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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: we don't know at this point. we do nolin con is shaken up including the victims in this case. police hope for more answers tonight. >> they were totally trashing people. >> reporter: grace says as he of her friends are trying to move forward after their pictures were posted online without their permission. >> they were judging her by the way she looked and stuff. >> reporter: grace doesn't know who created the account or how he got naked pictures of students. >> child pornography is not okay. >> reporter: she said there were innocent pictures posted that were stolen from their facebook pages and reposted with what she describes as hateful captions. >> it was really bad. i blocked it, reported it because it was gross. >> reporter: police arrested a 17-year-old boy for distribution of child pornography linked to the instagram account. last night san jose school
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district sent this let er to parents notifying them about the investigation. >> our counselors are available at the school. they can talk to teenagers. they will have those conditions. >> reporter: for many parents and recent alumni the investigation comes as a shock. >> it's disappointing. >> reporter: it serves as an opportunity to talk to her daughter about the dangers of snapping a selfie and pressing send. >> we have to be careful. >> reporter: the page has been blocked. in its place there is a new account for lincoln students. the captions are supportive and loving. >> it brought even together. even really -- we felt loved again. >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. police haven't said if there are more possible suspects in the case. reporting live tonight, michelle roberts, bay area news.
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>> now to developing news overseas. a credible bomb threat forces the cancellation of a soccer match, this time in germany. german authorities didn't want to take chances after the terror attacks in paris which included a suicide bombing outside of france's national soccer stadium. today a friendly match between germle any and the netherlands was cancelled 90 minutes before kickoff after police received what they refer ed to as concrete information that someone was planning to set off explosives inside the stadium manover. fans were evacuated including angela merkel. no explosives for found. safety will be top of mind when one of the biggest sporting events comes to the south bay. super bowl 50 is less than 3 months away. le vi held a huge safety drill to put security training to the test. the operation involves helicopters, ambulances, the bomb squad as well.
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marianne favro has a look at how the drill went. >> reporter: come february 7, about 70,000 people will pour into levi stadium here. today as he law enforcement agencies came together to strategize new ways to keep the fans safe. if you saw a military transport helicopter flying near levi stadium today, no need to be alarmed. this was only a test. stan that clara police, fbi and other law enforcement agencies gathered to train for any possible issues at super bowl 50. listen closely. a flash bang, possibly simulate ago terrorist explosion. in the drill police respond, escorting participants out with their hands up. it's critical practice for something they hope will never happen. they admit the deadly attacks in paris serve as a reminder that as terrorists employ new strategies, security must evolve, too. >> there is a super bowl coming.
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it's on our minds. we think the training is valuable to increase our ability to keep people safe. >> santa clara police would not share specifics about the exercises saying they don't want to reveal tactics. we know emergency responders including firefighters and paramedics also participated. we spotted them carrying fake victims out of the stadium on stretchers. >> because it is a national event, have joined with them to just assist them in providing all the things that are necessary to make this event safe. >> more than 70,000 football fans are expected to fill levi stadium february 7. today's drill is just one of several weapons in the fight to ensure their safety. >> come super bowl sunday the santa clara police department will be the lead agency tasked with security here at the stadium. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you. >> the grief and anger is worldwide. tonight a vigil at san francisco state. this is video we got into the newsroom. dozens of people holding candles in remembrance of those who died in the attack last week. a student from cal state long beach was among those who were killed. there will likely be more air strikes tonight. for the latest go to nbc bay you can help to reach out to people impacted in paris. you can find the link on how to do it at nbc bay >> while cleaning up the streets in less than an hour, berkeley city leaders are set to vote on new rules that moved transients out of parks. the homeless and homeless advocates say it is nothing more than an assault on people forced to live on the streets. nbc bay area jody hernandez is live in berkeley where demonstrations have been going on for days now.
