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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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paris overnight--- as french police hunt downe more blasts on the streets of paris overnight as french police hunt down the mastermind of the terror attacks, potentially a huge twist as new arrests may have netted the main terrorist. terror alerts for travellers as well. two air france flights departing from major american cities are diverted mid air. president obama under fire for republican lawmakers for his plan to take in syrian refugees. the reason the president says national security is not at risk. "today in the bay" starts right now. halfway through workweek. good morning on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast right now with kari. good morning. >> good morning, sam and laura.
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cool temperatures once again, but not as cold as it has been for the past few mornings and mostly clear skies. right now 46 degrees in the north bay and the peninsula. look for highs today in the upper 60s, even low 70s in the north bay. we'll talk about that and what to expect as we head into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking on the bay bridge? >> on the span is fine but getting there might be an issue. fast track is moving fine. we have a couple of cash lanes that aren't open, typical on the oakland side. look at your map getting out of san francisco, heading eastbound at 7th street, a crash reported about 15, 20 minutes ago. that may slow you down. a little distraction at the least getting out of san francisco. but the span itself is moving well. so is the rest of the bay as we give you your wide shot of the bay. mostly green on our sensors. back to you.
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rattled nerves shaken once again. gunshots and explosions hours ago outside paris. all this as an effort to catch the man they believe to be the mastermind behind last week's deadly terror attacks. >> "today in the bay's" chris s sanchez has more. >> you may have heard the raids as you went to bed last night. they're just wrapping up this morning. as we said, we now know two people are dead include ag woman who blew herself up with a suicide desk. in a paris suburb police say the action is now over. there was no time for police to evacuate the neighborhood in the north paris suburb before the prolonged shootout started. we know four men and a woman were arrested there, five police officers injured. at the center of it all was the
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home where the suspected mastermind was believed to be hold up. it's unclear at this point where abdel hamid abaaoud was there or whether he was killed. in another overnight raid, you can see police in body armor entering a home, searching dvds, hard drives, telephones, authorities seized weapons including rocket launchers and illegal drugs. 23 people under arrest there. france is stepping up air raids on isis targets in syria. this video shows action over isis targets in raqqah yesterday. human rights observers say 33 extremists were killed there. what we're really watching for this morning is whether or not that key raid netted the
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mastermind of the attacks. >> it will be interesting if they did get him and track him down. two air france flights in the meantime were diverted last night because of bomb threats. this plane landed safely in salt lake city after taking off from los angeles. both flights were headed to paris. the other plane left washington dulles airport. it was forced to land in halifax nova scotia. both threats were called in from the ground. passengers got off the plane safely. fbi investigated and found no credible threats. more tough talk from president obama who is praising renewed international pushes against isis. the president still traveling overseas. right now he's in the philippines in manila. he praised french air strikes against syria and urged russia to focus its efforts on subduing isis. he also blasted u.s. republican lawmakers, some of whom say the u.s. should reject syrian refugees due to fears that they
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could be planted by terror groups. >> when candidates say they won't admit 3-year-old orphans, that's political posturing. >> u.s. intelligence leaders are focusing on how to verify 10,000 syrian refugees that the white house wants to allow to 'em great next year. that process could take up to two years. new developments by france by the minute. we'll keep you updated by air and online. for the latest go to or download our free nbc bay area app. new this morning, firefighters are at a south bay health care facility after reports of an unusual smell. the incident started about 3:00 a.m. at the satellite health care center on west el camino real in mountain view. a short time ago we spoke with firefighters. they say crews noticed the smoke when they arrived and issued a hazmat response. also, firefighters never determined the source of that
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smell. another clear start to our day. dark out there now. but some sunshine on the way, kari? >> a lot of sunshine again today hoping to boost our temperatures up. it's not as cold as we've seen this morning, what we've seen the past few days. 42 in livermore. 44 degrees in san francisco, 49 degrees. look at the micro climates today. look for 67 in san jose, 69 in redwood city and the castro at 65 degrees. 72 in santa rosa. also 70s in the east bay as well as the tri-valley. how is it looking now on the roads, mike? >> on the roads, great. i've opened up the shot in san jose showing the backdrop, a little bit of a glow to the lights as you're passing by the open fields, the soccer fields. as we look at the maps, we'll call it soccer field, only thereality tthere at the field.
