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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> reporter: that's all for now. i'm richard engel. thanks for joini nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, another rain system heading our way. expect a wet commute tomorrow. going to show you exactly where and when it's coming in. good evening, everybody, i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker has the night off. it's deja vu from just last week. expect another monday morning rainy bay area commute. the bay area got a dose of rain today. this is what it looked like in san jose. this is from about 2:00 this afternoon. nbc bay area photographer scott walker using his dash cam to show the slick roadways be. careful out there. our radar on the left here showing the storm heading in. and you can see what it looks like on the golden gate bridge.
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that's going to change. we start with meteorologist anthony slaughter. anthony, what's going on? >> we had showers and thunderstorms move through the area, especially parts of the extreme south bay earlier this evening. and now we're waiting on another round of storms that are starting to develop off the coastline. and some of those are detecting some lightning strikes in them. the band that moved through earlier, gilroy, dumped about half the rain in short amount of time. now we're wait thong next round of thunderstorm activity to push through. and some of these cells overnight will produce some lightning and thunder. and for tomorrow morning, we're also expecting very heavy rainfall for the morning commute. keep in mind not only are we expecting rain, but some sierra snow, sierra travel alert. and winter weather advisory goes into effect through tuesday morning. i'm going to time out the storm system to your doorstep and let you know hen this heavy rain is expected to push through the bay area, starting tomorrow at 8:00, i'll see you in a bitterry and talk more about the storm. >> all right, anthony.
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the chp today responded to several crashes. a person is dead after this wreck in santa rosa. nbc bay area's christie smith continues our team coverage. she is live in san francisco with the warning police have for drivers. christie? >> reporter: well good evening to you, terry. it's been dry here in san francisco this evening. but that did get people a chance to go out and get their rain gear together while the chp took the opportunity to remind drivers to be careful and slow down. just a few sprinkles today along highway 101 after a wet morning for some. it kept chp brett townsend busy near santa rosa where a 27-year-old woman was killed in a crash. >> given the wet roads, she didn't have as good as traction. and that's what caused her to go sideways in front of the other vehicle when she tried to correct it. slow down in the wet welcome. it definitely makes a difference. >> reporter: two others injured. and near petaluma, another accident with injuries. he says the driver in a dark
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colored car lost control after trying to drift. >> started to try and make the back end drift on the roadway and lost control and went into the over lane of the vehicle. >> reporter: driving tips on social media. last week rain showers hit the bay area and snarled traffic. in parts of the south bay today, light rain. in san francisco, it was dry afternoon. and that made for good shopping. >> people looking for jackets. people like waterproof rain boots. or hiking boots that are waterproof. >> reporter: at sports basement, the weather has people gearing up. >> i was just getting ready for el nino. >> reporter: this family grabbed rain boots for their son. >> had the get the kids suited up with some new boots. and some other rain gear. >> reporter: there wasn't a whole lot of rain on this end in evening. but shoppers we spoke with said that they certainly want that rain. and they also said that they plan to leave a little bit early tomorrow morning.
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reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> good advice, christie. thanks very much. the storm means more snow in the sierra. what you're looking at right there, started about noon today. continued all afternoon. several inches of fresh powder fell at the lower levels of the sierra. and of course much more at the top where skiers and borders were eager to hit the slopes. great for ski resorts by boreal mountain resorts, enjoying its best opening weekend in more than a decade. >> since 2004, we have not had an opening day where we've opened all the way to the top. and we were able to accomplish this year with top to bottom skiing, all opening weekend long. and that was 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> on the roadways, truckers and drivers taking safety precautions. they're making sure they have plenty of fuel and they have the chains to make it up and down the mountain. mike inouye will be watching bright and early. coverage starts at 4:30 and goes until 7:00.
