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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and at first, nobody knew what it was, we thought it was some fireworks, stuff like that. >> the main target, french officials say, was the suspected mastermind behind last week's terrorist attacks. a belgium native who trained with isis in syria. two people died in the raid. a female suicide bomber who blew herself up when police stormed the apartment and another person who has not been identified yet. the washington post says it was abudde, but french authorities say dna tests have not confirmed his identity. france' prosecutor confirms eight people were also arrested. several explosions were heard in the streets during the seven-hour operation. police remained on edge, moving aggressively through the neighborhood to search for more possible suspects. isis militants have released two propaganda videos today. both show members praising last week's attack in paris and
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threatening more attacks specifically in new york city. police in new york and washington, d.c. have already stepped up security. peggy, back to you. >> thanks so much. home safe after witnessing a massacre. members of a california band are speaking out about their paris concert that turned into an international tragedy. eagles of death metal is on stage last friday when gunmen attacks the bataclan theater in paris. baend member s say they were abe to escape out a back door. band members released a statement today saying they are, quote, bonded in grief with the victims and they're still coming to terms with what happened. they're putting all future concert dates on hold. still ahead on nightly news, a closer look at the chilling propaganda video isis just releas released. lester holt is reporting again from paris tonight. new at 5:00, the paris attacks are on the minds of many in the bay area. with the super bowl less than three months away, san francisco
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is double checking its security plans. today, the police and fire chiefs met with transportation and other leaders. the group discussed rechecking security measures. they're making sure everything is up to par when thousands of people are expected to visit san francisco during super bowl week in february. >> i know with events that are going on overseas, it's leaving people right now anxious. again, it's just one more variable that we're training. we're in regular contact with the fbi. again, there are no known threats to the united states. >> the chief also says there will be private security in addition to law enforcement patrolling the city and presuper bowl events. >> just in to our newsroom, a homeless man has been arrested for spray painting that controversial symbol at the french american school. san francisco police say surveillance video from the scene pointed them to edward vanwright. the symbol seen here was discovered yesterday morning near the playground at hayes valley. school officials say the
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graffiti did not appear threatening and there was no obvious connection to isis. vanwright is facing vandalism and trespassing charges. not enough evidence to charge him with a hate crime. >> accusations and legal threats aimed at the santa clara county jail. a public interest law firm has filed what it hopes will be a class action lawsuit. calling solitary confinement inhumane and unconstitutional. robert handa is joining us with these new accusations. >> well, the sheriff's department and county officials are certainly dealing with a lot of issues related to the jail. the most high profile case involved a three correctional deputies accused of murder in the alleged beating of a mentally ill inmate. today, they accuse the county of abusing inmates who are awaiting trial and have not been districted. this woman showed me a picture of her husband awaiting trial on drug related charges.
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she was standing alongside attorneys from prison law office who filed a lawsuit on behalf of two inmates and they say hundreds of other inmates awaiting trial who are being abused by the sheriff's use of solitary confinement. >> it's effected him mentally, the way they house them. i am his only source of any kind of sanity. >> the county cannot violate their constitutional rights by housing them or locking them in these tiny cramped cells and denying them their basic human needs of exercise, sunlight, human interaction. >> the law firm says it is not seeking money but changes, or at least a meeting with the sheriff. >> we are suing because the sheriff has not responded to our complaints in an appropriate manner. >> we have already taken steps to improve operations in our custody facilities. we encourage the public, the blue ribbon commission, to also review the issues highlighted by
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the prison law office. >> now, the sheriff's statement did not address the request by the prison law office to meet with the sheriff, but we have been told a conference call with the two sides has been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. sexually violent predator is out of a state hospital and living in a motel in vallejo. he was released today on transient status. that means he must be moved to a different location in salono county and register there as a sex offender every 30 days. they have been fighting to keep him out of their neighborhoods. he was convicted of sexually assaulting four women with the most recent offense nine years ago. smith will be monitored with a gps monitor. >> a decision tonight in a high-profile court battle over frozen embryos. a san francisco judge ruled for the husband. ruling that his soon to be ex-wife cannot use their embryos to have children.
