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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 14, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> "nbc nightly news" coming up next. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. test. test. test. breaking news tonight. an act of war. france vows revenge and isis says it was behind the shocking wave of attacks in paris as the authorities across america step up security. in paris, new video of the shootout between police and the terrorists, amid a staggering toll of dead and injured. a young american woman is among those killed. we piece together the 30 minutes of sheer terror from the soccer stadium to the restaurants and astonishing story of survival from the woman who played dead for an hour inside of the rock concert, as so many hostages were massacred. tonight, a worldwide manhunt with a search of why intelligence agencies didn't see it
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coming. and the world stands in solidarity with the wounded and grieving nation. nbc nightly news begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. shock and grief and blame. it's been a day of fast moving developments. frifrt we're seeing video of the gun battle that helped end the deadly seize at a concert hall. police shooting it out in the streets of the paris. the death toll from friday's attacks is at least 129. so many of the dead are young people, including an american design student. the number of injuries is over 300. many critically hurt. isis now says it carried out the assaults striking in six locations and france's president agrees it was them vowing to hit back. we know seven attackers are dead, but the question remains this evening, how many others may have been involved.
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we have it all covered. our chief global correspondent bill neely leads us off. >> reporter: it's an act of war said france's president today. after a night of horror. of mass murder. massacre after massacre. not seen in paris since world war ii. and it looked like war. bodies on the streets. terror in the air. isis claiming it today. warning of more. to follow a night that began so differently. france against germany, millions watching on tv when suddenly an explosion heard across france. a trail of terror had started. from the national stadium, targeted by three suicide bombers, to bars and restaurants where dozens died. 19 in one alone.
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to the concert hall where 89 were killed. it all took less than 30 minutes. 9:20. after the first explosion at the soccer match, the french president was evacuated. when the fans left, they defiantly sang the french national anthem. two of the suicide bombers blew themselves up just over here. while fans were drinking during the game. the big question is, why the bombers didn't attack earlier when 80,000 people were pouring into this stadium a half hour earlier. one suicide bomber tried to get through with a ticket one report said but was stopped them blew him up. 9:25. outside a city center restaurant, carnage. it's where charlotte thought she would die. >> there were huge gun shots. it sounded like fireworks, and bang bang bang through the window e. >> reporter: 9:36.
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another attack at a bar where those 19 people were killed, sprayed with gunfire. then four minutes later, terrible scenes nearby. gunmen stormed a rock concert by the american band eagles of death metal. young people climbing over bodies. inside julian pierce played dead and ran for his life. >> they were not stopping. they were refuelling the guns, reloading the guns. and they were very heavily armed. and what struck me when i looked to one of the terrorists, was how young he was. >> reporter: we spoke to helen wilson fro new orleans who was injured. and cradled her dying
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friend. she said the gunmen deliberately targeted people in wheelchairs who were near the stage. dozens escaped on to the roof and were rescued. french swat teams storming the hall. two gunmen blowing themselves up. a third shot and killed. and this may not be over. isis said there were eight gunmen, seven are dead. police here now hunting the eighth man and any other accomplices. president hollande is vowing revenge. france will be mu merciless this is a city braced for more trauma. >> thanks. nbc news has learned the name of two of the sevenitato terrorists that were killed. one woman we spoke to hid under a dead body for over an hour as the carnage unfolded. nbc's chief foreign
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correspondent richard engel went to meet her. >> reporter: much of what is known about the men who carried out yesterday's massacre has come from survivors. we met one of them today, a mother of two. she had gone to see a rock concert and found herself at a shooting gallery. >> they rushed in shooting, screaming and just, you know, shooting automatic and like single shots into the crowd. >> reporter: to survive she hid under a body. >> i was next to a guy who got shot in the head that fell on me, so i was covered underneath his body. >> reporter: did you pretend to be dead? >> yes. >> reporter: were you covered in blood? >> yes. >> reporter: for an hour and a half she listened to the killers. did you hear what they were shouting? >> they said something at the beginning, they mentioned syria. >> reporter: the gunmen spoke french but said they were
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doing it for syria. syria is where isis has declared the islamic state and france is a member of the coalition that's been bombing it. in a statement, isis said the attack was revenge. let france and all the nations following its path know they will continue to be at the top of the target list for the islamic state. and the scent of death will not leave their nostrils as long as they partake in this crusader campaign. isis has gone far beyond its middle east strongholds and delivered a complex attack in the heart of europe. >> the most beautiful city on the face of the earth completely put into chaotic disarray by seven individual attackers with simple automatic weapons, hand grenades and suicide vests. that just shows the complexity of the threat we face. >> reporter: a french prosecutor said today seven attackers are dead. they all wore vests with explosives. and at least one has been partially named
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by authorities. french born, 1985. known to territories. a syrian passport for abdul b. was found a terrorist. the passport was registered last month on a greek island. part of the refugee route from turkey. a u.s. counterterrorism official said it could take days and weeks before the identities can be traced. already, some of those connections are being investigated. today, french police arrested the father and brother of one of the attackers. and lester, a top security official in this country said that what happened in paris could be just the start of a new wave of international level attacks by isis that could also target the united states. lester? >> unsettling thought tonight. thank you. we have a clearer picture of what is nothing short of a staggering loss of life in paris.