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680 northbound at vary etta. possibly roadside fire. we're checking that out. not a major concern. the rest of your day you're at speed. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next, taking inventory of your tax dollars. millions of dollars in medical equipment disappears. we investigate the accountability or lack thereof happening at your expense. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive: ==laura/2shot== a bay area medical center
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cannot find hundreds of pieces of equipmen-- now to an investigative unit exclusive, a bay area medical center can't find hundreds of pieces of equipment and government leaders say it's possible some items you helped pay for may have been stolen. >> not cheap. the original purchase price nearly $11 million. investigative reporter bigad shaban. >> agencies relying on tax dollars need to be accountable. that includes an inventory of what they have or may have lost. santa clara valley medical center in san jose discovered it had no idea what happened to hundreds of its items that were paid for with millions of your tax dollars. >> we obtained five years' worth of inventory medical records. the list of missing items including heart monitors, office furnitures, microscopes and even an lcd projector. after we started asking
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questions, they say they've been able to account for 29 of the missing items. that means 354 others remain missing. that equipment called taxpayers $11.3. the county executive told us budget cuts over the last ten years hurt the hospital's ability to keep an accurate inventory list the county believes much of the missing equipment may have been sold or thrown out by hospital staff who just failed to notify the county. two years ago bmc started tagging its equipment so it could be tracked. the medical center hired someone to help oversee the inventory. you can watch our full investigation by logging on to back to you. >> bigad, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. new surveillance video.
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why the lawyer for the driver says his client is not to blame. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area. we investigate.
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4:44. halfway stlu the workweek. i thought it was warmer.
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am i just getting used to the cold temperatures? >> i think so. it does take a while to kick in. we're getting used to it. >> low 40s is manageable, isn't it? >> i think so. especially when you consider we've had some 30s, even freezing temperatures out there. you can still see the camera shaking around, taking a look at san francisco international. we will have some of those breezy ones kicking up once again today. now it's 49 degrees in san francisco. livermore 42, napa 41 in san jose 47 degrees. here is a look at the wind forecast. it stays breezy through the morning. look what happens as we go through the late morning, early afternoon hours. the wind calms down a bit. will stay about five to ten miles an hour. it kicks up later in the eevg. that's been the trend we've seen. some gusty afternoons and evenings and it starts to slowly relax as we go through the night. now look at the microclimates,
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gilroy up to 70 degrees. the temperatures are starting to rebound after such a chilly start. mid 60s in san francisco. belvedere at 67, pittsburg 70 and pleasanton 69 degrees. high pressure to the west of us. it's also kept the storm systems to the north of us. into the next few days there will be more cold fronts passing, but it won't make it down to the bay area. we will also have some breezy conditions, more cool mornings and warmer afternoons. looking at highs for the next few days, it will be topping out into the low 70s. check out the south bay on friday. we've got the ice rink open. highs in the 70s. if you're out there, probably short sleeves and ice-skates. in the north bay, 73 degrees. saturday looking at lower 70s there. let's check with mike to see,000 commute is rolling. >> rolling really well for 580. yesterday a tough morning for a couple of spots. this morning, there is westbound
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toward the dublin interchange. eastbound countercommute, no problems there. an issue in the south bay, i'll update you on that at the end of the report. the bay bridge toll plaza still has a few cars waiting in the cash lanes, typical this time of morning. they open them all about 5:00. out of san francisco, eastbound 80 at 70, still reports of the taxi that hit the center divide. in the south bay, the hostetter off-ramp from northbound 680, looks like it's closed. the brush fire on the side of the road still presenting a problem for that one off-ramp. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:47. this year's turkey shortage may put a damper on your traditional thanksgiving dinner unless you're willing to pay up. or get a lot of sweet potatoes. for that we turn to landon dowdy. go morning. >> good morning to both of you. stocks will start to bounce back
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following a mixed reception on tuesday. look for data on new home construction as well as the minutes from last minute's fed meeting when the central bank signaled it could raise interest rates in december. we get earnings this morning from a target. the dow rising six points to 17,489, the nasdaq up to 4,986. amazon will roll out holiday deals every friday starting this friday through black friday. amazon will host up to ten deals on thanksgiving and ten more on black friday. plus more than 150 limited time lightning deals on its mobile shopping app, including up to 45% off samsung and lg tvs. your thanksgiving turkey could be a bit more expensive this year. the poultry industry is recovering after bird flu wiped out 9 million turkeys in the midwest. wholesale prices per pound are expected to be 20% higher than last year.
