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tv   Today  NBC  November 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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their commute. >> veterans day tomorrow. we'll be here tomorrow morning bright and early. beautiful day in the city. >> it is. back with more on that in 25 minutes. good morning. bring it on. the republican presidential candidates set to face off tonight. donald trump sharpening his jabs against ben carson. carson fired up and vowing he's ready to fight and jeb bush in desperate need of a strong performance. we're live in milwaukee. >> growing calls for russia to be banned in rio after allegations of a widespread doping program. the kremlin pushing back calling allegations unfounded. >> game changer. major new steps being taken by soccer officials to reduce concussion in young athletes. headers to be limited and in some cases banned.
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when the rules will take effect and what they may mean for your kids. >> and road warrior. al tackles 13 states in one day on his quest to get all 50 in a week. he made it to the mighty mississippi and it's full steam ahead today, tuesday november 10th, 2015. >> announcer: this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," it's a tuesday morning. al has gone to 2 states, planes, trains, automobiles and covered wagons apparently. >> we're talking boats now. he's along the mighty mississippi. but that's a big river, al. exactly where are you? >> we're at cape gerardo, in one of the fire boats. so we are on the mississippi.
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and monster monday became part of terrible tuesday because we didn't land here until about two hours ago. so we've taken one too many hits with the punchy stick but we're ready to go, baby. >> that should make for a fun show. >> i was going to say that might have happened yesterday. >> the republicans running for president gearing up for the debate showdown in milwaukee tonight. and all eight candidates on the main stage have things to prove to voters who got all of this covered today, beginning with national correspondent peter alexander. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. you said it. with only eight candidates on the main stage tonight, four on the undercard and three on the sidelines entirely, we should expect to hear more among each candidate tonight, will ben carson need to fend off attacks from donald trump about reported discrepancies in his life story and how does jeb bush face the greatest pressure he's had in
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his campaign? >> ben carson with growing scrutiny over discrepancies in his life story. will carson's rivals or mod ha e moderators confront him? >> this is the only debate in history where you're better off if you stabbed somebody. >> the controversy has lit a fire under the usually calm candidate. >> i think finally he had an epiphany and realized that, look, i have got to be ready for these moments, bring it on, i'm ready to fight. >> with the economy in focus tonight, trump's challenge to analyze substance over style and show how his style would translate to a presidency. can marco rubio put to bed
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questions about his spending habits while in the state legislature. the tension between rubio and bush underscored by a "new york times" article this morning. according to the times, the $100 million bush super pac right to rise has already filmed a video casting rubio as unelectable because of his hard line stance against abortion and missed senate votes, all signs of how anxious they've become about the state of bush's penalty. analysts point out bush can't afford another lackluster performance. on the trail he's taughting a new slogan "jeb can fix it." >> the three questions are better than the moderated debate questions. just saying. >> after last night's raucous debate on cnbc, the moderators
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are vowing this will be a civil affair. any question can be asked. in maria bartirolo's words, it's all fair game. >> with us nicole wallace, steve kornacki, nice to see you both. steve, let's talk about ben carson. he's under fire, he's lashing out at the media, he said he's being vetted harder than any other candidate ever has been. how will it affect his performance tonight? >> that's the question. the question has to deal with how do the moderators and fellow candidates respond after all of the criticism that last debate took with the format for what they called gotcha questions, does that give carson a potential out if people come after him, whether it's a moderator or fellow candidate to say this isn't all beside the point. >> and donald trump has already
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lashed out at some of these inconsistencies in the biographical data. if they attack carson -- >> carson can turn to them and say you are doing the bidding of the liberal media. >> how many times have we sat here together and said jeb bush has to have a good night. in the "new york times" it says jeb bush's super pac is ready to throw serious money at attacking marco rubio. does that say to you, nicole, that they're saying let the super pac do the dirty work, we're not going to see it tonight because it back fired so badly in the last debate? >> listen, they do not spend any time in their campaign headquarters figuring out how to beat ben carson or donald trump, they try to beat chris christie, marco rubio. their imperative is to top
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rubio. and rubio has momentum coming out of three strong debate performance. >> chris christie had one of the best weeks of his campaign last week and yet he goes down to the undercard in tonight's debate. he's got to be disappointed by that but might it not be an opportunity for him to dominate that debate, get a lot of camera time and break out in some way? >> exactly. and we've seen this before. carly fiorina in the first undercard debate back in august, she got such great reviews, it vaulted her back to the main stage. the thing to keep an eye on with christie, forget the national poll. look at new hampshire. he's quadrupled his support in new hampshire. >> the debate moderators have become part of the story line. if you're fox, fox business, and you're hosting that debate tonight? on the one hand don't want to subject yourself to the candidates going after you,
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after the media, but on the other hand you don't want to pull your punches. >> fox has a s>> fox has a spec the hearts of republicans, but they've proven themselves equally tough as moderators. megyn kelly and bret baer were subjected to the same scrutiny. i think they go into it with a lot more trust from the campaign. >> nicole wallace and steve kornacki, thank you. we'll see you later. >> our justice correspondent pete williams is following this story. >> reporter: another legal setback for president obama's plan to shield up to 5 million people from deportation, allowing people here illegally to stay if they have children who are citizens and expanding that program to let young people
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stay who were brought here as children by a vote of 2-1. a federal appeals court agreed with texas and 25 other states who claimed the administration illegally tried to put this policy into place without getting public comment first. the appeals court said the heart of the plan would give benefits to people here illegally, including social security and qualification for work permits. texas said that would impose a big cost on the state just for all the new driver's license it is would have to issue. the administration can now appeal to the u.s. supreme court and if it acts soon, it would be in time for the justices to take up this issue during the court's current term. >> to be continued on that. pete williams, thank you. and now to a security incident at miami international airport. police were called in after a suspicious item was found.
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>> passengers are told to keep their arms up while they checked the aisles. >> we were asked to stand up and evacuate the plane. we got about three rows forward and immediately very loudly we were told sit down, sit down, put your hands on your head. >> a passenger on the american airlines flight was detained. while items in his carry-on bag looked suspicious, they were later deemed to be safe. that passenger does not face any charges. >> now to a major sports scandal making headlines around the world this morning, russia is accused of widespread state supported doping to improve the por performance of its olympic athletes. it could lead to suspense from the next olympics in rio. keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. multiple developments since this
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anti-doping agency report. look at the size of it. it is damning. international officials have acted to suspend the moscow laboratory where athletes are tested but russian officials are saying they believe they've put this doping scandal behind them and president putin says these allegations are pretty groundless. this morning president putin's athletes are facing world condemnation. with the real olympics less than a year away, russia may have no business competing on the world stage. according to a report that reads like a cold war spy thriller, russian secret agents and the mysterious moscow laboratory were used for doping. drugs and pharmaceuticals handed out like candy.
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>> alicea, who finished fifth in the 800 meters -- >> it's about you putting out honest evident, honest time and energy and emotion and being cheated out of it. you can't -- you can't ever get back those moments. >> the russians took gold and bronze in that same race but now according to the report they and eight more athletes should be banned for life, branding london's 2012 olympics sabotage. london's mayor stunned. >> it was a very successful games, one of the greatest games ever, if not the greatest games ever, there have been some very serious allegations made against the russian team. >> at the olympics in sochi, president putin celebrated. now the world's andy doping agency says the 2016 olympics must be protected.
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and raur hussia has been told i until thursday to respond. interpol says it is investigating people in this report so this may yet lead to a criminal investigation. >> keir, thanks. i was reading portions of this yesterday. not only are they accused of intimidates testing officials but infiltrating the entire testing system. >> impersonating officers. >> and the university of missouri president abruptly resigns. >> a graduate student was on the eighth day of a hunger strike demanding the president's resignation. to texas now where a person of interest has been detained in
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last week's shooting of a stage judge. >> she suffered serious injuries when she was shot in the driveway of her austin home on friday night. police in houston are now questioning a man about what money believe was a targeted attack. he was arrested on an unrelated fugitive warrant. the judge remains hospitalized. her family said in a statement her condition has been improving every day. >> also, we are learning more about the murder case of the officers charged in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. they are being held on $1 million bond each. gabe gutierrez has the story for us. >> reporter: the two martials have been moved to another jail that's better suited to separate them from other inmates. friend and family saying good-bye to that 6-year-old boy as questions swirl about exactly what led to his death. a small funeral in hattiesburg,
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mississippi, the carrying 6-year-old jeremy to be laid to rest. his dad wasn't there, recovering from critical gunshot wounds. friend say this morning he still doesn't know his son was killed. >> he doesn't know? nobody's been able to speak with him? >> no. >> derek stafford and norris greenhouse jr. are each being held on $1 million bond charged with second degree murder. witnesses say that tuesday night whew had an argument with his girl friend outside this bar. someone called 911. it remains unclear why the martials eventually chased him and shot at his suv 18 times while jeremy was buckled in the front seat. a lawyer for the family told nbc news he believes it will show few had his hand up. >> they shouldn't have been going over the vehicle in the first place. >> typically marshals serve
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arrest warrants but there was no warrant against few. >> we don't understand why they wanted to duplicate some of the thing we already do. >> in a written statement, the elected city marshal said his office is allowed to make arrests and preserve the peace. attorneys for the two marshals have not commented, the judge issuing a gag order in this case. back to you. >> we're going to look at some frightening video out of oklahoma now. a police officer being run down by an suv in the middle of a high-speed chase. look at it right here. >> stop, stop! with only a few seconds to react, officer matt stacy pulled his gun and fired multiple round. >> he was thrown to the ground by the force of that crash. he suffered just minor injuries. he got up and with the help of other officers arrested the 41-year-old driver who now faces
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a list of charges. meantime officer stacy is out of the hospital and expected to return to work this week. >> unbelievable. now a story that has the ion or attention of parents all across the country. major new steps being taken to reduce injuries among young soccer players by setting strict new rules on heading the ball. it's one of the staples of soccer, heading the ball. but on monday the u.s. soccer federation took the bold step of eliminating heading from youth soccer in an effort to reduce the number of concussions. children ten and under will be banned from heading the ball during any session, practice or game, while players over 13 will be able to head the game only. this follows a lawsuit from
7:18 am
parents charging soccer with negligence. reactions were mixed, "this is why the u.s. will never be good at soccer." while former u.s. national team player taylor twellman, whose professional career was cut short by a series of concussions spoke out in favor of the move tweeting "can't tell you how emotional i am that progress is being made and i can't wait to see it come to fruition." >> i have a 14-year-old that played soccer and i think it's a matter of learning the proper technique. >> if you don't practice it, why are they saying -- >> they say it's the repetitive nature of your head hitting the ball. >> where is he? i can't keep track of where you are, al roker. do you know where you are?