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it's been marked at a memorial like the one you're looking at here live. people in the wee hours of the morning leaving their remembrances and reflecting on the terror that's visited their city. an american college student from california is among the 129 people now confirmed dead. at 23 years old. she mirrors the young age of many of the victims. their lives ripped away by the unfeeling grip of terror. erica hill is in paris tonight with some of their stories. >> reporter: on the streets of paris, an out pouring of anguish. memorials popping up outside restaurants where inside, time stands still. 23-year-old nohemi gonzalez was enjoying the friday night out. friends and family called her mimi. and worked for months to make her dream of living abroad a reality.
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>> this is happening. there's nothing i can really do to bring her back. >> reporter: nick described by his family as everyone's best friend was working at the bataclan concert hall. he handled merchandising for bands. a 26-year-old was also at the concert. his firm described him as a wonderful personality around the office. today, near that concert hall were so many were cut down, a tribute. as families frantically search for the missing, many turned to social media. posting pictures and details of their last known location. with the hashtag search paris. with more than a million tweets in the past 24 hours. a haunting reminder of new york in the days after 9/11. reminders of january's
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"charlie hebdo" attack linger joined by new images of peace and resilience. for visiting americans, ricky stern and alicia southwell. it feels all too familiar. you're both from cities and went through terror attacks yourselves in the united states. how does that impact how you're feeling tonight? >> i think we feel tremendously sad that, you know, this is the world we're all going to be living in. but that it's so important that you don't let terrorists win. you come out, and show solidarity. >> there's a link with france i think with all over the world of course. people are relating to the situation. >> reporter: tonight, the city of light inspiring people across europe to show their support. candles in their windows defying the darkness terrorists tried to spread. what we're looking at one of the memorials which you referenced. it's outside the restaurant across the street from the little cambodia restaurant.
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a car pulled up here friday night, jumped out and started shooting and made their way across the street to the other restaurants. 14 people killed. 12 injured. the memorial has grown since we came upon it earlier today. you can imagine it will only continue to grow in the hours to come. >> erica hill tonight, thank you. french officials scrambling to identify the intelligence gaps that failed to prevent friday's carnage in paris. it's another blow to the country's homeland security only ten months after a separate attack on "charlie hebdo." we spoke to intelligence officials. >> reporter: police raids less than 24 hours after the attacks in belgium. multiple arrest and search warrants executed today. >> the investigation is still ongoing as we speak. >> reporter: in the hours after the massacre, the french looking for clues and
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recr reviewing their intelligence. a former french prosecutor says they have been overwhelmed with people traveling to and from syria. >> we have, you know, all the structures. >> reporter: a french isis sympathizer who visited syria was arrested in august for planning a similar attack. another in germany had a car loaded with explosives. >> it's awful and i'm afraid it's going to happen again. and it could well happen in other countries, including the united states. >> reporter: yesterday, it was paris. for a second time. the concert hall scene of carnage last night is along that street. less than half a mile further is the office of "charlie hebdo." another attack the european security services fail today preevlt. 12 died in the attack of "charlie hebdo's" newspaper office in january. here too the weapons
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included culish nukauvs. p parisians shocked a man wielded a culish nucough was stopped on a train in august when he was taken down. a greek security source tells nbc news they believe two men connected to the attack travelled through greece one in october one in august. this will heighten the refugee concern. thank you. president obama discussed the massacre today with his national security team. the head of the g 20 summit in turkey where isis is expected to top the agenda. many wondering now whether the attacks in paris will be a game changer in the u.s. approach against the terror group. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander has more on the white house response. >> reporter: in route to the g 20 summit in
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turkey a few hundred miles from isis's stronghold in syria. president obama faces an urgen dilemma, what's the u.s. response? >> this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france. this is an attack of all of humanity. >> reporter: after synchronized attacks across the capital of america's oldest ally. the united states is under pressure to fight isis. president obama's been reluctant to concede america's current strategy isn't working. speaking reassuringly hours before friday's attack about stalling the growth of isis on the ground in iraq and syria. >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain. and we have contained them. >> reporter: over the last year, guided by a president who vowed to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the u.s. has been
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dragged deeper into the fight against isis. first sending advisors to iraq and launching air strikes in syria. just last month announcing up to 50 special forces would go to syria to advise and if needed, carry out dangerous raids like this one. today in vienna, secretary of state john kerry and other world leaders agreed to seek progress on establishing a cease fire in war torn syria. try to refocus on the shared goal of eliminating isis. if isis is responsible for the paris attacks a u.s. official said it would be a game changer. the world's most brutal terror group. what will the president do? more involvement means more risk. >> that's a military option, that's not going to prevent things from happening like we've seen this week. >> reporter: the white house says there's no specific threat to the u.s. here at home. officials here at the white house say president obama still plans to attend international climate
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talks in paris at the hend of this month. lester. thank you. isis has claimed responsibility for three attacks overseas. first the russian plane crash in egypt and the twin bombings in beirut and the massacre in paris. militarily what would it take to weaken or defeat isis? for more i'm joined by retired general military analyst for nbc news. air strikes have had limited effect. if united states decides to take the gloves off. is there a effective military solution to defeating isis and what would it look like? >> probably only a minor conponement. it's the fbi and good intelligence that's the primary way of securing the american people. you can't have security at every football game every night club in america in europe. having said that. i think we have been
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micromanaging and having tremendous insecurities in our decision making process to start direct operations by special operations command. as well as u.s. air force and naval air power against isis. way too restrictive rules of engagement, bunch of these aircraft come back to the carriers and the bases every night with their ordinance unexpended. and the whole notion of, for example, announcing 50 special operations or less was nonsense. we needed to tell them you're at war, go after them. >> general mccaffrey, good to have you here. when nbc nightly news continues on the saturday, an inside look at homeland security. do the attacks in paris leave us more vulnerable on american soil?
