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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> there was shooting, screaming. and just -- you know, it was just shooting. >> right now, stories of terror coming out of paris. the people of france trying to heal after the worst terror tack in that nation's history. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. france's qut calling the attacks an "act of war" and vowing
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merciless response after isis claimed responsibility. >> new information out in the last couple of hours. one of the terrorists has been identified by french politicians, ismail moammar musfafa, lived in france and likely traveled to syria. his body found at the bataclan music hall. seven attackers are dead, earlier they said eight were killed. >> three people have been arrested after searches in belgium. officials have not.
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nothing i can do can bring her back. >> she is just one of the 129 people killed. as the victims are slowly being identified, those still searching for loved ones are turning to social media. they're busting pictures and details of their last known contact and location of their loved ones #rechechperis, more than 1 million tweets in 24 hours. "pray for paris" the slogan and many in the bay area are doing just that, showing their support for the city of lights. we have team coverage for you. let's go to chrissy smith outside the french consulate in san francisco tonight, the scene of vigil.
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>> reporter: candles and notes have grown outside the french consulate in san francisco. messages like pray for paris, stand with paris. earlier there was a large crowd sharing their grief and stories. the voices were quiet tonight use the french consulate in san francisco. but the messages they left were clear. gail is from france. >> it's like you can't really believe it. once again. you don't believe it. >> reporter: while her family is safe over 100 were killed in the terrorist attacks in paris. >> a picture of my best friend that died. yeah, i saw the post today. >> you want to go back -- >> reporter: this couple came to pay their respects. they have a special tie. >> i proposed to my wife in paris. so during a vacation that we took together. >> in the marai district, which we understand that a restaurant was attacked.
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>> reporter: each person with their own reason. some who attended another visible jill at yerba buena gardens came to the consulate, leaving candles and sharing their grief. >> it's a mix of fear and -- i don't know. it's really hard to put words on it. it's crazy. it's crazy. >> reporter: this family just moved from paris to the bay area for work and took this moment to share and try to help their children understand. >> it's not that we want to be with french people, we just want to show to the kids that people care about what's happened in paris and that we care too. >> reporter: tomorrow the consulate involved in a gathering with the bay area's french community over at san francisco city hall, which is of course still lit up in the colors of the french flag. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you so much. a french journalist who would have been covering friday's attacks in his hometown was stuck here instead.
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we spoke with that man, what did he have to say? it must be tough for him to be here. >> we nose people who were killed because he lives in the neighborhood where many attacks took place. he can't wait to get back home. >> my phone goes crazy yesterday. >> reporter: in spite of it, good news kept finding its way to his cell phone last night. >> messages saying, are you okay? yes, what about you? >> reporter: friends in paris letting him know they're okay. >> that's me saying, don't go out, stay where you are. >> reporter: unfortunately it didn't last long. social media confirmed the terrorists killed one of his former co-workers. >> she was in the bataclan. she was in the place where the concert took place. >> reporter: hary lives in the paris neighborhood home to the bataclan neighborhood where his friend and yea others were murdered. as a journalist hary was here during the attacks on assignment for a tv network, now
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unexpectedly on a new assignment to document how american media is covering the attacks back home. >> we all are traumatized by the attack of january, "charlie heb toe." >> reporter: julien arrived into sfo on a flight from paris, was a few blocks away from the bataclan. he couldn't hear the attack but did see one woman running down the street without any shoes. >> at first i thought she was either crazy or talking about a movie. but then ten minutes later i found it was a real thing on the phone. >> this time it's different. because they shot at anyone. it could have been me, it could have been anyone. it's creating a feeling of terror. >> are you afraid? >> i don't know. i don't know what i'm going to be feeling when i'm back in paris. things have changed. i think it's a milestone. i want to show that i'm a parisian and i am standing, still standing.
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>> reporter: hary travels back to france tomorrow morning. he will produce his behind the scenes piece on how american media covered the attacks airing later in the week. >> likely when he gets back he'll be seeing head lines such as this. take a look at this, carnage in paris and a wave of terror never seen before. people in france waking up to these front page headlines in today's "liberation" newspaper in france. ♪ golden state warriors paying honor to the victims of the terror attacks in france. after a moment of silence the french national anthem played loud in oracle arena. you can see the scoreboards lit up in the colors of the french flag. the attacks in france have organizers of the super bowl 50 examining their plans to prevent an act of terrorism. 1 million people are expected to participate in the festivities surrounding the event at levi's stadium coming up in february. some think it could be a prime target for terrorists.
