting into the weekend here's kari hall. >> mostly clear skies and a light breeze into the afternoon it will be another beautiful day. e even a touch warmer than yesterday. looking at all the microclimates and our temperature now. 37 degrees in the north bay. you may have to deal with some patchy frost there. else where, it is in the mid to upper 40s with highs today into
6:00 am
the low 70s. 65 degrees in san francisco while the north bay topped out at 72. i'll give you more details about what to expect today and the weekend with, which includes some rain. let's check in now with mike with a look at the slow down for the east bay. >> first of all, expected. toll plaza is full and the approach is gentle as we look at your map. it's not the maze, it's not the east shore freeway that is the problem. it's over here. highway 4 at the top of your screen, the crash approaching 242 still ties up concord in pittsburg and bay point and makes pleasan hill and walnut creek a little bit easier. and mystery slow down over here behind me. both directions of 680 now slow between highway 84 in sunol and sunol boulevard. this stretch both directions. looks like some overnight road crews going on there, but no word about anybody moving or not moving through the area. we'll check with chp, once again, and see if they have an update over the next couple minutes. we're tracking that. 84


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