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you can track the storm any time with our nbc bay area app. we have a realtime radar and personalized forecast for your neighborhood. that's free for iphones and droid devices. the smoke could be seen for miles. tonight nearly two dozen people are out of their homes. the destructive fire in san francisco's mission district took a heavy toll on the community. fire broke out just before 8:00 this morning at a tire shop at 16th and shotwell. no one was inside the building. for the dozens over people living nearby, they were given little warning. >> there is a fire right next door. hurry up and get out. oh my god, i forgot to get my medication. a life threatening pill and they wouldn't let me back inside. >> the red cross had to find shelter for 21 people. why some worry this fire could displace them permanently. another fire broke out overnight, this one in south san jose. residents heard a loud boom
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before the fire started. the flames collapsed the roof on walnut blossom drive. 37 people had to be evacuated. the red cross is finding places for them to stay. we've also learned a firefighter is injured. his injuries are minor. the cause of that fire under investigation. well, the real fans were in the stands after a very disappointing start to the season. the faithful are celebrating a 49ers win. backup quarterback blaine gabbert taking over for colin kaepernick. not only enjoying the wind, but also some really cheap tickets for today's game. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us live with reaction not just to the new lineup for the 49ers, but also those cheap tickets. marianne? >> reporter: very cheap, terry. we checked on stub hub and found you could score a ticket to today's game for just $35. but the big buzz tonight is about a quarterback who was given a chance to prove himself and ran with it. >> 49er faithful. >> reporter: debbie lowry wore
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her special 49ers earrings today, but will is one thing she left home. >> i did not wear my number 7 jersey today because i kind of wore generic no number, just because i was kind of worried about kaepernick. >> reporter: starting quarterback colin kaepernick was benched this week. and today blackup blaine gabbert was the star on the field, leading the team to a 17-16 victory over the atlanta falcons. >> i think it was a good decision. it seemed like he wasover due. he wasn't doing well. and gabbert was a good change of pace obviously by today ace game. he through a couple of touchdowns and it felt like a new experience. >> reporter: others say they believe the switchup will wake-up kaepernick. >> i think it's a good thing. that makes him focus on what's the game ahead of him, just to make him think. how is he going to perform. and to see the other backup quarterback coming in and doing better than him, that will wake him up for sure. >> i think it was about time. the niners needed change. >> reporter: one thing that definitely changed, ticket
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prices, with some going for only $35 on stub hub. a price some fans found a little painful. >> it is, because i've spent a lot of money on my tickets. but you know what? i'm content and i'm a die-hard fan. >> that's good future all the folks who want to catch a niners game and kind of get the vibe for the season. >> reporter: while the bargain pricing wasn't enough to fill the seats, the niners victory was definitely enough to get fans cheering again. >> go niners! >> reporter: those kids were so cute. half of the fans felt that gabbert should keep going as the starting quarterback, but the other half would like to see that job go back to kaepernick. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> all right, interesting stuff. while the 49ers might not make to it the super bowl, you can. but tickets are going to cost you. >> prices are already higher than they've ever been at this time of the year before the
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game. >> however, we discovered there may be a better time to buy your tickets. coming up in about five minutes from right now, an nbc bay area special report, we're going reveal what to watch out for in order to score a cheaper seat after the super bowl. a gruesome discovery along the alameda shoreline. police say a man's body was found floating in the water near roberts b. crown memorial state beach. a person visiting this morning found the body. police are releasing few details this morning, only saying it was man if his 50s. the investigation is ongoing. new details in a deadly crash in the east bay. police say the driver was going more than 100 miles an hour when he crashed. 25-year-old jose murillo died early yesterday morning when his car slammed into a tree. the crash happened on 508 west near mills college. police say murillo died before ems could get there. tonight the deadly crash of a russian jet liner is raising
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security concerns. in a new report today, investigators say they are 90% sure the noise heard in a  cockpit recording was in fact a bomb explosion. all 224 people on board the russian jetliner were killed when it crashed over egypt last week. isis is claiming responsibility for the bombing of that plane. the president of the emirate, one of the world's biggest airlines says if it's proved to be a bomb, that will be a game-changer for industry. >> that being a series of incidents involving several aircraft over the last couple of years. 17 was shot down when it was over ukraine. and this is another one. >> new tonight, we're learning the fbi is joining this investigation. and experts are saying that is unusual because the russian government doesn't often ask for help. but it's asking for the fbi to help out in that case. well, it's a court case that is going to be closely watched. tomorrow the trial of raymond chow starts in san francisco. he is facing a long list of