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>> i'm the one working on less than an hour's sleep, not you guys. but, hey, where are we? >> cape gerardo! >> look at the fog we've got right now, it's 39 degrees with mild visibility. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned today. along the east coast, we are looking at wet weather. it's not going to be a big deal, though we do look for periods rain into tonight. there are probably going to be some airport delays. the real severe weather is going to be back to the west. in fact, rararound here, later today, storms develop wednesday morning, damaging winds and the enhanced winds, northern half of missouri, isolated tornadoes in iowa, missouri, illinois. and heavy rain, anywhere from 2
7:20 am
to 3 inches ees of rain wednes into early thursday morning. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. . . gomorning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a cool start to the day. 34 degrees. but some mid 40s across the bay area with a lot of sunshine, breezy wind to start out the day. that continues through the afternoon and expect highs in
7:21 am
the 60s today. 60 degrees in the peninsula while east bay is 61 degrees. we have some mid 60s in the trivalley. lingering clouds and in the north bay up to 65 degrees and the light wind and fair sky. right. that's your latest weather. guys, 22 states down now with missouri. we hope by the end of the program to be at our halfway point, so, folks, could you move out. i've got to get going. we're moving along. okay. we'll be back. we'll see you from some place else! got to go! >> that's not going to go well. >> thank you, good luck. >> coming up, seaworld announces plans to phase out its controversial killer whale show so why are critics of the popular park not satisfied. plus security concerns on the heels of the downed passenger plane in egypt. why aren't all airport workers required to be screened every day? but, first, on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. word on the condition of a woman hospitalized last good morning. it is 7:26 on your tuesday. no word on the condition of a woman hospitalized last night after that suv slammed into her bedroom where which was the garage of house. witnesses say the car could have been traveling at 100 miles per hour before it slammed into a home. a 25-year-old woman was sleeping in her bed and ended up pinned underneath the car. she suffered serious injuries. her bedroom is apparently a converted garage. the driver was transported with injuries that are not considered to be life threatening. police trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol could have played a role in that crash.
7:27 am
we will have another update. let's get a quick check on the cold forecast. >> it is clear as we take a look at the outer sunset. beautiful start to the day. temperatures in the mid 40s in livermore and san francisco at 46 degrees. also 30s in the north bay. warms up nicely as we go through the day. half moon bay 60 degrees. napa 63 degrees while oakland tops out at 62. let's get a look at oakland with mike. >> sunny here but as your temperatures current in the mid 40s. a nice smooth flow but seeing a build here and we'll show you the map coming up here 880 northbound the biggest slow down is an issue west 580 a crash blocks one lane. even more of a break towards the interchange considering this is a tuesday where we are seeing a light pleasant flow of traffic. we have a slowing northbound
7:28 am
throughout san jose. >> a relatively good commute for your tuesday. thank you. we'll be back in 25.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, november 10, 2015. mr. roker on the move this morning. it's another day in rokerthon 2. he's going for the halfway mark. he was in missouri just a couple of minutes ago. we have no idea where he's headed. al doesn't even know where he's going. but we'll check in with him in just a couple of minutes. let look at the stories making news right now. the republican presidential candidates will face off in their next debate. that's tonight in milwaukee. eight hopefuls will be on the main stage with four others on the so-called undercard.
7:31 am
>> the university of missouri school president announced his resignation due to his alleged handling of racist incidents on campus. >> 43 chipotle restaurants closed down because of an e. coli outbreak are allowed to reopen. tests on samples came back negative for e. coli. >> and seaworld in san diego will close down its once popular whale show. >> reporter: the killer whale show was a trademark but after sagging ticket sales, seaworld said it's pulling the plug on the show, as critics say not enough is being done.
7:32 am
at seaworld san diego, the show is over, or is it? the park announcing next year it will faze out its killer world show after mounting criticism of seaworld's treatment of orcas in captivi captivity, but a new program will be unveiled, what critics call a bait and situate. >> they're just retooling their killer whale shows so that it's not going to have necessarily the theatrical side of the shows with the big leaps and jumps. >> reporter: with 24 killer whales in captivity at three parks, attendance is down at shows in san diego. >> all whales in captivity are all psychologically traumatized. >> the critical documentary black fish helped build a wave of protest and picketting. >> there are some facts we'd
7:33 am
like to you know. . >> reporter: after fighting back and perhaps losing the p.r. war, officials say they're now listening to advivisitors. >> it's going to be focused more on the natural setting, natural environment and also the natural behaviors of the whale and it will have a strong conservation message. >> with sea world promising change, this morning critics say the future for these whales remains at bleak as ever, a once popular show soon to be gone as a new exhibit takes its place. the changes to the show only affect sea world san diego, the shamu show will go on in both orlando as well as san antonio and sea world's very captivated breeding program will also continue. >> thank you. >> let's check back in with al. his 50-state epic rokerthon adventure. ng. what direction are you driving in?
7:34 am
>> i can tell you we are now in the state of illinois. we have moved into illinois. we haven't done a forecast yet so we don't check that off just yet. we've got a police escort. we're booking, baby! this is fantastic! let's run some red lights! but in the meantime let's talk some weather. take a look at what they got last night in reno, nevada, just where we were 24 hours earlier. we've been very lucky. we've been ahead of this bad weather. they picked up upwards of six inches of snow in and around reno, nevada. still getting snow there. it's moving through nevada on into utah and parts of the rockies. for today into tomorrow this storm is going to really develop strongly, wind gusts to 55 miles per hour, blizzard watches and warnings, parts of colorado, kansas and into nebraska, look at the snowfall amounts between today and tomorrow. northwest facing slopes over a foot of snow, denver will
7:35 am
probably see not just snow but thunder as well with 2 to 4 inches of snow likely. we've got a lot going on out sll snowing is in the sierra while we are seeing clear skies across the bay area after early morning shower through the south bay drying out and temperatures in the mid 40s. the north bay having a chilly start at 34 degrees. as we go through the day warming into the low 60s across the bay area. 65 in the north bay. san francisco 61 degrees and the trivalley looking at 64. still see the clouds there but they will be rolling out soon and will have more sun for the next few days. rokerthon on "today" is powered by net jets. travel without compromise with the worldwide leader in private aviation. >> and it is day five of
7:36 am
rokerthon, taking america by storm. well, it was monster monday yesterday. 13 assassinates one day that bled over into this morning when we finally landed in cape girardeau. okay, or spirits may be a little on the weak side but we are not anywhere close to giving up our goal. it is a spectacular morning. >> day four began at 5 a.m. in farmington, new mexico, as monster monday drifted into a tired tuesday. day four, baby! monster monday. but we're doing it with the help of our friends. got to go. >> 13 states, four flights and four long car rides. and we're happy to report there were no blown tires, just a long day on the road, averaging about three hours of sleep. good thing i'm not the one driving. we got a big greeting deep in the heart of texas, wichita falls, that is. and how about this, america. just what this country needs, another candidate?
7:37 am
i don't think so. we're on the road again across the red river to fort sill, oklahoma where they brought out the big guns. >> wow, that's loud. from there it was north of nebraska in the heartland town of red cloud, where we received a very generous donation to help support feeding america from conagra. >> we wanted to support you guys and help out by donating $25,000. >> wow! hey. thank you so much. in lebanon, kansas, we found ouf sefs sma -- ourselves smack dab in the middle of it all. and then we were wheels down in sioux falls. and a nice crowd welcomed news moorehead, minnesota. >> this is the state of hockey. we want to give you a minnesota
7:38 am
wild jersey to take home. >> and zipping north to fargo. fargo, hey, hey! >> the best meal i've ever had was at the hodo. >> and then to eastern wisconsin where an enthusiastic crowd waited hours in the cold to greet us. >> where we're going to end up, nobody knows. i don't think i knows. >> and finally to debuque, iowa, on the shores of the mississippi. >> it's been a long day and as we just saw, he's on his way to illinois or in illinois right now. we'll check back in with al in just a minute. >> he's got to do the forecast to check it off the list. >> in the wake of that downed russian passenger plane, why aren't all planes in the u.s. screened on a daily basis? partn. mcdonald's and the nfl are teaming up like never before.
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7:44 am
looking to ramp up security overseas and at home a renewed scrutiny on security. it's a massive security challenge every day. 25,000 domestic flights, a million checked bags and 2 million passengers and thousands of airport workers, restaurant employees, ramp workers, baggage handlers, many of whom have access to secure areas. now renewed focus on just how good airport security really is and could u.s. aviation be at risk from an insider threat? >> when you give somebody an airport i.d. badge, it's like giving them the key to your house. you've entrusted them to access your house and get past all the alarms and locks you've put in place to keep everybody else out. >> reporter: already happened in, atlanta 2014, police busted a gun-smuggling ring arresting airline baggage handlers. also in atlanta 1,400 security badges missing over two years. in june, news of a 95% failure rate when undercover red teams
7:45 am
tried to smuggle mock weapons through tsa checkpoints. and in september undercover agents again found gaping holes in tsa security. >> a universal disappointing performance by the tsa screening checkpoints. >> reporter: new tsa chief insists he's on it and the terror threat is real. >> i'm very concerned about how complex and dynamic the threat environment is. i think in some respects it's the most complex we've seen since 9/11. >> reporter: anyone who works at an airport must undergo a criminal and terror watch list background check, but while a few airports require all airport workers to go through security screening every day, most do not. there are simply too many workers. and the former tsa chief says too often the agency doesn't hear about airport workers who have had run-ins with a law. >> so, for example, somebody gets arrested, that may or may not be made known to the employer or to the fbi which passes to the tsa. >> reporter: universal agreement, airport security
7:46 am
could always get better. we should make this point, that while there have been criminal activities on board planes over the years and the tsa has made arrests, there's not been a successful domestic case of terrorism on or affecting a u.s. airliner on u.s. soil. the tsa is very proud of that, but it also makes a lot of people very nervous. guys, back to you. >> tom, a sobering story with so much at stake. tom, thanks. and coming up, what you should be doing to brush your teeth if you want to get a better night's sleep. >> and dylan is in the orange room with the controversy of the red starbucks cups. and we'll check in with al as he makes his way to the halfway point of the rokerthon 2 marathon. but, first, these messages. ♪
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7:51 am
we are back now and the starbucks controversy has reached the presidential race. we have dylan in the orange room with red cup gait. gate. >> red cup gate. i don't think this controversy is going away any time soon christians saying this is a war on christmas and almost right on cue donald trump is getting involved because why not. the presidential candidate weighing in on the coffee cup chaos at a campaign event last night. take a listen. >> you read about starbucks? no more merry christmas onst on starbucks. i'm speaking for myself. i have one of the most successful starbucks in trump tower. maybe we should boycott starbucks. >> trump said he is willing to lose that battle. he says quote who cares. and getting the coffee company into the spirit is catching on.