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the vote is supposed to happen tonight. >> that's right. the homeless have been camped out here in front of city council chambers since yesterday. right now they are holding a rally outside. they feel the city has declared war on them. they are not going to stand for it. many others complained berkeley's homeless community is causing big problems here. >> it's a disaster. it's never been so troublesome as now. >> reporter: john niels is fed up. he says the park across the street from the berkeley house he 's lived in for 50 years has been over run by the homeless. >> i'm seeing hypodermic needles i'm picking up from the grass and trying to dispose of safely. heaps of trash. >> reporter: he's not alone. many in berkeley feel the situation is out of hand. >> we want to limit the amount of space they can use. >> reporter: city council is voting tonight on new rules to ban sleeping in planter boxes,
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limit the space homeless people can use on sidewalks and provide nighttime patrols of parks. >> we need merchants to be successful. we need people to be comfortable to come downtown. we need to have civil sidewalks and people treated with respect. >> reporter: the mayor says they would provide mobile showers, more bathrooms and containers for the homeless to store things in. the homeless and advocates say the approach is wrong. audrey has been homeless in berkeley for two years. she's stressed out. >>le we are not here to cause problems. we are looking for answers, too. >> stop criminal niezing the behavior of homeless people that they have no choice about doing as they want to survive. >> reporter: we are back here live for a rally taking place. the city council meeting is scheduled to start in just about an hour from now at 7:00. it is expected to be long. it is expected to be heated.
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but a vote is also expected tonight. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll have it for you tonight at 11:00. we are not going anywhere until stanford takes action. that's the message from students, protesting on campus. for a second day a hundred students are camping in front of the president's office demanding that the university divest itself from the fossil fuel industry. the students say they are going to stay until the school makes more changes. no word yet on how the university will address the protesters' demands. >> caught on camera at levi stadium the man accused of assaulting a fan after a 49ers game appeared before a judge today. eric martinez, felix chaviria face felle any assault charges. the man are seen in the parking lot that shows them el punching and kicking a minnesota vikings
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fan in the head after the 49ers/vikings game in september. if convicted the men could face four to seven years in prison. his trouble with the law has been well documented. aldon smith is now paying with the nfl. the league office suspended the troubled player. one year without pay. smith is no longer the 49ers' problem. he's with the raiders. the story broke this afternoon. aldon smith said good-bye to his teammates earlier today. >> august 6, run in with the law that ended up getting him released from the 49ers, followed him across the bay. they want him suspended for violating the league policy. there are charges of dui with a con vibs and hit-and-run
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vandalism under $400. smith pleaded not guilty to the charges and the case remains in pretrial. the consumption of alcohol was a direct violation of a leaked substance abuse program causing the suspension. smith recorded three and a half sacks through nine games trailing annual mack for top spot. he added 28 tackles and 32 quarterback pressures while with the 49ers he had 44 sacks in just 50 games. the raiders issued a statement. smith has been a positive addition. he remains in our long-term plan and we'll continue to support this member of our family as he gets the help he needs. nbc bay area. >>le the san jose city council worked out an agreement between ride sharing companies and taxi drivers at the airport. we'll tell you what was decided and how it will affect customers at the airport.
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>> charlie sheen reveals his hiv-positive status. we have come to the san francisco aids foundation for reaction. i'm mark matthews in san francisco. the story coming up. >> good evening. we are tracking rainfall to the north. we'll let you know about the next best chance of rainfall. plus details on how you can help nbc bay area in the safeway holiday food drive.
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closed captioning sponsored by -- line . >> rattled nefbs at the french american school in san francisco. disturbing graffiti prompted police to open a hate crime investigation. here is the image found this morning at a play ground at the school in hayes valley. the school and police aren't saying what the image means but students say they think they know . >> yeah. it was an islamic symbol from the '60s. that's what we were told. >> yes. >> a group called the 5% nation use it is nearly identical symbol. the group was created in new york and is an offshoot of the nation of islam. the school says the graffiti didn't appear threaten ing but there was no obvious connection to isis or the paris attacks.