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charges which include orchestrating the murder of a rival gang leader in 2006. federal agents arrested chow last year with nearly 30 other people including former state senator leland yee. we'll have more on that trial tomorrow. coming up, a rule switch over uber at the airport. san jose councilmembers are considering easing up the drivers. what taxi drivers are going to do tomorrow to protest that. plus, mystery solved. the a missile test lit up the california sky and confused a lot of people who saw it. and then a wind farm on the ocean. we're taking you inside the plan that would make it a reality off the california coast. if you didn't see it in person,
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you saw photos or video of it last night. this mysterious light seen from if you didn't see it in person, you saw photos or maybe video of it last night. this is what i'm talking about. mysterious lights seen from san diego all the way up to the bay area. not so mysterious now. it turns out the u.s. navy was performing a missile test off the coast. well, tonight analysts say the tests present a problem for the military. officials need to warn local
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aviation officials to keep planes out of the area. but at the same time, the tests need to be secret enough to keep other countries from monitoring the missile launch and flight. the missiles sparked a social med media feeding frenzy with hundreds of photos posted online. we mentioned earlier if you want to go to super bowl 50 at levi's stadium, it's going to cost you. tickets on secondhand sites start at about $3500. but expert says now is not the time to be. ian cull explains what to look out for before the big game in february. >> reporter: it's been 30 years since the bay area hosted a super bowl when the 49ers beat the dolphins at the old stanford stadium. face value for tickets, $60. when the big game comes to levi's stadium february 7th, face value tickets won't be available. the chance to win those in a lottery through the nfl ended in june. so the secondhand market may be your best option to make it
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inside. and right now it will cost you about $3500, up to tens of thousands of dollars. >> that's probably a little bit on the high end. your sort of 50 yard line tickets in the 10 to 15 range. >> reporter: gland lerman says the super bowl is the super bowl of stub hub's operation. >> we spend more time, more money, more attention on the super bowl than probably the next 100 events combined. >> reporter: he expects this year will be the most expensive average super bowl ticket ever. >> right now the tickets are higher than they've probably ever been. and that probably is the silicone valley effect that you're seeing right now. >> reporter: the nfl didn't return our e-mails on how they distribute tickets, but multiple reports from past super bowls show the afc and nfc teams in the super bowl each get 17.5% of the allotment. some go to their fans. the remaining nfl teams get about 1% of the tickets each. the host team, the 49ers receive 5%.
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and the nfl office gets the rest to give to sponsors and some of those make to it the general public. >> this is the ultimate golden ticket. and there is no better than super bowl 50. >> reporter: the former 49ers chief orangeses officer. he says when the matchup is set two weeks before the game, people try to work their connections with teams to get tickets. >> what you find out is you have more friends than you ever thought you never had in life. and you're going hear from celebrities that give you more time on the phone than you ever thought. >> reporter: for the rest of us, lerman says ticket prices decrease the day before and even on the day of the game. if you buy a ticket from the secondhand market, beware, the tickets themselves aren't even printed until two weeks before. >> if you have a super bowl ticket and it looks like a normal ticket, you probably do not have a super bowl ticket there are watermarks everywhere. there are places you can shine a black light on it and see the various seals. >> reporter: and even with all
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that knowledge, most fans say the prices are too steep. >> oh, yeah, i would love to go. i'm not spending that. >> at home, it's still worth it to get a chance to watch it. >> reporter: while overs will spend thousands, not willing to wait for another super bowl to roll around. in santa clara, ian cull, nbc bay area news. well, the city of san jose taxi drivers and ride sharing companies are revving up for a big fight. in september, city officials decided that drivers working for ride sharing companies must submit fingerprints and get a business license. but come tuesday, the city council will consider pulling become on those requirements. instead, they'll look into doing random checks on a small number of drivers. some taxi companies are not happy with these changes. they plan to good on strike tomorrow. california's central coast could become the home of the first offshore wind farm in the state. this is wild. a seattle company has filed papers with morro bay officials to install 100 turbines about 15