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in its claim of responsibility for the deadly attacks in paris, the islamic state said any countries that tries to fight its advance will become a target. that pointed threat raising new questions about our homeland security and if we are now more vulnerable. we get more from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: in new york city's crowded times square police deployed teams of officers a show of force meant to deter and reassure. police put out more officers echoing concerns of many could it happen here? >> i think we would like prepare ourselves as much as we can. it's still a little scary. >> they're so random, you can't plan your life around it or else they're achieving what they want to achieve. >> reporter: extra security, too, where large crowds gather. the national football
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league urges fans not to bring bags to sunday's games, but if they must, small clear plastic ones. >> there's more security at the french buildings. the fbi orders agents to step up surveillance on terrorism suspects. officials say as horrifying as the paris attacks are the big change in police strategy came in 2008 after the coordinated bomb and shooting attacks in mumbai india. they now train for that kind of terrorism. >> the nypd has completely redesigned its tactical response to a multilocation active shooter case. this is not something that we started thinking about yesterday or the day before. >> reporter: but paris raises another big worry, did the attackers community in a way that police cannot track?
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the fbi warns that isis recruiters are directing those who respond to their tweets to use popular applications that incrypt a message as it's sent and don't unscramble it until it's received and possible for the government to monitor even with a warrant. >> we can't see what's being said between the recruiter and someone who will kill where they are. it's a big problem. it's an illustration of the problem we call going dark. >> reporter: tonight u.s. officials say they're urgently checking to see if any of the paris attackers were in touch with people here. so far they say no sign of that. and the fbi is sending a small team to paris to help chase leads. lester? >> thank you. when we come back, symbols of solidarity, how the world has come together to honor a grieving paris.
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you're looking at live pictures of a growing crowd outside the french consulate in no. one show of solidarity for paris. echoing a sentiment of mourning shared around the world. here is nbc's terry smith. >> reporter: in paris today, a man pulls a piano behind a bicycle. he stops to play. ♪ he's just yards away from the music hall where so many died last night. the song, imagine, by john leninant. the grieving has begun as parisians realized that what happened last night was no nightmare. their hearts, our hearts are broken. his song, yearns for a
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day when the world will be as one. and in the hours after the attack, the world showed its solidarity with the french. a hockey game in washington. the world trade center. from dallas to san francisco. from london to canada. shanghai to sidney. the colors of the french flag burned bright. on facebook, profile pages turned blue, white, and red, too. millions of postings. praying for paris. including pope francis. on a college football saturday, army made sure to respect america's first ally. it was the french, after all, who sent weapons and money and men to join america's revolution. and in usa today, lady liberty looks ready to return the favor. ♪ this afternoon at
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lincoln center, the metropolitan opera's orchestra and chorus sang the french national anthem. it gave us chills. v viva lufrance. long live france. >> passion that knows no borders. harry smith. we'll be right back.
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as shocking as the last 30 hours have been, the coordinated attacks, the slaughter of hostages, the bombs exploding outside the soccer match. it also feels so sadly familiar. terror is the ultimate
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dajuvu. how many times have we seen it? the vows to bring the guilty to justice. part of a familiar refrain as familiar as the candles and messages of the make shift meemorials. images like this could have been taken after any number of senseless massacres. the represent the critical gathering places the touch stones to humanity we need to reconnect with the better part of us, the deep that yearns for peace not violence to prevail. sometimes that elusive answer as to why comes in the form of a question. like one affixed to a bullet shattered paris restaurant window, it english it asks in the name of what? that will do it for us on this saturday night. i'm lester holt. good night. paris reeling after coordinated
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terror attacks. one of the victim a right now, a city under siege. paris reeling after coordinated terror attacks. one of the victims, an american student. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> the attacks were planned and carefully executed. tonight we're learning more about the terrorists that hit paris. >> we're hearing that eight of the attackers are dead, some killed by their own suicide bombs. six different sites were targeted. they included the national stadium where a soccer match wag going on. restaurants and bars were also targeted. >> the deadliest site last night, the bataclan theater. 89 pe


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