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they still checked it out with police. by the way, school was open today. >> just in, it's unanimous. san francisco's googlele buses will keep rolling across the city. they are plain white with no logo yet they are a symbol of a changing san francisco. officially they are commuter shuttle buses. today after a long pilot program the municipal transportation agency approved making the buses permanent. all through the city and along the peninsula. mayor ed lee praised the bus program for keeping thousands of vehicles off of san francisco streets. it's a hot topic in san jose. is uber and lift getting pref ren shall treatment? local drivers are calling foul. we have just reached compromise from city hall. last week the cab drivers drove off the job in san jose airport and other parts of town. tonight there is progress. let's bring in robert honda in
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san jose. what's the deal that was worked out? >> we walked out of the meeting where the council passed a compromise unanimously in favor of the taxi drivers. it's another turn after the council took a tough sans a couple of months ago requiring ride sharing companies to have the same requirements and regular allegations as taxi drivers. that all changed when uber, lift and other companies snubbed the airport. tonight the council is scrambling to find a solution. >> san jose taxi drivers showed up today in a bad mood. two months ago the council demanded ride sharing companies like uber and lift follow the same regulations like mandatory fingerprinting. as reported last week san jose dropped that requirement for ride sharing companies, a turn around taxi drivers called a slap. >> very hard to send a message saying i drive a cab, i have a family, i do a number of different things. a lot of times politicians don't
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recognize that. >> reporter: the councille dropped the fingerprinting requirement for taxi drivers as well. instead, police will conduct regular audits on 1% of all drivers reviewing criminal history and check for outstanding warrants. some taxi drivers prefered maintaining stricter regulations. >> they just grabbed the license. and started making money. the money they make is the money that i lose . >> taxi drivers reluctantly went along with the compromise and the taxis and ride sharing drivers must now co-exist. >> they can co-exist to the airport. the customer is ultimate. but that should be regulated fairly for both of us. >> again, the package of looser regulations and lower fees will be reviewed in a couple of months. >> thank you. we told you last night actor charlie sheen would reveal today that he's hawaiiv-positive.
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sheen admitted he's bracing for a barrage of lawsuits after reveal ing exclusively on the "today" show he is positive. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live in san francisco whiches has long been oh the cutting edge of aids research. what are they saying about sheen's announcement and the impact it could have? >> reporter: they are being circumspe circumspect. the first thing they toldle me when i walked in is the foundation would not react to sheen's announcement. but it is sheen who is driving the story. this morning on the "today" show, the troubled television star reveal ed one of the worst kept secret s in hollywood. >> i'm here to admit i am, in fact, hiv-positive. >> reporter: sheen admitting he's paid millions in hush money to keep his diagnosis quiet but says he did tell his sexual partners. >> have you knowingly or perhaps unknowingly transmitted the hiv
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virus to someone else since your diagnosis? >> impossible. >> reporter: he confirmed he's had unprotected sex since the tieg know sis. >> the two people i did that with were warned ahead of time and were under the care of my doctor. >> reporter: that brought us to the aids foundation to ask about the announcement. >> it's important not to judge. what's in the past is in the past. hopefully moving forward he can be a force for good. >> reporter: vince is a program director at the aids foundation. he found out he was hiv-positive in 1989. >> his doctor did say he's been under treatment. he stated that he has not missed any doses. i also, because he said he disclosed his status which is a responsible thing to do. >> reporter: speaking for the foundation, he toldle me, let's not judge. >> you never know. you have not walked in someone's
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shoes. there is the way you respond. you can't know what's going on inside. >> reporter: what was going on insides vince when he found out in 1989 is that an hiv diagnosis was a death sentence. a lot has changed since then. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark, thank you. some tough shoes to fill in richmond as a police chief credited with cleaning up the city is leaving town. chris matthews is leaving to head the tucson police department. he is being praised for improving relations between richmond's residents and the police officers. you may re call he made national headlines when he joined the black lives matter demonstration last year. he's believed to be the nation's only openly gay police chief who was legally married. >> let's turn things over to jeff to talk about the micro climate forecast. it did warm up just as you said it would. >> just a few degrees made it