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miles off the coast. the project would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but will generate enough energy to power about 300,000 homes. it will take six or seven years to secure permits from the federal government, the coastal commission and other agencies. they want to minuimize the impat on migrating whales, fish and california's tourist industry. we had rain today. more tomorrow. here is meteorologist anthony slaught were more on that. >> we could use some radar in the ocean too that would be great. we only have satellites. never thought about that. all right. let's talk about some rain that we saw earlier today. we picked up some light amounts, because it was very light across most of the bay area. pleasanton got about 0.02. los gatos a tenth of an inch. you head south of san jose, and look, monterey towards santa cruz, about a quarter of an inch. a half an inch fell near san
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martin earlier and gilroy along with morgan hill. that's because of the heavy band that pushed south of san jose this evening. and that made its way towards the sierra right now. translated into snow for folks there. now the next thing we're watching are the pop-up thunderstorms that are starting to form off the coastline. as the night rolls through, we will continue to watch these storms push on through. and we may even have some lightning and thunder overnight. keep that in mind. it's not going to be heavy rain, but occasional downpours are expected. especially once we get towards day break. and then that's when it's really going to pour. we're talking about heavy downpours for the morning commute. and that's going to continue until lunch time tomorrow. here is the timing on it. again, brief pop-up thunderstorms overnight. it's not until about 7:00 in the morning when we start to see the main push of rainfall through for the north bay, san francisco, and eventually down through the peninsula. by 8:00, it will be in the south bay over towards the east bay and tri-valleys. that's the heavy rain. after that, we get more spotty shower reactivity towards lunchtime. and we may even see a few afternoon thunderstorms with the heating of the day as the core of this area of low pressure
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moves on through. so your microclimate forecast for monday brings temperatures back into the low 60s everywhere, with upper 50s in san francisco tomorrow. with limited sunshine. showers and thunderstorms are expected really all day long. and by the afternoon, we may see a few peeks of sunshine. not enough to move the temperatures back into the 60s. 62 for hayward and 64 for pleasanton. showers and thunderstorms are expected really all day long until about noon. and then after that we may see a few peeks of sunshine. computer estimates bringing this thing down a little earlier. estimates were going from half an inch to 3/4 of an inch. i still think we'll get a half an inch. especially at the valley floor, considering how much rain the system has to work with. also, sierra know is expected. 3 to 6 inches of new snow and 6 to 12 inches of new snow up above 7,000 feet. great news. all in all, another storm system moving. another dose of rain for tomorrow. and things start to clear out as
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we move towards thursday and friday. things start to warm up. but as i leave you with this, you're going to be wondering what is headed our way for next weekend. look that more rain by sunday. we'll track that for you. keep those umbrellas handy. terry, back over the you, anthony, thanks very much. presidential candidate donald trump promised a bump in the ratings as host of "saturday night live." coming up, did he do it? i can tell you this. he has some new bragging rights tonight. we'll tell you about that. and the president writes a column just for bay area newspaper readers. the action he is calling for over health care.
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i knew this was going to happen. >> who is that? >> presidential candidate donald trump came through with his promise of big ratings of host of "saturday night live" last night. trump bumped up viewership to its highest level in about three years. he beat out the season premier
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which aired last month that was hosted by miley cyrus and had a special guest, hillary clinton. the actual numbers are going to be available later this week. trump's episode could be close to 10 million viewers that is about four million more than when hillary clinton appeared. the weather report from each of the 50 states in just seven days. who would attempt something like that? how about nbc today show's al roker. he is upping the challenge of his roker-a-thon 2. last year it was 34-hour nonstop forecast. this year the weather anchor has a new goal. roker has set out to deliver a local forecast in every state in just seven days. today this was him in sacramento. met up with our kari hall. roker told her about some of the logistics. >> i've already seen all 40 states. it took me 40 years to go in my career. and now we're going to do it in week.
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we're using planes, trains, automobiles, i think we may even have the oscar mayer wiener mobile. >> for feeding america, a organization devoted to feeding those in need. still to come, a massive fire in a tire shop seen all across san francisco and beyond. the building next door -- fear they'll never be able to live in >> why those burned out of the building next door may never be able to live in that neighborhood again. plus university of missouri football players refusing to play. a racially charged incident on campus that sparked this move, and what the players says have to happen before they go back on the field. the who've spent generations in one
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apartment tonight more than 20 people, many of them families who spent generation in one apartment building are looking for somewhere else to live.