7:52 am
telling baristas that their name is merry christmas. forcing them to call out the phrase when that's ordered though some argue that's the complete opposite of a starbucks boycott. a lot of starbucks cup for people who are organizing a boycott. i don't know if that's working out so well. >> we'll be talking about it for a while. dylan, thanks so much. coming up, should seat belts on school buses be mandatory? big announcement from officials after your local news. ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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planning to apply to a u-c school next fall good tuesday morning. it is 7:56. if you are planning to apply to a uc school next fall your timing could be perfect. university of california president janet napolitano says 5,000 more students may be able to enroll next fall in a new proposal gets green lighted. the increase would hike enrollment. critics faulted for accepted too many out of state students who pay higher tuition fees. fast food workers are organizing all day strikes at restaurants around the bay area. today's strike is part of a nationwide action calling for $15 per hour wages. organizers say the strike involves workers in 270 different cities. in the bay area that includes at least one restaurant in san jose, san francisco and oakland.
7:57 am
better today to strike because the rain cleared up a bit. >> right now it is sunny but we have clouds in the east bay as we take a live look. that will be clearing up with our cool start to the temperatures are in the 30s in the north bay and 50 in oakland. looking for a high of 60 degrees in couoper teeno. oakland 62 and livermore 65 degrees. mike? >> this is our video feed. i want to show you the volume of traffic moving. we'll show you the maps. we have speeds in the 40s approaching that camera shot. northbound around through san jose typical slowing spots. we're looking at slow really jammed up as you come through both directions. the rest of your day although there is a lot of red and orange this is not bad for a tuesday.
7:58 am
back to you. >> thanks for the update. we will be back in 25 minutes with another report. for now back to the "today" show.
7:59 am
my name is 127 willow lane. and i've had some work done. in '62 they put in a conversation pit. brilliant. in '74 they got shag carpet. that poor dog. rico?! then they expanded my backside. ugh. so when the nest learning thermostat showed up, i thought "hmmm." but nest is different. keeps 'em comfy. and saves energy automatically. like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest. welcome to the magic of home.
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it's 6:00 on "today." coming up, big change on board. a major announcement from the federal government that could make it mandatory for every child to wear a seat belt on school bussis. then, what would you do to fet your hands on the perfect holiday gift, lie, steal, knock someone over in the honest answer from shoppers that may surprise you. ♪ ♪ and they never go out of style, christie brinkley and elizabeth hurley stopping by studio 1a today, tuesday, november 10, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> good morning. we're here for the marine's birthday, 240 years old. >> hello from superior, colorado. >> my 13th birthday. >> from fredericksburg, virginia, just married. >> we love matt lauer. >> we miss you, al! ♪ it is 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's getting a little springily out here. good morning, everybody. we've got a crowd in some great spirits this morning. nice to have them on. >> by the way, we have got a great guest coming up in this next half hour. christie brinkley is here. she is, i'm allowed to say, because it's written right there, 61 years old. she is beautiful, and she's going to talk about some of her
8:02 am
beauty secrets. >> i will be taking notes copiously during that segment. also, al is powering through day five of his rokerthon 2 quest for weathercasting history trying to forecast in all 50 states in the space of one week. right now he is in the 24th state. hey, al, you're in illinois. were you planning something big later. >> yeah. oh, you are not going to believe what we've got. want to show you what we're driving through right now. look at that fog. it is -- i mean, like pea soup right now, and we've got a police escort, and we're slowing down. so that's kind of cool. in any event we've got more coming up. i mean, won't believe some of the conveyances that we have for you on rokerthon day five. >> we look forward to that, al. thank you. be careful of that. a check of the top stories. tamron is for natalie on assignment this week. stakes are high for tonight's republican presidential debate with flight
8:03 am
261ers donald trump and ben carson ready to square of course, and the others needing some breakout performances. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in milwaukee for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, tamron, good morning to you. there will only be eight candidates on the debate stage tonight so the field is finally slimming down but each of them faces significant challenges the among the questions tonight, will ben carson need to fend off attacks from donald trump about reported discrepancies in his life story? carson's business manager tells nbc news that this controversy has lit a fire underneath the usually calm candidate. as for jeb bush, how will he handle the greatest pressure that he has faced all campaign? he can't afford the type of lackluster performances he's had in the past. this morning the "new york times" reports that the superpack supporting bush has been preparing a wave of attacks to unleash them on marco rubio, his former mentee and this morning the rubio campaign is out with its response, an online ad, showing all the time that bush has praised rubio.
8:04 am
finally those moderators, how the candidates handle them. tamron, up. moderators tonight said every question is fair game. >> all right. peter, a lot to follow and a lot to keep our eye on tonight. thank you very much. international track and field officials are threatening to ban russia from competition, including the rio olympics over a doping scandal. a report by the world anti-doping agency monday accuses the russians of widespread state-sponsored cheating to enhance performance. it says athletes' samples were purposefully destroyed and russian intelligence agents even infiltrated a testing lab and intimidated lab workers. a spokesman for president vladimir putin says the accusations appear to be unfounded. the university of virginia fraternity profiled in a debunked rape story is suing "rolling stone "can the magazine for $25 million. the fraternity says it suffered extreme damage to the reputations of its virginia chapter members and alumni.
8:05 am
three former fraternity members and a school official had already filed their own lawsuit. "rolling stone" had no comment. pro skier ian mcintosh barely escaped with his life after a terrifying fall that happened in alaska. ian said he surveyed the run thoroughly but he dropped into an unseen trench and began what would be a minute long 1,600-foot tumble. ian deployed his air bag to prevent traumatic injury and then held on for that incredible. >> look at that. >> now i do. >> oh, my gosh. >> frightening. >> wow. >> as i mentioned that went on for at least a minute there. >> matt, mesmerized by that run. what part of that -- >> he did a thorough run through. had the equipment that prevented
8:06 am
him from perhaps dying. >> thank goodness for the air bag. that's wild. >> absolutely. >> tamron, thank you. turning now to a "rossen reports" keeping your kids safe on the school bus. >> the federal government just made a big announcement that's going to impact millions of children. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has more on that. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're talking to you about seat belts here. they come in every single car, okay. we strap our kids in, but believe it or not most school buses do not have them. i first reported on this back in september, even went to washington to press for answers, and this morning the feds are changing their position. for the first time recommending seat belts in every single school bus nice weighed. school bus accidents after school bus accident. children flying through the air. they aren't wearing seat belts. this will be dramatic, and we want to warn our viewers to show you the danger we even staged a live crash here on "today."
8:07 am
wow. as a parent myself, that is so disturbing to watch in person. the child dummies inside thrown around. look at the dent that it makes in the seat and the level of impact there. every year kids are killed, thousands injured, so why aren't they strapped in? the national highway traffic safety administration doesn't require seat belts on school buses. in september i went to the top official. should there be seat belts on school buses? >> there's no question that the safest way to get to school is in that big yellow bus would. safety belts make them even safer? absolutely. >> reporter: why not mandate that right now as we start a new school year. >> that's the question we've been looking at. >> reporter: months later nhtsa taking action, officially declaring seat belts save lives and going even further. our goal is a three-point belt for every child on every bus, asking school districts to do it voluntarily and if not rule-making may follow. that top official speaking with
8:08 am
nbc news again monday. >> i hope everyone, including manufacturers, challenge themselves why aren't we all doing everything we can to get that seat belt on that school bus? >> reporter: and here's why it's so important. watch this crash test video. these dommies don't have seat belts on. now look at the dummies that do. big difference. they stay in their seats. safety experts say it's a no-brainer >> when you look at children from the age of 0 to 5, they are correctly restrained in the back seat their vehicle. that's their habit. they know that's safer. get on the big yellow school bus. where are the seat belts? >> reporter: she says this is a huge step. federal officials recommending belts on buses, but, remember, this is not a mandate yet. it's up to your local school district to go out and find the money and spend it, but it is expensive, and experts worry these districts won't do it unless they are forced to, and nhtsa says they may have to. >> i think a lot of parents will get on the record and say we want this in our communities.
8:09 am
>> reporter: exactly. >> jeff, thank you for the update. coming up, how the way you brush your teeth at night may impact how well you sleep. >> all right. plus, blake shelton and gwen stefani making their first appearance on "the voice" as a couple. we'll show you what happened. but, first, al, where are you? >> i we're standing in the confluence of the ohio and the mississippi rivers. we're in the southernmost part of illinois. this is where it becomes the mighty mississippi. but this isn't where we're doing weather. we've got something for you. it's huge, baby. you can bet your buns. you are going to love what we've got at rokerthon rolls on! alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes.
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why we train for every eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission. win. ♪ it looks fabulous from a ring every angle.biggest stars... and for kay jewelers... he does the exact. same. thing. yes! neil lane bridal- vintage-inspired rings at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. back now. it is a rainy tuesday morning. time for what's trending today. we searched the internet for cat videos so you don't have to. >> the most wonderful time of the year, holidays just around the corner. well, maybe not. because shopping during the holidays tend to bring out the
8:14 am
worst in people, especially on the upcoming black friday. in a recent survey from harris poll, 23% of people admitted they would behave unethically to snag a deal on a hot holiday item. but get this. the worst offenders of all are parents with children under the age of 18. here's what they would do. 17% would lie to other shoppers if that would give them a better chance at getting a hot item. 16% would cut in line. that's not true. that's a much higher number. >> yes. >> 16% would pretend to be a store clerk. >> does that work? >> they would impersonate somebody. >> 8% would knock down another adult in the store, and 8% would also push a child over. happy holidays, everyone. >> oh, my gosh. >> anonymous poll brings out honesty. >> good news and bad news. bad news first. we all do something every night that disrupts our sleep.
