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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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across the bay area sky. what was it... up in the night sky? right now at 11:00. the mysterious light across the bay area sky, what was it up there in the night sky? we have breaking news. a small plane crashes in the south bay. we are live with the latest. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. we are watching the skies for another reason. more rain is coming. take a live look at the radar coming in from the coast and
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there it is. the sue the green to explain it all. when will it get here some. >> showers in parts of northern california. eureka seeing showers and here in the bay area has been generally clear. a closer look, eureka starting to see the light showers. as you get closer to the bay area, a mix of clouds started to increase and by tomorrow morning when we wake up, showers start to fall. this is about 6:00 in the morning tomorrow. you notice the heavier rain in parts of the north bay. not until about 8:00 or 9:00 in san francisco and by the middle of the day, widespread for everybody. by the afternoon, sunshine, but it will be limited because mostly cloudy skies are expected through the remainder of the afternoon before another batch of heavy rain for monday morning. that will mean thunderstorms into the potential for small hail as we head through the day on monday.
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sierra snow expected and talking about another food across the higher elevations. we will time that out for the snow and give you the aimounts and the numbers. back over to you. >> thanks very much. track the storms on our nbc bay area app. free for iphone and android. the small plane crash, we are learning new information by the monday. it happened about 9:00. nbc bay area live at the scene. marianne, that's going on? >> reporter: miraculously all four of the persons inside this light plane that flipped over are okay. man was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated. we only had minor injuries. take a look at this. the single engine cessna is upside down on the tarmac. when they arrived, all four
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people inside had already managed to crawl out. firefighters say the pilot tried to land the plane and the wheels hit the dirt instead of the tarmac. >> the landing gear went off a little bit of the landing strip and caused the plane to tilt and flipped over on its side. >> fire crews made sure there was no fuel on the ground. they were closed for a short period while firefighters were out on the tarmac responding. according to records, the plane is owned by llc in san jose. even though this light plane flipped over on the side, all four passengers were able to crawl out and they were all okay tonight. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> for the first time, a 13esh8
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special group discussed controversy at the santa clara county jail. the blue rip on commission was after an inmate was beaten by three officers. they will work with the public to come up with recommendations on how to improve the jail system. they learned the county hired an independent consultant. their findings will be confidential. that could affect the future of this commission. >> i don't want to spend time duplicating what is being done. i don't know. >> he was appointed the leader and will step down if more information is not provided. >> traffic is bad in san francisco and about to get worse. expect major delays for the next week. construction is taking place for the next phase of the subway project. 1.7 mile line will connect
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chinatown, downtown mission bay and the bayshore. they are putting in special tracks and work began last night and will last about a week. drivers are being told to avoid that area if at all possible. he's back. donald trump is taking the stage as host of "saturday night live." he hosted four years ago and this time he is a presidential candidate and generating more controversy. hundreds are protesting outside 30 rock in new york. many protesters and hundreds of thousands of others signed petitions to stop him from hosting and it didn't work. they offered $5,000 to anyone who yelled trump is a racist during the broadcast. someone does. they added extra security for the show which is on after this newscast. heavy rain is expected for the next few months and that won't save us from the drought. the technology that could solve the water crisis. >> you have to have a
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sustainable water system. we travel halfway around the world to find out what california can learn from israel. year, it won't end our drought.
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but many people are saying there no matter how much it rapes this year, it won't end our drought. many people are saying there is a way to end it. why aren't we doing it? the answers might be in israel. the senior reporter steven stock just returned from there and has this report. >> nasa scientists say california needs 11 trillion gallons of water to recover from the wurnt drought.