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they froze their embryos in 2010 when lee was diagnosed with cancer. the procedure was done at ucsf and the couple signed an agreement to destroy the embryos if they separate. cancer treatment left her infertile and she said the embryos are the last chance for her to have children. is the bus to blame for all this carnage? a new theory for the sight seeing bus crash that injured 20 people in union square last friday. nbc bay area's chuck coppola spoke with the driver's attorney today and said investigators neat to look closely at the company who made the bus. >> according to the attorney retained by the driver's wife, 52-year-old kenneth said a loud noise preceded the run away bus accident. >> then he heard an explosion or a boom or a bang from somewhere underneath or in the rear of the bus. and the bus just began to accelerate. and it wasn't just rolling down a hill. as it is downhill.
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it was picking up speed and accelerating. as he began to move forward, he tried to step on the brakes. nothing there. and then the gas pedal is not stuck. he checks that. no brakes, now no emergency brake. he has a button to try to shift it to neutral. that doesn't work. nothing. >> a special accident investigation team is going over the bus for clues. but the driver's attorney said the accident may be more a matter of the bus's design and maintenance schedule. >> any kind of multisystem failure like this just should not occur. >> the bus's manufacturered by the canadian company orion international. some of the buses used by washington, d.c.'s metro transit authority caught fire because of an issue with hydraulic pump and brake systems. >> that was chuck coppola reporting. we tried to reach orion international and the tour operator city sight seeing. so far, they have not returned our phone calls. >> modern technology may have solved a cold case of murder on the peninsula. back in 1983, the body of
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19-year-old sharon ray of san francisco was found at a state beach. she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. at the time, 35-year-old john scott was arrested but released for lack of evidence. this year, detectives sent the evidence to a frezic lab and that yielded a dna profile that led to another arrest of scott in arizona. he's now being extratited to sanmitato county. new at 5:00, a grisly discovery in san jose creek. they found a partially submerged body this morning shortly before 10:00 this morning near coyote creek and roosevelt park. santa clara county medical examiner's office is leading this investigation. the santa clara county human trafficking task force says it has rescued six victims. we first broke the story earlier today on our nbc bay area app. take a look at the three people here accused of bringing victims to the u.s. from spain. against their will. the task force says that the
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suspects forced the victims to work in some south bay businesses. investigators raided a home in san jose, a restaurant and salon in saratoga yesterday. the task force says they saved three human trafficking victims and three wage theft victims, all of them adults. the two other suspects are also behind bars. >> pg&e in the hot seat again today as a state senate subcommittee questioned the link between power lines and wildfires. we show you exclusive photos from two daughters who are suing the utility company. their father, owen goldsmith, died in september's butte fire. they blame his death on improper tree care. peninsula state senator jerry hill chaired today's panel. he said fire lines start hundreds of fires every year. utilities should work harder on prevention. >> i want to see pg&e play by the rules of this community. and they seem to be avoiding that. >> we have gone above and beyond. we have also flown daily air patrols from june all the way through october looking for fire
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starts. >> the butte fire burned 70,000 acres in nearly 500 homes. cal fire is still investigating the exact cause. out of control. house party, students at an east bay college getting bussed in, but they're not the only ones at fault. >> they're all the buzz in silicon valley. just ahead, why drones have such a lucrative future here and who the drone companies are looking to hire. >> i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco. we're kiging off our annual nbc bay area holiday food drive. we'll tell how you a small donation can make a huge difference, and details on the next possibility of rain in the next forecast. the north bay eastbound
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highway 37 is shut downe breaking news right now in the north bay. we want to tell you that eastbound highway 37 is shut down near lakeville highway because of a deadly crash involving several vehicles. a live picture of the scene from our helicopter. what we know right now is two semis were involved along with several other cars. this unfolded about 90 minutes ago near sears point. it's not clear right now how massive, how this crash started. at this point, we know one person is dead. you can see emergency vehicles on the scene. and right now, we have no word when highway 37 eastbound will
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reopen. >> well, what will it take to stop the parties? there's been that question coming from people who live in what is normally a very quiet east bay town. some who live in moraga have been increasingly inundated with off campus parties. many thrown by st. mary's students. we explain the new tactic police are using to get them to stop. >> to stop the loud parties, the police department is issuing warning letters to property owners. now, in the past, it was party hosts who got in trouble. but now it's property owners who are also on the hook. >> this is video from the moraga police department at a recent house party in town. and it's about to get shut down. residents in this typically quiet suburban area have been fed up with loud parties they say have been thrown by st. mary's college students. >> every weekend or so, it's kind of a consistent thing on friday nights. you see lots of college kids trooping up the hill. >> the police chief said the parties have gotten so out of
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hand that something more has to be done. the property owners will now be cited when neighbors complain about loud and unruly partying. >> by doing it this way, we insure that there will be somebody that's going to be responsible. >> they have issued party warning notices to 38 people at 13 different incidents. most of them happened on ascot drive, not far from the st. mary's campus. >> well, it's just a buzz kill, you know. >> the crackdown, students say, is not only changing the party scene, but making it harder to find a place to live off campus. >> it's becoming more difficult to rent around here and everything, too. >> st. mary's college says they're dealing with limited on-campus living options for students, so more students are going off campus. they're hoping to add additional housing and they are holding students accountable if they hold house parties. in moraga, nbc bay area news.