8:15 am
wait for this. the good news, changing this habit, not, that although that also is an issue. >> that puts me to sleep. >> that helps actually. >> until about 2:00 a.m. and that's another story. wine, wine, wine. red wine. >> oh, okay. >> i thought you were talking about drinking. >> you, right? >> exactly. let me just get to the story. >> please. >> if you brush your teeth at night supposedly that will make you get a better night sleep. >> no, no. if you brush your teeth in the dark at night. >> oh, right. >> in the dark. >> sorry, i had a few drinks last night. i'm like ah. an oxford neuroscientist says we should all brush in the dark if you want to be precise about it because the bright bathroom lights stimulate the body and turn the lights on when your body is powering down. >> so never turn them back on. brush in the dark and walk to your bed. >> we should all brush our teeth
8:16 am
at night. >> absolutely. >> that's a goodning. >> and also drinking wine helps you sleep until it doesn't. >> right. >> you get to sleep but then you don't stay. i've learned that on a "today" show segment. >> we should not have done that segment. all right. the late hairstyle that a lot of us wish would go away. it's called the man bun. a lot of celebrities are doing it, leonardo dicaprio, jay leto, chris hemsworth, where the top portion of your hair is in a bun and hair on the bottom either hangs down or gets shaved off. after news broke that this hairstyle could actually lead to hair loss, one company said, you know what, there's an opportunity to be here, behold the clip-on man-bun. these are being sold right now and for the low price of $9.99 you can have one of hollywood's hottest hairstyle. >> i think the it was a clip-on hair-bun. >> rossen is modeling is very
8:17 am
nice. >> oh, it would help if you paint the bink strap. >> the head-on shot is better. >> do my reports now. good enough for di caprio. >> next time you sit down with nhtsa. i do happen to have a man-bun. like a furry little creature. khloe kardashian opening up about lamar odom and blake and gwen together in the spotlight. dylan has the spotlight. >> feeling we'll be talking about them for quite some time. all eyes were on blake and gwen, first episode of "the voice" since they confirmed there was a couple and while there was no direct relationshference to the relationship and teaming up on adam levine. >> i think the last time you cut somebody's hair hon this show, gwen, they won. >> yes. >> and i ended up with the person, but they ended up winning.
8:18 am
team gwen overall is whipping the crap out of team adam tonight. >> oh, adam, it's now 2-1. and to khloe kardashian, she's opening up about her marriage to recuperating lamar odom saying i'm married for a multitude of reasons but it's not for intimate reasons. we caught up with khloe at her book signing and asked her how lamar is responding to support from his fans. >> he doesn't have social media. he doesn't have his cell phone. he doesn't watch the news or anything like that, so he is aware from what -- i see him every day. he's aware of what i tell him or the messages that i give him are all positive and filtered things, of course. >> khloe said lamar is doing better every day but still has a long ways to go. that's your "pop start." >> all right. dylan, thank you very much. >> we're in stunned silence, your "pop start" was so interesting. >> let's head back to al and his
8:19 am
next rokerthon 2 stop. al, where are you? >> we're in cairo, illinois, right now, and i'm not going to show you what i'm in yes. i want to give you an audio clue. hit it. pull it out. take a look. take a look at what i'm in, baby. the weeper mobile! it's the oscar meyer weiner mobile. >> right after the story on man buns, way to go. >> exactly. that's what i'm talking about. i mean, i was relishing this part of the trip. i really was. >> oh. >> we'll let that one fly. >> well, you couldn't mustard anything better than that? i'll let you -- i'll let you ketchup. anyway -- >> my goodness. >> he earned it. >> okay. we're about to check off, state
8:20 am
number 24. because here comes your rokerthon illinois forecast. roll it. let's see what we've got for you. for today, peoria, 49 degrees. 69 in springfield. chicago, you're being to see a temperature of 56 degrees and a low of 39 degrees. rest of the country here's what we've got. we are looking at some showers along the mid-atlantic cost and some snow making its way through the plains. we're looking at afternoon temperatures that will climb up into the 80s in the southern parts of texas. 50s and 40's in the pacific northwest. wet weather in the mid-atlantic and northeast today. patchy dense fog in illinois and plenty of rain and snow in the
8:21 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. chilly start to the day with sunshine and some spots in the east bay still seeing those clouds. but they will gradually clear out. a high of 61 degrees can be expected in san francisco as well as the east bay. in the tri-valley, up to 64. a touch warmer than yesterday. still breezy and feeling cool. 65 degrees in the north bay. we're looking at 60 in the peninsula. the south bay tops out at 62 degrees. have a great day. all right. we've got two more to go before we're done. so let's go. let's -- take the weiner mobile, let's burn this baby. let's boil some buns. we're rolling, baby. we've got more rokerthon and we've got more states to cover within this show. so hit it, let's go! weiner mobile away! >> here we go. >> back to you guys.
8:22 am
i'm fasting my seat belt. >> he totally lost it. al, thank you. we'll check back in. after 40 years in the modeling industry and a remarkable 500 magazine cover, christie brinkley knows her way around the beauty industry. now at 61 years old, she's revealing all of her secrets in the new book "timeless beauty, over 100 tips and secrets and short cuts to looking great." first defy time and gravity. you seem to have done that. is there one big beauty secret that you have? >> smile. >> yes. >> it instantly lifts the face and, you know, just lights up a room. yeah. >> well, being known for your beauty, i would imagine is a blessing and a curse. it's a blessing you have had an amazing career not just in modeling but everything you have done. but ageing in the public eye is no fun. you seem to be managing it very, very well. >> i had to write this book, so i have written myself into this corner.
8:23 am
like, you know? what am i going to do? you know? i mean, it's inevitable, you know, but -- but there are certain things that you can do to stave it off and push that day a little further into the future and that's what my book is about. >> and a lot of this though, we have to say, is good genes. i mean you have great genes. >> well, i had a gorgeous mom. i mean, she was beautiful so i lucked out there. but then, you know, there's a lot that you can do from what you eat to how you exercise. to the creams that you use on your face 24 hours a day. you're so in control of that. you have a lot of influence there. and then of course, you know, there's just all kinds of things that you can do with your hair. your makeup. and i cover all of that in my book. >> what's your number one makeup item? desert island, you have to have
8:24 am
this one makeup island? >> first of all, sunblock. the number one ager of our skin. you know, photo aging is the worst -- it wreaks havoc. i guess i want a bb cream or a great moisturizer. i guess i'd have to go with undereye concealer. i don't have rosy cheeks from the sun on an island. i usually say blush because i have a full face so i like to -- you know, give it a little definition. >> pinch the cheeks, right? how do you feel about plastic surgery and fillers and that stuff? some people are in the camp of oh, don't mess with mother nature. others are saying if it works go for it. >> i think there's little things that you can do with the dermatologist that can stave off major giant surgery which is really scary. but i'm all for if something is bothering you, fix it. you know, at least talk to
8:25 am
somebody and find out what it would take to fix it. and see if that's for you or not. you know? >> we all know how beautifully you're aging and you're dating in your 60s. we hear you're dating john mellencamp. the only reason i know is billy joel spilled the beans at a concert the other night. is he in trouble? >> no. no. i think he was just being funny. you know? >> is it different to be kind of back in the dating world at this juncture? >> well, yeah. yeah, it is. it is. >> but you're having fun? >> definitely. >> well, the book is called "timeless beauty." can i borrow your face for the trip to miami this weekend? >> if you're going to miami you need my skin care. >> thank you.
8:26 am
you'll be back later with kathie lee and regis who's in for hoda today. >> look who i have here, elizabeth hurley. it's a royali'm ... ==anim== nes this morning.. ==topvo== a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. new details and an update on a woman hurt last night. she suffered injuries that may be life-threatening. witnesses say the car may have been traveling 100 miles per hour before it clipped a parked car and slammed into the home. the 25-year-old woman asleep in her home was pinned under the car. her bedroom is a converted garage. the driver was also transported with injuries that are not considered life-threatening. police are awaiting blood test results on that driver. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> first of all, nothing as serious as what you just reported. we're looking at some fender benders around the east bay.
8:27 am
here is the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking at a break for the folks to the left. coming straight off 580 and off the berkeley curve, a slow drive. you see those feeding in. 24 has a slow drive out of the walnut creek interchange and highway 4, continuing through 680. the north bay, a crash coming out of nevada. that will cause slowing. the volume through the north bay, not as bad. there's a lot of red in the northbound direction, crawling at times, we see a lighter volume overall. >> thank you very much. back with a local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's also day number, i don't even know of rokerthon. >> day number five. >> doing his 24th and 25th state. heavy fog where he was a couple minute ago. we'll check in with al and take a look. take a look at weather we've got in new york city. we've got some fog, some rain as well. meanwhile, al is almost to the halfway point. halfway home, al. >> yay. >> yeah.
8:31 am
i am. we're just about to cross the ohio river bridge, and i think this person earn -- we've got a police escort. i think they think the police was pulling them over, but you can see the fog. you can barely see halfway across the bridge. we're going to be crossing into kentucky in just a little bit, but today's trivia. i'm going to ask you this one. illinois is home to 333 farms and 47,000 acres that grow their state snack. what is this classic snack? you may have had it this weekend when you watched james bond. >> rasinette. back with the answer. back with the answer. they don't grow rasinettes, lauer, geez, come on. we'll be back with the weather and the answer coming up in a little bit. >> all right, al. thank you very much. also ahead, the queen of england is here. at least she plays her on tell have i. find out what elizabeth hurley has planned for season two of
8:32 am
"i'm addicted to the royals." >> wrangler is not liking the rain at all. >> doesn't like the rain. >> let's head back inside to savannah. >> thank you so much. we have a special edition of steals and deals this morning celebrating the launch of the "today" food club. we've lined up an exclusive deal for our members so don't forget sign up at "today" contributor jill martin is here with the bargains in the kitchen. just a little twist. >> a celebration of "today's" food club and everything you can get home into your kitchen to celebrate and start and to eat healthy with us going into the new year. >> you have a hot item right here. everybody loves these stand mixers >> the think kitchen six speed stand mixer and triple chef pack cooking tool. the retail $214, all stainless steel and comes with the tongues, the whisk and the spatulas, and i know you use ones like this a lot. >> i do actually, believe it or not, i like to bake and this is awesome. >> great for baking. the retail is $214 and the deal
8:33 am
$59. 72% off. >> next we've got some cook books, penguin random house fall cook beth set. the retail 97.50 to $105. different number of books in each set so go to to see what goes with what, six best selling authors, a lot of great familiar names, great authors, the deal $29, up to 72%. >> come in sets. don't mix and match and go online to see what's what. >> and you can split the books up for gifts if you have teachers or friends who are into cooking, a great, great cook. >> what's this, a slow cooker? >> yes. slow procooker. the retail $230. so everything from chile and meat sauce to pork and beef roasts, three automatic settings depending on how slow you want to cook, two hours, four hours or eight horse, the retail $230
8:34 am
and it's $69, 70% off. >> chilly, press everything into the slow corker and press everything and it's done. >> put that up on >> comes with the recipe. knife set. a great gift. >> a great gift. seven-piece knife block set and eight-piece steak knife so the retail here is 229. it's a 15-piece set so you either choose wood block or silver block here but that's the aesthetic of the block, get the knives in each and plus they come with the steak knives and each set you choose one and you come with the steak knives. the retail 229 and the deal $72 and 69% off. >> these are festive glasses, pretty. >> so pretty and so great. they come in a gift box so a great gift. it's a set of four from fitz & floyd. retail $90. choose one of these sets hand crafted with mouth-blown glass and each one comes in a box.