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experts say that despite the higher prices, many supermarkets will sell turkeys at cost do get shoppers into stores to stock up on other essentials. >> all the extras that go along with it. >> you need that turkey. what is thanksgiving without a turkey? thank you, landon. new details now. late last night berkeley city leaders voted for tough new restrictions on the city's homeless population. this after a lot of protests. that followed a heated debate we showed you on our 11:00 news. the ordinance will limit what people can carry and ban folks from relieving themselves in public. council members say the ordinance passed by a vote of 6-3 on first reading. supporters on both sides gave passion nalt nat pleas. >> i think it's really important that the city of berkeley's streets be safe and welcoming for not only residents, but people who work. >> they have cancer, they have
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heart disease. you're asking them to move a shopping cart every hour? who are you kidding? you are cruel. >> here is what happens next. the second vote takes place in two weeks. 30 days later the ordinance would become law. it's 4:50 right now. the centers for difficult vees control will reportly kpanl what's behind teenage suicides in palo alto. the story getting renewed attention nationally this week. we showed you this earlier with a story in "atlantic's" december issue. at least nine suicides along the one four-mile corridor. "mercury news" reports the cdc study will also involve the stanford group project safety net and could start as soon as next month. in the south bay, a san jose teenager is facing charges of distributing child pornography. the lincoln high teen allegedly
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posted naked pictures of his classmates onto instagram. the 17-year-old was arrested on monday. police aren't releasing his name because he's a minor. no word yet on whether other teens could be involved. a followup on what may have contributed to the doubler decker tour bus crash. this is new surveillance video. the "chronicle" spoke with the attorney representing the driver. he said a small explosion perhaps from the compressed air brake system made the driver lose control. the attorney says nothing else worked including turning off the transmission. that forced the driver to steer the bus into the construction scaffolding to head off a worse disaster. investigators are not ruling out mechanical failure. 20 people were hurt in that crash. 4:51 right now. coming up next, lawmakers are usually under fire. one local senator is actually taking on fire and the cause of it. all of this in the wake of the
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devastating fires that plagued california this past summer. how pg&e's safety procedures could be in question. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's vittive unit, call 1-888-966-tips or e-mail nbc bay area. we investigate.
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give it a pop. it is wednesday. we are actually getting much closer to the weekend, at least in our mind's eye. >> we were talking about the safeway food drive. all of us from nbc bay area will be out and about. seems like thanksgiving is creeping up on us. >> yes, it is. we've got turkeys, gourds, pumpkins. >> thanksgiving is next week if you can believe it. hopefully you can help feed a
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family. we're doing the safe way food drive. i'll be out in santa clara. here is the forecast there. 52 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. at noon, a lot of sun, 60 degrees, warming things up nicely as we head into the afternoon. you can find the details for this at let's check in with mike to see how the commute is moving. >> easier commute now that the cash lanes have started to move a little betterment we have almost all the cash lanes opened up. the one ton right approach still not there. on the san francisco side, we have a crash, busted up sand barrels just before you get to the sky way. they'll probably do repair work but after the morning commute. so far that's all right. a couple of crashes for highway 4, one at the coming sky way on the shoulder and one over at brentwood and balfour. the rest of the bay moving well. at speed for the freeways. thanks so much, mike. happening today state senator jerry hill will hold a hearing
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in san francisco to examine wildfires ignited by power lines. it will focus on what utilities have or have not done to help prevent fires like the recent ute fire that burned more than 70,000 acres in al door and calaveras counties. while the investigation is on going, pg&e officials say it was likely ignited by contact between a power line and a tree. state senator hill wants utilities to maximize the use of taxpayer money for safety measures. you can expect to see smoke in the skies of the south bay. crews will be doing a controlled burn near mt. hamilton. in about four hours, about 25 miles east of san jose and the goal here, twofold. one, to clear away dangerous dry brush. it will also help water flow into surrounding reservoirs during winter storms. 4:56. authorities thought he was hiding out in syria.
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now french police have turned their efforts back home in the hunt for the paris attack mastermind. a raid overnight ends with a blast, several arrests and possibly the man on the run.
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as more explosions and gunfire rock a town near paris... an update to the overnight raids targeting the mastermind behind last week's deadly more explosions and gunfire rock a town near paris. an update on the raids. rattled nerves in the sky, the threats that forced two flights bound for paris to make an emergency landing. they camped out for hours in chilly temperatures. did it do any good? the late night decision by berkeley city leaders on new restrictions for the homeless. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. chilly temperatures. yesterday a bit of an improvement to start out today. let's get a quick check of the weather with kari hall. >> good morning. mild today, even warmer as we go into the afternoon. many more spots hitting the 70-degree mark over yesterday. mostly clear skies to start out the morning. it's 45 degrees in the north bay
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and san francisco at 49 degrees. look for highs in the mid to upper 60s. some spots hitting 70 degrees like the north bay and 67 in the east bay and peninsula. let's see how the commute is moving with mike. >> over toward the bay bridge we have a few folks waiting. these folks are pulled over, waiting for 5:00 for the pricing to change. you should never pull over on the approach to the bay bridge. you can get a pricey tigt as well instead of saving a couple bucks. on the san francisco side a crash left busted up sand barrels. that will be a distraction. there is a crash on 580. i'll track the details. back to you. as you hear there, sense moments unfolding overnight in france. police swarm an apartment on the


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