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take a look at this video of this giant smoke plume that could be seen across san francisco. you could see it from marin county you. could even see it in the east bay today. this was sent in by one of our viewers. take a look at the damage from our nbc bay area chopper. the fire destroyed a tire shop and caused so much damage to a nearby apartment building, it had to be red tagged. as nbc bay area's chuck coppola reports, the fire led to the immediate evacuation of two apartment buildings. >> reporter: thick plumes of acrid smoke billow from the rolling stock tire shop at about 7:40 this morning. the fire waking nearby tenants who pounded on doors down the hall. >> one of our neighbors downstairs came up and told us there is a fire right next door. hurry up and get out. >> my folks were the ones knocking on the doors next door, anyways. we've been there 40 years. so we know everybody. >> reporter: the roof collapsed as more than 100 firefighters took more than three hours to keep the fire from spreading beyond apartments and businesses on either side of it.
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>> the smoke gets rubber burning, it's tires. and wheels which are magnesium. the smoke, people shouldn't get in the smoke. >> i realized, oh my god, i forgot to get my medication, and they wouldn't let me back in. >> the red cross has an vaccine center where we're working to keep them out of the rain and cold, get a meal and start figuring out their next steps. >> reporter: the tenants are also concerned this fire may displace them permanently, creating a parcel of land of development for high-end housing that they cannot afford. >> there is going to be people licking their chops. it's a big enough lot where they can build whatever they want to build on it. >> reporter: no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. in san francisco, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. we received dozens of photos and videos after this big fire. we want the thank everybody who sent them in. we want to thank them all. click on the story and scroll through our gallery. you can also share your news photos on our twitter or
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facebook pages. a challenge from the president to the people of oakland, get health care. and the president wrote a special guest commentary in the oakland tribune today to get ms. message across. in that column, president obama said there are millions of people who still lack health care coverage. the president focused specifically on oakland and said everybody can get coverage, or help their neighbors to do so. make sure they have health care starting january 1, and to do that, you have to sign up by december 15th. a sad, sad story tonight. there are major questions about police conduct. this after two officers are arrested, accused of shooting and killing a young boy. it happened in louisiana. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story of the event shaking the community. >> reporter: tonight family and friends paying their respects to 6-year-old jeremy as the mystery surrounding his death deepens. on tuesday night, jeremy was buckled into the front seat of his father's suv when he was shot five times and killed during a police chase in central louisiana.
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the boy's father, chris fugue remains hospitalized. he had an argument with his girlfriend outside this pool hall. then someone called 911, which may have led to the chase. initial reports said that chris fugue backed into a marshall's vehicle, but the visible damage was minor. and police say there was no exchange of gunfire and no weapon was found. body camera footage from the last of the four officers on the scene led to the arrest, but is yet to be released. >> the death of that little boy and to see that happen is just -- it's disturbing. >> reporter: two of the officers, derrick stafford and norris greenhouse jr. are being held without bail and face charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder. stafford worked full time for the marksville police department, but that night was working a side job for the city marshall's office. greenhouse was a part time officer and a reserve deputy marshall for a nearby city. he is also the son of a local
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prosecutor whose office has recused itself from the case. stafford and greenhouse are both named in one standing lawsuit for excessive force. in one they argue the suspect was resisting arrest. the primary role of marshalls is to serve arrests be, threw are no warrants out in fugue's name. >> we have to find out what caused the officers to effect that pursuit, to effect that traffic stop, and what caused them to fire their weapon. >> reporter: unlike other law enforcement agency, the city marshall's office has no written policy on the use of deadly force. >> personally, i'm outraged to know that a 6-year-old child is gunned down in the street with 18 rounds of ammunition. this is just uncalled for. >> reporter: miranda sigler, jeremy's baby-sitter for four years helped raise him. >> he could see angels just the way ehe would glance off into nowhere and start laughing and giggling. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. student protests escalate after several alleged racially charged incidents at the
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university of missouri. dozens of football players say they're not going back on the field until the university president tim wolf is removed. protesters say groups of white students have repeatedly hurled racial slurs recently at black students who make up just about 7% of the student body. >> are advocating for black students. >> we're advocating for white on campus to make it a safer climate. >> the university president promised specific plans in the coming months. the governing body of the university of missouri system has scheduled a special meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the situation. coming up next, 49ers and raiders both in action today. the silver and black found themselves on the losing end of a shoot-out against the steelers. and much anticipated tur of of the 49ers. blaine gabbert through a big upset to atlanta. coming up next in sports. now let's go to kelli johnson
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with comcast sports net. kelli. kelli oncam blaine gabbert proved to be the spark the talking about the new era for the 49ers. kelli johnson joining us to talk about blaine gabbert. is it the blaine gabbert era or are we a little premature about that. >> we'll see with just one start. blaine gabbert proved to be the start the 49ers needed. he wasn't perfect. after all, it's been two years since he last started a game. but he did do what colin kaepernick could not do the past two weeks. he got the offense into the end zone and got a win. gabbert earning his first start with the 49ers in place of the benched kaepernick. and after about nine query without a touchdown, gabbert gets the niners into the end zone. 7-3 niners in front. and then later in the corner, in the red zone again. gabbert to sellick again.