8:35 am
a great way to give a gift. don't even have to wrap it. retail $90 and the deal $25. 70% off. >> is this the flood club deal? >> only if you sign up for the today food club. go to and the way to sign up there and we'll e-mail you a code that will go straight to the deal but there's a limited amount so if you want to get in, this is always popular, omaha steaks, please sign up at the omaha steak gourmet classic retail of $188.92. get everything on the two, two file mignons, sir lon, four omaha steak burgers, two pork chops and four individual cheese steaks so everything on this table you get. it's only -- >> wow. >> great. >> $the deal 49. >> a lot of meat. >> so that's basically dinner for four or five. if you don't give one person dessert, for under $50.
8:36 am
74% off. >> seib up for the "today" food club. run through the deals one more time, the electric mixer from penguin, the slow cooker from remy, knife set, glasses from fitz & floyd and the, conclusive deal from omaha steaks. for more on these products, questions about past orders, head to the steals and deals page at and we'll go over to al. >> actually, i'm going to talk it, savannah. thank you very much. here with her majesty, queen helena from her new show or the second season, "the royals." who is dome know? >> big see cell. i can't tell >> you just whisper it. >> back to talk to elizabeth in just a moment, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
8:37 am
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8:38 am
they say the bigger they are the harder they fall. that certainly true for famed mississippi trial lawyer dickie scruggs who made a name for himself by taking on big tobacco.
8:39 am
>> special correspondent tom brokaw is here with scruggs' remarkable story, a comeback that's really just now unfold willing. tom, good morning. >> reporter: dickie scruggs at one point had it all, a big airplane, a big how. he had the reputation that all mississipians envied and then he didn't, and here's what happened next. dick scruggs is be a ole miss football fanatic. and a popular presence at his alma mater. strolling through the legendary tailgate in the grove. >> looking good. >> well, so are you. >> reporter: holding court with family and friends in his sky box. scruggs treasures every game because for a time he wonder federal he'd ever be welcomed here again. once one of the most prominent trial lawyers in the world scruggs became famous and rich for his leading role in taking on big tobacco. his role in that case was immortalized in the film "insider" where russell crowe played whistleblower dr. jeffrey wigan.
8:40 am
>> jail. >> possibly, yes. that's one of the possible consequences of you testifying here today. >> reporter: in the legal world were you a rock star. you took on big tobacco and you made a lot of money. did you create the dickie scruggs environment, and you thought i'm bulletproof. >> there was a great deal of hubris and arrogance involved in the way i behaved. i really got way too big for my britches, tom, and i deserved to be -- to take a fall from that. >> reporter: writer curtis wilke chronicled that fall. was there anybody in his heyday in the state of mississippi who was better known or larger than life than dickie scruggs? >> probably not. probably no one who had fiercer enemies and for that matter, you know, good friends. >> reporter: and those enemies turned out in force when scruggs found himself on the other side of the law in a case against insurance companies after hurricane katrina. >> federal grand jury in mississippi accused him of
8:41 am
hiring a lawyer to pay $40,000 in cash to bribe a state court judge. >> reporter: he fought those judges but eventually pleaded guilty in february 2009. his life as he knew it was over. he would serve six years in federal prison. so you go from the high flying world of dickie scruggs, private airplanes and a lot of money and you walk into a prison into an entirely different world. >> the sound of a steel door closing behind you has a certain finality to it that is both terrifying and sobering. >> reporter: but it was behind bars that scruggs would write his second act. scruggs began tutoring inmates working for their geds in a state where one-sixth of the population has dropped out of high school. a ged and work skills confirmed. >> first in all the bad categories and i'm tired of hearing that and most
8:42 am
mississipians are tired of hearing that and by teaching and watching these guys catch on it gave me a new sense of purpose. it gave me a second chance really. this is what keeps them in school, the library. >> reporter: now out of prison scruggs has founded second chance mississippi to raise money for adult education, make his mission a reality and criss-crossing the states. >> what type of credential do they get? >> reporter: talking to anyone who will hear him out. there's only about 10% of inmates that can read on a 12th great level and listening to student and educators at community colleges. >> can you improve your score the more you practice this. >> reporter: dick scruggs has borrowed from practicing law again but to many here that doesn't matter. pastor chris diggs offered ged tutoring at his church, and when he needed help scruggs stepped up. >> we did not have computers before but now we do because of dick scruggs and second chance. for him to reach out to help a small african-american church showed me that there was still a lot of good left in him.
8:43 am
>> reporter: it's a second chance to make a difference, something dick scruggs never thought he would get. by the way, he has some famous friends who are helping him with all this. went to ole miss, obviously, and he's still very popular there and archie manning is one of his close friends. manning family royalty in mississippi obviously, and he says that in mississippi if you don't have a high school education, chances are very good you'll go to jail. if you do have a high school education chances are pretty good you'll got to jail. wants to change all that. mississippi is last in everything when it comes to education, but he's determined to use his fame and what he's learned to change it. >> he can make a difference. tom. >> like to see a secondage. thank you, tom. let's check in with al. he's ready to cross off another state from his rokerthon journey. hey, al. >> hey, guys. we got out of wiener mobile and got ourselves a horse. this is gunner. we are in kentucky! yeah. the bluegrass state. we made it, so now we're about
8:44 am
to make the halfway point of rokerthon. here's the forecast for kentucky, yeah! paducah, 65 today and partly cloudy. bowling green partly sunny and 61, louisville looking for partly sunny skies and 58 degrees. lexington look for partly sunny skies and a high of 57. rest of the country today, wet weather in the pacific northwest, mountain snows around the rockies. pretty good snow storm going on there. wet weather making its way into the mid-atlantic states. for tomorrow we've got a risk of very strong storms making their way into the mid-mississippi river valley. more rain and snow in the pacific northwest and showers exiting new england. plenty of sunshine a lot of sunshine across the bay area. and some chilly temperatures that are slowly warming up. we're still at 40 degrees in the north bay while the east bay is at 50 degrees. look for highs today up to 61
8:45 am
degrees in san francisco and the east bay. in the peninsula, 60 degrees and 62 for the south bay. still clouds in parts of the east bay and tri-valley. it's now the highs reaching 64 and 65 degrees in the north bay. have a great day. >> all right. rokerthon, 25 down and 25 more to go. please go to you can help donate feeding america to donate -- to donate money to help feed the hungry. this is the rokerthon flag, sir. i'm going to give that to you. thank you so much the oh, by the way, guys, the snack that they grow in illinois, popcorn! it's their state snack. it's yum. >> the we thought jolly ranchers. >> miss though. >> coming up next, elizabeth hurley with the much anticipated return of "the royals" but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now 8:47 at elizabeth hurley. the hit e show "the royals" is returning for a second season. hurley stars as the king's widow, a woman on a mission to take control of the monarchy and will do whatever it takes to get her way. prime minister. >> your majesty. >> working late, i see. >> the opening of parliament. >> yes, i know, and once open the first order of business will be our bill to change the order of secession. if something should befall quine cyrus the king's -- >> and the king's children will be unfit to rule. >> does the real royal family have as much fun as this royal family? >> i hope they do and say god i wish that were more in the hair and makeup. we haven't gotten feedback about whether they see it but my
8:49 am
feeling is that they all watch. >> helena is not that nice. i mean, she's conniving. what do you like about her is. >> i think there's a fine line between heros and villains and my character does villainous thing, evil and plotting and machiavellian and not that nice to her kids, especially in season one. she has her heart in the right place. loves her family and monarchy and wants it to stay where it is. >> you used the combination of princess diana and joan collins circa "dynasty" to create her. which characteristics did you take from her? >> princess diana how she was with the people and how she was dressed and how she looked modern an chic and jock joan collins' role in "dynasty," the ma nip life evilness but i have joan collins in it. >> plays my mom. >> what's it like when she comes on. >> my life is better when she's on set. when joan is not working i get in my trailer at lunch and get a
8:50 am
moldy sandwich and an apple and when joan is there we have a white tablecloth and roasted chicken. >> brings class. some major unanswered questions about the plot line in this show so i'll fire at them one at a time. >> who killed the king? >> you can't know that yet but we do find out by the end of season two. >> a big surprise or somebody we're already pointing in that direction? >> i don't want ruin the suspicion, a lot of people under suspicion including myself, including my brother-in-law who will be the king of england, a lot of suspects, but i think that when it comes out people will be fascinated. >> the next big question to coin a phrase who's their daddy? okay. if these kids are not the product of king, who is their dad? >> that was a terrible thing. i declared my own children illegitimate at end of season one in order to put my brother-in-law on throne because i can control him. >> nice. >> it's still something that's an ongoing theme -- a lot of intrigue because i was this love
8:51 am
with somebody else for 25 years but at end of season one he has to lie low. my brother-in-law has ordered a hit on him. >> and you teased me a second ago when the whole domino thing and domino for those who haven't seen the show is some kind mysterious person or entity. >> it is, and as we progress through season two we realize joan collins' part is integral to the scandal and intrigue of a story that goes back 25 years. she really comes to the forefront in season two and she's fab. >> i mentioned children a second ago. let me ask you. you've got at 13-year-old son, right? >> 13. >> damien, i have a 14-year-old boy. how are you holding up? >> well, he's still sweet. i mean, he's definitely going through puberty. his voice has dropped and is taller than me and still sweet right now. i'm waiting for the moment where he says mom get off. >> still loves his mom right now. >> still loves mommy today. one day at at time. >> you turned 50 recently. is that a problem? >> no, no, no. >> am i allowed to say that? >> we just talked to christie
8:52 am
brinkley who is now 61. >> how fabulous is she, wow. >> how do you feel? do you feel this was a milestone, a nightmare or did you kind of gracefully accept it? >> naturally i gracefully accept it but i don't really feel mature enough myself. i feel like i need to step up and be more grown up. >> emotionally how are you? >> about 14. >> same as my son. >> we get on very well. >> great. i want to tell people the second season of "the royals" premiers sunday night on our sister network e. always a pleasure to have you here. >> pleasure, matt. >> and first, we're back
8:53 am
ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx.
