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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is tuesday november 10th. coming up on "early today." president obama's immigration plan to protect five million people has suffered a major setback. and a university president gets toppled by a grad student and powerful supporters. and an oklahoma city police officer's attempt to stop an suv driver. and tonight's debate focusing on jobs and the economy. the start of a change for these killer whale shows. and the most expensive nude in the world. early today starts right now. i'm alyssa rehberger. we start with breaking news. late last night a major setback for president obama and his plan to protect those living in the
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u.s. illegally fromming wi ingb deported. the vote was 2-1. president obama laid out his executive action a year ago. it would have deferred deportation for about five million people. including a group that's been talked about a lot this election cycle. children brought across the bodder illegally. republicans argue it was of reached that the president didn't have the authority to do something like this. with the latest setback it is unknown if the action will ultimately succeed. president obama may not be in office to see it through. dozens of boycotting football players back to the practice field. this after the abrupt resignation of the president of the university's system. following weeks of protest over reported racist acts on that mostly white campus.
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nbc's jacob rascon has details? after two months of anger and unrest on campus an announcement that's stunning. >> i'm resigning from the university system. >> and hours later the chancellor announced he will be stepping down. this semester has been plagued with the racial attention. >> i'm glad something has finally been done? >> in september a group of white students shouted the "n" word at him. >> someone screams the "n" word autoanother me again. >> others reported a skast kah on a dorm wall. and the university's response was lacking. even infuriating, they said.a d. and the university's response was lacking. even infuriating, they said. they could hardly believe the news. enough to bring some to tears.
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enough for protest leader jonathan butler to end his hunger strike after eight days. >> our humanity is worth fighting for and that is what we're saying in this moment. that we're worth fighting. >> the anger is fueled by racial attention across the country. including last year's riots in ferguson less nan two hours away. the tipping point over the weekend. a photograph worth a thousand protests. the football team backed by their coaching staff refusing to play until the president was out. now back in the game. >> please, please use this resignation to heal. not to hate. and let's move forward together. for a brighter tomorrow. >> president wolf's resignation is effective immediately. the search is now on for an interim president. tonight's gop debate is primed to be something of a cage match. things are heating up.
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donald trump is getting vicious with ben carson. jeb bush's allies could be launching new attacks on rubio. rubio's camp is saying "bring it on." and hillary clinton officially filed for the primary today. and also picked up a key endorsement. tracie potts live in washington. and some of ben carson's gop candidates aren't exactly sticking up for him are they? >> no they are. and he could face more questions about his past tonight on that smaller group on stage. also watch the two floridians tonight. they went at it in the last debate and now they are both going after the same key endorsement. >> here is what it looks like at the historic milwaukee theater ahead of toobnight's debate. trump going after carson and rubio at the light night rally
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in illinois. >> these are people with no experience. these are people that never met a payroll. >> carson faces tough questions over claims about his past. he says the media has been tougher on him than anyone. >> they do have an actual vendetta or agenda against some of those candidates. >> but carson's opponents insist you have tab able to take the heat. >> i'm thinking pal you haven't seen nothing yet. >> i'm honored -- >> both marco rubio and jeb bush are courting scott walker. >> we have time to get this right but we do not have forever. >> much-needed support, especially from evangelicals. >> since this is the economy debate, expect to hear questions about jobs and taxes and whether or not the federal reserve should be raising interest rates. >> tracie.
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thank you. an oklahoma police officer is happy to be alive this morning after becoming a target during a high speed chase. officer matt stathy was preparing to lay spike strips monday when a suspect drove towards him at nearly 50 miles per hour. the suv smashed right into his cruiser and an act the police chief described as deliberate. >> there wasn't the sound of braking. there was the sound of on accelerate. >> the officer suffered minor injuries. when back up arrived they were able to arrest the suspect shortly after a scuffle. two marshals in louisiana are in custody. they are being held for a shooting that killed six-year-old jeremy martis and critly injured his father last
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week in. he has been told that his son died. investigators are trying to determine what caused the shooting. they do confirm that few had no outstanding warrant. louisiana state police say the shooting occurred at the end of a pursuit. while he has not seen a police video camera described during yesterday's bomb hearing he believes it will show his clients hands were up at the time of the shooting. greenhouse is a fuel time marshal in louisiana. and also the son of a local assistant disagree who's office has recused itself from the case. as the stunning announcement from sea world. the company says it plans to phase out its controversial killer whale show in san diego next year it. comes after years of criticism
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targeting its treatment of orcas in captivity. they have seen declining attendance, especially since "black fish" sparked worldwide protests. >> we are listening to our guests. we are evolving as a company. we are always changing. >> sea world san diego says it will replace the show with what the company called a more informative, bigger and more natural setting for the orcas set to open in 2017. so far no announcements for changes at other sea world parks. more than $170 million. that is how much this nude painting sold for on monday. a private chinese collector purchased the painting. reclining nude is the secondest highest price every for a work of art at the auction. the most expensive was the pick
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s smoos a foot of snow expected in some parts and early season skiers are loving it. >> and they should. and more snow heading for the cascades, the olympics during the tonight and tomorrow. and a good size storm pushing through nevada today. light show in re. tonight in the rocky, area likes telluride under winter weather advisories. and the winter warnings in kansas and the northeast corner