11:37 pm
fourth quarter, still up four. gabbert absolutely lit up as he throws the football. and gabbert pulled off the field by officials. checked for concussions. but he would later return, showing some guts and moxie. then in the fourth, looking to kill the clock facing third and four. gabbert keeps it and runs it for the first down as the 49ers hang on to win 17-16. first win since september 2012. >> our biggest thing is we got the victory. it wasn't pretty at times. but our defense played well. got a big stop for us at the end, and we found a way to move the chains and at the end took care of the clock. >> did you feel good throwing the ball? >> yeah, felt great. try to get in a rhythm out there and let our guys go to work, our receivers, running back, tight ends did a great job making plays. >> other 49ers news. after suffering a season ending torn mcl slipping on the cement last sunday, reggie bush plans on suing the city of st. louis.
11:38 pm
that according to cbs sports. reports that bush has highered a high-powered attorney to handle the case, which will take aim at the rams' stadium. meanwhile, the raiders found themselves in a shoot-out in the steel city today. a win and they finish the first half of the season with a winning record for the first time since 2001. and derek carr and company almost got it done in a bruising battle that came down to the final seconds. raiders-steelers, this one reminiscent of the good old days. tossed to murray. and mike mitchell just clobbers him. murray fumbles the ball. mitchell hit murray right on the helmet. and he would leave the game with a concussion after running for 96 yards. fourth quarter. up seven. derek carr looking deep. finds michael crabtree, one of two touchdowns. carr's fourth td of the day. landry jones in for the injured ben roethlisberger, finds
11:39 pm
antonio brown, who sprints 57 yards. brown is a franchise record 284 receiving yards in this game. and that set up the game-winning field goal. chris boswell knocks it through. the steelers win 38-35. snapping the raiders two-game winning streak. >> just kept fighting. just kept fighting. and you know, that's good if see. but in this league, you don't get a pat on the back for any moral victories. you got to win for ball games. so we'll go back as an offense. and take a look at what more we could have done. because, you know, when you lose a game like, that it hurts. well he is the lebron of lacrosse. paul raible along with some of the area's top coaches held a camp for 250 kids. an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best offensive stars ever to play the game. >> i think that's what is great about our sport is the give-back from the professionals to the
11:40 pm
younger kids in the game there is this sense of community. but also part of growing the game that lacrosse players and the culture is trying to achieve. and that requires a lot of kind of participation from pro to youth. and the warriors are back in action tomorrow night at oracle arena. they'll score off against the 5-1 detroit pistons. good news, andrew bogut is hopeful to return from a concussion. our coverage starts with an hour-long preview game at 6:30 on csn bay area. terry, a good news to get bogut back, although festus is playig great. >> half say they want kaepernick back. others say let's stick with blaine. what is your take? what is the feeling in the comcast sports central? >> well, it's hard to go away from a quarterback that just got you a win. and also played better in the pocket, didn't get sacked, which
11:41 pm
has been part of colin kaepernick's problems. but jim tomsula noncommittal after the game when asked if blaine gabbert would be the quarterback in two weeks in seattle. of course, they have a bye week now. and he said no, he is our quarterback today. and i'm not commenting going forward. so it's interesting. they do have a bye week now. so they may want two see how things are with colin kaepernick, see if he can get his confidence back. >> all right. we will have to see. kelli, thank you very much. we'll be right back. right now, the fresh crab served
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at restaurants is from alaska. but that season is almost over. well, right now the fresh crab served at san francisco an bay area restaurants is from alaska. that season is almost over and there is no substitute crab. a toxic algae bloom is tainting crabs off the california coast. the crab season is delayed indefinitely. miguel almaguer has more from san francisco. >> okay, here it comes! >> reporter: the wilhelmina pushed off from san francisco with crab season on hold and livelihoods on the line. >> for a lot of the guy, crabbing is 50% of their annual income. >> reporter: the california fish and game commission suspending the start of crab season after health officials warned dungeness and rock crab found along california could be deadly to eat. >> none of us like it. you don't like it. we don't like it. but we don't want anybody getting sick or dying. >> reporter: this season, noaa scientists are finding the crabs are tainted with toxins triggered by massive algae