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more comfortable. you can see how now san jose, clear skies. ten-mile visibilitile. i think temperatures will start off milder and give us a jump on our day. therefore we have warmer forecasts in numbers. 68 degrees. 70 in the tri valley. in the wine country, the north bay coming with 72 degrees. looking good for tomorrow. right into this weekend, we are going to stay dry. isolated 07s. the rain lines. we'll monitor that closely. maybe a spotty shower. that looks dry. because of the weekend if you are looking for anything to do, get out, grocery shop at safeway saturday and sunday. most importantly be side it is grocery shopping donate here. you can participate in 150 safe way stores that will serve seven
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different food banks. we'll be out there. a lot of those safe ways come out, meet us and make a donation. we have changing weather. by wednesday, rain for the south bay but the tri valuelely, san francisco and north bay. that's the day before thanksgiving. we have rainfall likely for thanksgiving as well. my full forecast is in 25 minutes. >> see you then. coming up, new flight paths causing headaches in the bay area. the move the f.a.a. is making to silence complaints. >> stopping before they start. the new push to keep young adults in san francisco from lighting up for the first time. stay with us.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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drink. a mid-air scare aboard on a british airways flight. authorities say an intoxicated woman on the londonto quite a scare today. a midair scare aboard a british airways flight. you see the jet down below. an intoxicated woman on the london to boston flight tried to open one of the exit doors. the crew didn't manage to restrain her. british airways tribed her as abusive and unruly. she was arrested after the plane landed at boston's logan airport. increased airplane noise along the peninsula and things could be changing. the federal aviation administration has agreed to take another look at the flight path, plane altitudes and procedures in response to a rising number of complaints about airplane noise in san
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francisco, san mateo and santa clara county. those complaints started to rise as sfo began implementing a new air traffic control system. >> a step forward in the high speed rail project. the bay area leg is getting rolling. today we learned a new contractor will be reviewing a section of the bay area. contractor hnpb will do the work. ultimately the train is expected to connect san francisco with los angeles. the first segment is being built already in the central valley. parts of the system are expected to be up and running by 2029. >> it was carelessness, pure and simple. >> guns kept out and in plain sight becoming targets for thieves. you may not believe who is accused of being careless with weapons. coming up, we investigate stolen guns from police officers. we have the numbers and the reality of how many of those guns end up in the hands of criminals.
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>> easy riding in texas for google. the way the lone star state is helping test driverless cars. probably think... people
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stealing guns -- from police offiers. and those guns are often used it is more common than you think. people stealing guns from police officers and the guns often used to commit violent crimes. >> the gun that killed kate steinly on pier 14 was stolen.
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what's being done about it? senior investigative reporter stephen stock has words on it. guns stolen from officers is another problem. >> they are never punished. nationwide we discovered 2 million lost or stolen guns reported to the fbi in the last ten years. among those people who have had guns stolen, police officers. in fact, experts say police guns are targeted for theft so the criminals can then use weapons and other crimes. >> kate stopped to take a selfie. >> reporter: kate's parents can't forget that day in july when a bullet ricocheted off the pavement at pier 14 and killed her. >> a shot rang out. she turned to me and said, help me, dad. >> reporter: the steinlys shared the story with nbc bay area's raj mathai as there was a national debate over immigration
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policy. a debate on the man charged in the killing. juan sanchez, an undocumented immigrant picked up by federal authorities. lopez sanchez was later released from a local jail because san francisco is a sanctuary city and won't hold people on federal immigration charges. >> it's careless, pure and simple. >> reporter: today the family attorney frank petteri isn't talking about the controversy over sanctuary cities but another detail from kate's death that received far less attention. >> she'd be here today if somebody took the simple precaution which was required of keeping that locked. >> reporter: officials say the gun used to kill kate be longed to a federal officer, a u.s. bureau of land management ranger. [ car alarm ] >> reporter: it was stolen after it was left unsecured in a backpack in a vehicle, an apparent violation of policy. >> when law enforcement officers