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of colorado. this storm really gets going the winds are going crank up to about 65 inches per hour. snowfall amounts. you notice the mountains of western colorado are going to see the most with the possibility up there. some areas 6-9. maybe up to 12 inches. those northwest facing slopes will see the most. and even denver, colorado has a chance of thunderstorm tonight. and missouri, iowa and illinois possibility of some tornados wednesday afternoon. be prepared for interesting temperatures are cool. even arizona now as the cooler air has moved in. so our veterans day storm for the middle of the nation. a blizzard and that severe
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a fraternity at the university of virginia is suing rolling stone magazine for $25 million for defamation. phi kappa psi was at the center of an article that claims that a woman was gang raped at the fraternity house in 2012. an investigation found no evidence that crime took place. rolling stone formally retracted the story in april and issued public apology. the suit is brought against the writer of the article as well as. the magazine also faces lawsuits from three fraternity brothers and a uva official. rolling stone declined the
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comment. nasa's new horizon spacecraft it appears volcano os pluto spew ice rather than molten rock. now an update on the 37 cases of e. coli in the pacific northwest. initially it was believed that chipotle restaurants were the source of that outbreak. but a health department investigation found no bacteria in samples from several restaurants so chipotle can now reopen those stores on wednesday. and a new headline. a bomb shell from international investigat investigators. they are accusing russia of wide spread cheating. athletes doping and the russian government engaged in a massive conspiracy to cover it up. here is nbc's stephanie goss. >> reporter: both the gold and bronze went to the russians in
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2012. now those two athletes face a possible lifetime ban from international competition. part of what a new report calls systematic doping. and a deeply rooted culture of cheating in russian athletics. >> we found cover up. we found discussion of samples in laboratories. we found payments of money in order to conceal doping tests. >> the more than 350 page report released by the antidoping agency concludes the london games were in a sense sab tajd. during the 2014 sochi olympics russian secret service oelallegy posed at the secret service technicians and eliminate doping samples. and they are suspended until --. they deny orchestrating dopesing
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concerns about security and not just overseas. nbc looks at the state of airline security here in the u.s. now let's get your sportsds headlines from betty nguyen. good morning. >> monday night football. san diego is a major military city in qualcomm stadium join the nfl in honoring vetters in the salute for service month. both teams trying to snap losing streaks. flip rivers connects on this easy touchdown pass to woodhead. and late in the games the bears are down. >> second and 10. what a grab for the touchdown by zack miller. one hand. chicago leads. >> let's take another look at beautiful acrobatic grab by zack miller. handing the charge irtheirs
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fifth consecutive loss. and. and the hawks are riding a the seven game winning streak. in the end t wolves take this 117-107. what a game. melissa back to you. >> betty, thank you. and just ahead, the force is with "star wars" fans. a new installment is already in the works. plus does she or does she? she sets the record straight on whether she washes her hands after using the bathroom. kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. ♪ i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. ♪ i love it eat special, feel special. discover more ways to eat special
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to entertainment news. even before "star wars" the force awakens opens in theaters, the next installment is already in the works. jj abrams told "wired" the script for the untitled 8th episode is already written. caitlyn jenner was honored oz a woman of the year. her latest experience is the her first authentic id as the woman. >> mine is probably don't wash my hands after going to the bathroom. >> jennifer lawrence set the record straight that she does in fact wash her hands after going to the bathroom.
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in trying to gross out our co-stars she told them she didn't but a on facebook she made is record clear. south africa's got talent crowned its youngest winner sunday. dj arch junior son-in-law three but is already becoming a worldwide phenomenon. >> now he knows what's going on? like he's three? >> he's going to make a lot of money that little guy. i'm alyssa ray berg ehberger ans early today. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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leading the news in the los angeles times, nearly 100,000 same-sex couples have wed since the supreme court ruling. according to new gallup poll data, 780,000 americans were married to same-sex partners before the ruling in june. well now the number is approximately 972,000. and in the guardian, indonesia plans to use crocodiles to guard death row drug convicts. inspired by the james bond "live and let die" the country's antidrug agency made this proposal it says. crocodiles could not be bribed like humans making them better at preventing escapees.
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that plan is still currently in discussions. two american civilian contractors killed in jordan yesterday according to u.s. defense officials. a third was wounded during the shooting spree at the national police training center in aman. the gunman was a former police officer recently fired from his job. no u.s. military are are involved or located at that training facility. the late actress laid to rest yesterday at arlington national cemetery. he was married to u.s. brigadier general charles blare o'hara passed away last month to unnatural cause. and that deer got a little too comfortable here. you know, he broke in right through the window. don't know how he did it but he
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did it. he made his way to the back of the house. apparently he left behind quite a mess. >> stay off the bed. >> in dubai an air show unlike anything you have seen before. wing walkers performed acrobatic acts strapped on top of a 1940 boeing plane. the british sisters perform dozens of shows together with more events to come. and president candidates square off again on the debate stage tonight. "wall street journal" and fox business news are moderating. as with other debates there will be an undercard debate at 7:00 and a main debate scheduled to be an 1k 9:00. hp birthday miranda lambert. grace anatomy starr ella pompeo. and keep it here for more news
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weather and sports. thank you for breaking news: an s-u-v races
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down a neighborhood street, loses control, and breaking news. an suv races down a neighborhood street and loses control and crashes into a person's garage. the people living there scream because of what was inside of that east bay garage. and the three-hour hostage standoff in san jose leads to tense moments and ultimately a shootout. back up and running after a government-wide cyberattack. the online request that sent san jose reeling. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good tuesdayern moi m thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. kari, good morning. >> quick-moving shower moved through and


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