11:45 pm
blooms, levels never seen before. >> this is really unprecedented because its size. and it's also producing the most toxins you've ever seen in seawater and shellfish. >> reporter: experts blame warming waters triggered by the el nino phenomenon. in some sections of the coast, the water temperature is up to 9 degrees warmer than average. scientists say it is the perfect breeding ground for these dangerous toxins. the toxins don't harm the crabs. its people eating them that can become sick fast. symptoms include cramps, vomiting, headache, dizziness and confusion. in rare cases it can lead to seizures, comb marks even death. tonight the $60 million industry is closed for business. >> everybody is on hold. fishermen are waiting. the producers are waiting. a and the public is waiting. >> reporter: while crabs are being taken off the menu, scientists say their testing has just begun. miguel almaguer, nbc news on the san francisco bay. snow in the sierra. we've been talking about it.
11:46 pm
take a look right now at new video just in to the newsroom. this was a scene at donner pass today. wow. this happened fast. snow is causing big problems for travellers just about an hour ago. all chain requirements were lifted. many drivers are still using chains, however, as a precaution. caltrans is fully staffed. up the went to plow trucks clearing roads. warning signs are up for drivers telling them to be careful. always a good idea. anthony slaughter joining us now to tell you why you need to be careful if you're driving in the bay area tomorrow. >> yeah, showers and thunderstorms are going to spread across beginning tomorrow morning, right around 7:00. and they're going to be with us through the morning hours. the hours that we saw earlier this evening, they're pushing over towards the sierras. you just saw the snow falling, and it is still falling right now above 5,000 feet. we do have showers and thunderstorms forming off the coastline. all of this green you see here, that is scattered in nature. but it is thunderstorm activity. so we may have some lightning and thunder overnight.
11:47 pm
not expecting it to be widespread. but you may see a clap of thunder every now and then. temperatures falling into the mid-50s, even the 40s. the cold front has moved through and now the main core of low pressure is going to move overhead tomorrow morning. widespread showers down lew the south bay as well. and by the afternoon hours, we're still going to hold on to the potential for showers and thunderstorms. let's time this out. you'll notice the showers pushed through the bay area, beginning around 7:00. by 8:00, we're talking everywhere from the north bay san francisco to east bay, even down to the peninsula and the south bay as well. by 9:00, 10:00, it will push into the east bay and the extreme south bay. but then another wave is going to develop. and that is going to move through right around noon. and as i mentioned, we're talking about the potential out not only heavy rain, but thunderstorms and even some small hail could be possible tomorrow across some of the higher elevations. as we move through the afternoon hours, we'll start to clear out. but again, our sunsets so soon, i don't think we're going to see much sunshine for tomorrow. 62 degrees will do it for the
11:48 pm
afternoon high in san jose tomorrow. 26 for san mateo as well. same for palo alto. upper 50s expected for san francisco from the embarcadero over towards ocean beach. across parts of the north bay, it will be cool as well. sausalito, 61. santa rosa, you'll be at 64 tomorrow. hayward 62. and 64 for pleasanton. and you'll notice showers and thunderstorms across the entire bay area. talking the potential of maybe a quarter inch, maybe a half an inch across some of the higher elevations. even i do think the santa cruz mountains may get away with one inch before all said and done. across parts of the sierra, an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow at lake level, and the potential of about 6 to 12 inches across from the high elevations above 7,000 feet. so winter weather is here. and we are expecting showers to pull through tomorrow. and then eventually we'll clear out this upcoming week. temperatures don't move all that much, terry. we're talking about low 60s and eventually back to near 70 degrees as we head towards friday. but here is the catch. you know there is always one. we're talking about the potential for more rain next
11:49 pm
sunday. so something we'll be watching. great news all in all. back over to you, terry. >> thank you so much. the rain video and the talk about the snow reminds us the holidays are almost here. for those of you flying over the thanksgiving and christmas holidays, some good news for you. flights don't have to be expensive. coming up, what you need to know in order to score a good deal on airfare.