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how much water is that? consider this. it would have to rain in san francisco and oakland one inch every day for more than 13 years. just to get that much water. we discovered a place where they faced a similar crisis eight years ago and have so much water they sell it to other countries. it looks like california's central valley. fields of cotton and nut trees as far as the eye can see. all silhouetted by mountains that run alongside the fertile valley. this is not the central valley. it's not even california. it's israel. if you top the find out how to address california's drought, come here to israel halfway around the world where nearly years ago they faced a similar drought crisis and decided to change an entire post towards water. now almost ten years later, they
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have more water than they can use. >> they produce about 20% more water than they consume. >> this doctor was porn in louisiana and works in israel as senior director at the mill kin institute we spoke to him at the walls surrounding the old city of jerusalem. >> israel here in the desert makes more water than it uses? >> right. we sell it and share it with palestine and jordan. >> hours away was an aqueduct. they know water crisis solutions here. today his staff are teaming up with experts from cal berkeley to find large scale solutions for california's water crisis. >> it's not just the drought, but the fact that you have to have a sustainable system whether you have el nino or don't have el ninos. >> the solutions to droughts here are not based on ancient,
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but modern history. less than a decade ago, they instituted a major paradigm shift in the approach to water. >> sometimes you might be able to supply even water for basic needs. >> he retired after serving for years during the time they faced these critical water shortages. >> that's what we should do with an excess amount of water. we are not afraid of the drought here. >> it was an approach where israeli leaders made water a national priority equivalent to fighting terrorism or war. >> abraham played a leading in gaining water independence.
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[inaudible] . >> it could rain and it could solve it. >> it's not just the israelis warning us. this is the principal and a water consultancy project works with major private corporations. based at the presydio in san francisco. >> we don't have enough water. >> this is not the central valley or silicon valley in california. it's the desert in israel. they generate so much recycled water, they can't store it all. at this recycling plant developed with the assistance of the jewish national fund, they clean 10% of recycled water that meets not only safety standards, but german and epa standards as well. >> we didn't have a choice. >> as much as 60% used by agriculture and generated
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sources. carried by the purple pipes you see everywhere. in comparison, less than 7% use that type of water. the collective farm they develop and perfected drip irrigation techniques 50 years ago. >> we are in a desert. now at least 75% of all israel's crops are through drip irrigation nearly twice that. less than 40% of our fields have drip irrigation. >> to get an idea how good it is, see the middle of these roads? there is no weeds. nothing grows here. the only thing are the crops irrigated by drip irrigation. in fact we found farmers in california's central valley still using flood irrigation. a technique from 100 years ago that experts say has
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scientifically been shown to be wasteful and counterproductive. >> winter you need less. >> the new water portfolio. the largest of its kind in the world. they take seawater and convert it into fresh drinking water. some have plants more than ten years old and have the capacity to produce more than 50 percents are for the entire country. contrast that to california with only one plant. this in carlsbad outside san diego that just started to produce fresh water late last month and only provides about a quarter of the drinking water needed by san diego. >> what needs to change here? >> i would like to think a few liters in california would be an opportunity to drive the advanced water technology the way that california has driven
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the application technology. >> why haven't we done that? >> the basic answers, it hasn't been a priority. >> why don't we get this? >> the answer to that question speaks to the need for california to change too, whether or not el nino brings more rain than we can handle. >> i believe that you don't understand the problem. >> if we don't do anything, what happens? >> we discovered many different companies based here in silicon valley that used the brain power to solve the prisz on a large scale. the companies cannot get any traction here in california. they tell us they have taken their business overseas. we will explore some of the companies in the next part of the ongoing series, california's water crisis. we have a lot more to see on the issue including grass, charts,
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even background information on california's water crisis as well as israel's water crisis and how they solved it. you can find all of it on our website. go to >> if you have a tip for our unit, give us a call. send us an e-mail. our other top story, did you see it? a bright light in the night sky. this sight was seen from san diego on up to the bay area. people in arizona say they saw it. >> i'm not sure if they saw it. it's going on. >> i wish i did see it. i heard all kinds of theorys on what it could be. some thought it was a light from a helicopter. a lot of folks are not sure what it was. they knew quickly here at the science center. >> from southern california to