8:54 am
get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. we're back at 8:54. let's get a check of today's birthday wishes from willard scott. hey, willard. >> reporter: new york, new york. a wonderful town. everybody has fun up there. gets prettier and prettier as the months roll by. zelma mccullough, in sulfur springs in texas. and everybody that knows her says she's the southwest woman in the world. she's 100 years old today. delma murphy from savannah, georgia, is 100 years old today. loves jazz, music, dixieland and jazz. everybody loves. arthur pritsco of providence, rhode island, pretty state and pretty town. 100 years old and loves golf and that's his sport. he's a good scout in more ways than one.
8:55 am
ernie holler from charleroi, pensens, 100 years old. member of the boy scouts for years. we love him. okay, gang. just have some fun up there and think of me. i would like to come out and see you and have dinner. great restaurant. >> thank you, willard, very much. you though what's about to happen? >> something huge on the 9:00 hour. >> having a big discussion about it. >> yeah, willie geist, i don't know where he is, but we're having an ice rink skatoff. i've only been on skates twice in my life. willie is an expert and mayoral davis, arm charlie white coached us and the showdown is here. >> willie is practicing i'm ... ==nats== :03 honking
8:56 am
==vo== a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. this protest yesterday at san jose airport may be small compared to what is going to happen today. they are considering easing restrictions for ride sharing companies. hundreds of drivers took part in the protest that stranded travellers at the airport.
8:57 am
taxi drivers are promising a larger strike to coincide with the meeting. along with expanding the strike across the city, they are promising to double the number of drivers taking place. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning. e a bow and arrow ♪
8:58 am
♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" music icon prince out with some new music and a familiar new face on his next hit. then, tamron and i go head-to-head on the ice when we team up with ice dancing champs meryl davis and charlie white. . all that and more coming up now >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's tuesday, morning, november 10th, 2015. we show you outdoors. it's a little drizzly and why that matters in just a second. i'm willie along with tamron, natalie on assignment and al
9:01 am
taking the world by storm delivering the weather in 50 states in one week. i thought since this morning it's just the two of us "it takes two" from rob base. >> it's contagious. >> ladies love me girls adore me, even the ones who never saw me. so let's go, cuz. >> there you interest t.drop the cups. that the video i would wait in seventh or eighth grade to come on to the music box show. >> did you do the dance? >> clearly we're having a blast this morning. >> should you say why, why we're excited, a little tense, why there's something in the air today. tamron and i are about to engage in a figure skating showdown. we're going head-to-head. >> why? >> here's how it's going to work. outside in the rain, which adds a little -- a little intrigue. >> of danger, lots of danger. >> rockefeller rink, our coves and our partners, olympic ice
9:02 am
dancing gold medal winners merle davis and charlie white, so yesterday we had a big rehearsal yesterday. got ready and got our routines going and chelsea pierce sky rink here in new york city. did you hear that? >> that fall, that's what you're going to hear later when i hit the ice. >> don't give away too much of our routine. >> you can see by some of this, what level skaters tamron and i are. oh, the patience of meryl and charlie. >> i've been on skates, my third time in my life. taken my nieces and neve u.s. to rockefeller, grand total time on ice in my entire life, five minutes. yesterday. >> oh, gosh. >> the big rehearsal was 15, 20. i had to go home and take an advil. my body was ache iing every day the 45 years i've been on this planet i felt, and full disclosure, five minutes ago i said to the team i'm not skating, it's range out. here's my theory.
9:03 am
>> you're working the refs, setting the bar so low that you'll do anything. >> i'm not. >> how about our judges, savannah, dylan and, you ready for this, judging us, here's a little more pressure, olympic gold medalist dorothy hamill is going to be evaluating our performance. on the ice. >> dorothy, i once in my life had a haircut just like yours soly will based on you and your greatness, dorothy hamill, so with that i say please, please be kind. i just -- dylan dry yes, one of our judges, said that she skated out on rock rink and it was wet and she fell down. you might remember, ladies and gentlemen, a few years ago, meredith viera was doing this thing with will ferrell, willie geist's twin and they did some move. she hit the back of her head and chipped her tooth. my parents put me in braces for seven years. these are caps. these aren't -- i can pull them out right now. >> like a true hockey player.
9:04 am
snap right out. i want to just keep my teeth >> you know, it was funny yesterday, meryl are these plans for us, had a thing where my leg was lift and she watched me skate for 30 seconds and said, okay, i think we need something different. >> how many times have you been on ice? >> in my ice, probably 20, but it's -- you're going to see it's a cheap thing, when i was a kid. i haven't much lately. i'm -- let me just say i'm no better than you are. >> thank you. thank you. >> right? >> i totally second it a. >> and we'll be in bull blaze of glory outfits. >> and that's the other thing. willie gets pants and i'm in a wunsie, a child's wunsie. that's what i'm in. >> dorothy hamill chic is what you'll be wearing. >> good luck. are you really not going to skate if it's raining. >> we have and audience. should i skate? >> yes. >> kind of a lukewarm yes. >> okay. let's go. >> thanks for -- you should be grateful we let you in here out of the rain. all right.
9:05 am
we'll see. okay. something more important, our nation's future tonight. the big debate. republican debate. fourth debate fox business network, "wall street journal," in milwaukee. great location. eight candidates on the main stage. doing the two-stage thing. john kasich, jeb bush, marco rubio, donald trump, dr. ben carson, ted cruz, carly fiorina and rand paul. other debate features chris christie, mike huckabee, bobby jindal and rick santorum, but the man of the hour is certainly ben carson. he's now leading in a new poll out of south carolina. monmouth poll, has momentum and his story -- his story basically ration to riches that was the subject of a movie, books, now there are people who are questioning some of the things that he has told over and over, including a story that he stabbed a friend when he was a teenager and that it was that moment and a few others that really pushed him into changing
9:06 am
his life. well, donald trump addressed this at a rally in springfield, illinois, last night. >> this is a strange election, isn't it? man. you stab somebody and the newspapers say you didn't do it! and you said, yes, i did, i did it! no, you didn't. yes, i did! i stabbed him and it hit the belt. this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stabbed somebody. what are we coming to? >> once again, donald trump has crystallized everything. he says how weird is this election? >> he did. he did. >> if you stab somebody you have to argue no, in fact, i did stab somebody. bizarre. >> it's like the tupacing, really, there was a headline talking about the fact what does this mean? obviously in the ben carson story line and how he became
9:07 am
this great neurosurgeon it made sense, but now when you're extracting whether or not it's important to the political debate and our nation's future it's interesting. >> as many people have said, ben carson's entire campaign is on his personal story, on his biography so if you start to pick away at, that for people who support ben carson, the fact he did grow up in poverty and raised himself and became this world renowned neurosurgeon none of that changes but there are these little stories. >> absolutely. >> and the other topic that donald trump has decided to weigh in on is the starbucks coffee. sure you saw us talk about it earlier and yesterday. the coffee cup at starbucks now red. it doesn't have, you know, snow flakes and christmas ornaments and some people have said that this is a war on christmas. donald trump has now chimed in. >> one of the most successful starbucks in trump tower. maybe we should boycott starbucks, i don't know, seriously. i don't care. by the way, that's the end of that lease but who cares, but if
9:08 am
i become presidente we're all going to be saying merry christmas again, that i can tell you. that i can tell you. >> big takeaway though is of course it's the trump tour has one of the highest grossing starbucks in the world. >> that's important for us to know. >> wow. >> okay. we buried the lead. something huge happened yesterday. there i am on twitter, going around and looking at title and getting all my music together. >> prince, the music service title. the great prince, icon prince posts his purple pick of the week and his new song is if eye could get your attention." >> the i have it actually. >> and the album art that is untitled. that's the am bum art for prince's new song. who is that? >> that's tamron hall. >> who is that? >> what is the story there? you're on the cover of prince's new jam. ♪
9:09 am
et? from your head to your toes ♪ >> because i want you, baby in the sock. ♪ i can get you >> than shall we make a link between the album art and -- and the lyrics, or no? >> how did that happen? >> he just was going down twitter and saw a picture of you from the album. >> that's not a picture from my twitter account. that's a private picture. >> oh, oh. >> yeah. >> it's a private picture. that i sent to prince. >> you sent that to prince. >> not unsolicited. no. you know, we're friends, and prince loves willie, loves willie and actually wants you to play in his band. >> yeah, i'm going to. >> what does he want you to say? >> triangle. >> wants willie to play drums. >> drums, yeah. >> so prince and my mother are the only two people i really talk to about what i might wear or things i'm debating, so i usually send him a picture in
9:10 am
the morning. >> do you really? >> yeah, i do. >> that's -- we need just to unpack that a little bit. >> so every morning a picture goes to prince and you say thumbs up, thumbs down and prince, a great icon. >> he says your eyebrows, fill them in a little more. he likes when my hair is a little shorter with the bangs. he's very clear about what he likes -- our audience is mortified, i'm so sorry. this is a true story, and i panic because my mother is watching and she probably doesn't know all of this and now you do. >> that's incredible. but you are on the cover on the title. >> i'm on the cover. >> good shot. >> "if eye i could get your attention." you have to perform on the show, prince. i've outed my whole personal life which i never do, willie. >> no. you don't. >> you don't play. >> i don't play any instruments. is that a problem? >> come on, prince, got to perform on our show. >> i have more questions about the morning routine but we've got to get to dylan dreyer who
9:11 am
has been waiting patiently. >> here's tamron's world, my world, like miles apart. >> you have a husband who loves you dearly. >> i love my husband but it's not prince. i'm not texting prince in the morning. different world. let's take a look at weather going on where we have very cold air working in behind the cold front. ahead of it it's very warm and humid that. clash will produce stronger storms later on today, especially as we go into this afternoon it's looking like we could see the threat of some hail, damage willing wind gusts and also some isolated tornadoes that could be very strong, i especially in and around iowa, moving through the western great lakes. it's in this area in original right through here, southeastern iowa, parts of illinois and missouri whe good morning. i'm meteorologist car kari hall. right now in the 50s across most of the bay area. we're looking at highs around 60 degrees. cupertino, 63 degrees.