11:50 pm
alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
11:51 pm
season. gift card fees are on the gift cards could be even more popular this holiday season. gift cards fees are on the decline, and card security protections are on the rise, making them a consumer friendly gift choice this holiday season. at least according to a report released today by they found half of the gift cards surveyed now offer the ability to add a security code. up from 35% last year. that can now protect the balance on a louisiana or stolen gift card. the study also found just 4% of
11:52 pm
store specific gift cards charge murphys. and if you're traveling, the holiday season is notoriously the most expensive time to fly. the airlines are often charged a big premium for holiday travel. but experts say it is not too late to get some good deals if you book soon. nbc's blake mccoy has the deals. >> reporter: ask any flier and they'll tell you one time of year is more stressful than all the rest what do you like the least? >> traveling with the travelers. definitely. it's really hard. >> getting in and out is hectic for us. >> reporter: but this year a glimmer of good holiday news. hopper, a mobile app that tracked ticket prices is seeing a drop of about 5% for both thanksgiving and christmas compared to last year. a result of increased competition from discount carriers and lower fuel prices. >> the oil price, you know, has dropped significantly. and that's finally starting to get passed on to consumers and
11:53 pm
giving the airlines more ability to compete on price. >> reporter: los angeles international once again expected to be the busiest airport in the country this thanksgiving according to orbitz. and it's at bigger hubs with more options that you're likely the to find the best deals. according to fare compare, flying from denver to orlando this christmas is 25% cheaper on average than last year. los angeles to atlanta 34% less. and from new york to dallas, where new routes to the smaller love field have pushed ticket prices down, it can be a whopping 42% cheaper. but buyer beware. a race to the bottom fares. spirit and frontier have both announced a temporary holiday surcharge this year to those already dreaded baggage fees. the cheap fare may not be cheapest in the end. one thing all experts can agree on, book early. >> airlines just do not dump any seats at the last minute at a cheap price.
11:54 pm
so just think of the day you want to shop. shop one day earlier. >> definitely team work. >> reporter: the harrow family booked their christmas flight back in july. >> we were able to get a fantastic deal. >> reporter: deals that may soon depart. blake mccoy, nbc news, los angeles. >> we'll be right back. four new additions to the annual
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
macy's thanksgiving day four new additions to the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade took a test flight today. they have to take test flights. the new balloons were inflated and flown outside for the very first time. you're looking at them here. they're angry birds red, dino, ice ages skrat and his ache corn, and ronald mcdonald. ronald mcdonald is new?
11:57 pm
just getting a balloon, i guess. today's test flight was also a practice for the hundreds of handlers who are going to be directing the balloons on thanksgiving day. it can get windy. it can get wild there. they're the new additions. you see the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on nbc bay area. >> on that. >> anthony slaughter joining us one last time. >> pretty rough weather to start the day tomorrow. thunderstorms will develop overnight. you may hear a rumble of thunder or two. otherwise expect rain tomorrow morning when you wake up. it's going to be pretty widespread and heavy at times. we also will see some pretty rough weather through the afternoon. so keep the umbrellas handy. jackets as well. even a flash flood watch for the burn areas near fairfield and vacaville through the day tomorrow because of the heavy rain. so if you live in that area, keep in mind the mud slides could be a possibility. >> and we warm up, we get the sunshine back. >> yeah. we'll be near 70 degrees by friday. another storm system expected to move through next weekend.
11:58 pm
great news all in all. we might not end the draught, but we're definitely on the right track. >> timing tonight weekends. it's just by chance it's weekends. >> it's interesting. but nonetheless, it seems like every six to seven days we're getting rain. now that november is here. >> here we go. anthony, thanks a lot. thank you for joining us. have yourselves a great night. and a great week. take care. see you.
11:59 pm
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