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the bay area, social mead why lit up with a mystery. a light in the sky. jacqueline lomeli was stunned. >> my friends were sitting there talking and i saw this blue light glowing in the sky. i was like what is that? it was really strange. >> diego ramos caught this on the east bay. >> that are is not a plane. that is not a weather balloon. >> have you shared this on our facebook page while another video came from the north bay tonight. >> what is that? >> it started behind and moved over on the other ramp to see in that direction. it started from there with two blue over the ocean. >> in oakland, the astronomers have been busy offering an explanation. >> we have a lot of phone calls asking whether there was a meteor. of course we recognized it as a
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missile launch. >> we had a test light off the coast of southern california by the navy according to a spokesperson. it was not armed. part of the scheduled system evaluation. many reported seeing a blue green color after sunset. >> it was mostly dark in the bay area, you go 20 miles up and you are still in sun light. you see the rocket in sun light. >> this is like a giant cone of light. it looked like a spotlight. >> no ufos and no aliens. no meteors. just plain old rocket launchers. >> here in oakland, they used binoculars and see the pain of separation and the plume and added it was not unusual for people to see this so far away. kristi smith, n brbc bay area n. >> let's get more from anthony and questions about rain. when is it going to get here and how much is it going to bring?
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>> a system will move in tomorrow morning through the afternoon and monday as well. it will produce quite a bit of rain. clear skies for the most part and we have clouds less than a move through. coming down just a little bit. it will be in the 60s on the coastline all the way to the inland valleys. we are expecting rain to push through from this storm system right here. this is pushing through the pacific northwest and showers starting to fall apart. by the time we wake up, showers will be through parts of the north bay. for san francisco, heavy band of rain will pull through the south and the east bay by the early afternoons. then we will see a good mix of scattered showers through the evening tomorrow. then by monday morning, another band of heavy rain pushes through and that produces another quarter inch of rain. the rain comes in and it will be gray skies all day.
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62 for pacifica and 62 for san ma it te'o. the north bay will have a mix of lows to mid 60s from sausalito to napa. showers first will spread through the east bay and the south bay and the trivalley. temperatures in the trivalley tomorrow back into the mid 60s. along with the rain, we are expecting snow. winter weather advisories for the sierra. they are expecting two to four inches at lake level and 6 to 12 inches above 7,000 feet. that advisory goes through tuesday morning just in case you are doing traveling that way. the rain and thunder will be with us. it will stay cool for us here in the bay area with temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow rain and monday expect thunder. back to you. >> thanks very much. let's go to haddenry for comcast sportsnet. we were talking about curry on curry in sacramento. did not happen. >> did not happen.
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one brother was not able to play. warriors and kings. they are always a front matchup. tonight had a little more at stake. the warriors rolled into sacramento and the northbound neighbors pushed them to the limit. highlights are next. listenin' ♪
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♪ in the lane, snow is glistenin' ♪ ♪a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight♪ ♪towin' in a winter wonderland enjoy holiday magic at both parks during disneyland resort's diamond celebration. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland...weee hoooooo! ♪
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brothers - steph's un >> welcome back. warriors and kings were supposed to be a showdown between the curry brothers. seth's younger brother, a guard for the kings. seth didn't play because of an ankle injury. the game was interesting none the less. take a look at this. the brothers are hugging. nothing wrong with that. wish my big brother gives me a hug. that's another story. he hits a mid-range jumper and kings have the lead. we haven't seen the warriors trail much in the fourth
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quarter. seth curry hits this and gives the warriors that lead again under a minute. the warriors up six and curry with three. puts this game on ice and goes on to win 103-94. they are now 7-0. to hockey. ducks and sharks and owen nolan being honored. part of the team's 25th an verary celebration. that's awesome for the former captain. ryan gets the beautiful pass. perry is always dangerous. that's the only goal of the game. they win 1-0. oregon defeated cal. meanwhile stanfort beat colorado 42-10. the cardinal will play with the pac 12 north title on the line. we'll be right back after the break.
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