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the nfl issued a statement today saying there are no known threats against league stadiums but it will increase security and their man's have been certifiedby department of homeland security. new details by the minute, to stay informed get updates and alerts on your smartphone. download the nbc bay area app. back here in the bay area it only took six seconds and 600 charges of dynamite. take a look at this explosion at 7:15 this morning an underwater pier of the old bay bridge was imploded. the demolition was two years in the making. cal trans kept delaying that project so it could come up with a plan to minimize some of the wildlife and marine animals that live around this pier. environmental consultants designed a so-called curtain of bubbles around the pier to keep underwater marine life away. the demolition cost about $20 million. they say it was much cheaper than dismantling the pier piece
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by piece. >> if we had come into the bay with mechanic alimonies to bring down this structure we would have had to build another structure, a coffer dam. we would have ended up with two structures in the bay. we would have been here a longer period of time. months, potentially years. we would have spent approximately $100 million more dollars to do it. >> a lot of planning. 15 minutes before the demolition all traffic was kept off of the bay bridge until the scene was clear. bart service was stopped through the transbay tube. take a look at this, this is a photo of the usgs website right after the demolition. the little orange dot popped up in that location. the force of the demolition so strong it registered as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. another chilly night across the bay area. take a look at downtown san jose. cool out there for sure. we're tracking a strong storm. it's going to bring gusty winds, rain, and snow to the sierra. on your right-hand side, you can get an idea of what that storm
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looks like. the satellite picture of the storm kind of moving into the bay area. looks like it's almost here. rob mayeda, how close is it? >> it is almost right here. san jose 50 degrees. increasing high clouds. dry roads across the golden gate bridge. 57 and the satellite view showing you the cold front hereof shore. lots of chilly air behind that cold front which will help give a boost to the gusty winds moving into the bay area as we head towards tomorrow. right now clouds on the increase. we will see that cold front bring the heavier rain at times right around 3:00 a.m. into the north bay. watch how quickly that advances to the south, toward san jose, by 5:00 a.m. periods of locally heavy rain overnight tonight. may wake you up. if that doesn't do it maybe it's the gusty winds picking up through the day tomorrow, setting us up for a blustery day. as the rain begins to move on, the wind is going to linger with gusts at times near the coast approaching 40, 50 miles per hour.
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let it snow. take a look at this. today's ski resorts in talk hee opened for business. we're not talking about knee-high powder or anything like that. however, heavenly, kirkwood, and north star sent video of their opening days, a few weeks earlier than last year, great news for the resorts and skiers. many people tell us they are happy to start the season sooner. the dmofs came off in tonight's democratic presidential debate in iowa. there was something they all agreed on. united front for all the candidates. also that terrifying bus crash in the popular san francisco tourist spot. 20 people in the hospital. the very long road of recovery for the victims. the brutal beating caught on camera. the actions that led to these blows in a san francisco alley.
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new details to the victims of that terrifying bus crash in a popular san francisco tourist spot. just four of the adult victims remain in critical condition tonight. six on the records are recovering from head, rib, arm, and leg injuries. the double-decker tour bus hit a bicyclist then slammed into cars and pedestrians near union street yesterday. the bus driver was hospitalized. investigators will talk to him and 30 other witnesses to see exactly what went wrong. the bus company issued this statement. shocking and brutal. those are the words that public defenders are using to describe
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a police beating caught on camera. a warning, this video is graphic. it happened early thursday morning in san francisco's mission district. you can see on the surveillance video the officers attacked the man, throw him to the ground, then beat him with their batons. the officers are from san leandro where police say the suspect allegedly stole a car and led the police on a chase all the way to san francisco. the video was released yesterday on twitter by the san francisco public defenders office. the alameda county sheriff's dep is investigating. now to decision 2016 where tonight's democratic presidential debate in iowa began with a moment of silence for the victims of the attacks in paris. isis, terrorism, and foreign policy dominated the debate from the start. bernie sanders challenging hillary clinton on her vote as a senator in favor of the war in iraq. he says it was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the history of the united states. clinton dismissed the claim and called on other countries to take a stronger role in the fight against isis.
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>> this country will rid our planet of this murderous organization called isis. >> it cannot be contained, it must be defeated. >> isis, make no mistake, is an evil in this world. >> tonight's debate was originally going to focus on economic issues and the candidates did get a round of that after discussing foreign policy. meteorologist rob mayeda is standing by. we've got big weather changes coming our way. a little rain to talk about. >> rain overnight as everybody goes to sleep. it may be the gusty winds and some of the heavier rain at times that make wakes you up. increasing clouds. mainly the non-rain producing clouds. high clouds offshore. you can see the showers here moving towards ukiah, heading up the coast. this is going to spill over the bay area as we go into tonight giving us rain at times. maybe up to an inch in the wettest locations of the coastal hilltops. gusty winds picking up as the cold front swings through.