9:12 am
palo alto financial district will be at 61 degrees, and a breezy one. makes it feel a little bit cooler. santa rosa tops out at 64. we'll have 62 in oakland and pleasanton. more of this weather as we go to the next few days, and some changes headed our way for the weekend. >> sending our morning self toe prince. >> just our morning selfie. coming up, starred in blockbusters like "the beautiful mind" and "the avengers" and now he's sitting in the director's chair for a rema
9:13 am
9:14 am
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hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. actor, writer, producer and director paul the bettany has starred in a number of films, you know him from the academy award winning film "a beautiful mind" and silas in the box office smash "da vinci code" and more recently the vision of the second "avengers" movie.
9:16 am
>> and now he's stepping behind the camera to direct the new film "shelter" about two homeless people who fall in love starring his wife and actress. >> you have pressing questions. >> tuesday's trend, are you getting an ambush makeover? >> i'm a little nervous about the whole thing. what are you going to do? >> just hold on, hold on to your scarf. >> i never do glitter before 8:00. >> wonderful movie. >> what you do do is make incredible films. you're a director, this is your debut as a director. >> yes. >> oh, it stars your wife and anthony maki. explain the background, the story and what inspired it which i understand is something right outside your doorstep. >> well, what -- i wanted to make a film that was about judgment because the world i live in is full of gray area, increasing gray area and yet we as a culture seem to be getting
9:17 am
more and more entrenched in black and white positions so that's what i wanted to do. at the same time i was thinking about hurricane sandy happened and there had been this couple that lived outside of my apartment, black man and white woman, she was blond, and -- and after hurricane sandy i didn't see them anymore and they had become part of my daily life. on the school run, the kids would say hello, would i say hello and then i'm ashamed to z say even before sandy i stopped seeing them. somehow their poverty became more and more acceptable to me and more and more unusual and they just became part of the landscape of the city in which i live. and i -- i felt shame surrounding that so i had an impulse to write and i thought that those two things might be interested to talk about because, you know, i think our response to homelessness is puzzling. >> it's so interesting that you have the personal journey which you just told us and the professional journey in this
9:18 am
which includes your wife and anthony mackey, a friend of ours from the show as well. the casting, how critical was it to have her and anthony in the film? >> one the things i noticed as a first time filmmaker if you're making a film about a nigerian muslim immigrant and a junkie street prostitute people don't want to shower you with money, so -- so it helped if you have an oscar winner lying around the house and i did and that helped me get anthony mackey to say yes, so, you know, it was -- the casting is incredibly important when you're trying to make a film of this nature. >> do you think being a director now will make you a better actor? do you understand things about the process that you didn't before? >> well, i will never ask a director a difficult question is the sun going down every day? >> there you go. >> my wife would ask me questions as the sun was going down and i would see a big clock in front of her face. >> i love it. >> ticking. >> well, paul, always great to
9:19 am
talk to you. got to come on more often and visit us any time. the movie is "shelter." it the will be in theaters and on demand this friday. thank you so much for joining us. >> congrats, paul. >> aren't they twins a little b bit. >> the right. >> serious. very nice. the before and after. you decide. up next -- >> who is the before and who is the after? >> exactly. the before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪
9:20 am
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9:23 am
justin chapel host of requested food & wine" here with some easy egg tips. let's start with peeling an egg. >> can be difficult because it has a thin skin between the egg white and well. take a skin and you have to peel it without cutting into the hard boiled egg. >> just like that. >> genius hack. >> and you wipe off these extra shells. cutting up the eggs if you're making an egg salad sandwich. go ahead and take an egg. this is going to blow your mind. put it on top of a baking rack. take a small plate. >> oh, my gosh. >> and keep on going and from this point mix in your mayonnaise, mustard and vinegar and get the awesome perfectly diced eggs.
9:24 am
>> genius trick. >> another genius trick and what we're doing is poaching some omelettes. >> omelette in a bag. >> beaten eggs, add whatever you like, cheese, ham, bacon. i like to go simple and at this point you'll seal it up, press out the air and you'll poach it in simmering water five to seven minutes until it's just set. >> put it right in the water. >> makes sure it's bpa-free and most major brands are these days and slide it out and chuck it out. >> how long, five, seven minutes, barely simmering water. >> i love the like loo of this one, classic egg in a hole. this is challah bread and you're going to take your cutter and cut out some rounds just like that and we have them here because the best part you get to the crack the eggs into the little cutouts that you've got. just like that. >> go ahead. >> and what's the most from there? >> season with salt and pepper and pop tim into a 375-degree oven for ten minute and you get this beautiful, beautiful breakfast, lunch, dinner,
9:25 am
whatever you want. >> it's true what they say but, you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this.
9:26 am
this morning.. ==topvo== and an update on the woman hospitalized laig a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details this morning, an update on the woman hospitalized last night when a car slammed into her bedroom. take a look at that. authorities say she suffered injuries that may be life threatening. it happened in san leandro. witnesses say the draiiver may have been traveling 100 miles per hour before the car clipped a parked car, slamming into the home. a 25-year-old woman asleep in her bed ended up pinned underneath the car. her bedroom is apparently a converted garage. the driver was also transported with injuries not life-threatening. police are awaiting blood test results on that driver. if you're planning to apply to a uc school next fall, your timing may be perfect.
9:27 am
janet napolitano says 5,000 more students may be allowed to enroll next fall if a new proposal gets the green light. that increase would hike overall in-state enrollment by 10%. too many out of state students pay higher tuition fees. regents will debate that plan next week. fast-food workers organizing all day strikes and protests at five bay area restaurants. today's strike is part of a nationwide action calling for $15 per hour wage increase. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine as we look across the bay, but it is cool stepping out there. in the low 50s now, but look at the north bay. now 43 degrees heading into the afternoon. highs in the low to mid 60s. 60 degrees for the high in the peninsula in the east bay. 61 degrees. tri-valley. you're looking at 64 degrees. those clouds will be rolling out of here and you'll have a sunny afternoon. in the north bay, look for a high of 65 degrees.
9:29 am
let's get a look at the commute with hike. >> big slow on west 92. this just popped up in the last 90 seconds. i don't see flashing lights. i'll keep checking chp. we do have a slower drive across 92. on the peninsula side of the dunbarton bridge as well. really jammed up towards palo alto. northbound routes 101 through san jose, the worst of it. 237 also slow into mountain view. overall, the south bay starting to simmer down know. a much lighter flow. we have a pretty smooth, but slow drive towards san francisco. >> we'll take your word for that. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, new research very veels body shape impacts the risk of early death even more than weight. the mayo clinic study found normal weight adult who carried belly fat have the worst long-term survival than any other group regardless of body mass index. data showed a normal weight person with mid-section obesity had twice the mortality risk of people considered to be obese by bmi alone. a new study find improving your leg strength could also beef up your brain. researchers assessed the thinking, learning and memory skills of more than 300 female twins over a ten-year period. the twins with stronger legs had fewer age-related brain changes and scored higher on cognitive test than their less fit twin. the reason for this link isn't clear, but experts stay could
9:31 am
involve changes if i munn function, blood flow or nerve signaling. being your mother's favorite child may not be such a good thing. a new study finds adults who are mom's preferred child can face a higher risk of depression. they have become the targets of asult sibling rivalry and feel more obligated to take care of their aging mothers. on the flip side, siblings who grew up feel like mom treated them the least also reported more symptoms of depression. major efforts are being undertaken to eliminate head injuries in young players. children 10 and under will be banned from heading during any official sessions, practice or games. players ages 11 to 13 will be allowed to head the ball during games only. that's a check of the forecast -- that's a check o good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures now in the low 50s. a lot of sunshine for most of us. if you're not seeing the
9:32 am
sunshine now, you will soon. palo alto, 63 degrees. castro at 63 degrees. napa 63. oakland 62. danville, we'll see a high of 66 degrees. we'll have more of this comfortably cool weather as we go into the next few days, and some changes headed our way for the weekend. >> and that's your forecast. oh, savannah. >> the rockefeller center christmas tree behind us, a little chill in the air, a little rain and there's only one thing to do and that's to have an ice dancing competition. >> and because this is the "today" show and the way we do things we have brought in icing dancing gold medalists meryl davis and charlie white to team up with tamron and willie here on the rock center ice rink. >> all right. let's do this. >> i don't think we're playing hockey today, willie. a little checking. >> practice our cross-checking technique. >> why don't you guys do that later and why don't we do a
9:33 am
little ice dancing. how do you feel about that? >> we're going to ice dance? >> so -- >> do you like what you see so far. >> you have a natural elegance about you. >> yeah. >> we're -- >> two kids having fun. >> just skating along. >> on a winter afternoon. >> let's see where we are with the music. let's try that. ♪ >> we may go faster, who knows. >> the one thing we need to work on with willie is he needs to keep his cool. gets a little overexcited at times. >> whoa. you got it the. >> he's a work of art. stop. >> have i even scored by that point? >> i think tamron can definitely take these guys. >> i do want to see you just try to take a couple of steps by yourself. like walking. >> kind of just walk. >> perfect, good. >> okay. >> all right. we've got a long way to go. >> so you'll lift and i'll move and you give me your hand.