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>> a follow-up on the resignation of a popular local police chief. richmond's chris magnus has mixed feelings about taking the top job in tucson, arizona. at a news conference, he brushed off credit for richmond's lower crime numbers, instead praising the men and women of his police department. while he's miss richmond, the chief who jumped into the black lives matter movement looks forward to joining national dialogues on other issues. >> body cameras, use of force, police legitimacy, procedural judges. >> he's going to a bigger police department. since tucson's population topped a half million, he'll be eligible for the major cities chiefs association, an elite group of the top law enforcement leaders. well, they're becoming more common than clouds in the sky. they are only getting more popular. we're talking about drones. >> yeah, today, we got a close-up look at some of the drones of the future.
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scott budman spent the day at the drone world expo with a look at the next gadgets about to take flight. >> you know something is hot when it gets its own expo. drones could be the next big growth market in the tech industry. dozens spotted flying around the san jose convention center today. all part of the drone world expo, your chance to find drones carrying cameras, carrying light equipment, and because it's about the hottest thing in the tech industry today, carrying with them lots of job opportunities. >> definitely photography, vid eography, the industry is about to explode in terms of agriculture and mining and real estate and things like that. >> in fact, we always want to see job growth before we crown this the next big thing in tech. also, can we consumers afford these drones? you might have seen the black one flying around. that one retails for $1,300. not cheap. now, tonight at 6:00, we'll go back inside the drone expo to talk about privacy concerns with these things and the future of drone deliveries.
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back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks so much. a bit warmer today. so chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is headed outside. he hit the road this evening. >> he's at the safeway on market street in san francisco kicking off our holiday food drive. a lot of us will be at safeway this weekend. >> i know, it is a big deal. we're kicking off the annual nbc bay area holiday food drive, and it's easier than ever this year to help donate. if you remember in the years past, you picked up one of these bags and brought it to the register. they scanned it and accepted your donations. this year, all you need to do tonight or through christmas is head out to your local safeway. they'll have these flyers. you take one of these, bring it up to the register. they scan it and then your donation is accepted. no more need to put the bag in your cart. it just makes it easier on everyone. joining us tonight, we do have leslie, with the san francisco marin food bank, and leslie, it seems like each year, the need gets greater and greater. where are we at this year with the need for food in the bay
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area? >> well, san francisco is becoming a tougher and tougher place to live for the individuals and families we serve. they struggle to make ends meet throughout the year, but the holidays are a especially stressful time of year. this holiday season, we plan to distribute over 10 million meals this holiday season. >> even though the economy seems to be doing well with a lot of jobs in the bay area, sometimes it sets up the haves and have nots in a great economy. that's what we're seeing now? >> that's right. most of the folks we verve are families who might be working multiple jobs or seniors living on a fixed income. after they pay their rent and medical bills and school supplies, there is little left over for food. this food drive is a great help in the holiday season. >> we're happy to be a part of that with safeway. we have a surprise tonight. we want to bring in ira from foster farms. what do you have here for us? >> we have a donation of 640 turkeys. that's about 10,000 servings. thanksgiving is about sharing. foster farms is happy to do its
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part. there's a lot of need and we encourage everyone to come on down and help with this drive. >> that is fantastic. what is this going to mean for you guys? >> this is an incredible gift for us. this will go a long way to meeting the needs this holiday season. >> fantastic. thank you for coming out. you head to your local safeway. nbc bay area employees will be out there this saturday so you can come out and help. let's get you the weather forecast as we head throughout the next 24 hours. you can see, at least outside right now, we had milder temperatures today with conditions in the 60s. we had 66 in the south bay. east bay with also mid 60s, and in the north bay, up to the 70s. as we head through tomorrow morning, it will be cold, but not as cold as it has been most recently. for the north bay, down to 42. san francisco, 50. and for the south bay, 46. let's go ahead and take a look at the microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday, we'll get sunshine and also some warmer temperatures. you can see in san jose, 68 degrees. morgan hill, sunny and 69.