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are given the privilege to carry weapons that they are going to be held to the requirements that are imposed making sure that they are secured and not easily available for criminals to use in crimes. >> reporter: this isn't the only case of a police officer losing his or her gun to theft. a four-month-long investigation by nbc bay area uncovered hundreds of police issued weapons, lost or stolen, and put back on our streets during the last five years. >> they are a sure target. where there is a come, there is a gun. >> reporter: matthew harris retired after nearly 25 years as a special agent for the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. he served at fjc security services in long island, new york. >> the guns aren't being stole en from people who target shoot, by legal residents or people who
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otherwise can go into a gun store and purchase guns. they are stolen by criminals to be used in crimes. >> reporter: we asked for a list of lost and stolen guns from major police departments throughout the bay area from san francisco's police department to berkeley's. california highway patrol to santa clara sheriff offices. we found 58 guns that have been lost or stolen in the last five years. all but a handfulle of those weapons have never been recovered. the federal drug enforcement agency said their officers reported stolen 134 guns in the last five years. >> from time to time we have become aware of organizations that target law enforcement officers. >> reporter: graham barlow is resident agent in charge at the federal bureau of firearms sacramento field office. >> often stolen firearms fuel other crimes. they are specifically targeted
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for other crimes. >> reporter: mar low said it is not just guns stolen from comes but from everyday legal gun owners that are a safety risk. according to the fbi in the last decade alone more than 1 million guns were reported stolen nationwide. we obtained this list of all stolen guns since 2010. of the 65,000 guns on the list 58,000 for stolen in the bay area. >> firearms are sought after. there are rings that we have worked and continue to work that specifically are looking for firearms and targeting houses or persons because they believele they are firearms owners. >> including law enforcement. >> absolutely. >> here's the problem. it's far too easy for this to go underreported so somebody nobody knows. there is no good inventory
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control over what weapons are issued to who and keeping track of them. >> in fact, we did find one police department that did that. kept track of the guns it lost. not only did san ho assjose's p department do an inventory in 2010. it was transparent, open and honest about what the department found. it wasn't good. >> we discover that we have about 300 guns unaccounted for. totally unacceptable. >> reporter: deputy chief yo is in charge of the weapons training and inventory. >> i'm concerned when we have 300 guns unaccounted for. we are doing our best to ensure the situation doesn't occur again in the future. >> reporter: hundreds of guns remain unaccounted for. only 20 have been recovered. >> is that a problem? >> absolutely. it is something we are concerned about. >> reporter: frank petry applauds san jose's police
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department and wishes others would follow the example. >> these things keep happening. shame on us because we aren't putting pressure on our legislators to do something about this. >> to this day petteri says kate steinly's family can't get answers from the u.s. bureau of land management as to how or why the officer's gun was left in a backpack and stolen. or even whether the officer was punished or reprimanded. we also asked for the data four months ago from different law enforcement agencies in the state and in this area. we heard back from many of them, but among those who never responded, the police department and federal bureau of land management. the agency responsible for the gun that killed kate steinly. the other agency that did respond, chp say they do an audit of guns every year but wouldn't share the results with us. >> maybe the pressure will help them. >> it's important for the
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public, no doubt about it. >> if you have a tip for stephen stock regarding this story or any other, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay >> up next, big plans. mark zuckerberg reveals the future of facebook. the task he says the socialle network will be better at soon than human beings. >> breathing new life into an old san francisco hotel. the sound of music that's ringing through the lls.
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couple decades... now it's considering raising the legal age to buy ga san francisco passed 20 smoking bans in the last couple of decades. it's considering raising the legal age to buy cigarette s
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from 18 to 21. if it passes san francisco will be the second major city to make that change. new york was the first. santa clara county raised the smoking age to 21. california failed to pass several statewide initiative this is year. google is speeding ahead with plans to take the self-le driving cars to texas. associated press says the cars are being tested on the city streets of austin. texas has no clear restrictions on self-driving vehicles. regulators are drafting rules here to give the public safe access to the cars. >> facebook will be better than humans within ten years. we are learning more about mark zuckerbe zuckerberg's grand plans. zuckerberg's goal is to make facebook better than humans when it comes to primary human senses like vision, hearing and language. facebook is expected to reveal more about the project during a web conference in ireland this week. >> i'm sticking with the humans.