9:34 am
>> your lips are moving. oh, push, wow, nice. >> go around and lean and yeah, that's going to look good because you're kind of naturally leaning back. >> naturally leaning back. it's called falling. >> do you realize how good you're doing right now. >> please, charlie, knock it off. >> i can't believe she's only skated a couple of times. she looks pretty good. >> thank you, thank you. >> i'm getting excited. are you excited? >> i'm extremely excited. you and i are going to judge this competition. >> yes. >> we don't know anything about skating. >> no, and i saw half points in here. >> there's only one thing to do and that's to bring in a skating legend dorothy hamill is here. we are not worthy. >> good morning. >> i'm not worthy. >> we're so excite to have you. >> i'm happy to be here. >> let's lower some expectations. >> oh, no, no. they are going to be great. they both have the best partners
9:35 am
in the world. >> they do. >> and they look great. so without further adieu, willie and meryl, take it away. you go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> willie! willie! willie! >> wow. wow. wow. >> dorothy, that was quite a show. don't you think? >> i think it was. they are both very brave in the
9:36 am
rain. >> a lot of clapping. >> the clapping. >> he used his knees well. >> double clapping seemed very difficult. >> reminds me a little bit of will ferrell in "the blades of glory." >> are we supposed to vote. >> do we have to save room for charlie and tamron? >> they are coming next. >> we can only give them 9 1/2 then because we have to save room. >> i don't know. >> 9 1/2. >> i have to do 9 1/2 but i don't know how to get there. >> i'd give you a 10. >> 9 1/2. >> okay. >> we're good. >> i'm going to give an 8. >> i thought it was almost perfect. >> guys you were great. >> let's let charlie and tamron show off their stuff. ♪ ♪
9:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's a tough one. i -- what are we judging anyway? >> it's overall. i think it was really good she had a lot of flair. >> yeah. >> great performance. i didn't see a lot of skating so saw a lot of charlie pushing her around. pushed around well. >> had the courage to do a lift. >> let's vote. >> okay. all right. >> i'm going to be a wuss and i'm going to go to 9 1/2. >> and i'm tying them. >> i'm going to give them a 9. >> i think -- come on over.
9:38 am
>> the skill, there's everything. the entertainment. >> and the rain didn't affect you. >> want to give tamron her flowers. >> tamron. >> congratulations. >> you guys, won, by the way. >> i won. how did that happen? >> here. >> no, no, we give you the cold. >> oh, okay. >> careful. >> just another gold. >> can i just say how wonderful meryl and charlie have been to us. i mean, you guys -- >> you guys are such good sports. >> they won with the lift. yesterday i proposed a lift to meryl and she's like yeah, no, i'm not doing that. >> as if he could lift you. seriously, we know that you guys are the best and we've fallen in love with you like the rest of the world with you to be patient
9:39 am
with will ferrell and handicap legs here it's a wonderful thing. thank you. >> you guys are great. >> you're troopers. >> dorothy hamill, thank you so much. >> thanks for letting us do this. if i could skate to you i would hug you but i can't move. >> and we're back right after this. >> wonderful. >> well done. watch out willie. >> wow, that was really fun. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one
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9:43 am
diagnosis, emotionally and financially for couples trying to conceive. >> so one woman is trying to help couples turn their wish of becoming parents into a reality. >> nicole lawson always dreamed of being a mom. she met the love of her life josh at 18. was married at 25 and soon they were ready to start a family. >> the thought of us having children was always something that was so important to us. >> but like so many couples infertility stood in their way. >> when you want a baby, it's the one thing that you can't control, and that's what's so frustrating. >> it was an emotional roller coaster for everyone, including nicole's mom pamela. >> i could remember her calling and saying there's no heartbeat anymore, after she became pregnant. >> after four years of per filth treatments and three miscarriages, pamela suggested another route. >> i remember my mom saying i can't see you go through this anymore, like there's something
9:44 am
called surrogacy, we're going to get a surrogate. >> doctors agreed surrogacy was her only option but it was an option they couldn't afford. >> we worked really hard for what we had, but we didn't have $100,000 to go get a surrogate. >> thankfully pamela was able to help financially. >> first with her daughter nicole who is now a mom of two. >> they are the most beautiful million dollar babies. >> and now with baby quest, a nonprofit she founded that gives financial reproductive assistance to those who can't afford it. >> we generally get several hundred applicants twice a year. >> several doctors like reproductive endocrinologist mark kaylin serve on the board. >> goes a long way for people who are really, really deserving and desperate to have a child so we need to make desys based on their need and their stories. >> in the last three years baby quest has provided 381 grants and brought 16 babies into the world with seven more on the
9:45 am
way. >> i'm expecting twins. i mean, that's a miracle in itself. >> sleepless nights, they are so worth it. one young couple spent their life savings on fertility treatment because their insurance company wouldn't cover the cost. >> after a year of not getting pregnant we decided to the move in with my parents and we have been here for four years because we've not gotten our miracle yet. >> but thanks to a $14,000 baby quest donation they have been able to afford ivf and they have not given up hope that one day they will become parents. >> money shunned stand in the way of having sub-having a child. that's what it comes down to. >> and to know we've helped fulfill a dream of theirs has been truly rewarding. >> rewarding for pamela and those wanting to grow their families. >> for more information on how you can help go to and up next on my tuesday trend, how to get your makeup done yourself five minutes. that's all it takes. we're making over one lovely
9:46 am
lazy from the plaza starting right now, and the results after this. ♪ our veterans are all around us, but it's hard to show them our appreciation when, out of uniform, they're more camouflaged than ever. america, this veterans day, let's shine a light on our veterans by changing one light to green, and keep it glowing every day. because even if we can't see them, they should always be able to see our support. visit to learn more. it's not the end of the world but it might feel like it. never ending pasta bowl is almost over. come celebrate the 20th anniversary one last time. over 20 delicious choices starting at $9.99. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only at olive garden. trublcovergirl p!nkrfect blend for each of us blend of rockstar and mama bear. her trublend... light 4 it blends in doesn't build up for a flawless nude look
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helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on? ♪ hold on for one more day really? hey, i know there's pain. why do you lock yourself up in these chains? ♪ this would be so easy if you had progressive. our mobile app would let you file a claim and help you find one of our service centers where we manage the entire repair process. things will go your way if you hold on. [ sighs ] someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye. ♪ say goodbye no, you just made it weird. we are back with my tuesday trend. i'm so excited about this one because the countdown clock is still going. we're all looking for ways to save time in the morning so we'll show you how to get gorgeous makeup in five minute and we grabbed a fan from the plaza as proof that it can be done. kelley is a mother of two from richmond, virginia, and we have back with us one of the best celebrity makeup artists around,
9:50 am
mickey williams who is here to give us these tips. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i saw this in full disclosure that you could do your own makeup in five minutes. do you professional work. >> you do too, actually. >> we want the two to collides. >> yes. >> and here kelly is hard at work with her makeup now. what is she doing right now in. >> putting on mascara and has 40 second left and is at final stage which is just amazing. >> while she winds down on the clock let's start with just some of the things that we need to know you should have in the makeup kit for five-minute makeover. >> have a concealer. find a conceal their comes in stick form or something that's easy to apply and put it on. make sure it's not too light. want it to be more skin tone. kelly put turned her eyes and over her eyes, inner corners and over eyes will make you look more awake. >> a little bit lighter than your skin. >> one or two shades. >> powder foundation. >> any kind of -- power foundation with more pig meant.
9:51 am
use it with a brush. she brought it in quadrants of her face. >> you're done. you look beautiful. we're going to go through the rest of the stuff. >> i feel like we're too far away from you. the mouder foundation. >> powder foundation and buff it in. put it in with a quadrant. start with your forehead. >> not one of those popular egg sponges that we see everywhere. >> put it on too thick, a brush is easier, faster and applies a little bit more naturally. >> blush and bronzer. >> i use bronzer and asked her to take the same brush and move it into hire hairline and use a bright blush, something transparent so it doesn't look too hard or caky. >> mascara, know how to do that. >> single coat. >> that's just going to take more time. >> lipstick. >> i love the red. it brings everything to your skin coloring and everyone can wear red and i used a pencil form. that way you have a line, lip sick all in one. >> can we see a before and after. do we have that before and look
9:52 am
straight at this gentleman. right over there. >> look at that. >> you look beautiful, and you did it in five minutes. >> is this something you would do at home. >> absolutely. >> more on the show and tweet about it as well and give you more tips, five minutes you're out the door. >> glow in five minute and you look polished. >> i love that. >> great job. >> all right. thank you so much. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. that's awesome you did it in five minutes, too. yo
9:53 am
9:54 am
nice skating. >> you did great. >> you're a worthy adversary. once you had the lift it was over. >> you have glitter on your mustache. >> do i. >> there's something you don't hear a lot. big thank you to chelsea pierce, the sky rink. they have an amazing skating facility where they let us rehearse a little bit. >> it was so fun. >> poor meryl and charlie. thanks to chelsea pierce. want to check in with al on his cross-country rokerthon two in
9:55 am
union city, tennessee, where hopefully he did not see us ice skating. >> all righty. here we go. we're at discovery park of america, and this is a vintage 1957 fire truck, and we have now made it to what's going to be our 26th state, so we're more than halfway through our journey to set the guinness world record for 50 states and district of columbia forecast in the shortest period of time, and let's show you what's going on. in fact, we've got us a goat. got us a goat. all righty. and we've got the union city tornadoes. let's hear it! [ cheers and applause ] and we're going to do the forecast and i'm telling you, we're having a great time, guys. tomorrow, day six. i'm ... ==topvo== south bay
9:56 am
taxi drivers are fuming over a san jose plan to lifteg good morning, everyone. 9:56. fuming over a san jose plan to lift regulations against ride sharing companies at the airport. yesterday hundreds of drivers held a protest at the airport that left passengers stranded.
9:57 am
to coincide with that meeting, taxi drivers plan to expand their strike today across the city. ironically meaning your only ride today may be uber or lift. let's check your weather this morn. >> we're starting out with mostly sunny skies. we'll see that sun continuing through the day. still some clouds holding on to the tri-valley, but a high today expected of 64 degrees. in the east bay, we're looking at 61 degrees in the north bay. low 60s in the peninsula as well as the south bay, and we'll see more of this weather as we go into the next few days. let's get a look at the morning commute now with mike. we still have a full house at the bay bridge toll plaza. as we get ready for the hov lanes to open up, we're looking at traffic still slow off the east shore freeway. no problems, a late crash north 580 causing more slowing through oakland, but overall, things are
9:58 am
easing up. recovering from an earlier crash in spring mont. good volume, but it's moving well. 101 and 280 the last to show. back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is boozeday tuesday and november 10th, and look at who is filling in for hoda? it is regis philben and we have trouble in house and not only is regis here, but we have christie brinkley sweeping in the kitchen. >> look at that. >> and you were were riding it there, too, christie brinkley. >> oh, yes. >> and she has put together


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