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turning stronger during the day tomorrow. we've got rain in the bay area. for the sierra all day long you're going to have a winter weather advisory. you can see that. snow totals above 5,000 feet in the higher peaks. going to be close to a foot of new snow. around the bay area, rain totals should be about .25 to 1 inch of rain. north to south uniform there on the rainfall distribution. but the timing of the most widespread heavy rain right there from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. you can see across san francisco moving into san jose by 5:00 a.m. a secondary batch possibly isolated thundershowers moving through right around 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. then our skies begin to clear. as some drier northwest winds take hold but the sunny skies, that's going to keep our temperatures down. notice the wind shift southerly ahead of the cold front and then racing out of the northwest as the cold front moves out of the bay area. then wind speeds, gusts escal s accelerating, 30 to 40 miles per hour plus on the coast.
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these will be the locations, through 10:00 tomorrow night. we'll see the strongest wind gusts along the seashore during the day tomorrow. some rain to start the day. around lunchtime that should be the transition away from the showers. blustery temperatures out there. highs upper 50s to near 60 in san jose. north bay kind of a cool day with rain at times. isolated thunder possible early in the day. things dry out as we head towards the afternoon. active tonight into tomorrow. windy to finish the weekend. our skies clear, temperatures climb up toward monday, tuesday. pretty active right now. notice the extended forecast. aside from the storm tonight and sunday all the way into next weekend if you're making plans, things are looking dry. high pressure takes hold. any chances of showers after tonight's storm system should stay off to the north bay as we head towards next weekend. tonight a lot of gusty wind and heavy rain as we wake up tomorrow morning.
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mr. wofford, henry wofford from comcast sports. i got to tell you, it was truly one of the most amazing basketball games i've seen in a long time tonight. >> very, very entertaining. it's something that we didn't expect. the warriors looking to improve to 11-0 this season. you did not expect them to have to fight hard against the brooklyn nets. the game went into overtame. we got all your highlights on the outcome of the ws. steph curry and the guys were playing without all-star klay thompson. did they get the job done? perfect record on the line, and
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they had a bigger fight on their hands than they ever warriors put their perfect record on the line tonight. they had a bigger fight on their hands than they ever expected. we got some great highlights for you. warriors going for that 11th
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consecutive win. the nets were trying to slow them down. klay thompson out with back stiffness. third quarter. steph curry from three-point land. sharpest shooter in the league. he passes dale for three-pointers all-time. 42nd on the list. fourth quarter, warriors down four, curry drains another three. a one-point game. 9 seconds to go, warriors down three. andre iguodala. gets it to fall. we're going into overtime. and in overtime that was warriors time. the alley-oop. mt. bogut, flushes it with two hands. then curry to the hoop with a flush. yes, the warriors get the job done 107-99. oregon/stanford. cardinal can clinch the pac-12 north with a victory. fourth quarter. two-plus minuting remaining.
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down eight. kevin hogan fumbles the snap. oregon gets the ball. stanford would force a punt. and on the 4 yard line, hogan to greg taboda, touchdown. stanford needs the two-point conversion and it doesn't happen. incomplete. stanford's playoff hopes possibly dashed. oregon wins that38-36. to the ice, sharks/sabers in buffalo. this game went to overtime. it was that type of night. patrick marleau sets it up. marlowe is there for the rebound in goal. sharks win 2-1. their first win in buffalo since 2005. couple of other notes, cal beat oregon state 54-24. and get this, ufc superstar ronda rousey was knocked out cold by holly holm tonight. holm is the new bantamweight
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champion. that fight was unbelievable, peggy and terry. >> all right, henry, thanks very much.
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rain on the radar, north of santa rosa. you see it in the upper left side of the screen. tonight between midnight and 5:00 a.m. we'll see that cold front blasting on through. we're going to start off the morning with scattered showers. maybe isolated thundershowers. afternoon things begin to dry out. the wind is going to be the big story. gusty winds at times throughout the day tomorrow. those are high temperatures tomorrow. >> wow. >> upper 50s and low 60s. so canadian air conditioning coming to the bay area. >> there you go, chilly. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news. "saturday night live" coming up next. >> actress elizabeth banks is
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