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>> yes. that's my vote. >> like a human forecast as well. >> like jeff. the human who will give us the forecast. >> when the phones miss the forecast we get it. >> you tell us within hours. >>le i did see a google driverless car going 65. they get up there. >>le whoa. >> we'll have the possibility of rain in a few minutes. one san francisco hotel is
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trying something different to save its building. ==jess//2 hitting the right notes one san francisco hotel is trying to save its building. >> here's how the hotel is changing its tune. san francisco's tender loin has a sound all its own.
6:44 pm
amid the calculator of the rough and tumble neighborhood is an sro hotel that tries to bring harmony to the lives of the down and out. >> the cadillac hotel is residenti residential. we have 158 residents here, all low income. >> reporter: in the '70s kathy and her late husband leroy bought the cadillac hotel to provide inexpensive rooms to the poor. >> leroy and i thought you should run a nonprofit like your home. >> reporter: for many the building is home. the lobby is a gathering place for a donated 1884 stein way piano as the center piece of concerts. robert has a front row seat usually. >> i checked in here in the 1950s, somewhere in there. >> we are providing housing for people who normally wouldn't be able to find a place. >> reporter: looper is a big cheerleader. she dedicated a corner of the
6:45 pm
building to the museum devoted to the history. >> every inspector looked at our hotel and found this flaw in the electrical system. >> reporter: that's where the trouble started. >> that will cost me $300,000 to fix it. >> reporter: she's facing a $300,000 bill in just over a month to pay it. >> we have all the work we have done past or close the hotel. we have never seen kathy upset. >> reporter: a music friend, rebecca. >> she said we have been hit with a $300,000 electrical bill. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: rebecca did. she and her husband put out a call to musician friends. >> reporter: they were happy to donate their time and music. this past saturday the lobby in the hotel filled with people and music. ♪
6:46 pm
>> we are here today to put on a concert and help with that. >> reporter: it was a musical barn raising as musicians came together to try to raise donations for the hotel. >> they said, let's get together and do something that will make a difference. >> i think it shows the spirit of san francisco is still alive in a lot of people. >> reporter: the concert ended up raising thousands of dollars for the hotel. ♪ >> reporter: far from the amount looper ultimately needs. but enough to show this tough neighborhood can occasionally sing a different tune. nbc bay area news. >> they need more so kathy may look to grants and loans to try to keep the hotel open. of course we wish them well. >> very nice story. let's get to jeff. we are talking about this week, of course. everyone is eyeing the forecast for next week. headed out of town.
6:47 pm
>> a better idea of exactly how much we can expect throughout the forecast. a live view from oakland with oracle lit up. expect comfortable weather but you may need a jacket as you enter and leave this evening. temperatures tomorrow morning, there will be a difference. high clouds moving across will keep us slightly warmer. like a big blanket across the bay area to insulate the heating. instead of mid 30s, 43 in the north bay. not as chilly. 51 in san francisco. east bay, better at 42. for the south bay, starting at 46. the pacific is active here. a lot of storm systems in the past three days have gone to washington and also oregon. the rain line, as you can see, is very close. just a couple hundred miles to the north. in fact, the northern coastline will get showers tonight. for now, the way it looks, this rain line should stay away from the bay area with high pressure
6:48 pm
just offshore. the area of high pressure will bring us more sunshine for tomorrow. it still looks like two to four degrees of warming. throughout the weekend high pressure will remain offshore, acting like a shield and keep the rainfall away. the rain line will be near reading, red bluff and chico. we'll watch closely. a slight change and we may have spotty showers in marin, napa and sonoma counties. let's go to the micro climate forecast through wednesday. another beautiful day across the bay. san jose, 67. sunny skies. cupertino 69. for the peninsula, 67 in pa palo alto. beautiful in san francisco. 66 in the financialle district. north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley notice the isolated 70s for tomorrow. we think livermore will be close at 68. a better bet would be going up to 70 degrees throughout the east bay, up to 70 in walnut
6:49 pm