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for san francisco out here in the castro at the market and church street safeway, if you want to help donate, temperatures in the mid-60s tomorrow. for the north bay, east bay, and also the tri-valley, check it out. up into the north bay, wine country, nappy, 72 degrees. santa rosa also expected 74. drier wind will help the temperatures warm up. in the east bay, oakland looking great at 69. as we head through the upcoming weekend, it stays mild and also dry. for saturday and sunday, low 70s inland. for the south bay, tri-valley, and also for the north bay. so once again, it's all about the nbc bay area and safeway holiday food drive. it's starting right now. all the way through christmas, but this saturday, nbc bay area employees will be out there, and once again, $10 makes a huge difference. janelle and peggy, i have to tell you, i look forward to this just as much as i look forward to the turkey and mashed potatoes on my plate on thanksgiving. >> we'll be there in los altoss
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and we're looking forward to that as well. >> all about a flyer this year. no bag needed. >> very simple. >> we want to update you on our breaking news. our nbc chopper over highway 37. you can see semi truck has overturned. we hear two semis are involved in several cars. we can report there is one fatality, but you see cars barely getting by on eastbound 37. two of the lanes blocked. they're moving along on the shoulder. this is eastbound 37 near lakeville road in the north bay. keep it here. we'll keep you posted and we'll be right back. come on in pop pop.
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car clipped a sign in the chase. >> muni wires won't come down after all for san francisco's super bowl party. san francisco's super bowl committee asked them to remove the overheadlines near the plaza, but committee members sat down and talked about it. they decided that it would have been too disruptive for muni operations and it would be best if the wires stayed put. they're looking to be, quote, good partners with the transit system. >> and a follow-up to a story we first told you about last night at 11:00. the berkeley city council ultimately passed a controversial ordinance that cracks down on homeless. the new restrictions ban people from going to the bathroom in public and limits the public space they can use to store their personal belongings. it must go up for a second vote. if it passes again, the new rule will become law after 30 days. >> virgin america adding a new flight out of sfo. why they say the destination will help tech clients. we're following breaking news in the north bay
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eastbound highway 37 is shut
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update on our breaking news. this is on highway 37 eastbound in the north bay. near lakeville road. you can see an overturned semi. several vehicles involved. one person confirmed dead. as you can see, cars on eastbound 37 just getting by on the shoulder, but there's quite a backup right now. westbound is open. we'll give you an update tonight at 6:00. also coming up tonight at 6:00, it's happened again. a police weapon stolen. this time from san jose police cadet's car. the troubling clue about where the gun may have ended up tonight at 6:00. >> virgin america is adding a new destination with the silicon valley in mind. starting next march, the burlingame base airline will offer three round trip flights from sfo to denver. denver is the number one destination based on tech clients based in silicon valley. there's a promotional price for $52 one way. >> good deal. >> thanks for joining us
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tonight. nbc nightly news is up next. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. breaking news tonight. isis issued a new call to action. a chilling new propaganda video just out showing images of new york city, referencing the paris attacks, warning of more to come. and in france, another major terror attack stopped just in time. a massive raid on an apartment outside paris. authorities say the terror cell was ready to act. and they try to identify who was killed in the dramatic hours-long battle. and as a young woman blows herself up, is the mastermind dead or alive? and also tonight, is this the bomb that brought down the doomed russian jetliner in egypt. isis bragged about the explosive hidden in a soda can they claim blew the plane out of the sky. "nightly news" begins right now.


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