creek and back toward oakland, 68. for this weekend forecast on friday, saturday and also on sunday it stays dry. and also mild. we keep looking ahead to next week. right now looks good for two storm systems as we head through the thanksgiving week. the way things play out now it would mean at least an inch and a quarter of rainfalle but the overall window of wet weather likely the 24th through the 29th. we'll continue to fine tune it as we get closer. we could get another foot of snow. if we did get the extra foot of snow we'll have seen between four to six feet of snow so far this season. what a great start for the resorts. thanks, jeff. coming up, an update regarding the aldon smith suspension within the hour the troubled football star reacting to the suspension. aturday night live" knows a
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"saturday night live" knows a good thing-- --which is why it's bringing back former cast-members tina fey and amy poehler to co-host the "saturday night live" knows a good thing so it is bringing back tina fey and amy poehler to co-host the holiday show. the pair wildly popular when they teamed up to host the golden globes. musical guests for the special december 19 show will be the boss himself bruce springsteen. that will close out 2015 in style. ♪ >> hello again. in the comcast sports net newsroom. as we told you earlier raiders linebacker aldon smith suspended
6:53 pm
for violation of the substance abuse policy. the infraction occurred during the august 6 run-in with the law that eventually got him released from the 49ers. 40 minutes ago smith released this statement saying, i am taking this time to work on myself and become the man i need to be. my team and organization needs me to be. i know i can. i had lost my love for the game and it led me to some poor choices. i am thankful to the raiders organization for believing in me this season and will continue to better myself and grow from my experience and look forward to rejoining the team next year. tonight an old school feel as the dubs host the raptors. center court will have the logo in the 1966-67 season as part of this year's hard wood classic game. the uniforms will have the
6:54 pm
jerseys. >> happy to be undefeated. a lot of teams haven't been here before. >> reporter: on the court the warriors hope to stay unbeaten despite having dramd green not feeling 100% due to the case of the flu. clay thompson with back stiffness. livingston also has a hip flexor strain. brandon crawford with a gold glove award and a silver slugger. now a six-year, 75 million contract extension for the 28-year-old. the deal buys out the arbitration and will keep him in orange and black through his prime. the sharks with a stop tonight. boston, second period tied at three. scores on the rebound. less than a minute later. great tuck movement.
6:55 pm
watch joe thornton fire the one timer. sharks win again 5-4. a soccer friendly in hanover between germany and the netherlands was cancelled due to a threat of terrorist attacks four games after germany's game against france was attacked as part of the advance in paris last week they played on tonight. france and england singing the french national anthem prematch. a unified front in a packed house. to the 39th minute. 19-year-old in his first senior start fires perfectly into the top corner from 25 yards out. england win s 2-0. great sight there. raj and jessica, the games go on or the bad guys win. >> that's for sure. >> it is emotional. >> show of solidarity. jeff? super nice. little toastier like you said. getting ready for next week.
6:56 pm
>> i got her stamp of approval. >> i don't mind it raining on turkey day. not halloween but turkey day is okay. >> you can see tomorrow it stays dry. warmer than we have been. north bay, san francisco. for the peninsula, 44 and areas of fog near the coastline. tomorrow, dry. low 70s for the tri valley and the north bay. san francisco at 66. the south bay at 58. we have been talking about the possibility of rainfall if you missed it earlier. we head through the 24 to 229th with three storm systems. we are good for an inch and a quarter from the 24th to the 29th. most importantly if you are traveling wednesday, the day before thanksgiving, expect all of california to be wet the way it looks. just plan for that. there won't be headaches in the car. >> maybe we leave tuesday. thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
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charlie sheen blackmailed over his hiv secret. how many millions he spent covering up. who threatened to ex pose it. >> the hollywood wild child's day of reckoning next on "extra." ♪ i am hiv positive. >> charlie sheen forced to reveal his bombshell health secret. >> you have been the victim of betrayal and extortion. >> who snuck photos inside his medicine cabinet. >> we are talking about shake downs. >> the famous women standing by him, the women turning against him and. >> do you know how you contracted the virus? >> drugs, porn stars. charlie comes clean about the


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